Friday, July 25, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 25, 2014

My child, you have need of Me, enter into My presence now.  Let My peace and love wrap around you like a soft down blanket.  Slip into tranquility with Me today and try to stay here through out your day.  I am your source of peace.  I alone give you peace.  As you come and wait upon Me, you are now comfortable with My presence.   For you know Me little one, but I will come to you in different ways now.  I will always meet you through out your day in different ways, shapes, and forms.  This is Truth. I want you to look for Me today and be aware that I am all around you as well as inside of you.  I am the Great and All Powerful God you sing about.  I like that you call Me that.  It honors Me when you are mindful of Me and who I truly am.

It is good to live in this world with you, for you live to be in close communion with Me, day by day.  This pleases Me, little one, this pleases Me.  We are one you and I.  Look up child and see Me in My earth and in the animals and the people all around you.  This earth still has beauty, and I treasure My earth.  I treasure all of My beautiful children who dwell on earth, for My true children have awakened to Me, they have opened their hearts to Me, they have surrendered their lives to Me, they willingly seek Me out daily for their portion and provision.  Quietly living out their lives yielded and surrendered to My leading them ever onward in their journey.  Each life is unique in their plan and purpose I have for them.  Each one fully Trusting that I will take care of all of their needs.  This pleases Me when you all dwell with Me and drink from My well.  Oh, the treasures I am now pouring out to you My children, come and drink deeply, My dear ones, My waters will never run out.  Oh, the love I have for you all.  Be Ready, Stay Awake, for behold I will come in an hour when you think not.

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