Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hearing God - April 23, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Oh, the joy that is set before you My children, come and see, I am manifesting in you NOW.  Consider yourselves activated.

Oh, My Kingdom is rising within you NOW.  This is no time to fear.  Cast off all fear, for I have chosen each of you for such a time as this.

My dear ones, dream, dare to dream, and go forth and pursue your dreams.  For I am for you.  I am in you.  I am your strength and I am your power.  Your destiny in Me is only just beginning.  For eye has not seen and ear has not heard what I have prepared ahead of time for you.

You have labored.  You have struggled.  You have been tested.  You have come through many storms.  Yes, some of you have stumbled, I see you, and I know your heart.  You have set your face like flint and you shall continue on.  You may fall down, but you WILL get up.  For I Myself have strengthened you.

My dear ones, you are My overcomes.

 I have chosen the best wine for last.

You are My chosen vessels.

I birthed you for such a time as this.  I know you.  I hear you.  I am in the midst of thee.

 Again I say, fear not, dare to dream, and dream BIG NOW, for My Will is to bring forth your dreams so that I will be glorified in your life.

I am for you and I will direct your steps.  Beloved, it is time for you to start walking in your authority.

You are spirit and then you are flesh, think on this.

You are spirit as I am spirit, think on this.

You have power as I have power, for I have given it to you so that we may be one, think on this.

You have authority over anything that you encounter on earth and in the air, and over all the enemy.

 Your sphere of influence is stronger that you know.  You just need to focus in on Me and learn how to release it.

My daughter is yielded to Me as she writes these words, they are seeds.

My dear ones, your thoughts are seeds, your words are seeds, your actions are seeds.  Everything you do has a cause and effect.

You are supernatural, think on this.  Super is spiritual and natural is physical in the flesh.  Read My word and find this to be true.

 You must become aware of who you are and start walking in your authority.

My dear ones, your best days are just ahead.  Believe in who you are in Me.  I believe in you.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hearing God - April 19, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

My dear one, think it not strange these continual attacks, for all are under similar attacks of the mind. The enemy is trying to find a breach in the wall, so as to seed you with his lies.  He comes masquerading as your own thoughts and ideas, so as to slip in unaware.

If he can, he will entrap you in a mind maze, a labyrinth of cleverly disguised thoughts to tempt you to believe that these are your own thoughts and feelings, so that you will accept these lies as your own and then his wicked seed shall take root in you.  If his seed is allowed to be rooted and grounded in you, it will be a bitter root and no good fruit shall come from it.  Only the bitter fruit of contention, contempt, despair, discontentment and alas once again hopelessness.

You can recognize his attacks by the way your mind races with thoughts , one right after the other, like a knife stabbing over and over and over, you can sense your stress levels rising.  You can feel yourself being sucked into an ugly mental war raging inside of you.

But, as you become aware of these mind tactics you can shut down these mind missiles.  Simply stand your ground and speak out loud "I am a child of God, I have the mind of Christ, and the mind of Christ doesn't think this way.  I strip all authority of the enemy coming against me and I declare and decree you have no power over me."


Then release the hosts of heaven to go and tear down every stronghold that is coming against you in your mind.  Speak it forth what you would have them do.  I want you to continually be releasing My hosts.  I want you to give them something to do.

My dear child, have you noticed as you come and sit before Me all the negative thoughts bombarding your mind have simply slipped away.  For darkness cannot remain in My light.  As My light in you is released it literally dispels the darkness.

You will always have tests, My dear one.  But, you will always be able to pass these tests.  For you are learning how to recognize the enemy in your midst.  You must never run from the battle.  You must stand firm in your faith and run to the battle.

Remember, no weapon formed against you shall prosper NOW.  For I have declared it's a new day for you.

Iron sharpens iron.  The more time you spend being consciously aware of Me, the more you grow and learn from Me.  Life is a progressive process.  You are being changed and transformed by the renewing of your mind.

What a man thinks is vitally important in My Kingdom.  You are spirit.  Your thoughts are powerful.  Your words are creative.  Your understanding of these truths has grown.  You are learning every day as you abide in Me.  You shall learn how to harness the power of your thoughts and release My force with your words.  Your words are changing your atmosphere.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hearing God - April 7, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, I am with you always.  Look for Me in all things.  In the beauty of a peaceful day.  In the warmth of the suns rays.  In the blue skies as the fluffy clouds go by.  In the breath of your beloved, as you rest upon your bed.  In the gentle eyes of love.  In the tender spoken words.  In the freshness of the grass and in the tender leaves of spring.

Oh, My dear one, My heart sings over you, as you prepare for Me a habitation.  A life where I can co-exist with you, oh, this is My hearts desire.

NOW, as you make room for Me, I am drawing your family.  Each of you shall know Me as I know each of you.  Your home and hearts shall be a habitation for Me.

For I have come to abide and dwell with you.  Nothing shall be impossible for you NOW as you rule and reign in your authority.  The Kingdom Age is here.  You know it, and your receive it, and you are walking in it.

Beloved, you are strong in Me.  You shall route the enemy from under your foot and you shall no longer be hindered.  For you are My child, a true daughter of My Kingdom.

You shall push back the darkness more and more.  For you are well able to receive My instructions.  You are positioned to rule.

My dear one, many wish for things, many beg, but not you.  You stand tall, for fear is no longer in you.  You can see Me, and you can see your victory.

Your best days are ahead of you.

I lead, you follow.  I speak and you shall declare and decree.  Your voice is being heard in the spirit realm as well as the physical realm.  Heaven and hell both know your name, do not look back, Go forward in your position of authority, declare and decree.

I am for you, My little one.

Hearing God - April 6, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Love covers a multitude of sins, for it forgives and always thinks and hopes for the best in a person.

Beloved, as you are careful to walk in love, the path shall remain open and clear for you.  I see your needs and I will meet your needs.  You are right where you are supposed to be, fully trusting in Me.

Your hope has been restored and you are full of expectancy and vigor as you face each day.

My love covers you and rests upon you and your family.  Do not worry, I will meet your needs.  You stand in faith, stedfast and strong, fully expecting your answer.  I shall shower you with abundance, My love.

Declare and Decree that all your needs are met today.  My love, as you are faithful to release your words, your words shall spring forth as seeds of abundance.  You shall have no lack.  As you declare and decree a thing it shall be done for you.  Do not back off in your pursuit to push back darkness and rule in your authority.

As you are ruling, you are also reigning with Me.  This is how you manifest the Kingdom Age.

My dear one, as you are faithful to record these words, they are also being recorded in your book in heaven.  Nothing goes unnoticed in My Kingdom.  I use all of your life to reveal My glory.

Each life is precious and valuable to Me.  For in every yielded vessel I can reveal My glory through them.  But, only if they are yielded to Me.  The glory can only be manifested through holiness and humility.

These two character traits are apparent in all who rule now and in the days to come.  You shall train many in this.  For I shall raise you up from the hidden place and set you before many now to share how to rule and reign with Me as a yielded vessel.

These breadcrumb trails have many travelers on them.  They are coming behind you in humbleness, seeking truth and they shall find Me.

Hearing God - April 16, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Tune in, yes, My child, tune in to Me.  I have seen you battling and once again you have gained the victory.  As you were bombarded over and over in your mind.  The fiendish desires of your enemy is to push you off course and to destroy your peace by invading the sanctuary of your mind.

My little one, the wounds inflicted, I shall heal speedily.  For the attacks upon your mind were sent to steal your peace.  To rob you of your joy and contentment in Me.  To cast doubting shadows and wicked speculations filled with half truths and lies.

But, you, My love, My dear one, stood your ground, for you are strong in Me and though you may be wounded and weary, here you are, once again immersed in My presence as you purposefully take time to hear Me.

Beloved, as you abide in Me, your foundation grows stronger and deeper.  I am your peace, I am your strength, I am your comforter.  Do not allow any negative thoughts to  take root and seed themselves into you.  Plow them up, if any of these negative thoughts spring up, pluck them up by their roots.

Beloved, you do know Me.  We are one in spirit.  For I am in you and you are in Me.

Keep pressing forward into the new things and future I have put upon your heart.  Do not turn back.  Do not doubt, believe child, all things are possible NOW dear one.  For the hour of My power in your life shall spring forth.

Beloved, you are dear to Me.  I have created you with a plan and a purpose for your life.  You are Mine.  Ask and you shall receive.  Give and it shall be given to you.  Reach and grab ahold of the NEW.  Stretch forth your faith.  I am with you.  I am for you.

Behold, My golden oil is being poured upon your vessel.  For you have come through another level of darkness, in quietness and humbleness, and I have heard your heart and tested your faith, My love, press on.

Deep is calling unto deep.  Listen, can you hear the sound of abundance.

Hearing God - April 9, 2016

As I was coming to wait on the Lord this is what I heard:

(A song started playing inside my head- "In the presence of Jehovah, God almighty, Prince of Peace...troubles vanish, hearts are mended in the presence of the King...")

Then I heard:

Beloved, It is good to spend time alone and in My presence.  For as you soak in My presence, you are refreshed and filled with an awareness of Me.

For as you draw closer to Me and focus in on Me I become clearer to you.  Much of life is spent in busyness.  What you do with your time says a lot about who you truly are.  My children who immerse their-self in Me, live in Me, and with Me.

For they have learned in their persistence that I have come to make a habitation with them.  We are traveling life's precious journey together.

I never leave a soul alone.  For I have spoken and I am faithful to all.  I have said "I am with you always, even unto the end of this age."

Dear ones, NOW is the KINGDOM AGE.

Hearing God - April 3, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord this is what I heard:

Beloved, you know Me.  It is good to test the spirits if you are not sure who is speaking to you, so as not to be deceived.  Many blindly accept as truth what they are hearing from spiritual beings, this is dangerous and could deceive many.

If you are not sure, test the spirits, test, test, test.  Do not believe everything you hear, for many are trying to deceive you and distract you from My truth.

I am the way, the truth and the life.  I came from the Father above and willingly laid down My life and died for you.  I and My Father are one.

 You are being drawn into the spiritual realms more and more.  Expect it, and receive it.  We are spirit and you also are spirit.

This new level of training you are in will progress rapidly.  Keep looking ahead and moving forward NOW in Me.

My dear one, I lead, you follow, for your heart is intwined with Mine NOW, We are one NOW.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hearing God - April 2, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Oh the beauty of a soul who cherishes spending time with Me is such a treasure to Me.  For My eyes go to and fro in all the earth looking for someone who may be looking for Me, and when I find you, oh, My heart, be still My heart, for I long, I so long for each of you to steal away, for Me.  To seek Me out and come into My presence, for nothing but to be with Me.

 This is where My heart belongs.  Just to be with the one who wants to be with Me.  Oh, so many things crowd into life to keep you pre-occupied with busyness.  Do not allow yourself to be consumed with life's distractions, for in so doing you have no room for Me, you run out of time, you get too tired, you are too hungry, you get swept away with the cares of life and drift farther and farther away from Me.

Pay attention to Me.  Put Me first.  You have to willfully carve out time for Me, get up a little earlier, stay up a little later, turn your plate over and give Me that time, whatever it takes you need to make room for Me.  Make Me a priority, for in so doing, you shall find strength, comfort, and encouragement for your journey.  I am your counselor.  I know what lies ahead, I can help you all if you would but let Me.

I am here, standing in the midst of thee.  You are never alone.  Lean on ME to give you help.  For I am willing to help you all.

My dear one, I enjoyed spending the day with you.  I enjoyed the music you played in your room to welcome Me and it pleases Me, it pleases Me much that you are mindful of Me.  You have captured My heart, for you believe, even though you cannot see, you believe.

You are walking in great authority.  For you know who you are.  You are standing, believing, and conceiving.  NOW, you are manifesting My Kingdom.  You are beginning to rule and reign in your authority as you are seated in the position I have given you.

Declare, Decree, and discover child.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hearing God -April 1, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, I am pleased with thee, and your diligence to create a habitation of My presence within you, around you, in every room of your home, in your car, in your yard, in the very atmosphere.

This is a beautiful sacrifice with a sweet and pleasing aroma, for everything within you is becoming a praise unto Me.  For as you have encountered Me and allowed Me to water and nourish your hope, hope has revived and sprung up once again and captured and captivated My heart.

For you are strong in your pursuit of Me.  Oh, My love, My dear one you have made yourself strong in Me.  For you have allowed Me to break every chain off of you, no fear, no doubt, no doom and gloom mentality, no bleak future thoughts, no, you have cast off these futile lies that were weighing you down.

NOW, you are exhilarated with the power and presence of My spirit coursing through your veins.  Oh, the song of your heart is pure, full of faith and love and is bringing forth a boldness that you have never known.  No longer quietly satisfied with abiding with Me.  No, you burn NOW with the fire I have kindled within your earthen vessel.

I am the Lord of all of you NOW, My dear one, for you have surrendered all to Me and humbled yourself to be available to Me, you seek My face, you are relentless in your pursuit of My presence.

Oh, the joy you bring to Me as you pour out your love and your time to Me.  My sweet one, your joy shall never leave you.  As many NOW shall see Me radiating in your face.  Beloved, rejoice NOW and again I say rejoice, for you shall have all that I have promised you, and you shall be full of abundance and love, great love.

Many shall seek you out, for by My love I shall show Myself strong in you.  You shall speak with wisdom, mercy and great love.  My child, you are Mine.  I mark you NOW as My true treasure.  I have given you a large chest, so as to hold much treasure.

 I shall use you to pour out in abundance NOW.  You have much in you that I have seeded, and you shall not draw back from the tasks ahead of you.

Beloved, you have been faithful in the little and so NOW, I shall give you charge over more and more  for you shall not fail.

Beloved, I am with you, NOW, leading, guiding and constantly seeding you NOW.  For in your garden I have fertile ground and I have been given free reign from you to do with you whatever I see fit to do in your life.  Beloved, this pleases ME much to be able to work with you so much in this way.

I love you.  Happy Birthday dear one.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Hearing God - March 31, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. My child this scripture is coming alive in you, for you have tasted the new wine of My spirit.

Your revelation has produced much fruit and your spirit has grown in size and strength.  This is why you felt power being released from you as you were praying and declaring My Kingdom come, and releasing My hosts to go forth and tear down every stronghold that has raised it's head and hand against your family.

My child, you stood and took dominion in your authority.  This is ruling, My child, this pleases Me much, My dear one.

For you are manifesting My Kingdom.  Yes, My Kingdom that is within you is coming out.  My child, there is much work to do as you put your hand to the plow.  This is the beginning of a great adventure for you and I.

 I am excited and pleased and thrilled to have you manifesting as My daughter who knows her true identity in Me.  Who has conquered fear, and is stepping out in faith.  You are awakened to My power and glory inside of you, for as you dwell and abide in Me, you shall ask, declare, and decree a thing and it shall be done for you.

Many are watching you child.  For these simple words you are sharing are seeding hope into those who are hungry for Truth, hungry for a real relationship with Me.  They are coming just as you've come, down the path, for this journey you are on has many followers.

As you share what I am revealing to you, many are encouraged in their own journey.

There is too much doom and gloom being broadcast across the airwaves.

 RISE UP NOW child and declare the dawning of a New Day, for it is time to take your stand and push back the darkness.  Fro you, My dove, have come into the Kingdom Age for such a time as this.