Friday, January 16, 2015

Hearing God - Oct. 22, 2014

Song:  "It's a good morning, to wake up to a brand new day..."

Good morning child, it's good that you come to spend time with Me, for in the quietness and stillness, I am easily heard by you.  You become aware of My presence, as you separate yourself and come away with Me.  You know the song I sing to you:  "Come away with Me..."  Well, that is our song.  It cues you in the spirit that I want to spend time alone with you.  You are My love, My little dove, and I love spending time with you, one on one.  Getting to know Me takes time, and beloved, you are spending a great deal of time in listening to Me, and following the spirit on the airwaves in the land of you tube.  Yes, you have found many brothers and sisters there.  You are all learning and growing in Me.  Each of you, knows in part and sees in part.  It is good to listen and discern the Truths from the lies in your mind.  For I have given you a spirit of discernment and you are learning how to walk in your discernment.  this is a gift operating in you through Me and My precious Ruach Ha Kodesh.  As you hear, bring what is questionable to Me.  For if the Truth you are hearing does not resonate within you, it simply means you are not ready to hear it yet.  I am still at work within you, pulling down walls of lies. These strongholds have been embedded in you for years and it takes time to yield and allow Me to reconstruct your mindsets.  I am the Gentle Surgeon, only I can show you the Truth in a way that you can understand it and digest it properly.  Oh, My little one, We have made much progress in your transformation, and We still have much to do.  But, I am well pleased with your diligence to come, and sit patiently at My feet, to yield and submit to Me and allow Me to cut the cords that bind you, and have kept you bound for so many years.  I know it can be painful, and you feel like you are losing your bearings on all that you know, but, Trust Me child.  This is very freeing for you.

 You are in the spirit with Me now, and this is a new and beautiful world, where you are discovering many lovely and beautiful things.  You shall travel on the winds of My spirit.  You have already entered your new day, and now your healing shall break forth.  I shall give you the information to bring strength into your body, mind, and spirit.  You are not weak, My child, you are strong.  Each day you become stronger in Me.  As you live a life of purity, you remain centered in Me.  As you walk the paths of righteousness and love, you are sowing many seeds for My Kingdom.  Beloved, there is no evil in you, for you are one with Me.  You are free in Me, to live, and breath, and move about, for you are living in My Kingdom and I am in you.  Go forth and spread My light now, let My light shine forth in you, and let the world around you, experience My Kingdom.  For they shall be drawn to Me through you, as they see Me walking among them, through you, My little, quiet, gentle dove.  Oh, the days ahead for you are glorious .  Oh, My love, We shall do many things together.

 Shine baby, shine, let the world see your glow for in so doing, you are sowing more and more seeds for My Kingdom and I shall bring the increase.

Hearing God - Nov. 23, 2014

Oh, My love, it is good to come and wait, to patiently wait and know that I WILL speak, for you know Me.  Time invested in the quietness of waiting upon Me is well spent and will reap deep dividends.  I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me.  For in your diligent seeking you are building a strong relationship with Me.  For I know you, My love.  I watch you, I see all that transpires in and through your life.  Beloved, sometimes the wait seems long and unfruitful, but, I tell you the truth, there is much fruit developing on the vine as you continue in your journey to Me.  Your faith is made stronger and you become strengthened and secured in Me.  For you are feeding from the vine and drinking deeply from My well.  No one and nothing can separate you from your faith in Me, for We are one, and this, My love, is as it should be.  Your faith is ever increasing.

Hearing God - Dec. 8, 2014

You must trust Me for everything you need.  You must stand firm in your faith no matter what I call you to face.  Beloved, change, much change is upon the earth.  Many hearts shall fail, for fear of what they see coming upon the earth.  But, you, My Bride, My dear one, shall remain, steadfast and strong, for you are anchored in Me and you shall not be moved.  Through the shaking, through the change you shall remain in Me.  For I alone am your strength and confidence.  You are in Me and I am well established in you.  My flame burns brightly, the fire I have personally stoked in you.  Oh, not much longer now, My little one.  Peace, be still, as you linger in My presence as you wait.  I will tell you where to go and what to do, and what to say.  Behold, I am here.  Stay close, My dove, shelter in My secret hiding place, surrounded by My love.  Drink deeply from My well, for the water is deep.  You are refreshed and renewed in Me, for I alone am your source of strength.  I alone am all you need.  Rest now, My dear one.

Hearing God - Dec. 12, 2014

Child you have to use discernment as you are listening to people.  Some speak truths, some speak lies.  Many deceptions abound now.  Much is coming to light.  Dear one, you are safe with Me as you dwell and seek after My will, My plan, My Kingdom, for as you journey through life this is all I ask of you.  Remember, My dear one, I alone am your teacher.  Ask and I shall reveal much to you.  My hand is not short.  I reveal many different things to many different people.  If I do not answer you right away there is a reason.  Seek Me until I speak the answer to you.  Do not be shy, ponder and meditate on My word, My ways and your questions.  Dear one, it is better to ask and wait upon Me for the answers, than to never ask and never know.  If you do not want to be deceived, then you shall not be deceived.  I know your heart, My love.  I know you.  Patient endurance is the key.  Ask child, ask, and then wait upon Me for the answers.  I shall surely answer you.

Hearing God - Jan. 16, 2015

Oh, My child, your eyes are constantly upon Me now.  You are relying on Me and dwelling with Me in the secret chambers of your heart.  Oh, the joy of your soul is beautiful to Me as you rest and abide with Me now.  Do not worry or be anxious to know everything I will require of you, for you are to only Trust, and abide in Me, succumbed to gently following Me in quiet trust and loyalty day by day.  I am revealing more and more of Myself to you, I shall instruct you in your duties in the days ahead, do not try to rush out ahead of Me.  Stay close, dear one, there is much happening in the spirit now and you, My love, are exactly where I want you, by My side, abiding, resting and growing into your fullness now.  These days we are sharing are precious to Me, for in this time you share with Me our love grows deeper and more beautiful.  Oh, My lovely one, you are seated with Me, far above all principalities and powers and rulers of this world.  For you have conquered your flesh in your submission to Me, you have learned to recognize your old flesh when it trys to rear it's ugly head, but, it only lasts for a moment now, as you crush it under your feet as I've shown you to do.  All shall be in submission to Me.  You, My love, have submitted all that you can, but there is more to surrender child.  I simply ask you to obey in My leading, as I require you to set aside things whether it be activities, people, conversations, Remember child, when you choose to do as I lead you, you are taking up your cross and following Me.

  The world has many things to tempt and entice you with to draw you away from Me, but, Remember, I am here, I see you, all you have to do is turn inward to find Me.  I am not distant from you, My beloved.  Your main goal for now is to keep Me at the front of your mind and follow My leading.  You are on the narrow road, this path leads to everlasting life, love, peace, victory, and rest.  This is a sacred path, that few endeavor to tread.  For it requires a humble heart, one who is ready to set aside all that is in this world and ascend to Me, to reach higher than your fleshly bands that bind you, and look within, not externally, but into the spirit ,for in the spirit within is where your freedom lies.  This is a great lesson you have learned.  To be able to recognize the pull of the flesh against the pull of the spirit.  To choose the spirit over your flesh, over and over is where true life is.  You are coming to an end in the journey, as the flesh no longer has a pull on you.  Yes, you still live in your flesh in this world, but, really, you are living in the spirit in My Kingdom.  Soon, you shall recognize you have no limitations now, and you shall discover many amazing things you can do in Me, for as I live, so shall you.  Live in the spirit, My love, for in the spirit is where your soul longs to be.  I am spirit and so are you.  You are strong, My love, you are strong.  The longer you abide in Me and I abide in you, the stronger you shall be, in the spirit and in the physical.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hearing God -Nov. 10, 2014

In quietness and gentleness she comes.  The beauty in holiness is rare and beyond compare.  For no one can see it as I do, for behind the veil there dwells truth and purity very few will ever know, but, you, My love, My dove, you have made your heart a fortress for Me.  A castle fit for kings.  I am forever enthroned upon your heart.  This is where I shall dwell with you forever, even beyond this life you now know.  Though for now it is a mystery to you.  I am about to unlock many mysteries for you My love, because you are faithful.  Your heart is ever turned to Me.  Your beauty shines forth in a radiant light, for you are clean and pure before Me.  I have washed you.  I have hand fed you.  I have watered you.  I have pruned your branches.  There is beauty in the pain.  Everything I do in your life has a plan and a purpose.  Stay yielded, My little one.  Bend and bow as needed.  A bruised reed I shall not break, pay attention to your dreams.  Many mysteries are locked up in your dreams.  I hold the keys to your dreams.  Ponder them, ask Me about them.  Meditate on them.  I shall be your teacher and your guide.  Oh, My dove, you are My beautiful dreamer.  Awaken now to Me, beloved, you shall now see clearly. All shall be revealed.  You have come to this new day, alive, awake, and thriving in Me.  Oh, the secrets, the beautiful mysteries you shall uncover and discover in Me.  Look and see, consider My ways.  Consider My hand upon your life.  You, My fair one, are strong in Me.  For you have strengthened yourself daily in Me and now you can face any challenges with honor and valor.  In meekness and in gentleness you shall go forth for Me.  My love is strong in you, it's a force to be reckoned with, as you linger in My presence, I can smell your sweet aroma, as you breath in and breath out.  Many shall see you clearly now.  I am bringing you from obscurity into the light, not stardom, but light in the darkness, they shall know that you are Mine and I live BIG in you.  They shall see a difference in you.  My, oh my, let Me look at you, beloved, you are glowing.  My presence within you is breaking out.  Lift up your eyes, can you see Me, look for Me in everything now.  Can you see Me.  Oh, My heart, My beating heart is overjoyed with your love for Me, Oh, My little one, the Kingdom is for you, live, I say live in My Kingdom now, not tomorrow, but now.  You are faithful and shall inherit all of My promises.  It is My joy and good pleasure to give you My Kingdom.  For you are pure and holy, and humble before Me.

Hearing God - Nov. 22, 2014

Beloved, it is good to seek your answers from Me, for I alone know the way.  I have given you My word, as a light and a witness of Me.  For to you, all things are opened, you need only to ask and I shall open your understanding.  My Spirit leads you child.  Rest assured I am with you always.  I lead you beside the still waters of My heart, for you, My love, are one with Me, We are in union, you and I.  We walk this path together.  As you ascend, I meet you on the path and we go up together to Mount Zion, My city.  You, My child, are sealed and marked.  I have written My Fathers name on your forehead.  You are Mine, forever, always, My dearest one, do not let your heart be troubled.  Take one day at a time.  Come away with Me more often as you feel yourself become overwhelmed, troubled or anxious during your day or night.  I alone can bring you comfort.  This journey is not for the weak or faint hearted.  It is for all who will overcome.  You, My beloved,  are an over comer, fully persuaded, fully equipped to endure any challenge you shall face.  Oh, My love, My dear one, you are sensing My presence all around you. The dejavue experiences are meant to lead you deeper into Me.  This is to let you know you are right where I want you to be.

Hearing God - Nov. 26, 2014

Beloved, you shall need to use your discernment now, for much deception is upon you and the land that I love.  Be careful.  Stay close to Me, My little one.  For I am with you always.  I shall help you.  I shall guide you.  I shall be your eyes and ears.  You must trust Me always, for I shall cover and  take care of you.  Many shall fall away from Me now, for they shall be deceived.  Deception abounds now.  You are to witness many things now, beloved, fear not, for I am with you always, even to the end.  I dwell inside of you, for We are one.  I shall show you more of My plan as it unfolds before you.  Do not worry about tomorrow.  Trust Me and live in one day at a time.  You can go no further than today for now.  But, know this, I shall break the time barrier, and you shall move about in time with Me, for this is your purpose, I created you to live and move and breathe with Me.  I shall break every wall that has held you back.  You, My love, shall ride on the wings of My Spirit, My Wind shall lift you up.

Hearing God - Dec. 6, 2014

I am really pleased with thee child.  For you have chosen to put Me first above all else.  This pleases Me, dear one, this pleases Me.  As you come, fully expecting to hear clearly, you are increasing your faith.  For you, My love, are dwelling in relationship with Me.  We are one.  Wherever you go, I go.  Whatever you do, I do, for We are working together.  We are a team you and I.  This is what I've always wanted, to be a part of your life.  Through it all, the good, the bad, the confusing, the uncertain, through out all, and I mean all of your life I want to share it with you. For as you open your life to Me you enter deeper and deeper into relationship with Me.  You are strong, My love, you are seeing through My eyes, you are hearing through My ears, and you are feeling through My heart.  Oh, how I love your humble, submitted heart.  You are truly Mine, and I shall never let you go.  Nothing shall separate you from Me.  For you, My love, are Mine and I am yours.  As you linger in your pondering of Me, I linger in abiding with you.  Pay close attention now to your surroundings and smells.  Can you smell My presence, try.  For as you sense Me, I am here, can you smell Me.  I am opening up your spiritual senses.  They can see you clearly in the spirit, for you glow, your countenance reflects Me.  You are marked as one of My own.  You are feared by those who can see your power, you are loved by those who know My name and are humbly submitted to Me and My Kingdom.  You are a light in this world, My love.  Stay close to Me.  I am with you child.

Hearing God - Jan. 15, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting upon the Lord, I heard a familiar song gently playing in my head that the Lord gave me a while ago.  "Moment by moment, the mystery comes, moment by moment, the day draws near, Tell me can you hear,  Is this the one my soul longs for, is this the one, that will open every door...moment by moment the mystery comes, moment by moment the day draws near..."

Then the Lord spoke:

Yes, My child, you are hearing well, you are drawing close and coming through the doors of My chambers freely now.  For I have opened them for you and you now have entrance into them, and can move freely now, in and out at will.  My chambers are private and only a few, the chosen, the elect, the bride have entrance to Me.  For as We commune together, We are knit closer and closer, you have My heart, My lovely one, and I have yours.  My Kingdom is your Kingdom.  You have steadily grown up in Me as you have willingly let go of and loosed your mind and will from man's kingdom and understanding.  You have allowed Me to turn over the tables inside of your temple, you have submitted to My purging, you have allowed Me to prune you back, and now, My little one, you are beginning to bud, once again you shall flourish and have an abundance of leaves and your fruit shall be the choicest morsels, for I will water and feed you by My own hand.  You will lack for nothing.  I am your provider.  I am all you need.  Much understanding is coming to you.  For your eyes are open and the veils are lifted, and now, My love, you see.  You can hear Me and see My Truth, and now, My lovely one, you shall do.  For as I AM, you too shall be, nothing in My Kingdom shall be hidden from you.  For you have searched and dug for My Truths and now you shall have abundance of My treasures.  My peace, My hope, My love, My victory, all are yours.  My peace rests upon you, dear one.  I have endued you with hope, study hope, for there is much meaning in this for you, for it's a new season dawning upon you now.  You can see clearly as I lead you, and you follow closely at My heels, this pleases Me child, for you are eager, so eager to be close to Me, I cherish you, My little one, for you are truly Mine.

***note:  Then He said:  Ask Me child.  So I asked:  Lord, what am I going to be doing for you once you are ready?  Then He answered:

You shall write and sow seeds of love and hope, as you write your words shall water the parched and thirsty ground of the readers who come, this shall be a balm for their souls.  for as they come, they shall see Me here, in these words and they shall seek Me for themselves, for I have come to gather My little lambs and set them in their places in My Kingdom.  You are a vessel I have chosen to pour My words through, as you yield to Me, I shall fill you to overflowing and the words shall pour forth, like oil, and drip like honey from My tree, for I am life, I am the Word and I bring life to the reader.  For they seek answers, they seek comfort, they seek protection, they seek hope, and I am able to fulfill all of their needs.  I am that I am.  I set on fire each heart, one by one.  You, My dear, are burning brightly for Me, I shall use you in many ways to touch My people.  I am love and I am using you to help build a bridge for My people to use to bring them to Me.  All who come now to My well shall never go thirsty, for My waters never run dry, Oh My loves, My dear ones, I see you, I am here, can you not feel Me near you.  For you and I shall meet together in the secret place.  As My beloved pens these words, know that these are My words to you, dear ones, I am beckoning you to come and find your place in Me.  I am here.  Come unto Me and allow Me to show you the way.  It is time.

note:  this is what I have found about "hope"

the definition of hope is:  the feeling that what is wanted can be had,
                                         a person or thing in which expectations are centered

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hearing God - Jan. 14, 2015

***note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this is what I heard:

As you seek Me with all your heart, soul and mind you sink deeper and deeper into Me.  I am fathomless.  The more you discover, the more you are drawn closer to Me, for the more you know about Me the more you grow in Me.  I am reflecting in you, for you are now a reflection of Me.  As I am, so you shall be.  This is a beautiful mystery.  We are one, knitted together for My eternal purpose.  I have known you since before time began, now I ask you to take My hand as we journey deeper into Me and all of My ways.  For I truly desire to be know by you.  I want all of My children to come to know Me, to eagerly come to seek Me out as you do daily.  Not many come to Me to get to know Me.  Most come to request things.  But you, My dear one, come to receive, you come to know Me for yourself.

 No one comes to Me by accident, they come to Me as they seek Me out for who I am.  I am not distant.  But, I may be hidden for some, call upon Me, ask Me to reveal Myself to you.  Oh, but be ready to hear, for when I come, you shall surely here.  I tell you the truth, ask, seek and knock now while I may be found of you.  For in the coming days, I shall be found with great difficulty, for to find Me you must have faith and faith shall depart from the hearts of men who have never truly known Me.

  But for you and all My true children your faith shall arise and you shall be given wings to fly, far above all darkness and unbelief.  You shall rest on the shore as you watch your God do many spectacular things.  Oh eye has not seen what I am about to do, stay close My dove, under My wings.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hearing God - Jan. 3, 2015

Sssshhhhh, so many questions?  Child, this is not your way.  Let not your heart be troubled, it is well with thee and Me.  We are on this journey together.   You never walk the path alone.  Do not let the cares of this world, the panic of others draw you out of My peace.  My peace I give you child, do not walk away from it, you must endeavor to walk in My peace at all times, in all circumstances, stay in My peace.  I will protect you, I will provide for you.  You know Me.  My heart is open to you, My little one. Ssshhhh, peace, be still and know, I am here.  You are not alone.  Let Me keep your heart in perfect peace.  I lead, you follow.  Daily come to Me for your portion.  Trust Me solely for everything.  I am all you need.  I shall be your candle in the dark.  Stay close to Me.  Do not be alarmed at anything, stay in My peace.   Keep your mind stayed on Me at all times.  I am here for you, you are safe in Me.  Fear not, My little one, for I know where you are at all times.  The time of testing is upon each of you now.  Stay strong.  Make yourself strong in Me.  I Am the Way.

Hearing God - Jan. 13, 2015

Many things are coming to you now, My child, for as revelation flows it is a continual constant stream from My eternal river.  As you seek to know and understand Me and My ways, you shall know Me and My ways, they shall no longer be hidden from you, for you have persevered, you have pressed in to know and I am well pleased with you, My love.  For you have truly captured My heart.  I send you mysteries as you dream upon your bed.  As I watch you sleep, I still speak to you, your dreams are filled with many mysteries, these are to draw you closer to Me, to seek out more and more, I set this breadcrumb trail up for you, My dear one.  I delight in drawing you to Myself, for it gives Me great joy to see your eager heart as you seek to know more of Me and My ways.  My soul delights in feeding My little lambs.  For you all are growing in Me now, your journeys are truly beautiful, for in the journey to Me is your transformation.  I am restoring you daily as you come come and seek Me out.  For in the seeking, in the questioning, in the knocking, I find you truly ready to receive from Me.

 I love a beautiful, pure heart, and you, My dear one, are a beautiful heart, your heart sings in the night  to Me, the melody is soft and tender and quietly tickles My ear, for in the night, you are alive in the spiri,t more so than in the day.  We go on many excursions and adventures as your flesh slumbers upon your bed. Oh, My little one, you are totally surrendered and submitted to My leading.  Blessed are you, My dove, for the path you have chosen is leading you deeper and deeper into Me.  Oh, My lovely one, you are seeing clearly now the Truth in My word.  The scales and blinders have come off and now you see.  This is what living in the Kingdom is all about.  For the Kingdom, My Kingdom is within you.  It is well with you, My little one for I have tested you, I have chastised and corrected you, I have rebuked you, and still you come.  For in this season you are going through, you have seen and felt the draw of My love.  You have seen My heart as I have seen yours and you have chosen Me, your beloved, to lead you, day by day, moment by moment.

  For in the waiting, you are abiding in Me, I am the eternal vine and you are a branch on My vine.  I love how you love Me child.  It is well with thee.  As you abide in Me, I abide in you.  I lead, and you follow.  Life is simple, once you find your place in Me.  I tell you the Truth, all of you have a place in Me, all of you were created for a specific purpose in Me, come and seek out your place, come now, hear Me now.  It is better for you to come now and hear.  Some are hearing Me, but many are still asleep to Me calling.  I am sounding the trumpets all around each of you now.  Can you not hear them.  Listen now, be still, listen, what do you hear.  Be still, quiet yourself, draw near to Me and hear, write it down, ponder it, ask Me to reveal Myself to you, as I have to My Bride, My little scribe.  She writes what she hears.  She posts as I have directed her.  This is not her way, to be public.  She is quiet and private.  But, in her obedience to Me, she posts these words at My urging, she is only one of the trumpets that are sounding across the earth, the whole earth is filled with My trumpets.  Listen, can you not hear them.  Oh, My dear ones, there is much to say to each of you, I will to speak to each of you, heart to heart.  I implore you all, now is the time of My visitation, don't miss your visitation.  All will soon be awakened.  But, by what means is it going to take to awaken you.  I am here, seek Me now, find Me for yourselves.  I see you all.  Can you see Me?  Selah.

Hearing God - Jan. 12, 2015

*note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, you are learning many things about My Kingdom, do not worry that you will not keep up, you are doing fine.  I see you, soaking in My information like a sponge.  It is well with thee and Me.  It is good to tarry, and ponder over this information so as to fully digest it and absorb it.  For only in the digestion and absorbtion can you cleave to it and have it transform your reality.  I have told you, and I bring it to your remembrance again, everything that you have known will become undone.  As I break forth My hammer upon these walls that bind you, all that you have known must come down, for I am Truth, and I shall set you free completely.  For as I am so shall you be, you shall see clearly the transformation.  You have stepped from death into life.  As you move, and breath, you move and breath in Me. You are living in the spirit, My little one, there is no darkness here. 

 In the world many shall see your light and they shall come and grasp for the light that you have.  I am taking you through these teachings to equip you and better your understanding of My ways.  For as you see, you shall overcome more and more walls.  This is your transformation.  Your understanding of Me is broadening.  As you sit, eager, attentive, burning inside to understand more, and yet you do not grow weary of Me or learning.  You hear clearly now, dear one.  These lessons you have learned well.  Now, as you sit at My table you are filled with wonder and thanksgiving at the feast before you.  You can eat your fill daily, and still come back to Me for more.  There is always more to learn of My Ways and My Kingdom. 

 Take your time, let these truths I speak to you through My Spirit soak in, ponder them, ask Me to reveal them to you so that you can understand.  I am here to help you through this passage, Oh, My dear one, My heart thrills at the sight of your eager heart to learn more of Me.  You seek Me out, you search for Me in everything, you see Me hidden in everything now.  For I, and I alone have opened your eyes.  I am your leader and teacher.  It blesses Me to have you draw near to hear.  Oh, this is what My soul longs for.  To be in relationship with My children, My beautiful children.  To simply abide with you now, pleases Me, My dear one, it pleases Me much.  

Each day you bring unto Me your gifts and I receive each one with an eager heart.  I receive with open arms your love.  I receive your adoration, I receive your tears, I receive your thanksgiving, but, most of all, My precious dove, I receive your eager heart, eager to be alone with Me, eager to hear from Me, eager to feel My nearness and My love.  Oh, My dear one, this is what My soul longs for from each of My children.  Though the road is long and you journey on, you are patient with Me, you Trust only Me, you seek only Me, you live only for Me now, what a treasure you are, My dear one.  What a fragrance you emit to Me, fully persuaded that I am all you need.  Fully surrendered to Me as your source.  For you live and breath and move in Me. 

 I am pleased with your progress, My little one.  I see you on the path, can you see Me now, come and let us walk together, come unto Me now.  Close your eyes, My precious one, and come.

Vision:  As I close my eyes I see Jesus beckoning Me on the path, it's a hilly dirt path with green lush grasses and trees and flowers, it's a beautiful day, the temperature is perfect, I go to meet Him and He holds out His hand, I take His hand and we go strolling on the path talking and visiting.  I can't hear what we are saying for I am seeing this unfold in front of me, as we walk down the path it dips and slopes and sometimes I lose sight of the two of us walking the path, we are traveling down the path together.  I feel secure, comfortable, happy, contented and loved...the vision ends as we continue to walk down the path.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hearing God - Jan.1, 2015

***note:  As I was waiting upon the Lord this morning, this is what I heard:

Before you do anything come, come and listen at My knee, beloved.  It is good to sit and tune your ear to hear Me.  It is good to come away with Me to a quiet place, away from all distractions and just be with Me.  I am with you always.  I know you know now that I never leave you.  We are one - the Spirit and the flesh are in union now, My dear one, We are truly married and nothing and no one can ever separate us.  We are secure and unmovable.  Oh, the joy that awaits you on the other side is overwhelming, and simply can't be described.  You will have to see it for yourself.  But, trust Me child, you will be very pleased.  Your joy shall be full.  Oh, so many of My mysteries are opening up to you as you sit at My table and feast with your true brothers and sisters.  My Kingdom is come and beckons all to enter in and partake of My goodness.  I freely call and invite all to come and get to know Me for themselves.  This is a lonely path, a separated out, individual journey.  But, the most important journey each of you will ever take.  I am your creator, I know what is best for each of you, but, I will not force you to come.  I know who are Mine.  The wise will be with Me now, and in the days to come, for they have endured the tests.  They have come through the purifying fires and are purest gold to Me.  The foolish, who think they know enough about Me and the ones who don't want to hear, well, so be it, they shall not hear, they shall not see, and they shall not know.  But, I tell you the Truth for all who have ears to hear, they shall hear.  For all who truly seek Me, I shall be found by them.  I am not distant, I am here.

Seek Me now, listen to My voice, shut out the noise from the world and hear Me.  I am the first and the last, besides Me there is no other.  I use who I want to relay My messages.  I see you all.  I know where each of you are on the path.  This is not a comparison contest.  I have different and set apart paths for each of you, but you must be on the path to find Me, hurry now My children for the gate is closing.  There is not much time left.  Will you enter in, seek the path, the narrow path.  My dear beloved little dove, you are on the path, you have crossed over the bridge and you are safe and secure with Me.  You have many friends here, who have also been successful in this journey.  Though you have never met them, you know them, and they know you.  Beloved, do not lose sight of your calling, put these words up for all to see.  For these are not yours to keep, they pour out of you through My Spirit, I alone am the writer, you, are My yielded, submitted vessel, My little scribe.  Dear one, your journey shall never end, though you have come out of this world, you have much continuing work to do with Me.  I have always used you with words, to encourage, to uplift, to strengthen.  This is your calling, this is one of your talents in My Kingdom.  My precious one, you have always known that this talent is from Me, and now I say to you, arise, arise to your calling and deliver My messages.  Do not be lax and lazy in this.  Yes, you have much to learn, but your life is a continual learning journey.  Your calling is to continue to receive and put up these words.  For they are for edification to the ones coming behind you, do not leave your post again dear one, for We are not finished here.  You, My beautiful Bride have much to do here.  Release My words to the people, for they are not just for you, you are not to keep them for yourself.  Blow your trumpet for Me now, dear one.  Feed My sheep, little one, feed My sheep.

 I am here for all, come unto Me and allow Me to feed you.  I have much to say.  The question is, do you truly want to hear?  We shall see.  Selah.

Hearing God update Jan.1, 2015

***note:  I have allowed myself to become to busy to post the words that the Lord has spoken to me.  I have been chastised by the Lord and I have repented of my neglect, I shall continue to post as I am led by the Spirit.  Please forgive my ignorance in my calling, I now know this is my calling in the Kingdom as spoken directly to me by the Lord Himself this morning, I shall put the words He spoke in the next post, and I shall endeavor to put up the posts that I have not put up as time allows.

Thank you for your patience

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 21, 2014

You are learning how to walk in the spirit.  It is becoming normal to you.  For you are seeing much through My eyes.  You are now in a season of Rest and Contemplation.  For you are digesting all that I have been placing into you.  This is why you are having so many Deja vu experiences, as if you've lived it before, or already experienced it.  I go before you in the spirit, and your spirit is attached to Me, so in some ways your spirit is ahead of your physical.  Trust Me, all is well with thee and Me, you are right where I want you to be.  I have shown you many life experiences, many years ago, that you are about to have.  I have set your course.  You, My love, My gentle dove, shall walk in the spirit in the physical realm.  I am manifesting many things to you, and NOW through you, for I AM in you, We are one, My love.  You are experiencing a heightened sense of awareness, in your surroundings, in the animals, and in the people.  I have prepared you for all the battles and confrontations that are ahead of you.  Remember, to remain unoffendable.  Keep yourself in My Peace.  Above  all else follow after peace, and you shall stay in My Rest.  Do not allow My Peace to leave you, My little one, if it slips away from you, or what you're experiencing, follow hard after My Peace, separate yourself from your emotions, be quiet and listen to My voice.  I alone shall direct you, I alone shall lead you down the paths of Righteousness, Peace, and Love.  For in these paths is your way home in every situation you may find yourself in.  Go, walk in Peace.  Selah.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 20, 2014

Song:  "Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, as we wait upon the Lord, as we wait upon the Lord..." ( I keep hearing this song as I go to sleep, as I awaken, as I begin to wait upon the Lord,  and throughout my day...)

Child I am your strength.  I shall endue you with power, for I am in you.  I shall lead you through every challenge you shall encounter.  Beloved, I am for you.  I shall never leave you.  You are Mine.  As you spend time with Me, in My presence, you are being transformed.  As you think upon Me, I become who you are reflecting.  You shall see through My eyes of love.  All that you have ever known shall be challenged.  For in the change, comes transformation.  Many lies that you have been taught as truths shall be brought forth by Me and exposed to you.  You shall see them through My Eyes.   Change is not easy, but, change is NOW HERE.  You My child are constantly changing, and experiencing more of Me.  You have yielded to Me, in your heart, and in your mind.  As I dig out each stronghold in your mind, you are faithful to yield, and try to comprehend My Truth.  This is a complicated web,  that has hidden My Truths from you, and it's a process, that takes time, to bring it down.  Soaking in My presence, hearing and experiencing Me more and more, is the key.  I lead you child, all I ask of you is that you Trust and follow Me.  I know you do not understand everything now and that's O.K. Do not be anxious, or fret over what you don't understand.  For I will open the eyes of your understanding little by little.  I only ask that you Trust Me in all things regarding your understanding and your life.  Stay close and do not reject My Truths or My leading.  You have entered a strange new world to you of Truth.  You are not completely familiar with it yet, for you have lived in a shadow of truths, for you were not ready for it.  But, NOW is the time of your complete transformation.  My light in you is shining out and exposing My Truth for all who are willing to see.  Rest in Me child, I Am doing all the work.  You are seated at My feet, resting, do not fret, Rest, I am in control.   Selah

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 19, 2014

Song:  "Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, as we wait upon the Lord, as we wait upon the Lord..."

All who come to Me shall be strengthened, revived and renewed.  For in Me is everything you need.  I Am Mercy, and I Am Grace.  I am more than sufficient for you.  Oh, My love, My dear one, let not your heart be downcast or troubled.  Do not grow weary in doing good, or in your waiting season.  To everything there is a purpose and a plan.  I see all, I know all.  You must fully Trust Me in all things.  I Am in control, nothing shall escape My notice or be kept secret from Me.  I see all.  I have plans that you know not of.  You are Mine, and I tell you what you need to know, when I share with you in our bedchambers.  You have been prepared, and made ready for this season.

Many shall see Me in you, for you shall walk and talk like Me.  I have placed healing in your hands and I have strengthened your faith.  You are now seeing things through My beautiful eyes of love, this pleases Me.  You are ready child, for whatever you shall face, as long as you stay connected to Me.  As you endeavor to touch Me, you remain close, tucked under My wing.  I am your source of everything you need.  Nothing is impossible for Me.  You are a faithful wife.  I will take care of you.  My spirit is strong in you, I can feel your heart beating next to Mine.  We are one.  You are in the midst of change and you shall face many challenges.  Fear not, as you go through it.  Everything must fall aside and only I remain.  Hold loosely now, all, you hold dear, for all is Mine, and if I take it away, it is for My plan and purpose, you must Trust Me little one.  In everything there is a season.  Selah.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 18, 2014

I love you child.  You come to wait upon Me, expecting to hear from Me and so you shall hear.  Let not your heart be troubled.  Keep your focus on Me, in all things and in all circumstances keep your eyes on Me.  Do nothing out of fear.  Be still, listen to Me, if you do not hear, be still, wait, wait for My direction.  My peace I have given you, stay in it.  If you lose your peace, stay calm, and be still and when you are in My peace again, then you can continue with what you are doing.  Follow after My peace, and in so doing, you will be safely tucked under My wing.  Do not try to understand everything that is happening all around you, for you will not.  Do not give in to fear.  For it is a snare that is being cast upon the ears and eyes of the people to immobilize them and control them.  Many are fearful due to what they are hearing and seeing.  I tell you again, My little ones, do not fear.  This is an immobilizing spirit.  Do not allow it to abide in you, stand strong.  I am here with you.  Look to Me, in all things, for comfort, direction, and peace.  I will give you the understanding that you need.  Live day by day in Me.  Oh, My little one, all is well with thee and Me.  Keep your heart dwelling in Me.  Let Me captivate all of your attention.  For in Me, you will find peace, Truth, and love.  You are Resting in Me.  I am in thee, and you are in Me.  We are one.  I lead, only I, and you humbly follow.  Don't listen to the world, don't accept the noise, shut it out.  Follow after peace, let it guide you in all your ways.  Selah.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 17, 2014

My hand is upon you child, I lead, you follow.  Much tribulation is coming forth from the spirit now, and through it, much shall manifest and come forth in the physical.  All have been weighed.  All have been reviewed, and now all shall be tested.  Fear not, My little one, for in the fire, there is Truth.  In the fire, as I turn up the heat, it draws out the dross, the wickedness, the self-life is purified and cleansed.  Yes, it is not easy and many shall suffer, as they have to let go of many things they have clung to, for they shall no longer bring them any comfort or protect you all from the storms that are coming.  I have given you many signs in the sky, in the weather, in the animals, and in the people.  Change is upon you, My lovely ones, Keep Calm, and remain in Me, tucked safely under My wings.  I am your shelter through any storm I require you to go through.  Stand strong in Me, My little ones, for I Am your strength.  I Am working out My plan.  I Am in the delivering business.  I will take care of My own.  I own this earth and everything in it.  You must not doubt My plans and purposes for you, only Trust Me, and believe that I Am is in control of your life.  Leave everything to Me, yield child, yield.  You are to be a witness of many things unfolding on the earth.  No matter how bizarre it may get, know this, I Am right here with you.  I Am in charge and I will take care of all of your needs.  Hold fast to Me now, this is where the strength of your faith is being tested.  Stand strong now children.  I Am here.  I Am is in control of all things.  Trust Me.  Selah.