Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 21, 2014

You are learning how to walk in the spirit.  It is becoming normal to you.  For you are seeing much through My eyes.  You are now in a season of Rest and Contemplation.  For you are digesting all that I have been placing into you.  This is why you are having so many Deja vu experiences, as if you've lived it before, or already experienced it.  I go before you in the spirit, and your spirit is attached to Me, so in some ways your spirit is ahead of your physical.  Trust Me, all is well with thee and Me, you are right where I want you to be.  I have shown you many life experiences, many years ago, that you are about to have.  I have set your course.  You, My love, My gentle dove, shall walk in the spirit in the physical realm.  I am manifesting many things to you, and NOW through you, for I AM in you, We are one, My love.  You are experiencing a heightened sense of awareness, in your surroundings, in the animals, and in the people.  I have prepared you for all the battles and confrontations that are ahead of you.  Remember, to remain unoffendable.  Keep yourself in My Peace.  Above  all else follow after peace, and you shall stay in My Rest.  Do not allow My Peace to leave you, My little one, if it slips away from you, or what you're experiencing, follow hard after My Peace, separate yourself from your emotions, be quiet and listen to My voice.  I alone shall direct you, I alone shall lead you down the paths of Righteousness, Peace, and Love.  For in these paths is your way home in every situation you may find yourself in.  Go, walk in Peace.  Selah.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 20, 2014

Song:  "Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, as we wait upon the Lord, as we wait upon the Lord..." ( I keep hearing this song as I go to sleep, as I awaken, as I begin to wait upon the Lord,  and throughout my day...)

Child I am your strength.  I shall endue you with power, for I am in you.  I shall lead you through every challenge you shall encounter.  Beloved, I am for you.  I shall never leave you.  You are Mine.  As you spend time with Me, in My presence, you are being transformed.  As you think upon Me, I become who you are reflecting.  You shall see through My eyes of love.  All that you have ever known shall be challenged.  For in the change, comes transformation.  Many lies that you have been taught as truths shall be brought forth by Me and exposed to you.  You shall see them through My Eyes.   Change is not easy, but, change is NOW HERE.  You My child are constantly changing, and experiencing more of Me.  You have yielded to Me, in your heart, and in your mind.  As I dig out each stronghold in your mind, you are faithful to yield, and try to comprehend My Truth.  This is a complicated web,  that has hidden My Truths from you, and it's a process, that takes time, to bring it down.  Soaking in My presence, hearing and experiencing Me more and more, is the key.  I lead you child, all I ask of you is that you Trust and follow Me.  I know you do not understand everything now and that's O.K. Do not be anxious, or fret over what you don't understand.  For I will open the eyes of your understanding little by little.  I only ask that you Trust Me in all things regarding your understanding and your life.  Stay close and do not reject My Truths or My leading.  You have entered a strange new world to you of Truth.  You are not completely familiar with it yet, for you have lived in a shadow of truths, for you were not ready for it.  But, NOW is the time of your complete transformation.  My light in you is shining out and exposing My Truth for all who are willing to see.  Rest in Me child, I Am doing all the work.  You are seated at My feet, resting, do not fret, Rest, I am in control.   Selah

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 19, 2014

Song:  "Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, as we wait upon the Lord, as we wait upon the Lord..."

All who come to Me shall be strengthened, revived and renewed.  For in Me is everything you need.  I Am Mercy, and I Am Grace.  I am more than sufficient for you.  Oh, My love, My dear one, let not your heart be downcast or troubled.  Do not grow weary in doing good, or in your waiting season.  To everything there is a purpose and a plan.  I see all, I know all.  You must fully Trust Me in all things.  I Am in control, nothing shall escape My notice or be kept secret from Me.  I see all.  I have plans that you know not of.  You are Mine, and I tell you what you need to know, when I share with you in our bedchambers.  You have been prepared, and made ready for this season.

Many shall see Me in you, for you shall walk and talk like Me.  I have placed healing in your hands and I have strengthened your faith.  You are now seeing things through My beautiful eyes of love, this pleases Me.  You are ready child, for whatever you shall face, as long as you stay connected to Me.  As you endeavor to touch Me, you remain close, tucked under My wing.  I am your source of everything you need.  Nothing is impossible for Me.  You are a faithful wife.  I will take care of you.  My spirit is strong in you, I can feel your heart beating next to Mine.  We are one.  You are in the midst of change and you shall face many challenges.  Fear not, as you go through it.  Everything must fall aside and only I remain.  Hold loosely now, all, you hold dear, for all is Mine, and if I take it away, it is for My plan and purpose, you must Trust Me little one.  In everything there is a season.  Selah.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 18, 2014

I love you child.  You come to wait upon Me, expecting to hear from Me and so you shall hear.  Let not your heart be troubled.  Keep your focus on Me, in all things and in all circumstances keep your eyes on Me.  Do nothing out of fear.  Be still, listen to Me, if you do not hear, be still, wait, wait for My direction.  My peace I have given you, stay in it.  If you lose your peace, stay calm, and be still and when you are in My peace again, then you can continue with what you are doing.  Follow after My peace, and in so doing, you will be safely tucked under My wing.  Do not try to understand everything that is happening all around you, for you will not.  Do not give in to fear.  For it is a snare that is being cast upon the ears and eyes of the people to immobilize them and control them.  Many are fearful due to what they are hearing and seeing.  I tell you again, My little ones, do not fear.  This is an immobilizing spirit.  Do not allow it to abide in you, stand strong.  I am here with you.  Look to Me, in all things, for comfort, direction, and peace.  I will give you the understanding that you need.  Live day by day in Me.  Oh, My little one, all is well with thee and Me.  Keep your heart dwelling in Me.  Let Me captivate all of your attention.  For in Me, you will find peace, Truth, and love.  You are Resting in Me.  I am in thee, and you are in Me.  We are one.  I lead, only I, and you humbly follow.  Don't listen to the world, don't accept the noise, shut it out.  Follow after peace, let it guide you in all your ways.  Selah.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 17, 2014

My hand is upon you child, I lead, you follow.  Much tribulation is coming forth from the spirit now, and through it, much shall manifest and come forth in the physical.  All have been weighed.  All have been reviewed, and now all shall be tested.  Fear not, My little one, for in the fire, there is Truth.  In the fire, as I turn up the heat, it draws out the dross, the wickedness, the self-life is purified and cleansed.  Yes, it is not easy and many shall suffer, as they have to let go of many things they have clung to, for they shall no longer bring them any comfort or protect you all from the storms that are coming.  I have given you many signs in the sky, in the weather, in the animals, and in the people.  Change is upon you, My lovely ones, Keep Calm, and remain in Me, tucked safely under My wings.  I am your shelter through any storm I require you to go through.  Stand strong in Me, My little ones, for I Am your strength.  I Am working out My plan.  I Am in the delivering business.  I will take care of My own.  I own this earth and everything in it.  You must not doubt My plans and purposes for you, only Trust Me, and believe that I Am is in control of your life.  Leave everything to Me, yield child, yield.  You are to be a witness of many things unfolding on the earth.  No matter how bizarre it may get, know this, I Am right here with you.  I Am in charge and I will take care of all of your needs.  Hold fast to Me now, this is where the strength of your faith is being tested.  Stand strong now children.  I Am here.  I Am is in control of all things.  Trust Me.  Selah.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 16, 2014

Oh, there are many seasons that you must go through.  The journey is not for the weak or double-minded.  It is for the steadfast, the enduring, and the persevering.  Much change is required, much pruning is required.  Much pain will have to come, as I work in My vineyard.  It is not a painless process for you, as I draw up and out the sucker branches that do not produce the fruit of My Kingdom.  As I cut and prune the cares of this self-life out of you, I know it is difficult to let go of these worldly ties, that have bound you all these years.  This is why you must Trust Me, you must let go of you own desires, and allow Me to do the work in you.  I alone can see the whole picture of you, and how you are to be shaped and molded.  I will work, and continue to work in each heart, till My image is formed in you, and I see My reflection shining forth from your vessels.  For those who have yielded to Me, you are well-seasoned in the rigors of My pruning, you have known the pain of My cutting tool, and you have known the strength of My healing balm.  You have learned much patience in the process, and you have  remained steadfast and unshakable through My pruning.  Your grapes are full of the sweetest wine for Me, and now, as I press out the new wine, you sing.  Your song is fresh and new.  It's carried on the wings of My Spirit, and all of heaven is rejoicing in the pressing.  Sing, My beautiful ones, sing, a new song I hear coming forth out of you.  For it's a new season, and it's a new day.  Sing, oh, sing, My beautiful ones.  I can hear your song in the spirit.  Remember, My loves, I hear you.  The I AM is listening to your song.  Selah.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 15, 2014

As you spend time in My presence, you are refreshed and renewed.  For only in My presence will you find what your heart longs for.  Oh, beloved, let My wind under the wings of My spirit refresh and revive you today.  For you are Mine.  Just Rest in Me, Knowing Me, thinking of Me, and just enjoy being with Me today.  Rest in Me child.  For the spirit within you is resting in Me now.  My peace flows through your being.  All shall be in order for you, as the world shall experience chaos, you shall be in My perfect peace, for you have been prepared.  You have chosen to dwell in Me, deeply seated in My abode.  You have yielded to the slightest pressure from My hand.  You are supple and pliable to Me, as I continue My work in you, you surrender all to Me, you willingly yield to all I do, and require of you.  Many have squandered their time on worldly things.  They have stored up nothing for which to draw out in times of need.  But, you, My faithful dove, have stored much within your walls.  there is plenty within your chambers to draw from.  I shall use you to feed others, as they will be weary, bloodied and torn from their battles.  You shall apply My healing balm, you shall bind up their wounds, you shall lead them to My place of rest, you shall point them to Me, for it is Me, My light, My power, My love they seek.  The world is a dark place, and the darkness will become thicker and darker now.  It shall be clear who are Mine, and who have been fooling themselves, for they truly do not know Me.  There is no history between us, there is no relationship.  They do not come to hear and so they shall not hear, they shall not know.  But, for the ones who do come to hear, they shall hear.  For they are seeking Me, and they that truly seek Me, shall find Me.  Selah.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 14, 2014

Song:  "I am watching over you, I am, watching over you...In the middle of your night, in the middle of your storms, I am watching over you"  (I was awakened early this morning with the Holy Spirit singing in me and over me this song...and I arose...to seek Him)

Do not compare yourself to others, who are farther along on the journey than you are.  You are right where I want you to be.  You are hearing well, and you are starting to see more clearly.  Your journey is your own.  It's personal.  We are one, you and I.  We are connected in the spirit and no one or anything can separate Me from you.  I love you, My little one, I see you.  I know your name.  Would you like to know your name?  There is much to understand in this.  this is one of the gemstones I have placed in you.  For at first it was just a bit of earth, but through the course of your fiery tests is has been purified and strengthened.  For you are a vessel of honor.  Only the choicest stones and rare and purified gems are placed within you, My love.  For where your heart is, is where your treasure is.  Your heart is My home.  You have established your inner sanctuary for Me.  You come daily now, into My chambers, and you are daily changed.  More and more into My likeness and image.  You are secure in Me.  You are led by Me, and I am your daily portion.  As you walk this path with Me you are being transformed into a beautiful treasure box for Me, and out of thee I shall bring forth beauty, strength and honor.  For I am in you, My love.  Selah.

Hearing God - Oct. 13, 2014

You have been busy today child, but, you were never far from Me.  For in everything today, your heart was tuned to Me.  As you went about your daily tasks, your thoughts were turned towards Me.  You had a listening ear to hear and learn from Me.  As you are listening to My beloved daughter, your understanding is enlarging.  As you learn, you grow, as you grow, your heart sings in utter joy at the mention of My name.  Your spirit is refreshed and renewed as you spend time with Me.  As you are eager to hear, you shall hear.  Oh, beloved, to seek for understanding is good.  It's a beautiful thing to be enraptured with knowing more of Me.  For you are overjoyed and thrilled with each new encounter in Me.  For now, you are truly seeing Me.  I am in you, My love, and now, you see many impossible things, for you have yielded to Me, and you have allowed Me to unlock your mind.  As you  think, you are becoming.  As you think, you are transforming.  As you think, you are.  The mindset is powerful.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 12, 2014

Notes are very important.  To write things down allows you to go back again and review and refer to something that you may have forgot.  This is why I have you writing down our conversations.  For in these communing times, much is shared between us.  You are not capable of containing all the information I am downloading into you, and that is OK.  I only ask that you yield, and try to write things down, for in doing so you are leaving a breadcrumb trail for others to follow who are coming behind you.  Do not be discouraged if you don't remember everything.  For know this, I AM the one who is putting it in you, and I AM the one who will draw it out.  Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed by so much information, I know what you are capable of handling.  Trust Me child, I lead, you follow, one day at a time.  Just concentrate on following closely to Me each day and you will not be lagging behind.  You and I are on this journey together.  We are walking the same path.  You have already entered, and have begun to dwell in My Kingdom.  For remember, My Kingdom is within you.  I am one with you, My beloved little dove.  You are My delight, for you are pleased and eager to seek Me out, above all else, you block out the world and you come to My chambers within, to sit at My feet and eagerly pen what you hear.  For in the waiting, there is meat and bread and water for you.  I personally hand feed you your daily portion.  You are so cherished and loved My Bride.  Your heart is My delight.  For you love Me with abandon, forsaking all others, you cleave to Me.  You are safe and at home in My presence.  Tucked safely under My wing.  It is well with thee and Me, My little one, My gentle dove.  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 11, 2014

My child, My dear one, I am pleased with thee.  You have nothing to fear.  Stay close to Me, My love. Whatever is bothering you, bring to Me, for I am well able to meet all of your needs.  Do not let your heart be troubled, fear not, My dove.  I am with you always.  You are safe and secure in Me.  Nothing in this world has any hold over you.  For I have freed you from all things, bonds and ties placed on you.  You are Mine, and I watch over and take care of My own.  My peace is your eternal promise.  It encircles you with the comfort and warmth of a blanket.  Beloved, as you go through your day you carry me with you.  I make the journey with you, you are never alone.  I am your strength.  I am your peace.  I am all that you need.  As you are faithful to Me, My dove, I am faithful to you.  We are one, now and forever.  We can never be separated.  Yo are like a fitted glove in My hand.  Breathe in, Breathe out, I am here with you.  As you think, as you breathe, as you interact with the world, I am with you.  I am big in you, for you, My dear one, have allowed Me to grow big and strong in you.  You have yielded all to Me and I am well pleased with thee.  As you seek to know Me more, I reveal much deeper Truths, as you grow and mature in Me, your understanding grows.  Selah.