Monday, February 29, 2016

Hearing God - February 29, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, this too shall pass, for as you see sickness once again touching your family, stand firm, beloved, for this too shall pass quickly from you.  Many shall be troubled now, for much has been released in the air, in the water, and in your food.  Trouble is bubbling up, much despair for those who are not anchored in Me.

I am your shelter from the storms.  You are being kept as you abide inside My gates.

Pray, keep praying for the people, My dear one.  For the Nyquil is causing you to disengage from Me in prayer, it is a distraction, try not to use it.  Pray, pray, pray this is a high calling for you and must become a quest for you.  As you petition Me for others, I see your heart, and I shall move on their behalf.

It pleases Me when My children pray and care for others.  For I love and care for each of you so dearly that I share My heart with you for others.  There is much I am doing that you cannot see.  Don't pray for THINGS, NO, pray for people, only people, this is My goal, to save people.

Pray children, pray.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hearing God - February 27, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

There are many precious people in My family, My child.  I am drawing you together and connecting you in a spiritual chain.  Pay attention, My dear ones to the ones I am drawing you to.  For these are the people I am trying to connect you with, you shall strengthen and encourage each other as I place you together.

Pay attention to My unctions of who is causing you discord in your spirit, this is a time of great separation.  If I move someone or something out of your life, do not try to hold on to it, let it go.  Peace, peace be unto you, let it go, and cling more tightly to Me and Me alone.

I and My Father are one, and you are our child.  We are cutting, shaping, burnishing, and branding you into our image.  This pruning process can be quite painful, but, trust Me in this process, it shall produce much in your transformation.

Beloveds, count everything as a loss, if need be to find your true purpose in Me.  Many are being tested now, and great difficulties lie ahead.  Prepare to shape their hearts as needed, by sharing the words that I give you.

Judge no one, remain humble, consider yourself a servant of all, and I shall be able to do much in you to further My Kingdom, dear one.  Your life is now in Me.  I lead, you follow, I cut and prune your life, and you, beloveds, must be willing to let it go.   You see only a small portion of My picture, but, I tell you the Truth, My love, I see it all.  I've got you, My little ones.  Stay the course.  Hold fast to Me now.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Hearing God - February 26, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, whenever you slow down and focus on Me, you can hear Me.  I am with you constantly.  I am near you all.  You all are constantly on My mind.

Though you each face different challenges, know this, I am with you, I am for you.

I travel this path with you.  Think of Me, focus on the reality that I am here with you.

I may be invisible or I may be visible.  I may be quiet or I may be heard.  I may be in the form of a dove, lion or the wind.  But, I tell you the Truth, I am always here with you.  Look for Me in every situation, for I am in it with you.

Many of your lessons come in the challenges you each face.

With Me, nothing shall be impossible for you.  Let Me help you.  Ask Me when you are not sure or are troubled.  Ask Me for the information that you may be seeking.

Come, and let us reason things out together.  I welcome your inquiries.  For as you turn to hear Me and draw close, I shall open to you and reveal Myself.  For My heart longs to draw each of you to Myself.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hearing God - February 24, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, you have My heart, I love you, My dear one.  It pleases Me that you come before Me in earnest, fully expecting to hear Me.  As you believe, My dear ones, you shall receive.  For I am love in abundance.  A refreshing drink to quench and satisfy your thirsty souls.

For you are spirit, and you need spiritual things that only I can give you.  You are all fascinating creatures that intrigue Me and make My heart sing.  For each of you manifest different attributes that I truly, truly find endearing.  I miss you, My dear ones, I miss the closeness we shared and I long for that closeness once again with each of you.  Oh, My beloveds, come to Me as often as you can and allow Me to pour out My love upon you.  I will pour out more and more of My spirit into each of you, My dear ones.  I love to look at you, I love to smell you, your fragrances are intoxicating.  I love to see you smile.  I love to hear you laugh and I love to see you love others as I love you.  Oh, this blesses Me and warms My heart.

For the beauty of a loving spirit indwelt in a living soul is incomparable for Me.  For I long to love and be loved, and I long to see each of you love.  For love, My dear ones is the key to life, now and in eternity.  A pure heart full of hope loves, it just loves, and in so doing, it reflects Me perfectly.  My mirror image is My goal for each of you, My precious children.

 Do you not understand how your earthly tests and trials humble you and give you compassion for others you see struggling, for you can relate to their pain, for you have experienced it in your own life.  Be it ever so humble, there is no better lesson for you than the life lessons you are learning.

Remember, always take the higher ground, rise up to Me and look from a higher perspective, you were not created to live on the ground like chickens, no, you were created to soar with Me like eagles.  Beloveds, you could fly.  Much of what you were created with has been hidden from you.  Oh, but, hold fast to Me, for everything is changing.  I am bringing back the former things.

You shall be endued with power, as I created you.  Each of you has special abilities coming your way.    Start seeking Me on what your abilities are.  As you seek Me for answers, I shall surely reveal these mysteries to you.  Oh, My loves, I so enjoy spending time with you, for you are My treasure.  I love each of you tenderly and mercifully.  I sing over you and I tuck all My beautiful memories of our times together into My heart.  For I treasure you.  I enjoy watching you grow and face your challenges.  Remember, you are never alone, you never face anything alone, I am here with you.  Reach out to Me.  Let Me council you, let Me help you.  Let Me rescue you.  I will never leave you alone, no, never.  You are too precious to Me.  I enjoy you and rejoice over you.

As you discover and explore My Kingdom, it blesses Me to reveal more and more to you, for this is what My soul longs for, to be with you, and experience your life with you.  My heart is full, so full of love for you My dear ones.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hearing God - February 23, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Many are not ready.  Many are not prepared.  For they have not taken the time to listen.  For I speak to all, but, few, take the time to listen and humbly receive My instruction, My encouragement, My discipline, and My love.  I would that all would come unto Me now and sit quietly before Me and listen.  I would that each would take this time now and draw close to Me to hear.

I am willing to engage you and speak to you, one on one, but, to do this, you must also engage Me and speak to Me, one on one.

There is so much to learn in this quiet place.  I would love to help each and every one of you on your journey.  Would you make room for Me in your full and busy lives?   OR  Would you rather I pass you by and move to another who is willing to make room for Me.

Oh, My dear ones, you were created to do many wondrous and beautiful things.  You were created to be powerful.  Much of your destiny has been stolen from you, and hidden away, so that you would not know who you truly are in Me.  Remember, you were created in My image, you were created to reflect Me.  You were created to expel the darkness with your light.

Dear ones, you are powerful and beautiful.  Now, you see through the glass darkly, but, soon, you shall see as you are seen, in transparency, nothing hidden, nothing to hide.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hearing God - February 22, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, do not fret over the funds that are not here yet for your daughter.  I will meet all of her needs, do not worry, do not be anxious, and do not fear, for I am here.  You must remain focused on Me, everyday, focus on Me.  Stay close now, do not allow the cares of this world to pull you away from Me and our time together.  My dear one, this is a critical time in the lives of My people, you all are growing antsy in anticipation of what is to come, you all can feel Me in the winds of change that are encompassing your doors.

Do not think to do something now, without asking Me first, I shall direct each of your steps.  Seek Me first in everything, so that you do not stumble and lose your way.  There are many lures and traps set to catch My people, but they cannot snare you as you remain focused on Me, and remain in My care. Do not move or go forth without asking of Me.  I lead, and you, My little ones, only need to follow.

 I am here, do not fear what you are seeing coming upon the earth.  For I have fore-warned you in My word, as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of My return.  I have fore-warned you by my servants via T.V., radio and Internet that as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be again in My return.  Study and meditate and ponder what was happening on the earth, in the days of Noah.  Read the book of Enoch, for I shall reveal much to you in this book.  The fallen ones have tried repeatedly to destroy, lose and hide this book, but, I will not allow it.  They have tried to repeatedly destroy, lose and hide the scrolls of My History, but, I will not allow it, for My plans and purposes are unfolding through the course of time, in linear details, for all to see.

This is a beautiful and glorious time to be alive, for much shall happen in your lifetimes that many who have gone before you, so wanted to see.

 My children are rising for they are hearing their King calling.  

The sounds of heaven are wafting through the airwaves, can you hear them?  Pay attention to the sounds you hear, ponder them, take notes, and seek Me about what you are hearing in the midst of thee.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hearing God - February 21, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

My mercies kiss you daily, My beloveds.  For soon, very soon all shall be set into motion, the change is upon you now.  You can see the writing on the wall, My children.

Are you sheltered and snug in Me?  Have you drawn closer to Me, close as you possibly can?  Have you drawn and drank deeply from My well?  Are you abiding in Me and resting in My peace, My little ones?  If not, why?

There is no time to delay.  I see you and I know what is ahead.  I have prepared the path for you.  Keep holding My hand, My dear ones.  (note:  when He said keep holding My hand, I saw a vision unfolding, I will put it at the bottom of this page)  Let Me lead and you calmly follow Me home.

Beloveds, there is much coming to you now, much change, much progress, much love, for I shall pour out My love upon My waiting Bride.  I have you in position now, do not change course.  Stay close to Me, I lead, you follow.

Many would still have their own way.  So be it, but, I would rather lead and protect each of you, but, you must make your own choices, I love you all, I long for each of you to come home to Me and let Me care for you.

There is so much to teach you, I have so much to share with each of you, come and walk the path with Me.


***Vision:  I see a narrow path, it's white, like a well worn dirt path or a sidewalk I cannot tell, it is winding through a beautiful garden with greenery on both sides, and trees, and flowers, it's beautiful and lush.  The path seems to be one way, there seems to be a mountain or a large rocky area on the right side of the path, I think the path is slightly elevated and we are walking up, but, not sure, because I am not winded or struggling to walk it.  The path has room for two walking side by side.  Jesus is walking the path with me, holding my hand, His right hand is holding my left hand as I am observing this scene from a slightly elevated view I can see from the back of the two of us on the path.  Jesus is holding My hand gently, and we are quietly talking as we hold hands and are walking the path together.  He is wearing a long cream colored robe with a sash/belt on and sandals I think the sash is a dark color but I cannot tell and I think the sandals are brown, but not sure.  His hair is medium brown in color and a little longer than His shoulder area.  I can hear us talking, but, I am not sure what we are saying, we are smiling and I can see our face profiles and we are chatting away and smiling.

There is such a quiet peace here in His presence.  I can see this vision as He is speaking to me and I am writing it down.

Also, as I am seeing this vision I hear a song gently wafting through my mind as I take this all in, it's an old hymn we used to sing in church as a child "Peace, peace, wonderful peace, flowing down from the Father above, sweep over my spirit again precious Lord, in fathomless billows of love..."

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hearing God - February 20, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

I have told you before, beloved, that you are set apart for Me, and I will use you in the coming days, for war is ahead of you.

You are a part of My Bride, and you are one of the 144,000.  For these are My chosen vessels, My spiritual Israel, you shall go forth and rescue the perishing at the appointed time.  You have seen this as a child, and the enemy has tried to pull you from this pre-destined path you have always been on.

You have known poverty and lack, and you have known abundance.  You have never lived a day without feeling loved, for I have had My hand upon you, slowly watching over you, as you grew-up in Me, and now you sit here in My chambers as quiet as a dove, softly breathing as you receive these gentle words from Me, in the form of a gentle rain, showering upon your ears.

It is so easy to talk to you for you are willing and eager to hear.  I have shown you types and shadows of what is to come, so as to prepare your heart to have courage and stand in the midst of all that is to come to pass.

You, My beloved, are a chosen vessel to come along side of Me and move and breathe with Me, for there is much that I shall share with you.

The days are fleeting as I am wrapping things up on this age, for the earth as you know it, shall be no more, and the new earth shall be more glorious than the first.  Oh, so many beautiful things to come.

In the war that lies ahead, I shall send you to scour the land for survivors.  You shall lead many to Me in gentleness and humility.  I shall equip you with light and powers you do not know of.  I shall ignite the healing fire of your hands and you shall do signs and wonders for Me in the days ahead.

Perils are coming to many, you shall see and behold much with your eyes, but, it shall not come nigh you.  For you are called to be a watcher and observer of Me, to witness that all that I say is True.

I call you My friend, for you have entered into relationship with Me.  The more I speak, the more you hunger for more of Me, I am your hearts desire.  Beloved, this pleases Me, for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

It saddens Me, beloved, for many are still in the world.  They are blind, or are pretending to be blind in this hour.  They do not know or discern the wickedness that is coming in to catch them unaware.  Oh, but, you know, you see, for you have entered in and bolted the door.

Many shall run to and fro trying to find safety in the destruction coming, but, you shall not run, you shall go out only when I send you, and you shall be un-afraid, for I shall go with you.  None can truly fathom what is about to take place, but, I know.

I shall secure the walls of My servants, and there shall be no breaches.  For I have prepared all that they shall need.

I shall use you to teach My fallen ones a lesson.  Fear not, My little one, for I am with you.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hearing God - February 19, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Peace, peace I speak to you child, shhh, be still in My presence.  I SHALL heal your child, she shall be made well and strong, do not worry or fret over her.  Rest in Me, My dear one.

Beloved, I am surrounding the earth and her atmosphere with My presence.   For there are many voices trying to distract My beloved children from Resting and Trusting in Me.  Oh, My dear ones, do not listen to the noise of this world, there are many voices, but, you must focus your attention on My voice.

You must train your ear to hear Me above the noise of the land.  Many are fearful now, for they are listening to the voices crying out among them from the T.V., from the radio, from the Internet, many are fearful of what they are hearing, seeing and experiencing.  But, I tell you the Truth, all who Trust in Me shall not need to fear, for I shall shelter you, I shall dislodge all fear from My little ones, for fear is trespassing on holy ground.

I have sealed you, My beloveds.  The days indeed are growing in darkness and violence is invading the land.  But, Remember, I am here, I walk among you and I live in you.  You shall face nothing alone.  For I shall be with you in every difficulty.

No fear, beloveds, No fear, draw nearer to Me when you are troubled.  Allow Me to dissipate your fear and strengthen your courage.  Be bold now, dear ones, Rise up and cast off the fearful thoughts.  Shut off the radios, T.V., and Internet, if it is invoking fear into you.

Sing of My nearness, sing of My goodness, sing of My name.  Let your thoughts be drawn and linger on whatsoever things are good, and kind and loving.  Let your mind dwell on these things.  Spend your time soaking in these thoughts.  Perspective is everything, let your mind rise to a higher perspective, My dear ones.

I have already gained the victory in all things for you.  Think on this, and drink deeply from My well. Read something inspired by Me.  Write something inspired by Me.

Be purposeful in your thoughts, at all times, day, night, working, or sleeping, let your mind drift back to Me, keep Me in your focus.  I am not far from any of you.  Believe and you will see.

Much reflection now is needed to bring you back into My peace.  When you find yourself anxious, pressured or stressed, these are red flags, warning sirens to you, for I am meek and humble, kind and loving, and oh so gentle and patient with each of you.  I am quiet, I do not need to shout.  I do not control you with anger or accusations, no, that is not My way.

You can recognize the voices of the world by paying attention to what they are saying to you.  Are they yelling?  Are they pressuring you to perform?  Are they rushing you?  Are they condemning you?  There are many voices.  Are they telling you that you are better than others?  Are they telling you to harm others or use others to make it better for you?

You must discern My voice, for I do not speak this way.  Lean on Me for discernment.  I will lead you down the path of Truth.

Little ones, speak My name "Jesus" for in so doing, it will call forth good to you and expel evil.  For I have been given the name above all names.  Speak My name, let My name be upon your lips, speak of Me, one to another.

Plead My blood upon your door posts and your lintels, upon your cars, and your bodies, upon your finances and your properties, upon your neighborhoods and streets, upon your stores and food and water supplies.  Plead My blood upon your families and your animals.  My blood has protective power.  My blood is fresh and new and never loses it's power.  Remember, life is in the blood.

Beloveds, I need you to pay attention to these words, heed My instructions and live in My abundant peace.  As the world is in chaos, My children shall have abundant peace.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Hearing God - February 18, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

You are dear to Me, little one, for you eagerly come before Me hungry just to hear Me speak.  Beloved, this pleases Me.

I shall heal your child.  Hold fast, stand firm, for I have placed faith within her and she embodies faith and wisdom.  For I am in her.  Her very name is Faith, for I named her.  She is your child, but, she is Mine first.  I shall carry her through much of her journey.  For she is seeking Me and I WILL be found of her.  Her heart is pure and her soul shall find rest in Me.

Beloved, I know how much you love her, but, I love her more.  I formed her in your womb.  I wrote her story before she took her first breath out of the womb.  She is beautiful and precious to Me, I have separated her to Myself and I shall be with her in every step of her journey.  I shall make the way clear for her.  For I know her name and she knows Mine.

I shall open her ears and she shall hear Me, and follow Me all the days of her life, just as you do, My beloved dove.  Rest now, dear one.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hearing God - February 17, 2016 second post of the day

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, as the lotion is to your parched hands, so shall one word from Me be to a dry and thirsting soul.

 I am here, in abundance to any soul, willing to reach out to Me.  I will not cast them aside.  For I know their hearts and true desires.

The days are coming and now are, for it has truly already begun, when gross darkness begins to settle upon the people.  When the hearts of man are turned only upon his own selfish desires and pitiful agendas.  Love is waxing cold in many.  The conscience has been seered and the fruit of this is present.

The unseen realm is beginning to manifest in the physical realm.

 The minds of many are now reprobate.  Human life is of little value in the eyes of the perverted and twisted.  People are viewed as meaningless cattle to be bought and sold and used to gratify the debased desires of flesh.

The earth is Mine, and there are many who are trespassing on it, what has been viewed as fiction, shall soon be revealed in the light of a horrific day.

 To think of others needs before your own is becoming an oddity.  To show compassion and concern for the welfare of others is now considered profane.

 I will recompense all and give to each the true desires of their hearts.

 There is nothing that can prepare you for what is coming.  Wickedness shall be rampant, monsters shall roam the earth.  The fictional beasts, aliens, and debased minds of men that you so enjoy watching as you flock to the theatres to see the next horror.  I tell you the truth, I shall allow you to have your hearts desires of horror, and you shall beg for mercy, but, none will come, for it will be too little, too late.

 I shall remove My Bride for a time, to spare My wise virgins from the horror of My judgements.

 But, I will still be here on earth, silently watching, as you are left to endure and face your new challenges.

Pray, pray, pray, and read My word and seek Me out.

 For you call yourself Mine, but, I caution you to Remember the story of the wise and foolish virgins.  All of them knew that the Bridegroom was coming, but only half of them were ready when He came.  So He took the wise half that was ready to the wedding and shut the door.

The half that were foolish and were not ready, came seeking the Bridegroom when these terrible things began to happen.  These foolish virgins knew Me once, but, they allowed themselves to be drawn back into the world and it's desires.  These foolish ones called Me Lord, and performed signs and wonders in My name, but, I did not open the door to the wedding feast to them.  Why, you ask?  Read My word, dear ones, what did I tell them, I said "Depart from Me, ye workers of iniquity, for I never knew you."

Repentance is key in this relationship with Me.

Holiness has a cost.

 Walking with Me requires a pure and humble heart who has come to My alter in humble repentance and allowed Me to wash them and cleanse them from all their unrighteousness.

 These few, these chosen vessels have allowed Me to truly reign in them, they have decreased, and I have increased in their lives.

 They walk humbly, they live holy before Me and are quick to forgive others as I have forgiven them.  These are the wise virgins, for they seek to follow Me where-ever I go.  They just want to be near Me, for in My presence their joy is full.

 I love you all, My dear ones, but, you must be ready.

 Seek Me for your instructions on what you should be doing.  Seek Me until I answer you and then follow Me as I lead you.

  If you are left, do not lose hope, for you must go through more refining fires.  Read My word.  Seek Me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hearing God - February 17, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

I communicate with My creation.  As My creation comes to recognize Me, I can be heard more clearly.

 Beloved, think it not strange that you can hear Me.  For I have drawn you into My chambers, I have captured your heart, and you, My dear one, can hear Me clearly, for I have opened your ears.

 I am now opening all of your spiritual senses.

Your eyes will be able to see more into the spiritual world.

 I will also allow you to smell and taste heaven, in the same way that you can smell bitterness and strife and other ungodly spirits when you come near them.

 There is much to learn now, My beloveds.  For the battle is upon you and you will need to discern what is good and what is evil.

 This is why I would draw you close, under My wings, so that you would not be distracted from this narrow road with Me, walking together and conversing side by side, day by day.

 Oh, My child, My dear ones, enter in now, learn of Me and My ways, beloveds, I am not the one who is distant.

  Stop, be still, and look to Me now, seek Me and My guidance now.  Do not allow yourselves to become distracted and drawn away from this narrow road you are on with Me.

 For no one can pluck you from My hand, but, you can easily choose to detour off of My path.  Be careful, for many have gone astray and lost their way, and they are running out of time to make their way back to Me.

 Change is here.  Much change is at the door.  You cannot pretend you do not see it, for in so doing, you are deceiving yourselves.

 I am equipping My yielded vessels now.  Will you be counted among them?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hearing God =- February 15, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

You must all go through many trials and difficulties at this hour.  For there is much to be accomplished now, My little ones.

Remain faithful and persevere in every circumstance you are in at this moment.  You must endure hardship, for in so doing, I am behind the scenes working.

Beloved, I never leave you.  Though I may feel distant from you.  Remember, the teacher is always quiet in the test.

The trying of your faith worketh patience in you.  It is polishing you and spinning you, and knocking off the rough edges.  Beloved, this too shall pass, the trying of your faith is temporary and will reveal a most excellent reward, but, you must stand firm and endure.

Rest in Me, My love.  I know your flesh is tired.  As you sit here and dwell with Me, I strengthen and refresh you in My springs of life giving water.

  My little lambs, Remember, there is no lack in Me, come to My table, eat and drink and let Me restore you.

Hearing God - February 14, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, many are not paying attention to the times they are living.

But, you, My dear one, see Me clearly, for you are looking, watching, seeking Me, listening for My voice.  Straining to hear Me in the night.  But, My little one, you know I am not far from you.  I am here with you.  As you draw close to Me, I draw close to you.

me:  What do you want to tell me?

Lord:  Wait upon Me, beloved.  Be content to just wait, patiently waiting is humbling and shows Me your true heart.  If you are not patient in waiting you are not humbly submitting to My will.

 I do not rush, I am ever present and methodical in My ways.  My thoughts are not chaotic, but, on the contrary, they are well thought out and reasoned.  There is a method and a purpose to everything I do.

  I shall not be rushed, no, those that have learned to stop, be still, slow down, and wait shall be rewarded in My perfect plan and timing.  I shall not forget anyone, or leave out a single detail in My plan.

 I am an analyzer and a co-ordinator.  I set into motion.  I oversee and I observe all.  I also hear everything, even the things that are said in secret.  For there are no secrets hidden from Me.  I know all.  I hide many things from you, and reveal some things to each of you, who are seeking to know My heart.

I know who is truly seeking Me, to know Me, and I know those who are seeking to know Me and My ways to try to manipulate Me for their own profane desires.  I cannot be tricked by the tricksters.  I shall not and cannot be ensnared in your traps.  It is foolishness in the hearts of man who devise plans to use Me for their own plans and purposes. I am not a puppet or a puppeteer.

I watch over each of you, and I am recording each life as it is lived out before Me.  For you all shall give an account of what you each did with the life I have freely given each of you.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hearing God - February 13, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, you have learned much in Me today.  Ask, seek, and knock and I will show you more.

 As you have spent your day outside in the air and sunshine and gentle winds, you were quietly connecting with your surroundings, the air, the temperature, the sunshine, the trees, the flowers, the grass, the bugs, the birds singing.

Oh, the beauty of a peaceful day spent with Me, communing with Me and My creation.

Beloved, I have strengthened you, as you  have spent time outside with Me.  I recalibrated your vibrations and electrical impulses.

 For as you interact with Me in nature I send forth My healing energy to be absorbed into your earthen vessel, for you beloved were created to be connected and live outside with Me, to breath the fresh air and allow the wind to caress you and encompass you and pass through you.  For the wind carries negative ions that are very healing to the body.

I have placed everything you need on earth to heal you and revive you.  There is much that can be done for the body just by spending time outside.

 I am your hiding place beloved.  You are abiding in Me now.

  You know who you are in Me, this is a powerful place to be, for in Me you have no lack. I love you beloved.  I enjoyed spending the whole day with you.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hearing God - February 12, 2016

As I came to wait upon the Lord, this is what I heard:

Dreams, interesting, yes?  You should always pay attention to your dreams, and write them down as often as you can.  Keep a dream journal.  Pray over your dreams and ask Me for an interpretation of them.

I use dreams to speak to all people.  I can bypass the mind and go straight to the spirit.  Are you ready to receive more from Me, My dear ones, then ask Me to speak to you in your dreams.

I am strong and I am fierce in your passion to pursue Me.  Will you be strong and fierce in your passion to pursue Me?

You would do well to seek more of Me, to surrender your worldly desires and seek Me and My desires for you.

  I am present, and I want to work with you in your life, to participate in everything, in your work, in your home, in raising your children, in picking your spouse, in grocery shopping, in your hobbies, everything, I want in.

 You have the choice to include Me or exclude Me from your life.  I will not force Myself upon you, My dear ones, no, for that is not My way.

 I am the creator of all.  I am gentle, lowly, and humble, for I do not have to boast or brag about who I am, for I AM.

  If you will pursue Me with a purpose to find Me for yourself, no games, no falsehoods, no agendas, just pure interest on your part to find out who I am, it will take you on an incredible journey into discovering who you truly are.  Little by little as you seek, I will reveal.

 Search for Me, My beloveds, for I long for you to long for Me, make an effort to pursue Me.  I know the heart of every man, so don't come to Me pretending, for I do not play games with your heart.  I am Truth, and Light and there is no falsehood in Me.

 Focus, focus your attention on Me.  I am willing to show Myself to you, to all who are willing to seek Me, I say come.  For My desire is to be with you and commune with you.  I would love to talk to you, as easily as I talk to My beloved dove.  Come and let us reason together.

My dear ones, pray for the people of the earth.

Hearing God - February 11, 201

As I came to wait upon the Lord, I began to dialog with Him, and this is what I heard:

me:  What do you want to say to me today, do you want to council me?

Lord:  I just want to be with you child, uninterrupted, one on one.  I want to focus on you, as you are focusing on Me.  Beloved, My hearts desire for you is to have relationship with Me, I think about you, and you think about Me.  I love you and you love Me.  It's simple, really, don't try to complicate it.  You are exactly where I want you.  Spending time with Me, focusing all your attention on Me, in these stolen moments, the world and it's cares simply drift away.  Beloved, this is precious fruit to Me, for I come into My garden and find you eager to meet with Me once again, this pleases Me, My little one, this pleases Me.

me:  what would you have me do for you Lord?

Lord:  Pray for the people, there is much that I can accomplish with the prayers of My people, and stay confident in the assurance that I am with you.  Beloved, do not allow yourself to worry or fear as you see things happening in the world, stay close to Me, I will carry you through everything.  You are Mine beloved.  I watch over you with a full heart of love and joy, I have created billions of people, but, very few will venture to enter in as you have, just to be with Me, to sit in My presence and to just be with Me.  You are rare, beloved, a gentle treasure that I hold dear.

me:  Thank you Lord, I love you so much.

Lord:  I love you too, dear one.  I shall be your constant companion now, and in heaven.  We shall never grow weary of being together.  For I shall show you many things, and reveal many mysteries to you, for you seek to know Me, not My hand, but My embrace and My face.  Your desire is to be by My side, ever watching, ever learning.  You want to know all about Me, well, it will take forever to just touch the surface of who I am, but, I promise, it will be a joy for you to learn about Me, My likes and dislikes, how I think, how I create, how I work within the hearts of men and all My creation.

 I shall teach you all the wonders of the world, all the wonders of heaven and all the wonders of My universes, and I shall allow you to see Me form the new heavens and the new earth.  I shall show you the secret depth of the cross and the true authority that it wields.  I shall reveal My power to you, for you seek to know Me more.  You are a true seeker, beloved, this pleases Me, and warms My heart with such affection for you.

I search and I search day and night to find a soul of pure delight.  Very few are seeking to enter in, to find Me, they are still wrapped up in the world and it's desire, they do not realize these things are temporary and will pass away.  These things will not satisfy the desires of their heart, they shall remain empty, constantly seeking after something or someone that will finally satisfy them.  They will never find what they are searching for in money, possessions or people.  For this is a longing I formed deep within each heart that can and will be satisfied only when the person has a heart to heart connection with Me.  For a part of Me is within each one of you and is like a beacon, beckoning to be connected back to home base.  It's a tiny flicker of a flame that is in desperate need to grow into a flame, only to be ignited by Me, for it is a very special flame, the very source of life itself is in this little flicker of a flame.

  I am the light of the world, and I live and breathe and move in each of you.  You would do well to look for Me, for I am the Keeper of the Flame.  All hearts yearn for the love, the peace, and the comfort of home.  Come unto Me all who wish to be home.  I will never turn you away, for My true hearts desire is to be with you, to walk and to talk with you.  Oh, My children, My precious ones, can you hear My hearts cry, come, come, come unto Me now.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hearing God - February 10, 2016

As I was waiting upon the Lord, this is what I heard:

I have always watched over you and taken care of you.  You have always known this and been aware of Me, at a distance, now, you know Me up close, for you have developed a relationship with Me.

My child, you have been put in a position to watch, as I move around the earth.

 I am releasing more of My spirit in My chosen vessels, those who have yielded to Me and humbly come daily to sit at My feet and receive from Me.  I know My sheep and My sheep know Me, for we are one.

Soon, very soon I shall shake heaven and earth.  Much change shall come forth, but, you shall not fear, for you are strong in Me.  Stay close, dear one, for I shall bring forth water from the rock for you.

Beloved, I see all that transpires upon the earth.  I see all that transpires in the skies above you.  I see all that is happening under the earth.  There are plans in place to do much harm, but, I shall thwart them and bring their own walls down upon their heads.

 My angels shall protect all of My children, for you are all dearly loved.  My plans and purposes for each life shall be brought to pass.  Fear not, My beloveds, for you are never alone, I am here with you.

Remember, when they say come He is hear or go look He is there, believe them not, for you know I am within each of you and you only have to look within to find Me.  Remember My words, you shall hear a voice behind you saying this is the way, walk in it.  Cleave to this truth, for you are hearing Me and I shall direct your path.

 Patience is developing within you a durability, a fortitude to stay strong.  This resolve can only come as you abide in Me.  Peace My children peace I give unto you.  Try to stay home as much as possible, for much has been released upon the land, many foul spirits are prowling about, and many more are coming.  My dear ones, I do not tell you this to scare you, but, only to prepare you for the days ahead.

  You must stay strong and cast down every evil imagination, pray for the people, and remain steadfast and rooted in Me.  Talk to Me, commune with Me.  Let Me shelter you through the storms.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hearing God - February 9, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, I want you to step out in Me, let Me lead, but, you must follow as I tell you to, do not be afraid to act as I inspire, these impulses are not from you, they are Me trying to prompt you into action.  You shall heal with My healing hands.

  Beloved, your words are soft and humble, and as you write I shall release healing through your hands, this is one way I am connecting two powerful forces within you, through your hands and written words, the lambs are being fed.

Do not go out on your own, for I shall lead and send you, only when I prompt you, then and only then lay your hands on the people or animals or plants and speak life to them, speak peace to them, speak love to them.  My little one, I have gifted you with the grace of healing.

As you go about your day in this fast focus on Me and My gifts to you.  Ponder over the healing in your hands.  Beloved, do not doubt Me, for you have seen this in the past and you have seen this in your dreams, and you shall soon see it in your realm of influence.

 My child, My precious one, you are Mine.  My Kingdom is within you and you must let it out.  Stay humble and keep your eyes focused on Me.  I am with you always.  Thank you for being kind to My people and not judging.  As you look at Me I can see My reflection in you.  As you look at people you must look for Me, look close, in some I can be seen easily, in some you must look closer, in others it is difficult, but, by faith you must look for Me, for I am there in the midst of them all, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

 I will transform all who come to Me, but for those who do not come, when they die, they shall be face to face with Me and then, I shall separate Myself from them.  For I am in each one of you, some have made the connection with Me, and some have not connected with Me yet.  For all have a choice.  If you want to know Me, you shall seek Me out for yourself.  I live and breath and move within each of you, I literally walk among you.  I am the keeper of the flame.  Let love flow child.  Let love flow.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hearing God - February 8, 2016

As I was waiting upon the Lord, this is what I heard:

My child, I have been with you in the fast.  Day one is closing, take note of your day, peace and then the test... you, My love, held your tongue and answered gently and then peace once again was restored.

 Beloved, I can see clearly My reflection within you and shining through you.  I have heard your prayers and questions about the healing power in your hands.  You, My dear one, have a high electrical energy field coming forth from you and the energy is My healing power flowing through your earthen vessel.  I shall expound upon this further as we go.

As you rise to meet every day, pay close attention to your words.  In the meeting tonight you professed "I am blessed", the river of thanksgiving and gratitude pours forth from you.  You are blessed, much more than you realize My love.  For I am training you personally for the days ahead.  There shall be sunshine and there shall be rain.  Dark clouds and shadows shall press in to oppress you, but, you shall elude them, for you are fully immersed in Me.  My heart is where you dwell.  Fully residing and abiding in Me.

Beloved, this peaceful season you are in is allowing you to rest and be strengthened and restored.  For I shall use you at the appointed time.  As My spirit flows through you, it interacts with other people and My spirit is tangible to them through you.  When you pray, ask Me to show you the power in your hands.

Be encouraged child, for I have begun a good work in you and I am faithful and just to complete it.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hearing God - February 7, 2016

As I was waiting upon the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, I love you so, your dear heart comforts Me in My mourning.  I am troubled over what I must do, for the time is now, I am grieved over the destruction that will come, and I am wounded of heart over the masses that will die soon.  The season of change is upon the earth now.  Beloved, pray, pray, pray for the people of the earth, for they are in the cross-hairs of destruction.  Many are not ready to die, Oh, My wounded heart, My soul is heavy with great sadness, but, I must do the right thing.  Righteousness must come and with it judgement.

 My heart aches now, My dear one, pray for Me too.  I need your prayers, they strengthen and comfort My broken and wounded heart.  Oh, the day of sorrow approaches and I must do what I must do.  I am not a man that I should lie.  I am the keeper of all, the good, the bad, the ugly.  Nothing is hidden from Me.  I see all and I know all.

 The end of this age shall be filled with blood, so many millions of lives shall be lost forever, oh, beloved, pray for the people of the earth, for they do not know what is coming now, and their hearts shall fail them for fear of what they see.

***Note:  (As He was speaking to me, I could see Him in a vision I think but it felt very real, He was crying and the Father was crying, I saw myself come up to Him and hold Him as He cried, I also at the same time, saw myself as a little child climb up upon the Fathers golden throne where He was seated and I sat on the armrest, and with my tiny hand rubbing His arm I kept saying 'it's ok, it will be ok, you will be ok' as He sat and cried, I was trying to comfort them...)

 My beloved, you have spent your time getting to know Me, you are tucked safely under My wing, you are in the secret place and can move freely about, for you are secure in Me.  My dearest one, you are no longer controlled by fear, for you have stood in the assurity of your faith in Me and I have broken every chain.

The strongman wants to enter your home, but, He cannot for you are protected.  You have been tested, and you, My beloved dove, have passed through the fires and been purified and cleansed.  You have remained humble and transparent with Me, My love, and this pleases Me, no, you are not perfect, but, you are being perfected in Me.

My dearest bride, I am well pleased with thee, for you have captured My heart.  You love Me child, this blesses My wounded heart, and satisfies My souls longing to be loved by you.  Oh, how I love you, My little one.  I smile and am filled with joy in you, for you have set yourself apart for Me.  You live to love Me.  You wake to learn from Me.  You sleep to hear more from Me.  You read to get a better understanding of Me and My ways.

  You have a beautiful repentant heart.  You have decreased so much and allowed Me to increase so much more in you.  You seek Me out.  You see Me in everything now.  You are rarely troubled by the cares of this world, for you have put your trust in Me and this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.

Beloved, think it not strange that you can easily hear Me and have a back and forth conversation with Me, as a friend and confidant, for we are friends.  You have put the time in to get to know Me, you have anchored yourself in Me and the anchor holds through everything that comes at you.

 My beautiful bride, you have faced fear and cast it down, over and over, do not think it will not come again for it shall surely come, but, it will not hinder you, you shall easily cast it aside, for you are strong in Me and you know your place in Me.

Think back now, to the thoughts that you were pondering the other day about the pain you have been feeling.  You did hear Me correctly, when I told you to rise up and cut off the shackles and arrows from the evil one with your sword, and in so doing this in a fleeting moment, you are now feeling strengthened.  You are learning much now, dear one.  Beloved, I have much to share with you as you journey into the fast.  You shall grow in Me immensely, you and others shall observe much growth in you.

Keep your focus on Me in these next three days, I want to be your constant focus in the fast.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hearing God - February 6, 2016

As I came to wait upon the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, you are back on track, you are right where you need to be with Me.  For I know you, I can feel your heart yearning to be with Me, to separate from the world and be with Me, to rest and be at peace with Me.  You are not distant from Me, My little one, no, you remain close and constantly at My side.  You are aware of Me and My constant companionship with you.  You have learned to focus on My voice and shut out the noise of this world.  You can shut off the phones and T.V. and computers to steal away into the secret place with Me.

  I am your teacher, you have made a paradigm shift in your life.  For as you have yielded and submitted to Me, I have been able to do a great work within you.  Many strongholds have been cast down from your mind.  You have allowed My Truth to penetrate your mind and heart.  As I have removed many things, I have made room for many Truths to be added into you.  My dear one, I am doing much in you and shall draw you deeper still, for My love for you is limitless.

 As you come to receive from Me, I freely give to you, as you are truly able to receive.  I have so much in store for you as you travel on this journey with Me.  You must learn to Trust My wisdom and to let Me speak more freely.

 My dearest ones, My precious brides, you are loved beyond measure and comprehension for I long for each of you to come and sit at My table and eat and drink with Me.  Beloveds, I am always available to each of you, you are the ones limiting Me in how we interact.  You choose when you want to interact with Me.  I am not distant from any of you.  If you want Me, come and find Me.  If you are seeking Me, I shall be found of you.

 Beloveds, I provide rest for the weary.  I provide comfort for your pain.  Beloveds, I have manna and I have water for you that will never run out.  Fresh manna for your daily portion, but, you must come to Me to get it.  My water is refreshing and cool and flows from My eternal spring.  You need only to come and drink your daily portion to be filled, and you can come as often as you wish, my dear ones, it is not limited to you.

 Oh, how I long to gather each of you under My wings as a hen gathers her chicks, but, alas, many have not come.  Oh, I have sent flowers and I have sent many cards through My messengers to My people to compel them to come unto Me.  I have set the table, I want to wine you and dine you, if you would but come.

I love you.  I love each and every one of you!  I see you, can you see Me.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 5, 2016

As I came to wait quietly upon the Lord, I began to dialog with Him:

me:  I know I hear you Lord

Lord:  Yes, My dear one you hear Me.  I am here in the midst of thee.  Beloved, it is well with your soul, for your soul delighteth in Me.  Wherever you are and whatever you do I am with you.

Your purity and humbleness of heart draws Me to you.  I love you, dear one.  Your fragrance is beautiful to Me.  As you come eager to drink from My eternal spring I am enraptured with your heart for it is zealous for Me.  Your heart pursues Me with your love, for I know that you love Me and I know that you will dwell with Me forever in our forever home, what's Mine is yours My love, My dear one, for you have captured My heart.

 I eagerly look forward to our alone time, just as you do, My beloved.  I cherish our time spent together as we steal away these precious moments.  I am happy to call you My friend and My bride, for you, beloved, take My breath away, as I am captivated by your eyes.  You are My anointed vessel, in whom I am well pleased.  Tender and true are these moments I spend with you.  I truly treasure our alone time.

Close your eyes.

Note: as I closed my eyes I saw this:

vision:  I see His face, He is very close to my face and looking into my eyes...

February 4, 2016

As I came and waited upon the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, deep within you, I am.  I created you, I know you.  I know your name.  I love you deeply, for you are seeking My heart.  Your heart's desire is to dwell in Me. 

 There shall no longer be chains holding you down for I have broken all, as you have come repenting in humbleness and humility.  You shall now journey deeper into Me as our union becomes stronger.  You are becoming aware of who you are in Me, and you are hearing Me calling you into fasting. 

 Your intercession for others shall be ongoing as I bring them to your mind.  But, in this fast you shall come into My secret place, not many are willing to come, not many have chosen to hear the deeper things, but, you have, as you inquire of Me I shall expound on your understanding.  

I shall reveal to you the hidden things.  The healing power in your hands.  There is a pulse and an electromagnetic field energy that comes forth from the palms of your hands, and there is healing from within you that shall go forth from your hands as you remain humble and yielded to Me.  Seek to know and understand this healing power, pray and fast for this understanding and power to be unlocked within you. 

 I shall also cause you to understand the power in spoken words.  My words have immense power and so do yours.  You shall carry the understanding and the power of the spoken word. 

 Pray and fast for this understanding.  I am calling you to a three day water fast for seven weeks = twenty-one day fast.  Only water, as you progress in Me, I shall call you to more fasting for longer time periods and restrictions like the Esther fast.  These shall be determined by Me as time progresses.  

I shall open the right doors for your daughter, for she is Mine and I am leading her.  

It's a beautiful thing to be in the hands of the King, where no weapon can harm you and all your needs are met.  Deep calls unto deep beloved, much change is happening within you and it is a beautiful process to behold, I see you, My little one, I see you.

Note:  Then I said:

me:  it's so peaceful and relaxing here with you

Lord:  This is where you were created to be, fully resting in Me.  Peace My lamb, go and take care of your child.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 3, 2016

As I came to wait upon the Lord I again was unsettled and could not quiet myself, so I began a dialog with Him:

me:  Why do I feel so disgruntled?

Lord:  you are allowing offense to come in and dwell.  This is not My plan for you, My little one.  You have still much to learn.  Beloved, do not hold back your heart, give it all to Me.

me:  I want to see you, I want to feel you more, I want a more tangible relationship with you.

Lord:  My dear, you have all of Me you want.  If you would but look, I am here.

me:  why do I feel so alone, so isolated, and so unprepared and unworthy?

Lord:  This is the nature of man, for your spirit is striving against My spirit.  Be still now, My little one, be still and know that I am God.  I am here, I am in you.  I never leave.

me:  but, what can I even offer to share, I really know nothing.  I feel like I am one of those women who constantly seek the Truth but never attain it.

Lord:  My child, you know Me intimately, you have been in My chambers and I have been in yours.  We do not have to share many words to know one another.  We know one another by spending time in each others presence.

me:  I love you Lord, I don't want to be sinful, or displeasing or prideful, please help me.

Lord:  I am here with you every step of the way.  I watch over all that you do.  For you are in a deep relationship with Me and no one call pull you out of it.

me:  Lord, I just want to be pleasing to you.

Lord:  you are pleasing to Me, My beloved.

me:  What is my job or position that I'm supposed to be doing?

Lord:  My faithful dove, I have placed you here in My heart so that you can feel My heartbeat.  We are one.  You love Me and I love you.  You long for the day when we shall be together.  I too long for this.  There is not a day that goes by that you are not thinking of Me in some way.  This pleases Me, child, this pleases Me.  For you don't come to seek My hand, but, you come to seek My face and dwell in My heart.  Beloved, I smile and rejoice over you, for you are always thinking of Me, and I know you love Me.  My plans for you are unfolding slowly, for I have kept the best wine for last.  As you seek to grow up in Me, I shall show you many things.  Do not compare yourselves to another, My children, this is foolish, only walk in My love and as I pour out My love upon you, you will begin to pour out My love.  For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, and I am filling you with My love.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, beloved, you and I are gathered here, just you and I, separated from the distractions of the world, a stolen moment, in the tranquility of the heart.

Note:  a song began wafting through my head "You and I were made for love...I'll be there.." I think it's a Michael Jackson song.

me:  Lord, what am I seeing, the silver light flashes on the other side of My bedroom door.

Lord:  Beloved, those are My angels, you and your family are very precious to Me, and you are heavily guarded, for many would seek to do you harm, but, I will not allow it.  The enemy would like to snuff you out, for He can see you getting stronger and this terrifies him.  You are a chosen vessel of honor, for as you surrender yourself to Me, I can use you more.  For now, just keep focusing on Me day by day, and moment by moment as the day draws near.

Note:  then I heard the song He gave me a while ago begin to play "Moment by moment the mystery comes...Moment by moment the day draws near...tell me can you hear..."
Then I close my eyes and I am drawn into a vision:

I see the ocean and a beautiful beach with rosy sand and large red boulders.  Jesus is there in a white robe/cloak with a gold rope belt and sandals.  The sun is shining it it peaceful and beautiful.  I see Him and He holds out His hand for me and we begin to walk on the beach as this song plays in the background of this scene...

February 2, 2016

Note:  I feel weird about posting this, for it seems to me to be very personal, but, I am compelled to share this with you.

As I came to wait upon the Lord, I could not or would not allow myself to be settled, I was unsettled from a conversation I had been having today, so I began to dialog with Him:

me:  Lord, I don't know what I am supposed to be doing!

Lord:  You are doing it, you are here with Me, pressing in to find your place in Me.

me:  What part of your body am I then?, and did I try to usurp your authority and take your glory, if so I'm extremely sorry.

Lord:  You did not do this, My beloved, peace, dear one, peace, separate yourself unto Me, focus on Me and focus listening only to Me.

All of you see in part and know in part.  This is My plan.  I am in charge of the whole thing.  But, I watch over each one.  My dearest one, you are loved and held deep within My heart as I am in yours. Beloved, you are hearing Me and you do know Me, and you are in My heart as I am in yours.  Do not doubt this, beloved, believe it, for it is Truth.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 1, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

No one comes to the Father except through Me.  Each of you has your own journey to Me.  Each path is your storyline.  Each step draws you either closer or farther away from Me.  I am your home base.  I am your destiny, My little ones. 

 There are many voices in the land, trying to persuade you to follow them, but, they are not Me.  You must determine within yourself to find Me, to hear Me, to follow Me.  I am here.  I am watching you.  What will you do?  The days before you are fleeting.  Time shall be no more.  What will you do when you step from this life into the next? 

 My dear ones, you were created to be eternal and live forever with Me, but, you must choose for yourselves whom you will follow, Me or self, choose wisely.  The choice is yours, but, the consequences are Mine.

  I have set life and death before each of you.  If you choose to forsake your own self-will and follow Me, the journey will not be an easy road.  It is called the narrow way for a reason.  I test and try every heart to see who is truly worthy to live in My heavenly eternal home with Me.  

If you choose to go your own selfish way and follow your own heart, the road is wide and you shall find many travelers on this road with you, all seeking selfish desires.  The end there of shall be hell.  I have told you this in My word.  This is not new news.  This is not a new revelation to any of you.  But, it is Truth, and Truth speaks, it does not lie. 

 I would ask you now, to reflect on your choices.  Look around, can you see the world changing, can you see man's hearts and desires changing?  What you are seeing is nothing compared to what is going to happen when I remove My Holy Spirit from the earth and remove My light and chosen bride from the land.  I shall whisk her away, and allow your own selfish depravity to take it's course. 

 Oh, foolish virgins, who claim to love Me, but, yet still follow after their own hearts, where is your oil, where is your wine?  I shall have to leave you behind, when I rescue My bride.  But, I still love you, and I will pardon and forgive you if you come back to ME with a repentant heart. 

 Oh, My children if you are left, do not lose heart, seek, seek, seek Me, cling to Me and do not take the mark.  Hold on, stand in the midst of it all, and I shall help you.  You will be required to lay your life down for Me, do not be afraid, for I am with you and will strengthen you.  Do not be afraid of those who can kill your body.  Be afraid of the one who can send your soul to hell forever.  I do not want to do this beloveds, but, the time is at hand. 

 Repent, prepare your hearts, light your lamps, renew your oil, receive the new wine.  I am coming.  Are you ready?

Monday, February 1, 2016

January 31, 2016

Many are not ready, for they have not repented and allowed Me to sufficiently cleanse them and prepare them to hold My glory.  For I cannot pour out My glory on unprepared vessels, for if I did it would consume them in the purification process.

 Beloved, you are strong in Me.  For you have come before Me in repentance and yet still you come repenting of your sins and repenting of the sins of others and the world.  As you come with a repentant heart and a surrendered and yielded spirit, it allows Me to cleanse you and remove the veils that separate us.  It allows Me to temper your vessel with My purity and righteousness, for this is a necessary step in your purification process. A s I pull out more of your impurities, your spirit and soul bond deeper into Me, to allow your vessel to be able to stand when My all consuming fire passes by.  You shall withstand and be able to hold and walk in My glory and My power.  For you, My love, My beloved one, are deep within Me.  I am the sanctuary that you reside in.  I am within you and you know it.  You, My beloved, are within Me now and you are beginning to know this.

 For as My Spirit is invading your atmosphere, and every dimension of your being, you are receiving much power and understanding for the battle that is ahead.  Do not try to reason within yourself how this is unfolding, just Trust in Me that I will compete you, and do My perfect work in you as you are humbly walking out your days with Me.  The day is coming soon when you shall understand and be able to walk and function in this power.  Press in to know this.  Seek to understand.  Do not be timid press in and seek to know and to understand what these supernatural powers are that I am placing within your earthen vessel.  For soon My bride you shall take your place with Me and we shall do many things together to glorify My Father and increase My Kingdom.  Nothing shall be too difficult for you or impossible to you.  For I am in you, as you are decreasing, My beloved, I am increasing within you.

There are great days ahead for you and all My faithful children.  Do not fear as the winds of change are blowing across your land.  The spirit of fear is trying to stop you from coming to Me and walking in your true destiny.  Fear is an illusion that is a crippling force to try to stop what I am now doing in My chosen vessels.  Much victory is before you My little ones.  Do not grow weary, do not grow faint.  Do not allow the spirit of self-doubt to hinder your progress in Me.  For you cannot be separated from Me, and I will fulfill My plans and purposes in you.

Do not be afraid of whatever you face, for know this, I am with you through it all.  Death is just a wisp, a fleeting vapor.  Live for Me, make the most of the time you have left.  Beloved's all of heaven is watching as you take your place in Me.  This is the best time to be alive, now, cherish these moments, for you, My dear ones, are making history and each of your stories is being recorded.  Be strong and of good courage, for I am the Captain of the Hosts of Heaven and I am walking among you.  Look for Me, focus on Me, see Me in this season of you life.  I am here, if you would but look.