Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hearing God - May 30, 2013

Wait, Be Still and know that I am God.  Listen to My still small voice in every circumstance, I will speak, I will guide and direct you in everything if you allow Me too.  I am the only one who truly knows what is best for you.  Besides Me, there is no other.  My desire for you is to have you close to Me forever, to shelter you and abide with you for always.

  My heart longs to be with you and bring you home with Me, but for a little while longer you must linger here.  My Fathers perfect will is unfolding and you have much work to do with Me as it unfolds.  Do not grow weary in well doing, just be persistent and persevere in all I ask you to do.  Time is short, and your time spent in Me is well spent.  Look to Me in everything.  Let Me come forth in you.  Do not fear, cast out fear every time it trys to come upon you and manipulate you.  Call out My name and rely on Me in all things.  I must become stronger in you.  Let Me shine forth out of you.  Your life is in My hands.  You are in good hands.  The perfect place for you is in Me.  Abide in Me, stay close.

Hearing God - May 31, 2013

Song:  "Great and Mighty is He, (clap, clap, clap)...Great and Mighty is He, (clap, clap,clap)
clothed in glory, arrayed in splendor, Great and Mighty is He"

I am the ALL powerful and ALL Mighty God.  My life force flows through you, yield to Me child, always yield.  I am your source.  I will provide all you need.  Do not worry, Do not fear, for I am here with you.  I will always take care of you.  You are in My plan.  I made room for you, before time began.  Yield child, yield to Me in everything I ask of you.  Look for Me in everything.  Invite Me into your day.  Live and abide in Me, and My abundance.  You shall have no lack in your life.

I asked:  Why is it so hard to hear today?
answer:  It is hard to hear because you are not drawing near to Me as much as you were, you are becoming distracted by the cares of this world.  Remember, you must stay close to Me, under My wing at all times, humble and yielded, it is the only safe place for you now.

Hearing God - April 20, 2014

I am the Resurrection and the life.   No one comes to the Father except through Me.  I gave My life, I laid it down for you.  I paid the price for you.  All must give an account for what they do.  If you believe in Me, and what I did for you and accept it as reality you shall be saved.  I am Truth, I am not fiction.  I created all that you see.  I created all that you do not see.  I have given you My word to reveal many of My attributes.  I am so much more than you understand today.  As you grow closer to Me I expand your wisdom in the Knowledge of Me.  As you continue to pursue Me, I increase your measure of faith for you truly believe.

 I shed My blood for your salvation.  It is a free gift to be received with Thanksgiving.  My Blood has power.  You must wield it in all that you encounter.  My name has power.  You must wield it in all that you encounter.  Be it unto you, according to your faith as you Believe so be it.  Your understanding of Faith and how it works is transforming you.  As you shelter in Me, I am increasing your understanding, then as you go out into the world you carry Me with you.  This is how you walk in your authority.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper now, for you are walking in your authority, for the eyes of your understanding have been opened.  My word is infusing you with My power.  Breathe in Me, Breathe out Me, I am etching Myself in you just as you have asked.  Most of what you have asked for I have already done.

 Keep praying.  I have given you an open window, be it unto thee according to your faith or what you are willing to believe.  AS you believe you increase your level of authority.  Your authority is already given to you.  But, your understanding of your authority and how to walk in it is progressive.  As your understanding grows you will be able to wield your authority.

 Keep coming, keep listening, keep seeking Me I am here with thee.  I WILL, that you walk in your authority.  Keep studying My word, you're getting it.  As you get it your understanding grows.

 Pray in tongues more, it is edifying you and it is breaking down the walls that are built all around you to separate you from Me.

 I am with you always.  I am coming soon.  Stay ready, stay pure, be careful what your eyes look upon.  Keep asking Me to purify you and help you cleanse your garments.  This pleases Me child for in so doing you are making all the necessary preparations for your soon coming King.  Keep yourself clean for your Bridegroom comes.  Do not allow yourself to be lulled back to sleep.  Stay alert.  Much is happening now.  I am watching.  I have searched you child, your lamp is full, your garments are clean.   Your wedding gown is beautiful and glowing.  It glistens with pearls and I am excited about the wedding.  Whatsoever I tell you to do, do it quickly.  Get My words up quickly child.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hearing God - June 2, 2013

My child, My little one, seek Me first, everyday, for guidance and protection.  We are coming into complete fruition of all things now.  My plans for your life are rapidly unfolding, that is why you are sensing "DE-JA-VU" in everything, each day now.  You are strong and becoming stronger in Me, soon you will be unflappable, TRUST Me child.   The good, the bad and the ugly will all be released on your life and world now, only the strong of Mine will be protected, shelter in Me, stay close, I am near, I am here, I will lead you, I will guide you.  I have already made a way for you, you are Mine.  Change is here, rapid succession of change, change, change
Fear no one
Fear nothing
Seek My Face
Seek My Way

I AM for you, My little one, great things are ahead for you in Me

Hearing God - June 3, 2013

I love you My child, you must be prepared for what is coming upon the earth.  Many shakings are taking place now, many kingdoms will topple now.  Men's hearts will fail them for what is coming upon the earth, My Kingdom comes!  My will be done!

Now!  I alone will search and reward every heart.  Some will awaken to everlasting joy and peace and carry out My desires in this specific time frame.  Most will awaken to terror and fear will grip their hearts.  You My child, have already awakened to Me, I am your reality now.  I am your desire and all your needs will be met in Me.  You My dear one I know, and you know Me.

 My ways are being revealed to you, so you are not surprised at what's coming upon the earth now.  Do not be alarmed or allow yourself to be afraid.  Fear not for I am with you in everything.  Stay close to Me child, do not fall back into your old ways.

Come before Me daily, come close and hear Me child, My still small voice you can discern easily now.  My heart is connecting with your heart.  You are ruling over your flesh.  My Kingdom comes into you now, more than ever before.  Make yourself strong in Me.  Put on My whole armour now.  Stay ready at all times.

  The battle is before you and the battle is all around you.  Fear not, for I am with you always.  Your life My dear one is found in Me, you I will protect and cover with My wings.  We shall soar together.  Nothing shall be impossible for you now.  Expect the impossible to be possible now.  Nothing is too hard for Me.  Nothing shall by any means hinder you, My love.

You have made your bed with Me and We are one now.  I am in you more than ever before, allow Me to increase more in you now.  Be attentive and pay close attention to Me now.  I am ever present, ever walking in you, and your life.  Your life is in My hands.  You have chosen "Me" the best thing for you, and the best use of your time.  Draw closer now My dear one and let Me fill you with more of Me.

Hearing God - June 5, 2013

My child, My child why have you forsaken Me.  You are not coming to Me as diligently as you were.

 Now is not the time to back off, now is the time to press in.  Press in to Me to know what is coming, press into Me to know what is your part in My plan.  I am here, I am ready to reveal much to you.  But, you must be ready and willing to hear Me.

 You are becoming distracted from Me with the cares of this world.  Yes, you live in this world, but you must keep your focus on Me, do not stray from Me child.  I and I alone should be your constant focus.  Everything also will fall into place as I lead you.  TRUST Me child, I am all you need, I am coming for a spotless and prepared Bride.  You must be ready, or I will leave you behind and use another willing vessel.

Repent of your neglect of Me, your first love and come back to Me with a diligent, purposeful heart.  Enter into My Rest.  Put on My holiness and righteousness.  Walk with Me now child, do not delay.

Hearing God - June 6, 2013

I was here before the world began, I know the beginning and the end of all things.  Nothing is beyond Me or My control.   The all seeing eye is a mockery of Me, because I alone can see all, some of My fallen ones like to think they can see and try to fool the masses.   I pity the fool who follows a fool.  Many are led down the paths of destruction, because they don't seek to know Me.  They don't get their instructions from Me.  I alone can guide you in the paths of righteousness.  I alone can teach you the truth, because I am TRUTH.  There is no gile in Me.  I love all of My creation.  But My creation has been deceived, and follows lies, I have had enough.  I am coming.  I will take back My earth.  I will rescue My children and seek the lost.  I will find all who truly want to be found.

Hearing God - June 8, 2013

I love you My child, My dear one.  Do not grow weary in seeking Me.  The hour is late, and you truly have no time left.  Keep Me ever before you.  Keep your FOCUS on Me.  Stay close, talk about Me with your friends and family continually.  I am the light of the world and I desire to show Myself through you.  Let My light consume you.  Let My light flow out of you now.  I must increase, and you must decrease.

 Listen carefully to My dear servant Anna, I am revealing much through her for you now. Press in harder now, pray for Me to give you understanding of all I am revealing through Anna and all of My servants now.  I desire for you to be immersed in My word.  I desire for your very breath to be filled with Me and My word.  My Truth will reign now in the hearts of all My beloved's.  My time is now!  Behold, I come.  I will reveal Myself through you.

 Watch, be careful, that you do not become entangled with the traps and snares of the enemies plan to thwart your progress with Me.  All are watching you.  My Father, My Angels, the fallen ones, all are watching you.  Do not fear.  I will protect and deliver you.  You will not be harmed.  Change is here.  You are going through the change in your natural body as an outward sign that change is here-just as I already told you.

 My plans and My Kingdom are unfolding as we speak.  My heart's desire is for you to be with Me and work with Me, through the course of history that we are transitioning through.  It is glorious.  It is a breathe of fresh air coming.  My wind has already started blowing.  My wind has left behind it destructin and chaos, but through it all, I will be glorified and exalted, for I am, the great I AM.  I am the invisible One, the One above all, and I will reign in the hearts of men.  My Kingdom come.  My will be done.

 Keep praying child, I'm listening.  I have you sheltered under My wing.  Do not doubt that I will show up and deliver you from all that you ask.  Your prayers are more powerful now because you are spending time with Me and I am growing big and strong in you.  Do not be alarmed or afraid in the tests and trials that you face daily now.  Only believe and TRUST that I hear your every prayer and I do not take them lightly, as you do not take My words lightly.  I will give you every prayer that you pray over your family members.  I will protect your family.  I will provide for your family.  I love your family.  Your family is My family, and you are all beloved to Me.  I have a divine plan and purpose for each one.  You are driven by Me.  You obey Me.  You get your instructions from Me.  I will always reward an obedient child.

 I will always watch over your daughter, she is My special one, a holy seed, I will use.  My child each person has to come to Me personally for instruction and purpose.  I will reveal My plan to everyone that comes to Me, I will direct each step, My hearts desire is to live big in every heart.  I desire yielded, willing vessels, consecrated unto Me.  I can only use pure and prepared vessels.

The journey is about to take a new direction, pray that you are ready, pray that you are worthy, seek Me now, while I may be found.  I am here child.  TRUST ME in everything that concerns you.  I have already made a way.  Follow the path that I alone have placed you on and it will go well with you.  Behold I come.

Hearing God - June 10, 2013

What you are experiencing in people's testimonies is the great deception.  They have been fed lies and shown a few tricks.  It's all about mind control, they manipulate through fear.  People are easily deceived.  Free-will is powerful, and much of what happens to people is because of their own choices and in the case of children their parents choices.

Contract, canceling contracts, free-will, implants these are used as forms of manipulation.  Twisting the scriptures to infiltrate the mind with seeds of doubt, and confound their belief system are forms of manipulation.  The enemy knows the truth and how to manipulate and twist it to suit his agenda's.  This is part of the great deception.

This is why you must KNOW the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you free.  This is why you must be awake now.  This is why you must stay close to Me, and shelter under My wing.  This is why you must stay strong in Me and be alert.  Much is being revealed to you now.  I am showing you how the enemy works.  This is the time you have been placed in.  This is the season of Revelation.  You are strong in Me, My dear one.  Abide in Me daily, never stray from the paths I have placed you on.  Keep Me ever on your mind, speak My name often.  I am the only one who can help you and deliver you.  Keep your eyes open, stay awake.  Stay strong.

Hearing God - June 11, 2013

SSShhhhh, be still and know that I am God.  Besides Me there is no other.  Seek Me for everything.  Come to Me with all of your questions.  I am your teacher, I am your guide.  I alone can direct you home.  Love is a powerful tool.  I am love.  Love conquers all.  Love will win the battle.  Love is the way.  Keep your candle lit.  Keep your focus on Me.  Keep Me ever before your eyes.  You are on the right track with real whole foods.  They will make a difference in how you feel.  You are not sinning when you eat other things, but, the best forms of food for you is whole live foods and water.  I recommend you stop drinking soda and stop using sweet-n-low.  This is not a command, but you will feel much better.  Rest in Me, breathe, feel My peace, feel My love.  Nothing can by any means harm you here in My Rest, in My peace, in My love.  My love covers you and protects you.

Hearing God - June 12, 2013

Your mind is everyplace except with Me.

 Be still and quiet yourself and focus on me.  I am here.

 I have given you ears to hear Me.  My ways, My thoughts, My desires for you are what is most important.  Behold, I come quickly, don't let Me find you sleeping.

 I need you strong in Me, so that I can use you. Flow with Me and let Me flow out of you.  Love is the Key.  Walk in love.   I am your source of love.  Go within when you feel threatened or your emotions are challenged.

 I will show you how to cast out all negative emotions, they cannot survive in an atmosphere of love.

Love is pure, love heals, love restores.  Love holds no record of wrong.  Love forgives, love grows and consumes all negative life forces.

 To win this war you need to walk in love.

My love is a covering, a part of your armour.  Put on your armour everyday, and put on love.

 If you do not have love, you are nothing, if you do not walk in love, you are nothing.  Nothing matters that you do if you do not walk in love you are nothing.  Nothing matters that you do if you do not do it in love. Love is the source of all things.  You must learn to love.  Let Me teach you how to love, I will show you the way.

Hearing God - June 13, 2013

No, My child you are not asleep.  I am watching you.  I am preparing you, great has been the battle in your mind, rage, malice, envy and distrust have set up an onslaught against you.  Recognize your enemy, these are not your thoughts.  These emotions are not yours.

Remember, where your peace is.  Dwell and abide in Me.  Sanctify a fast if necessary.  Cast down all of these vain thoughts and emotions.  Enter into My Rest.  Hear Me child, or I will take away your hearing.

 You are being tuned in your inward parts, by Me.  I will play you and you will have a beautiful melody for all to hear.  I am your source, I am your guide.  Draw close to Me, My little one and pay close attention to My instructions.  Enter into Me now, abide in, rest in, breathe in Me, breathe out Me, in and out.  I am here.  I never leave.  I am all in all.  You are sensing Me in everything now.  Pay attention to this for I am here.  You are developing rapidly now.

You are recognizing the enemy by smell and sound and their words.  You must NOW recognize Me in smell and sound and taste and sight and touch.  I have always been with you.  Recognize Me now in everything.  I am here with you.  I created everything.  Lean on Me when you don't understand.

Vision:  I lift up a rug and under it is a pile of dirty towels and a little dirty curly haired doll face down in the dirty floor.

Interpretation:  You are responsible for cleaning your own garments.  Don't think you can just sweep stuff under the rug.  Clean your own house and keep it clean.

It's the narrow path that leads to righteous living and home with Me.

Hearing God - April 19, 2014

It's a beautiful season that is upon you.  A memorial of what I have done for you all.  My sacrifice of love was done in love.  I am all you need.  I am your source of strength.  I am your source of hope.  I am your constant source.  Whatever you need, whatever you lack come to Me.  I will surely answer thee.  I have opened your eyes now and given you much understanding.  The more you study My truths the more understanding, discernment and enlightenment will come.  I am willing to teach you many things.

  Focus on Me, your relationship with Me is your main focus now.  Keep your eyes focused on Me.  I will guide and direct you with each step you take.  You are walking in your authority and this My child pleases Me.  As you begin to walk, and talk and do the things I do nothing shall be hidden from you.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

 Your understanding shall open many doors for you, for you are living in My Kingdom.  You are the head and not the tail.  I have given you the Keys to the Kingdom.  You must believe and receive them, do not doubt your power in Me.  You have no enemies, for they have already been defeated for you.  You now are Owning your authority.  You are now beginning to walk in majesty and awe for you have taken possession of what has been rightfully yours all along.  As you start demanding and commanding what is rightfully yours, all that has been stolen from you shall be restored.  Nothing shall hinder you child, for you are walking in My Kingdom.  As you yield and follow Me and imitate Me, do what I do, say what I say, see yourself commanding and demanding in My name.  Such as you have, freely give.  You have been given and open door.  Now you must go through it.  Nothing shall be impossible for you, for you understand and receive your authority.  You shall now wield your authority.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hearing God - June 14, 2013

My child, My child don't listen to the enemy.  The strife is coming from the evil one and not yourself.  You must fight in the spirit.  Don't let your guard down for a moment in this battle.  The war is here in your own back yard.  The battle rages everywhere now, in every heart.  You must abide in Me, dwell in Me, Rest in Me.  Come before Me in fasting and prayer and I will do the rest.  I will take care of the little fox's that spoil the vine.  You pray and TRUST Me and I will do the rest.  The end is before you.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but I will deliver them out of them all.  TRUST Me child, TRUST only Me.  Your life is in My hands.  Don't listen to the enemy, shut him down now.  You are in a war, I place people in your life to test you.  Don't fail this test, use this test to press into Me, and I will take care of the rest.  I will deliver you out of this strife.  TRUST Me child, I am well able to deliver you.  Repent, Repent of the hardness of your heart, come before Me with Thanksgiving for delivering you, before I deliver you.  Believe, all things are possible only believe.  My will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Your daughter will be the head and not the tail in all things, you have been praying for this, now believe Me for it.  I will cover her and provide for her always.  She is Mine, Trust Me child, all things are coming to a head now.  My Kingdom come, My will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  TRUST Me child, Trust only Me.  Stay focused on Me.  Your life is in My hands.  The battle in your mind must be won.  Stay in there, and keep fighting.  Cast down every evil imagination.  I go before you.  I have already made a way and delivered you from this, you must Trust Me, My little one.  I am here, I am with you.  You are never alone.  Keep on the path that I have set before you.  Focus on Me.  Focus on Me, do not play into the enemies hands.  The snares of the enemy are before you, entangling you in a web of deceit and hate.  You must fight in this battle, take control over your enemy.  You are more than a conqueror in Me.

Hearing God - June 16, 2013

You are on the path of enlightenment.  Nothing will be hidden from you as you progress in Me.  Nothing is by chance.  Everything you discover, everything you learn from this point is from Me.  I place things in your path to teach you and help you progress in Me.  The wisdom you attain is by My power.  Keep seeking Me.  Stay alert and awake in the battle.   You are learning much now, and your wisdom will serve you well.  You are wise to press into this new level.

  It is true, Christians do have demons.  It is true, you need to be doing self deliverance daily.  It is true the back pain was a demonic manifestation.  It is true your reaction to your situation was a demonic manifestation of the infestation I told you about.  These things must be stirred up and revealed to you so that you learn by experience, how to cast them out, how to reverse the curse, how to cast out all abominations in you to Me.  I have told you, I am doing a great work in you.  You must do your part as I reveal these things to you.  If I do not reveal them nothing changes.  But, as I cast My light and reveal things, confrontation brings manifestation, which brings deliverance to you now.

I have told you, I desire to use you mightily in the coming days.  In the midst of your preparation, you are learning much, for I am revealing many, many hidden things to you now.  Stay focused on Me, My little one, I am your source.  I am your deliverer, I am your TRUTH, I am your strength.  I WILL, that you should prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.  Your soul prospers as it is brought into unity with your spirit.  There is much to learn, now be prepared to change as I guide and direct you.  Nothing will be held back from you.

 Take the good out of what I send you and do not JUDGE My servants, I will guide you, leave everything to Me, only I know all, only I can judge correctly.  I reveal different things to different ones at different times.  Just because you don't understand or see what they see, does not mean they are wrong.

  Bring all your concerns about everything you're learning to Me.  I am your true teacher.  I will show you what I want you to know at this time in our journey.  It is good that you are hungry for Me and more of Me each day.  That shows true growth My child.  That shows maturity.

Take each day and live in the moment of Me.  I am here, can you recognize Me in your day, pay close attention to the details.  I want you to come into the sixth sense of Me.

You have much to learn now, My little one, I am here.  I, your only Teacher will open your eyes and unstop your ears.  This is a season of awakening to Me, My Bride the time has come.  You are simple, stay simple.  Do not try to complicate what I am revealing to you.  Do not cloud the things I am revealing to you with your own carnal understanding.  Keep it simple, I will make all things clear to you.  Simply meditate and ponder what I reveal to you until it becomes clear.

 A willing and hungry heart I will reveal much to.  The more hungry you are, the more I will reveal to you.  The key is to stay hungry, to diligently seek Me out daily.  I am here, how much do you want Me.

Hearing God - June 17, 2013

note:  started Esther fast today - 3 days of no food or water

Song:  "He's the mighty one of Israel, He's the mighty one of Israel..."

Song:  "Father we love you, we worship and adore you, hallowed be your name..."

As the sun rises I am, as the sun sets I am.  I alone will always be.  I am the source of everything.  I created all good and evil, nothing happens that escapes Me, nothing.  Nothing will thwart or stop My plans.  Many will try, but it's ridiculous, I laugh at their efforts, I will confuse their minds.

Wait for it, sssshhhhhhh, wait

I am here, I did not leave, you must stay focused on Me or you will lose your connection and have to start over.  AS you focus on Me you draw close to Me, as you begin to hear Me, We - you and I are drawing closer together.  Our relationship is interdependent on you and your effort to pursue Me.  I will not force Myself on you.  I wait for you to pursue Me, then I reveal Myself to you and I come and sup with you as often as you allow Me in.  It's really up to you how much or little you want of Me.  It is My desire that you be completely filled with Me.  I desire to dwell big in you and talk to you constantly.  I desire to lead you and be in charge of your life, and every step you take each day.  I am here, but you must enter in.  Each new day is an opportunity to draw closer to Me.

  Great are the rewards of those WHO truly seek Me out and diligently want to know Me.  I will reveal Myself to My true children.  My child this Esther fast that you are on has a three fold cord of blessing.  1 - for My Tabernacle, 2 - for My 144, 000, 3 - for your child's needs you've been praying about.  Much is happening in the unseen world in the fast, many spiritual things are broken and breakthrough answers come quickly.

 Do not hesitate to come to Me in prayer in the fast.  The fast makes you stronger in the spirit, the fast makes your prayers more powerful and your answers come quickly, take note of the answers now, write the happenings down to remember for a testimony of My almighty hand of deliverance.

 She (your daughter) will be the head and not the tail this year.   TRUST ME - so be it.

Hearing God - July 20, 2013

It has been a long time since We have met My child, this ought not to be so.  You need the strength I give you in these times of refreshing.  You must make an effort to draw away into Me.  I am your source, I am your strength, I am your deliverer.  I will guide your every step, if you will allow Me to .  I am willing and able to help you, but you must ask for My help.  In this way you show Me that you are trusting in Me and in so doing, I will never let you down.  I am here with you always.

  I breathe, you breathe, I breathe, you breathe, we are one My love.  You were created for Me, in My likeness, to show forth My glory on the earth.  I must increase and you must decrease.  As I pour more of My spirit into you, My love flows through you to all you encounter in your circle of influence.  Love is the key to everything child.  Do not stop the flow of My love, let love grow and grow in you and let it flow and flow in a continual stream out of you.  This is the circle of life in Me.  Without Me (for I am love) you are nothing, you can do nothing.  But with Me (My love) nothing shall be impossible to you.

 You have entered into My dwelling place, and I have entered into your dwelling place.  We are married and I dwell in you.  Do not allow others to influence your peace.  My peace must be your constant.  When you "lose" your peace - STOP - focus on Me "Breathe in", "Breathe out", I alone am your peace.  I am here child, I do not stray from you.  I keep you ever before Me.

 You must discipline your flesh once again to draw close to Me now.  Pull away from the world and drink and dwell deeply in Me now.  You must be prepared for all things coming into your life now.  I am going to take you higher in Me.  I have given you your wings, do not fear, yield to My Spirit, yield to My guiding hand, I go before you and I walk beside you, you are never alone.  Follow after My peace.  Make yourself strong in Me.

  You should be taking communion daily.  You should be reading My word constantly now.  I have much to say, and you are now ready to hear.  You have chosen the good path, it is not an easy road, but it is the best one for you now.  On it you will grow in all spiritual wisdom, I am willing to reveal much to you now My child, if you are willing to receive.

 Remember, the mountain I showed you in the vision.  You and I are ascending together once again, do not look down, do not look back to your old ways of following Me.  This is a new day, this is a new ERA for you in Me.  Your destiny is opening before you now.  Live BIG in Me.  The weight will rapidly fall off of you now, this is a sign of the weights of the world falling off of you, these are tethers that have held you down to earth, but now you will soar on eagles wings with Me, for My Kingdom is alive in you, My love, My little dove.

 My light is shining brightly in you now, and My glory is resting upon you.  I have chosen you, and I will work through you, much will be required of you now but, do not fear, I am here.  You are in My hands and My perfect will.  Stay with Me child, do not go off course.  I will make all things new.

Hearing God - Aug. 19, 2013

My child, My child where have you been.  I have been waiting for you.  My heart longs to tell you many things, but, you have been distant from Me.  Now is not the time to draw back, now is the time to stay close and come even closer to Me.  Draw close to Me now.  Enter into My Elects time of visitation.  You are My portion and I will never let you go.  You are Mine, but it is up to you how close you want to dwell with Me.

  I am pouring out My Spirit on all flesh, but most are unwilling to receive it.  Listen to and learn from My prophets daily, but do not forsake Our time together.  You need Me.  You can have as close a relationship with Me as they do, I am not a respecter of persons, I love all, I do not favor one over the other.  I an the Invincible God and there is NO other.  Learn My ways and walk in them.  I am your light.  I will lead you and guide you into the promised land.

 In Me you have peace. Trust in nothing else.   I alone am your source.  Many things are shifting in your world.  But I alone remain the same.  I do not change.  I am real.  I am the I AM.  I love you My little one.  Do not fear change.  Change is necessary, life is a constant process of change.  You must move through time now with your sole focus on ME.  My ways should be your ways.  Lean not on your own understanding.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord God delivers them up out of them all.

Many run to and fro seeking Me, or a word from Me, they are deceived.  Be still, and know that I am God.  Be silent and quiet before Me and I will reveal Myself to each one in My own special way.  Time is an illusion a temporary box I have placed you in.  I am not bound in time, I move freely, without restraint in and out of time.  You, My child, My little one will move in and out of time with Me as well.  You have heard Me in times past talk to you about transporting people from one place to another by the spirit, you have heard testimonies of this in your lifetime.  I have mentioned this in My word several times, seek it out and you will see it's true.  It is time to come out of the box.

  Remember, My dear one, you dwell in Me and I dwell in you.  You and I are one.  I go with you everywhere.  Live big in Me and allow Me to live BIG in you and through you.  There is much to do and much to learn.  Draw into Me, My beloved little dove.
I love you.
I am here.
Be still and know !

Hearing God - April 18, 2014

Song:  "We believe in God the Father, We believe in Jesus Christ, We believe in the Holy Spirit, We believe in three in one..."

Yes child, I have three distinct parts.  Each one can operate separately and individually, but also stay connected.  I am a very intricate and diverse being, there is nothing to compare to Me.  It will take you forever to learn all there is about Me, but I promise you dear one, you shall not be bored.  I shall allow you to see more of My attributes as you press in to seek My face.

 I love how you seek Me.  It is well with thee, My beloved.  I am very pleased in your progress in putting up My messages to you.  I know it seems like a small thing to you, but know this, I am already using them to draw others to Me, I am woo-ing them with Our relationship.  I am provoking them to jealousy.  For they want what We have.  Isn't it wonderful My love, to know that our communication can be an eternal seed planted in the mind, and will reach the heart and take root and grow.  Oh, it shall grow, for I shall water these seeds Myself. Our relationship is true, intimate and very personal.  The reality of it will be a well-spring of HOPE to inspire others to press in and seek Me for themselves.  For the truth shall be shouted across the world that I desire a personal and intimate relationship with every soul.

"There's nothing special about you" (I heard this interjected into the flow of conversation I was having with Jesus.  I knew it was not Jesus, but the voice was very similar...)

WAIT !  Cast that thought down.  For that isn't Me! (now I had already cast this thought aside and Jesus knew I already did, but I think Jesus is wanting to show you how the enemy comes in disguised as Jesus, and tries to deceive you in hearing Jesus, this is one of the snares of the enemy, this thought process is in less than a second)

For you are very special and precious and dearly, dearly loved.  Each and every one of you.  Don't let the enemy sneak in and steal your hope, your faith and your belief.  I want to tell you personally how truly special and beloved each one of you are to Me, but you must come to Me for yourself.  Seek Me out while I may be found.  I am here.  Waiting for you.  I love you child.  Thank you for your obedience in putting these words on your blog.  In this world of nay-sayers, I need more of My children to step-up and reveal their relationship with Me.  I need more bread crumb trails.  These are a valuable resource to show the world My love.

 Each life has a story to share with others.  Each story is centered around their journey with Me and the process of getting to Me.  I love, love, love these stories.  It fills My heart with joy to write your story.  Each pain, each struggle, each tear, every laugh, everything about these stories is precious and valuable to Me.  I record all of your lives stories in My books in heaven, all the ones (people) that have gone before you are reading your stories.  Oh, the thrill of each chapter unfolding is a real page turner in heaven.  For they know they are reading truth not fiction as it is being lived out on earth, I tell you these stories are real page turners in heaven.  When you come and live with me in heaven you also will get to read all these stories for yourself.

 I have written upon you "beloved", I have etched Myself deeply into your story, the pages of your book are infused with me.  I am embedded deep within your DNA.

Your whole life glows now with My presence.  When you walk into a place, you change the atmosphere.  For you carry My presence with you everywhere.  You glow in the spirit and you are starting to glow in the physical.  You carry My peace.  You also are beginning to walk in My power and authority.  This is My plan and purpose for you.  I WILL  that you arise and Walk in your authority.  Your progression in Me is a process.  This is the next step in our journey, that you walk in your authority.  All power in heaven and earth has been given to Me and I freely give it to share with you.

 By faith you have to believe it and OWN it, do not doubt, do not struggle against it, receive it and OWN it, WALK  in it, in so doing, you shall set the captive free, in so doing child, you are reflecting Me.  My spirit is rising within you, this is the man-child that you have been endued with.  You are a living host of My power, walking, talking and breathing upon the earth, you are reaching full maturity in Me.  The man-child is you fully acting like Me, you walk, talk, and react like Me.  I am fully vested in you.  I am fully seen in you by all who view you.  Right now you are still developing your man-child, but soon he shall be birthed.  I shall transform you, completely, all shall see this in you and others, at the time of this total and complete transformation then My true children, the true sons of God shall walk the earth and no one and nothing shall hinder them.  Your body will be transformed, you shall be seen, but you shall be changed, and you shall not be confined any longer by time.

  The earth groans and travails for the true sons of God to come forth, soon child soon "SUDDENLY" shall be upon you.  Stay ready, keep your focus on all times on Me.

You are golden child, I see My reflection clearly in you.  It is well with thee My beloved.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hearing God - Aug. 20, 2013

It is good that you are taking care of your mom, but do not get distracted by all her problems, she is on her own journey to Me, her journey is not your journey.  You must not neglect your own journey with Me, to take care of others, I must be the most important to you.  Trust Me in everything, be thankful for everything, I am your light, I am your guide through life.  Your life is in My hands.  TRUST no man but Me.  I see all, your beginning and your end.

Come to Me with all your questions or concerns, I am here for you.  Do not allow yourself to fret and worry over your daughter, she is on her own journey with Me.  Each one of My beloved creations has a unique individual journey to Me.  You must focus on Me and your journey to Me alone, do not be concerned with the others, focus on Me, I am the way. Fear no one but Me.  Trust Me in everything.

 Do not look to the right or the left, stay focused on Me alone, I alone will lead you home.  I am changing everything now, and you shall cross time, the time dimension means nothing to you now.  Seek Me out I am here.  Seek Me child, I am near.  I know your beginning and your end.  I am your source in everything.  Trust Me child and do not fear.  Let My light flow through you.  I must increase and you must decrease.  Stay close to Me now My little one, and do not stray My love, My dove.

Now go start your day.  All things are possible in Me.  I long to bring you unto Me in My Father's house.  It won't be long now, My dear one.  Wait, patiently, you have much to learn and do for Me your King !  Follow My lead, you are almost home.
Trust Me child, I am here.

Hearing God - Aug. 21, 2013

Do not let your thoughts dwell on the past negatives.  All roads do not lead home.  Focus your thoughts on Me and what I am teaching you.  Your main purpose should be how to function in Me.  I alone am the only one that matters.  How I see you or your daughter or anyone, is the only thing that matters.  Live your life in Me.  Dwell deeply in Me.  My plans for you are marvelous and eternal, lean not on your own understanding, hold My hand and let Me lead you.

 I am Trustworthy and True.  I am Faithful.  I am your Forever God.  I do not change.  I go before and behind you.  We walk side by side you and I.  Keep your focus on Me and Me alone.  Look not to the right or left, do not follow another, follow Me for I am the narrow road and all roads do not lead home.

 Focus on Me, My Truths, My Light .  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but I will deliver you up out of them all.  Keep My Sabbath.  Draw close to Me child.  Do not be afraid to speak what you are learning, you will have persecution for this, but this is the narrow road you are on, and it is the only one that will lead you home.

My heart is heavy on what is about to be unleashed on your earth.  I am Holy and My Holiness is coming to cleanse the earth.  Stay ready My child My little one, My dove.  Look for Me daily, commune with Me daily, I will prepare you with more oil.  Keep your lamp trimmed, repent daily.

 This is the narrow road.  Your life is in My hands.  Remember, I have plans for you dear one, I will reveal My plans in My timing and not yours.  Dwell in Me, stay close, do not stray from this path.  I am as close as your breath.  Life as you know it is changing.

Trust Me child.

Hearing God - Aug. 22, 2013

I love you, oh how I love you.  You're beginning to look like Me now.  I can see Myself in you.  I want you to focus on Me more than ever before.  I should be your soul purpose.  I am in you child.  Let Me arise in you.

  Focus on hearing Me, your mind is wandering on the cares of this world.  I am here.  Keep your heart and your mind stayed on Me.  I am your peace.  I have given you My peace.  Dwell in My peace.  Live in Me.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord God will deliver them up out of them all.  I will deliver you.  I will steady you in the coming storm.

Abide in My peace, do not stray from it.  I am ever near you.  You are Mine, and I will not abandon you, or let you fall away from Me.  Stay the course with Me.  I have much to show you and reveal to you.  Cast off all bitterness, guile and unforgiveness.  Walk in Me now, let My light go forth from within you.  We are one, wherever you go, I go.  All who see you, see Me.

Hearing God - Aug. 23, 2013

OK, you're thinking about other things you are not focusing on Me.

 I am your only concern.  Dwell deeply in Me My little one.  Follow hard after Me.  I see your heart.  My eyes are always upon you, for you are Mine and I will uphold you with My mighty right hand.  No evil shall befall you.  Trust and stay close to Me.  Rejoice for your redemption draweth nigh.  I am God and there is no other.  My ways are unsearchable, but I have revealed much in My book.  Delve deeply into the layers.  I will reveal Myself to you more and more each day.  Your life's goal is to know Me.  Draw close child and learn of Me.  In the night season I send you many dreams.  In the day season I speak with you heart to heart.  I hear your prayers, I see your heart.  You are never distant, I see you child, I see you.  Much is available to you now.  Reach out and take it.  Ask and ye shall receive.  I am Almighty God and I do as I please.  I want to show you many things and I will, but you must keep your focus on Me.

Study My Peace, I have given you My peace - so walk in the Shalom of God.  I love you child.  Study Peace.

Hearing God - Aug. 28, 2013

My child there are many things troubling you.  Focus on Me, I alone am your source.  I am the way, the truth and the light.  I will deliver you.  Trust Me, your greatest hour is before you.  Yield to Me, follow as I lead.  Focus on Me.  Trust Me as I lead you down the path in your journey with Me.  You are Mine, My beloved, and I will never let you go.  Stay strong in Me.  Keep your focus on Me daily.  Do not look to the right or to the left, but straight in front of you.  I will lead you.  You follow Me, My little lamb.

Bring your concerns and questions to Me, let us reason together.  Do not fear, what you hear.  Do not fear what you see.  Do not fear what is happening on your earth right now, all must come to pass in My timing, everything is within My control.  I am God, and I alone am in charge of your future.

I will never leave you or forsake you.  I watch over you and I shield you with My mighty right hand.  No evil shall befall My chosen few.  Stay close to Me, My little one.  Stay tucked away, under the shadow of My wing.  I alone will protect you for you are mine and I will never let you go.  Peace, peace be unto you My child.  Daughter, arise and walk in My peace.  Do not get so focused on your mom that you put her before Me.  She has her own journey with Me.  You walk before Me in My peace.  Carry My peace with you into every circumstance.  You and I are bound together in covenant, and I will never let you go.  Trust no one but Me.  Seek Me constantly now, keep Me ever before your eyes. I will lead you if you Trust Me.  Do not doubt.  Do not fear - TRUST ME child.  Your best days are ahead of you.
Lord Yeshua

Hearing God - Aug. 29, 2013

Close your eyes.  Turn your eyes upon Me child for I am here.  I am your waymaker.  I am your stream in the desert.  I am your water in a dry and thirsty land.  I am the I am, you have need of no other.  Come to Me more often child for strength and encouragement.  I have much to say and teach you.  Draw away from your present situation and Rest in Me.  Your current stresses are but for a moment and then vanish, do not fear, each one of you is precious to Me and the journey you are on is fitly tailored just for you, no one can do your journey for you.  Each of you has to come to Me on your own.  Each one must seek Me on their own, while I may be found.

Bitter and sweet water should not come out of your mouth.  Remember, you choose how to live in Me, in faith, or trusting in another.  I am the only one you can count on.  Trust no other.  Fear not for I am here, I will protect you and shield you in the coming days.  I go before you and make a way for you.

Note:  this thought came into my head "God is good all the time, and all the time God is good", I think it was the holy spirit.

I love you, My little one, My dove, this world will pass away, but you will not, you are Mine and I will carry you away with Me, soon.  Hold fast to Me now child, as your world crumbles, hold fast to Me.  I will lead you out of any situation and hardship.  I am your source.  Come to ME with your questions.  I am faithful, I will not fail you child.  You are Mine, and I will protect and provide for My own.  Walk before Me, holy, clean and righteous.  Live in My love, never doubt My love or My ability to save.  Trust Me in all things, My dear one.  I am here.  I will provide for you.  Keep your armour on.  Be ready, for in such a time as you think not I come.

Behold, I come quickly.

Hearing God - Aug. 30, 2013

Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to hear and obey all I command.   Your life is in My hands. I know your comings and your goings.  Stay close to Me now, closer than you've ever been.  Press into Me, ask Me to show you things.  Things that you have never seen before.  I have much to teach you My little one, My dove.  My arm is mighty to save.  Do not worry or concern yourself with what is happening to and with others.   Each one has their own journey.  Your focus is on Me and should be on Me alone.  I am your way maker.  You are Mine and I will deliver you.  You have much to learn, seek Me child and I will reveal mysteries that you do not know about.  Trust Me, I am here and I go with you in this journey.

Hearing God - Aug. 31, 2013

You are My child and I love you.  I will always be here for you.  Listen to My still small voice.  I am here child, I am always here.  Peace is a beautiful and powerful thing.  The more you learn about My peace, the more you will walk in it, and carry it with you.  Do not worry over others, they have their own journey with Me.  I will make a way for you and your family.  Every concern you have I will take care of.  I will provide for you My love, My little dove.  Trust Me in everything, and lean not on your own understanding.  You are beautiful to Me.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  I cover you with My wing.  My child, your brother has his own journey to Me.  I will not turn away anyone, but, they must come to Me on their own and seek Me for themselves.  Each person needs to find Me for themselves.  I am not far from anyone.  I am examining every heart and testing for purity, truth and love.  I know every heart.  I know every thought.  Nothing is hidden from Me.  I love and care for each of My children individually.  Trust me child, I am here.

Hearing God - Sept. 1, 2013

And so it begins, the days of woe.  Much is coming now.  The hour is late.  Stay close to Me child, I alone will protect you.  Do not be dismayed by what you see coming across your land, all must come to pass.  It is time.  Do not fear, the end is near for this sinful world, but also a new ERA, a holy reign is coming to this earth and it will be beautiful.  I am a consuming fire, I am Holy, I am Righteous.  Repent often, do not delay in this, when I show you any errors in your ways, stop and repent so that I can cleanse you immediately of all your unrighteousness.  You must always strive to be holy for I am holy. I will shield and protect you child, but you will see and experience many things now.  Do Not Doubt that I am here, or My ability to provide for you, or to protect you.  TRUST Me child in all things, no matter what happens, TRUST Me, I am here with you in every step of the way.  I know your beginning and your end.  Keep yourself clean and pure before Me.  Sin cannot stand in My presence.  My fire will consume all sin and rebellion to Me.  I am God and there is no other.

Hearing God - Sept. 2, 2013

I am here child, I am here.  Do not worry or fret over your mom or brother.   Everything is in place and in order for their journeys with Me.  I am in control.  Follow hard after Me.  Do not step off of the path, I have placed you on.  You are My beloved dove and I will always take care of you.  Trust me.  In all things trust Me.  You are safe with me.  I keep you every day.  I alone am your source.

 You are responsible to Me and Me alone.  The only concern you should have is if I'm pleased with you.  You must now reflect Me.  I will shine through you for all the world to see.  Enter into My Rest.  Live and dwell within Me.  Let Me feed you and shelter you.  Abide child.  Abide in Me everyday.  My peace is strong and powerful.  You walk in My peace.  Seek Me everyday!  Every time you draw close to Me, you gain new strength and assurance in Me.  I am your refuge from any storm that comes your way.  I am the I am and nothing is impossible for Me.  I love you, My little one.
Daughter be strong in Me.

Hearing God - Sept. 3, 2013

The Lord showed Me this today:

Rosh Ha Shana is the first day of the Jewish new year.  A high, holy day.  In it it has ten days of repentance these ae the first ten days of the Hebrew month, beginning on Rosh Ha Shana and culminating on Yom Kippur.

Rosh Ha Shana begins on Sept. 4 at sunset and continues through nightfall Sept. 6 (followed by Shabbat)

Days of Awe-Rosh Ha Shana in essence is when We crown God King of the Universe

True Authority - is absolute, it commands not advises.

On Rosh Ha Shana we devote two days to the search for the voice of authority.

Hearing God - Sept. 4, 2013

My child you are here, you are faithful, that pleases Me.  Many say they love Me, but they do not come to Me, they do not seek Me out, they do not listen to Me.

 If you do not listen how will you know what I'm saying today.  How will you know what I want you to do.  Do not doubt you hear Me, believe you are hearing Me.  I come and reveal Myself to all who are truly, diligently seeking Me.  I want you to know Me.  I want to reveal Myself to you.

 This is the beginning of a new year, Rosh Ha Shana.  Much will happen this year that has never happened before.  Trust Me and keep going no matter what happens on your earth.  I am here with you always.  My plan is unfolding before you.  I am your keeper.  Trust Me child.  I am your waymaker.  Live in Me, dwell in Me.  Keep your focus on Me.  My light in you will draw people to you.  My voice will guide you in all your ways, do not fear.   I love you My little one, I am here.

Hearing God - Sept. 5, 2013

You do not hear Me because you do not listen.  My still small voice can be heard when you quiet yourself and your voices in your head that are trying to draw you away from Me.  I am here.  You just need to diligently seek Me out and patiently wait upon Me.  When you can't hear Me, I am testing you.

You have not heard the shofars blowing, but yet you believe they are blowing, that is faith and that pleases Me.  Trust Me child, in all things, My WILL will be done.  I am God, and there is no other.  Man must know and understand that I am God.  I will show forth My power and might, and all will know that I am the I am.  You are Mine, My beloved and I will take care of you.  I will provide and I will protect you.  Do not worry over your mom she is coming home soon.  Do not worry over your brother, he has his own journey with Me.  You focus on your own journey with Me.

  I will now reveal Myself through My power in the earth.  Stay close to Me child, closer and closer, do not turn to the right or the left, but keep on the path I have put you on.  I love you, My little one and I will never forsake you.  Lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Me and I will direct your path.  Stay with Me.  Keep your faith till the end, and all will go well with you.  I am with you, till the end.

Hearing God - Sept. 7, 2013

I am here child. I am pleased with thee.  You are to take one day at a time now.  Focus on Me, lean not on your own understanding.  Much is changing in your world now.  But, I have you in the palm of my hand.  I will always protect you and provide for you.  For you are Mine.  My ways are holy.  You My little dove are to continue on this path of holiness and service unto Me.  Nothing will happen in your life that I do not allow.  Trust Me in all things.  Your eternal summer is here.

 Great shall be the affliction on mankind, but not My chosen few, you are the apple of My eye.  My eyes are always upon you.  Shelter in Me.  Dwell in Me.  Seek to dwell in the spirit more and more.  It is My desire to know you intimately and for you to know Me intimately.  I do not reveal all My secrets to one person.  I reveal different things to different ones.  I choose, who and what I will reveal in My timing.  Many are hearing the shofars blowing now, for great is the hour now in man's destiny.  Do not be dismayed that you are not hearing the shofars.  I have heard your prayers to hear them.  It is enough that you want to hear them.  It is not your time yet.  I will let you know when it is your time.  For now stay hidden in Me.  Stay focused on Me and Me alone.

  Your journey with Me is precious.  No one else can be on this journey with you, each one has to come to Me on their own accord, I will reveal Myself to all who diligently seek Me.  I am God.  You know Me personally, you are willing to listen and obey all My instructions and correction.  You want to put Me first in all things, you want to hear Me so you hear Me.  You are one of My vessels, a light in the darkness.  As gross darkness comes, your light will shine brightly and you will be a beacon for all.  You will draw people to Me.  By your words you will direct people to Me.  You will show them how to find Me.  You will be an encourager to the lost.

  Much is in the works now.  You are Mine and I will never let you go.  Drink deeply now of My love.  Drink deeply now of My presence, walk now My beloved in My peace.  Carry My peace with you wherever you go.  I love you, I love you, daughter you are home in Me.  Daughter you are dear to Me, for I know your heart.  As a deer pants for water, your soul longs after Me.  As you come before Me and wait on Me, you are refreshed and restored, for in My presence is fullness of joy.  Do not fear.  I have not sent to you a spirit of fear.  Rebuke fear whenever you encounter it.

 I am love, be filled now with My love. Rest now in Me, My little one, My dove.  All will go well with you.  I am here.  I have cleansed you from all unrighteousness, it is well with your soul.  I have heard your prayers for your mom and I accept them and have cleansed her from all unrighteousness, I will soon take her home with Me, for it is well with her soul.  This bed of affliction is momentary, but I am eternal and she will live with me throughout eternity.  She is one of My saints, but not My Bride, you My beloved dove are a part of My Bride and I will require much from you in the days ahead.  Stay ready and willing to hear Me, you must constantly repent immediately when I correct or convict you, keep yourself clean and your garments spotless and without blemishes.  You are beautiful to Me and I love you dearly, you and I are one.  Do not be troubled by what I am doing in and through others, though you do not understand.  It is enough.  They are on their own journey with Me, just as you are.  Peace be still and know that I am here.

Abba Father and Yehushua HaMashiach

Stay close now little one.

Hearing God - Sept. 10, 2013

I am here child, I see you.  Do not worry about the others.  Keep your focus on Me..  Stay close to Me now.  As far as the east is from the west I will never leave you.  My comfort is forever.  I do not forsake My own.  Those who trust in Me will never be disappointed.  I love you child, you are Mine.  I am not a man that I should lie.  I am God.  What I tell you will happen is going to happen.  My ways are not your ways.  Trust Me child and all will go well with you.  Repent often and keep your garment white and free of spots or blemishes.  Behold, I come quickly.

 Stay ready.  Be strong in Me.  You must fight the good fight of faith.  I am here.  Do not fear.  I have already gone before you and made a way for you.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord God delivers them out of them all.  Your mom is with Me now.  If you would have been up waiting for Me yesterday, I would have told you before you got the call.  I am here and do not leave My beloveds.  I see all their trials and pains.  Everything has a purpose, you may not see it or understand it, but Trust Me, everything has a purpose, every trial or test that comes your way is for refining you and making you fit for My Kingdom.  Compassion comes from your experiences.  Perseverance and Endurance is developed in the trial.  Longsuffering is only given to a few... the ones who don't quit.  The ones who TRUST Me to the end, like your mom.

  Love grows in the midst of great pain, and flows out of the ones who have suffered much.  My love is a gift, it is to be shared.  My love will sustain you in every test and trial you face.  Never give up, for I never give up on you.  Each of you has a journey to Me.  All roads do not lead home.  Only those who TRUST Me in all things and endure till the end will find their place in Me.  I leave no one out, but each must come to Me alone.  Those who diligently seek Me out for themselves WILL find Me and not be disappointed.  Tell them behold, I come quickly.
Be ready.

Hearing God - Sept. 11, 2013

The tribulation starts now.  Everyone alive now will enter it.  Much change is coming, nothing will remain the same.  Nothing you trust in will be able to help.  I honored your prayer and took your mom out before it came.  Now it comes.  TRUST Me only, no one and nothing else.

 Do you hear the dove, I am here child, I never leave you alone.  I am the one who will take you home.  Do not be afraid, do not fear, for I am here.  I love you and will never leave you or forsake you.  I am your greatest resource now.

  Listen carefully to all My instructions.  Pack a backpack for each of you, and be ready to move when I tell you too.  I love you child, TRUST Me, trust only Me.  I will lead you and guide you every step of the way.  Your life is in My hands.   I love you child.  Do not be dismayed by what is coming now upon your earth.  TRUST Me, trust no one else.  Do not doubt My words.  War is coming to America and all the earth, so be it.  I will cleanse this land, I will rebuild this earth, and no evil will stand.  I am almighty God and I do as I please.  No one and nothing controls Me.

 Love is a key in this time ahead.  Surrender is a key in this time ahead.  You must obey Me in all things.  You must not doubt Me when I speak now.  Move forward in Me, do not turn back, keep your eye on the prize "Me".  The road ahead is long and perilous, but I go before you and make a way.  Follow Me, step by step in My footprints.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  I am here child.  Listen to the cooing of the dove.  She does'nt fear, she is at peace and rest in Me, for I alone am her peace and she sings her sweet song for Me, you are My dove and your lifes song is a sweet smelling sacrifice to Me.

As you patiently sit before Me and worship Me and listen, I will speak to you every morning.  I am pouring My oil upon you and filling your lamp.  Keep coming daily to Me no matter where you are.  This is the most important thing you can do right now.

They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength.  They shall mount up on wings like eagles, they shall run and not grow weary.  They shall hear Me and obey.  They shall go forth in My peace, and nothing shall by any means harm them.  Nothing shall by any means harm you, you are in the palm of My hand.  I have strengthened you for the journey ahead.  Take one day at a time in Me child.  I will lead and guide you.  I am the good shepherd and I will take care of My sheep.  Put no thought for tomorrow.   Live only in today and stay clean and ready.  Focused completely on My coming for you.  For Behold, I come quickly now.  I come for the ones who are looking for Me.  I speak to ALL.  But only the ones who are diligently seeking Me shall hear Me.  I am not a respector of persons, I reward all who diligently seek Me.

Hearing God - Sept. 12, 2013

You are My beloved Bride and nothing shall by any means harm you.  I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.  You shall witness many things.  Don't be alarmed.  Do not allow fear to reside in you.  I am here.  I dwell in you and with you at all times.  TRUST ME and no one else.  Trust Me in everything.  I will make a way of escape for you.  Listen and hearken to My voice.  I will lead you everyday, trust Me and stay close.

 I will turn your world upside down.  You shall be protected through it all.  Stay close to Me and do not stray.  Many will be afflicted now.  You are not responsible to care for them.  I will tell you who to help and I will tell you when to help.  I will throw many on a bed of affliction, to test and purge them of their sin and iniquity.  Do not interfere with My judgement.  Stay close to Me, stay alert.

Only help those I tell you to.  Focus on Me, I will take care of you and your family.  Trust Me in all things.  Move with Me in all things.  I am here.  I will never let you go.  As far as the east is from the west I love you.  My love for you knows no bounds, nothing shall by any means harm you.

  Do not judge others.  Leave them to Me.  Their life is in My hands.  I choose who lives or dies.  My plans for each one are unfolding now.  You My beloved, are set apart, protected, I will deliver you from these testing times.

 Much cleansing is needed on the earth now.  I will cleanse and heal My land.  The earth is Mine and the fullness there of (everything in it).  I am in charge, do not doubt this fact.  I am your ever present help in time of danger.  Do not be concerned for tommorrow, live day by day in Me.  Your life is in My hands.  I will shelter you My dove, My little one.

 Though the earth shakes and trembles.  Though the mountains fall away and tumble into the sea, I am here, and it will go well with thee.  TRUST Me child.  I will never leave you alone or forsake you.  For you are  Mine and you cling to Me.  I will come for you, but for now, stay alive, live each day in Me and for Me.

 I shall draw many to Me through you.  Do not be deceived by the alien invasion coming.  Or by the cataclysmic events unfolding.  All these things must come, but the end is not yet.  I will protect you and your family.  For you are Mine.  Hold on child, daughter stand firm.

Hearing God - Sept. 13, 2013

My child, My child great change is coming to the earth.  Get ready for it, do not fear the changes for I will protect and keep you.  These things must come to pass.  Do not fear for I have already told you about it.  You must trust Me and follow My lead every day.  Change is coming.  You are ready for the change.  Things never seen before in America and on earth are coming, I will shake everything.  I will prosper what I want to prosper.  The time is now to seek Me and find Me.  Do not turn away from Me in your hour of testing.  I will deliver you.  I alone am your source.  Focus on Me child, do not be distracted.  I am all you need.  I am Lord, God, and King of All.

 Many will die soon, do not be dismayed.  My plan is unfolding.  I will preserve you in the days ahead.  Open your mouth and I will fill it.  I will send people your way, speak when I tell you to and stay silent when I tell you to.  Nothing will happen to you that I do not see or allow, TRUST ME child, I will deliver you.  Daughter, you are Mine.

Hearing God - April 17, 2014

Oh My child, My dear one it is well with thee.  As you are faithful to come, I am pleased with thee.  As you allow Me I fill more and more of thee with My goodness.  I wish to fill all of My creation with more of Me.  I WILL, that all would come and seek My face and sit before Me.  Keep praying in tongues My dear one, for you are strengthening yourself in Me.  Keep declaring and decreeing health, wholeness and completeness in your body, mind and spirit.  Keep your confession of faith, do not let negative words come out of your mouth.

Do not let worry or fear gain any ground in your mind.  Cast these thoughts out immediately.  Do not think upon the symptoms manifesting in your body, COMMAND THEM TO GO.  Then COMMAND your body to be complete, whole and restored in Me.  Each time you do this you increase your faith.  IT IS working, IT IS manifesting in your body, do not back off.  Keep commanding and declaring wholeness and restoration in your body and you shall surely see it.  This is one of your battlegrounds, you must remain strong and stedfast in your faith.  You have complete control over your own body, I gave you My Authority.  Now, walk in your Authority, so be it.

Hearing God - April 16, 2014

Without Me, without a personal relationship with Me, no man will see God.  I require all to seek Me out.  I am not playing games.  I am no respector of persons.  Many shall enter the Kingdom at death.  But the rapture is for a chosen few.  The few, the faithful, the Bride.  This has been written in My word.  But not understood.   I shall snatch My Bride in a moment when you think not.  Boom, there it is, "SUDDENLY'' shall be upon you.  You shall all be taken by surprise.  This is why it is urgent that you stay alert and be watching for Me.  I know your heart My love.  I see you, every moment I see you.  I am not distant from you, My beloved.

 I see each life unfolding before Me day by day.  I see the good, I see the struggles, I see the bad.  I know each circumstance that each person is going through and that is why I will judge and recompence each one accordingly.  When I judge, MY LOVE, and MY FURY shall go forth in My glory.  I shall not allow you to suffer loss My dear one.  You, I shall protect.  For you know Me.  You abide in Me and I abide in you.  It is well with thee, My love.  I love you.

Hearing God - April 15, 2014

ALWAYS put Me first child.  ALWAYS put Me first.  I see your heart and I see your motives.  I love you child.  I love you.  Many shall come and say they are Me or sent by Me, but I tell you now they are not.  Test the spirits.  Ask them what their name is?  It should be Jesus Christ of Nazareth or Yeshua HaMashiach.  Test and discern their voice.  You know My voice.  Discern.  There shall be many tests and challenges ahead, but Remember, I am here.

I will help you, Just ask for My help.  This is why it is so important to read your bible.  My word is a roadmap of Truth.  As long as you follow Me closely and seek Me out for all truth you will not be deceived.  Always ask Me for help.  Do not lean on your own understanding.  Discern, ask Me for more discernment.  Many will try to lead you astray.  Ask Me, bring everything to Me.  I shall show you the truth in all things.

Do not step out ahead of Me.  Stay on this path I have placed you on.  Stay the course.  Be alert.  Be on guard.  Focus on Me in all things let Me be your focus, and I shall lead you through every test and challenge as it arises.  I love you child.  Now go start your day.

Hearing God - April 14, 2014

Song:  "and all the people said amen, woooooooooah, and all the people said amen..."

Singing is a way of opening up your praise to Me.  I love singing, I love praise, I love music.  I love prayer.  Prayer is a beautiful melody to Me.  I love to hear My children pray.  I love to speak to My children.  I love to listen to My children speak to Me.

  I love how you come and wait upon Me.  For in this I see your heart.  If you truly want to know someone you spend time with them and you make time for them.  Thus you build a relationship.  It shows Me you value Me when you wait upon Me.   It allows Me to pour My love and My oil upon you.  As you enter in to seek Me and only Me, it pleases Me.

Many don't know Me as you do child.  Many are content to know about Me, but they do not truly know Me personally.  I desire to be known.  I desire to be loved.  I love all of My creation.  I am not distant I am here.  Much is coming upon your world now.  Much you will not understand.  Just focus on Me and ask Me any questions you may have and I will surely answer thee and help you navigate through it all.  Do not worry.  Do not fear.  Ask Me to go with you everywhere, invite Me into everything you're doing.  I love to be a part of everything you do.

Hearing God - April 13, 2014

I shall show you many things now.  I shall reveal more to you for you have been faithful in putting My words up.  Continue to speedily get them up for Me.  As you think upon Me, and meditate upon Me and My word it draws Me closer and closer to you.  This blesses me child when you seek after Me.  By your continual pursuit of Me I am warmed in My heart.  I feel your love and adoration like a burning coal.  It's so beautiful to Me to know you love Me and want to spend time with Me.

 As you seek to understand, ask Me for more understanding.  I WILL, that you know Me and My mysteries.  All you have to do is ask and I will reveal Myself more.  You are walking in the Kingdom now.  You are understanding more of your authority that I have given you.  Do not trouble yourself on how everything is going to unfold.  Keep your heart stayed and focused on Me.  I lead and you follow.  Whatever test or trial comes your way.  Remember, I am with you, I will protect you, I will provide for you and I will help you.

Think of the people in Goshen.  They were protected from all the plagues I sent into Egypt.  They lived in Egypt, yet they were protected.  They had light, even though Egypt was plunged into total darkness.  They had water, even though Egypt had blood for water.  I was there with them as I am here with you.  As I rained down hail from the sky on Egypt none of My people were harmed, none of their animals or possessions were damaged, even though they were right there as slaves working in the homes, in the vineyards, in the fields, on the roads, outside in the building of bricks.  They were there in Egypt when all of these plagues were going on.  Yes, they lived in Goshen, but they also lived and worked in Egypt.  See, My child, they were right in the midst of My judgements, yet I protected everyone of them.  So, it shall be for thee and thy family.

 I want you to look up Goshen in the Strong's concordance and study it, it shall reveal much to you child.  As My passover approaches once again, it pleases Me that you are thinking upon it and wanting to honor Me with a fast.  You may feast and celebrate the passover with Me.  Do not eat leavened bread, use tortillas and such.  Leaven represents sin and there should be no sin in the camp.  Remember, when I delivered them, they left wealthy, healthy, and whole.  They were strong in body, but not in spirit,  they did not understand My ways.  They did not spend time with Me personally as you do.  You have allowed Me to prepare your vessel and it is well with thee.  It is good that you want to Remember and participate in My feast days.  This pleases Me, for these days are memorials to Me for My goodness and love.

 I want you to study the Exodus out of Egypt, I will show you many things as you come and pursue this with Me as your guide.  I love this dance that We are doing.  It makes Me happy as you seek to know Me.  I have many gifts that I would like to give you.  I have given you a greater measure of faith and a greater portion of My love so you can love people as I love them, you have asked for these gifts and I am pleased to give them to you.  But, I have much more to share.

 Ask Me child.  Ask Me for My treasures that I have for you, ask Me and I shall surely give them to you.  My beloved it pleases Me that you seek Me and not earthly things.  My treasures are not earthly at all, they are manifested by the fruit of the spirit:  love, joy, peace, gentleness, self-control, patience, long-suffering.  My gifts and jewels can only be attained in the spirit.  They will be manifested in the physical, but they come by the spirit.  This is a spiritual journey you are on with Me.  I shall equip you with every good gift you need, for you are faithful My love.  You have endured much and much shall be given unto you now.  For you are ready to take the keys and manifest My Kingdom.  Arise and shine child for the time of your anointing has come.  I love you My dove.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hearing God - April 12, 2014

Song:  "Praise the name of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus"

You're not focusing on Me.  When you focus on Me, you can hear Me.

Song:  "Come away with Me, ah ah ah ah ah, come away with Me into a quiet place of rest"

Eye has not seen nor has the thought entered into man the splendor and majesty that awaits My people. For My faithful and true followers this life will be an affliction for a little while and then all will be revealed in My Fathers perfect time and will.  No one knows the hour.  No one knows exactly how everything is going to play out only My Father knows.  I live to do My Fathers will.  You My child must keep your focus on Me at all times.  I want you to be so full of Me that you will not be distracted or deceived.  Many shall be and are deceived right now.  They think they are following Me, but they only give Me lip service.  They do not give Me their hearts.  They do not know Me personally.  Many will say "Lord, Lord let Me in, I'm yours", but I will have to tell them "No, I do not know you, depart from Me ye workers of iniquity".  My true children will not be sinning willfully when I come, they shall and are trying to live holy and pure lives.  They do stumble, but they Repent, and try again and again.  They are not content to live in their sin any longer.  They long to be righteous.  They long to be pleasing to Me.  They long to be with Me.  They do not lust after the worlds treasures any longer.  They do not seek after the pleasures of the earth.  They seek Me for comfort, for love and for pleasure.  They enjoy spending time with Me.  They expect to hear from Me, and they are eager to come and hear from Me.  My children are eager to Know Me More.  They grow restless when they have not made a daily connection to Me.  Their hearts are turned to Me.  Their ears are listening.  Their eyes are watching.  They ponder over My ways.  They seek after Me.  They don't run to and fro seeking a word, no.  They come to Me directly and seek My council, not man's.  These are My children.  These are the one's who belong to My Kingdom.  I long for all to come and get to know Me personally.  I long for each soul to have a relationship with Me.  Alas, it shall not be so.  Man is so wrapped up in his intellect and ensnared by worldly concerns that time slips away and they have no time for Me.  My truth remains hidden and distant from many.  But, I am here and I WILL that everyone hear My calling and come.  Everyone has free will and everyone must make his own personal choice.  But to those who choose wisely, who come and sit at My table they shall be fed.  To those who come and wait before Me at My feet I shall reveal much for they have chosen wisely.  I am what they seek and I will reward and nurture each thirsty heart.  I shall mend their broken places.  I shall heal them, I shall restore them, I shall love them with an unquenchable love.  For this is what I truly long for.  To have a family.  To have a deep personal relationship with each and every one of My sons and daughters.  I speak constantly, but few hear.  I watch, I listen, I record each life, every word, thought or deed.  As you live out your life, I am recording your story.  Every life has a book to record their story.  For I am the one who created each soul.  I am connected to each soul, but each soul has to come and connect itself back to Me.  I am the source of all life.  I am the vine.

My light is in you child.  Your lamp is full of oil.  Your lamp is trimmed.  You are My beloved dove and I am well pleased with you.  Oh, My little dove I go with you through out your day.  My peace covers you now dear one, do not worry.  My peace is with you.  Comfort yourself with My peace, cast off dread and worry now.  Tell it to leave and proclaim My peace over your day.

I read your heart child, I know what troubles you without you speaking a word.

Song:  "Peace, peace, wonderful peace, flowing down from the Father above..sweep over My spirit again precious Lord, in fathomless billows of Love..."

Friday, April 11, 2014

Hearing God - Sept.14, 2013

Daughter, you are My dove, My little dove and nothing can separate you from Me.  I will take you home soon.  Do not fear, Rebuke fear.  Stay in faith.  Cling to Me like never before.  I love you.  Peace be still and know that I am God.  Nothing happens that I don't allow.  I see all.  I know all.  I will recompence and reward all.  Your life is in Me.  I know you, and it will go well with you.  It is well with your soul, for you trust Me in all things, and that pleases Me child, that pleases Me.  I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me, and you have found Me.  I will never let you go.  Stay close now.  Change is coming.  Remain strong in Me.  Never take your eyes off of Me.  Pack your bag, you will be traveling soon.

Hearing God - Sept. 15, 2013

I only have dreams recorded for the 16, 17, and 18 I do not have the interpretations so I will not blog them at this time.

This is what I heard for the 15th:

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord God delivers them up out of them all.  Where will you be tomorrow, only I know.  For I hold you in the palm of My hand.  Nothing escapes Me, My little one, nothing goes unnoticed.  My plan is unfolding now.  I am in charge of everything.  TRUST no one but Me.  I am your life force.  I am your saving grace.  I am your all sufficient one.  I will deliver you from all your troubles and trials.  You will live with Me one day.  Soon, very, very soon I will take you home with Me.  In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.   I will come.  Look for Me always.  For I come in a moment that you think not.  Be ready, stay ready.  Repent often, do not let much time pass between thinking of Me and Repenting.  For this cleanses you from your stains, blemishes and wrinkles, it allows Me to remove all of the unrighteousness that builds up in and on you daily in this fallen world.  I am alive in you.  I go before you and beside you.  I am also your rear guard.  Nothing escapes Me.  I will protect you child trust me in all things and circumstances.  I am alive in you, and I never leave you.

Hearing God - Sept. 19, 2013

I am here child.  I love you.  I never leave you.  Thank you for being faithful to come.  I am a rewarder to all who diligently seek Me.  I am God, and there is no other.  I live.  I live in you and around you.  I am everywhere all the time.

Dream:  I am in the gym and kids are playing wall ball on the wall with the volleyball decorations and the volleyballs decorations are falling off the wall.  I look and before that the Varsity volleyballs are missing, only the jr high balls are on the wall.  I ask the sports administrator for help and he says there is really nothing he can do and I suggest moving the volleyballs to their locker room to protect them from damage, even though they will not be seen and I ask a couple of parents if they want to help me.  Then dream ends.  (vivid, full color-we are in gym 3)

Answer to dream:  You're so wrapped up in things that don't matter.  You need to focus on Me and My Kingdom.  This is the only thing that will last.  My ways are not hard to understand.  You just have to pay attention and listen and watch carefully.  Much will be revealed to you soon.  I am constantly watching over you My little one.  I am never far from you.  Trust Me, and dwell in My peace.  Take My peace with you.  Let it be your guide.  Let wisdom walk beside you, these days you will need to stay close and dwell in Me as never before.  I give you wisdom to guide you in your journey to Me.  Take heart I will never leave you or forsake you.  Do not be troubled by the troubles you see in others.  This is not for you to be concerned with.  Focus on Me.  I alone am your goal.

Dream:  My husband is taking me to a store.  We are in a tall SUV type vehicle and are driving very close to the ocean, there is no sand, the water is lapping the edge of the road, and then we are driving through the water, ocean water is everywhere, I can't see the road.
Dream transitions to the store...where there is a counter and people standing in line on both sides and I'm not sure where to go or what to do.  My husband is sitting in a large, red chair.  Behind him is a dish of some sort of cereal with a sticky honey syrup on it, there are bite size servings on the plate for people to try.  My husband gets up to go to the counter and I sit in his chair and sample the cereal.  It is very tasty as I eat it.  My husband is watching me and smiles.

Answer to dream:  Husband represents Jesus
Ocean or sea represents people or multitudes
My husband is leading me and I am following him.

Hearing God - Sept. 20, 2013

Focus on Me, I alone am your source.  I know your beginning and your end.  I will lead you in all truth and righteousness.  Much is coming to your earth.  Do not fear.  I will provide for you and protect you. Do not worry about others.  I will deal with everyone according to My will.  You, My child are to follow Me.  Do not look to the right or the left, stay close to Me and do not stray.  I am right here with you, every step of the way.  Trust Me.  Stay close.  Listen to Me only.  Follow Me.  I have great plans for you.  Our journey is beginning to heat up.  It's an exciting time.  Don't quit on Me.  Don't doubt Me ever.  Stay strong in Me.  I am the all sufficient one.  I will make all things new.  Are you ready child, it's going to be a rough ride in parts.  But Remember I go before you, and I am with you always, even unto the end.

Hearing God - Sept. 22, 2013

Stay the course My child, do not look back.  There is more going on than what you see.  I am here.  I am always with you.  You are my beloved, and I will never let you go.

  Trust Me in everything.  I will be with you throughout the day.  You are never alone.  I have My angels stationed all around you and they will be with you throughout the service today.  Your mom is with Me now.  She is in good hands.  She is in the garden visiting with friends.  She will never be lonely again.  Her journey home to me is complete.  But, yours is not.

  Press on My child.  Live each day focused on Me and Me alone.  I will direct your daily path.  Trust Me and My Holy Spirit within you, that unction you feel is My Holy Spirit directing and guiding you home.  Focus on Me, I will heal her (my daughter) foot.  The task before you is great.  But, I go before you.  Do not lose hope.  Remain strong in Me.  Rest in Me.  Dwell in My peace.  Take My peace with you.

SSSShhhhhh...Be still....and know that I am God.

Remain strong in Me, I need you strong in Me in the coming days ahead.  I will deliver you from all your tests and trials.  Much is coming.  Prepare yourself spiritually daughter, you were born to lead the weak.  You were born to light the path to Me.  You are one of My chosen vessels to finish this course with Me.  Remain strong in Me.  You have been faithful through every test and trial.  I am pleased with you daughter.

 Arise with healing in your wings, let love and power drip from your tongue as the honey from the comb.  Let Me guide your words through out today.  No one comes into the light, except through Me, I draw them.  I alone deal with every heart.  I require complete surrender to Me and My will.  I call everyone, but, alas few come.  They have excuse after excuse.  But still I call.  I am not willing to lose even one soul.  But each soul must be willing to hear Me and surrender all to Me.  When you surrender and open the door of your heart then I come in and guide you down the path to Me.

 Each soul has an individual path to Me.  Each journey is unique.  I talk all the time, but few listen as you do.  You are willing to hear.  So, you hear.  Not many days from now your world will change.  Do not worry about tomorrow.  Do not fear.  For I have already made a way for you.  Listen carefully and speak when I tell you to.

 Your candle has been lit, I have searched you deeply and you My beloved little dove are clean.  I can only use clean vessels.  Without purity no one will see God.  Keep yourself pure My beloved.  I am willing to help you every step of the way.  You must ask for My help, and keep inviting Me in.  As long as you yield to Me I will help you.  I love you.  Do not fear what you will see. You My child, My dear one ae strong in Me.  You will see many things.  Behold, I come quickly.  Keep your lamp trimmed and lit.  Repent often and keep yourself pure before Me.  Do not doubt that I am here, I am here always.  I may feel distant, but I am not, I am here.

Hearing God - Sept. 23, 2013

I am here child, I never leave your side.  I will always be here for you.  Change is here.  It is time for My Kingdom to come.  Do not look to your past.  Look to your future in Me.  Focus on Me.  Your life is in My hands.  I am in control of all things.  I will lead you, I will guide you.  All you have to do is follow Me.  I am here to help you, in all things.  Trust Me.  Draw strength from Me.  Dwell in Me.  Live in My peace.  I love you child.  I will soon take you home with Me.  There is much still to do.  Wait on Me daily.  Draw closer now My dear one.  Watch and witness what I am doing on the earth now.  I will protect you in everything.  Do not worry.  Do not fear.   I am here My child.  Peace, be still and know, I am here.  I will provide everything you need.