Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 31, 2014

Song:  "In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, in the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, in the morning, when I rise, just give me Jesus..."

I love you too child of Mine.  Do not let your heart be troubled.  Enter now in with Me and find My peace washing over you once again.  Stay in My peace as much as you can dear one, for here in My peace is rest, harmony, and tranquility.  As things arise to trouble your tranquil waters, be still, and follow peace, for My peace shall lead you through every storm.  Do not take to heart the little things that arise to steal your peace and to pain your heart in rejection.  For know this My child, these things come to test your heart.  Little foxes sneak in to spoil the vines.  Your heart is pure and full of love.  You are golden.  Your still waters are pure and deep.  Your vines are not young and tender, and you are not easily bruised, which allows you to cast off these little hindrances that come into your peaceful tranquility.

Oh, but My love is strong for you as I see you struggle in your emotions.  I am pleased to see the guard upon your gates to keep them closed and holding the reins tightly.  You are strong My love, you have an enduring spirit, long suffering, patient and forbearing.  I see the struggles within yourself.  I see the battles you wage inside of yourself.  But, you arise each time in the power of "I AM" and you conquer and reign victorious.  You have learned an invaluable lesson in overcoming your flesh, for as you are quick to hear Me counsel thee, you are also quick to yield, and obey Me, and this My child pleases Me much, for you are truly Mine.  In your character I see My reflection.  It is well with thee and Me.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 30, 2014

Song:  "In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, in the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, give me Jesus, in the morning, when I rise, just give me Jesus..."

Beloved, I wish above all things that you would prosper in the ways of My Kingdom and your knowledge of Me.  My love, as you come and wait before Me, quietly listening, patiently waiting, you are building yourself up, and your faith increases more and more, for you My dear one are found in Me.  You are proven worthy of heart, and faithful of spirit.  You are on this journey with Me and We shall never be separated.  Much of My Kingdom dwells within you now My love, for My light, the beautiful flame of My presence abides inside your temple in the holy of holies inside of you dear one.  You are not consumed by My flame because you are a part of My flame, and I can stoke the fire hotter and hotter and you will be able to endure the flames, for you My beloved little dove have taken your place in Me.  My eyes see you, every moment of every day I watch over you, for you are Mine.  You have endured much testing and purging.  I have examined your heart, and you have been cleansed by My own hand.  As you are obedient to follow Me, day by day, your faith grows, and you are able to continue onto new levels in Me.  You are strong My love, My dear one, even though you cannot see clearly what lies ahead, still you come daily to sit at My feet and hear Me, you do not run from Me, you wait upon Me faithfully.  It is well with thee and Me.  You are beautiful.  You are shining now My dear one and soon you too shall see how you shine.  It's a beautiful thing to be in the hand of your God and King.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 29, 2014

Child, as you go about shedding the old things that you don't use or have need of, know this, you are making room for change.  Being willing to cast off the old allows you to make room for the new.  Beloved, change, My change, is upon you.  As you are ever grasping to take hold of Me it shows Me your heart.  I see how much you desire to know Me, and this pleases Me much.  Yes, you have seen your wedding garment in your dreams long ago as a child.  Those dreams were to set in your mind as seeds, and now they are beginning to grow, for the plan and purpose for them is now time to come to pass.  The fruition of all that I have sown into you is coming to pass.

I shall not delay My plans.  If any are not ready when I come, so be it, for I call and I call daily.  Daily I wait and watch each precious life.  I'm watching to see how they live, act, think, and are.  I'm watching to see when they will call upon Me, or IF they will ever call upon Me.  So much can be done for each one, if only, they would allow Me to come into their lives and help.  So, alas, I wait.

Back to you My love, My gentle little dove.  I am awakening you more and more into My reality.  I am revealing to you more.  Oh, yes My child, I have heard your heart, you will not miss Me.  You shall hear the trumpets call, though others are already hearing the trumpets and you have not, you shall hear them, for you believe.

Now, ask Me about the shot you heard as you were sleeping.

Note:  So I asked Him what was the shot I heard?  ( I had been asking and pondering over what this meant and this is what He just said about it)

The shot you heard was the beginning of the final race to countdown mankind's destiny.  Lives are weighing in the balance.  I have dispatched countless angels into the warfare going on on earth.  The shot was large and heard through My Kingdom and My universes.  This is like the shot when Paul Revere rode out to sound the alarm "The British are coming, The British are coming".  But, this time the shout is "The Kingdom (of God) is coming, The Kingdom (of God) is coming", make way, make way.  All the people, all the creatures, all the spirits should make themselves ready.  Prepare, prepare, prepare for my Kingdom comes now, and I shall rule with a rod of iron.  Oh, humble yourselves before your King or you shall never rise again.  I shall do what is necessary.  I shall allow devastation to commence in more abundance across the whole earth.  For I have seen the hearts of all.  I know each one.

For My own who are awakened to the times that are upon them, fear not, for you are My Mighty Warriors and you I shall rescue and use in My final battle plan.  For the ones who are sleeping in My flock, I shall shake and shake you with a great and terrible shaking, wake up little sleepy heads-for the hour of My coming is upon you, do not let Me find you sleeping.  Seek Me, fervently, and I shall come back and rescue you also.  For the lost, the shaking will not endure forever, if you survive, call upon Me, seek Me out, I am your only hope, and I shall come and answer thee and rescue you.  Every soul shall be accounted for.

Hear Me now, call upon Me in your time of trouble.  Cling to Me in your pain.  All is not lost in the shaking, for I am here.  I am waiting for each soul to come home to Me.  Trust Me, I alone know the way home.

My little dove, you are wide awake.  Your destiny in Me is in My timing.  Rest now, little one, you shall not miss Me.  I will tell you what I want from you daily, as you come.  You are very loved.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 28, 2014

Oh, My love it is good to come and sit with your Beloved.  This is your consecration time to Me.  Your waiting has yielded much fruit in the spirit.  The time you devote to Me in waiting and prayer and yielding shall be greatly rewarded.  For in this time, your fruit has budded, your roots are deep and strong.  Your faith has grown.  Much is accomplished in the waiting.  Nothing is for nought in My Kingdom.

It takes time and perseverance to yield a prepared and enduring vessel.  These times can't be rushed.  Through time, our love grows.  Through patience, our love is tested.  Through due diligence, our love endures.  Love is something that is tangible.  Love is a beautiful spirit, and is very real.  True love only grows and becomes sweeter as it ages.  My love is true.  Your love for Me is true.

Life without love, is empty, and void, and dark and hollow.  It is sad to see a life that does not feel love, that feels isolated and alone.  For if only they would reach out to Me, I would come and embrace each lonely heart and gladly share My warmth, and abundance of life giving love with them.  But, each soul must come to Me for themselves.  I will not force Myself on anyone.  But, I will make Myself known to all who seek Me out.  I am not distant.

Child your love blesses Me.  I see your desire to please Me, and it blesses Me that you are eager to come and partake of My life giving spirit.  You are surrounded My dear one by an abundance of My love, and My light in you shines out for all to see.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 27, 2014

Oh, My little one.  The days are fleeting now.  Time is speeding up, can you not feel it.  The clock in the race is winding down, can you not feel it.   All shall be accomplished according to My plan and purpose.  Nothing that I require shall be hindered.  Yesterday was beautiful for you even with the storm clouds and rain because you have entered into Me fully and completely.  I have purged you.  I have examined your heart and I have healed you.  Your time of visitation is upon you.  You are fully dwelling in Me and My hand is upon you, My spirit lives inside you, for I am with you and I am for you.

Oh, beloved it's a beautiful thing to dwell in the presence of the King, and to rest in His provision and walk in His love.  The kindness of others becomes sweeter, gentler, and kinder as they respond to the love and joy coming forth out of you now.  Oh, My Kingdom is reigning in you child.  The abundance of My Kingdom is breaking forth out of you, for you, My love, are walking out your days fully surrendered to Me.  You are fully yielded to love.  You have developed the  habit of continually judging yourself and allowing Me to correct you and cleanse you as you come in sweet assurance that I will.  You are quick to yield to My correction and leading.  You surrender to My hand in repentance and humbleness.  Now the day star dawns and breaks forth out of your beautiful heart for you have willingly decreased and allowed Me to increase in you, and now I'm coming out, you are exuding My light and love in flashes.  Flashes of hope, flashes of laughter and flashes of love.  People are responding to the light coming out of you child.  I have told you that you glow.  The world of the physical is beginning to see the spiritual through your eyes of love.  You carry My spirit with you, and you shall carry My power, for it shall come forth in the days ahead.  I love you little one.  Stay the course.

Note:  I heard this song upon finishing this post:  "Only believe, Only believe,  all things are possible, Only believe..."

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 26, 2014

Beloved, I love you.  As you draw close to Me and wait, it shows Me the intent of your heart.   I am your primary focus and this pleases Me.  All the world is set on course to meet with Me and give an account of their actions.  Some are ready and eager to meet Me face to face.  But, most, sadly are not.  Some still live in the delusion that I do not exist.  Some think of themselves as a god.  Some think they are so powerful that they can control the destiny of the earth and millions of people for their own selfish greed and desires.  Few, are genuinely concerned for their fellow brothers and sisters.  But, I tell you the Truth, all will give an account for their own actions, thoughts and words.  Each life is singular.  Each soul has a destiny and a purpose to accomplish for Me.

 No one can hide from My all-seeing eye.  I am the ONLY ONE who can TRULY SEE EVERYTHING, all at once.  Nothing can be hidden from My view.  I see all and I know all.  Those who are close to Me know this and they are comforted and encouraged by the fact that I see them at all times.  Some will soon learn this fact and be terrified by this TRUTH that I DO SEE them and what they are doing.  I can read each mind and each heart.  When you stand before Me, you ALL shall see what I have seen in you, and you will judge yourself, this is TRUTH.

Oh, the day is fast approaching when I shall call you all to stand before Me and give an account of your life.  This shall be a bitter-sweet day.  I keep meticulous records of each fragile and precious life.  You are ready, My love, but many are not.  I caution you all to prepare yourselves, for I come without delay.

Stand firm My little one, not much longer now.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 25, 2014

My child, you have need of Me, enter into My presence now.  Let My peace and love wrap around you like a soft down blanket.  Slip into tranquility with Me today and try to stay here through out your day.  I am your source of peace.  I alone give you peace.  As you come and wait upon Me, you are now comfortable with My presence.   For you know Me little one, but I will come to you in different ways now.  I will always meet you through out your day in different ways, shapes, and forms.  This is Truth. I want you to look for Me today and be aware that I am all around you as well as inside of you.  I am the Great and All Powerful God you sing about.  I like that you call Me that.  It honors Me when you are mindful of Me and who I truly am.

It is good to live in this world with you, for you live to be in close communion with Me, day by day.  This pleases Me, little one, this pleases Me.  We are one you and I.  Look up child and see Me in My earth and in the animals and the people all around you.  This earth still has beauty, and I treasure My earth.  I treasure all of My beautiful children who dwell on earth, for My true children have awakened to Me, they have opened their hearts to Me, they have surrendered their lives to Me, they willingly seek Me out daily for their portion and provision.  Quietly living out their lives yielded and surrendered to My leading them ever onward in their journey.  Each life is unique in their plan and purpose I have for them.  Each one fully Trusting that I will take care of all of their needs.  This pleases Me when you all dwell with Me and drink from My well.  Oh, the treasures I am now pouring out to you My children, come and drink deeply, My dear ones, My waters will never run out.  Oh, the love I have for you all.  Be Ready, Stay Awake, for behold I will come in an hour when you think not.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 24, 2014

Beloved, Trust Me in all things.  Daily walking with Me, one step at a time.  I lead, you follow.  My way is not difficult once you conquer fear.  Fear not !  Fear has no place in Me and should have no place in you.  Simply following after Me, daily walking is where you should be.  If something is troubling you dear one, draw close to Me and you will find your peace again.  Do not allow things to trouble the waters of your peace.  Draw close to Me and I will guide you once again to calmer waters.  Peace, be still My child, I am here.  I am in the midst of thee.  Call upon Me for help, come to Me with all of your questions and concerns.  I am here for you.  My little one, Remember, I have already told you, much is coming to trouble your peace, but, you are ready and prepared for it.  I am here, I will protect you child, do not fear.  You are dwelling in Me now, safe and sound, you come daily into My presence, you know Me and I know you.  When I take you to My island of rest and peace, you shall have strength and refreshing for your journey ahead.

Oh, soon the hoof beats shall be heard, can you hear them little one, coming ever closer.  SShhhh, in the quiet, in the stillness, I shall be found.  As you come and separate yourself from all distractions and wait upon Me, you are on My island.  Resting and reposing upon the ground at My feet, for you My love are content to learn at My knee.  But, My little one, you are growing day by day and much change is coming to you now.  Rejoice, Rejoice, there is no fear, I am near.

Oh, My heart beats strong at the nearness of My beloveds, soon My dear ones soon, your King and Ruler of All, the Lion is coming.  I came as a lamb, and now the time of My great awakening is here.  Oh, listen child, can you hear Me Roaring.  Rejoice child Rejoice, I come.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 23, 2014

My child you have much to learn.  In My coming Kingdom you will always be progressing in My Truths.  There will never be an end of learning.  As you seek to understand Me and My ways I reveal more as you are ready.  This cannot be rushed.  True understanding is the renewing of your mind in Me.  Casting aside what you have been taught by the churches of man is the beginning of Truth.  Only with your spiritual eyes and spiritual ears will your understanding be enlarged.  This journey is to understand who you truly are in Me, without Me teaching you personally you cannot understand.  For I am Truth and I am all Wisdom.

The source that you seek is Me, you already understand this vital truth.  You have grown much in your journey to Me.  I have opened your eyes and unstopped your ears.  I am stitching back your left and right brain which will restore you to your original form to Me.

 You are not living under a curse on earth child, for you have gone beyond the veil and entered into your true identity in Me.  I am your source in all things.  We are one, connected in the spirit.  Truth, My Truth always remains, and builds upon the truths that you have already learned from Me.  Little child of Mine, in whom I love, it IS well with you, for you are Mine, fully yielded and surrendered in every way to My will.

 Your understanding increases daily, though to you it seems slow.  No, My child, it is not slow, for the seed must grow, and it's roots must be anchored in Truth, and the leaves and branches spread wide, and then in the season of My timing it's fruit comes, and is picked by the hungry so-journers, for your journey is not for yourself, it is to light the way for the others coming behind you.  Oh, My love, My little one, by your bread crumb trail you are scattering seed and My words to you shall bring forth much fruit in the coming days.  Selah

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 22, 2014

Peace, be still, quiet yourself My little one.  I am here.  Many shall come to disrupt your peace.  Things shall arise in your world to disrupt your peace.  But, oh My little one, do not fear, for I have you protected in My pocket of refuge, as the world spins in chaos, Remember, that I must come and cleanse My land.  I am Holy and only those who are pure of heart, cleansed by their continual coming to My well, drinking and washing in My pure, unpolluted waters shall be able to stand in My holiness, Remember, I have already told you all in My word be ye Holy for I am Holy.

The only place of safety and refuge on this earth shall be in Me.  Do not try to move about the earth to a better place of safety, for truly there is no place safe on the earth.  Only those who are clinging to Me, the living vine shall be safe in the coming storms.  Remember, little one, I am in the storms.  I am clothed in darkness, clouds and a great thundering, this is for your protection, for to behold Me in your unfinished state shall be destructive to you.  You are very close in your sanctification, but you still need to go through the season of testing that is upon you all.  I am here.  I am close.  Remember, the teacher is silent during the tests.  Oh My little one, My dove, you are doing well.  You are faithful in the little things I ask you to do and this is obedience.  Obedience is better than sacrifice.  Beloved the time of refreshing and great change is upon your earth.

Oh, the time draws near when We shall see each other.  Face to Face, a close encounter of the best kind My love.  Soon My love, soon.