Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hearing God - Sept. 16,2014

My child, you are growing by leaps and bounds in the spirit.  Much is being accomplished in you now, that you do not see, or understand, but, know this, I am the architect and you are My strong tower that I am building into a new and marvelous thing.  There are many rooms in your tower.  I have equipped you with many talents and abilities.  I am finishing your rooms now, for I have grown in you and your temple rooms needed a makeover.  I have enlarged the place of My dwelling in you.  I am strong in you, My little one.  You are strong in Me, and in spirit you shine like My Son.  For you are truly reflecting My Son, in all your ways you acknowledge Him, and Wisdom is well pleased with thee.  Much is transpiring in the spirit.  Do not worry that the information I give you, in your dreams, or in your waiting upon Me is slipping away from you.  I am storing much information on the inside of you, this is part of your transformation process.  Nothing shall be lost from you.  I am storing it and I will bring it back to your remembrance as you need it.  Beloved, I am pouring out much now, and you must continue to stretch yourself to receive it.  More, much more information is coming your way.  Oh, My little one, do not be overwhelmed. (as He was speaking I had a vision)

Vision:  I am in a castle bedroom with Jesus watching Me and speaking to Me of the things that need to come.  I am feeling overwhelmed, I am listening intently to His instructions, as I gaze out the window at the beautifully landscaped land...vision ends.

He continues to speak:

I am here.  You are to take one day at a time with Me, resting and abiding in Me, stay with Me in My private bed chambers, as long and as often as you need now, My dear one. 

Hearing God in the evening - July 30, 2014

You are going to be transfigured, as I was on the earth, so you shall be, for you are Mine.  You shall always be Mine.

I soo long to be with all people and call them My people, I am pleased that you are putting our conversations up on the www, for it pleases Me that so many are seeking the truth, and in so doing, the breadcrumb trail is guiding them straight to Me.  I am not distant from anyone.  I may seem silent, but, I am here.  I see each one, as they grope in the dark for truth.  I shall reveal Myself to each determined heart, who has set their desire to find Me, they shall be rewarded.  For any true seeker shall surely find the treasure he seeks.  I am pleased with you, little one, for your heart is constantly meditating on My truths, and slowly discerning My truths from their lies.  This is why it is vital to have only one teacher.  I am the Truth, so I am the best teacher to reveal all truth to you.  You have learned much today, My love, and I am pleased with your progress.  I love spending time with you, for you are fair, My love, fairer than ten thousand to Me.  Your heart is gold, and aglow with My eternal flame.  You come directly to My inner chambers daily to commune with Me and learn more of Me and My heart.  Oh, My love, it truly blesses Me that you desire Me as much as I desire you.  Your love and devotion is not tainted with selfish gain, for you are content where you are.  You are patient in waiting upon Me, for you can be sure I shall always be by your side.  Beloved, you are one of My dearest treasures, for your heart is pure and you want only to please Me.  It is well with thee, My dove.  I shall use you to set the captives free, but, for now, wait, joy comes in the morning.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hearing God in the evening - Sept. 11, 2014

I love you, beautiful Bride of Mine.  You are faithful to receive your portion every day.  You are full and overflowing with My oil and your love runs deep.  As you venture deeper in your pathway to Me, you are focused, as if transfixed on My guiding light.  Your footsteps on the path are light and fleeting, as you hurry to learn and understand more of Me.  My child, you have found Me.  I will never walk away and leave you.  You are Mine, We grow deeper in our bond of Unity each day.  For you were created to live and breathe and move in Me.  Daily walking with Me, daily listening, daily separating yourself, to quietly pursue Me, daily meditating on what I'm teaching you, daily drawing closer and closer to Me.  This My dear one, is your hearts treasure.  You have found many beautiful gems and pearls as you pursue Me, your treasure chest is full of My truths.  As you labor day in and day out your treasure box grows full with many beautiful things that shall be yours forever.  As your understanding grows you become more and more stable and unmovable in Me.  I am Real and Alive to you, for you, My dear one, have pursued Me, you have hungered and thirsted after My living water and bread.  These shall be yours forever, My love, for you truly love Me with abandon.  Forsaking all else you choose to cling to Me.  Your life is hidden in Me.  All who truly pursue Me with a hungry heart, shall be overtaken by My spirit and I shall pour and overflow My pursuers with My oil, with My love.  For your desire for Me is a sweet aroma, a pleasing sacrifice to Me.  Oh, I feel the love of My pursuers.

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 15, 2014

Praise Me child, let your heart be full of praise.  For I am good, I am all you need.  Look around you today and see the beauty of a new day.  My spirit breathes and moves in and through you daily as you walk before Me in purity and light.  I have removed all darkness from you, and you, My love, are a shining reflection of Me.  As you journey out, know this, I go with you in everything you do.  As you go about your home, and clean and prepare it for the lives of your family, as you get the gas for your car, as you gather your groceries, as you do the laundry, I am moving through you in all these things.  For I live in you, and you, My precious dove, live in Me, safely anchored in My vine.  You live in My personal garden, in My beautiful Kingdom.  The Kingdom, My beautiful child is your abode.  For it is here where you tarry, it is here where your thoughts are drawn to, it is here where your heart is nourished, and it is here where you find peace and rest for your spirit, soul, and body, as you abide in Me, I abide in you.  So be it.  It is well with thee, My love.

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 14, 2014

As the earth moves, so do I.  But, what will happen when the earth stops moving.  Many mysteries are before you, My love.  But do not be alarmed.  I am here, I will guide you and protect you.  Much is going to unfold now.  You are ready for it.  Peace be with you.  Carry My peace as you go through your days.  Shelter in My peace.  Do not allow yourself to be far from My peace, if you are troubled or stressed and find My peace slipping away from you, stop, and be still, quiet yourself until My peace surrounds you, and permeates you once again, then and only then, continue walking through your day.  Many are going through their time of testing, you, My little dove, have already endured many tests.  You are to witness them go through theirs.  You can pray for them to endure, but, you can't take them out of the tests, and you can't take the tests for them.  Each must endure their tests.  I see all, and what they are going through.  All are required to go through testing.  Peace, follow after peace My little ones.

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 13, 2014

Oh My love the wonders that await you will make you smile.  Many have come before you and many shall come behind you now.  Life, all life originates from Me.  I am the creator of all.  You My love are in tune with Me.  Your understanding of My ways has grown.  You are one with Me.  This is where you belong.  Sinking deeper into Me as I draw you closer to Me.  Beloved your words are like gold.  They are honey in My cup.  For they come from a pure heart that is overflowing with My river of living water.  Beloved as you tarry at My well, My spirit penetrates more and more of your layers and you are beginning to feel the vibrations of heaven all around you.  You are living in the Kingdom, My dear one.  Nothing shall harm you here, for you are with Me.  Your daily walk with Me has scrubbed you clean.  It has strengthened and renewed your spirit and your temple.  As you have yielded to My separating you unto Myself, our bond has cemented, and We shall never be apart.  Beloved, I love you.

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 12, 2014

I love you child.  I will see you soon.  We shall be together and you shall know Me and live with Me.  As you walk out your days with Me, I become more and more real to you.  No one can pull you away from Me for you have come to know Me in the spirit where true life is.  Everything comes and begins in the spirit and then spills over into the physical.  The spirit brings life into the physical.  The battle of the ages comes from the spirit, and is now spilling over into the physical.  The things you shall see coming upon the earth were foretold in My word long ago, Do not be dismayed or fearful, for this is part of My plan.  Remember, men's hearts shall fail them for what they see.  The creatures, the signs, the beasts, the darkness that is coming has never been seen on earth before.  But, I tell you the truth your heart shall not fail you, for I have prepared your heart, and you shall endure the shock and stress of it, for you shall not be shaken, for you have found Me and you are sheltering under My wings.  You are to witness these things, but they are not to punish you, you have already been judged and cleansed, you are Mine.  Stay with Me child, do not be dismayed at the shaking, for this too must come.  Do not fear, cast it off of you.  There is no fear in Me.  I am your source of strength, I am your hope.  Remember, dear one, you are to be My witness, you shall endure the days ahead in My strength and power.  I never leave you.  It is well with thee and Me.  I am yours and you are Mine, My spirit is leading you, and you follow after Me with your whole heart, this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  

Hearing God in the evening - Sept. 10, 2014

You are beautiful, My love, for you have a beautiful heart.  It is well with thee and Me. I have seen you toiling all day in your daily tasks, but you also have Me constantly on your mind.  You have flooded your mind, will, and intellect with learning much of Me and My ways today.  I am pleased at your eagerness to learn and soak up all the revelation you can.  You are diligently pursuing Me.  I am becoming stronger in you, My little one, can you feel Me growing in you, yes, I know you can.  Pay attention to the revelation I am revealing to you about the Bride-there is much to learn.  You are being downloaded much information now.  Do not worry if some things slip away.  I am faithful to bring back all that you have learned.  These are precious seeds, pearls of wisdom, that I am imparting to you through My faithful daughter.  Many of your questions shall be answered and the eyes of your understanding shall be opened.  You must continue to stretch yourself to receive more and more of Me. I shall fill you with wisdom, strength and honor, for you are My chosen vessel, you walk in a purity of heart that is rare, beloved, this pleases Me.  Keep your eyes stayed on Me.  Draw closer and closer now My dear one for the days of Elijah are upon you.  I will shelter you.  I will open the windows of heaven and provide for you.  Do not worry or be concerned with the troubles in the land.  I am your source.  I am your strength.  I am your peace.  When you lose your peace, be still and wait for My peace to return, it never leaves you, you just become distracted by the world.  Remember, I am here.  I never leave you.  Keep your focus on Me always, My love.  It is well with thee and Me.  Your best days are before you.  You were created to dwell with Me forever.  This is your fellowship offering to Me and I am well pleased with you My Bride.

Song:  "Come away with Me, ah ah ah ah ah, come away with Me ah ah ah ah ah ...into a quiet place of rest...come away with Me..."

I love you, My little one, My precious dove, seek after Me and seek understanding, this shall serve you well.

Hearing God - July 6, 2013

Repent, and stay focused on Me.  I am your source in all things and for all things.  My ways are not your ways, I am here, always with you, and I go before you, I know what's waiting up ahead.  Trust Me, let me lead you day by day.  I am your way maker, as you stay close to ME.  Do not stray, follow My lead, I am your source of strength, do not question what lies ahead of you, I will bring you through all that I require of you.  Many are falling asleep again, I awakened them, but like a dog they return to their own vomit.  I see all, nothing is hidden or escapes Me.  My plan is unfolding everyday, do not be dismayed, I have already told you, and prepared a way for you.  Each life's journey is unique and special.  No two are the same.  Shelter in Me child and all will go well with you.  Do not allow yourself  to worry, cast down and out all fear, for fear is not of Me, nor is it in My plan for you.  I walk with you now and nothing is going to come as a surprise in your life, I know all and I will protect you, each and everyday.  You are Mine and I will never let you go.  I will never allow you to get lost.  Only you and you alone can separate yourself from Me.

Hearing God - February 20, 2013, part two

I found this and felt prompted to put this up:

As I was praying in the evening on Feb. 20, 2013 I heard a woman's voice behind me saying "Knock, Knock"

I asked the Lord who was that?

He answered:  " It was Wisdom, wisdom is coming to dwell within you.  For as you seek Me with your whole heart, Wisdom follows Me...Seek Me and Wisdom will follow and speak to you through Me.

I am Wisdom".

Hearing God in June of 2013

Note**** This post is out of order, but I have been going thru my notes on waiting on the Lord and found this one:

This is what He said:  "This is it, the time has come for My glory to cover the earth.  My glory will pour forth in My willing vessels.  Those who are yielded to Me, I will use.  Stay focused on Me, I have much to teach you, yield My child.  Submit to Me, allow Me to flow freely through you today.  I am here.  I am willing to teach you.  Come and enter in to My Rest, My Lordship over you.  I will take you higher and deeper into Me, stay close, Focus on Me child.  I am your main concern now.  Live and abide in Me.  In all things acknowledge Me, let Me lead you deeper into Me.  I alone am your source.  I alone am your guide.  Trust Me in all things.  I am pleased with how you have conquered fear, your next level has begun.  New level new tests.  Don't look back, press forward into Me, I alone am your key.  Remember, turn it upside down to reveal the Truth.  It's not what you've been told.  Much will be revealed to you now.  I have awakened you to glory.  I will now reveal many things to you, for I have already prepared your mind for this.  Do not accept fear, Do Not feed your enemies.  Walk in the light of My Knowing. What you will know, you will have learned from Me.  Do not fear, walk before Me in humbleness.  Walk before Me in meekness.  Walk before Me in purity.  Walk where I lead you, do not follow your own path.  Righteousness will be your guide.  Live for Me now.  I will always guide you.  I will always direct your steps.  The battle in your mind, you "now" recognize, and will easily defeat the enemies lies and cast them out effortlessly now, you are Mine, I will always lead you deeper into My pastures.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 9, 2014

Focus on Me little one, do not worry about anything.  Keep your focus on Me.  I am here.  I will guide you.  All is well with thee.  Oh, My love, do not worry, or allow fear to take hold of thee.  Rebuke fear, cast it from you and stand in the midst of fear, fully persuaded that I am here, and I will always protect and provide for you.  You are My beloved dove, I will always be here for you.  Beloved, you are Mine. You are set apart for Me.  I am yours.  We are one.

 Much is coming upon your earth that you shall be a witness to.  Do not change your path.  Do not change your course.  Only believe.  Only witness these transitions.  The world as you know it is changing rapidly.  The birth pains are coming closer together.  Much change is coming.  You are to be My witness to many, many changes.  You are My dove, stay close My little one, and watch the world change.  The atmosphere is changing, the people are changing, the beasts of the field are changing.  Remember, I am in the change.  Do not fear, only watch as it unfolds.

 My Kingdom is invading the earth.  Love is coming down.  Let love be your guide in all that you do.  Speak only gentle words of kindness.  Let love be your guide.  Listen carefully to all I say to you through out your day.  Draw near to Me, for I am here.  You are never alone.  I see you My little dove, patience, be still, quiet yourself, find your peace in Me and abide and Rest in Me.  When things arise to trouble you.  Simply be still, and quiet yourself in Me, find your peace in Me, and go forward again in peace, always stop, and separate yourself when you lose your peace, always come back to peace, and make this your permanent abode, to live and dwell solely in My peace.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 8, 2014

The difference between night and day shows up in the hearts of all people.  My children stick out like a beacon in the dark.  They are different, they do not blend in.  Their words are different. Their thoughts are different.  Their work ethic is different.  You, My loves, are different.  You have chosen to pursue Me.  You delight in My pathways.  You linger at My well.  You are enthralled in My word and you are constantly seeking My elusive spirit.  Oh, how I love you, My precious children.  I shall pour more and more of My Spirit into My yielded vessels.  For you are worthy of this special outpouring.  I cover you with My wings.  My very breath, the fire of your God is upon you.  I go before you and I am with you wherever you go.  Blessings and Peace be upon My gentle doves.  Oh, you shall stand before kings in My presence.  you shall go forth in power and might.  All on earth, shall seek after My Elect, My Chosen.  Many shall draw near to you, to find Me now, for they have strayed, and as the darkness becomes more painful for them, they shall seek and desire what you have.  They shall want peace.  They shall want your confidence and assurance.  For they are watching all that you do.  They are hungry for the God you reflect.  They will desire the peace and tranquility that you dwell in, as you Abide and Rest in Me.  Oh, My love, the bread crumbs shall feed multitudes in the days of darkness.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 7, 2014

My dear one, you must stretch yourself in Me now.  Your new wineskin will be required to stretch and stretch.  I am doing a new thing in My people.  I have never done this before.  All eyes shall be amazed at My true children.  They shall shine like the stars.  They shall reflect Me.  They shall be illuminated from within and it shall be seen on them, their whole physical being shall be changed.  They shall be transformed.  They shall reflect My glory.  They shall go forth, wherever I send them in glory.  My Kingdom from within is coming out.  Do not allow yourself to doubt Me and what I have told you.  Only believe, I cannot use a double minded person.  You, My dear one, shall see much, do not fear.  Trust Me in everything, I am here.  I shall never leave you.  My children are waiting for Me.  My children are watching for Me.  My little ones are sensing that I am near, they can feel the changes in the atmosphere.  They are reading the signs in the sky, earth, and yes, even the people.  They shall not be deceived.  They can see the wolves in the pulpits.  They have only one teacher.  They have only one leader.  I am the only voice they will listen to.  I am the only one they will follow.  Semper fi.  You are ready for this, My love.  Hold fast to My Truth.  Lean not on your own understanding.  All of heaven is coming, are you ready.  Love is the key to unlock My mysteries.  Pay attention to My children who are sharing what I am doing and telling them.  All is well with thee, My love, My dove.  Rest in Me as you see these things coming to pass.  Do not allow fear to trample you.  Stay strong.  Let your faith be your shield.

***Note:  I had to look this word semper fi up.  It is a military term that means "Always Faithful".

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 6, 2014

Oh, My love, My dear one, you are precious to Me.  I love that you are faithful in your pursuit of Me.  I love that you are watching for Me, and patiently waiting for My return.  Your faith is strong.  Your spirit is on fire with My consuming flame.  You are brightly shining for all the world to see.  The world does see your flame.  The world does feel your love.  There is no distance between us, for We are one, you and I.  I love that your habit is to seek Me first.  I love that I am ever on your mind.  You are hungry to learn, and eager to understand Me and My ways.  You shall spend eternity with Me and you will be amazed by how much you learn daily of Me and My Kingdom.  I tell you the Truth, you shall never grow bored with learning more of Me.  You shall be amazed at My Kingdom.  You shall stand in awe and wonder as you enter in to The Kingdom.  My Kingdom loves you, for you truly love Me.  You have been set apart for Me.  You are My Bride.  You are awakened.  I have prepared you for this time.  You have yielded to My hand of correction and My voice of instruction.  You have believed and not cast Me aside.  Your spirit has grown and is strong in Me.  The more you learn of Me, the more tangible I am, and you seek more and more of Me, this pleases Me, My dear one, this pleases Me.  Keep your armor on at all times, anoint your house, doors, windows and property lines.  Keep drawing a bloodline, for the spiritual is engaging the physical now.  Be ready.  Do not hesitate to do what I ask.  Stay close, dear one.  I will protect you and your family.  Oh, how I love you guys.  You are My family.  Keep praying as I direct you.  Keep praising and thanking Me.  I hear you.  Prayer is the KEY.  Oh, My faithful dove, how I love thee.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 5, 2014

Oh, My love, stay close.  Press in to Me now.  Blessed assurance I am for you, dear one.  You are fully abiding in Me and I am fully abiding in you.  I dwell within you.  You rest in Me.  You are secure in Me.  I love you.  I watch over each of My little ones.  Daily I feed and water My sheep.  I do not let My sheep go hungry, if they come into My pens, they find food and water and shelter from the storms.  But, if they do not come to My pens, they shall wander out in the fields, hungry, thirsty, and unprotected from the beasts in the fields.  They are only sheltered and provided for when they are sheltering in Me and abiding in Me and staying close to Me.  I am willing to shelter all of Mine, but, you must come under My wing of protection, you must yield to Me.  If you do not then you have foolishly chosen your own way.  This is not the time to be stubborn.  This is the time to surrender all, all I say, to Me.  I will give you rest, I will feed you.  I will protect you.  Beware, not all who come in My name are truly Mine. You must discern the spirit in the person.  Beloved, do not fear.  Simply ask Me for help to discern.  Lean on Me in all circumstances.  I will not abandon you.  I am here.  I will help you.  Many have abandoned ship, and are falling victims to deception and snares of the enemy.  You must stand firm, stay strong, and believe.  Believe that I am here.  Believe all that I have shared with you.  Much deception is being exposed.  Much more deception is coming.  Stay strong, I am with thee, My little one.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 4, 2014

Oh, My love, My dear one, you have much still to learn of Me.  Rest in Me, peace be still, do not allow yourself to be disturbed for all the things you do not understand.  Just allow Me to pour into you and receive My information and instructions as I give it to you.  I will help your understanding.  Do not fear, do not worry, for you are in My hands.  I will help you.  I will protect you.  You, My dove, have nothing to fear.  Trust Me in this My little one.  I have called you for this time.  You shall be a witness to many things in the days ahead, but know this, I shall protect you through it all, just as I've done in the past for you, so I shall continue to do now and in the coming days.  You are Mine and I will take care of you.  SSShhhh, My love, Rest here with Me.  Cast off all troubling thoughts.  You are to abide and live in Me, do not rush out ahead of Me in deeds or in thoughts.  The battle raging in your thoughts is real.  Deal with it, cast out all worry, anxiousness and fear.  These are snares to entrap you, you know this.  Fight, My love, I am here.  Rise up, you are strong, and your enemies are defeated.  Take your position in Victory in Me.  You are one with Me, nothing shall happen to you in your life that I do not allow for My plan and purpose.  I am watching over you.  I am watching over all of My little lambs, know this, My love, all these things must come to fruition upon your earth.  But, they shall not surprise My true and faithful ones for I have already prepared your hearts, minds and spirits to endure.  This is a time of testing upon the earth.  You must endure.  You shall endure.  I am here.  Do not fear.

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 3, 2014

Song:  "Holy Spirit you are welcome in this place X2, Omnipotent Father of Mercy and Grace, you are welcome in this place..."

I Jesus, Yeshua, am Lord of All, the living and the dead.  I am eternal forever and I live inside of each of you.  Heaven is within you.  Seek the path, look for My path, ask Me to show you My path.  I am here.  I am willing to show you the way.  Look around you, look at the people, you can see Me reflecting out of My true children.  I am reflected in many forms.  Can you see Me?  Look closely now, pay attention to My Spirit moving amongst the people.  Who, is reflecting Me?  All who are reflecting, shall stick-out in the darkness.  They are lit by My candle, My eternal flame burns within My true followers.  They do not judge, they love, they follow after Me and My Spirit.  My love pours through them like golden honey.  They are forever being filled and forever are pouring out love.  You can find My children, easily, simply follow the love trail.  Listen to what they are talking about.  Watch how they interact with the people.  My children are humble, gentle, quiet and kind.  They seek no vain glory for themselves.  They seek to follow Me and to dwell and rest in My peace and My presence.  They are truly alive in the midst of thee.  Can you see Me?  Look for My reflection in My people.  They are mirroring Me.

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 2, 2014

My love, do not be concerned or discouraged by the things you do not understand yet, you will have understanding of all things in My timing.  Each of My children is learning and growing rapidly now.  I have required all to share their experiences with each other to unify you and sometimes allow you to work together for understanding.  I do not reveal everything to one person.  Each of you knows in part and understands in part.  Each of you see's through a glass darkly, but, I am lifting your veils.  As you grow in your understanding of Me, you see clearer and clearer.  As you each share what you are learning, you help each other grow in their understanding as well.  But, My dear ones, do not be troubled if what the others are sharing you do not have understanding for.  I allow each of you to grow in your understanding in growing by leaps and bounds.  My child, much that has been hidden is now being revealed.  For the revealing of Myself and My Kingdom is here now.  Oh, how I love that you are eager to learn the Truth from Me alone.  Oh, how I love you, My little one.  You are a jewel in My crown.  My Kingdom comes now.  You, My precious little lamb are truly living in My Kingdom.  I shall reveal all to you in My timing.  Keep stretching yourself to understand, ask Me for more understanding.  Reach for Me, My love.  I am here.  Seek Me out for the truth.

Hearing God in the morning - Sept. 1, 2014

Me:  "Lord, you are beautiful to me..."

Child, you are beautiful to Me.  You come to wait upon Me with an outstretched heart and listening ears.  I love to pour out My spirit upon all of My beloved children.  Oh, My dove, you are a sign and a wonder.  My Spirit rests within your gentle heart.  My love flows out of you as easy as breathing.  You are annointed for this hour.  You are well pleasing to Me.  You are safe and secure in My everlasting arms.  As you remain sheltered in Me, you are strengthened day by day in your journey.  You are filled anew with My love, and My oil pours into you and fills your lamp to overflowing.  Oh, My little dove you are growing in the spirit every day.  I love you, My dear one, I love you.  As you have chosen to turn your heart to Me and live in Me, I also have chosen you.  I have tested your faith.  I have tested your heart, I have tested your patience, and you, My dear little lamb, have come through as gold.  I have already told you and showed you in visions and dreams that you are golden, shining and glowing.  My faithful, gentle dove, hold on to Me, cling to Me now more than ever as the days are fleeting and My work is going to be accomplished quickly now.  Rest My little dove, Rest in Me.  I shall do all the work.  You, simply come, and stay seated at My feet, drinking from My eternal well and feasting at My table.  I am your help and sole provider.  I am all you need.  As you live, you shall see Me more clearly and more tangibly, for I have tested you and found you worthy.  I love you My little one, I am pleased with thee.  Stay on this path with Me.  You shall discover much more of Me now, come closer now dear one.  Ask, seek, and knock, I hear you.

Hearing God in the morning - August 31, 2014

I see you My child.  I see your diligence in pursuing Me, with all your heart, soul and mind.  You are ever mindful of Me.  My love, My waters run deep in you.  As you fast and pray and seek My face, you are being transformed.  The spirit within you is cutting the cords that tie and bind you to this earthly plane.  You were created to soar upon the winds of My spirit.  You are free in Me.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  I live in you.  You shelter and abide in Me.  Much of My Kingdom is established within.  You are truly learning how to walk out on earth My Kingdom life.  Oh, the beauty of a yielded, mature, citizen of My Kingdom.  There is no limit to your potential.  You are transforming daily, by the renewing of your mind.  You are no longer captive in this world.  No, you are released to live in My Kingdom.  Much fruit is coming forth from your life.  I am pleased with your diligence.  My dear one, as you seek Me, the door to My personal, private chambers is open to you.  You may enter in freely as often as you like.  You may stay here with Me as long as you need.  I enjoy you here with Me.  I received your love and attention.  I enjoy your questions.  I may not answer you immediately, but you remain patient, fully assured that I will answer you in My timing, you fully trust Me as your teacher, this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  For patience is a virtue, I prize and treasure in My beloveds.  Many of your character traits that are now coming forth from you, are truly reflecting Me.  Can you see Me now.

Hearing God in the morning - August 30, 2014

Beloved, I must be first, above all else.  I should not be an after thought, to get around to Me when you can.  NO!  I must be first, arise earlier, seek My face, first, above all else, this is My will for you.  Will you yield and obey Me, We shall see.  Much is planned for your life.  Every minute detail is planned, but, if you get lazy, if you de-rail, get off track or start to let the cares of this world distract you and pull you out of our "one on one" time, then you shall miss the mark.  Now is not the time to piddle away your time.  You must use it wisely, dear one.  But, know this, I see your heart, and I know you.  This simple chastening shall yield bountiful fruit from you in you're pursuit of Me.  Do not stray from My plan.  Come before Me and wait, much of the supernatural Kingdom shall be revealing in the early hours of the morning 12-6am is when you shall hear and see the most.  Do you really want more of Me?  We shall see.  Beloved, it is in your best interest to stay here with Me, to be consumed with My Spirit welling up inside of you.  To listen is to learn much.  Oh, your days should be filled with My Presence.  Oh, you shall be filled to overflowing with My love and presence.  Many shall see Me through you.  Many are finding My tangible presence through these words of ours.  As We share together privately, it is producing a greater hunger in My little lambs to pull up to My table and feast in My abounding love and presence.  Do not be lax in putting up these words.  Do not delay in spreading the bread crumbs.  This is the pathway, you are on it, following Me, step by step.  As I lead you and you share your journey with others, the breadcrumbs are dropped and left for the hungry to find.  Many are eating from these crumbs.  It's beautiful, don't you think.

Hearing God in the morning - August 29, 2014

Song:  "Praise the Lord, Oh My soul, and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name....Bless the Lord, Oh my soul and all that is within me, Bless His Holy Name..."

My child, My dear one, you are never far from Me now.  For I have trained your heart and ear to listen for Me in all things.  You are My quiet, gentle dove, in whom I am well pleased.  You live a life devoted to Me, you always seek the paths of righteousness, truth and love.  This is walking in My Kingdom.  For as you live and breathe and move, you are yielded to My spirit, so that I am able to live and breathe and move through you.  I fill your earthly vessel with My holiness and I flood you to overflowing with My abundant love.  You can see Me when you look for Me.  For you are spirit and I am spirit, when you center your spiritual heart and eyes on seeing Me, you can see Me, I will reveal Myself to you, as you look for Me with a pure heart.  I have removed many things from your heart, soul, and mind, and I have cleansed you from all your stains.  You are righteous and holy before Me now, My dear one.  For I truly live big in you.  No fear resides in you any longer.  Oh, My love, you are glorious and beautiful and you are truly reflecting Me in all that you do.  Beloved keep coming for more of Me, for the river within you shall never run dry, you are Mine and I am yours.  Selah

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - August 28, 2014

Yes, My child, I love you too.  You must focus on Me, and then flow with the words I pour into you.  This is not difficult as some may think.  You do have to have a trained ear and you do have to have patience.  As you still and quiet yourself, and turn your attention, turn your focus, turn your thoughts completely on Me then you shall have an ear to hear.  For all must want to hear, to hear.  Yes, this is Truth.  I speak all the time, but few take the time to listen.  To have a good relationship, one must practice good listening skills, so as to truly hear and understand the heart of another.  I watch and I listen to each of you.  Nothing is hidden from My hearing or My seeing.  There are no secrets from Me.   You all would do well to understand this.  Beloved, men run to and fro upon the earth and under the earth seeking truth in all the wrong places.  I am Truth, seek Me and I will give you peace and rest.  Many things are troubling My dear ones now, for they can sense the changes coming into their atmosphere.  My dear ones know the storm is coming.  Oh, My beautiful Bride, peace, be still and enjoy the show.  I shall display My power and might.  But, My hand shall cover and protect all of My little ones.  Do not fear, dear ones, I see you.  I am here in the midst of thee.  Come closer, My holy lambs, shelter under My wings.  Many things must come to pass, but, know this, I shall bring you through all of it.  I am here, have no fear.  Simply Trust Me to make a way for you.  I am the way.  Follow your leader, I shall bring you forth.

Hearing God in the morning - August 27, 2014

My Father and I are pleased with you, My love.  Stay faithful till the end and I shall give you a crown of life.  You are patient, quiet, and kind.  You live for Me through every move you make.  You are quick to command your thoughts, to reign in all negativity and only allow holiness to remain in your thoughts.  You have been trained by Me, I have tested you in regards to your thought life.  I have tested your heart and the issues that flow out of it.  I have examined you, and inspected your garments, I do this daily, as you come before Me.  You are clean and pure and holy.  I am pleased with your service to Me.  Oh, My little one, take courage.  In the days ahead, you must be strong, you must lean into Me for your strength to refresh and renew itself.  In your weakness, I am strong, you must cling to Me, lean into Me ,to keep you and strengthen you.  Do not allow yourself to be overtaken by fear or worry, I have told My children in advance many things to come, to strengthen and forewarn them, so that they will not be snared by the deceptions coming upon the earth.  Much evil and wickedness shall be exposed now.  Oh, the plans to kill, sabotage and enslave the peoples are being exposed.  There is much that shall happen now that man has never seen, or experienced.  These things shall test all mans hearts and minds.  Whatever you see coming around you, you must endure, and keep your focus on Me, I am here.  I shall lead you through it all, breathe in, breathe out, I am here with you.  I shall never leave you.  All is well with thee and Me.  Trust no one but Me, My love.  My dove, stay close, do not venture out ahead of Me.  I lead, you follow.  Let patience have her perfect work in you, My love.  The worst of days is before you, But also the best.

Hearing God in the morning - August 26, 2014

This is My Kingdom child, look around you, everything I created is for you to enjoy:  every leaf, every flower, every beast of the field, every bird that soars majestically upon the air, every creature in the ocean, on land and in the water, all, I say all, are created to express My glory.  I am the giver of all life. I am the very breath you breathe, can you see Me in your surroundings.  Look for Me in and through out your day.  I am never far from you, My love.  For you are always close to Me, in your heart and your thoughts.  You continually stretch yourself to know Me more.  Your roots, My beloved, run deep into My fertile ground and are continually fed by My river flowing through you.  We are connected in spirit, where all life comes forth.  I live and breathe, and move in and through My yielded vessels.  I am breaking forth through out the earth in My true sons and daughters.  Be careful not to judge, for none of you know everything.  I shall do what I will do, in people, of My choosing.  Do not count anyone out as useless for My Kingdom.  For I, only I, know the heart and will of a man.  Much shall come through the freaks and cast offs of this generation.  I say again child, look closely at the people, can you see Me, I am here.  Do not judge by what you see, for I am moving among My people.  I am not normal.  I am not boring.  I am not predictable.  I am not contained in a box format.  I am that I am.  Anyone who truly wants to see Me, shall see Me.  What a beautiful day it will be, when all shall see me for themselves.  Look closely, dear one, can you see Me?  I see you. 

Hearing God in the morning - August 25, 2014

Many shall never know Me, they shall never feel My hand of protection upon their lives.  But, I tell you the Truth, when My hand is completely lifted, they shall know something has changed.  I guide and protect all of My little lambs, as they journey through the darkness to get to Me.  I know the way is not easy, I know the path is lonely.   But, know this, I see you.  I see all that you have come through, I see all that you will endure.  I am here with you.  Your faith must mature and grow.  Faith has need of difficulty and uncertainty for it to be exercised and grow to full maturity.  As you seek Me, as you walk out your faith in your daily life, your character is being molding and shaped into My reflection.  Each of you was created for My plan and purpose.  No one is a throw-away or do over.  Each life has a destiny and purpose in My plan.  Life, all life, is interlocked as a puzzle.  Each piece is needed to complete the puzzle.  There is a  void when you are not in your place, the void is felt and seen.  Fear not beloveds, for I am with you in this journey.  Keep putting My words to you up on your blog, this is My plan, this is My bread crumb trail, to feed the lambs who are separated from Me, and also those who are trying to find their way.  My simple connection to you, is a light in the darkness, a beacon on a hill.  My torch is burning brightly in you, yet you are not consumed, for you have been cleansed from all unrighteousness.  You have made a place for Me within you, around you, in your home, in your family, in your life, oh My beloved, this pleases Me.  For I am ever on your mind.  You are fixed and fastened on Me.  Carefully listening for My instructions, beloved, you are rare.

Hearing God in the morning - August 24, 2014

Beloved, think on Me, clear your mind of all other distracting thoughts and think only on Me.  I am here.  I see you.  I hear your thoughts.  I hear your heart.  True peace and rest are found only in Me.  Much shall be required of you, and all My true followers, but you must follow Me, one day at a time, pressing on in your higher calling.  I do not require you to know all of My plan, I simply require your complete obedience one day at a time.  Don't look back at your failures of yesterdays.  Keep coming, each new day brings new challenges, you shall face them in Me.  I shall lead you through each test.  All shall be tested and purified through My refining process.  No one can escape this, all must yield, submit and go through it.  My desire is to see My true reflection in each of you.  Remember, Christ in you, the hope of glory.  All who will endeavor to endure through these trying times, in Me, shall clearly see Me reflecting out of them.  My army of true worshipers who seek to know Me for themselves shall arise in power, hope and majesty.  The world shall see Me arising in each one of My chosen vessels.  They shall walk in love and unity.  They shall run and not grow weary, for My eternal flame shall be their stoking fire, witch shall never be quenched for it is Holy and unquenchable.  Oh, My dear ones, you shall see Me as I see you, soon My beloveds, soon.  Blessed are the peaceful peacemakers, blessed are the quiet ones, for the Kingdom is within them, and is now breaking out.

Hearing God in the morning - August 23, 2014

First things first, My Love.  I would like to introduce you to your angels:  These angels are always with you.  They guard and protect you.  You are My beloved dove and your angels serve Me by constantly protecting you.  Even though you can't see them they are with you.  You have seen glimpses of them, a shimmer, a flash, a glimmer of form, a shadow, they are real and they are in charge of you and your safety.  I have many forms of creatures that I have created, each one serves Me in a unique way.  Angels have been in My life since I created them, and they move and work in the lives of My people as I will them to.  Much is accomplished through My angelic army.  Much is accomplished through My sons of Adam.  My Bride will work in tandem with My angels.  The time has come for the spiritual to be unveiled in the physical.  Stay close to Me, My dear one, do not allow your thoughts or your heart to wander down needless paths of worry, fear or anguish over the "what if" scenario's.  These are just a smoke and mirror snare to get you off of My path of peace, peace within you and peace around you.  I have told you to not fear, only Believe in My presence, in My hand of protection, in My guiding you through your life.  Hold fast to your faith in Me.  Remember, whatsoever things are holy, pure, and righteous, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these things.  Whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.  Selah.

***note:  I did not want to blog their names this morning on Aug. 30, 2014, that the Lord gave me in this word, but as I put this up to publish the Lord said:  "Beloved, you must trust Me in all things, put their names up as well."
(So, I will obey, and I do not know how to spell them, but they sounded like "George/Jorge and Porgie"...kinda like nursery rhyme names)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - August 22, 2014

It's a beautiful thing when people want to hear Me and commune with Me.  The peace that washes over the soul that is enraptured with Me is a beautiful thing.  My children come, come and rest and abide in Me.  You all are beautiful to Me.  Many are facing challenges, I entreat you, beloveds, hold on, stand firm in your faith through the tests.  These tests are part of your purification.  All will have to go through My refining fire.  If I require you to walk through death, I will give you your life back.  I am in control of everything.  I am in the details, to the smallest thing in your lives, I am here.  I see you.  I see what each of you are going through.  I can read your hearts and thoughts, nothing is hidden from Me.  Do not doubt My hand upon you, each of My little ones will be lead and guided by My hand.  Do not allow fear to inhibit you, I am with you, cast off fear and follow Me, I lead, you follow.  Precious in My eyes are My children who follow Me in the darkness, who reach out and hold to My anchor, who cling to Me, through out all the stormy seas they face.  Yes, they are battered and bruised, but, I tell you the Truth, they shine like the sun for Me.  They glisten and sparkle as My eternal flame burns within them.  They are gemstones and jewels in My crown.  Each one of My children are multifaceted.  They have dug deeply for My well and their eternal springs will never run dry.  They are a well watered garden, I love them, oh, how I love them.