Monday, July 21, 2014

Hearing God in the afternoon - July 21, 2014

Note:  As I allowed myself to busy myself with the work of the day, I kept feeling like I should stop and wait upon the Lord, I was feeling guilty for delaying, but I kept doing other things and then I heard "Will you put Me LAST today ?", needless to say, I stopped and came to wait, and this is what I heard:

Beloved, much is about to happen upon your earth, but, fear not.  These things must come to pass.  The close of this age draws near and the beginning of My new age appears on the horizon.  Oh, the glory of the Kingdom, My Kingdom unleashed.  The beauty of My Majesty and Holiness for all to see.  The veils shall be removed as I stand Supreme in all the earth, no one can stand above Me, for no one, no thing can compare to Me.  I am Truth, I am Life, I am the Beginning of all things and I am the End of all things.  To truly rule, one must know Truth and discern the lies.  This takes a trained and listening ear.  Much shall be accomplished in a rapid fashion My love, do not fear, do not allow yourself to be shocked and dismayed as you see these things unfold.  You are destined to be here to see these things unfold.  You are destined to be here to see the close of this age, as you are destined to be with Me as I usher in the beginning of My New Kingdom.  My Holiness shall come and break upon the waves into your cities.

  I am All Powerful, there is none like Me, no none.  I alone can tell you your future.  I alone can lead you to your place and purpose.  For I am your creator, redeemer, and friend.  I love you, My wise virgin at the well, filling yourself of My eternal waters, basking in the warmth of My candle until you glow.  Oh, My love, Behold I come quickly, see, I am at the door, Oh, can you hear My footsteps dear one, drawing nearer and nearer.

 It is wise to stay alert. It is wise to keep your ear "tuned" to My voice, as My lips brush upon your ear can you feel My heartbeat, can you feel My breath?  Yes, My beloved I am here and I shall burst upon the scene of the whole earth.  Oh, the Glory, Oh, the Splendor, Oh, the Consuming Fire of My Love, no one can stand against Me and live.

 Oh, wicked and foolish generation, who has bewitched you, wake up, there is no more time.  Behold, I come....get ready !

Keep putting My words up on your blog, stay the course, My little one, stay the course.

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