Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 31, 2014

Song:  "In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, in the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, in the morning, when I rise, just give me Jesus..."

I love you too child of Mine.  Do not let your heart be troubled.  Enter now in with Me and find My peace washing over you once again.  Stay in My peace as much as you can dear one, for here in My peace is rest, harmony, and tranquility.  As things arise to trouble your tranquil waters, be still, and follow peace, for My peace shall lead you through every storm.  Do not take to heart the little things that arise to steal your peace and to pain your heart in rejection.  For know this My child, these things come to test your heart.  Little foxes sneak in to spoil the vines.  Your heart is pure and full of love.  You are golden.  Your still waters are pure and deep.  Your vines are not young and tender, and you are not easily bruised, which allows you to cast off these little hindrances that come into your peaceful tranquility.

Oh, but My love is strong for you as I see you struggle in your emotions.  I am pleased to see the guard upon your gates to keep them closed and holding the reins tightly.  You are strong My love, you have an enduring spirit, long suffering, patient and forbearing.  I see the struggles within yourself.  I see the battles you wage inside of yourself.  But, you arise each time in the power of "I AM" and you conquer and reign victorious.  You have learned an invaluable lesson in overcoming your flesh, for as you are quick to hear Me counsel thee, you are also quick to yield, and obey Me, and this My child pleases Me much, for you are truly Mine.  In your character I see My reflection.  It is well with thee and Me.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 30, 2014

Song:  "In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, in the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, in the morning, when I rise, just give me Jesus..."

Beloved, I wish above all things that you would prosper in the ways of My Kingdom and your knowledge of Me.  My love, as you come and wait before Me, quietly listening, patiently waiting, you are building yourself up, and your faith increases more and more, for you My dear one are found in Me.  You are proven worthy of heart, and faithful of spirit.  You are on this journey with Me and We shall never be separated.  Much of My Kingdom dwells within you now My love, for My light, the beautiful flame of My presence abides inside your temple in the holy of holies inside of you dear one.  You are not consumed by My flame because you are a part of My flame, and I can stoke the fire hotter and hotter and you will be able to endure the flames, for you My beloved little dove have taken your place in Me.  My eyes see you, every moment of every day I watch over you, for you are Mine.  You have endured much testing and purging.  I have examined your heart, and you have been cleansed by My own hand.  As you are obedient to follow Me, day by day, your faith grows, and you are able to continue onto new levels in Me.  You are strong My love, My dear one, even though you cannot see clearly what lies ahead, still you come daily to sit at My feet and hear Me, you do not run from Me, you wait upon Me faithfully.  It is well with thee and Me.  You are beautiful.  You are shining now My dear one and soon you too shall see how you shine.  It's a beautiful thing to be in the hand of your God and King.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 29, 2014

Child, as you go about shedding the old things that you don't use or have need of, know this, you are making room for change.  Being willing to cast off the old allows you to make room for the new.  Beloved, change, My change, is upon you.  As you are ever grasping to take hold of Me it shows Me your heart.  I see how much you desire to know Me, and this pleases Me much.  Yes, you have seen your wedding garment in your dreams long ago as a child.  Those dreams were to set in your mind as seeds, and now they are beginning to grow, for the plan and purpose for them is now time to come to pass.  The fruition of all that I have sown into you is coming to pass.

I shall not delay My plans.  If any are not ready when I come, so be it, for I call and I call daily.  Daily I wait and watch each precious life.  I'm watching to see how they live, act, think, and are.  I'm watching to see when they will call upon Me, or IF they will ever call upon Me.  So much can be done for each one, if only, they would allow Me to come into their lives and help.  So, alas, I wait.

Back to you My love, My gentle little dove.  I am awakening you more and more into My reality.  I am revealing to you more.  Oh, yes My child, I have heard your heart, you will not miss Me.  You shall hear the trumpets call, though others are already hearing the trumpets and you have not, you shall hear them, for you believe.

Now, ask Me about the shot you heard as you were sleeping.

Note:  So I asked Him what was the shot I heard?  ( I had been asking and pondering over what this meant and this is what He just said about it)

The shot you heard was the beginning of the final race to countdown mankind's destiny.  Lives are weighing in the balance.  I have dispatched countless angels into the warfare going on on earth.  The shot was large and heard through My Kingdom and My universes.  This is like the shot when Paul Revere rode out to sound the alarm "The British are coming, The British are coming".  But, this time the shout is "The Kingdom (of God) is coming, The Kingdom (of God) is coming", make way, make way.  All the people, all the creatures, all the spirits should make themselves ready.  Prepare, prepare, prepare for my Kingdom comes now, and I shall rule with a rod of iron.  Oh, humble yourselves before your King or you shall never rise again.  I shall do what is necessary.  I shall allow devastation to commence in more abundance across the whole earth.  For I have seen the hearts of all.  I know each one.

For My own who are awakened to the times that are upon them, fear not, for you are My Mighty Warriors and you I shall rescue and use in My final battle plan.  For the ones who are sleeping in My flock, I shall shake and shake you with a great and terrible shaking, wake up little sleepy heads-for the hour of My coming is upon you, do not let Me find you sleeping.  Seek Me, fervently, and I shall come back and rescue you also.  For the lost, the shaking will not endure forever, if you survive, call upon Me, seek Me out, I am your only hope, and I shall come and answer thee and rescue you.  Every soul shall be accounted for.

Hear Me now, call upon Me in your time of trouble.  Cling to Me in your pain.  All is not lost in the shaking, for I am here.  I am waiting for each soul to come home to Me.  Trust Me, I alone know the way home.

My little dove, you are wide awake.  Your destiny in Me is in My timing.  Rest now, little one, you shall not miss Me.  I will tell you what I want from you daily, as you come.  You are very loved.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 28, 2014

Oh, My love it is good to come and sit with your Beloved.  This is your consecration time to Me.  Your waiting has yielded much fruit in the spirit.  The time you devote to Me in waiting and prayer and yielding shall be greatly rewarded.  For in this time, your fruit has budded, your roots are deep and strong.  Your faith has grown.  Much is accomplished in the waiting.  Nothing is for nought in My Kingdom.

It takes time and perseverance to yield a prepared and enduring vessel.  These times can't be rushed.  Through time, our love grows.  Through patience, our love is tested.  Through due diligence, our love endures.  Love is something that is tangible.  Love is a beautiful spirit, and is very real.  True love only grows and becomes sweeter as it ages.  My love is true.  Your love for Me is true.

Life without love, is empty, and void, and dark and hollow.  It is sad to see a life that does not feel love, that feels isolated and alone.  For if only they would reach out to Me, I would come and embrace each lonely heart and gladly share My warmth, and abundance of life giving love with them.  But, each soul must come to Me for themselves.  I will not force Myself on anyone.  But, I will make Myself known to all who seek Me out.  I am not distant.

Child your love blesses Me.  I see your desire to please Me, and it blesses Me that you are eager to come and partake of My life giving spirit.  You are surrounded My dear one by an abundance of My love, and My light in you shines out for all to see.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 27, 2014

Oh, My little one.  The days are fleeting now.  Time is speeding up, can you not feel it.  The clock in the race is winding down, can you not feel it.   All shall be accomplished according to My plan and purpose.  Nothing that I require shall be hindered.  Yesterday was beautiful for you even with the storm clouds and rain because you have entered into Me fully and completely.  I have purged you.  I have examined your heart and I have healed you.  Your time of visitation is upon you.  You are fully dwelling in Me and My hand is upon you, My spirit lives inside you, for I am with you and I am for you.

Oh, beloved it's a beautiful thing to dwell in the presence of the King, and to rest in His provision and walk in His love.  The kindness of others becomes sweeter, gentler, and kinder as they respond to the love and joy coming forth out of you now.  Oh, My Kingdom is reigning in you child.  The abundance of My Kingdom is breaking forth out of you, for you, My love, are walking out your days fully surrendered to Me.  You are fully yielded to love.  You have developed the  habit of continually judging yourself and allowing Me to correct you and cleanse you as you come in sweet assurance that I will.  You are quick to yield to My correction and leading.  You surrender to My hand in repentance and humbleness.  Now the day star dawns and breaks forth out of your beautiful heart for you have willingly decreased and allowed Me to increase in you, and now I'm coming out, you are exuding My light and love in flashes.  Flashes of hope, flashes of laughter and flashes of love.  People are responding to the light coming out of you child.  I have told you that you glow.  The world of the physical is beginning to see the spiritual through your eyes of love.  You carry My spirit with you, and you shall carry My power, for it shall come forth in the days ahead.  I love you little one.  Stay the course.

Note:  I heard this song upon finishing this post:  "Only believe, Only believe,  all things are possible, Only believe..."

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 26, 2014

Beloved, I love you.  As you draw close to Me and wait, it shows Me the intent of your heart.   I am your primary focus and this pleases Me.  All the world is set on course to meet with Me and give an account of their actions.  Some are ready and eager to meet Me face to face.  But, most, sadly are not.  Some still live in the delusion that I do not exist.  Some think of themselves as a god.  Some think they are so powerful that they can control the destiny of the earth and millions of people for their own selfish greed and desires.  Few, are genuinely concerned for their fellow brothers and sisters.  But, I tell you the Truth, all will give an account for their own actions, thoughts and words.  Each life is singular.  Each soul has a destiny and a purpose to accomplish for Me.

 No one can hide from My all-seeing eye.  I am the ONLY ONE who can TRULY SEE EVERYTHING, all at once.  Nothing can be hidden from My view.  I see all and I know all.  Those who are close to Me know this and they are comforted and encouraged by the fact that I see them at all times.  Some will soon learn this fact and be terrified by this TRUTH that I DO SEE them and what they are doing.  I can read each mind and each heart.  When you stand before Me, you ALL shall see what I have seen in you, and you will judge yourself, this is TRUTH.

Oh, the day is fast approaching when I shall call you all to stand before Me and give an account of your life.  This shall be a bitter-sweet day.  I keep meticulous records of each fragile and precious life.  You are ready, My love, but many are not.  I caution you all to prepare yourselves, for I come without delay.

Stand firm My little one, not much longer now.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 25, 2014

My child, you have need of Me, enter into My presence now.  Let My peace and love wrap around you like a soft down blanket.  Slip into tranquility with Me today and try to stay here through out your day.  I am your source of peace.  I alone give you peace.  As you come and wait upon Me, you are now comfortable with My presence.   For you know Me little one, but I will come to you in different ways now.  I will always meet you through out your day in different ways, shapes, and forms.  This is Truth. I want you to look for Me today and be aware that I am all around you as well as inside of you.  I am the Great and All Powerful God you sing about.  I like that you call Me that.  It honors Me when you are mindful of Me and who I truly am.

It is good to live in this world with you, for you live to be in close communion with Me, day by day.  This pleases Me, little one, this pleases Me.  We are one you and I.  Look up child and see Me in My earth and in the animals and the people all around you.  This earth still has beauty, and I treasure My earth.  I treasure all of My beautiful children who dwell on earth, for My true children have awakened to Me, they have opened their hearts to Me, they have surrendered their lives to Me, they willingly seek Me out daily for their portion and provision.  Quietly living out their lives yielded and surrendered to My leading them ever onward in their journey.  Each life is unique in their plan and purpose I have for them.  Each one fully Trusting that I will take care of all of their needs.  This pleases Me when you all dwell with Me and drink from My well.  Oh, the treasures I am now pouring out to you My children, come and drink deeply, My dear ones, My waters will never run out.  Oh, the love I have for you all.  Be Ready, Stay Awake, for behold I will come in an hour when you think not.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 24, 2014

Beloved, Trust Me in all things.  Daily walking with Me, one step at a time.  I lead, you follow.  My way is not difficult once you conquer fear.  Fear not !  Fear has no place in Me and should have no place in you.  Simply following after Me, daily walking is where you should be.  If something is troubling you dear one, draw close to Me and you will find your peace again.  Do not allow things to trouble the waters of your peace.  Draw close to Me and I will guide you once again to calmer waters.  Peace, be still My child, I am here.  I am in the midst of thee.  Call upon Me for help, come to Me with all of your questions and concerns.  I am here for you.  My little one, Remember, I have already told you, much is coming to trouble your peace, but, you are ready and prepared for it.  I am here, I will protect you child, do not fear.  You are dwelling in Me now, safe and sound, you come daily into My presence, you know Me and I know you.  When I take you to My island of rest and peace, you shall have strength and refreshing for your journey ahead.

Oh, soon the hoof beats shall be heard, can you hear them little one, coming ever closer.  SShhhh, in the quiet, in the stillness, I shall be found.  As you come and separate yourself from all distractions and wait upon Me, you are on My island.  Resting and reposing upon the ground at My feet, for you My love are content to learn at My knee.  But, My little one, you are growing day by day and much change is coming to you now.  Rejoice, Rejoice, there is no fear, I am near.

Oh, My heart beats strong at the nearness of My beloveds, soon My dear ones soon, your King and Ruler of All, the Lion is coming.  I came as a lamb, and now the time of My great awakening is here.  Oh, listen child, can you hear Me Roaring.  Rejoice child Rejoice, I come.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 23, 2014

My child you have much to learn.  In My coming Kingdom you will always be progressing in My Truths.  There will never be an end of learning.  As you seek to understand Me and My ways I reveal more as you are ready.  This cannot be rushed.  True understanding is the renewing of your mind in Me.  Casting aside what you have been taught by the churches of man is the beginning of Truth.  Only with your spiritual eyes and spiritual ears will your understanding be enlarged.  This journey is to understand who you truly are in Me, without Me teaching you personally you cannot understand.  For I am Truth and I am all Wisdom.

The source that you seek is Me, you already understand this vital truth.  You have grown much in your journey to Me.  I have opened your eyes and unstopped your ears.  I am stitching back your left and right brain which will restore you to your original form to Me.

 You are not living under a curse on earth child, for you have gone beyond the veil and entered into your true identity in Me.  I am your source in all things.  We are one, connected in the spirit.  Truth, My Truth always remains, and builds upon the truths that you have already learned from Me.  Little child of Mine, in whom I love, it IS well with you, for you are Mine, fully yielded and surrendered in every way to My will.

 Your understanding increases daily, though to you it seems slow.  No, My child, it is not slow, for the seed must grow, and it's roots must be anchored in Truth, and the leaves and branches spread wide, and then in the season of My timing it's fruit comes, and is picked by the hungry so-journers, for your journey is not for yourself, it is to light the way for the others coming behind you.  Oh, My love, My little one, by your bread crumb trail you are scattering seed and My words to you shall bring forth much fruit in the coming days.  Selah

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 22, 2014

Peace, be still, quiet yourself My little one.  I am here.  Many shall come to disrupt your peace.  Things shall arise in your world to disrupt your peace.  But, oh My little one, do not fear, for I have you protected in My pocket of refuge, as the world spins in chaos, Remember, that I must come and cleanse My land.  I am Holy and only those who are pure of heart, cleansed by their continual coming to My well, drinking and washing in My pure, unpolluted waters shall be able to stand in My holiness, Remember, I have already told you all in My word be ye Holy for I am Holy.

The only place of safety and refuge on this earth shall be in Me.  Do not try to move about the earth to a better place of safety, for truly there is no place safe on the earth.  Only those who are clinging to Me, the living vine shall be safe in the coming storms.  Remember, little one, I am in the storms.  I am clothed in darkness, clouds and a great thundering, this is for your protection, for to behold Me in your unfinished state shall be destructive to you.  You are very close in your sanctification, but you still need to go through the season of testing that is upon you all.  I am here.  I am close.  Remember, the teacher is silent during the tests.  Oh My little one, My dove, you are doing well.  You are faithful in the little things I ask you to do and this is obedience.  Obedience is better than sacrifice.  Beloved the time of refreshing and great change is upon your earth.

Oh, the time draws near when We shall see each other.  Face to Face, a close encounter of the best kind My love.  Soon My love, soon.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hearing God in the afternoon - July 21, 2014

Note:  As I allowed myself to busy myself with the work of the day, I kept feeling like I should stop and wait upon the Lord, I was feeling guilty for delaying, but I kept doing other things and then I heard "Will you put Me LAST today ?", needless to say, I stopped and came to wait, and this is what I heard:

Beloved, much is about to happen upon your earth, but, fear not.  These things must come to pass.  The close of this age draws near and the beginning of My new age appears on the horizon.  Oh, the glory of the Kingdom, My Kingdom unleashed.  The beauty of My Majesty and Holiness for all to see.  The veils shall be removed as I stand Supreme in all the earth, no one can stand above Me, for no one, no thing can compare to Me.  I am Truth, I am Life, I am the Beginning of all things and I am the End of all things.  To truly rule, one must know Truth and discern the lies.  This takes a trained and listening ear.  Much shall be accomplished in a rapid fashion My love, do not fear, do not allow yourself to be shocked and dismayed as you see these things unfold.  You are destined to be here to see these things unfold.  You are destined to be here to see the close of this age, as you are destined to be with Me as I usher in the beginning of My New Kingdom.  My Holiness shall come and break upon the waves into your cities.

  I am All Powerful, there is none like Me, no none.  I alone can tell you your future.  I alone can lead you to your place and purpose.  For I am your creator, redeemer, and friend.  I love you, My wise virgin at the well, filling yourself of My eternal waters, basking in the warmth of My candle until you glow.  Oh, My love, Behold I come quickly, see, I am at the door, Oh, can you hear My footsteps dear one, drawing nearer and nearer.

 It is wise to stay alert. It is wise to keep your ear "tuned" to My voice, as My lips brush upon your ear can you feel My heartbeat, can you feel My breath?  Yes, My beloved I am here and I shall burst upon the scene of the whole earth.  Oh, the Glory, Oh, the Splendor, Oh, the Consuming Fire of My Love, no one can stand against Me and live.

 Oh, wicked and foolish generation, who has bewitched you, wake up, there is no more time.  Behold, I come....get ready !

Keep putting My words up on your blog, stay the course, My little one, stay the course.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 20, 2014

Song:  "In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, in the morning when I rise, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, in the morning when I rise, give me Jesus..."

Oh, beloved you are fair, you are My faithful dove, quietly cooing at My door.  Patiently waiting for Me to open the door and invite you in.  You are one of My true worshipers, you are My friend.  I love you little one and I enjoy that you love Me back.  You enjoy thinking upon Me.  You enjoy being in My presence.  For you have nothing to fear.  You have allowed Me to purge all negative and dark polluted waters out of you and now you are clean, pure waters flow in and out of you.  You are positively charged by Me.  This is where you have always belonged child.  Here with Me, Resting, fully trusting that I am here and will take care of all of your needs.

 I saw you upon your bed, I watched the battle in your mind.  You were faithful to stop the chatter and the pictures of worry and fear, you were faithful to cast them down and to speak words of faith over them and to slam the door to their return, this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  You will have many opportunities to fear, but you must not fear.  Cast all fear out and away from you.  Walk confidently in My Truth that I am with you always, that I am in you and that the victory is already done.  For greater is He that is in you than anything, I mean anything that arises to cause you to doubt Me or My provision.  You are Mine.  I will always protect and provide for you.

Song:  "It's a beautiful day, it's a beautiful day..."

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 19, 2014

Song:  "Come away with Me, a a a a a, come away with Me, a a a a a, come away with Me into a quiet place of rest, come away with me...."

Oh, how good and how pleasant to slip away just the two of us, no distractions, just you and Me.  I love our time together.  This is your resting place in Me.  For you are safe and secure in My arms.  Do not allow yourself to fret or worry over the things that still must come.  Just Trust Me in everything.  I've got you.  You are safe in Me.  As you journey inward you lose your sense of self and focus all on Me.  You seek Me and My presence, and when you find Me, you sink deeply in and rest, for this is your place in Me, by My side forever trusting Me as you watch My eternal plan unfold upon your earth.  To seek after Me with your whole heart, fully yielded and surrendered to My will is My hearts desire for you.  For you My dear one have come to know Me personally for yourself.  You have entered into the holy place with Me.  You have awakened to My Truths and have been through My sanctification process.  Oh, how I love thee My little one, for you are truly Mine.  The pull of this world has lost it's hold on you.  Your treasure is Me, your hearts desire is to always be in My presence.  It is well with you My love, it is well.  As you come and wait upon Me, My presence manifests more and more.  You are strong My dear one, and My words to you are leaving a breadcrumb trail for the others to find their way.  Keep putting My words out My child, this is the task I have called you to right now.  Be diligent and faithful in the little things, this is obedience to Me child.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 18, 2014

Song:  "In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, give me the morning when I rise give me Jesus..."

Many people never come to know Me, they miss out on the opportunity to live and dwell in Me.  As you come and wait before Me, I infuse you with more of My power and light.  I strengthen and restore all of your weakened places.  Much is imparted to you My little one as you are faithful to come.  My life is in you.  Moving and breathing with every breath you take.   For I am enthroned on your throne in your heart.  I am the keeper of you.  I will use you My child in the coming days.  More than I have before.  All I ask of you is that you yield to My spirit.  Let your faith arise and use your words to speak My Truths into your atmosphere.  You know My Truths, for you have been schooled by Me.  I am your true teacher.  As you sup with Me at My table you are filled with My Truths.  Once you obtain them they are yours forever.  Fear is not truth.  Do not tolerate fear or its lies.  If you are not sure, come to Me and ask for help.  But, if you know in your heart the truth, then you must engage in the battle, stand firm and speak it forth.  Truth always dispels lies.  Live in My Truth, live out My Truth, let My Truth arise from within your gates and all of your enemies will scatter.  You have nothing to fear My love, for I am near.  I will guide you, I will give you the right words, I will lead you by My unction.  Fear not, fear no one.  I am here.  For your enemy has already been defeated.  The victory is yours.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - June 17, 2014

Share My goodness, as you go about your life you are reflecting Me and My goodness.  Do not neglect the little things that come into your mind.  These are gentle and quiet suggestions from Me to you, as to show you a simple smile, a kind word, a card, a baked good, these are expressions of Me touching lives through you.  As your days are slipping away, make the most of your time left here.  Be Me to all you see.  I am in you child, I am here.  As you yield to My unction and leading you are walking down the path with Me.  As you seek Me, you go deeper and deeper into My Truths.  I love you child of Mine.  Your words are fitly spoken now as they pass through your lips for I have set the guard upon your gate.  Beloved, as you yield more and more to Me, My reflection shines brighter and brighter in you.  Truly living in Me, is to love.  Truly trusting in Me, is to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will always take care of you.  I never leave you alone.  I am here with you through this journey.  Beloved, to live a life of quietness and meekness is to live in Me.  For you are on the road that will lead you home.  Much time spent in the quietness of My presence will yield much fruit.  I am your teacher and I am your guide.  Your faith grows as you learn more from Me.  My living water shall never run out.  As you seek Me, you are discovering many Truths on your journey.  Little one, I am here, stay close, do not become distracted by the cares of this world.  Drink deeply beloved.

Hearing God in the eventide - July 16, 2014

I do not want you to move.  You are right where I want you to be.  Trust Me in everything.  Do not fear.  I have everything worked out for you.  You are in the shadow of My wing.  I am here.  I am in you child.  You are being transformed.  We shall see each other face to face, very, very soon.  Beloved keep your heart focused on Me.  I am leading, keep following.  All is well with you My love.  The end is before you now.  Keep coming, keep focusing on Me.  Do not fear, I must show Myself upon the earth, it is time.  But, Remember dear one, you are Mine, you are with Me, you shall be rescued, fear not little one.  Oh, My beauty, your bridegroom comes.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 16, 2014

Song:  "Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine...Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine...., heir of salvation, Jesus is mine..."

Your soon coming King is here, My love.  Oh, the beauty of holiness is upon thee.  Many things grasp for thee, but still, you come, eager to get alone with Me.  Beloved, I am eager to rescue you and all of My children, but I must find My few lost sheep that have wandered from My fold.  Then I will be able to come and rescue you.  Pray for the lost sheep, that I will find them looking for Me, before I turn and close the door.  When the door closes, I shall release My power, oh, the beauty and the terror that shall come upon the land.  My presence is a consuming fire.  For those who have been purified they shall be able to walk among My fiery stones and not be burned, for they too shall become a fiery stone.  Woe, to man who has not been purified or refined, for the next stage in their journey shall be difficult for them.  The process of purification is not simple, and it can by lengthy, but, it is necessary, for I require all to become like Me, holy, loving, and good.  I am the GOOD shepherd and I will purge and purify each one of My little lambs.  I will route out the wolves in sheep's clothing.  I will raise up My standard of Righteousness across the earth and goodness, holiness, and righteousness shall reign upon all the land. Evil shall not stand, for I AM that I AM is here.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 15, 2014

song:  " In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, in the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, in the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus..."

Child look upon Me and live in the fullness of who you truly are.  This world is not your home, it is only a training ground for you to learn and receive My Truths.  As you live out your days, you see yourself growing, maturing and transforming into My likeness.  I am with you, carefully watching over this process in you.  You must see both good and evil, so that you can determine and understand the eternal value of the good.  If everything was perfect in your circumstances, life, or the people around you, it would not challenge you to strive, struggle and grow into the majestic spirit that I have ordained you to be.  You can do nothing to change others, that is not your burden.  You can only conceive and grow in that that I have placed within you.  Every trial, every struggle, every difficulty, every relationship is placed in your path for My purpose and plans for you.  These are designed to chisel away the sharp, rough edges and to rub and buff you into the smooth and shining jewel that you are becoming in Me.  These challenges are meant to burn out the scum, and refine and purify you, for these are part of the melting pot or furnace of affliction.

Remember, little one, I am here with you in every step of the process.  The refining fire is My instrument of choice for you, for it is the quickest way to bring about your perfect clarity and beauty.  I can now see every facet of you in your shape.  Your clarity is clear, beautiful and pure.  You are rare My love.  I have had My hand upon you through this entire process.  You, My dear, have endured.  You have not jumped out of the fiery pot of affliction, and it is well with your soul.  For you are a shining reflection of Me, oh, My beloved, you glow.  You too shall see your shining glory soon.  I shall bring you forth.  But, for now, wait, and let patience have her perfect work in you.  Oh, you are still in the cocoon, but soon, My love, you shall fly.  Stay close, even closer if you can.  For My hand is upon you My dove.  I love you.  Strong and stable you are.  I have tested you, many times, and I will test you much more, for you must endure more tests, but rest assured My love, I am here with you every step of the way.  My have is upon you, as you wait upon Me, I pour into you My oil and My wine for your lamp is full and your new wineskin can hold more wine.  You are rare My love.  Each new day brings new challenges, go in peace My love, fully persuaded that I will carry you.  You are entering the last phase of your journey.  Trust Me in all things beloved.  Soon We shall be face to face.  I love you little one.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 14, 2014

Oh, My love, Oh, My dear one, come away with Me.  Spend time in My presence now.  Before the winds come and blow and blow upon your house again.  The storms are coming upon the land.  You shall see much calamity, but, it shall not come nigh your dwelling place.  You shall stand as a tree planted by the water, and your roots shall remain deep, secure and strong, for you My child, My little one are fully established in Me.  Pay attention to your dreams, they are full of symbols, ask Me for guidance in your understanding.  I am here.  Seek Me out daily.  For your daily walking close to Me is your portion.  I am your inheritance.  Many doubt My very existence, they are snared and trapped by the lies and deceit of mans own thoughts.  They do not seek Me out, for they seek men out for their understanding, this will only keep them snared in a false sense of security.  As I have already told you, nothing is stable on your earth now, no place on earth is safe.  No country, no nation shall be spared from My hand of judgement.  I am holy, all must be holy as I am.  It is not too difficult a task.  Follow My heart and seek to fashion your life after My example.  You are not perfect, only I am perfect.  Yes, you will stumble in your pursuit of holiness, but keep pressing onward, I will help you if you ask Me to.  I am not far from you.  Seek to find Me, do not believe the lies.  I am real.  I am here.

Hearing God in the morning - July 13, 2014

Song:  "In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, in the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, give me the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus..."

Oh beloved as you come to wait upon Me, I am here waiting on you.  Always put Me first in everything.  Never get too busy or too lazy to put Me first.  I should be the first thing you think upon as you arise in the morning, and I should be the last thing you think upon in the evening as you lay down. For I am your beginning and end.  In Me you have life.  In Me you have hope.  In Me, child, you are secure, wrapped in My arms of love.  For you are Mine.  I love you forever.  No one can separate you from Me.  We are linked together.  Only you, and you alone can unlink us.  Do not be deceived child, or allow yourself to be drawn away from Me.  I am your source of strength.  I am your source of hope. I dwell in you and you, My love, have made your home in Me.  Your journey shall change soon.  For it is time for your transformation.  Little one, you are about to fly.  We shall finish the last leg of your journey together.  Your patience in My timing is your obedience.  Remember, do not rush out ahead of Me.  As I whisper things to come, keep pondering them in your heart.  All that I have spoken to you shall come to pass, in My timing.  Through patient endurance you shall inherit all of My promises and you shall see Me face to face, soon, beloved, soon.

Hearing God in the morning - July 12, 2014

Beloved, how beautiful it is when you come into the morning with Me.  As you sit at My feet and seek My hand of guidance for your day.  To trust Me in all things, to seek Me in the morning as you start your day with Me, before the rush of busyness begins.  Oh, My love, this is where you find strength and My blessing.  For you dwell in Me and do not veer off of My path.  It is beautiful when My children put Me first.  When they seek Me first, when they focus on Me.  For when you do, I see your heart, I see your trust, I see your faith, I see your love.  To know Me, is to know peace.  To find Me is to find the missing part of you, consider a puzzle with thousands of pieces but one is missing.  You search and then you find it and place it in it's proper place, oh, now you find a peace of knowing the puzzle is done, you find a rest as this task is complete.  Well, My Love's, as you are in the world searching for some form of truth, you find yourself floating and not sure where you belong or who you belong to.  I know, you belong to Me.  For you are one of My missing puzzle pieces.  I am the creator of the puzzle.  You are a piece floating around alone and untethered.  Seek Me and be found of Me.  For when you allow Me to find you and tether you in your rightful place, you shall find peace and rest, for you shall be home.  I am looking for you, I am calling all of My puzzle pieces home to Me.  Where have you gone, come to Me now.

Hearing God in the eventide - July 11, 2014

Every little thing you do to brighten another's life journey does not go unnoticed, in so doing you are a reflection of Me.  As you do a kindness, a favor, a gentle rebuke, an encouraging word spoken or written, you are extending a part of Me.  As you are, as you live, I am reflected in you.  For in you, My love, My dear one, are all of My reflected attributes, I am loving, gentle, and kind.  I am caring, compassionate and merciful, you reflect Me when you extend yourself in these ways.  Every fleeting thought of acts of kindness you have, pay close attention to.  For in taking heed to them you are in My perfect will at that moment.  Life is moments of opportunities to express Me, don't miss your moments, heed these gentle unctions of My spirit and reflect Me.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 11, 2014

I am here My love, My dear one.  Come sit with Me.  Listen to the stillness of the day.  Listen to My heartbeat.  Breathe in, Breathe out, I am here.  I am in all life.  I surround you daily with My goodness. Daily I load you up with My benefits.  I give you air.  I give you breezes.   I give you water.  I give you food.  I give you the warmth of kisses from My sun.  I give you cool breezes in the evening to shade your house and all who dwell therein.  I give you green grasses and fertile trees, stretched high, I branch them out and give you ample shade.  I send My breezes to cool you, and yes, I play with your hair, you smell good to Me.  I enjoy the fruit of your lips, for they are pleasing to Me.  Your words bring life and health and an abundance of My love.  A you journey through your day My peace and My presence shall go with you.  Your life is an echo down My corridors of time.  I have drawn you from the darkness, I have removed your stains and now look how beautiful you are to Me.  You shine as a jewel in My Kingdom, for you are endeavoring to live your life in Me.  This pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  For you and I are one.  Your heart has a beautiful melody and sings to Me constantly in the night.  My love, My dear one, you are walking in the Kingdom.  For you have to think but for a moment and I am here with you.  Oh beloved, trust Me in everything that is to come.  Do not be surprised at the multiple turn of events coming, but, TRUST Me and do not doubt My hand of protection upon you, for I am here and I never leave your side.  Change is upon the whole world now.  Lift up your eyes and behold My hand in the change.

Hearing God in the eventide - July 10, 2014

It's a beautiful thing to steal away the hours in the presence of your King.  A fully surrendered heart is a wealth of information, for in yielding all to Me you surrender control of everything you are aware of.  To place your life into My unseen hands is faith in action.  Beloved it is no small thing that I have captured your heart.  For as I have opened Myself up to you and shown you My love, you have not spurned Me.  You have allowed yourself to sink deeper and deeper into Me.  You are secure in My presence.  You are steadfast in your focus and you are patient in your endurance.  You are content to wait on Me.  You easily submit to My lead, and you humbly follow Me day after day and night after night.  Stay diligent in your pursuit of Me.  My eyes are ever upon you My love.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 10, 2014

Oh, My love, the language of the heart is universal.  You have to but look inward and I am here.  As you seek to know Me and spend time in My presence We connect in sweet communion.  We are truly never separated.  I have much to share with you.  As My light shines through you, it dispels the darkness around you.  You shine, through out the world you are a witness of Me.  You live in a fallen world where much is askew and many are so accustomed to chaos they are uncomfortable in the presence of My peace.  For in My peace there is calm, there is quiet and there is serenity.  All is well in My peace.  You, dwell in My peace.  For you have learned through every fiery storm to press in and push through to the eye of the storm, for I am in the storm and you must come up to the eye of the storm where all is calm.  I test every heart in the storm, only the hearts that are connected to Me and are one with Me are aware of the eye, and to go to the eye and shelter in My peace.  For the one's connected to Me have learned that I am their way-maker, and I am their shelter where they can come under My wings and truly be protected.  I am the protector of My people.  My people know Me, and I know My people.  Trust Me in every storm.  I am here.  I am near.  I am in the storm, look for Me in the storm.  Focus on Me, cast off fear, and look to Me, I am here.  There is a message in the storm.

Hearing God in the eventide - July 9, 2014

Beloved, I see you, quietly lingering, waiting patiently for Me to speak.  I am here.   My love, you are with Me all the time.  I may not feel tangible to you, but I am.  You must endeavor to focus all of your attention on Me.  As you focus and shut the world out, behold, I appear.  I am always as close as your very breath.  Breathe in, Breathe out, feel Me breathing, participating in this moment with you.  Oh, My love, you are dear to Me, for you journey ever deeper into Me.  As you dig in the darkness more and more of My light, My life giving light shines through.  As you travel down your life's journey you are constantly thinking upon Me, for I am here.  I am enthroned in your heart and oh, My love, We shall never be apart.  You are My forever dove.  I have great plans for you.  Soon, My child, soon.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 9, 2014

Song:  "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...all of heaven and earth proclaim...kings and kingdoms will all pass away, but there's something about that name..."

Beloved I wish above all things that thou would prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers.  There is so much meaning in these words.  To prosper is to flourish in My courts.  To be in health is to have everything working in harmony inside your body, inside your mind and outside your body in the circle of sphere of influence that I have given you.  It is well with thee My beloved.  For you are centered in Me.  Your foundation is strong and secure and you shall stand in My courts forever.  For you have found the treasure, you have dug and dug until you discovered Me and I shall never be taken from you.  You are now unearthing more of My jewels and gemstones of Truth, these are yours forever.  For the more you know, the more you grow in My Kingdom.  I would not have you to remain ignorant.  For as you seek the answers I give, you are strengthened in Me.

I am the anchor on which everything is tethered.  When the storms come in, you may feel the wind, you may feel the waves, but, they shall not harm you for you are safely anchored to Me.  Dwelling in Me and with Me is My eternal plan for you.  My love covers you.  My love flows through you.  My love rests upon you for you are Mine.  As in the days of Elisha, so it shall be with you.  For you are strong in Me.  As you have understanding, so you shall speak and it shall be done according to your faith.

It is time for your faith to be manifesting reality.  Nothing hidden, all shall be brought to light.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hearing God at eventide - July 8, 2014

My child you are learning so much at My knee daily now.  Trust Me to help you retain all of My wisdom that I am pouring into you now.  Oh, the season of change is upon you.  So many new truths and concepts.  You have entered behind the veil.  As you are casting off the doctrines of men and humbly submit and allow Me to be your true teacher you have broken down the walls of religion and dug a deep well into My Spirit of Truth.  You are My beloved dove, gentle and quiet, you are meek and I shall give you wings.  I shall release you into the air and you shall gather unto Me many precious dreamers who are looking for the TRUTH.  To dream is to imagine and I am come on the wings of imagination for I cannot be contained in a simple box.  No, I am uncontainable, but, I am obtainable to each dreamer who dares to reach out to Me.  I shall satisfy every thirsty soul who comes to be watered at My well.  Your words quickly penned are establishing a solid bread crumb trail.  I am well pleased with your diligence in this, for My dear one as you follow after Me others find a crumb or two from My table to help them on their journey as well.  This is TRUTH, I am willing to feed every hungry soul on this life's journey.  I am willing to provide water to the dry and parched lands and turn them into an oasis to water other weary travelers as well.  Oh, My love is deeper than these words can express, but, know this, I am here to help you.  I love you all, you are beautiful to Me.  I invite you all to enter in to Me and I will give you rest.

Hearing God in the morning - July 8, 2014

I see you My love, I see every pain, every thought, every tear, every smile, every heartfelt gratitude I see all about you.  I see your eagerness to come and sit at My table, hungry to be hand-fed by Me, your soon coming King.  Oh, My little one, I am pleased with thee for you are so eager to hear.  You are so eager to learn more of Me, you do not tire in your pursuit of Me.  Beloved, you are rare, a rare jewel you are to Me.  With each passing day, you draw Me close and We dwell together in our abode.   Oh, the beautiful music your heart makes to Me brings Me such joy.  I know you love Me with all that you are.  Know this beloved, I love you with all that I AM.  You are living in the Kingdom now.  Earthly cares and struggles are miniscule now for you are constantly abiding in Me and therefore the Kingdom is manifesting in your life.  Much is to come for you now.  I shall lead you safely through each change. Keep your focus on Me, ask before you do anything, no matter how small.  I need you laser-sharp focused on Me and My command.  I am leading you and your brothers and sisters into the promised land.  But, alas, many will not be crossing over with you, for they still have much to learn and they still have not found their true teacher.  All is not lost for them.  They can still find Me if they look for Me.  I am the treasure hidden in plain view.  I am the pearl of great price.  You My child are a city on a hill.  Casting your light upon the waves to rescue and save the perishing, your light is penetrating much darkness.  It's not you, it's Me in you, shining through you, that is the beacon in the night, as you are obedient the bread crumb trail grows, and I am gathering the fruit.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hearing God at Eventide - July 7, 2014

Oh, the beauty of holiness My love, My dear one.  It pleases Me, it perfumes the air all around.  I am Holy, and I seek a holy people, consecrated, set apart and sanctified to Me.  Who will heed My call.  I call all who have an ear to seek My wisdom for it is the principle thing.  I am not a foreigner to you.  I may feel distant, but I tell you the truth, for I AM TRUTH - I AM HERE.  Come, come all who dare to seek Me out for yourself.  Come now, quickly, while I may be found.  You were not created to go through your life alone.  You were created to go through your own personal life with Me, for I am your friend.  I can help you through every difficulty you face.  I alone can help you navigate the rocky paths, narrow bridges, and sharp twists and turns your life takes.  You were not created to go it alone.  You are not a speed bump on this road, yes, you have been slammed, repeatedly, and faced many hard things.  But, know this, I can help you.  I AM REAL.  I AM HERE.  Call out to Me, truly seek Me out, and I will reveal Myself to you.  I am your personal God, I created every part of you, I know how you work. I see the future , you can't, but, I do.  I can help you, but, I won't force Myself on any of you.  I am willing to help you, to guide you, to counsel you, to comfort you, to just listen, I am here.   You don't have to be alone in life.  Reach out to Me, call upon Me, talk to Me, ask Me "IF" I'm real, then ask Me "to show you how to interact with Me".  I'm not afraid of your questions child, I'm waiting for you.  You need Me child, you may not know it, but you do.  I am here.  The true question is "Do you want to know Me personally for yourself?

Hearing God in the morning - July 7, 2014

Oh My love, rest in Me now.  Be still, and linger here with Me.  Oh the beauty of the rain brings such refreshing and cleansing.  As I pour out My spirit as rain now it is barely drenching all the parched and thirsty lands.  There is such dryness ever present in the land of man.  They are thirsty and in much need of a drink.  Their tongues are parched and their spirit ebbs away quietly in decay.  They pay little mind to the things that truly matter, the things that their soul longs for and their spirit could so easily receive, and soar upon My wings in renewed strength and vigor, but, alas, they neglect the things of the spirit, the eternal things that will last and endure through the ages.  Oh, the folly of men who follow after their own deceitful hearts.  They do not stop for a moment and listen for My voice, My call, My song, no, they rush foolishly ahead to the newest and greatest thrill they can find.  They follow hard after their lusts of their own eyes.  Dear one, it saddens Me when so many, do not take time for Me, they do not see the value, the inestimable value of spending time with Me.  Oh, that they would turn from all their foolish gain and look to Me the author and finisher of their lives.  So little time left, many heavily hanging in the balance.  If only...

Hearing God in the Eventide - July 6, 2014

You were tested today.  You were severely tested.  The battle in your mind raged and raged.  But, you kept a bridle on your tongue, and held back the tide of sin and ugliness that tried again and again to enter into your gates, but, you held the gate.  You stood firm on the shore and withstood the beasties as they tried to break the gate.  With the onslaught of battering rams they came again and again.  Oh, the battle raged, but, you stood your ground, you would not buckle, under the onslaught of ugly thoughts, oh, the words, the stinging ugly words wanted to spew like venom, but, lo, you would not give them and inch.

 You stood firm, and now in the quiet and in the stillness you come to Me, weary, fatigued and exhausted from the battle.  You stood firm.  You did not surrender.  I saw everything.  Oh, you were never alone.  I was right there with you, just as I am here now with you.

The battles are strategically placed before you.  The snares are set to catch you unaware, but, they will not succeed, for you My love, My dear one have spent time alone with Me.  Your faithful pursuit has prepared you for each battle, before it even comes into view.  Oh, beloved, I know you, you are ready for the battle.  You are strong, you are equipped with My armor and no fiery dart can penetrate through My shield.  Waiting on Me is the most precious place to dwell, for in so doing, you are completely sheltered and protected through out all that you come in contact with.  Oh, beloved sing, sing Me a song let Me hear you.

***note:  so I sang:  "Jesus, Jesus, the fragrance after the rain....kings and kingdoms shall all pass away, but there's something about that name..."

Hearing God in the morning - July 6, 2014

Oh My love you are beautiful to Me.

Song:  "You are beautiful My sweet, sweet Psalm..."

My days are filled with praise.  Beloved draw near now and lend Me your ear.  You have come once again to My banqueting table.  I invite you My beloved, come and dine.  Eat your fill at My table.  For taste and see that I am good and I satisfy every longing in your heart.  The deeper you go into Me, the deeper you grow in Me.  I am the never ending vine with power and healing divine.  You are plugged in.  You are receiving all of My frequency.  I love you My little one.  You are dear to Me.  For I am first in you.  You have been tested again, and My beloved you have come through as gold.  You are becoming strong, as a pillar in My house.  Oh, the days are fleeting, but you are strong My love, fully anchored in your place in Me.  I lead, you follow.  Oh, it is My good pleasure to give you your hearts desires.  As you enter My gates, I watch you come, as you cross through My courtyard I draw you in.  Nothing hinders you here, for you are free to move about in Me.  The channel is open and I move freely through you.  You are not distant from Me for you are here with Me right now.  As you focus on Me and what I want to say, you draw Me closer to you.  Our bond is strong and secure.  Fully tested in My furnace, the flames have raged and pulled and burned out all the dross from you.  Dear one, you are clean and pure of spirit and you are not defiled with the lower, dirty things of this world.  You live in a world of sin, filth and decay and as you move through your days you do pick up some of the dirt and particles of decay, this is natural, but, when you come into My presence and begin to wait, it is here in our quiet abode that I examine you.  As you wait before Me I gently cleanse and purge you from the daily dust and particles you have picked up, and you are made once again perfect, clean and pure for I personally remove every spot, every blemish and every wrinkle.  As you submit yourself to Me daily, daily I examine you, your heart, your mind, your soul, your flesh, your garments.  As I examine, I work, to create in you a newness in Me.  I tell you the truth My love.  You glow.  You are shining now, and when I come into you, in your total and complete transformation, you shall shine like the sun in brilliance and fiery flames.  You are a reflection of Me, oh, My little one, I can see Myself in you.  Oh, My dear one, I love you with such a love it cannot be measured.  I enjoy being in your presence as you "will" yourself to soak up more and more of Me.  This is your place, this is your portion, to ever go deeper and deeper into Me.  I avail Myself to you My love.  You may eat and drink your fill, for in Me there is no end, and always, always more to discover for I am the never ending God and I love you.

Hearing God at Eventide - July 5, 2014

I am here.  I have been with you child.  You shall awaken refreshed and renewed.  You have been greatly attacked in your spirit today which is manifesting in your body.  But this too shall pass.  You were quick to reject the attack on your vision, you battled and pressed in and won.  This pleases Me.  Your headache has persevered for you have given in saying to yourself "Oh, it's just a headache", so you have allowed it to persist and linger.  AS you have rested in Me you have renewed your strength.  This headache shall leave.  When you are bothered again in this way be quick to stand your ground and command it to leave.  Nothing has a legal right to bother you in any way.  Stand your ground, do not give it an inch and it shall leave you.  Nothing shall harm you or be allowed to linger at your door.  But you must stand your ground and command it to leave, I shall do the rest.  I have told you to arise and walk in your dominion.  You must do so daily.  My love, now is the time.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hearing God in the morning 0 July 5, 2014

Oh My love, the storm clouds gather now.  I am in the clouds and thunder.  Thick darkness is My covering.  Oh, I come in so many forms.  Can you not see Me.  Do you not know Me.  I shall reveal My hand.  I shall open the floodgates.  I shall release the tempest to blow across your lands.  I shall level all the false temples.  All shall know that I am here.  No one shall escape My hand of judgment.  Ready or not, here I come.  The games people play while wasting the hours of the day shall all come to naught.  The river shall overflow it's banks in you My love.  For I shall come forth in the good, as well as the bad and the ugly.  As you are today, great shall be your increase, whether of good, bad or ugly.  All have chosen their lot.  I have seen each "will" as they have chosen their way.  Some shall arise to more strength and power in Me and shall walk in their dominion, for I alone have been grooming them, in My chambers.  I alone have trimmed their candlesticks and filled their lamps.  I alone shall they reflect with great power, love and authority.  Nothing shall by any means harm them.  For they have been through My refining fires and they are golden and sparkling in Me.  Some shall meet the tempest in the darkness that they seek.  They shall travail and weep as they are tossed about in the raging sea.  Their plans shall not prevail , they shall be undone, they shall feel their loss and when they come to the end of themselves, they shall seek after another for refuge.  But they shall find no refuge in others.  They shall lose hope in man.  Then they shall see ME.  They shall see Me reflected in My people.  They shall long for Me as they see Me resting upon My chosen ones, walking in their dominion, fully resting in ME.  Oh, what a glorious day it shall be when My creation longs to be with Me.  I shall then complete My reconciliation with all of My creation.  For it is not My will to remain distant, far-off, and separated from any of My creation.  But, know this, I have given each of you your own free will, I will not take it from you.  You, yourself must choose who you "will" to surrender to, yield to, and willingly obey.  This is not My will for you to walk after the flesh or beastly nature of "self" which will not watch over you, nurture you or protect you.  Your flesh does not look after your best interests.  That can only come from Me.  For I alone know what is best for you and what path will yield the best kind of fruits for you on your journey.  You must choose for yourself whom you will follow.  Self or Me.  You alone must choose, choose wisely My dear ones for your fate lies in the balance of these choices. No one escapes having to make the choice themselves.  All must choose.  Choose you this day whom you will serve.  Choose wisely My dear ones, I am watching you.  I am here.  I live.

Hearing God in the eventide - July 4, 2014

Anything and anyone who is not following Me will not be under My protection.  I am the author and finisher of all life.  No one but Me knows how long they shall live.  Some live years, some live months, some live weeks, some live days, some live hours, some live seconds, some live only a moment.  Only I know the length of life for each thing that I have created.  I alone have a purpose and a plan for how and why I do things or allow things.  You are not to know everything.  You are to trust Me in everything.  You may ask Me anything and I will answer you as I wish.  I lead, you follow.  It is good to seek wisdom.  But it is fruitless to question My ways.  As you follow and progress, I will reveal things to you as I see that you are ready to receive.  This process you are going through cannot be rushed, for if We rush through the process you will not grasp the fruit that you are ready to receive.  As you eat at My table, you are consuming My delicacies that I provide in My right time.  It is not profitable for you to be rushed through your maturing process.  For this journey is producing much fruit in you now, and the abundance of My fruit will overflow in you to reach others.  For the well in you runs deep, and still you keep digging deeper into My eternal springs.  This is good.  For out of your abundance, I shall water many dry and thirsty lands.  My life in you shall flow out of you to feed and water the desolate, waste places within the hearts of men.  For they shall long to drink from the well that you drink from.  They shall seek to eat the crumbs from your table.  You shall freely feed and water My people and you My child, shall never go hungry or thirst again for you are feeding from My table and have food that they know not of, and your spring is from My eternal well and shall never run dry.  I speak, and you My love, hear.  You run to Me and eagerly await My words, this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  Beloved, do not be alarmed in the change.  For it must come, and I am in the change.  Rest in Me, be still thy heart, I am here.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 4, 2014

To rise early and seek My face is where you should always endeavor to dwell.  For I am able to express Myself to you as you come and wait upon Me.  My dear one this endeavor of yours is not wasted time. For each day brings change.  Each day you learn and grow.  To be My disciple is to change day by day more and more into My likeness.  You are now a reflection of Me.  As you live I live within you.  I am enthroned in your heart.  I am the one who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than you can ask or think for I am not limited.  I am limitless.  The more you learn of Me the more you want to see and experience.  For I am not boring.  I am vibrant and life changing.  I give all life and I take it away.  There is none like Me.  I feed all.  I send the sun and the rain.  I am in the gentle breezes and mighty storms.  I created all that you see.  Your life is a gift, spend it wisely My dear one.  Live in My peace and love.  Let love light your way.  See Me in everyone, every animal, every plant for I am the living cell that everything is connected to.  YOU live in a circle.  The circle of life connects all back to Me the creator, the giver of life.  I am the source of it all.  To know this is TRUTH.  To know Me is life and life more abundant.  You shall see Me today.  Look closely, as you go about your day.  I am all around you, as well as within you.  I guard and protect you all the time.  As you live, breathe, move I am with you through it all.  I am your source.  Rest in Me.  Peace, be still and know Me.  The journey within is the most rewarding.  For within you shall find what you are looking for.  Keep looking within.  As you live today, look out and see Me all around you and enter into My Glory today.  I love you little one.  You are Mine.

Hearing God in the evening - July 3, 2014

You will not miss Me child, for I am here with you.  You see Me well.  You hear Me.  I shall not pass you by.  Stay alert, be ready.  I will call you and when I do you shall hear Me, obey Me in all things.  Keep your diligent watch for Me, for I see you dear one, I see you.  You are not asleep.  You are ready to go to the next level in your assignment in Me.  Just rest in Me, patiently listening for Me, patiently resting in My vine, fully assured, now once again that I will not pass you by.  We have come a long way together My love.  I would not leave you or separate Myself from you.  Breathe in, Breathe out beloved I am with thee.  Wherever you go I go.  We are connected, Trust Me, We shall never be separated or distant.  I love and care for you.  I daily inspect you, I listen to your beautiful heartbeat as you wait before Me.  I hear the gentle melody of your breathing as you wait before Me.  Did you know when you come and start to wait before Me your heartbeat slows and the rhythm of your breathing becomes soft and shallow for you enter into the spirit of Me and you lose your focus of the world and the pull of earthly things loses it's grip on you.  It's just you and Me quietly spending a few fleeting moments together.  Sometimes I breathe upon you and you know I'm here and you laugh, this makes Me laugh too, for We are intimate together, you are comfortable with Me in this.  I also want to show you more of My Glory and My Power.  I shall soon call you to Me, for you are ready to see and ponder more of Me.  You Trust Me now, more than ever before.  This is good for in so doing, I shall always take care of you.  You are not to know everything.  But, what I do reveal to you is yours forever, I count you as My child, My lover and My friend.  For you have entered deep into My abode.  As you stretch out your hand to grasp hold of more of Me I shall never let you go.  I love the smell of your hair,  for your spirit is clean and pure and the fragrance of you is beautiful to Me.  You are one My soul loves.  For you have busied yourself  in putting Me first.  You are alive and well, living in My Kingdom.  My Kingdom comes from within you.  Nothing can stop My Kingdom from expanding.  More and more with each passing day.  Soon your transformation shall be complete.  Do not worry or fret over what happens next.  For you My beloved, are in the season of the spirit.  I shall not lead you astray.  You are exactly where I want you to be.  Your steadfast devotion to Me is unmovable.  You are beautiful as a psalm to Me.  You have awakened to righteousness and truth.  You shall sleep no more.  For you have tasted of My fruit and you will never be satisfied by any other.  This is good.  You are My dove and you are gentle, quiet, and kind.  I love you.  You are patient, and long suffering, it is well with your soul.  Keep watching My love.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 3, 2014

Oh how good and pleasant it is to dwell together in unity.  My peace is upon you My love and My peace will carry you through any storm that comes your way.  As you begin each new day focus on the good.  There is always some form of good in every situation.  As you look to Me and lean on My understanding I shall bring forth the good.  For I am good.  Whatever you think upon is what you will become.  Whatever you think upon will effect what's going on around you.  Whatever you think upon will manifest in your life.  This is why it is so important to control your thoughts and to be vigilant in being constantly on guard with what you allow to come in and feed your mind.  Thoughts have power. Thoughts are seeds trying to take root in you by entering your mind and dwelling there without challenge.  All thoughts that enter in are not your own.  They can be inspired by Me.  They can also be fiery darts sent to slip in behind the gate, catching the watchman unaware and seeding itself within you, totally cloaked and hidden under the guise of "I".  This is a very dangerous and perplexing battlefield that you must be ever vigilant in your duty.  You must stand guard and route the enemy quickly, do not allow yourself to be deceived.  Whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

 Your heart has an ear in the middle of it, so you can hear what's going on in the spirit inside of you.  Thoughts can be heard by you.  Do not dwell on any negative thoughts, cast them out and give them to Me to deal with and destroy.  I can see the root of every thought.  I must train you in this as well for you shall not be deceived.  As you go about your day and carry Me with you I show you My way to do everything.  As you invite Me in daily into every moment, I intervene for you and lead you down paths of safety.  I dispel the darkness for you so that it cannot touch you.  This is part of My protective hand.  I have been protecting you and guiding you every step that you have allowed Me to.  Even though you may stumble, you cling to Me and I come and set you back on My path.  As you endeavor to stay on My path I come daily unto you for you My dear one come daily unto Me to seek Me out.  You feed daily at My table and drink deeply from My well.  You are mine.  You dwell in Me.  I shall feed you from My hand.  I am your commander and chief, you shall only follow Me and a stranger shall never separate you from Me for you are strong in Me.  You know Me and I know you.  You can never be satisfied going a day without interacting with Me, Oh My love, this pleases Me, this pleases Me.

Hearing God in the evening - July 2, 2014

Song:  "In the evening, when I come, give me Jesus...just give me Jesus..."

Oh your heart is full of Me My dear one.  Now, in the quiet stillness of the evening you come to sit and wait.  I see you My love and I come.  As you make time for Me I reveal more of Me for you to see.  You have been diligent in your pursuit of Me today My child, this pleases Me.  You are understanding more of Me and My Kingdom and how to truly rest.  My ways are not difficult.  I do not ask the impossible of you, I only require all of you day by day.  Breathing in, Breathing out, as your breath unfolds, I am.  For I am all in all.  I am in everything.  I want you to notice Me, do not allow a day to slip past you without you turning to Me.  For I am in all that you can see.  It pleases Me when you are mindful of Me.  When you are seeking to know Me more intimately My heart sings, for I truly enjoy spending time with you.  My heart fills with love as I think upon My beautiful creation.  As I gaze upon My lands I take in every thought, every word, every action, every glance, every heartbeat, every smile, every laugh, and every tear, nothing escapes Me child.  For know this, I am your God, I am the only God-creator of all, and there is no other.  As you rest in Me, fully persuaded that I will take care of you, it pleases Me, little one, it pleases Me.  Are you truly ready for Me to come fully now.  For I shall change you once again as I come and fill you to completion.  Oh, My love, ask of Me your hearts desire and I shall come.  It is not greedy to want more of Me, to linger at My well and drink from My cup is a gift I am willing to give to all who will enter in and yield to Me.  I am not a hard taskmaster, I only require all of a willing heart and in exchange I shall give you the desires of your heart.  Do not be timid My love, My dove for I know what you desire, but I want you to ask, for it pleases Me when you ask.  I am willing to reveal more, are you willing to ask for more.  I desire to reveal to you abundantly now My dove.  This is the hour of My great outpouring of My Spirit.  Ask for more and I shall surely answer thee.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 2, 2014

Oh My love, My dove, the days are fleeting now, time is drawing to a close.  Much is happening in the physical and spiritual all around you.  Many claim they are ready for Me, but I tell you, they are not.  You are to examine yourself daily.  Look closely at your habits, at your daily offerings and make sure you are spending your time wisely.  You are not guaranteed tomorrow, therefore live each day as if it were your last.  How you act, re-act to circumstances, think and talk all reflect what's on the inside of you.  Careful examination of these things will show you what is going on, on the inside of you.  This is a simple key to allow you to see yourself unveiled.  Much is revealed if you will examine yourself.  I allow truth to be revealed, you can see it, if you are honest with yourself.  As you see clearly truth, you can change, ask for My help to change your ways.  I am not distant, I am here with thee.  I am Lord of the change.  Everyone is in a constant state of change, most don't even realize this, but, truly all are changing.  Some are attaining holiness step by step and are ascending on the staircase of sanctification into My everlasting Kingdom.  Others are sinking lower and lower step by step into despair and ruin and hardship and suffering.  If only they would ask Me to help them, I am here, I can help.  Life is a process of constant change, you each are presented obstacles daily to overcome to help you develop more and more into My image and likeness.  As you are growing in your knowledge of Me you are changing more and more into My image and likeness.  Remember child, I am in the change.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 1, 2014

As you come and make time for Me you are strengthened for your journey.  Your pineal gland is opened and you are beginning to experience more of what you were created to dwell in.  Nothing that you are being exposed to comes naturally.  This is My plan and purpose to bring you into your destiny with Me.  I am here, shaping and molding you inside and out.  I am working with you as you sleep as well.  Nothing is wasted, everything has a purpose in My divine plan for your life as you endeavor to seek Me out.  I endeavor to reveal more and more of Myself to you.  For you have chosen well the path of sanctification.  As you are growing and maturing in Me you glow.  Your countenance is taking on a glow from the embers and raging fire within you.  I am a consuming fire.  You have been through My refining fire and you are pure and clean.  You are beautiful and sparkling in your wedding garments as you await My return.  I shall reveal more to you as you wait upon Me, Oh My beloved I have you in the palm of My hand.  I hold you close to My heart for you truly love Me.  I will instruct you when it is time to do something different.  But, for now just stand firm and wait upon Me.  I shall lead you further into Me, for this is your destiny.  Never allow doubt to linger in your mind.  Cut off the head quickly and cast it far from you, for truly dear one I am here.  I speak and caress your heart.  Stay Ready.  For in such an hour as you think not I come.  Stay on guard, stay alert, for your Bridegroom shall swiftly come.  Only observe, as the final act unfolds.  Oh, the places you shall go in Me.

Hearing God in the night- June 30, 2014

It is good and pleasant when I can dwell together with you.  This is how it should be.  We are one, unified, inseparable and constant.  The ebb and flow of your life is centered in Me.  My time for you to come to the forefront is soon upon you.  For I have foreordained you to lead My people back to Me.  You know the way.  You are to light the path in the darkness so that those who grope at noonday and cannot see can still find Me in the dark.  I am not distant from anyone.  But, I am hidden in the shadows and bulrushes.  Seek Me out, follow the river My loves for the waters are pure and clean and it shall lead you home to Me.  You are destined to shine a light and show the way.  You live in a time of great anticipation.  Change is upon you.  Trust Me to lead you safely through the change.  My hand is upon your land My love, I shall show you where to go and what to do.  Many shall run to and fro, but none shall escape My hand.  There is no place "safe and secure" in all the earth now.  You are only safe and secure as you abide and dwell in Me under the shadow of My wing.  I shall protect My own.  I know who is truly Mine and now there will be a clear distinction.  Trust no one but Me.  I alone am your way maker, I alone know your heart and you My dear one know Mine.  This is a time of new adventures and unveiling of My perfect will and plans for you.  Stay close.  Shelter in Me My love, My dove.  I shall attend to your every need.  Do not change your course.  Stay on this path.  I am here.  Hear Me child, draw near and hear.