Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hearing God - Dec. 24, 2014

I am here child, I love you.  I love our time together.  When We are together We grow and sink deeper into one another.  My grace covers you My dear one.  We are unified and strong.  United We stand.  I love you, I love you, I love you.  Do not doubt that you are hearing Me loud and clear.  It is not your time yet to get other messages.  For I am working on you and your hearing, and your faith, and your love.  I am molding you into My image and likeness.  You are strong and secure in Me.  Much is going to happen quickly on your earth.  Many changes are coming.  You shall stand before Me pure and clean.  You are ready to do My work now.  You have been carefully chosen for My purpose, I am alive in thee.  I will show Myself strong in thee.  All your needs shall be met for you are faithful to Me. You are My gentle, quiet dove and I shall make you roar for Me.  In quietness there is strength and honor.  In humbleness there is peace and rest.  This is a quiet place I come to in you.  Much solace and peace is here, for you have found Me, in your search for Me, you have found Me.  You My dear one are much beloved.  I am teaching you much now for you are bridle-ing your tongue.   I have set a guard on your tongue you are My ambassador.  You reflect Me.  As you live in Me and dwell in Me My attributes are able to shine forth in your life.

Don't shut Me out.  Stay with Me.  In quietness and rest My peace comes.  In gentleness and humbleness I am found.  My love is a blanket of protection and an anchor for the soul.  Blessed is the soul who lives, and moves and has their being anchored in Me.  I am your light.  I live in you.  We are journeying together and are about to embark on a mysterious season full of wonder.  I shall be with you.  Let My love pour through you.  My little one you have found peace and rest and it shall not be taken from you.

You have asked Me about the armor and now I shall reveal it to you:

Study My armor and put it on.  Reading My word is a key to putting on My armor.

-The helmet of salvation is the assurance and the foundation of who you are in Me and what I've done for you and your acceptance of Me.

-The Breastplate of Righteousness is how you walk before Me daily.  Be ye holy for I am Holy.

-The belt of Truth is knowing right from wrong.  Having your loins girded about with Truth.  Protects you from stumbling over deception as it tries to snare you.  You shall know the Truth and not believe a lie.

-Shoes with the preparation of the gospel of peace is being ready to give information to people you come in contact with as you walk out your day.  If they ask you about Me it's because I have led them to you, open your mouth and I will fill it with the right words, never take your shoes off, be ready to share what you know.

-The shield of Faith is a protective covering that will guard you from doubt and double mindedness.  keep believing, My little one.  All that I have told you about, I have done and I am able to do for you.  Do not for a single moment lose faith, give up or doubt Me or what I am able to do.

-The sword of the spirit is My living word coupled with your tongue.  Words are powerful and creative.  In any situation you may face, Remember My word and speak it out loud, when it bubbles up from inside you, this is My spirit locking and loading it in you.  You are responsible for wielding this sword and firing it out of your mouth.  My word shall never return void, I live in you now and you must use My word to defeat your enemies as they rise up in your life.  This is why it is so important to study and pour over My word it's like downloading all these mega-bytes of info. into your internal hard drive which will then enable you to  be able to bring it forth as needed from within you.  The more you feed My Holy Spirit within you, you shall roar.
Do not neglect reading My word, it is as important to your spiritual growth as waiting upon Me.   Feed your spirit and My Holy Spirit Daily !!!

We will talk about the armor of light later.  Go child, before the cares of the day crowd in and Read My Word, I have much to share.
Love you

Hearing God - Dec. 25, 2014

My son was born to bring all of My creation back to Me and under My Dominion.  I want all to be living out their divine purpose in Me.  All will have to choose for themselves to live for me or against Me.  The earth has never left me willingly and since the curse it has cried out day and night for Me to rescue it and change it back to how it was when I created it.  The animals, the birds, the fish in the sea cry out to Me to come and save them and restore the earth.  The heavens are not silent and cry out to Me to come and change them back.  So, no more wait, no more lengthy pauses.  I come,  I will restore My earth and set it free from it's captivity and curse.  It shall once again sing to me in love and worship Me for all I have done for it.  The animals, birds and fish will once again talk to each other and they shall talk to mankind.  They shall sing of My praises.  The heavens shall once again resound with heavenly music.  I love all of My creation and they love Me.  I shall help them and renew them.  Man now shall see Me in all of My Glory, Strength, Power and Might.  They shall all know that I am the I AM, the MOST HIGH, the ONLY ONE as I reveal Myself there shall be no doubt to anyone who I am, the veil shall be lifted once and for all.  I am God and there is no other.  My hand shall move across the land from one end to the other.  Behold, child I come.  Stay Ready.

Hearing God - Dec. 26, 2014

This is our time together.  I look forward to spending time with you.  Read My word, fill up on Me today.  My word brings light and truth to you.  Keep yourself full on My oil.  Keep your lamp trimmed keep yourself focused on Me.  I am all you need.  I enjoyed watching you love yesterday.  Make more of your prayers out loud.  I want you to change the atmosphere.  I want to move through you and change the atmosphere.  As you breathe out the words I will endue them with power.  Your words will be a creative life force to bring about change in other people and their circumstances.  I will bring many others into My Kingdom through your prayers.  you must pray as I lead you and pray much in the spirit as you go about your daily activities.  You are only allowed to release your tongue in prayer.  I have set a bridle on your tongue, that you will not sin against Me.  I have heard your prayers and examined your heart and I have forgiven you.  You are favored and loved, for you judge yourself and quickly repent for sins as My Ruach HaKodesh chastises and corrects.  You have a soft and malleable heart one that is putty in My hands.  I do not need to use a whip with you for you are yielded to me and sensitive to My instructions and corrections.  Each day you live, you live in Me now.  I will always be here with you.  I will always guide and correct you.  As long as you yield to Me you will never stray off of My path.  But, if you do stray; I will speak, prod, and yes even whip you back if necessary.  But I do not need to use a whip on you My child, for you are yielded.  I am secure in our relationship that you will never stray from Me.  You My little one need to Trust Me in everything.  I am here.  Do not fear.  You are a city on a hill.  Many shall come to you and find peace and rest in Me, for you shall point and guide them to Me.  As I send them you shall know them, for they shall speak and ask you questions about Me.  You shall not worry about what you will say to them.  For as you open your mouth I shall fill it.  I love you My child.  You are My gentle, quiet dove.  My peace I leave with you.  My peace I give to you.  I will give My peace to all of My children who choose to dwell in Me and Rest in My provision.  My presence doesn't leave any of you.  I am here.  You must press into Me and My provision shall come.  you must TRUST and not doubt that I will protect you all and provide for you.  Take refuge in Me, under the power of My son's name "Jesus", under the shadow of My wings is where you shall abide.  Come away with Me often into a quiet place of rest.  In the quiet, in the stillness, you shall find Me if you seek to find Me.  You must quiet yourself on the inside as well as the outside and invite Me to come to you and reveal to you who I am.  This is how you seek Me.  But you must come on your own.  No one will do this for you.  This is My requirement I want one on one time with you.  Be patient, Be still, and ask Me to come and then Wait.  You must seek Me with your whole heart.  Do not be distracted for I shall surely come.  As you come before Me to hear.  I will speak, I speak in many ways.  You must be willing to hear Me.  In the stillness you shall hear, as you begin to hear, I shall train your ear to hear Me clearly, you shall know My voice and be able to distinguish it from other voices.  As you spend time with Me you shall know Me.  Then you shall be able to hear Me clearly in a crowd, in chaos, in any situation.  But you must seek Me out.  My word is also a guide for you.  Read it, let it sink deeply into your being.  The more My word is etched into your heart, the clearer I become.  I AM here, find Me now so I can help you.  I an not far off.  I am near .  But you must seek Me for yourself.  I an the Truth and the Light.  I will be found by all who truly seek Me out.  Come, come away with Me to a quiet place of rest.  It is to your own personal benefit that you find Me. 

Hearing God - Dec. 27, 2014

Song:  "Come away with Me, aaaaaahaaaaaaaahhhahaaaaaa X2
             into a quiet place of rest" repeat chorus

I have been hearing this as I have been asking the Lord what is the song that we are to be learning now, and I just remembered there is a song in Revelation that only the redeemed are allowed to sing.  Rev. 14: 1-5 they sang a new song that no one could learn but them. The 144,000, who were redeemed from the earth, the first fruits to God.  In their mouth was no deceit, and they are without fault before Gods throne.

So you want to learn My song that only a few can learn.  I shall teach you My Bride, for you are worthy and have asked not for beauty or for fame, but just to be counted worthy to be with Me.  You have asked to know me more and I shall reveal Myself to thee ,but as I reveal Myself, some things you may not write down.  They are not to be left behind for others.  They are yours alone.  I love you My dear one.  You are mine and no one and nothing can take you from me.  As you seek me you are knit tighter and tighter to the power source.  I am the Power Source.  I live in you, I know your every thought, and I am watching you bridle your tongue as i have set the bridle upon you.  You have yielded to it well, I see your struggles.  I see the darts of the enemy as they try to lure you to break free of the bridle.  I know your heart.  You are greatly beloved My dear one.  As you come, I love you more, for true love grows.  You are seeking after Me like a deer pants for the water.  You are learning to trust Me more and more.  Our life together is sweet and beautiful.  I hope you know how much you are loved.  You are dear to My heart for you are following hard after Me.  We shall do many wondrous things together and our love shall never end for true love grows.

Song: "Blessed are you, oh King of Kings, Blessed are you, oh Majesty for you have redeemed us from the earth.  Blessed are you, oh Mighty One, Blessed are you, All Powerful One for you have done great things for us..."

ssssssssssshhhhhhhhh....Be still My child, don't struggle with hearing Me, the song shall come and you shall know it.  I will never leave you, you are mine forever.  You are My treasure.  Truly, I love thee and truly you love Me.  We are one My beloved, We are one.  You have chosen me and given Me your heart.  You are My gentle, quiet dove.  Rest My dear one, Rest.  Only believe, all things are possible, only believe.  I AM here with you, every moment, I live in you, we shall never be parted.  TRUST ME for everything.   I love you.  Rest in Me now.

Hearing God - Dec. 28, 2014

I will tell you the song in My timing.  But it is good to keep asking to know, it shows Me where your heart is.  Always focused on me and what is to come.  Never stop believing and never stop doubting for you shall see me very soon My dear one, My Kingdom comes now for all to see.  I am here.  I am revealing Myself to many.  The whole earth shall know My Name and there shall be no doubt of who I am.  For I am the I AM and there is no other.  I look forward to our time together child, I study every heart and every action.  Do not grow weary in seeking Me My dove for I am testing your faithfulness and long suffering.  Many say they love Me, but they do not come.  They do not wait upon Me, they have not learned My ways for they are too busy doing everything their way.  I alone know the way of peace.  I alone know the way of Rest.  My peace and rest are known only to My true and faithful ones who seek Me out, who dwell in Me.  In the quiet, in the stillness I can be found.  Draw near and give your ear and I shall reveal some of My mysterious ways.  I shall be found by all who truly draw near.  My path is quiet, only the humble shall find it.  My path is narrow, it's My way not yours.  My path is solitary, you must be willing to walk alone with me, I shall share you with no other.  On this solitary, quiet and narrow road I shall meet you and we shall walk together.  All roads do not lead home.  Few are willing to make this journey.  For it shall require all of thee.  I shall be first.  I have prepared the way, it's the narrow road and the journey is a solitary one.  many claim to know Me but they only know about me, they do not know me personally.  You can only truly know someone when you spend time with them.  To find Me, you must come away and separate yourself from all distractions, quiet yourself and listen, read My word and pray, I am here.  I am watching each and every one of you.  I know who is truly mine.  To know Me will cost you everything, are you willing to lay everything aside and know Me.  Are you willing to take the narrow road.  Are you willing to be alone with Me.  If you seek Me you shall find me for I am near, I am waiting for you.  My precious quiet dove has found the narrow way.  She walks alone with me in a quiet place of My Rest and My peace.  She has made her home in Me.  I am pleased with you My little gentle dove.  For you have chosen to put Me first in every day.  You are truly focused on me moment by moment.  I love you, We love you, you are ours and We shall never let you go.  You live with Us now in your temple.  We dwell together and We journey together.  Arise My love, My gentle dove and I shall reveal My Kingdom.  Go about your day and express My Kingdom through you.  Let love flow.  In the midst of every day and moment love can be released and grow and spread.  To love is to be in the spirit.  For love is a spirit and it's tangible you can feel it.  John was in the spirit on the Lord's day.  Means he was simply worshiping and expressing his love for Me when I took him into a vision.

For you see "love" is a spirit and it is tangible.  meaning it can be felt.  Also, it grows and matures and develops deep roots.  True love never dies.  It can never be destroyed.  It's impossible to quench it or put it's fire out.  If it's truly love it will last for it has an eternal flame that comes from me.  I am love.  many people think they have love but not many truly find the real thing.  Love is not haughty or prideful.  Love cares not for riches or things.   Love is patient.  Love is kind.  Love forgives, it does not bare record of the wrongs done to it.  Love is long suffering, I am love and these are some of My attributes.

Study the love chapters in them you will find oil.  1 Corinthians 13.

Hearing God - Dec. 29, 2014

All Power, Might, Majesty, and Dominion belong to Me.  Learn of Me. In Me is life and peace and Rest, I Am the Light of the world.  My word is an extension of Me, study My word and let it be etched deeply into your heart.  Let it's roots grow deep into the rich and fertile soul of you heart.  It shall grow and flourish through you.  It shall produce many branches and the fruit there of  shall feed many nations. It shall bring healing to your land, and a steady peace in your heart, to steady the weary hearts of the one's that are journeying to Me.  I choose who to use.  I alone choose how I will use each yielded vessel.  My people who choose to yield and listen carefully to all My instructions shall be with Me in Paradise soon enough.  Alas, I delay, I am not willing to lose one precious soul.  Father is allowing this delay for He too does not want to lose one single soul.  But the door is closing soon.  The time is now where the true worshippers shall worship us in spirit and in truth.  Study My word, in it there is a road map of how to live.  In My word there is peace and hope and love.  Few truly find their way to Me.  For they are not willing to let go of the reigns of their lives and truly trust Me.  My way is the narrow road.  It is a solitary journey with Me.  I want all of you.  I want your full attention.  I will be first or you have no place in Me.  But, you, My child, My little dove you have come. You are near and everyday you draw near to Me for I am your source and you need Me like a light source and My love I love you.  For it pleases Me when you come, not because you have to,  but because you want Me, you long to be in My presence and hear Me.  Communing with your creator is a beautiful way to live.  I am your light, I am your guide.  I alone am your teacher. I alone am your strength and hope.  I will always strengthen you on your journey.  Nothing can separate our love.  My will for you is to tarry here until you be endued with power.  Peace My love, my little dove be still and know that I Am God.  In the stillness in the quiet I come.  Know this My child when your peace is shattered and you have no rest I have not left you, it is a distraction from the enemy to draw you out of peace and rest to weaken you.  For as long as you focus on Me and dwell and commune with Me you are strong.  As long as you do not doubt Me and do not allow unbelief to overtake you, you shall overcome any attack of the enemy.  I am willing to provide for your every need.  Are you willing to yield and allow Me to.  This is your destiny in Me.

Hearing God - Dec. 30, 2014

Do not doubt Me child.  I am here, I am speaking to you.  You must discern My voice from the voices of others.  There is great deception in the land now.  Remember My word:  "the  deception was so great that if it were possible even the elect would be deceived".  Your adversaries are very cunning.  This is why you must stay on the path, the narrow, solitary road.  Let no man or mans doctrines teach you or lead you astray with their lies.  I Am TRUTH and I do not lie.  You must stay alert and guard yourself in prayer, what you listen to, what you watch on TV or You Tube.  Ask of Me what is truth and what is a lie, I shall surly tell you.  For I alone know.   Ask of Me for a discerning spirit.  Keep your armor on at all times.  For your adversaries come in a moment when you think not.  Heed My instructions.  Dwell in Me My little one.  I am here.  I shall always watch over you My dove.

song in my spirit: "Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, and all that is within me bless His Holy Name..."

I am come to give you life.  I am the lover of your soul.  Peace My child, peace be still and know that I am here.  I will never lead you astray.  As you draw near to Me I reveal Myself to you.  We commune together.  I have told you nothing contrary to My Holy Word.  For I and My Holy Word are One.  Be still and hear.  Listen and discern My Will.

Hearing God - Dec. 31, 2014

The new year is starting child, are you ready?  Much change is coming.  Remember, do not fear.  I will never leave you.  I am always here with you.  You must block out all distractions and focus solely on Me.  I am all you need.  Think on My often.  Focus solely on Me.  My plans are unfolding.  My life in you is better than you can imagine.  You and I are one.  No one can take you from Me.

Hearing God - Jan., 2014

This is the way to start the new year, to spend it first with Me.  I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light.  No man comes to the Father except through Me, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  The Beginning and the End of all things comes through Me.  I am here.  Can you see Me?  No.  I am here.  Can you sense Me? No.  I am here.  Can you hear Me? Yes, because I am spirit and My True Worshippers must worship Me in spirit and in truth.  I have opened your ears to hear My voice.  I am training you, My dear one to be attentive to My voice.  I am training your ear to hear Me and know My voice.  Another voice you will not follow.  Remember, to test everything.  You can test the spirits by My Word.  If it is contrary to My written word, cast it far from you.  This is why you need to be well versed in My word.  So that you will be strong in Me and not easily deceived.  Treachery and deceit are rampant in your kingdom on the earth.  But you have forsaken your kingdom and are journeying with Me to My Kingdom.  You have chosen the narrow way.  This is the best and most profitable way for you.  You are growing in Me now.  You are becoming strong in Me.  I am transforming you into My likeness.  You bear My mark.  I am opening your eyes to see as I see.  Beloved this is for your good and will allow you to grow in Me.  It will not be easy, but it is necessary.  Your life is being written on My scroll.  As I spoke to man and they wrote it down on scrolls to preserve and share it with the world, they did so in obedience to Me.  Now you My child must share the words I give you on your blog.  This is leaving a paper trail for others to find Me.  Much is hidden and will be revealed to you.  But you must be faithful to reveal My words.  You are not always faithful in this.  For you let the cares of this world crowd in and distract you.  I am the only one you need to please.  You must be loving, kind, and patient to all you come in contact with for this pleases Me when you display My character.  But, know this, My child, much shall be required of you.  You are set apart for Me and My purposes for your life.  Follow Me only, I will never lead you astray.  I will lead you into the unknown, where you will HAVE to walk by faith and not by sight.  I have prepared you, are you ready?  Trust Me child in everything.  I am here.  I never leave.  Do not abandon your post.  Stand guard, and watch as the story of the ages unfolds.  Your destiny is before you.  Do not be afraid, separate yourself from anything or anyone, who hinders your walk with Me, just let it go, and come follow Me.  Rest in Me child I know the way.

Hearing God - Jan. 2, 2014

Many of My people do not hear Me.  They do not understand how to listen to me.  They must learn how to quiet themselves and remove all distractions from me and focus solely and completely on Me.  This is why I want you to put up every word I share with you, it will be a bread crumb trail for others to find Me as well.  If I personally tell you not to put it up then don't post it.  But, do not let your flesh rule you here.  Even if you feel it's very personal and private put it up, for these words you share of our communication will help many.  These words are not idle, they will serve My purpose.  I will use our communion to feed others and show them the way to Me.  I am here for all who will come and wait upon Me.  if you seek me you will find Me.  I read every heart.  I do not play games.  If you will hear Me and hearken to My instructions and corrections you shall live.  You shall grow richly in My fertile garden.  You shall find peace, comfort and rest in Me.  I am the I AM.  I alone can help you through any difficulty you face.  No one can give you a relationship with Me, you must seek Me out for yourself.  I want and require one on one time with you.  I want you all to know Me personally for yourselves.  You are going to need to hear Me personally for yourselves.  No matter where you are in the world, I can find you, I can help you, only I know the way home.  All roads do not lead home.  I'm calling all of you, I truly love all of you.  I'm calling all of you to come, seek Me out, let Me teach you My ways, let Me comfort you, let Me share your lives.  For you all were created with so much potential and purpose.  You will never be able to do all you were created to do without Me.  I Am God, and there is no other.  The battle is coming to your earth now.  I need to prepare you for what lies ahead.  I need to personally talk to each of you, for each one has a different journey.  Each life is precious and complicated and filed with choices.  I alone can lead you and help you.  I love each of you and each one of you is My desire.  I want to help you.  But, you must come to Me and ask for My help.  I am love and I am the most powerful of all.  Love is a weapon and part of your armor.  Put on love everyday.  Trust Me in all things.  Lean not on your own understanding.  Because, much is coming upon your earth that you will not understand.  The fear factor is going up a notch and you will not know how to deal with the things you have been conditioned in your mind's to be fictional and will in reality become very real.  This is meant to shake you and destroy you.  But, My child, I am here, I want to help you.  But, you must come now to Me.  Come, seek Me out with your whole heart.  Learn of Me.  Get away from all the distractions of your world.  Quiet yourself.  And call upon Me, ask Me, the One and Only, the True God, The Almighty, The Most High God, ask me "If I am real",  ask Me "to show Myself to you", ask Me "to forgive you for all the sin you do and have done".  If you don't know what sin is read My Holy Word and it will reveal much to you.  Ask Me "to help you understand My word".  If you truly want to know Me, and you truly want Me to help you - call upon Me, come and wait upon Me - surly I will answer you.  For I am not a man that I should lie.  I know what you need.  Come, you must come now and hide yourself in Me.  Let Me shield you under the shadow of My wings.  I am near you now.  I desire all to come, come quickly before the door closes on your opportunity, the age of grace and mercy is almost over.  Come quickly.  You need Me.  I am willing to help you, but you must come to Me for yourself.  I will not cast you off if you come now.  I will not call you forever.  Come unto Me and I will give you rest.  I'm calling you child, hear Me, come quickly.  Everything in your world is changing.  Behold, I am here - I will only protect the ones who draw near to Me.  You cannot help yourself, only I can help you.  WAKE UP, OH YOU SLEEPERS!!!

Hearing God - Jan. 30, 2014

My child I know you're tired.  It is good to come and wait before Me.  My faithful servant, I see your heart.  I shall renew your strength.  You shall mount up on eagles wings.  You shall run and not grow weary.  I shall help you through this day.  Trust Me.  I am here with you.  Do not overdo, rest and be at peace in Me.  I will carry you through this day.  As many slumber, you rise to meet Me, this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  I am more than enough to meet all your needs.  I am able to provide for you, do not be alarmed no matter what comes your way.  I will take care of you.  You are strong in Me My little one.  The lives of many are weighing in the balance, so many are going the wrong way.  So many do not know their way home.  I will expose more lies to wake them up to the danger they are in.  There is no more time.  You must stay awake, be alert, be on guard now at all times.  Do not be deceived by the subtle lies of the enemy.  You are mine and I will come for you as I said I would.  Do not doubt My Words.  Stand strong in Me.  I shall deliver you and wipe away all your fears.  Much is going to happen soon, for the hammer has been ready to strike by My hand.  I shall soon shake everything that can be shaken.  Enter thou into My rest, and do not leave My side, even for a moment now.  I am going to unleash many impossible things upon your earth now.  BRACE yourself, you shall have to endure many cruel sights, but it shall not come nigh you for you are sheltered and protected in Me.  Be strong and know that nothing is happening that I have not ordained and allowed.  I have My reasons.  I know these hearts, they are hard and stiff necked peoples who need a serious wake up call.  They will be awakened by truly impossible things.  To My true believers I say Do not fear these nightmares coming into your reality, for they are not for you.  They are for the children of disobedience.   Know this, My Beloveds much is coming on your earth that shall be hard to believe it's real with you natural mind, but I have told you ahead of time and I have secured your mind to withstand these things.  You are sealed and set apart, I have marked you, in your foreheads by My own finger.  You shall not be harmed.  Pray for your family and I shall bring them under your covering so they shall not be harmed.  I shall deal with each of your family members individualy.  If they shall heed My voice and instructions it shall go well with them.  If they shall not heed My voice and instructions it shall not go well with them.  All are called to go through the furnace of affliction and testing.  You have already been in this furnace with Me and you are shining and golden.  Everyone must be purified, cleansed, and sanctified.  No one shall escape this.  It is well with your soul My little one.  Have no fear.  I am here.  I will protect My own.

Hearing God - Jan. 3, 2014

My child, do not forsake our time together in the mornings.  You cannot afford to be at discord with Me in this late hour.  I am here for you.  I desire to fellowship and commune one on one with you.  You are mine, and I must come first.  Do not forsake Me in this critical time.  As you draw close to Me, I strengthen thee and endue you with My power to endure the challenges you shall face this day.  Do not allow the cares of this world, or the pain in your body to cause you to break fellowship with Me.  I am your source of strength, I am your source of hope.  I am all in all to you.  You must endeavor to remain in close fellowship with Me.  There are many distractions that will come your way each and every day on earth.  Now, more than ever they shall come for they know your name, they know you are precious and dear to Me and they will do whatever they can to draw you away from me.  Their goal is to cut off your power source.  Which is your one on one fellowship with Me.  They know you are mine.  They will try to take your life, but I shall protect your every breathe.  They will try to take your families lives.  This is why you are one of My Watchman on the wall.  You shall not let your guard down and you will keep the guard with your prayers.  Your prayers are a protective hedge, a shield for your family, loved ones, friends and country.  As you yield to Me and allow Me to guide you in prayer you are covering them in a protective shield.  I Am the I AM.  I will always protect you.  Your family must come to Me on their own for this is what I require from each life.  But for your sake they are protected and sheltered by Me.  They are all mine, but they are asleep.  They must wake up.  Keep praying for them to each wake up and realize the hour they are in.  It is not business as usual anymore.  I see each one.  I read each heart.  I know who desires to draw close to Me.  I know My truth seekers, for they are the fiery coals of My Ruach HaKodesh.  My sleepers are content with embers.  Some must go through the fire of testing and trials for the pull of this world to be broken.  For some much testing is needed to cut the cords of desire for this world.  But for you, My dear one, you desire Me and will follow Me for you are drawn to Me as your breath is tethered to My heart.  Breathe in, Breathe out, you are mine, I live in you and nothing can separate you from Me.  I know My own and they know Me.  My Beloved you are strong in Me.  For every time you come and wait upon Me you become stronger.  This will be your strongest year in prayer.  Many shall be delivered, have breakthroughs, and awaken because of your prayers.  I shall protect all that you pray for.  They shall not die, they shall live and have many testimonies of miraculous deliverance's, protection, and provision.  Get a separate journal and start tracking your prayers today.  Much shall be done in prayer.  You My Bride shall have an open heaven to me for you shall pray My Will for others, not for riches or for fame but for all to come, come to Me and live.  Come to Me and hear, come to Me and find peace and rest that only I can give.  My Father has given Me the keys to the Kingdom and I desire to share My Kingdom with all of My dear children.  But, they must come, one on one to Me.  They must desire Me above all else.  For I must be First.  I must be King over the heart, for out of the heart the mouth speaks and out flows the issues of life.  When I am King of the Heart, I cleanse, I correct, I teach, I guide, and when My Heart (children of Mine) speaks, it has a force and a creative power to restore, replenish and recreate.  My Adams are about to receive My creative power as they release their words into the Atmosphere.  Rejoice for your King is here within you and I shall do great things through all My yielded vessels.  For I know you by name and I have much in store for each of My yielded hearts.

DREAM:  I was at a graduation and I was the girlfriend of the boy graduating.  I was in bed under the covers and did not want to get ready for the graduation until I had to.  Basically waiting till the last minute.  I got up out of bed, because it was almost time for my boyfriends name to be called.  I went into the bathroom to get ready.  I was in a stall putting on panty hose and there was a hole and a run in the hose near the bottom and everyone would see it, for I knew I was going to wear a dress.  I took the hose off and realized it was two pair, so I put the good pair with no runs on.  Then I came out of the stall and was wearing a red dress.  I was doing my make up in the mirror and then I thought they had called his name on stage.  I went out and realized I had missed his graduation name announcement and he would be sad and disappointed.  I went to find him and his old girlfriend was there and I thought they were together again.  So I did not approach.  This girl came, I think in a cream or white dress and handed me a chain and said he wanted me to have this, as I examined the chain (it was sliver, on the bottom were two wedding bands ) as I was looking at them, they were rose gold colored.  I thought they were beautiful.  Then I whispered to a young man that he needed to talk to his girlfriend.  I asked his girlfriend is she knew what this meant, she said yes but she needed to talk to her boyfriend first.  The two of them went to a private booth and were talking privately.  He came back saying "yes, yes, yes, she said yes"...I knew she wanted to get to know him better before they got married, she liked him but wanted to know him better.  I was very happy for both of them.
Then I woke up.

Meaning of Dream:

We do not have much time left.  We must come willingly to the Lord and get to know Him personally, He is ready for us, but some of us are not ready for Him.  If we are not ready we shall miss our opportunity. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hearing God - Jan. 4, 2014

Hello My dear one.  I'm glad you are here with Me.  My earth is reeling now for much is happening upon it.  I will recover all that is mine.  I will restore all of My creation.  Do not allow yourself to worry or fear the changes.  For change must come and I am in the change.  My will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  I will separate you.  Your destiny is with Me.  Do not worry or concern yourself with the journey that others are on.  For I am dealing with each person individually.  you are to keep praying for them and then release them to Me.  your journey is not the same as others, for you are awake and alert to Me.  You see the times you are in.  You have heard and heeded My call.  You are yielded to me.  have no fear of what is taking place on earth.  For i am in the midst of thee.  I shall shelter thee from every storm.  For you truly trust in Me.  I am here with thee and we shall be together soon.  You are MY beloved dove, quiet, unassuming and gentle.  Remember, My dear one, breathe, just breath.  In and out, in and out I am here.  Draw near to Me now.  The more you draw near, the more strength and power you shall have.  You are the generation that shall see much change.  The new age is about to start as I close out this age with a bang.  Keep your focus on Me.  Look up for behold your Bridegroom comes.  Pray for your family.  Pray.  I will do much with your prayers.  Enter into your secret place of peace and rest in Me.  Dwell in Me, My dear one.  Trust Me in everything.  I alone am all you need.  Come away with Me more and more as the day draws near.  For I am your shelter from every storm.  Listen to the birds outside your dwelling.  They are singing My praise.  As the wind blows the trees and the grasses, the flowers of the earth move and sing My praise's you can't hear them, but they do.  I do not reveal everything to you, but I am revealing more and more to you.  This is part of the dance we are taking.  As you and I commune there is much to learn about Me.  I reveal myself more to you as We dance.  For you are mine and nothing and no one can take you from Me.  For you My child have learned to shelter in Me.  I am your  source.  I am your provider.  I am your protector.  I am your teacher.  I am the I AM.  There is no one or nothing higher than I.  You have chosen to put your trust in Me and that pleases Me child, that pleases Me.  Your love for Me is growing, for true love grows.  Can you feel it.  I am here dear one.  Lean not on your own understanding.  But in all your ways acknowledge Me and I shall direct your path.  Come away with Me and sink deeper and deeper into Me.  For truly I am all you need.

Hearing God - Jan. 5, 2014

Yes My child I am here.  I see you.  I hear your thoughts as you ponder over your dream.

DREAM:  BBQ pit, lit fire, hamburger patties, buttered buns for toasting.  Mans hands turning them...then propane gas goes out on 3 of 4 burners and I go to get my husband for more propane...Then BBQ pit is lit and has 5 buttered buns and mans hands are turning and toasting them, this was like the only parts I can remember, and these were shifts or sections of the dream.

It is good to ponder and reflect on the things of God.  your dreams do come from me as instructions that are sealed up, full of mystery, it is good to seek them out and come to Me for understanding.

Meaning of your dream:

-fiery coals is your purification through testing and your perseverance,
-bread is My word in you
-buttered is your works being tested through the fire
-man's hand's are My hands, I am the one toasting and purifying you and your family
-gas went out, and you knew to come to Me, your husband and covering for more oil or gas to keep your lamps burning.  Once filled again with My oil, you and I continue the purification and sanctification process

I use many things and symbols to speak to you in dreams.  As you pay attention to your dreams I will reveal much to you.  For you are choosing to hear Me in your dreams and this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.

As you wait before Me, I fill and trim your lamp.  As you encounter people and things in the world, your oil leaks out, and you must continually come to Me for more oil and to trim your lamp, which is to repair your wick and remove all filthy stains of sin and the world from you.  As you repent and come to Me for cleansing and purification through waiting on me, reading My word and praying and confessing sin and communing with Me, constantly now, this allows Me to examine you, remove your sins, trim your lamp and fill you with My oil.  I also am able to wash your garments and keep them clean for you.  In this fallen sin drenched world, you cannot stay clean and your oil leaks out, so you must come to me for cleansing and purification daily, and constantly.  I am the only one who can do this for you.  But you are the only one who can choose to come to Me and allow me to work on you, love on you, cleanse you and fill you with My oil.  you are My beloved dove in whom I am well pleased.  keep coming My dear one, and Remember, do not fear.  For I Am Here !

Hearing God - Jan. 6, 2014

My child you must listen to My voice, above all else.  Shut out the noise from the other sources that are trying to distract you from Me.  Focus on Me alone.  Yes, your 40 day fast starts today.  Ask Me and I will guide you through these days.  As you fast you may do the Daniel fast, water, juice, teas, no sweet-n-low, no animal products, try to fast without food as much as possible.  You need to go heavy into prayer.  Your prayers are powerful.  I am listening.  Follow My leading.  As you pray for your family and others My hand shall move.  This is a vital time of preparation for you.  Through your prayers I shall move.  Give Me something to work with.  Do not fear.  your circustances may change.  Do not fear.  I am here.  As you have heard My Father goes before you I (Jesus) walk beside you and our precious Ruach Hakodesh dwells within you.  You are learning much in us now.  you are one of our chosen vessels for such a time as this.  Hold fast now to us, dear one for many things are changing.  Stay close to us, shelter in our wings now, safe and secure in us.  We are here with you, soon we will take you home with Us.  Do not worry or be dismayed.  Walk before us one day at a time.  As we lead you follow.  Stay yielded.  Stay close, do not stray off the path We have put you on.  Pray, Pray, Pray for the hour of prayer has come.

Hearing God - Jan. 7, 2014

Upon waking I heard this song in my spirit "We are standing on Holy ground, and I know that there are angels all around, let us praise Jesus now, we are standing in His presence on Holy ground".

Shhhhhhhh, listen do you hear it?

Song:  "Listen to the trumpet of Jesus, while the world hears another sound, listen to the footsteps of Jesus, while the world just gathers around"

I know you child.  You are mine.  Do not be afraid.  Do not be worried or fretful for the things that are about to befall the earth.  I am here.  I will be with you.  you have always known you would be alive in the time of My coming, you were created to be here as I close out this age and begin a new one.  I am going to use you in a mighty way in the coming days.  It shall be nothing you are going to do on your own.  It will be what I do through you, as I work through you.  I can only use My yielded vessels.  Give no thought as to how I am going to use you.  Just stay humble and yielded to me.  I alone know the plan.  You are to keep walking day by day close to me.  I will guide you.  I am here with you.  Do not fear.  Many will come and try to "teach" you things, but do not listen.  I am your only teacher.  I am the source of all things.  I am good and My light is warming to your spirit.  Listen for My voice in all things.  The fast will prepare you more.  Heed My voice and instructions.  You must discern Me and disregard all others.  Test the spirits whether they are of Me.  My Holy scriptures are your measuring line.  Time passes quickly now My dear one.  Focus on Me with all your heart.  Lean not on your own understanding, cast down any pre-concieved thoughts that man has taught you about My word.  Allow Me to open up your understanding of My Holy Word, for everything I have been telling you about is written and fortold in My Word.  As you are sleeping I am downloading information into your spirit some you remember, some you retain in your subconscience.  It's all relative to the time period you are in.  I am going to show forth My Glory and Power to all the earth.  Yield child and allow Me to use you as I see fit in My plan.  I will do what I want to and when I want to.  I will use who and what ever I deem necessary for my purposes.  Just TRUST ME child and yield to Me.  Humble submission is needed now.  Shelter under My wings.  Peace be still and know that I Am God and I AM HERE.  Rest in Me.  Live solely for Me now.  We are on this journey together and I will never leave you or forsake you.  Trust Me child.

Hearing God - Jan. 8, 2014

Note;  I heard tapping this morning at 5:42am, it was the Lord tapping to wake Me up I think.  But I went back to sleep and Just now realized I asked Him to start waking me up before the alarm at 6:00am

As you come to Me My child, I come forward to meet you.  I am always here with you.  I watch over you and your day.  I am with you always, even to the end.  Fear no one and nothing but Me.  I am your source for everything.  I am your light.  I am here child, I am here.  Live everyday in Me.  I even shadow you with My love.  I am the Resurrection and the Light.  I call many to Myself but few choose to hear and wake up.  They would rather sleep on in their comfort zone.  Everyone needs to wake up and seek Me now while I may be found.  The hour is short.  Time will not linger.  Stay close now child, do not tarry somewhere else.  Stay close to your source of strength and source of power.  I love you and I see your heart.  I see your diligent pursuit of Me.  I am filling you with My oil and once again trimming your lamp and inspecting your garment.  Do not compare yourself with others in how I have told you to fast.  You are to follow My lead.  I have each of My children on a separate journey and each one I call to fast, I tell them individually how to do it.  You will get all of your instructions from me.  I am your guide.  I alone am your teacher.  You My Beloved Bride are mine.  You have chosen to come away with Me and seek Me out daily by yourself.  This pleases Me, My dear one, this pleases Me.  I love My true seekers.  These are My personal possessions and they will not be taken from me.  I will have all that is Mine.  I will hear your prayers, if you find it difficult to pray, be silent before Me until you hear Me tell you what to pray, or pray in tongues as you feel led to.  Ask Me for the interpretation of tongues.  Ask Me for discernment of spirits in people.  This fast is for a time of growth in Me.  Ask of Me and I will show you great and mighty things.  I am yours, My love.  My gentle little dove.  I will grant your hearts desires.  As you desire to look into My mysteries I will show you.  Pray that you are worthy to escape the things coming upon the earth.  Pray that you are worthy to receive My revelations and instructions.  I want to hear your prayers, for I am for you My little one.  You are close to My heart.  You have chosen Me above all else and I shall not be hidden from you My dear one, My Bride.  I am about to unleash a mighty wind over the land.  It is My Breath, it is a sign and a prelude to My coming. It goes before Me now.  Can you feel Me in the wind.  Pay attention to the wind.  I am close, closer than most think.  

Hearing God - Jan. 29, 2014

I awoke at around 2:00am and I kept hearing my spirit singing "He turns my mourning into dancing", "Selah"

I prayed awhile and fell back to sleep.  Upon waking I am hearing my spirit singing "There's a sweet, sweet sound in my spirit"

Oh My dear one, it blesses Me when you come, I love our time together.  You are a faithful Bride.  You shall enter into your rest soon.  Nothing shall delay My return.  I have been steadily working on My plan for you and the others.  You must not lose step with Me.  Stay close and listen as you hear Me, I shall guide you.  It is very important that you hear Me.  You shall have to rely solely on hearing Me for your direction, protection, and very survival.  You shall hear Me tell you where to go and who to talk to.  Do not do anything without talking to Me first about it.  Much will transpire when you are not expecting it.  But as long as you stay close to Me and yield to My leading all will go well with you.  Your life is in My hands.  You shall have to Trust Me more and give Me everything to worry about and take care of.  I shall go before you and I shall be your rear guard.  Much shall occur this year.  Each day shall draw you closer to Me, we shall never be separated.  You are My beloved and I am well pleased with thee.  Great shall be your rewards as you journey with Me.  I shall always take care of My own.  You are fully surrendered to Me now and I can do much with a yielded humble vessel.  I am not a respecter of persons.  I am willing to help and provide for all who are willing to come to Me, repent of their sins and walk the narrow road with Me.

Many will die soon, for I must cleanse the land.  Stubborn hearts who will not yield to Me and change from their wicked ways will die soon.  I am not a man that I should lie.

VISION:  I am going to an airport and I see a bomb or something go off inside the airport, smoke and debris are coming out of it then I see it collapsing in on itself

I will protect what is yours, your family shall be sheltered under My wing as well.  you are wise My love, you are wise.  Many shall enter the Kingdom now through you.  Stay yielded to Me and you shall touch many with your life.  My words pouring through you shall be a healing balm for the masses looking for answers as their world is crumbling around them.  My children must be prepared in the spirit and in the mind for what is coming.  I shall secure your mind as you  spend time with Me.  You shall not lose your bearings as you endure the change.  Many will lose all hope, they shall cast away their confidence in Me and turn away from their faith.  The hour of testing has begun and many who call Me Lord, shall turn away from their faith.  They shall cling to the flesh of man to provide for them. Woe to these foolish children who willingly go into the pit of snares laid out for them.  Only those who fully put their trust in Me shall be saved and provided for.  i shall tests all hearts now as I have tested yours.  I will still test you as well My dear.  But, I have already purified you and tried you in the furnace of affliction.  You have been found faithful and endured each test.  Now you shall be strong as you go through this next season.  Do not fear My love, I Am here with you.  There are many stages in this journey you are on with Me.  Live out one day at a time, as I lead you through this day and night.  Yield and follow Me to the next and the next.  I will not tell you or show you everything.  It
is a daily process, one step at a time.  As I lead, you follow Me.  We are in this journey together.  I will never leave you.  Trust Me in All Things.
I love you all,

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hearing God - Jan. 28, 2014

I ask the Lord about some of my dreams last night and what they meant?
He answered me:  "Dreams are made for pondering, it is up to you to seek Me out and search out the meanings, ponder on this child.

You are called to rule and reign over evil.  These are dark, ominous and dangerous dreams.  I am opening your eyes to see some new things in the spirit, are you willing to see the total truth in all things, it will take courage child.

Through you many shall find peace and rest through the coming storm.

In your weakness I am made strong.  As you yield I come and deliver, yield in all things to Me, let Me lead you, as you yield.

You are called to ride upon the wings of My spirit, child you are far more valuable than you realize.  I shall cause you to soar among the high places far above your enemies, far above principalities and rulers of this world.  In Me you shall do great things.

Hearing God - Jan. 9, 2014

My child I speak in many ways to reveal Myself to you.  You must learn more of My ways to get a clearer understanding of what I am saying.  As you press into Me, eager to learn I will show you many things.  You must study all that I present to you, for in so doing you are obedient to Me.  As you learn more of My ways, you are being transformed into more of My likeness.  It is well with you child, I am not displeased with thee.  You have asked Me for dreams and I will give them to you.  Through patient endurance you shall inherit the Kingdom of God.  No man can fire you or take you out of it, for it is My will to give you the Kingdom.   I am taking you deeper now.  Deeper into My mysteries and workings.  Fear not for I am with thee.

Note: I had a lot of dreams last night, it was hard to keep up with them.

Hearing God - Jan. 10, 2014

Song:  "You are always on My mind, you are always on My mind"

You are My Beloved dove in whom I am well pleased.  Stay the course with Me.  As the attacks to your emotions come, as your soul is battered and presented with lures to draw you into your flesh do not succcumb to their lures.  Do not fall prey to them as they plant seeds of evil in your mind. Continually you must rebuke them and do not allow yourself to walk in the flesh.  There is much you are not seeing going on all around you.  Many things are coming your way to tempt you to do evil and release evil words from your mouth, stand and remain strong in Me, keep quiet and do not be foolish in your words.  When you are tempted to lash out in hate and respite, Remember, it is not your true nature, you are being tempted.  Do not give in to these tempts of your enemy, instead stand still and know this is an attack, stay strong and steady in Me.  Draw into Me and I will take you through in peace.  Carry My peace with you in every situation.  Do not allow yourself to become offended.  Remain firm and steadfast in Me, I am here with you, ask for My help, and for Me to be manifested in you.  I will and am always willing to help you.  Ask Me. 

Hearing God - Jan. 11, 2014

My soul longs to be with you child.  My Bride is very precious to Me.  For it blesses Me to know that I have not lost all of My Adams.  The remnant that is My Bride is very precious to Me.  You endured many tests yesterday, My dear one.  You did not release your tongue and lash out in your pain and hurt, you held your tongue, and cast down every evil and vain imagination that rose up within you due to your flesh wanting to react to the "trigger" of offenses that assailed you yesterday.  You stood strong in the battle inside yourself and the struggle was short.  You are recognizing your enemies that come to draw you out and away from Me and My peace and My love.  My spirit within you is free to engage the enemy at your gates as they come to take back ground that once belonged to them.  Keep reading My word and feeding your spirit for much is being accomplished within you in the unseen realm.  Your armor is shining and gleaming, your heart is pure and refreshed in My presence.  For I live in you now and I know every beat of your heart.  Do not be discouraged when you face assaults from your own family members for every thing that you encounter will be used to grow you and cause change in you.  For you to truly and constantly reflect Me and be transformed into My likeness and character will require many levels of testing for you.  You must endure the testing.  Lean on Me for I am here in every test.  I may seem distant and silent, but I am here with you.  Closer than your very breath.  I am working constantly on you.  The spirit of offense must not be found in you.  The foul spirit of cursing must not be found in you, both must be kicked to the curb when they raise their ugly heads in you.  You must be diligent in casting them down and out.  Do not give them a foothold to anchor to.  If you do slip even for a moment - Repent quickly, Repent and get back in the battle.  For in your weakness I am made strong.  In all your daily moments acknowledge Me and I shall direct your paths of engagement.  Be ye therefore steadfast and secure in Me, My Beloved gentle dove.  No weapon, circumstance or conversation formed against you shall prosper.  For I know the plans of the enemy to be sent your way to distract you from Me and My Kingdom.  They want to keep you tethered to your fleshly instincts and thus thwart your growth in Me, for they can see you are getting stronger and stronger.


I recall now I had a dream last night where I was in it, but I was above it and to the right watching it.
I heard demons talking among themselves to the left - they were obscured but I know it was demons and I could feel them watching the dream to.  There is a large crowd of people going about their daily lives walking in a city, like you would see in a traffic light intersection crossing.  The people are all black like distinct shadow form and in the crowd is a white distict shadow form.  The demons are saying they would have no trouble or difficulty controling and manipulating the people, except for the white lighted person, for they could not be controlled and so they went to attack that person.  I then look and realize I am the white lighted glowing person, (sticking out like a neon sign) the people turn and start to surround Me, I feel I am about to be attacked...I can't remember any more.

I have told you already that you are glowing now for My light within you is strong and powerful.  You are a light in the darkness and a beacon on a hill to show forth My light and draw others to Me.  I am using you as you walk daily before Me yielded and secure in Me.  Your life is being witnessed by many lukewarm, lost and dejected ones.  They see My power and love reigning in you.  They know you are different.  you are a sign and a wonder for Me.  I am using you to touch others by your life, you don't have to do anything extra to "work" for Me.  Just live your life in Me, and let Me live through you.  As you yield,  I grow stronger in you, as you wait upon Me I pour My oil in and upon you.  I fill you with My oil and I trim your lamp.  I also annoint your head and heart.  I inspect your garments and as you repent as I chastize and correct you I then cleanse you and wash and remove your stains and wrinkles that have come on your garments.  Keep your garments clean by walking with Me.  Rest assured in Me that I will keep you.  Feed your spirit with My word.  I live in you child and nothing can separate you from Me.

Song:  "Peace, Peace, wonderful peace, flowing down from the Father above.  Sweep over My spirit again precious Lord,  in fathomless billows of love.

Hearing God - Jan. 12, 2014

Yes, My dear one you are here.  We are alone together in sweet fellowship and communion.  As you seek Me, you shall find Me.  As you learn My ways you shall love Me more and more for true love grows.  My child I must see that I am your heart's desire.  As you come away and separate yourself to Me you are being changed, transformed into My likeness and image.  I am in you and I am in love with you My dear one.  My heart races at the thought of being with you.  For I love  to be with you, for you are truly mine, fully yeilded to Me.  As you read My word pay close attention to Me, block out all distractions from Me.  This will get easier as you practice focusing on Me and removing all distractions.  Place yourself in My presence as often as possible.  You are not taking communion daily as I have instructed you to do.  This is very important to your armor you wear each day.  It is a covering and a shield for you, and you need it !  Repent of this error and correct it starting today, so that it will go well with you.  Pray more, open your mouth and release your words into the atmosphere.  Praise Me and thank Me for all that you will go through each day.  Thanksgiving and Praise are Keys to My Kingdom.  Rest in Me today.  Live in Me, fully yielded and set apart to Me.  you are mine and I love spending time with you.  Much will happen rapidly now on your planet.  Earth is about to go through  severe change.  I will take back and Restore all that is mine.  I will do a thorough shaking and cleansing.  The war in the heavens is now going on in your earth.  I am casting down all of the outlaws in the heavens and I will strip them of their powers.  I laugh at their feeble attempts to overthrow My Kingdom.  They are not the boss, I Am the BOSS.  They are foolish children who have gone astray and refuse to repent and come back to Me.  They enjoy sin and refuse to take responsibility of their own errors, they blame others for their own sins.  They blame My Adams for their punishment.  They hate My Adams and want to enslave, punish and kill all of My Adams.  They want to control and do as they will to all of My creation;  earth, people, animals.  They have caused much damage to My earth and My Adams.  The buck stops here !  The battle of the ages will be played out here on earth.  I will take back what is mine.  What you will see transpiring is more than just the history of mankind, it is also the history of the hosts of heaven.  i have given more than enough time for all to repent and change but they choose not to, so be it.  I come and will reward all for their deeds.  I am chastising and correcting My fallen ones as well as My Adams.  The offspring of My fallen ones are the demons that are on earth.  There is much history that you have not been taught.  Hang on and Trust Me to bring you through.  Do not fear what is unveiling itself on the earth for I am here with you and I will protect you.  All is not as it seems.  Stand strong, I am removing the veils now and you will see many things you have never seen before.  Do not fear the evil as it comes for it will find it's targets and you are not it.  You are protected in Me, I shelter you in My wings.  Horrific sights you will behold, so stand strong, Remember I AM is here with you, I will bring you through.  I will test every heart and I will give to everyone what is due them.  I will flush-out all of My fallen ones and We shall do battle upon your earth.  The earth will tremble under the force of the battle.  It will rock and reel, but I shall keep it steady, for I am the one who made it.  My Adams will quake with fear for what they will see, they have never seen before, they are not prepared for this "game-changer", But you are.  You shall remain strong in Me.  The battle unfolding will be disturbing for all to see, but you My dear one, shall see it.  You have been prepared in your heart and mind for what is coming and you are sheltered in Me.  Your life, My bride, is in My hands, you shall not escape the battle, you shall go through it.  I am working on you from the inside.  Soon I will come and transform you on the outside.  Everyone, Adams and Aliens and all the hosts of heaven shall see you glow.  I will use you in My end-time plan.  You will go forth and help with My Harvest.  Stay close to Me.  My Bride the ride is about to get interesting.  You shall be well provided for.  For you have chosen Me and surrendered to Me.  I have chosen you for My own possession.  My dear one, I have revealed many things to you and you have not shrunk back.  This pleases Me, My dear one, this pleases Me.

Song: "Getting to know you, getting to know all about you" is floating through my head

Our time together is precious to Me.  Much is being downloaded into you from me that you do not know about.  But will be revealed to you as needed in the coming days.  Fear not!  For I have overvome.  Now I will finish this long-time battle that is going on in the heavens and the earth, and you shall overcome with Me in you.  We are on this journey together, and I shall never leave you alone.


-I see a large pole with a large fire on top

-I see Me viewing some board in a secret part of the house the small door to the left is locked the small door to the right is unlocked and the lock has been removed, it opens out to a beautiful living space

-I see a city like Houston and fire and pillars of smoke are in the sky coming from the street, it's daylight, blue skies, with clouds

-I see fire in the streets at night in a small town, it's dark like night time

-I see an army marching in ranks, with what looks like white helmets, the scene is obscured like a haze or fog

-I see a small bathroom with a dirty shower in front and a sink in back of Me.  To the left is a toilet with the lid down and red carpet (reddish-burnt orange) up to the toilet on the floor

-I see a jacket (orange-brown) pocket with a plastic wrapped ticket in the pocket sticking out the top

-I see a jungle lush and green and a small girl walking on the path, the path is narrow and long with many turns.  She's in her garden and has no fear

-I am in the light of a building and I see darkness outside, and feel something in the sky watching me.  As I look at the sky I see a face and then it leans closer to me to look at me and I see it's eye peering down to get a closer look at me, I can tell I am troubling it.  I am not afraid

-I see a large red eye - reptilian looking at me

-I see a train, I see a little girl looking for her father, she finds a seat and leans back into it and finds peace and rest, she falls asleep, I see her memories of her father, he's large and she is small going to get on the train, he swings her up in his arms and hugs her, she is loved very much.  He sits in the chair and hugs her and places her in the chair on the right side of him.  Something has happened and she is now looking for her father, she is a little older and boards the train.  She finds the chair that was her fathers and sinks into it - when she does she feels the presence of her Father wrapping his arms around her and she feels loved and at peace and rest, and falls asleep wrapped in her fathers arms of love. (this is an animated scene and I am viewing it on a screen with other people)

This is beautiful child, as you wait upon Me, fully trusting Me, fully loving Me, not distracted by the cares of this world.  This is beautiful to Me.  But wait there's more.


-I am in the dark and I see a small candle close to me.

Song plays as I see this vision:  "Like a candle in the wind"
I am looking at the candle again and reach for it
Song plays:  "At the midnight hour, they cried more, more, more

-I see Woody from toy story using the toy micro-phone saying:
"Now listen to Me, You are Precious, You are Loved, and You are Needed.  Every One of You.

end of visions

Hearing God - Jan. 13, 2014

-Dream upon waking:

 A college teacher with white hair, wearing a white coat gets into her white car and says " So what are we going to do about it?"  and suddenly a person springs up from the back seat and is wearing all black:  gloves, long sleeved shirt, ski mask and has a small knife or pen and grabs her neck and head and begins to do something to her neck - puncture or cut it.  Then I wake up.

I speak in parables and symbols in dreams.  Some things are easy to figure out, some things are hidden from you.  I give you dreams as puzzle pieces to figure out.  Much is written in your dreams.  Much is hidden.  This is the meaning of the dream:

-you are the woman
-white coat is your garments clean
-white hair is your covering and wisdom
-white car is your vehicle to get around in the spirit
-you speaking in the car is you calling the devil out.  You knew he was in the car to try and thwart your purposes and actions
-all in black represents the dark side coming against you
-The teacher aspect shows you that you will teach others with what you are learning from Me.

As you spend time with Me I will teach you more about your dreams.  My dear one some things in dreams may be disturbing.  But all have meaning.  This is why you should pay close attention to your dreams.  This is a part of My language.  Learn My language and it will help you understand Me and My ways.  You shall dandle many children on your knees.  They shall come to you to learn more of Me.  You must be prepared to teach them My ways.  You are My Beloved Bride and you are learning more and more of Me as you spend time in My presence, you are learning and soaking up My spirit.  My spirit is being absorbed through you as you wait upon Me.  Do not grow weary in well doing.  For in such an hour as you think not the son of man comes.  I see you, I read your thoughts.  This is worth your efforts.  I will not rush the process with you.  I have a perfect plan for you and it is unfolding perfectly.  In My timing.  Behold, I will come and we will meet face to face, I know your hearts desires.  You must be patient and endure the wait.  I promise you it shall be worth it.  So for now endure the wait.  I am here.  I am watching you.  I know your name.  Soon, the plan will unfold into the next chapter.  Prepare yourself in Me,  Make yourself strong in Me.  Look to Me for help and to guide you through your day.  I am willing to help you.  I will give you rest.  Let the world slip away.  Come to Me often.  I will secure you.  I am your anchor.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  Beloved, you are prospering in Me, do not back off.  Stay the course.  I am here.  My plans for you are beautiful.  Live in Me.  Rest in Me.  I am yours.

Hearing God - Jan. 14, 2014

Yes, My child you do need Me and I will always be here with you.  I have opened your ears more so now you are learning more.  As your understanding increases of Me and My word, the old man made doctrines are slipping away.  As you embrace My truth you are strengthened.  When the world changes it will be like I just flipped a switch and 'BOOM' nothing will remain the same.  In 'CHOAS' remain calm and look to Me, I will strengthen you in My Peace.  I will shelter you from the storms that rage around you.  You must not fear.  You must quiet yourself in Me and be still.  Listen for My still small voice to direct you, where to go, what to do.  I will be with you.  Remember, we are one now My love, My dove.  We are married and My Kingdom is alive and well in you.  My Kingdom is flourishing in you.  Pray for your family members, friends and loved ones.  Pray for the ones that I bring to mind.  Do not let go of them in prayer.  As you see them slipping away from Me, know this the hour is not far off.  Many will die and perish soon.  None know when they will have their last breath.  Judgement is coming to all, good and bad.  Remember, when I come, I bring My rewards with Me.  Many are clinging to the world because they think they have security, but when I take all their luxuries, toys and entertainment away they will rock and reel from instability.  For they have trusted in riches and gold.  They have said in their hearts that nothing changes.  When sudden destruction comes upon them they shall be caught unaware.  As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be when I come.  They will be eating, drinking, and giving in marraige.  Many will die in a moment, when they think not, just like all My babies  that are safely tucked in the womb and are ripped apart and death comes suddenly and painfully for them in abortion.  Woe to the workers of this great iniquity.  They profit off of destroying My creations, My precious little ones, whom I know by name.  I gather them and bring them home to Me.  The world was not worthy of them.  Many great things could have been done and shared by all these little people.  But, do not fear, I have repurposed them in My Kingdom and great shall be their rewards.  Repent, while there is still time.  As I release the destruction that is to come, know this, I will be with you and protect you.  I will come to you in the darkness.  Do not be afraid.  Stay ready, keep looking for Me, for in such an hour as you think not I come.  Great will be your reward and victory in Me.  I know it's hard to wait.  But patient endurance is a key in My everlasting Kingdom.  Let love abide in and around and through you.  I will restore you.  Do not fear.  I am here.  I will never go away and leave you.  As you come to Me, I shall always be found of you.  Stay the course.  Behold, I come.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hearing God - Jan. 15, 2014

I Am here My little one.  I Am here.  Much is coming now.  Do not be dismayed.  I will cleanse My land and I will cleanse My people.  I Am the creator of all things.  Much that you have never seen before, you shall soon see.  But, do not fear.  I Am in charge of every thing good and bad they all work for Me.  Do not fear My little one, quiet yourself in Me My dove.  As things unfold remember this is My plan, its not going to be as man has thought and taught you.  Stay close to Me, cling to Me.  Ask Me for more understanding and I shall surely give it to you.  I Am here with you and I Am working out My plan for this world.  Trust Me in everything, do not lean on your own understanding.  Just follow Me.  As lighting strikes quickly you shall surely see My hand strike America quickly.  Do not worry about your tomorrows.  Just live your days in Me and I shall direct your steps.  Your path is My path.  You shall soon meet Me face to face.  You shall know Me as I know you.  As you press into Me.  I shall press into you.  I Am as close as your breath, you know I Am here with you.  you can sense I Am here, even though you do not see Me, you know I Am here.  you are not imagining things.  you are hearing muffled conversations and seeing flashes of light in your home and outside your home.  These are My angels stationed around you.  For i have told you, you are mine and nothing shall by any means harm you.  Keep looking for Me child.  I Am opening your eyes and ears more.  You shall surely see Me My dear one.  Keep your eyes turned to Me.  Keep your focus on Me.  Keep calm and follow Me.  I Am taking you into the great unknown.  Few are able to go, for they will not let go of this world.  I have established you in My Kingdom.  Your place in Me is secure.  You are My Bride and I will come for you soon.  Do not let anything pull your focus away from Me.  I Am alive and well on planet earth.  My Kingdom is coming forth now.  I will redeem all of My people.  I will rescue My Bride.  The rescue mission is about My Bride and her diligence to make herself ready for Me, she is awake and seeking more and more of Me, she has allowed Me to do My perfect work in her through repentance, humility and obedience.  I have cleansed her from all her unrighteousness.  I have purified her with My fire and washed her garments and removed her stains and spots, I Am pressing out the wrinkles.  She is My humble yielded vessel.  My beautiful Bride shall be rescued and sup with me, then we shall go out together and bring in the harvest.  My soul can hardly wait.  I Am ready, so so ready, to receive My Bride.  My dear one, do not fear.  Time is short, I Am coming to manifest My power and show forth My arm of strength, no one and nothing can withstand Me.  It is a privilege and and honor to be part of My Bride.  Stay ready My love, keep your heart.  Be still and KNOW I Am coming for you.  Behold, in a moment, I come.

Hearing God - Jan. 25, 2014

Note: At 3:21am I woke up and saw white flashes of light on my bedroom wall.

Vision upon waking:  Jesus is holding my hand and draws me up out of my bedroom where I am still pondering the flashes of light.  We are traveling together.  He is holding my hand and then we are standing suspended in the expanse of the heavens.  He is glowing white, and I am glowing white.  The sky around us is black and I can see a few stars scattered.  We are looking down on the earth and He is telling me something, but I cannot remember what He is saying.

Do not let the responses of others in your home and surroundings bring you to respond in a fleshly manner.  I have warned you there are many attacks coming your way.  Stay close to Me and I will lead you out of the traps of the enemy.  Many snares are laid on the path to catch you unaware.  But, know this, I Am here, I will guide your feet, I will hold your hand, I Am here to catch you if you stumble.  If you stumble, Repent.  Don't allow the words you release to be anything but pure.  Do not allow anger to rule over you or to take control of your tongue.  You must stay strong.  Do not bend, or buckle to the pressures of people around you to get a rise out of you.  Stay in peace, I Am your peace.  Be still, quiet yourself and breathe.  Breathe in, breathe out, I Am here.  Stay with Me in a quiet place of rest.  Come away with Me My little one.  Separate yourself from the evil of others.  Do not allow yourself to be overtaken and consumed in their anger and their tears.  Gentle, loving, quiet you are, this is your character, Yield to Me and I shall work through every circumstance to build up My Kingdom in you and around you.  Remember, dear one, I Am in you.  We dwell together.  You live on earth, but you do not belong on earth.  I Am allowing you access to come and go in and out of My Kingdom, you must endeavor to pursue peace at every turn.  Live in Me, and let Me live through you.  People in your family, as in the world are at different levels in Me.  I love each one of you.  I am working in each one of you.  But, you are not responsible for any of them but yourself.  They are all at the age of accountability.  You must not linger over them.  All must enter in to relationship with Me of their own free will.  Much is done in fellowship with Me.  I can do much for you who have a humble heart and are seeking Me.  You must not let the encounters you have with others to ruffle you.  Know this My love, they are not on the same level as you are right now.  Many are still in the valley of self, me, me, me, is on their minds, they have not learned to put others above themselves.  They have not learned to put Me first above all else.  Until they do, they shall be operating in the flesh.  Feeding their own selfish desires.  They will all come to know Me.  Each path is a journey, singular, isolated, no one can walk it for them, no one can make them take the narrow road.  Each must come on their own free-will.  You are not to worry over what will happen to them.  You are to focus on Me and our relationship.  You are only called to love as I love and pray for them.  Ask Me to help each one as you encounter them.  Then Move on with Me.  Stay close to Me My dove I shall take care of you.  You are on the path that leads you home.  The narrow road has many tests along the way that you are required to go through, but remember I Am here, I never leave you, even when I'm quiet, know this, I Am here.  As you seek to encounter Me, I shall show forth My grace and peace unto you.  My love I freely pour out upon you all to receive, but few do.  For they have not tapped into the wells of living water, that spring forth from My Spirit.  But you My love have found these wells and you drink deeply from My Wells of Living Water.  I Am alive in you.  You are a mighty vessel on honor.  I know you feel weak and puny.  But, you are strong.  You have been refined and purified in the fires of affliction.  You have come through the tests and now you are shining like gold.  You are golden to Me.  My dear Bride I love you, do not lose heart when people are angry with you.  They become angry because they see Me in you.  This makes them uncomfortable in their sin.  Your words sting, because there is much truth in them.  Remember child, don't hold back or change the words I give you.  Also, hold your tongue, if I have not told you to speak.  You are to witness many things, but it is not yet time to speak  These words I speak now and ask you to put on your blog are to show others that I do speak, and I wish to speak to each one personally.  If they want to hear Me for themselves they should come and seek Me for themselves.  I Am no respecter of persons.  As I speak to you, I can speak to others and will if they seek Me for themselves.  My servant Sherry cannot do this work for you.  It's a process, it's on the narrow road where you shall find Me, as you endeavor to travel on this road, I will meet you there.  Will you come.  Come and see, I Am here.  I will not disappoint.  I have much to say, are you willing to hear.  We shall see.  So be it.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hearing God - Jan. 16, 2014

As I am waiting upon the Lord these songs start playing:

song:  "He's the Mighty one of Israel 2X, His voice can be heard through the power of His Word, He's the Mighty one of Israel"

song:  "Great and Mighty is He 2X, clothed in Glory, arrayed in Splendor, Great and Mighty is He"

song:  "Thank you for  the Blood 2X, Thank you for the Blood of Jesus Christ, Thank you for the Blood, there's healing in the Blood 2X, there's healing in the Blood of Jesus Christ, there's healing in the Blood, there's forgiveness in the Blood 2X there's forgiveness in the Blood"

song:  "Praise Him, won't you Praise Him, Oh, Oh, come you people Praise the Lord Forever"

song:  "King of Kings and Lord of Lords 2X"

song:  "I believe God, I believe God, Ask what you will and it shall be done.  Trust and obey, believe Him and say I believe, I believe God"

Oh My dear one it is good to hear you praise Me and sing My Praises.  It blesses Me to be with you, My beloved dove.

song:  "Great is Thy Faithfulness 3X"

As the mountains fall into the sea, hold onto Me, I will protect you from the storm.  You are truly a treasure to Me.  My heart sings at the thought of you My dear one.

Sing:  "The Lord My God 2X, in the midst of thee 2X, is mighty 2X,and He shall reign 2X, forever and ever.  And He shall reign in Power and Might and Authority"

Come unto Me all those who are weary and I shall give you rest.  

song:  "King of Kings and Lord of Lords 2X, Hallelujah 2X, King of Kings, Hallelujah 2X"

There is an anointing that I have placed on you, you felt it last night but did not realize what it was, an anointing of Praise and Thanksgiving.  An anointing of hope.  I have come to set the captives free.  Great is thy faithfulness little one to keep coming to Me.  To eagerly wait, to hear a word from Me.  Many, Many are called but few are chosen.  I have chosen you for My very own.  You are My Beloved Bride and when the Father tells Me, I'm coming to sweep you in My arms and we shall dance.  Our love My dear one is eternal like I Am.  I will keep you by My side for you are mine.  I love you My Beloved little dove.  Walk softly, and carry a big stick, I Am the big stick, I'm in you, I walk this road alone with you, I go before you.  Your journey in Me is a long one.  We are in this together.  Stay strong, never give up hope, no matter what you see.  Many changes are taking place now, much is happening in and around earth.  Rejoice My Love, Rejoice for your King and your Fathers plans are unfolding.  You shall not be snared by the traps of the evil one to draw you away from Me.  You have been given discernment, use this spirit well now child.  The lies and deception is thick and sticky all around you, like a spiders web.  Be on guard.  Many will come to you in My name, but not all are from Me, in fact very few are.  They shall try to lead you astray.  but you are strong.  You must pray for your family to not be deceived by these tactics, and for Me to soften their hearts and bring them to true repentance.  Without repentance and a thorough cleaning you cannot be Holy.  All must enter in by Me.  Remember be ye holy for I Am Holy, and without holiness no one shall see God.  It's a narrow walk, a solitary journey.  Each step in Me, brings you further into My Kingdom.  You are mine My love, we are one.  You shine and wear your garments well, soon child soon, I come to make all things new.  My way or the highway that leads to destruction.  The choice is simple.  But few make the right choice.  So be it.  Behold, My dear one, I come.  Let no one or nothing snuff out your lamp.  Wait on Me, surely I come quickly.

Hearing God - Jan. 17, 2014

song: "Thank you Lord, for the Holy Ghost 2X, He's my comforter, my helper and on you I do depend, Thank you Lord, for the Holy Ghost"
( I heard this as I sat to wait upon the Lord this morning)

I am beginning to reign in the hearts of My people, My chosen Bride shall depart first from this wicked world in the great escape.  The rescue of the ages.  We shall be together at the marriage supper.  There shall be feasting and dancing and great celebration.  I am coming soon My dear one.  Hold fast to all that I've told you.  in a moment in the twinkling of an eye, you shall be changed, transformed and enlightened.  There is still much to learn before hand.  Follow hard after Me.  Seek Me more.  Praise Me more, love Me more, Read My Word More, take communion more, the more you do you will become completely saturated in My presence.  Pray and intercede for the lost and lukewarm so many in the valley of decision.  Do your part, take up your shield, draw out your sword and fight for your family, fight for the lost, fight for the lukewarm.  Shelter in Me.  I know your heart.  Many will hear at the door "mene mene, tekel farson", (meaning:  you have been weighed in the balance and found lacking) much confusion and bitterness shall abound, they shall weep bitterly for they have been fed a lie, a pack of lies, and they ate it up with a spoon, eager to embrace the doctrine of man, I pity the fools who have twisted their own evil desires with My holy Word.  Leading My sheep down treacherous paths of destruction.  I require change in all of My people, I Am Holy and all must endeavor to be Holy as I Am Holy.  you cannot live in sin and keep willfully sinning and going your own way.  This will not be tolerated.  It is a lie to tell My people once saved always saved.  You cannot have salvation your way.  You must yield to Me, submit to Me, anchor yourself in Me, and allow Me to help you in your struggles.  I require 100 percent of your heart.  If you are not following Me in the path of Holiness and Sanctification then you are on your own path of destruction.  When you come to Me I will say "Depart from Me, ye workers of iniquity (sin) for I never knew you."  There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  This doesn't have to be this way.  Come and ask Me to reveal Myself, and I will.  I Am watching each one of you now.  I know those who are truly mine, and I know those who are not.  To everyone I say come, come now while the door is open come and spend time with Me, I will show you the way.  My Father will soon shut the door and the age shall change.  You will then have to go a different, harder path to find Me, but do not lose hope, for I can still be found, but you must seek harder and the way will be more difficult.  My word shall come alive.  You shall have to live by the law, for the age of Grace shall be over and the door shall be shut.  Enter in now, forsake the world and cleave unto Me.  I want you to come home NOW.  The hour is late, hurry, the door is closing.  Draw near to Me children, for everything you have ever known is going to be ripped away and you shall be dismayed, shocked, bewildered, you shall stand in disbelief, you shall quake and tremble with fear.  Do not be deceived for whatsoever a man sows, that He shall reap.  Your day of reckoning is almost upon you.  Do not let your opportunity pass you by, repent now, come home.  Heed My call.  Come, come now, let Me shelter you from all the storms that are coming.  I Am coming for a Bride who is spotless and white, are your garments clean?  Are you clean and pure of heart?  Check yourself and ask Me if you're clean and purified, allow Me to examine you, come and let us reason together.  I Am your only hope.
Come now.

Hearing God - Jan. 24, 2014

Song: "The Lord Reigns 3X, let the earth rejoice, let the people be glad, for our God reigns.  A fire goes before Him and burns up all his enemies.  The hills melt like wax at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the Lord.  The Lord Reigns 3X
( I heard this as I was going to meet the Lord this morning)

Upon waking Dream:  I am in a truck with my husband driving us down the road.  In the trees scattered along the road is my husbands underwear.  Someone is with us in the back seat, a child I think.  We had sent someone to clean our laundry and they had screwed it up.  I started laughing and asked "Do you really think it's yours?"  My husband answered and said "Who Else's?" and started laughing with me.  Then dream changes and I am talking to the Lord about this golden glowing armor that was scattered in the sky and He said to go get it and put in on because it is time.  I quickly grabbed everything and put it on, but the helmet was missing.  I ran back to Jesus and told Him I couldn't find the helmet, We went together to find it, I kept thinking 'the helmet of salvation', how could I lose that.  Then Jesus said "IT IS TIME".

upon waking I heard "It is time, It Is Time, IT IS TIME"

You are remembering some of what I Am downloading into you in the night.  The helmet of salvation is me, I Am your salvation.  I was there with you, your helmet was not lost, it was manifested in Me, My presence was there with you.  I Am your Lord and King.   It is now time to manifest My Kingdom.  My Kingdom is within you.  You shall show forth My Kingdom for I Am alive in you.  i will never leave you My love.  you are connected to Me and We shall never be parted.  Trust Me in all things.  I Am  here.  Do not be troubled by the sin you see all around you.  This is not your concern.  You are to walk before Me, holy and righteous, you are in this world, but you are not of this world.  Keep drawing your source from Me.  I Am the one who gives you strength for the journey.  I Am the one who fills you with My oil.  Stay on this path with Me.  Do not venture out into the world.  It has nothing for you.  Stay close to Me.  Abide and dwell in Me.  I am your light in the darkness.  Nothing is hidden from Me.  I see all.  I know all.  I will recompense each person what they are due.  I Am not a man that I should lie.  Whatsoever a man sows, that He shall reap.  No one may enter My Kingdom with sin and iniquity still in their hearts.  They must be purged from all filth and unrighteousness.  Each one must come to Me of their own accord, I force no one.  But, I Am willing to receive all who come and are willing to change.  They must come while there is still breath in them, once death receives them they are locked in to their destinations.  The man, the woman, or child who wants to know Me and seek Me out for themselves shall surely find Me.  For all who seek I shall surely come.  Do not fear the world, or the things that are coming upon the world, fear Me for I Am the only one that can help you.  Call out to Me and I shall show you great and mighty things you know not of.  I have all knowledge.  I give knowledge to whomever I please.  I do not play favorites.  If you please Me, I will reveal much to you. If you are humble and repentant I shall reward you openly.  But do not kid yourself, I shall not be mocked or deceived, I can see your true hearts.  You cannot scam Me.  Don't keep waiting, this invitation will not last forever.  Your door of opportunity in NOW.  Come now while there is still time. Come now while you can still think straight.  For the time is coming where you will be full of fear and terror will abound.  Men's hearts will fail them for fear.  Do not trust in the things of this world for they are crumbling all around you now.  Wake Up, examine yourself, examine your world.  You are not living on stable ground.  Your earth is shifting, your sun, moon and stars are changing, your atmosphere is changing.  Your food sources are diminishing.  Do you still not see, do you still not understand.  Without Me, you are on sinking sand.  A ticking time bomb.  Repent, Repent, Repent and let Me help you.  You cannot save yourself from what is coming upon your earth.  This is only the beginning.  Turn from your evil ways and do what is pleasing to Me.  I Am Jehovah Sidkinu (I don't know how to spell this name) and I sin not.  I Am Holy.  Be Holy as I Am Holy, allow Me to enter in and help you.  I will not barge in as a thief.  You must invite Me in.