Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 24, 2014

Beloved, Trust Me in all things.  Daily walking with Me, one step at a time.  I lead, you follow.  My way is not difficult once you conquer fear.  Fear not !  Fear has no place in Me and should have no place in you.  Simply following after Me, daily walking is where you should be.  If something is troubling you dear one, draw close to Me and you will find your peace again.  Do not allow things to trouble the waters of your peace.  Draw close to Me and I will guide you once again to calmer waters.  Peace, be still My child, I am here.  I am in the midst of thee.  Call upon Me for help, come to Me with all of your questions and concerns.  I am here for you.  My little one, Remember, I have already told you, much is coming to trouble your peace, but, you are ready and prepared for it.  I am here, I will protect you child, do not fear.  You are dwelling in Me now, safe and sound, you come daily into My presence, you know Me and I know you.  When I take you to My island of rest and peace, you shall have strength and refreshing for your journey ahead.

Oh, soon the hoof beats shall be heard, can you hear them little one, coming ever closer.  SShhhh, in the quiet, in the stillness, I shall be found.  As you come and separate yourself from all distractions and wait upon Me, you are on My island.  Resting and reposing upon the ground at My feet, for you My love are content to learn at My knee.  But, My little one, you are growing day by day and much change is coming to you now.  Rejoice, Rejoice, there is no fear, I am near.

Oh, My heart beats strong at the nearness of My beloveds, soon My dear ones soon, your King and Ruler of All, the Lion is coming.  I came as a lamb, and now the time of My great awakening is here.  Oh, listen child, can you hear Me Roaring.  Rejoice child Rejoice, I come.

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