Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 28, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this is what I heard:

Many are sleeping now.  Some have awakened to Me, but, many are still asleep.  I will wake them all up.  I use different measures to awaken you all.  Some need a gentle hand and some need a strong hand.  I am not distant from any of you.  I am here.  Can you hear Me?  Listen.  There are many voices crying out in the land, things to distract you from hearing Me.  They do not wish for you to find Me or hear Me for yourself for they know if you do, they will no longer have any power over you.  When a child of Mine comes home, I tend to their every need, I bathe them in My waters, I feed them by My hand, and nurture them under My wings.  I protect and guide each one as they follow Me, step by step. You do not know what you were created for until I reveal it to you.  No man knows how long he will live, but, I do.  I know how long each of you will have breath.  For it is I who gives you breath and I am the one who takes it back.  Only I have power over life and death, for I have power and dominion over everything.  I created it all.  Do not be deceived little ones, there are many false teachers in your land.  Do not allow yourself to believe everything you hear.  Ponder over it, think about it, bring it to Me and ask Me.  I alone know the answers.  If you seek the Truth, you shall find Me, for I am Truth.  Do not fear the unknown, press in to find Truth, for if you are willing, I shall reveal Myself to you.  But, you are the one who must find Me, and in your seeking, I shall be found by you.

The question is do you want to find Me?   The Truth shall set you free.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 27, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this morning this is what I heard:

Oh My dear one, you see much now, for the eyes of your understanding have been opened.  Listen for the sound of My Spirit in everything around your circle.  The sphere that I have placed you within is ever widening and stretching to encompass new growth.  There are many who have been touched by Me through you, for you are My vessel fit for your masters use.  As you allow love, My love to guide you I am able to touch many through you.  Your words have power, much more than you know.  They break open the most stony hearts and pour in My oil and wine to revive the broken and bleeding hearts.  For as you yield to Me, I am able to pour forth from within you, My words, to bring healing, restoration, hope, love, and encouragement.  We are a team, working together to build a firm foundation to support others, to rain down words as water, to refresh the dry and thirsty vessels that feel barren, desolate and alone in their journeys.  Much work is being done, that you, My love, shall never see.  For I am using you to heal, to restore, to strengthen the weak and feeble knees.  There are many seeking hope now in their difficulties.  There are many who have grown weary in their daily walk, for they are in a time of testing, you know this place well, isolated, alone, rejected, and seemingly barren with no signs of fruit from all your labors.  You shall give them the salve that is the healing balm.  For as I pour into you, you, My love, pour out to them, My oil and wine, My words, these words My child are powerful and sink deep within their vessels as seeds and then as water to bring forth healing from the depths of despair and loneliness.  For now, many know, they are not alone.  Many are beginning to sense My presence, and feel My touch through you, My yielded vessel, My gentle dove.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 26, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, I heard this:

The blinders are coming off.  You think they are clean, they are not clean.  Many in the church as you have known it are far far from Me.  I know what's in each one.  Many claim they are Mine.  I tell you the Truth, they are not Mine.  They do what they lust after in their fleshly desires, they do not follow after Me with a pure heart.  They have not surrendered all to Me.  They are straddled on the fence.  They are still going back to the crossroad of following self or following Me.  They go back and forth in their desires, one day they are all in, and the next day they run after their flesh and their own desires.  This is not what I desire.  You must come out of the pig pen, for you are not protected there.  You must press forward on the path to Me.  If you are truly Mine, you will reflect Me.  If you are struggling with your own wants and desires, you have not died to self yet, you are still in the refining fire, I will never give up on you.  But, I warn you, this is not a safe place for you.  I am love, love protects, love nurtures, love disciplines, love guides, love encourages.  Do not turn your ear away from My voice, I alone know what you are struggling with.  This is why, I am here, to help you be an overcomer.  I tell you the Truth, you are very valuable to Me.  You have within you the ability to overcome anything that is placed within your circle as an obstacle or deterrent to coming into the fullness of who you are in Me.  I tell you, there is greatness within you, but, you need Me to reveal your true identity, take My hand, and surrender all to Me.  I am your helper.  If you will allow Me to, I can help you.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 25, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, I heard this:

My ways are higher than your ways, My dear one.  Do not concern yourself with the how, just know that I will take care of you.  There is much you do not understand.  Do not worry over things you cannot control.  I am in control of all.  Change is here, and the transition is happening now, you are to witness many things, but you are not to get involved in the affairs of others.  You, stay close to Me, sheltered and protected through the storm.  All, are on their journey to Me.  I discipline and I correct My wayward little ones.  My love, do not stray off the path, or try to lag behind to wait for the others to catch up, for time waits for no man.  You must continue on this course with Me.  Wherever I take you, humbly follow, this is what I require of you.  Do not resist the change, for you cannot change what is coming, only submit, roll with it, and Trust Me, no matter what you face, Trust ME, My dear one, I am always here with you.  I never leave you, I may be quiet, but, know this, My love, I am here.  As your days stretch out into nights and back into days, remember, I am with you always.  Do not worry, do not fear, I will take care of you.  Look for Me in every situation and in everything, for your eyes are open, My love, and you can see Me shining, working, moving and breathing all around you.  Oh, My love, My dear one, it is well with thee and Me, peace be still and know Me, draw closer now dear one.

Hearing God - Feb. 24, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, I heard this:

My child, write this down, as I come to you freely, you come to Me freely, in the quiet in the stillness I am known.  We are one in communion, in these times together.  As you venture out beyond the boundary within, you carry Me as you go about your day, interacting with people and things that come into your circle.  Did you notice your circle is enlarging, for I am drawing more and more people into your circle.  As they see you they see Me.  I am in you, in all of you, I am reflected in your character.  Yes, you do still have some pride, but, you are allowing Me to chisel away at it as I bring it to the manifestation that can be seen by you, you are willing to see your own flaws and struggles.  I know My chisel is painful and My knife cuts deep, but in the removal of pride much change shall be manifested in the healing process.  My dear one, all I ask of you is that you Trust Me in this process.  For We are co-laboring in this endeavor, I allow you to see your pride by the circumstances and situations that arise, and you, once you've seen, you surrender in despair and relinquish this to Me to take care of for you.  This My child, My dear one, is beautiful to Me.  For I must do a complete work in you to make you fit for service in Me.  Now, My child, lean on Me, deeply breathe in My scent and sacrifice your pride on the alter of confession to Me and I shall remove the bitter stain and sting of this accursed thing from you.  Oh My love, you are cleansed of all unrighteousness.  Be still and know Me now. Sink deeper into My presence as you linger at My well, you do reflect Me, My love.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 23, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting upon the Lord this morning this is what I heard:

My beloved child, write this down.  Many are confused and are searching in all the wrong places for Me.  Be still, shut out the noise of this world, find a quiet place for yourselves and listen to Me.  Ask Me a question and then be quiet and write down what you hear in your mind.  I come as a still small voice from within.  To discern and know who is speaking in your ear, you should weigh it by My Word.  I will never require you to harm yourself or others.  I will never tell you to seek revenge.  I do not operate in hate.  No, that is not My Way.  I am Love and I bring comfort and peace into the atmosphere.  This is a sign to look for in any situation.  Even when chaos is going on all around you and fear tries to grip your heart, I tell you the Truth, quiet yourself and look for peace, go within and converse with Me, I am your shelter, if you would but turn and look for Me within.  I am not distant.  I am not a man.  Do not look to man.  You must train yourself to look to Me.  I am here.  The days ahead shall be difficult for you if you try to go it alone.  But, I tell you the Truth, I can help you, I will help you if you will only surrender your life to Me, you can only have one master leading you.  Choose you this day, bow to the god of self or bow to Me, the I AM, the one true God who loves you and knows everything.  The choice is before you, choose wisely, dear ones.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 21, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Many are coming now.  Many are ahead of you and far more many are behind you.  Do not stop in your pursuit of Me.  Do not allow fear to freeze your progress.  Know this, My love, I am leading you daily, as you draw close to Me I feed you by My own hand.  Life is filled with tests, this is part of your journey.  I am doing a new thing among My people.  They are following Me and not man.  I speak and they listen.  I am revealing Myself to all who are willing to see Me and hear Me.  You must continue to seek Me out.  I lead, you follow.  Do not become entangled with the worldly cares.  Yes, you still live in this world for now, do not allow these cares to distract you from your communion with Me.  I am in the midst of this present darkness.  All is not lost.  Let hope be your shield in the days ahead.  You shall see many things transpire now, do not succumb to fear, do not doubt My provision.  Come to Me when you are feeling fearful and discouraged.  Come and shelter under My wing, hide yourself in Me and let the storms pass over you.  I am not distant from any of you.  But, know this, the things that are coming upon the earth, shall be difficult to bare.  They shall test you mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Hold fast to Me.  I will lead you through every test.  I lead, you follow.  Do not believe everything you shall see and hear coming from the mouths of your leaders.  You must use discernment, dear ones.  I am able to make a way for you, I am not distant from you.  Trust me, listen for My voice.  Be still, and listen.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 20, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this is what I heard:

Oh My love, My dear one, do not become entangled in another persons troubles.  Each soul has much to work through on the path to Me.  You are responsible for your own journey to Me, how you react to the things and people around you shows forth what is within you.  Are you reflecting Me?  This is the only thing that matters.  You are faced with many challenges daily, and I am watching how you face each challenge, in the grip of despair will you reflect Me?  In the face of great terror and pain will you turn the other cheek and reflect Me?  When everyone has a mentality of chaos, will you remain calm, peaceful and serene and reflect Me?  Many are facing many challenges now.  I am watching all of you. You are not alone.  I am not distant, I am here.  Know this, embrace this Truth, you are not alone.

  I am specializing you in your service for Me.  How you are mentally is a reflection of who you are in Me.  Can you hold fast, steady, and unshakable in the midst of these storms blowing across your land.  I caution you all to go within and shore up your anchor pins, fasten your pins deeply into Me so that you will be able to whether the storms coming.  Beloved, this journey is not for the weak or feeble minded.  This journey is for the called, the chosen, the elect, who have made themselves strong in Me.  Are you weak and feeble today, fear not, come unto Me and I shall make you strong.

Every life shall be tested.  No one shall go through this life without being tested.  What you need is the right teacher to teach you how to pass the tests.  I am able to help each one of you.  But, it is up to you to seek understanding.  Call upon Me for Truth.  Call upon Me for answers to your questions.  I am the only one who can make things clear for you.   You need no other teacher but Me.  You shall be tested.  But, I tell you the Truth, I see you, you are not alone in your struggle.  No one knows how long their life shall be, some died today, some shall die tomorrow.  It is best to not worry yourselves with trying to figure everything out, this is a task for God, not man.  Only, reach out and take hold of the unseen hand that is reaching out to you today.  For wherever you are, there I am also.  Can you see Me, look closely, dear ones, I walk among you, in the trenches of everyday life, in the war zones, in the brothels, in the classrooms, in the factories, in the shops, in the courthouses, in the parks, in the jungles, in the mountains, in the valleys, in the crimes perpetrated against you, I am here with you, I love you all, there is much suffering and much unrest, but, I say come to Me and let Me comfort you and give you rest.  There is a lot of injustice now, man has twisted My Truths and has abandoned love, but, I tell you the Truth, no one can quench My love.  Though you may run from it, it shall be found by all who seek it and it shall overwhelm them.  Oh, My love is ever-expanding, oscillating from within My earthen vessels and all of My creation.  Behold, My love shall set you free.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 19, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, I asked Him why John Paul Jackson died and others this year, this is what I heard Him answer:

There is a shift taking place.  Many have stood on earth that you knew are being removed.  Some have made it home, while some have died and are lost forever.  The changing of the guard has come.  I must remove the old mindsets to usher in the new.  For behold I am doing a new thing in My people.  What  is of the spirit is spirit, what is of the flesh, is flesh, you must use your discernment and walk carefully on the path, My love.  Much is being exposed now.  The shifting on the earth is producing more shaking.  Needless casualties of war shall come.  For many have not prepared themselves.  You, My child, stay focused on Me, keep walking this path.  I lead, you follow.  The breath of My Spirit hovers over the earth now.  I have sent forth My angels to sow and gather, you shall see them among you.  Remember, I use many different people and other creations of Mine in My big picture.  I rule, I am in charge of My armies.  My Kingdom in you is coming out, for I am building My Kingdom from within and in My appointed time I shall bring it forth.  My Kingdom is eternal, My Kingdom is real.  My Kingdom is True.  To understand My Kingdom you must look within.   For Truth all Truth is found within.  The journey to Me requires your full attention.  I am not a distraction.  I am the real deal.  All who have laid down their own ideas of Me and My Kingdom in their seeking have found Me and are in My peace and rest, quietly waiting upon Me.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 18, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, I heard this:

You have asked Me "What am I ?  What is my purpose for you?"  My dear child, you are a disciple, a learner of My way, a student ever striving to understand Me and My way.  Child, you will not miss Me.  For We are one.  I am bringing you into My Truths little by little.  As I lead, you follow.  You are growing in your understanding.  As I bring into your life others who are pouring out what they are learning, they are making deposits into your storehouse.  You are receiving much information now and as you are receiving you shall pour out when I am ready for you to.  But, for now, be faithful with your portion.  Sit at My feet and allow Me to feed you and water you from My divine table.  Your understanding has to stretch and grow in order for you to receive it and not cast it aside as untruth.  For you have been entrenched in the study of My word and man's understanding of it.  This is what you are accustomed to.  Remember, I am your teacher, I will send My bride your way to reveal more to you daily, for this is part of your daily portion.  Do not allow the ones I send to you to occupy all of your time and replace our time together, No.  Use the information that they are sharing in their own understanding of Me as a supplement to what I am teaching you.  I am building up your vessel in righteousness, peace and Truth.  I am your source of information.  I will not deceive you, and I will not allow you to be deceived by others.  Listen carefully to My bride I send to you.  Listen and discern their hearts.  I am knitting you together.  I have givin you a discerning heart.  You shall know the Truth completely and it shall make you free.  Your foundation is laid, your walls are strong.  I am building a fortress within your earthen vessel.  If you hear something you do not understand, bring it to Me.  Do not be quick to cast it aside, just because you do not understand.  Your understanding is still limited, but, remember, I am stretching and enlarging your dendrites (channels of understanding).  A baby isn't born and immediately expected to run and roar, no, it's a process.  A baby does roar immediately, but the roar is weak and wields little power in their vulnerability.  Oh, but when they are fully grown and matured they're a force to be reckoned with.  You, My child, are not a baby, but, you are still maturing in Me.  This transformation is unfolding now in you.  Do not be eager to rush out ahead of Me.  Stay close, My little one, close and sheltered under My wing.  I am training, training, training you.  I am your teacher and commander in chief.  I lead you down the path, you follow humbly behind Me.  This is what you are to do daily now.  Listen and follow Me.  I will not lead you astray.  You are Mine.  There is much to cover now.  Be strong, and allow Me to download more of My Kingdom within you. Let patience have her perfect work.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 15, 2015

***Note:  This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord:

In My presence is where you abide My child.  For you are ever mindful of Me.  When you rise and when you lay down and every moment in between We are together.  I live in you, My earthen vessel.  Many shall crave what you have.  For to know Me is everything.  To be in peace in the midst of any storm is a clear sign of what dwells within.  For you are separated, cut off from the chatter in the pens.

 I have hand picked My chosen, select bride, there is much that I shall do through her.  She is rooted and established in me.  I see her clearly, I call and she eagerly comes.  I whisper her name and she shudders within at the sound of My voice.  Many on earth claim to know Me, but, I tell you the Truth, few, few, have put in the time to steal away from the noise of the outside world and separate themselves unto Me.  Oh, but My bride has, and in her I am well pleased.  For she knows My name, she hears My voice, she has felt my hand of guidance, and the sting of correction along My path, Oh, My bride, My beautiful bride, I am well pleased with thee.  She walks in beauty through the night.  Her gown glows and sparkles from the light that is within.  She stands adorned and arrayed in precious gems and stones and pearls that I alone have given her.  Oh, the beauty in her eyes reflects Me and My love.  For I abide in her and she abides in Me.  There are no words to express how deeply I love My bride.  Blessed are you My bride, for you are watchful and wise, you have made yourself ready for your bridegroom and in this I am well pleased.  Beloved, do not lose hope, as you wait upon the path, for I am revealing more of Myself day by day, moment by moment.


Hearing God - Feb. 16, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord I heard:

My child, do not compare yourself to others.  You all have different paths, and the journey is an individual one.  I have laid the groundwork in you.  Your foundation stone is strong and secure.  I am your habitation.  You are not to lag  behind waiting on others to catch up, No, My beloved, you must press on.  For I am doing a deep work within you.  You are strong and secure in Me.  Beloved, you are growing and bursting out of your seams from within your old wineskin, your cocoon, for the river of My Spirit, My love, My new wine is flowing forth from you now.  Oh, beloved, the transformation in you is a thing of beauty and brings Me great joy.  I rejoice over you, My little dove, for you are coming into completion of your journey into Me.  Your eyes are Now My Eye, you see clearly as I reveal the hidden Truths to you.  You have asked to see Me and now you see Me.  You have set your mind on Me and you shall not be denied.  As you keep Me in the forefront of all that you are, you remain in Me as I am in you.  The place within you is clean and strong, you shall pass through any storm that may come your way.  Life in Me is your safety net.  I am you hiding place.  I am your peace.  Rest now, My dear one.  You are covered in Me.  This is your time of rest.  For you have traveled through many great cities, and gleaned many beautiful Truths.  You are storing much in your storehouse.  I am pleased with your diligence.  Keep pressing into Me.  But, do not compare your journey to that of others.  You too, are worthy to be among My Bride.  For you are in the final stages of transformation and you are making yourself ready for Me.  It is well with thee and Me, Oh, how I love to spend time with you, My gentle, quiet little dove.  Rest now, Dear one.  

Hearing God - Feb. 17, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this is what I heard:

Many are called, but, few are chosen.  I see all that is in the heart of man, everything twisted so as not to discern Truth.  Layer upon layer of lies and deceit through the generations.  Few can find their way out of the spiders web, until I call them to Myself.  I know the right time for everything.  I am in charge of the big picture.  I Am the big picture.  Many limit their understanding of Me by what they have grown up in and taught to them as absolute truth.  But, they only see a tiny part of the whole.  I am revealing Myself to all who have a hunger for Me, to know Me for who I am.  If you will allow Me, and Me alone to be your teacher, I will unlock the mysteries of My Kingdom.  As you seek to know Me for yourself, you find yourself digging deep in an unfamiliar garden and you find yourself wandering along a bunny trail.  Follow the trail, as I lead, you follow.  As I reveal, take notes.  These are the days of your transformation.  You see with My Eye, for We are one.  I am the head, you are now processing everything through Me, My mind is in your mind now.  No more shackles, no more to be in the dark, for you have broken through in your digging and now you see a new day breaking forth upon you.  I cannot be hindered or delayed, for you have persevered in Me to seek out the Truth.  You have set your heart to not be deceived and I have granted you your hearts desire.  There is still much treasure to be found.  Stretch yourself , rest and then continue digging many blessings await you on this path of transparency with Me.  Seek Me for understanding in all that you find here.  You shall not be disappointed for where your treasure is, there is your heart also.   This pleases Me, My little dove.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 14, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

In the beauty of holiness you shall see me.  For you are changing, as I am at work within you.  I am the cause of your change.   Oh, the beauty of a renewed heart, there is none to compare.  As I rise within you, you shall rise on the wings of love.  I speak today to the seeker within these earthen vessels, for I shall be found of you.  As you make the journey towards Me, I see you.  I read you.  I know your thoughts.  I know your intentions of your heart.  Do not be deceived and think that you can hide anything from Me, the attempt is futile, and completely unnecessary.  But, know this, the spirit that is drawing you to seek Me out, is Me.  You are hearing something, investigate it!  Take the adventure inward, for in so doing you shall be greatly rewarded.  I know your situation, I know your lack and pain.  Come and draw near to Me.  Prayer is not work, it is not hard, it is a simple word for communication with Me.  No, not repeating a set pattern of words over and over.  Would you have a conversation with your spouse or child by repeating the same words over and over, no, of course not.  Speak to Me as you would a dear friend.  Come as you are, nothing hidden, bare and vulnerable.  Leave your pride at the door, for it may not enter here.

Oh, My dear one, can you see Me?  Can you hear Me?  Can you sense Me?  Pay attention.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 13, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

There are many now in the squeeze zone, none are left out.  In this squeeze zone I am forcing to come forth what is hidden deep within.  This is revealing the Truth of what is within.  Bitter and sweet water does not co-habitate well.  Either the vessel is clean or corrupt, the proof is in their words.  You shall see and discern much as you watch them reacting in the squeeze zone.

 Beloved, you are not responsible for others.  You must look within and submit to My hand as I work within you.  All are on some sort of path.  I see all.  I am working on every one.  Each has their own journey to Me.  Many are not on My path, for the path they are on shall bring them much destruction.

As you observe what is coming forth from their mouths, and what their actions are, you shall see what is the intents of their hearts.  Much is revealed in the squeeze zone.  You yourself have been in this squeeze zone yourself many times as I purged you of the dross and impurities in your heart and soul.  It is not easy, there is pain and much distress, but, I tell you the Truth, this is necessary for growth and maturity.

 Some are walking with Me, pure and clean, as they have been through the squeeze zone and My refining fire, this is how I test you, and many will be taking the test over and over as My refining fires do the deep work required in each one.

 These ones that you see exhibiting all manner of malice and evil are showing signs of what is within them.  They need a purge.  Some are allowing the work of My Spirit and are constantly communing with Me.  Many are still in the valley of self, and do not see the destruction going on within themselves.

  Oh, My loves, do not lose your hope in Me, for I am here with you, working in you.  This is a process.  This is not a comparison to show you that I love you more than someone else, no, I love you all.  This is to show you how to see, to look at others and look for the reflection of Me, for some it is clear to see, for others you must look deeper.  Do not judge your brothers or sisters, only love.

For love is the key to open every heart.  All life was created by love and for love and all life will be routed back to love.  Do not fear, My little ones, for I am here with you.  I shall help all who ask for My help.  Trust Me in everything.  When you encounter difficult people, remember, I created them too.  You are to walk in love as I do, for in so doing you are reflecting a perfect image of Me.  Sometimes love is not easy, but, I tell you the Truth, it is the only way.  Persevere in Love.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 12, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord today, this is what I heard:

Oh, My sweet one, My dear, you are so fresh and clean in your spirit, this is a beautiful reflection of Me.  For as you live you exude sweetness all around you.  Your words drip like honey from a cone.  As you speak, your waters run pure and clean, they are a refreshing pool for the dry and thirsty that gather around you.  Oh, My love, the work you do daily is a beautiful sacrifice for Me, for as you live day by day in Me you rise up and reflect Me in all that you do.  As you go about what is required of you I am lifted up through your thoughts, actions, speech and intents of your heart.  This is beautiful, My love.  For I can see Myself in you.  The reflection of gentleness, humbleness, holiness, and quietness in you reflects My love.  For as others in your life are pulled into your circle, they move in and move out as the tides, they are all touched by Me through you.  A smile, a small act of kindness, a gentle word, a touch, a all reflects Me and My love.  You have asked Me to increase your love and so I have.  The abundance of My Spirit within you is fueled by love.  I have filled you, My dear one, freely you have received and freely you pour out.  The light within you, My child, is love, it's tangible, for I Myself am love.  As you live your life in Me, My love pours forth from your life and touches many.  The gifts I have placed within you are salt to season the lives of all who enter your circle.  The circle is unending, it goes on and on.  Breathe in, Breathe out, as you live, I am seen through you.  For you are reflecting Me, and this is as it should be.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 11, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

My love, My dear one, as you endeavor to learn more about Me, you must use discernment.  There are many voices crying out and you must be discerning in your search for Truth.  I am your teacher.  Follow the leading of My Spirit as you hear from others.  If you feel drawn and their words resonate within you then you shall learn Truth.  If what they are saying does not resonate within you or disturbs your peace, ask Me if what they are speaking is from Me, I will tell you the Truth.  Your journey is a progressive one.  Some are way ahead of you and have learned more than you, and some are behind you and have not grown as much as you have.  My little one, do not compare yourself with others, for each of you is progressing on the path.  As you are spending time with Me, your journey is progressing daily and developing more understanding of who you are in Me.  Oh, My dove, you are learning.  You are strengthened daily as you humble yourself to Me.  I lead, you follow.  As you seek, I open the doors and unlock the mysteries for you.  As you dig and dig you unearth more treasures of My Kingdom.  Your life is hid in Me.  If you are searching for Truth, you shall not be led astray, for you are in Me, as I live you shall also live.  You are awake and active in your pursuit of Me.  It is well with thee and Me.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 10, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

The duality of man is a mystery to most until now.  I am revealing to you all the mysteries that have had you bound.  For in the unraveling you shall find that you become undone.  For when there is no veil the Truth shines forth.  The battle within each of you must be fought daily in the trenches of everyday living.  Whichever side wins shall be the ruler over you.  I have placed within you the ability to overcome all that you struggle with daily in the trenches.  Fear not, for as you battle and struggle, call out to Me for help and I shall help you overcome.  For there is no distance between us.  I stand in the middle as the mediator between your duality.  You must recognize that I am here, in the midst of you.  If you want to do right then you will do right.  If you want to do wrong then you will do wrong.  The battle, My friend, is within each of you.  You must not give in, you must war within yourself and overcome.  Much is dependent upon your own choices.  Do you understand?  Ponder these words.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 9, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Oh beloved, it is good that you come, for each moment set aside for Me is not wasted.  Many shall cling to things.  Many shall cling to people.  For they are turned the wrong way.  I am the only one who can protect them.  I am the only one who can lead and guide them.  But, they are trusting in themselves.  They are trusting in their riches.  They are trusting in others.  Oh there is no strength in them, there is no foundation.  For they have built their habitations on sinking sand.  Woe, when the storms come upon them, they shall be swept away.  Only the ones who have built their habitation with Me shall be protected, for when the storms come and rage against them they shall not be moved.  For they have taken the time to build on the rock that will never crumble, for it is the cornerstone of My Kingdom.  In Me there is no lack.  All those who have found their place in Me are nestled snugly under My wings.  They do not struggle now, for they are Trusting in Me to take care of them and I shall not disappoint any of them.

 Are you listening?

 Can you hear Me?


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 7, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this is what I heard:

Oh, the days before you My child, shall be full of wonder, beauty and supernatural abundance.

 Many shall be in perilous times and walk in great difficulty, for they have not made ready for the next part of transition, they are unstable and they will feel their lack of preparation soon.

But, do not worry, My love, for you have fully prepared.  As you have diligently dug and pulled from the soil on the path, you have uncovered many gemstones, pearls, gold and silver that will serve you well in the spirit, for you now endeavor to daily live here with Me in the spirit.

 Oh, how beautiful are the feet of My doves who come daily to My table and enter in to commune with Me.  They are truly flourishing in My Father's courtyard.  They shall have no lack, for I am with My lambs.  I am all they need.

 Fear not, My dear ones, for yet you shall see many difficult things, but, remember, I am in the change.  I am transforming everything.  Your journey into Me is beautiful and unending, for as I am, so also shall you be, for beloveds, We are one.

 I call many to My table, but, alas, few, very few have made the journey.  Hear Me Now, come and separate yourself from the things of this world and find Me for yourselves.

 I do not want you to succumb to the lie that you are alone and isolated.

 You are not alone.  Call upon Me to come and reveal Myself to you.  I am not distant.  But, you must call, MAKE THE CALL.  I can and I am, Willing to help.  It is up to you to recognize you have need of Me.

 Do not listen to the lies that you are not wanted.  You are very very valuable to Me, come and let Me show you My ways.  Come and let Me meet you on the path.


Hearing God - Feb. 8, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this morning I heard this:

Oh, My love, My dear one, it is good to come and sit with Me, for as you come and linger, I give you strength to endure and overcome any challenges you may be called upon to face.  This is the secret or the key to your success.  I am a rewarder to all who are diligent in pursuing Me.  For in their pursuit of Me, I shall overtake them.  Oh, how I love My little lambs.  I shelter, protect, and nourish each little one, by My own hand.  The tasks before you all will be daunting, but you must not lose hope, you must not give up or lose your faith.  For each task or challenge will refine you more.  In everything, you are to overcome.  I have created you to be overcomers.  Do not fear, do not run.  Stand still and know I am here with you, call upon Me and I will guide you through every task.  I do not leave you alone for one moment.  But, remember, the teacher is quiet in the test.  You can conquer and overcome any challenge with Me to help you.  For in these tests I am looking for My reflection in you, My little ones.  Do you not understand that your refining process is to transform each of you into My likeness.  You were created in My image.  Now it is time for your transformation.  Each one of you is going through a metamorphosis.  What is in you, is coming out.  Oh, My dear ones, if I do not see My reflection in you, this tells Me that you are in need of more refining.  Who are you reflecting?  Have you overcome your flesh and are living in the spirit in My Kingdom.  Remember, My Kingdom is within you.  Do you believe?  The Kingdom is rising now My children.  You must let it out.  My Kingdom come.  My Will be done.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 6, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Look to Me in all things and in all your circumstances, for I and I alone am the author and finisher of your life story.  I have already separated My sheep from the goats.  Now the separation is becoming clearer and more distinct.  Some have crossed over and made the journey back to Me and are resting, secure and unmovable in My hand, this is where you are My love, My gentle dove.

Some are still making their way along the path and are now feeling the sting of the fiery darts as they make their way even closer to Me.  These darts are sent to wound and discourage and tear down My humble ones.  But, My dear ones, I tell you the Truth, I am here, I love you, you are beautiful to Me and very valuable.  Though the journey may become hard, and the darts they do sting, your weeping shall not be prolonged, press on, My dear ones, your best days are on this path.  I will replace your tears with My oil of gladness.  I am here.  Reach out to Me and let Me comfort you.  Come, come away with Me, in the quiet, in the stillness, separate yourself from all the noise, that so easily distracts you.

Do you know what the fiery darts are?  These are the words that come forth out of the hearts of men who do not know Me.  They are wolves in sheep's clothing, they are in the pen with the other sheep.  There is no light in them.  They take pleasure in causing pain to My true lambs.  I tell you the Truth, for I am not a man that I should lie.  Look closely, all around you, pay attention to the words coming out of the people.  There is a clear divide, you shall see it, if only you will look.  Bitter and sweet waters will not be coming forth out of a pure vessel.  Those who have ears to hear, shall hear Me now.  Those who have eyes to see shall see Me now.  Look, pay attention to their words, their attitudes.  For out of the heart a man speaks.

The separation of My sheep is widening.  I can clearly be seen by all who are wise.  But, to the foolish, they see nothing, and will not see the destruction coming upon them.  I am alive in My temples now.  I am at work in every vessel. All are at different levels of development, which will effect their understanding.

 I tell you the Truth, I speak plainly to those who are willing to hear.  All words are being recorded, all thoughts are being recorded.  For I see all, and I will reward each one of you according to your words.  I read each of you clearly.

Pay attention to their words, My little ones, for you shall discern much Truth in them.  Do not align yourselves with the wolves, move onward and upward with Me.  Let the sweet waters of My Spirit pour out of you.

 When the fiery darts come, do not try to understand what is wrong with you, for these are for to test you both and refine you both.  To see if you will endure the fiery darts and overcome them by reflecting Me in every situation.  Also, for the ones spewing the fiery darts out of their mouths, this allows Me to see what is truly in their hearts and how much more time they shall need in the melting pot and refining fires.

 All flesh will yield to the spirit.  If you will live in the spirit you will reflect Me, this is your task before each of you now.

Who among you are sheep and who among you are wolves?  They are easy to see, My dear ones, watch their words.

Ponder what I have revealed to you today.  For in My words there is much Truth.  I see you, I am not distant.  I am here.  I am among each of you.

You and you alone must choose to live by the Spirit or by the flesh.  Your goal is to overcome your flesh, and live by your spirit, you can only do this with My help.  Seek Me now, while I may be found, let Me be your teacher and your guide on this journey.

The narrow way is not easy, but, it is necessary.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hearing God - Oct. 25, 2014

***Note:  This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord:

Beloved, I love how you love Me.  I love how you love people.  I love how you allow My love to flow through you to touch others.  As My love freely flows through each of you, I fill you with more and more of My love.  My love is a mystery, for it never, ever runs out.  My light fills the darkness with a warmth and a presence, all together unknown to the darkness.  But, As I invade this present darkness, I draw all men to Me.  For in their wandering darkness, when they see the light, they come to find the source of the light.  I love fishing.  I especially love fishing for men.  I use many lures and tactics to find My fish.  For the waters are full of all sorts of beautiful fish.  I love the waves caused by My fish.  As I catch a fish, I love it, and nurture it, then I let it go to find more fish for Me.  Do you understand child, the waters are the world, the fish are the people, I am the great fisherman.   I lead, you follow.  Fish ride  on the waves, for they swim in the under currents.  My Spirit flows through waves.  I use many, many different ways to interact with My creation.  As each of you begins to tune in, you shall see me all around you, in the atmosphere, in the earth, the life giving force of all is Me.  Can you see Me, My little ones, look around, I have safely tucked you in a beautiful home.  I am not distant from any of you.  Open your eyes.  Now, I ask again, can you see Me.

Hearing God - Oct. 23, 2014

***Note:  As I was waiting upon the Lord, I heard:

Beloved, it is good to come and sit with Me at the beginning of your day.  To come away, in the quiet, and in the stillness and just be still and rest in Me.  To abide in My presence refreshes your spirit and soul.  To know I am here truly strengthens you from the inside out.  It is well with thee and Me, My little one.  For you are centered in who you are in Me.  You have found your true home in Me.

  You have labored intensely in your journey towards Me, and you have yielded to Me, and allowed Me to make My home in you.  Now, My dear one, as you continue to draw ever closer to Me I fill you more and more with My heart, with My love, with My compassion, with My light.  My light exposes and expels all darkness.  I ride upon the waves of the spirit.

Your speech and your thoughts are waves.  Your thoughts are connecting to My thoughts towards you, and produce many waves.  You are surfing upon the waves of My Spirit.

 This is what the vision means you had last night.  You are opening your eyes to the strange new world now.  As you follow after Me, you shall go deeper and deeper into the unknown of My World.  This is what you were created for.  Much time has been spent on your preparation.  Now, My love, the time of your visitation approaches.  Behold, the student shall become the teacher, and lead many aimless wanderers onto the path that shall lead them to Me, for in their seeking I shall be found by each one.

Your breadcrumb trail is very valuable to Me.  You do not see it, but it is producing abundant fruit on My vine.  Shine baby shine.  Many who are stumbling in the darkness, are eating the crumbs and stumbling upon the trail that leads to Me.


Hearing God - Oct. 24, 2014

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord I heard:

Beloved, I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.  I diligently stir the pot within you, your flame is hot and your inner liquid is pure gold, for I have purified and refined you.  You are clean and malleable to Me.

The chains that have bound you are now gone and you freely move about within My Kingdom.  The new day is here and breaks forth upon you, My love.  Each day now brings forth sweet wine for you as you dwell in Me.  We are one, My dear one, you have entered into your place in Me.  You, My lovely one, are never far from Me.  I am ever on your sweet little mind.  You ponder, and meditate on Me all the day and into the night, this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  You are mindful of Me as you live and breathe and move, and have your being centered upon Me.  For I dwell within you and you, My love, dwell within Me.  Nothing shall separate you from Me or My plans for you.  I am your hiding place, I am your abiding place, I am your comfort place.  For you truly Trust Me and abide in Me.

 Oh, My lovely one, your heart is tender toward Me and the things that concern Me.  My love flows sweetly from you.  The warmth of My flame glows gently out of your vessel.  Oh, My dove, My lovely one, it is well with thee and Me.   You have founded your life and all that you are, in Me, and upon this foundation you shall stand.

 As you patiently go forth about your days, you shall know Me and be known by My followers, for I am knitting you all together into My beautiful tapestry of love.  For love is the key.  As you walk and remain in Me, My love goes forth and multiplies into the lives of everyone your life touches.  Did you know that child.


Hearing God - Oct. 26, 2014

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord I heard this:

Beloved, My heart is for you.  I am here.  Keep your heart centered on Me, keep Me in the forefront of your mind.  Nothing shall be impossible for you, all you need do is ask.  Shut out the noise of the world and focus on Me.  I and I alone are your light.  Much shall be opened to you that was once a mystery.  You shall know, you shall discern, in this season.

The new day has many challenges.  You shall arise and face them with vigor and strength.  Oh, My little one, you were born to be a blessing.  You were born to overcome all of your challenges.  Beloved, think in not strange when perilous days come upon you, Remember, I have already prepared you for them.  You can handle anything that you need to.  I am here with you.  Ask, and I will guide you through all difficulties and challenges.

  My child, My bride, My dear one, many shall fall, and turn away from this path, but you will remain, you shall strengthen the feeble hands and encourage the hearts of many who are weary and ready to give up.  Press on, press on, My lovely one, into the realms of glory.  I shall lead you through the maze.  Do not succumb to doubt and unbelief.  My light is shining forth through you.  Beloved let your heart be filled once again and overflow with My love.

  I am diligently pursuing My lambs, My fish, My prodigals.  I am at work in each one, setting the captives free.  Oh, how I wish all would enter in now to Me.  For in Me there is peace and in Me there is love.  Love is forgiveness.  Love covers a multitude of problems.  Not everyone shall prosper in this new way.  For many shall try to cling to their old mindsets, but know this, change must come to set you free.


Hearing God - Oct. 27, 2014

***Note:  This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord:

Song:  "All ye heavy laden, all ye heavy hearted...oh come, and He will give you rest, oh come, and He will give you rest..."

Oh, My child, do not fret, this too shall pass.  You are not called to be put in a box.  You are called to be a light in the darkness.  You are called to walk the earth and express Me everywhere you go.  My light in you cannot be hidden under a box, no, My light must come forth in love, and power through you all.  I shall increase in each yielded vessel.  I cannot be contained in a box.  Therefore you cannot be contained in a box.  Go forth and expand, go forth and increase.  Christ in you, the hope of glory.

 Beloved, change is upon you all.  I am in the change.  Do not struggle,  or try to stay where you once were comfortable, no move with Me.  Let My Spirit lead you in the paths of peace.  I am quiet.  Shut out the noise, focus on Me, I am here in you.  Listen to Me.  I am with you, My little one.

 Remember, change is not easy, but, change is here.  You must continue to move and progress in Me.  I lead, you follow.  Focus on Me, live in Me, be in Me.  I am all you need.  Look for Me now.  Follow My lead.  You can hear Me.

 Trust your heart and let go of what was familiar and comfortable to you.  Launch out deeper now, let the winds of My Spirit carry you, upon My waves of grace, always follow peace.  My peace is your key marker.  Where there is no peace is a signpost for you.  Be aware, for I am peace.  Where there is no peace, I am not there, follow after peace.  Always follow peace.  Let Me lead you into all My paths of peace.


Hearing God - Oct. 28, 2014

***Note:  This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord:

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good, and His mercies endure forever.  My child, it is well with thee and Me, for you remain soft and pliable in My hands.  My living waters are strong in you and as you endure tests and challenges that come into your life, My waters flow over you in wave after wave of love.  As you remain calm and stay in My peace, you receive more and more strength.  All of your tests and challenges that arise in your life have a plan and a purpose in My Kingdom.  Take each day, one at a time and fulfill all that I require of you.

 Oh, My little one, it is well with thee and Me.  Rest in Me, come to Me more often, as you feel the stress and tugging of the hands of this world reaching out to you to pull you out of Me, out of peace, out of My rest for you.  I am your source of strength, come away with Me child, more and more, you are centered in Me, I am with you.  I am here for you.

Do not try to reason everything out, just trust Me and know, I see all.  I am working in you and through you and in others and through others.  All are on their own journeys to Me.  All are on their own paths. Some shall be taken today.  Fear not, for I am watching over you.  You are one of My treasures, and you, My dove, are dearly loved.

  Many never find this intimacy with Me, but, I tell you the Truth, many shall find Me in the breadcrumb trail you are leaving for them.

Much is coming to pass now, dear one, fear not, for I have got you in the palm of My hand, and you shall whether the storms, for you shall ride upon the waves of My spirit.  I shall draw all men unto Me.  I shall use many baits and lures to draw them out of the dark and into My light.  Let your light shine, My little one.


Hearing God - Oct. 29, 2014

***Note:  This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord:

Praise the name of Jesus, praise Him all you people, praise Him in your sanctuary, praise Him in the dance, praise the name of Jesus.  The name of Jesus has power when released from your lips.

 For as you speak, the breath of the spirit flows forth through your words.  In the breath, through the speech and spittle My power flows, I am alive in you.  My Spirit dwells within you and all around you.  I am in the atmosphere.  I am everywhere.  If you do not see Me, it is because you are not looking.  If you do not hear Me, it is because you are not listening.

I am in the wind, I am in the breaking of the waves, I am in the fragrance of the flowers.  Where there is life I am there.

 You need only to turn your attention on Me.  To quiet yourself and focus on Me.  Think on Me, let your mind reflect on Me.  I shall be found by all.  I shall be known by each one who seeks Me personally for themselves.  I live, I am the source of all life.

 Enter now in to a relationship with your God, your creator, your deliverer, I am all you need.  I am willing to lead you, if you are willing to follow.

My way leads you to peace everlasting, joy unspeakable and full of My glorious love.  Oh, come, come now, and taste and see that the Lord is God, and I shall feed you from My own hands, I shall water your spirit and water your dry and thirsty land.

Oh, beloved, it is not dark now, My light has come, open your eyes now, it's a new day, a new season is upon you now.

Hearing God - Nov. 3, 2014

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this is what I heard:

Song:  "I went to the danger zone, take me right into the danger zone..."

Many no longer believe.  Many hearts are hardened and turned to stone.  Because of their unbelief and unwillingness to believe, I shall have to shake them harshly to wake them up to the Truth.

 You, My child, are seeing and hearing the demise of many hearts who have succumbed to the lies, and believe the lies are truth.  They are fully trusting in their own flesh.  Their ego is driving them.  Where there is no love is a clear sign to you, pay attention to this, My little one.  My peace is always wrapped in My love.  Oh, the foolish, selfish ones, spew out dark words from a dark heart, and a dark mind.  Oh, My love, this is a sign, pay attention.  These are not Mine.  These are full of self, they are not full of love.  Watch their words, you can see what's inside of them, by what is coming out of them.

 I am here.  I see all.  Open your eyes, My dear one.  You can see clearly now.  Walk in My love, walk in My peace.  Allow yourself to be transformed by My light in you.  Guiding you through this understanding.

Words have power.  They are creative.  They bring blessings or cursing.  This is why it is important to choose your words wisely.  One of the most destructive forces to be unleashed is words.  Words are not empty, this is a lie.  Words are full of power.  They bring life, strength, and healing to the hearer, or death, weakness and sickness to the hearer, but also, double to the speaker.

  To see the inside of a person, listen to his words.  To see what is inside of you, examine your own words.  I am not a man that I should lie.

You are happy and content because you choose to be.  Or, you are unhappy and discontented because you choose to be.

You alone are responsible for your choices, choose wisely.

Hearing God - Nov. 5, 2014

***Note:  This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord:

Song:  "Blessed assurance, Jesus is Mine, Oh what a foretaste of glory divine..."

Oh, My little one, as you focus on Me, all your cares fall away.   I am here with you.  I am always here.  You are Mine forever and I shall always love you, My dear one.  Stay centered on Me every day.  I shall meet all your needs.   I shall prosper you in My Kingdom.  You shall live in great abundance.  Great abundance of Love, Comfort, Joy, Strength, and Honor.

Many have fallen away from Me, few now venture to enter in to My presence for they have grown weary and bored with their searching, Oh this saddens Me, for to know Me is everything.  Oh, the loss I feel for these little ones who are still disconnected from Me, I shall have to use stronger measures to get their attention.

But, do not worry, My child, My dove, for I shall protect and shelter you from the storms coming.  For you, My love, have entered in to My Rest, you have come through your time of testing, and you live in Me, behind the veil.  You now, go freely in and out of My chambers.  You can always find Me, in a moment, in an instance, for you have learned to look within and seek Me out.  In the warmth of My Spirit living within you, I can be found by you.  You know Me child and I know you.

 We are on the journey together, beloved, stay awake and put these words up, spread the bread crumb trail, My dear one, there are many hungry for more of Me, and they have stumbled onto your path and are eating the crumbs that fall from our table.  You must be diligent to share what you hear, My faithful dove.  I love you.


Hearing God - Nov. 7, 2014

***Note:  I heard this as I was waiting on the Lord:

My child, you should always come to Me daily, do not allow yourself to be fed by someone elses morsels.  You are to be hand fed by Me.  I am your daily portion.  Seek Me out daily, for your portion.

You are good and you are Mine.  I live in and around you.  For you are in Me and you abide, dwell and rest in My presence.

 Much is changing now in your world.  Many have awakened to Me, while many are still in their slumber.  Oh, how I want all to come to Me.  The journey for each of you is personal and you must make the decision for yourself.  Choose you this day who you will follow.  Beloved, do not make this decision lightly for your very future hangs in the balance.  I am watching you all, I see your daily choices.  I see your daily heart, I hear every word spoken.  I hear every thought.  I know every intention and I know every plan.  Nothing is hidden from Me.  I see all.  I know all.

  I do not come to punish and destroy you.  I come to discipline and correct My wayward children.  I shall cleanse and restore all of My creation.  Every eye shall see Me and know who I am.  I shall reward, cover, protect, and provide for My own.  But, woe, to the ones who have strayed, who have changed their course, who have believed the lies, the times ahead shall be most difficult.  I call to you now, come back to Me, though your sins be as scarlet, I shall wash them and make you white as wool.  Oh, foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you.

 Listen to your hearts, My loves, I am here in the midst of you, look for Me, while I am be found of you.


Hearing God - Feb. 5, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, I heard:

The Father is watching you.  I and My Father are constantly watching over you.  Oh, My love, so much Truth is in you.  I have poured out so much love into you, and as I pour in, you, My love, pour out.

Live and let live is such a sad statement, for none can live without Me.  I am life, I am the only one that can set you free from the bonds that hold you in slavery in this world.  If you do not understand this, I tell you the Truth - you are still asleep.  WAKE UP, I cannot possibly yell it any louder.  You must wake up now - My sleeping beauties, for I have much to say to each of you, but you must be willing to hear Me.  You are not deaf, you are stubborn and rebellious and still want to go your own way.  It is a pity when your own children will not listen.  So be it.  The time of change shall be harsh for these stubborn children.  I still love each of you, but, I must chasten and discipline My loves.  For I have ordered your steps, and the ones who have wandered off of My path, into the world, I shall use whatever is necessary to compel you back to the path that leads to Me.  I tell you the Truth, I do this out of love.  Think for a moment, what I have stated here.  Ponder over these words, there is Truth here.  I am revealing a chink in your armor.  Can you not hear Me?  Pay attention, My humble scribe, writes these words for Me.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hearing God - Dec. 7, 2014

***Note:  As I was waiting upon the Lord, this is what I heard:

It is good to come into My presence and spend time with Me, one on one.  I have much to teach you.  I have much to say, but, you will only hear as you are willing to hear, this is a key.  Are you willing, are you?

Many say they know Me, but this is false, for they only know about Me.  They only know the letter, the written text, they must press, push, and labor past this for this is just a threshold into knowing Me.  You must seek to hear Me for yourself to truly come into My presence and build a relationship with Me.  It takes focus and determination to want to know Me.

  Truly, I say to you, if you do not spend time with Me you will not be ready for what is coming in the transition.  All will be revealed to you in the proper time.  These things cannot be rushed, you must Trust Me, dear one, I see you, you will not be left out.  I will tell you your next step.

Wait upon Me, My little one.


Hearing God - Dec. 4, 2014

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord I heard:

You must prepare. You must prepare yourself for My service.  You must abstain from all evil.  You must not venture out beyond the path I have personally placed you on.   Oh, My little one, do not be discouraged as this time approaches.  I am here.  I am with you.  I will not leave you.  You are Mine now and forever, We are one.

 Your heart, your whole beautiful heart is Mine and another you will not follow.  Strengthen yourself in Me, for I am your strength, the eternal flame that burns within you is Me.  We are one, My dove.  Each moment you spend in My presence, each thought you have as you think upon Me, as you go about your daily tasks, endues you with more strength and more of My power.

 You shall do many impossible things in the days ahead, for I shall lead, and you shall follow, fully submitted and yielded to My Will.  Oh how I love you My little one.  I watch over you as you go about your day and as you slumber upon your bed.  Dear one, all is well with thee and Me.  There is no distance between Us.  You are right where I want you.  Think upon Me now, for I am all you need.  Breathe in, Breathe out, I am here.  I am close to thee.  I love thee with an everlasting love that can never be quenched or disengaged, for We are one now.

 You walk with Me and your path is lit by My candle.  Fear not, all is well with thee, I see you.  Trust Me in all things.  Trust My hands upon your life.  Leading and guiding you daily, moment by moment.  I can smell the fragrance of your hair and your heart.  Your worship and daily sacrifices to Me are a beautiful aroma for Me.  It pleases Me when you turn your thoughts to Me as you continue in your daily tasks.  It pleases Me when you recognize the battle in your mind and take your authority and dominion over these rogue thoughts and cast them down and out.  It pleases Me when you humble yourself before Me, and repent of your sins and thoughts that are not pure, clean, or holy.  When you repent it allows Me to wash away the dust, dirt, sin and blemishes that begin to mar your wedding garment.  Oh, My dear one, it pleases Me when you do not give up, but you continue to come before Me and allow Me to cleanse and remove your daily stains that come upon your garments.  Oh, how I love to purify and cleanse you daily and refresh and renew your beautiful wedding garments. You are My beautiful bride and it pleases Me to wash you, and cleanse you daily as you come.  Continue My child, continue in your walk of holiness and sanctification, this is a very important work We are doing.

Hearing God - Nov. 19, 2014

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, I heard:

You are going through difficulties now, My little one, for the time of separation is upon you, do not grow weary in your waiting time, for I truly do not tarry.  I am here, enter thou in with Me into your place of rest and peace, allow Me to comfort your soul.  Do not allow your thoughts to languish in the seeds of despair, no, look to Me, always, for I am here.  I am willing and able to rescue you out of this miry existence.  Child, come, come more often unto My mountain, press in to the path.  Let Me lead, and you, My love, follow closely at My heals.  Oh, beloved, I know change is not easy, I know the uncertainty of the way is uncertain and unsettling for you.  But, Remember, I am here with you to walk with you through every step.  Nothing is too difficult for Me.  Nothing is too mundane.  I am up for the challenge, Trust Me child, you too are up for this challenge.  You shall not fail.  You shall be victorious.  Now, My love, put these words up and remain diligent in this task.  I see you beloved.

Hearing God - Nov. 4, 2014

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord I heard:

My love, you will have to go on a daily treasure hunt to find the good in people.  You must always look for the good in people, and in some you must look carefully at the full picture of a person, look deeply, there is good in each one.  Somewhere.

 Treat each day as an adventure, for as you pursue your day you are on a treasure hunt, always looking for the good in people.  Let your senses be filled with Me, as I fill you, all in all, I shall show you the good.

Evey vessel is on their own journey, many do not see as you see, for they are not on your journey.

You are a light in the earth, and your light is a candle that illuminates the lives of others as you interact with them, they can feel the warmth of My presence in your words, your love, your acts of kindness.

It's the little things that truly impact lives, to show you care, is a treasure all on it's own.

 Oh, My love, you are My searchlight, and you shine out as a beacon in the lives of all you touch.

 As you shine, I am glorified.  As you love, I am revealed.

Hearing God - Jan. 30, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Two hearts that beat as one are never far apart, for the beating is as breath to them, breathe in, breathe out, the melody of life is so sweet when you are truly connected with your creator.  Life, all life, has a beat to it, a rhythm that is played out as a musical melody that is stretched out through the ages for all to hear who have an ear too.  I am in the heart of all things, I am in the order, the natural order of all things.  Chaos is a lack of My presence.  For I am in order.  I set in order, I set in motion My will for all things.  There is no beginning or end to Me.  I am, that I am.  When you begin to go deeper now, you shall know Me on a level that will consume all that you thought you knew about Me, for I am Truth.  I am what you seek.

 Few draw close and truly seek Me for themselves.  Many come, as if I am a candy dispenser, or ATM machine, where they can draw out all that they want of Me, but give Me nothing in return.  Oh, the weak and feeble minds are so wrapped up in their own lusts and desires they have no true need of Me.  I see no reflection of Myself in the many that come to Me for things, and yet have no desire to know Me.

Hearing God - Feb. 3, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Oh, My dear one, so many things are opening for you now as you press in deeper into My Spirit.  For you have learned that wisdom dwells within and as you seek it out, it is revealed to you, for in Me all Truths bring much wisdom.  Little one, you are beautiful and sparkle as the sun and shine brightly as the stars, as you daily live your life as a sacrifice to Me.  Your eyes see beauty in everything all around you.  You are no longer afraid of what lurks in the darkness, for in your journey inward, on the narrow road you have left behind all traces of darkness and look ahead, to press onward and upward into Me, for you, My love, are fully persuaded that I am here for you always and whether you live here on earth in your earthen vessel or pass from earthly living into My eternal Kingdom, We are one and cannot be separated.  To know this, My dear one, is to know Truth.  To seek Me for your daily portion is the best way to nourish yourself, for I hand feed you the choicest morsels of meat and the finest wine, as you are feasting at My table, your hunger for Me grows.  This is My hearts desire, to know you, and to feed you by My own hand.  Keep seeking Truth, My little lamb, My holy dove, for I am the revealer of all Truth.  I shall not be denied in fully revealing My Truths to you.  Stay humble, stay submitted at My feet.  Stay hungry, My Bride, My dear one, for you are being well fed at My table, and you shall receive your portion, for I, and I alone am your source.  Oh, how I love My eager little lambs.  Rest in Me now.

Hearing God - Feb. 4, 2015

***Note:  This song started playing inside of me as I was beginning to wait on the Lord this morning.  "It's beginning to rain, hear the voice of the Father, voice of the Father, saying whosoever will come and drink of this water, drink of this water, I'm beginning to pour My Spirit out on your sons and your daughers, sons, and your daughters, it's beginning to rain..."

Then I heard:

Oh, My love, My dear one, the season of love is here, I'm pouring out upon you now My love, My Peace, My joy, can you not feel Me near you now, My precious one.  Yes, I know you can sense Me, for We are one.  My beloved, My heart sings over you, for you in eagerness to hear, you come quickly to wait upon Me.  You bow before Me in beauty and submission, humbly waiting at My feet for your daily portion.  Oh, My love, many shall come now into this place for themselves, for they can sense My tangible presence in your life as you walk before them exposing to them your own private journey into Me.  This simple task of revealing My own words to you on your blog, has captured the hearts of many, so they see Truth here in these words, for they are carried as seeds upon the wind of My Spirit across the land, these seeds find a home in the heart and soul of the lonely traveler who is seeking the path.  Yes, many are coming into Truth now through this simple bread crumb trail We are leaving.  For in our communion, many find hope, a candle burning brightly, albeit humbly, traveling alone through the darkness of this world.  The ones who are seeking Truth, are resting now under these branches.  For I am providing shade for them, and water, as My Words pour forth from your earthen vessel, many are refreshed.  For I alone, give water to the dry, parched, and thirsty soul.  The travelers on the path behind you, My love, are finding strength and courage to press on in their journey.  For what I am doing for you, My dove, I am willing, Yes I AM Willing, to do for all who come and seek Me for themselves.  Little one's, the love I have for you ALL knows no bounds, it is limitless and unmeasurable, Beloveds, the time is short, heed My words, come, come now and let us reason together.  Ponder these words as you go about your day.  Let them draw you into Me, let them bring comfort to your bruised and hurting hearts.  For I tell you the Truth, I shall reveal Myself to each one of you, in My own special way.  Your journey to Me is your own, each traveler must come and find Me for themselves, I will not turn anyone away.  If you seek Me, I shall be found of you.  Oh, My little one, these words are vital to the hearer, do not delay in putting them up.  My bread crumb trail is feeding many now.  You do not see how this is working.  Do not try to understand how I am using you in this, just obey Me child.  This is very valuable to Me.  Your obedience is Key in this, obey Me now, get these words up.