Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 27, 2014

Oh, My little one.  The days are fleeting now.  Time is speeding up, can you not feel it.  The clock in the race is winding down, can you not feel it.   All shall be accomplished according to My plan and purpose.  Nothing that I require shall be hindered.  Yesterday was beautiful for you even with the storm clouds and rain because you have entered into Me fully and completely.  I have purged you.  I have examined your heart and I have healed you.  Your time of visitation is upon you.  You are fully dwelling in Me and My hand is upon you, My spirit lives inside you, for I am with you and I am for you.

Oh, beloved it's a beautiful thing to dwell in the presence of the King, and to rest in His provision and walk in His love.  The kindness of others becomes sweeter, gentler, and kinder as they respond to the love and joy coming forth out of you now.  Oh, My Kingdom is reigning in you child.  The abundance of My Kingdom is breaking forth out of you, for you, My love, are walking out your days fully surrendered to Me.  You are fully yielded to love.  You have developed the  habit of continually judging yourself and allowing Me to correct you and cleanse you as you come in sweet assurance that I will.  You are quick to yield to My correction and leading.  You surrender to My hand in repentance and humbleness.  Now the day star dawns and breaks forth out of your beautiful heart for you have willingly decreased and allowed Me to increase in you, and now I'm coming out, you are exuding My light and love in flashes.  Flashes of hope, flashes of laughter and flashes of love.  People are responding to the light coming out of you child.  I have told you that you glow.  The world of the physical is beginning to see the spiritual through your eyes of love.  You carry My spirit with you, and you shall carry My power, for it shall come forth in the days ahead.  I love you little one.  Stay the course.

Note:  I heard this song upon finishing this post:  "Only believe, Only believe,  all things are possible, Only believe..."

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