Friday, November 29, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 24, 2013

Good Morning Child, I love you.  So many ears you said last night.  There are two ears on every head, but too few are willing to hear Me.  They refuse to quiet themselves and take the time to listen to Me.  I am here.  I am speaking but few listen.  You M<y child are willing to hear.  You are willing to Wait upon Me.  You have chosen to hear, so you will hear.  You have much to learn of Me.  Stay close and do not allow yourself to be led astray.  Watch the people today, watch the animals today, watch your surroundings today.  Be aware that I am with you in everything, let Me live big in you today.  Beloved carry My peace with you and Rest in Me, I shall gift to you another beautiful day.
your Abba Father

Hearing God 11-23-2013

I kept hearing this song over and over my spirit would wake me up playing it "Come, Lord Jesus, Come..."

Dream upon waking:
I am in the excursion at LSC youth building going to pick up my daughter from school.  There are people I don't know chunking large rocks into the road, and I know they shouldn't be doing this.  Then larger rocks start falling from the sky - huge and making large crater shapes upon impact and doing much damage to the cars.  I am facing the youth building and the rocks are being hurled from the other side.  (It reminds me of the time when I was little and got hit by a rock being thrown over the trees.)  Then I try to start the excursion and can't find my keys in my hand is a pink and white hand held device - ? - Hello Kitty comes to mind.  It is a beautiful day, blue sky's, green trees and grass.  People are not trying to get out of the way of the falling rocks.  I am not afraid, but I am concerned.  Then my alarm wakes me up.

I settle myself to wait upon the Lord and I hear:

My child you hear Me clearly.  This dream is a warning sign.  Like chicken little.  Even with the impending doom coming many will not heed or believe My warnings.  That is why you are to be a witness as these things unfold.  Much will take place that you don't understand.  Remember, I am here with you.  You are not alone.  You had no fear in the dream because you knew nothing would harm you, for I was with you and protecting you.  Focus on Me today child as you go about your day, see Me in everything and everyone.  Then we will talk about it tonight.  Love your Lord and savior Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

Hearing God Nov. 29, 2013

Dream upon waking:
I'm waiting to get my hair done in the parking lot with my husband and daughter.  We are sitting in folding lawn chairs in the parking lot waiting for my other daughter to get out of school and for my hair appointment to start.  My hairdresser has sent me a condolence email, then a text, then a letter posted on the wall, then a special delivery card/letter from fed-ex or ups.  They call my name and give it to someone from the salon.  I go and tell her that's for me, but she says it's not for me and goes inside.  She has a small square black/grey box with silver lettering on the lid and a card.  The envelope is red.  They call my name again from the salon and hand me the box and card.  The email and text and letter posted on the wall are offering me condolences for something and telling me she got a cow and the picture will help with what she's trying to tell me.  I see a brown/tan and white cow with large brown eyes in a field of light green grass that's tall.  I still don't understand.  I go back outside from the salon and ti's hot.  I go tell my husband, "I'm going back inside it's hot."  My husband and child are sitting in parking lot in cheap, folding lawn chairs.  He says "OK" and they get in a car.  A black charger with red interior.  They are going somewhere else  I ask him where did you get this car?  He said "A rental, $50, $25 and then drove away.  I look to my right and see my car in parking lot so I know I have a ride home.  But I look at my watch it's 4:07pm and my daughter has not got out of school yet and I wonder why, and I wonder if my husband will remember to pick up our daughter.  Then I think well, she has her phone and can call me and walk next door to the salon to me and then I wake up.

Then I ask the Lord what was this dream about...then I heard....

My child, My child do you think this is a game.  Do not doubt what I have told you.  Everything will come to pass as I have said, in My timing.  You must stay close to Me, in the palm of My hand.  Do not stray from Me, My dear one.  I have everything arranged and orchestrated.  You are to remain focused on Me at all times now everyday, you are to be ready for My coming, you are to patiently endure as you Rest in Me and dwell completely, whole-heartedly in My peace.  I am the Morning Star.  I am your covering.  I am your protector.  I am your provider.  Abide with Me, Abide in Me, no harm can come to you as you remain in Me.  I will shelter you from the storms.  Do not be alarmed by what you are hearing from My Beloved messengers.  They are hearing Me the best they can, they are trying to understand My ways, My puzzles, My pictures, My Plan.  I do not reveal everything to one person.  That is not My Way.  Each one is given small portion and they will find their way to Me.  None shall be lost or led astray.  Keep seeking after Me, for I am as close as you want Me to be, as close as your breath.  Breath in, Breath out.  Trust Me Sherry, I've got you. You are My beloved bride, child you are surrendered to Me.  I love you My yielded vessel, and I shall use you in the coming days.  Patience dear one, fear not, only Trust, Only Rest in Me a-Waiting My orders for you.  Waiting on Me is the best, absolute best place to be now.  You are ready, soon, very soon I shall release My doves.  Patience dear one, patience.  I shall use all My yielded vessels.  They are gentle, meek, and lowly, they wear kindness as their armor.  They are strong in Me.  They shall set the captives free and lead them back to Me.  For I know My own, and I call each one by name.  My children know Me, they hear Me, they will not be deceived and follow after a stranger.  For they truly know Me.  My love dwells in each one. My light shines out brightly from each chosen vessel.  I call all to surrender to Me, to come and yield before this moment passes and fades away.  Only I, Only I know the way home.  Each must find Me on their own.  Come, come to Me now.

Hearing God Nov. 28, 2013

Dream upon waking on Thanksgiving Day:

I am in the house I grew up in.  My sister has redone it and lived in it and it's pretty, I remember thinking I can't stay here.  I look on the table and there is a roach, I swish it to the floor to kill it and it starts separating and multiplying into many, many bugs, I start squishing them with my shoes as fast as I can but more and more and more keep coming out.  I hear the word "INFESTATION" then I wake up.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 22, 2013

You have started putting the rest of My messages on your blog, this pleases Me child, for I will use your blog to draw many back to Me.  As I live, I shall surely do many wondrous things in your lifetime.  Ask Me for help in this season of change.  Your body cycles are going through change right now and you can sense that you are going through the change.  This is a physical sign post for you of one of My promises to you.  I told you I would change everything including you.  I am here child, ask Me to help you go through this change swiftly and easily and to balance everything in you.  Peace, Peace wonderful peace flowing down from the Father above.  i give you My peace.  Carry My peace with you, My love.  I am here for you.  Your physical body is being transformed now, the change has begun.  Your new body will not look like the old one, for it shall be a transformation of glorification think metamorphosis like a caterpillar to a butterfly.  You are in the cocoon process, dark and tightly confined.  You can't feel what is happening to you.  You can only sense something is changing and it is.  you My love are changing into My image.  i can see it.  At the culmination of your transformation when  infuse you with My Holy Spirit, the Ruach Ha Kodesh, everyone shall see it, for you My Bride shall glow in the darkness, for My Spirit shall shine forth from you for all the world to see.  You are going to be entrusted with power in your words.  For the words you speak shall not be from you, they shall be My words flowing through a yielded vessel of honor.  It is a beautiful thing when My creation yields to Me and I can just flow.  No eye has seen, No ear has heard what I have prepared for My true children in these last days.  I will display Myself in your life.  I will wrap you in a warm blanket of My love where power and peace abide.  Much will come to pass in My Kingdom coming to earth.  You My dear one shall see it bursting forth in your life.  For I live big in you.  I abide in you and you abide in Me.  My peace and Rest I give you My dove.  For you shall now enter into the huppa and wait for your beloved Bridegroom.  I shall show you My heart, My love for you My dear one is a beautiful, forever kind of love and you have entered My eternal summer.  Rest in Me, yield, abide in Me and I shall do all the work,  I shall move swiftly, you only need to yield.  Do not question, just yield.  I will bring you before many people.  I will do it, not you, you can do nothing.  Do not strive to make something happen.  Just yield to Me, keep living your life and pouring out My love on people.  For My love never runs out.  As I fill you child, just pour it out on all you come in contact with.  You are beautiful.  You have many colors coming forth from your vessel.  I have lit your candle.  Now you shall shine.  you shall be a beacon on a hill for all who are in darkness.  Live your life in Me.  I am your source of strength, your source of hope.  Your lamp is full of My oil, ask Me for extra oil.  Your lamp is trimmed.  You are secure in Me.  You know you have need of nothing but Me.  For I am your all sufficient one.  I am your all in all.  Great and Mighty is your God who comes to dwell in the hearts of men.  I come in love and power.  I will bring change upon the whole earth.  This shall be the greatest time for My children and it shall be the hardest most bone-chilling horrible time for the earth, the animals and the people who do not know Me.  To truly know Me, you have to yield, you have to spend time alone with Me, you have to dwell and abide with Me, you have to seek Me out as you would a lost treasure.  I am here.  Do you want to find Me, then come and seek Me.  I hide, you seek, surely you can understand this simple process.  I am not difficult to find.  I am here.  But you reader must seek Me for yourself just as My beloved dove has done.  She has chosen to follow hard after Me, pursue Me and yield to Me when she found Me, and I shall never leave her side.  No one can separate  My beloved dove from Me.  Behold reader I challenge you to seek Me out for yourself.  Call out to Me now, while I may be found of you.  I desire to abide with you just as I abide with My dove.  I can do much with a yielded vessel.  It's a beautiful thing to be at peace in the midst of chaos.  To dwell and abide in Me brings peace and comfort.  It removes all fear.  I am near.  Come, come now, closer and closer, find Me NOW!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 8, 2013

I am the beginning and the end of all things.  I have no beginning or end.  You have been created by My hand.  I live big in you.  You are My chosen vessel whom I love.  I do not play favorites.  I love all of My true children.  I love all of My creations.  But, each one must choose to love Me back.  Each one must follow after me, with their whole heart.  I love the seekers.  The one's who truly want to find Me for themselves.  These are My treasures and they will not lose their way.  I am with each of you.  I reveal Myself in My own special was as I please.  Yield child, yield, do not go your own way.  Follow after me alone.  I alone will lead you day by day.  you are mine, and I care about you.  My little one, you are a treasure to Me.  Your faith grows daily as you seek my face.  You think upon Me constantly, constantly now, and this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  You come daily to seek My face.  You willingly wait for Me, you wait upon Me now, eager and longingly listening for My still small voice, you My dear one will not be disappointed  You are stronger than you know.  You are being changed and transformed into My light, My image and My likeness.  For I alone live big in you!

Hearing God Nov. 9, 2013

I love you My little one, you are mine and I will always take care of you, for you shine for Me.  You are truly MINE.  I will always take care of you.  I watch over all of My true children.  My beloveds know My name and they hear My voice and will not follow a stranger.

Hearing God Nov. 10, 2013

I have given you many beautiful days.  Now you must trust Me to take you through the difficult ones that are coming.  Remember I am here.  I never leave you.  I watch over you carefully, I love you dearly.  You are a treasure to Me, a jewel in My Kingdom.  We will live forever together, but for now I have work for you to do for Me.  Today I want you to let Me live Big in you.  Let Me guard your mind and be the gatekeeper of your tongue.  What is sown today, let it be love, if you experience thorns that prick your heart, I will bind up your wounds.  You are solely responsible for sowing seeds of love today.  My heart glows for you My beloved, for you have found the key to My Kingdom and it will never be taken from you.  To truly LOVE is to experience pain and suffering and through it all to love no matter what from pure heart.  Only I can cause you to love, but you still have to yield, yield your emotions and fleshly desires and succumb to My Love.  My love is powerful and breaks down all walls of separation.  You My child, My dear one abide in Me and I abide in you.  you have made the right choice to love.  I have made a record of your choices.  You shall be rewarded for your choices.  I have expunged the choices that you have repented of and plunged them under the blood of My Dear Son, I will no longer remember them.  So do not fear your mistakes, or take on the guilt and shame of them again.  I will only give you a day of reckoning for all the choices that were right, and all the wrong choices that you have not dealt with or repented of.  I Am the I Am.  I know each of My children.  I know you child.  I know your heart.  You are clean before Me.  Your heart is pure and with your heart you doth hear Me clearly.  Do not be concerned on what you are to do.  Keep doing what you are doing.  Your life is a witness for Me.  Your actions speak volume's for all the world to see.  You are My beloved dove, gentle, soft-spoken and kind.  I will always love you.  I will always take care of you.  People see Me through you now.  Let your light shine.  Do not fear man.  I am here with you.

Hearing God Nov. 11, 2013

I am here child.  My love for you knows no bounds.  You are precious to Me.  I look forward to spending this time with you.  To put Me first in your day, shows Me your heart.  To focus on me and free yourself from the distractions of this world takes practice, humility and patience.  A humble heart is a beautiful thing to Me.  In every seeker I come and deposit a gift.  I desire to know each one.  I desire for each one to personally now Me.  In Me is peace.  The world is shifting sand, but in Me is stability and peace.  my heart longs to know each one of My children, but they must choose for themselves to seek Me out and find Me for themselves.  I come to every true seeker.  Abiding with Me and in Me gives strength.  There is a steadying hand for the trembling heart.  I am near to the broken hearted.  Call out to Me and I will make myself known to you.  I come to set the captive free.  I examine every heart.  I chasten and correct those who are mine.  you are all to be changed into My image and likeness.  Through the purging there is cleansing and healing.  Yield to Me.  Allow Me to move freely in you and remove all the dross and impurities with My refining fire.  Behold My little one I am here, yield.  Focus on Me throughout your day.  

Hearing God Nov. 12, 201

I am coming child.  Now is the time to seek after Me.  Pray, pray, pray My Will be done now on earth as it is in heaven.  Focus on Me as much as you can every day now.  I am here.  Live and abide in Me.  I will always look out for you and abide with you.  Seek Me child while I may be found on you.  You  have chosen to seek me and this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  I am coming in Great Glory.  Power and Majesty.  There will be no mistaking My sign in the heavens, and then the darkness comes.  You have prepared your house and there is food, you need more water to last for three days.  Three cases of water is enough for you, Gary, and Rebecca.  You need more for Holly and Sarah and more for someone else.  One case of water per person.  I come in the darkness, cloaked in mystery.  Do not allow fear to dwell near you or enter you.  It is I who comes.  It is My plan unfolding.  There is no distance between Me and you.  You may not feel My presence, but I am here and you will hear me.  You have trained your ear to hear Me.  You must be strong in Me now.  Trust Me that I will protect you and nothing shall by any means harm you.  your life is in My hands.  You must endeavor to live in Me.  I will lead you step by step.  Do not fear the three days of darkness, for I am near.  This is My Will manifesting on earth.  I am in the darkness.  When you see the sign, go into your home and shut the door.  Pray for Me to search your heart, repent of anything I show you and allow Me to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.  Then allow My Holy Spirit to infuse you with power.  Read and dwell in My word as you wait upon Me.  I am your constant.  Wait, wait, wait upon Me.  As I cover the earth in darkness behold I come and I will cleanse My land.  Remove all sin from you life.  Yield continually to My voice and instructions.  I am here My child.  My little one,I love you and you will not miss Me.  I will not leave you behind when I catch My Bride away, You will see many, many things that you would rather not see.  Stand firm and steadfast.  Do not waiver.  I will infuse you with My Holy Spirit more than you know Nd I will use you in the days ahead.  You shall be one of My vessels to snatch the lost out of the flames.  There shall be light at your house where there is no light at the other houses.  It will be as in the land of Goshen.  The plagues, and pestilences will not harm you, for I shelter you.  You live in Me.  You dwell under the shadow of My wings.  I will use you dear little one.  Wait, wait for My timing.  Do not rush out ahead of Me.  Behold, I come.  The King is coming.  Stay ready and prepared, constantly vigilant in your pursuit of Me.  I love how you pursue Me.  You are steadfast and true.  Remain strong in Me.  I am your anchor.  I am your resting place.  Rest in Me.  I am all you need.  Lean not on your own understanding.  But, TRUST Me and come to Me with any and all of your questions.  I love you My child.  Behold, I come.

Hearing God Nov. 13, 2013

I will always be here for you.  For you are My beloved dove.  You are eager to come and wait for Me.  I alone am your God.  There is no other that has captured your heart.  This pleases Me My child this pleases Me.  Many will die soon, prepare yourself.  Much will be happening to and on your planet in the coming days.  I will use you to reach the lost for Me.  I will protect you from all harm.  I will shelter you under My wing.  Do not fear what you see happening all around you.  I am in it.  It is My own doing, no man can see Me and live.  All must be Holy, for I am Holy.  My Kingdom comes now.  I will reign in Holiness.  All shall be Holy before Me.  I shall rebuild this earth and I shall renew and rebuild My people.  I alone created this earth and I alone created man.  I am the Creator of everything.  I needed Np help.  I Am all powerful.  I can take all life away.  But I Am Not Willing to  destroy My creation.  I instead will Make My abode here with you and all of My true children.  I again will create a new world, full of LOVE and My Glory.  Each one of mankind is special to Me.  I desire to have fellowship with each one.  I cal and I call but they do not heed My voice, or follow My instruction.  Behold, I come in the darkness, cloaked and hidden.  I will speak to each heart.  I will examine each one.  You will see many things come to pass on earth.  You will see many impossible things going on.  You will see aliens doing signs and wonders.  There is much horror and destruction coming.  But do not fear, you are one of My witnesses, one of My Martyrs.  You shall see much with your own eyes.  But do not fear.  I have told you these things are coming before they come to pass so that you shall not fear.  So that you shall remain steadfast and strong in Me.  Secure in My protection.  You shall look and see much, but it shall not harm you.  You shall be strong in the evil day.  you shall be one of My Mighty, Victorious, Overcomers in these last days.  I shall use you mightily to increase My Kingdom. your life is a testimony of who I am.  In you, upon you, and through you.  Many see me and feel Me when they interact with you.  It's Me in you they see and feel.  Light dispells darkness.  Not everyone will like you or respect you, expect that child.  you shall be rejected and murmured about as i was.  The people who love to sin and live in darkness are beginning to see a great light in you.  My light will be seen in My yielded earthly vessels.  The dark side knows your name and has tried to take you out many times, but I would not let them.  I was there each time with you, My warring angels are centered and stationed all around you to watch over and protect you.  You are My beloved dove, a gentle lamb whom I dearly dearly love and I will always protect you.  You are sealed in Me.  You are My Bride and you are Brave and Strong and shall do many, many exploits in My name, and in My Power.  I shall infuse you with the Holy Spirit and you shall follow Me out into the battle and recover My lost sheep.  I shall do many impossible things through you.  I shall transport you as I did Phillip.  Stay strong in Me My dove.  Stay close to Me.  Pray, Pray, Pray for the lost and the Lukewarm church.  Behold, I come for the lost.  But, it will not go well for the lukewarm, so pompous and arrogant, they think they know Me, they think I am pleased with them, BUT I AM NOT.  I shall deal with each one.  I have given them much time to repent and come back to Me.  I have called and I have called, but they do not listen.  How can anyone who has come to Me as a sinner and allowed Me to cleanse them of their sin, willingly return to their vomit and once again partake and eat of sin.  Surely this is an abomination and ought not to be.  There is much evil in the pulpits now.  Much darkness and deception, vile men do vile things in the name of God, and think that I will bless and be pleased with them, NO I WILL NOT.  Behold, I Am Holy,m I Am Pure, I Am Kind, I Am Might, I Am All Powerful, I Am Strong.  I am a rewarder of those that diligently seek Me out, true seekers are humbled in My presence, My true followers and children are kind, and Holy and walk in Awe and Wonder of Me their creator.  I am Magnificent and Awe inspiring to them and I shall live with them forever.  But, to the lukewarm, they are full of pride and self-centeredness.  They are not willing to be corrected and they refuse to change and become like Me.  So, I will leave them in their vomit.  These are the ones who will say "Lord, Lord, didn't we do this and that in your name.", and I WILL SAY "Depart, from Me you sinful vomit eaters, you workers of iniquity, you have refused My correction and chastisements, you have refused to yield to Me and change, so I do not know you, Depart from Me !".  All must be willing to change and be transformed into My image and likeness.  All must change.  Behold, I Am in the CHANGE !!!

Hearing God Nov. 14, 2013

Hello Beautiful, My sheep hear My voice and another they will not follow.  I want you to record carefully every word I tell you to no your blog these messages are not just for you.   They are to draw others to Me.  I want My lost sheep to return to Me.  They are precious to Me and I am not willing to lose them.  I am a forgiving and merciful God, I will forgive and cleanse all who come to Me with a repentant heart.  i call all my lost sheep to come, come back to Me, I am the only one that can save them from what is coming upon the earth.  men have never seen what is about to transpire upon this earth.  If they want to be good then they shall continue to be good.  If they want to be bad and continue to be bad then they shall be given the desires of their hearts.  It is  to late for some.  But not for others.  Each life is timed out by Me, for some I shall require their lives today and there shall be no more time of grace left to repent and let Me cleanse and change them.  I will thrust all who do not come to Me with a repentant heart into hell.  Hell is real, just as demons and angels are real.  Do not fear.  Cast aside all fear and rely solely on Me, your Lord and Savior, your King and Almighty God, your Beloved Bridegroom.  I alone shall protect you.  I alone shall shelter all who come to Me and repent.  I know every heart for after all I have created each one. Your life is in My hands.  You are on the path I have laid out for you.  I am on this path with you, I lead the way and you follow behind Me step by step.  Keep praying for your family, Keep praying for the lost, keep praying for the lukewarm church.  I have much to say through you, My little one.  You are one of My messengers in these last days, soon all hope shall b e gone, soon all love shall be cloaked in darkness.  Many can hear Me now, many can feel me now, but soon that will be cloaked in darkness.  Men will only seek Me by seeking My beloved children, like you My child, My children shall lead them to Me.  I shall no longer speak to the lost, the lukewarm, the backslider.  I shall turn away from them and focus all My attention on My Bride, for these are My first fruits from My garden.  These choice ones are My Elect, My Vessels of Honor to be used mightily in these last days.  They shall do mighty exploits for Me.  They shall set the captives free.  They shall shine.  They shall have peace, where everyone else has pain.  They shall have plenty, where everyone else will have lack.  They shall have light, where everyone else shall have darkness.  I dwell and abide in them.  They shall have no fear.  They shall go forth as I lead.  You are one of these chosen vessels of honor to Me.  You are My Beloved dove, gentle and kind.  You are My Bride and you have nothing to fear.  REST in Me.  PEACE be unto you My dear one.  For the hour is last and much calamity is coming upon the earth.  In the midst of chaos, be still, BE STILL and know that I Am God and I Am Here, and I will always protect you.  Keep your heart pure.  Guard your gates.  Let no evil pass.  Rest in Me now.  Wait patiently upon Me, My little one.  Keep coming daily to meet with Me.  For as you wait upon Me you are filled with My oil.  Your resting place is in Me, My dear one.  There is nothing for you to fear.  Nothing shall by any means have have you.  You shall see many horrors come to pass in your land and nation and world.  you are called to stand and witness these things as they unfold.  You are like a watchman on the wall.  You shall see much and have to endure much before I come.  Truly I come, Behold your Lamb, your Rock, your Deliverer is here with you.  I  am yours and you are mine and nothing can separate you from Me.  We shall live together forever soon.  But for now TRUST in My plan.  I will provide for all your needs.  Don not fear My little one.  I am here.  I love you and will always take care of My own.  You are Mine!  

Hearing God Nov. 21,2013

I am here child.  Listen to the wind, the quiet, gentle, wind.  Their chimes sound out softly that I am here.  I love the tinkling sound of the chimes.  i love the smell of the earth in the morning, so fresh and pungent.  I am coming child, stay close to Me.  I am your hope, and your comfort.  The days ahead shall move quickly now.  Much is about to be unleashed.  Remember, I am in the three days of darkness.  i am with you.  The three days of darkness is the sign of Jonah.  As he was in the belly of the whale for three days, so, I shall plunge the whole earth into three days of darkness, I will send a cataclysmic sign before it happens and then you are to go home, get into your houses and do not look outside or go outside for three days.  Anoint your houses and anoint yourselves, pray and repent before Me.  I am in the darkness.  What you are looking for you shall find.  If your eye is full of light you shall find light.  If your eye is full of darkness you shall find it too.  Whatever you look for and focus upon you shall find it.  You must be pure and holy to find Me.  I come and abide in earthen vessels.  All who seek Me for TRUTH shall find Me.  I am all powerful, I see everything, I miss nothing.  Nothing is beyond My reach.  DO NOT LIMIT ME.  Remember, I am out of the box, follow My lead, day by day, moment by moment.  You are never alone, I am here.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 20, 2013

My child, you are faithful.  I Love you.  You are My treasure and soon we will be together forever.  Lo not fear.  Follow Me day by day, moment by moment.  I reveal different things to different servants.  No one knows everything I'm doing.  No man will know everything.  Only I know how My plan will unfold.  Only I know the beginning from the end, only I know everything.  DO NOT fear what you hear.  Prepare to be astounded and amazed at what is about to transpire in your life.  Our life together is going to b e an adventure of a lifetime.  Remember, no matter what starts to happen around you, My beloved, I Am here.  I will protect you.  TRUST Me child.  Nothing is going to happen to you that I don't allow.  Good and evil come from Me.  No power, No spirit, nothing, absolutely nothing is above Me.  I am the head of all things.  My story is unfolding now.  Steady child, remain strong in Me, stay close.  You are My chosen vessel in these last days.  I will use you mightily in these last days.  Believe Me child, My words are truth.  You live day by day in Me, and that is where you gain your strength.  I am Alpha and Omega, I will do as I please.  I will favor whom I please.  You, My child please Me with your constant coming.  You are secure in Me.  You do not waiver or doubt Me.  Your understanding of Me is enlarging.  Stay with Me child.  I am removing the limiting bands of religion that you grew up in.  I am out of the box so to speak.  I will reveal Myself to My chosen vessels first.  Then I will expose Myself to the rest of mankind.  You must throw away all of your false images of Me and what will happen in the last days.  For what you have learned is wrong.  Remember you see through the glass darkly.  You do not have complete understanding.  I will teach you.  I alone am your teacher.  Come with all of your questions and let us reason together.  There is a time for everything and a season for everything.  Now is the season of change.  I will shake the earth.  I will gather My elect.  I will punish mankind who is stubborn and hard hearted.  I will destroy every living thing on earth.  Behold, I have already started, and then when My wrath has cleared.  I and I alone will make all things new.  You shall see the Tree of Life and taste of its fruit, you My Bride, My Elect are in for a beautiful awakening.  You shall be blessed every moment now.  You shall see Me face to face.  You are to observe now.  Look carefully at all that is going on around you day by day.  I am here.  I have opened your eyes to see Me clearly.  I am here.  I am all around you, My Beloved.  My gentle dove, I am in you.  We shall never be parted.  Remain strong and steadfast in Me.  I am you shelter.  I am your peace.  Stay close My love, abide in Me.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 19, 2013

Note: Upon getting out of bed this morning, I saw out my bedroom door that was closed I saw flashes of light, really bright white light like lighting flashing through the left side doorpost on the other side of the door.  I paused and watched it for a moment and wondered what it could be.  I was not afraid.  I opened the door to investigate and the light was not there, the house was still dark as it was 5:50am.

I asked the Lord "What was that?" and He replied What you saw child was in the spirit realm.  You are about to have your eyes opened, but only in My timing.  I do not want to frighten you.  You are mine and I will always protect you.  Flashes of light clothed in darkness is Me.  I watch over you.  i hear you as you sleep.  Your heart sings to Me.  Your love for Me flows like a river from you with every breath.  This pleases Me child.  My ways are not your ways.  I watch you.  I observe your comings and your goings.  Nothing shall by any means harm you My dove.  for you belong to Me, you are marked.  I have sealed you and separated you unto Myself.  I still have much work to do in you, but, fear not, and enjoy the journey day by day.  Come to Me with all your questions and concerns.   Do not lose your focus on Me child.  Stay close.  Sheltered and protected in Me is where you should  be.  Listen to the coming of "Jesus".  Let your heart sing, for time shall be no  more.  Behold, I am at the door.  Stay ready child.  Do not let the world taint you with it's sin.  Stay clean.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 18, 2013

My Beloved daughter I have much to tell you.  Listen carefully to My instructions and do not stray off of this path I have placed you on.  Your destiny is with Me.  I am your source of strength, your source of hope, Christ alone.  Observe all of your surroundings carefully.  Be aware of the people as you progress through each day.  They themselves are changing.  Just as you are changing.  Some good and some bad.  I will never leave you.  But, I may remove people from your life.  You must Trust Me when I do this.  Do not doubt My love and care for you.  you are mine.  I will remove people from your life as I have done in the past.  This is for your protection and your growth.  There are many scoffers in the land.  Do not be deterred by their words.  Do encourage My Witnesses as they grow weary in their journey.  When you feel the unction to leave a comment to encourage on of My little ones do it.  For it is I who has placed that desire in you.  Through you many will gain strength and be blessed by your encouraging words.  your words are My words full of love, grace, and peace.  Words are powerful weapons.  You shall wield this sword wisely.  Your tongue shall bring a healing balm to many of My little ones who are truly hurting, they see in part, but they like you don't understand everything.  They are trying to obey Me.  But they grow weary by other peoples stinging words.  That's why your words shall be the balm I use for My little ones.  your words are a gift from Me.  You are a yielded vessel to Me.  You are one of My treasure and I desire to use you to touch others with My words.  Let them flow out of you as a river flows over the parched land and quenches the fiery heat of the enemies arrows.  my child, My gentle daughter, My dove I desire to use your words.. As you journey with you family on vacation i go with you.  My peace you carry, My Rest you shall dwell in.  Release My words, pay attention to the atmosphere as you speak.  Pay attention to My unctions and do not fear.  Do not allow anger to dwell, even for a moment in you.  I will be with you always.  I will never leave you alone.  I go before you .  Do not doubt that I will take care of you.  Wherever you go, I go with you.  You are a light in the darkness, you desire to live at peace with all men.  You truly love people, not in a selfish, what can they do for Me way, but in My Way of loving them, to draw them back to Me.  I have gifted you with a measure of My love.  you can feel it now, it's almost a tangible presence in you.  Stay close to Me daily now child do not stray from Me.  Keep Me in the center of your Focus.  Daily walking with Me is your assurance of My peace.  It's your comfort in the storms.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hearing God November 17, 2013

I love that you are eager to hear.  I love that you are hungry for Me.  Do not fear My manifestations in your life.  I do not want you to be afraid of Me.  You are stronger now.  You are more stable in your faith.  You fully TRUST Me.  I know the supernatural side of life makes you uncomfortable.  I know you do not seek after a sign.  You are content to hear Me and feel Me.  But My Child you were created spiritual, and you will do and see many impossible things.  I am the I'M POSSIBLE God.  I can do anything.  I Am the one who has created all things.  Everything comes from Me.  You know how when your house gets dirty like the bathroom or refrigerator and you can only stand it for so long and then you HAVE to clean it.  This is how i feel about My earth and the people in it.   It is time to clean it.  A thorough job is needed.  I will cleanse My earth and the people in it.  I will no longer allow it to continue on the destructive path it is on.  I have come to recover and restore all things.  I am Holy and the earth once again shall be holy and the people of the earth shall be holy.  No one shall escape My shaking.  Everyone will know for sure with No doubts that it is I God who comes.  To deal with each one individually.  Judgement shall be swift, Behold I have already started.  I enjoy spending time with you.  You are My Beloved dove and your mind is always upon Me.  You are aware that I am here.  You now look for Me in everything you are doing.  As you go about your daily tasks you are constantly looking for Me.  This is what you should be doing.  Trusting Me in everything.  Looking for Me in everything.  Inviting Me into every moment of everyday.  This is how you should live.  This pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  You KNOW that I am always here with you.  You talk to Me constantly and ask for My help constantly.  This is the way to My heart.  You are on the path of complete surrender to Me and this My child pleases Me.  You are able to submit and yield to correction.  You are able to bear My rebuke when it is necessary, and you yield in humble repentance and allow Me to cleanse, shape, and change you more and more daily into My image and likeness.  My light in you GLOWS.  The spirit realm can see you from a great distance.  People and animals can sense you are mine.  They sense you have My presence in you child.. Do not be afraid when you literally start glowing for it is I in you.  I MUST INCREASE in you and you must decrease.  You are seeing your reflection in the mirror changing.  There is a radiance exuding from you My Beloved.  DO NOT FEAR the change for I am here.  Stay on this path you are on.  Do not stray to the right or the left, for  all roads do not lead you home to Me.  I am your provider and protector.  Nothing shall harm you My dove.  I will guard you and watch over you every moment.  Stay close to Me My child.  Dwell and abide in Me.  I am your peace.  I am your resting place.  I am your shelter.  Do not fear what I have told you is coming upon the earth, for it will surely come to pass.  Rest in Me for nothing shall be allowed to harm you.  you are a treasure to Me, you are dear to My heart and I love you.  You are mine and nothing shall pluck you from My hand.  You travel in a circle of armed gaurds.  My angels go with you wherever you go.  Remember to move when I tell you to.  Listen and obey Me child.  Do not hesitate.  I am with you.  Your life is a living witness of Me.  Your life is watched by many and your influence is far in the lives of many.  They see your acts of kindness, they see how you have handled the loss of your two mothers.  They hear your words.  you My dear one are a reflection of Me and all eyes that see you see Me.  You are destined to touch others for Me, and you already are but you don't know it.  Your very life is a strong witness for me.  Many have tried to take you out, but they have not and will not be able to succeed.  For you are mine.  you are My Martyr and My Witness and My Watchman.  You see much unfolding now.  Pray, My dear one, for the lost, for the lukewarm and for all your family and friends.  Pray that they will make the right choice and follow Me whereever I lead them, pray that they will yield to Me, repent of the things I correct them about and allow Me to cleanse them and shape them into My image.  The Mercy gate is closing.  The hour of being able to hear Me is almost over.  Time is up.  Change is upon you now My children, come, come to Me I am your only refuge from the massive storms that are coming.  I desire to protect each one of you, but you must come to Me, each one of you is important to Me.  I desire none to be lost.  I desire holiness.  Come, come now My children.  Listen to My voice, heed My call, come, before it is too late.  I desire all of you to come.  I can and I am able to cleanse you and heal you and protect you and provide for you.  But I force no one.  I invite you all to come, before the hour of testing is fully upon you.  I will cleanse the earth and the people, many people and animals will die soon.  When your life is over where shall you be, with whom shall you live.  This life is but for a moment, it's a vapor a wisp and then you shall see the truth.  Yield to Me before it's too late.  I am your only hope.  Yield children, yield, for the whipping many shall endure is beyond words.  I shall give you what you think you shall want - but it shall be bitter gall to you.  HEAR ME !!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 16, 2013

You have started putting My messages on your blog again.  This is good, it pleases Me child.  For M messages are not just for you.  They will be here long after you are gone.  They show what it is like to have a real relationship wit Me.  That I do speak to man.  That i do care for each and every true seeker, and that I am a rewarder to every diligent seeker.  All can come to Me.  All should come to Me.  I speak to all, but few choose to listen.  Few choose to heed My instructions.  Few yield to My chastisements and corrections.  My corrections and chastisements are for molding each and everyone of My children into My likeness and character.  I must form My image into each one.  I must see each one reflection Me.  It's not a simple task...  It requires dying to self.  It requires becoming a Martyr for Me. As i come in and examine each heart, i require change.  Change is coming.  I Am here to bring change. Everyone must be willing to be changed into My image.  To be transformed into My likeness will not happen instantly.  It takes patience and endurance.  As I  deal with each child's heart and mind sets, they must be willing to hear.  To take up their cross simply means to hear My corrections and yield to My will for them in the situation that I am dealing with them about in that exact moment.  As I lead, each heart must be willing to let go and change.  I will help, I will strengthen each soul on the journey to Me.  No sin, or unrighteousness can enter or live in My Kingdom.  Only the pure in heart.  The pure in heart are My children who are making the journey back to Me, their life source.  They have come to the end of them selves and r are willing to yield to Me.  They Trust Me to bring them through each step of change.  Only the pure in heart shall see God.  My timing is perfect.  My way is sure and unpolluted.  I have given many examples of how to truly reflect Me in My word and in My children.  Each one of My children lived for self, until the moment I came and revealed Myself to them, then they yielded to Me.  Each one of you has been given free will.  It's not mandatory to come and yield to Me or love Me.  But I am the only door, I am the only way back to the Father and our heavenly kingdom.. I will welcome every one of My children back into My family, but each one must come to Me and be willing to change.  I am Holy, you must be Holy as well, I must see a reflection of Myself in you.  yes it is truly possible, but it does require you to change and be transformed into My image and likeness.  As a man thinketh so is he.  Out of the heart flows the issues of life.  Change is coming My children, I am come to bring change.  I am here to help guide all My children home to Me.  Many will come to Me at the end of their earthly lives and say "Lord, Lord let me in for I did many things for you".  But, I will have to say "Depart from Me ye workers of iniquity, for I never knew you", and I will cast them out of My Kingdom.  They will weep and wail and gnash their teeth in regret, but it will be too late for them.  These are the ones who refused to change.  They were not willing to die to their self and yield to My correction.  I tried to show them the correct way to live on earth.  I talked and I talked, they heard Me at first, but they chose not to yield to Me.  They chose to keep doing things their own way.  Little by little their hearing was removed and I gave them over to their own desires.  I require change in every heart.  I will bring about the change in every heart that comes to Me and truly yields to Me.  I alone draw all men back to Me.  I alone can show each one the way home to Me.  I will not force anyone back to me.  i call, I am here.  I wait for each one to come.  Not all will yield.  Not all will be willing to change. Behold, I come, I am here.  Change is here.  I do not want anyone to be lost, but each must choose for themselves.  Do not be deceived, for whatever you sow on earth, you will reap.  So be it.  These words are true.  Written by My messenger, Sherry, a humble yielded vessel, she does not understand everything, but she yields to Me for she trusts in me, and will be faithful in the task I have asked her to do.  She comes daily and waits upon Me.  This pleases Me.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hearing God date Nov. 15, 2013

I love you my child.  My love is fierce.  My love is strong.  You are mine and I will not allow anyone or anything to get in the way of our love.  I am jealous for you.  I must be first in your live, above all else.  I must be your main focus.  I am the source of everything.  You shall see things unfold on your trip, but do not be dismayed.  I want you to pay attention to the people you encounter and your surroundings.  Pay attention to the sky's and I shall open your eyes.  These people are not as they appear.  I am lifting the veil on your perspective, I will make all things clear as My plan unfolds.  Your are right where I want you child, you are in My Will and are being obedient to Me.  Each time you come, you reveal your heart.  I love you My dove, I am filling you with My oil.  I desire to live big in you and through you.  You must yield to Me.  Remain strong and steadfast in Me.  I am here.  I will direct your path.  Lean not on your own understanding.  I go before you to lead the way.  You follow, stay close to Me child.  Come closer than you have ever been before.  I am your shelter and I am your strength.  Nothing is impossible for Me.  I will require you to witness much in the coming days.  Fear not.  For I am with you.  I do not leave you alone.  I am always by your side.  You are a martyr for Me and My Kingdom.  You shall witness the change coming upon this earth.  You shall encounter, men, demons and aliens with an agenda to bring My Kingdom down.  Do Not Fear, you are called to be a living witness to all that will transpire in these last days on earth.  Pray, pray, pray and seek My face.  I am able to reveal more.  But you must be willing to seek it out.  I will heal all of your afflictions.  You are marked by My Hand and sealed by My Blood and nothing will separate you out of My Hand.. No evil will be allowed to touch you.  For you are mine.  You are My Beloved daughter and Bride.  Behold, your Bridegroom comes.  Stay alert and ready to go.  Do not hesitate when I call, but come, come, come My beloved dove.  My presence lingers near.  I am calling all of My children to fast from this worlds pleasures and activities and seek My Face for instructions.  i will soon give each one their marching orders.  Stay close My beloved I am ever near you and I hold you in the palm of My Hand.