Friday, April 19, 2013

Hearing God 2-21-13

This is what I heard while I was waiting on the Lord on 2-21-13:

VISION upon waking:  picture was muted, I was in a vastly large room and I saw row after row of tables for a feast (I believe the wedding supper) I saw Penny-Notzrim Woman seated, and said Hi, and I saw there were place settings with names, I wasn't sure which table was mine as I was looking for my name and I thought it was going to be way, way in the back and it was going to take me forever to find my name, so I asked one of the angels where my seat was, and he began to lead me to the front, where Jesus stopped and I got up to write it down.

This was the marriage supper of the Lamb, and my servant was going to seat you next to Me, you are My Beloved, and I live Big in you, you will do great things for Me.
Seek Me early, as is your custom, seek Me daily as is your custom, TRUST Me with everything and lean not on your own understanding.  I have prepared every step of your life.  As you walk humbly submitted to Me, I will lead you by the hand.  Remember Do Not fear them or the things you see coming upon the earth.  This is all a part of My plan, My Righteous judgement is being carried out in this.  You have been counted worthy to go thru it, I am refining you with My fire.  You are golden to Me.  I am Burning out the dross in you, as you submit to My Perfect Will and repent before Me, it allows Me to examine you, to look at all your inward parts and start pruning and weeding, I examine your thoughts and motives and heart and I bring to mind everything that needs correction in My time, little by little you are growing into Me, My character is being shaped and molded in you, and you are beginning to reflect Me.
As you are training your ear to listen and obey, you are being led the right way.
As you pray, you reveal your heart and show Me your idols, I then point them out to you to remove and when you submit and remove them, I immediately draw you closer into Me.  It's beautiful to see you develop before Me, you are putty in My hands.  Listen to the desires of your heart now, as I am in you, renewing your mind to Me, transforming how you think, I am the one putting thoughts into your mind, so don't be hasty in dismissing your hearts desires for it could be from Me.  Remember the thought of 10 day water fasting, that is from Me.  I want you to do another 40 day fast in 10 day increments with 3-7 day breaks in between this desire is from Me, and I will use this fasting time to burn more things out of you, and separate more of your flesh from you.  I will use your fast to remove more veils from you.  Remember if you hear, read, or feel something you are not sure is from Me, come to Me, bring it before Me and ask of Me, I will tell you the absolute Truth.
Your weight will fall off in the fast, this is a sign to you that I am separating you from your flesh, you are allowing Me to separate the corruptible and put on you the incorruptible.  You must yield to this process, I have much work to do in you to prepare you for My use.
Keep reading My Word out loud, your regeneration has begun.  The Kingdom of God is withing you, and you must yield to My plans for you.  My ways and commands are simple and not difficult.  But, you must be willing to live a yielded life to Me, submit everything to Me, for you and I are one now.  I and My Father and the Ruach Hakodesh dwell in you, you are our abode on earth.  We love that you love us and truly want us here with you, it pleases us child, it pleases us.  When you don't give in to your own fleshly desires, and you yield to My desires for you, you grow, you gain strength and honor in Me (think about the desire you had for the next fast, and the thought of the 10 day fast came to mind and the thought of a prolonged time period with breaks in between came to mind, your flesh would not tell you to do this, to deny your eating and nourishment, it should be easy for you to recognize Me in this desire).
Listen to My still small voice, as you go about your day, I am speaking then as well.  Train yourself to be alert and to hear Me.  I have seen the thoughts that you have cast down immediately and that is good, but, you need to recognize My thoughts just as quickly and obey swiftly.  Rest in Me child, My peace I give unto you, My Rest will refresh and sustain you.

VISION:  I am standing in a river wearing a white robe, and the river water is crystal clear and blue, it is flowing around me and literally thru my body entering into my back and bursting out of my belly area - then I heard:  "The river is flowing, let the river flow, it is flowing thru you, let the river run thru you"
SONG popped into my head:  "The oil and the wine, healing divine..."

Oh, My love, My dove, I love you, I love you more than life itself, We will be together soon.  Our love is eternal and will never fade.  You and I will do great things.  For you have the heart of a lion, and with it we will honor the Father.  We shall glorify Him for He is worthy of Our praise.  Nothing was made without Him, search Him out, the deep mysteries of God are being revealed.  Listen to My children, My faithful ones, these have puzzle pieces that when fit together show forth My plan, Penny, Anna, Barbara and Dan, I choose the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.  My yielded vessels yield much fruit for Me, and you will have your boots on the ground when I come, you will still be here, doing My will, I have a mighty work for you to do, and I will reveal it in My time, but , for now be secure in Me, just like Penny, you will be here.
Make yourself strong in Me, abide in Me daily, shelter in Me, think on Me, seek My face, seek My Perfect Will for you, ask and it shall be given to you, Read:  Eat and Drink Me constantly, and of course, above all WAIT on Me, I am here, I will show you the way daily.  As you come, we grow more and more intimate, read song of Solomon again, My child much is revealed about our relationship there, learn of Me.  I have many facets in My workings, I have not revealed all there is of Me to anyone.  But, I reveal secrets about Me to the ones who are seeking Me out, looking for My treasure.  Seeking My face and not My hand.  This is not the hour of Blessing as some are saying, this is the hour of preparation with much Testing.
I will only prepare people who allow Me full access to them.  They lead a fasted life.  They Eat and Drink Me daily.  They are strong in Me, they seek My face above all else, they seek to know Me.  They want to know all about Me and My inner workings of My heart.  They revel in and relish My revelations to them, they are giddy and giggle when I reveal a new concept from My Word.  They are enjoying the process of building a relationship with Me, I am not a God who is hard to reach, I am here for all who will come, but, I will not be here forever, it's time to speed up the process.  My judgment will do a quick work in the earth.  I will not wait much longer even though My patience is great.  My love will never wax cold.  My love is eternal, seek My love in all things, let My love flood and overtake you.
My Spirit Rests within you.

This is what I heard and saw***

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hearing God 2-20-13

This is what I heard as I was waiting on God on 2-20-13:

Oh My love, My dove, oh how I long to hold you.   It pleases Me that you are here.  I know you are tired.  You have chosen wisely for things eternal instead of your fleshly desires of sleep.  It was an easy battle for you this morning , almost effortless to deny yourself, and come to Me.
The "" family is mine, and I am working on them.
What do you see child?
VISION:  I see Jesus walking on the water coming straight to Me.
Yes, I am here.  I was just pondering what to share with you.  You are looking to the sky now, and watching for My signs, that is obedience to Me, thank you.
I am doing great things in you, even though they are hidden from you.
Trust Me that I am working in you, shaping, molding, transforming, little by little and it pleases Me, I love to work with My creations.  I love to tinker and putter around My house, your temple is My house, I am growing big in you, and I am enlarging your heart for Me to live in with you.  Focus on Me, stay clean and ready for Me to come for you.
I will come in a whirlwind for you, and we shall dance.  The happy dance of love for Me and My Bride.  I am filling you with My oil.
Song came in to my head:  "Oh, I love to love you baby, Oh"...
My ways are not your ways read Psalms 66.  Grow big in Me.  Ask, to grow big in Me.  You are having a hard time focusing on Me, you are in a battle, the enemy does not want this time to last, he is trying to distract and discourage  you, But, I know your heart, you are hot for Me, not lukewarm or cold.
You hunger after Me, you pant for My water, you long for My righteousness and you shall be filled.  I am writing My word in your heart (thus I am enlarging your heart) and on your mind.
You have asked Me to etch My word in you, so I will do this for you My Beloved, My dove, My faithful one.  You are one of My cherished treasures and I love that you love Me, you truly love Me.  Read My Word daily, I have much to teach you and we are running out of time.  Do not worry about the "" family, instead pray for My perfect will to be done in their loves.  They are mine, and I will never let them go.  You must become stronger and persistent in prayer.  MY will is that you become a mighty prayer warrior.  My will is that you walk in abundant love, let My love flow from you to the others I bring you.  Do Not grow weary in doing the good things, the eternal things like fasting, praying and Waiting on Me.  Always put Me first, cut off anything that you see crowding in between you and Me.  I am your source, I am your supply, and in Me you will never run dry.  I am lighting you up and you will glow.  Your life is in My hands, let it flow from Me, simply surrender each day to Me and flow in Me.  It will be easy for you now that you are understanding My Rest and have entered into MY Rest.  I do all the work, you just stay focused on Me, lean into Me, My dove, I will take care of everything.  Trust Me in everything, no matter how small.  I love to work in the lives of My people, I love to work in you My child, My precious one.  Your light is growing, your light source is getting stronger.  Can you feel it?  My love is expanding in you, do you recognize it.  You are pulling away from the world, you are drawing into Me, you are sheltering under My wings, you are at peace and rest.  You have entered into My Rest and nothing can by any means harm you.  You are mine and I will meet every need you have.  Stay focused on Me, I am the way, the truth and the light.  I am the good shepherd and My sheep hear My voice and follow Me, I am leading you to My green pastures.  My light is in you and you My child are growing in Me, I eagerly watch to see your daily progress.  You are one of My overcomers, one of My daughters who will live in Zion with Me, for I know you and you are getting to know Me.  We are bonding our spirits together, and our time together is never wasted.  Your life is in My hands and the beauty of your holiness comes from Me.  Be ye holy for I am Holy.
Each day the world is becoming more and more beautiful to you, as you see Me in My creation.  You are becoming white with light now, My Kingdom is overtaking you, you now see My perfect plan unfolding, you are in awe of Me, as you should be.  Never get comfortable in yourself.  Without Me you are nothing.  Without Me you can do nothing.  But, with Me, you can do great things and your value grows in Me.  I will  prosper you in Me.  I will reveal My secrets to you.  I love you forever, We will be together forever, nothing can pluck you out of My hand, for we are knit together in love and our bond is eternal.

This is what I heard and saw***

Hearing God 2-19-13

This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord on 2-19-13

Come away with Me My Beloved ( this woke me up)

Hell is real, I have taken many of My children as witnesses to this awful place, reserved for the wicked.  They have testified of Me and this place to warn the living to change and seek My face so they will not be sent there.
Rachel is revealing the truth that she knows, she does not have 100% understanding of My Truth.  You may still listen to her, but bring everything to Me that you feel may not be MY TRUTH, and I will reveal the absolute Truth to you about it.
I love that you Trust Me to show you My absolute Truth, it reveals to Me you are growing in Me, I love our prayer time, you ae so tender and kind and teachable, keep coming to Me child it blesses Me.  I will enlarge your tent and reveal My plan to you.  Your faith is secure in Me.  My plans for you are to prosper you in all things.  My will for you is to spend the rest of your life with Me now and forever in eternity.  You are pure and clean before Me.  Your light is Me reflecting in you, I see your light and it's glowing brightly, oh My Beloved, My love, My dove.  I love to share My light with you.  For I can tell, you truly care for Me, I see you seeking Me and My face with your whole heart.  You long for Me as I long for you.  Soon We will be together forever.  Wait on Me, Wait for Me I will not dissappoint your yearning heart.
We are one My love and I will take you to My Fathers house soon when He tells Me to go get My Bride.  I'm coming, Be ready, enjoy your life on this earth, I created it for you.  It pleases Me when your happy.  Many tests I send you, you will never see, just Trust me when I tell you, you are being tested, for I see everything.  I know all.  Some things I will reveal to you, but many things I will not reveal to you, for I love secrets and to by mysterious, to make you come to Me for answers and just to draw you into Me once again.  I love our time together.  I am creating change in you, My glory is touching you and you are changing from glory to glory.  My life I live with you.  My Father, the Ruach Hakodesh and I live in you.  We love that you have chosen wisely, to make a habitation for Us in your life and temple, it pleases us much, and We will show up mightily in your life.  All things work together for your good, suffering and pain last for a season, but joy comes in the morning, when the morning star arises in your heart.  I am the Morning Star, and I chose to dwell in you.  You have given Me an open invitation in your life and it pleases Me child to know that you want Me near you and around you.  You are My Beloved dove and I will shelter you under My wings because you love Me, the Most High God, you honor Me when you come and wait before me, it pleases Me child, it pleases Me, and I will give you many keys to My Kingdom as you search for Me, I will reveal more and more of Myself as you plunder the depths of My word.  There is so much to learn of Me and My Ways.  I am tickled to count you as My friend.  We are becoming intimate in this secret place, tucked away in Me, letting Me illuminate your heart and light your countenance with My peace.
You will hear many things in the coming days.  Stay strong, be fo good courage, no matter what is going on around you, Remember I am here, in the midst of thee.  I never leave, you may feel alone, but I am here!
Time shall be no more.
My chariot is ready, My heart delights in the prospect of coming for My Bride.  It thrills Me, and warms My heart with anticipation.  Stay ready, My child, do not lose focus on Me.  For I am near, I am always here.  I am God I can be everyhere and hear everything and see everthing at the same time.  No one else can do these things.  For I am God and there is no other.
I am removing people from your life, for you are to be centered and focused on Me and Me alone.
You have given Me your life and I will use it as I see fit, I will show you the way I will require you to live out your days, come to Me often, do not forsake our time together, you have much to learn, and My burden is light, I do all the work, all you need to do is Trust Me and lean on Me, My love, My dove, We are one.  Nothig can seperate you from Me now.  You are forever sealed.  You are annointed for My glory, and I am making myself big in you.  I am going to do a new thing in the earth.  My life and plan is being played out in the midst of you.  You must teach others how to find Me, not many really know.  Show them how you hear Me.  This is your lifes calling.
VISION:  (I see a ring, a large round diamond solitaire set in sliver, I hear "this is for you, but you must keep seeking Me") vision ends.
VISION:  (I see a chariot drawn by black gleaming horses, the chariot is gold and the bridegroom is in the chariot, picking up His Bride, one by one.  At each stop He opens the door for the Bride to step in, the Bride notices that a Bride is already sitting on His right side where He motioned for her to sit down, but she exclaims "I don't think I'll fit", but the Bridegroom tells her "Of course you will fit there's plenty of room, and everyone is comfortable".  So, the Bride sits down on top of the Bride already sitting down, and she realizes that she sinks into the other Brides and are becoming one, and they are all (the Brides) comfortable and giggling, for there are many Brides already in the charriot with the Bridegroom.  He looks at the Bride and says "Ready" and they smile and nod yes and the charriot goes off down the path.  -  at the beginning of the vision, I notice the path is a narrow dirt road, and it is winding through the countryside, the chariot, Bridegroom, horses, driver and Bride are crystal clear, but the grass and trees and road are muted and there is a distant city or castle in the background from where the Bridegroom is coming from....I believe I have had this vision before....

This is what I heard and saw***

Hearing God 2-18-13

As I was waiting on the Lord on 2-18-13 this is what I heard him say:

Consider the wind where does it go, who controls it, is it real,?  You can't see it but you know it exists,  and what is it's purpose?  It's purpose is to obey Me, to stay the course that I laid out for it, I am the creator of all things, everything under the sun is mine, for My good pleasure I created it.  I create good and I create evil, nothing is hidden from My eyes.
People run too and fro looking for something, but they do not realize it is Me they are looking for.
People use church as a social network, they give Me lip service, but, their heart is far from Me.  They do not even try to understand My ways.  They are selfish and filled with self-love, this is an abomination to Me.  Even the rocks know who made them and they acknowledge Me, but, stiffnecked people created in My image do not even give Me the time of day.  Why do I weary Myself trying to get their attention, enough  !!!
I am ready to turn everything you know upside down.  The systems of this world are wicked and unjust, they call right wrong and wrong right.
I will restore My order, I will cleanse the land and consume the people.  Nothing will stand before Me that is unrighteous or unclean.  All will know My Name, All will feel My power, All will feel the weight of their sin as they stand before Me.
For I am God, and there is no other.  I will make all things new.  I desire truth to reign in the hearts of men.  My life is eternal, My way is simple, obey Me, love Me, fear Me and humble yourself before Me.  It's not rocket science.  I know what's best, because I created you.  Follow Me and know peace, strengthen yourself in Me, for I am Truth.  I will reveal My ways to you.
Wash yourself daily in My Word.  Let Me purify you.  Do not grow weary in the little things: prayer, reading My Word, Waiting on Me, for these appear little, but, they are truly Big in My eyes and I see you.  My seed is alive in you and it's growing, I am enlarging your heart.  I am making Myself a home in you My Beloved.  True Love Waits.  If you love Me you will Wait on Me, and eagerly put your ear to My mouth to hear, and you will hear Me.  I long to reveal all of My heart to you My little dove, for you are strong in Me and you are clean before Me.  My life is in you and your life is in Me.  Together We will do great things, I love you, My Bride, I'm coming for you.  My dove !
No greater sacrifice is there than a man lay down his life for his friend, and you are My friend.  Therefore I will test you today.  Be ready, stand firm in Me.  All will be accomplished.  Can you hear the sound of the trumpets?  The shofar is blowing it is time.
Consider the wind, you can't see it, but you feel it and hear it, so it is with Me.  I am here, you can feel Me and you can hear Me.  But, soon very soon I will show up in your midst.  I will stand before you and we will talk face to face.  Come with Me to a quiet place of rest.  Rest in Me, I will do the work, My burden is light, lean on Me, I walk with you, I am ever before you, leading you homeward.
Look up, watch the sky for it is a sign and a  wonder to you, I will reveal many things in the sky, most are blind fools and perceive nothing.  Bt, you are not blind, you are awake and you see, keep looking for there is much to learn, you will never stop learning.  The marraige supper of the lamb is almost here.  Do not tarry in making yourself ready.  I am ready, the table is set, I am dressed, your garment is ready, spotless and without blemish, only the prepared, and filled with My oil.  Stay full My dove, I have annointed you and sealed you for this day, your faith to believe Me, I received.  I love that you love Me, and pant after Me.  I long for the world to pant after Me, But, it will not be, so I am overjoyed with the ones that are chosen, My remnant, My Bride, My Father has given them to Me as My own personal treasure, and I will love you forever and always take care of you, My dove, My love.
Listen to the cooing of My dove.
VISION:  (I see Jesus standing before Me with a dove, a grey and blue dove, resting in his left hand and He is looking straight at me as I behold the vision, He knows I can see Him with my spiritual eyes. He is watching me intently and stroking the dove under her neck and on her back, and He snuggles her under His chin and the dove leans into Him and rests on His shoulder/chest area, she is content and at peace.  I realize the dove is me.  Jesus is wearing a colored tunic with a green belt/sash around His waist and a white robe, He is smiling.  The vision zeros in on His feet, He is wearing brown sandles and I wonder where are the holes, and then I see them, then I see His right hand up close that is caressing the dove, it has a hole in it too.  Then He becomes very faint in the vision but I can still see a city, noise, signs and buildings come crowding into the vision, but He is still there carressing and stroking His dove (Me) vision ends and I can still hear the dove outside my door, as I heard it as I started to see the vision, but now the cooing dove sound is gone.
I think the dove and the cooing sound are going to be our sign for me to recognize what Jesus is doing in me and with me, for He calls me His dove.  (and with this revelation, I can hear the dove cooing outside my door again).

This is what I heard***

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hearing God 2-17-13

This is what I heard as I was waiting on God on  2-17-13:

Yehushua Ha Mashiach is My name, but if you're more comfortable just call Me Jesus.  I know your heart and I know you mean Me.
My love for you is deeper than the ocean, and wider than the sea, it can't be measured in the natural.  It's Big, girl, it's BIG.
My thoughts for you are higher than your thoughts for you.  Keep the ground fertile between us, keep plowing the soil, stir it up, stir the deep, press into the deep things of Me , show Me you want Me, show Me you desire Me above all else and I will show you mysteries that you've never known or seen. I am limitless, and your are beginning to take hold of My love.  My love is strong, it knows no bounds. It looses every bond.  It heals every wound, but, you must be willing to receive My love, and this is how you grow.  Drink deeply of Me, eat Me daily, I am your portion, I am your source, I am your all in all, your ALL sufficient one.  I lack nothing, so therefore as you are in Me and I am in you, you will lack nothing.  Your every need I will supply.  Why?  Because, you are Mine My love, my dove.  My Blood, My Blood, My Blood it never loses its power, by it everything is held, this is the oath that holds everything together.
Don't you see, I was predestined by My Father before everything began, this was part of His plan.  I was hid in Him.  Always with Him, but hidden until it was His time to reveal Me.  I and My Father are One, separate, but, one.  We rejoice to reveal this to you My child, My dove, you are going to know us deeply, intimately as our journey progresses, there is no time in Me.  We are not in a hurry with you.  Just come to Us daily, daily seek our face and much will be made known to you.  You will never stop learning about us, because we are fathomless, limitless, we have no bounds, it will take you longer than forever to even scratch the surface of who We are.  But, you will enjoy the process of getting to know Us.  The Bridegroom (your husband) longs to take His Bride.  I long to ravish you, and take you in My arms and dance, do you like to dance, I think you do?  I will teach you My dance, like you saw at church last Sunday, I am joy, I am righteousness, I am love.
Can you hear the dove outside cooing, I sent it just for you, you are My dove, and the sweet sound of the dove cooing for Me is you, this is how I hear you, it's gentle, peaceful, full of patience and trust and this is what you are, as you wait on Me.  I am going to take you deeper are you ready?
Before time began, I knew you, I  told you My plan, and gave you a choice.  you chose to participate with Me.  So, I sent you to earth to complete your destiny in Me.
I will reveal more to you, as you need to know, just stay focused on Me, you are on the path I set before you on the day before you were created, some things are still hidden from you.  Seek Me first and I will reveal all in My time.  We can't rush through the process, for if We did, much would be lost, tender moments of revelation in Me, yield much fruit for you, My rod of correction cuts and stings, I know, but, it is needed to produce the character you need to become strong in Me.  My ways are not your ways, simply TRUST ME child, and all will go well with you.  The trials and tests you have still yet to endure are My refining furnace, and purge you of iniquities and your errors in thinking - mindsets and strongholds have no place in Me, free your mind - Only to Me, and let Me fill it with My own revelations, I will never lead you astray. Make yourself big in Me, let Me become big, bigger, biggest in you, for we are becoming knit together, we are becoming one.  As you sit before Me and Wait on Me, I am filling you with My oil, you are not a foolish virgin, you are wise.  I know you and you are beginning to know Me.
Many are called.  But, few are chosen. I call and plead constantly, I come and knock constantly, I talk constantly - but few are willing to hear, few are willing to Wait, few are willing to open the door to Me, and so they miss much.  This time right now with you is precious to Me, is it precious to you?  yes, I  know it is.
Enjoy your day, enjoy your life, I created it for you, keep Me ever on your mind, and think not upon the enemies plans and the evil going on around you.  You are pure and everything going on around you will become pure... You can already see people changing around you in how they interact with you.  It's because of the reflection of Me in you, they can see the light in you reflecting Me and this visible change will become stronger and more people will be drawn to your light, great things are coming to you.  This is the time for love, this window will not remain open.
I am transforming you into My image, you are pregnant with My man-child and you will give birth to your destiny in Me.  I am etching My word in you, forever it will remain and you will be changed, no longer of this world, for you will walk in this man-child form and it's going to change the world.  All My power and abilities will be in this man-child.  The devil wants to destroy it, because he has seen a glimpse of it and he is terrified of it ( I let him see a little, for I like to mess with him)
I will take you to My garden
Vision: (My eyes closed and I was walking in the garden on soft spring colored green grass, with Jesus, He walked ahead of me and I stopped at some large flowers like Dahlia's.  He told me He knew i liked them and He planted them and Poppy's for me, lots of them for Me.  I was hearing gentle giggling from, the flowers - the large standing dinner plate size Dahlia's, they could talk and had eyes inside the bloom, the bloom was white with a deep purple edge and a deep purple center - beautiful.  I reached up, because compared to them I was small and short, I looked up at them and asked one if I could touch her face and she said yes, it was soft and velvety smooth.  I rationalized that this was just my imagination and I somehow broke off the vision.  My spirit jumped in or the Holy Spirit jumped into My thoughts and said "No, this is a vision from Jesus, He is opening your spiritual eyes", so I closed my eyes again and was in the same place with Jesus.  He was walking ahead of Me and sat down by a small pool of water on a large rock.  he said come and sit down on the grass beside Me and I saw Him hold out His hand to Me as He beckoned me to come.  I could hear His thoughts, "did she come just to see the marvelous things I have created or will she come just for Me?"  I immediately thought back "I have come for you, I will always come for you."  He was wearing a long white robe with long white sleeves and a blue sash, that went around His waist and was draped across His left shoulder.  He has medium tanned skin, brown hair, wavy, and just past the shoulder, His hair kinda glows.  He is very clean and fresh looking, I think it's the purity of Him I'm seeing.The vision ended and I wrote it down.

***Note to self:  As I was reading over these words a thought came to me "you should put these on your blog", I immediately thought "I'm not putting these on my blog, they are personal, and besides I don't think He wants me to, and until He tells me to - I'm not, I will have to pray about it...but where did this thought come from, was it my flesh wanting to "brag", or is it Him, I don't know yet, but, I think it's Him, He will crucify my flesh thru my blog?

Hearing God 2-16-13

This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord on 2-16-13:

Jesus in you the hope of glory
Not many days hence I will appear to you.   Stay ready.  Seek Me often, for I am watching you, I am testing your heart, will you be faithful, will you endure...Do you truly love Me, as I love you.  Am I your greatest desire, will you continue to put Me first?  We shall see.
Mene Mene Tekel Pharson =you have been weighed in the balance and found lacking.  Lacking in immediate obedience.  When I call you must immediately respond, don't let your flesh win and keep you in your cozy bed.  I called you before 5:00am and you delayed and struggled with your flesh till 7:00am.  When I call you  - GET UP.  These are training days for you.  To listen to My still small voice, to hearken to Me, and not wait - but, obey immediately.  In the days ahead  - you will need to Obey Me immediately - wherever you are, driving, at school, at a ball game, shopping...My instruction to move, turn left, go this way, don't go today, etc. will mean life or death to you.  You are constantly under attack, for he knows you are mine, and will try to harm you, so listen to Me, Me precious child, heed My call, Obey Me and it will go well with you.  As I pour My light and Will into you, you are separating from the others.   There is a distinct difference and everyone can see it.  You are a light in the darkness.  You are one of My light bearers, Yes, you have the Green cloak of David and you will speak with authority for Me.  Our relationship is developing beautifully.
Walk in honor before Me
your life and words bring change to others.  My love in you is growing.  I am growing in you.  You are growing in Me.  Your are beginning to reflect Me, soon you will be a mirror image of Me and no evil can befall you.  Glow baby glow.
My light will never go out in you, it will only grow and grow.  Illuminating the hearts of others and their true conditions.  You are a witness of Me.  My Kingdom is being manifest in you, I am dwelling in you now.  My heart, My dove, My love.  You must stay ever mindful of Me, abide in Me.  Do not let very many minutes go by without thinking of Me, I should be as your very breath, ever constant, in and out, in and out, I am with you always, Remember, My life is in you now.  Your are in Me.  I am your constant, walk in Me, walk with Me, We have much to share.  I want to show you My heart.  My Beloved, My friend, there will never be an end to My love for you.  Our love is True and will last.  My Father loves you, My  child.  He wanted Me to tell you.  I look upon you with love, you are My dove, and My love for you and others will reflect out of you to others.  You will shine for Me.  Because its My light in you.   Never turn away from a challenge.  Don't be afraid of the roaring lions, they are fake, they  cannot harm My anointed ones, I have anointed you with power and love and a sound mind, My peace will be an ever constant in you.  When the storms rage, Remember your constant - ME, and come to Me often and dwell in My shelter, My peace, My hiding place for you.  I will keep you in perfect peace.  You are My Bride, My Treasure, I will require much of you in the days ahead.  It pleases Me, to test you, the refining furnace is good for you, though painful, it is very good.  You desire to be close to Me, in My presence.  You have to be pure and clean to be able to stand in My presence.
My hand - you have asked Me about - Remember, I am in you, so your hand is now My hand.  When something comes against you, and it will, put out your hand and command it say "No, you may not come, or touch, etc. in Yehushua Ha Masciachs name be gone" these are part of your battle gear.  My hand combined with My Son's name have great power in the spirit realm.  Remember, the spirit realm is breaking out in the physical realm, NOW, the dividing line between the two is slowly coming down, the barrier has been breached.  The battle rages, but, we will win this war.
You are part of My end time army.  I love you My Beloved.  Eat and Drink Me often, for I am life or death to you.  I will sustain you.  I am your source.  I am pleased that you are keeping the fast.  When you finish this one.  I will tell you what your next fast will be.  You will fast for the rest of your days.  Part of your creation purpose is to fast and pray before Me.  A living sacrifice to Me, and through your fasting much will be shared between you and Me.  I have much to teach you.  I reveal as I see fit, in My time, so Wait upon Me child, Keep coming, Keep seeking TRUTH.  Keep seeking My face, I LOVE IT !!!  I can tell you kinda want Me, but, I want you to want Me, as I have wanted you.  You are hungry now and you are thirsty now come eat and drink your fill the door is open to you now, and I will never hold back from you My manna, for it is your life force now.  You cannot be deterred and I LOVE that about you.  You truly love Me, as I love you.  What a beautiful treasure you are to Me.  I love you child, I want always to be with you, to commune with you.  Our fellowship is pure and sweet.  Oh, how I long to take you in My arms and dance with you.  We will soon, you know, I'm coming for you, stay ready.  You are secure in Me, I love you.  My Bride, My Treasure, My dove.
I see your heart and it is clean before Me, you are rare My love, you are rare.  I feel your worship and it warms Me.  I feel your love, your true love, and it blesses Me, for you are Mine.  I will take away this pain in your body, it is a test, from the evil one, trying to distract you from coming to Me daily.  he does not want you to grow, did you know he is constantly trying to take you out.  He knows you're marked, and he can't touch you unless you give him entrance.  You must constantly be on guard for your temple, keep watch over the gates: eyes, ears, mouth. Keep watch over your ways, habits, patterns of thinking, speech.  Always be diligent with your heart, for out of it flows the issues of good and evil, keep your heart clean, repent often, let no corrupt communication come forth out of your mouth.  Bring your  "feelings" = emotions to Me, do not release your words, be careful how you speak, do not be offended, do not be resentful, cast these out of you in self-deliverance for if you don't they will form roots, deep and twisted and go straight into your heart and become a stronghold and a mindset which will deter your growth in Me, these things have to be dealt with often and immediately.
Remember, volleyball season, you were tested much - and found lacking, instead of casting off the bitterness and offense, you held onto it, and  the roots ran deep, you must now come before Me to repent of your sin, yes, you were blindsided, yes Rebecca was treated unfairly in your eyes, but, you My child were being tested, and, you failed - now you must repent and truly cast off the offense and truly forgive the coaches so that I can heal you, anoint your wounds and bind the broken places of your heart that will be left when the roots are plucked out, and I will remove all bitterness and replace it with My love, for love covers a multitude of sin.  Forgiveness is a key - a great KEY for you to overcome all things.
I know My words are painful to hear, and yes they cut deep.  Remember, you asked Me to search your heart and reveal anything displeasing to us about you, this must be dealt with today.  This is a hindrance to discerning My Will and My voice in this hour.
How you view others says a lot about who you are, and your character is being developed through your eye gate (something else to think about).
Judging people is easy.  It comes easily to mind.  But, Remember you are not the judge - so stop it !!!
Loving people is not easy.  It is a difficult undertaking, but, it is the only way.  As you allow My love to fill you it will exude out of you for others and this is how you should live.  In Love, love is a key - a great KEY to overcome the systems of the world.  If you have love you have everything.  For I am love, love never quits, love never dies, love loves, it's powerful and strong.  You must be anchored to love, no matter what, love is the way.
Abide in Me and you will love, this is part of your battle gear.
Offended people are full of hatred, bitterness, self, and pain.
People who walk in LOVE, love regardless of the pain, they endure and walk in love, love is patient, love is kind, love is long suffering, love is gentle, love is humble, love does not think more highly of himself than he should.  My people walk in love, by this you will know them, that they love.
I am love, if you are truly Mine, you will love, there is no other option.  Love is the key to unlock any door.  I have many many doors for you to open, and love is the key.
I know you are wounded now.  Absolute truth cuts deep.  So now you should pray.  I chastise and discipline those that I love and call My sons and daughters to bring them into total communion with Me. You are being molded into My image, and conformed to My ways.  You will reflect Me in all things and as you grow into Me, you will be changed, and pass every test.  I require change, you are not of this world, and therefore you may not act as the world does, you may only act like Me, I require change, it will cost you everything to Truly follow Me.  Can you Endure?
I don't want to hear you say "CRAP" again, it is an abomination to Me.  I don't want to hear you say "I don't care" about someone again, it is an abomination to Me.  I require change, and YOU WILL CHANGE.
I Will purge you with My fire and you shall be cleansed, clean and pure before Me.
But, what I am doing in you requires you to have a part, submit your will, and you must yield to My desires.  I cannot do everything for you automatically, you have to adjust, and make the changes I require in you.  It won't just magically happen, you were not created as a robot for Me to manipulate.  You have free-will and therefore must participate with Me in your development.  You must choose to make the changes I require - you will only develop and grow in Me as far as you allow - you hold the key yourself - your free-will is your key, use it wisely.
Choose you this day who and what you will submit to.  I am the tree of life - I am your gardener and I prune you and weed you and pluck your fruit as I see fit to make you strong and help you grow in Me.  There are many tests ahead, be mindful of these, for I am here ever watching and weighing you, you are a joy to Me and I love you.  My Treasure, My dove, I will always make a way for you.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Hearing God 2-15-13

This is what I heard while I was waiting on the Lord on 2-15-13:

I'm here child, I was testing you,
Yesterdays test was great, You passed
I love you, you are letting go of your fleshly desires and focusing on Me and pleasing Me, that's good.  Keep your focus on Me and you will not go astray.  Life is short and filled with many tests, Remember tests build character.  Relationships take time, ours is just beginning to bloom.  Our relationship will deepen and grow as you come to Me and Wait on Me, a submitted heart is all I ask.  I can only use clean vessels.  You are Mine My Beloved and I am yours.  I make all things new.  A renewed mind is the beginning of wisdom.  In Me is nothing hidden.  I see all.  I judge all.  I am in all.  In Me all creation exists, including your creation purpose.  I am filling you with My love.  You will pour out My love on others as a drink offering to Me.  I am constantly looking for who is looking for Me, who is seeking Me, I treasure My remnant and you, I found you ! You are part of My remnant, My little sheep I am leading you into My sheepfold and I will show you My love.  Focus on Me, train your ear to hear Me, train your mind - I am all you need, I will supply.  You are beautiful to Me.  My hearts desire is that you grow in Me and I grow in you.  Living in Me is the only way to be, after all I created you, so I know what you need, I am your source.  You are a shining star.
Song played in my head "You make all things work together for My good."
another Song is playing in my head "Great and Mighty is He, clothed in Glory arrayed in splendor, Great and Mighty is He..."
My holy spirit is a witness to who I am, he chimes in and praises Me often and directs you to praise ME.  Obedience is key to Me above all else.  When you submit to My will by denying your flesh and getting up early and waiting on Me, it allows Me to work on you and in you.  I am pouring My oil upon you, and you will be filled, you will need this oil to sustain you in the coming days.  I am releasing My love, it's a new season.  Let My love capture you and overtake you.  Don't be consumed with the negative side of what's coming on the world.  It's the fruit of their own sin, their lusts are coming to fruition.  Don't be alarmed or afraid.  You are in the world, but you are not of the world.  My light will sustain you.  The land of Goshen is very different from the land of Caanan.  Study will strengthen you.  No plague shall befall you.  Darkness will not come nigh your dwelling.  My angels are protecting you.  My spirit dwells in you.  Let faith arise.  Let My love grow for True love grows and grows.
(My thought:  "Jesus in me, the hope of glory")  Never lose hope in Me.  I am here, I am always here.  I will reveal My ways to you, as I find you faithful, My Beloved.  You must listen to Me, I will be talking constantly to you now that you are willing to hear.  Many will come against you, but don't lose heart, stand therefore in the power of My might and I will take you thru every difficulty.  Be gentle and kind ALWAYS, walk humbly before Me.  Let My Truth envelope you, meditate on My precepts incline your ears to My ways, turn your eyes to Me, I am your hiding place.  My peace I leave with you, My hope dwells in you, I am enlarging Myself in you today.  Let love abide, let My love dwell in you and exude out of you.  My life is meant to overtake your life, you are an extension of Me.  As, you walk in My ways, My character is being formed in you, people will begin to see Me in you.  Do Not compromise with the world.  Obey Me and live.  Let Me flow thru you, My love, My dove.  Our love is sweet, Our love is clean.
Do not let your heart be troubled by anything you see happening or coming in the world.  My plans are unfolding.  It's beginning to rain.  The rain of My Spirit, the rain of My love, the rain of My Oil, the trumpets are sounding.  The wedding is fast approaching, Oh, My love, My dear One, how I long for this union with you.  You are My Beloved.   I have many secrets to share, are you willing to come and hear?  We shall see.  Make yourself strong in Me.
Focus on Me -
Guard your words, for out of them flow the insides of your heart, as a man thinketh and speaketh so is he.  Remember, the evil spirits and frogs are words spewing forth...If your words do not glorify Me, or edify and encourage others then don't speak, remain silent.  When you murmur and complain you have evil spirits and frogs coming out of you and you are now have spots and blemishes and need to be cleansed.  Remember - bitter and sweet water cannot come out of the same vessel - don't be deceived.  Cast out the devils from your heart - and don't let the devil have entrance to your temple - you will know if he has breached your walls by the words of your mouth - that's a "tell", or a sign to you.  Guard your temple, set a guard upon your gates, do not let any evil seed take root and develop, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, offense, hatred - these are all evil spirits and breed the frogs.
Listen to peoples words, you will be able to discern what is in their temple.  Picture evil spirits and frogs, a plague of frogs coming out of your mouths - This is a Wake-Up Call !!!
You should always do self - deliverance.  Get the leaven out, and keep it out.  Be diligent in this, keep your temple pure.  I can only dwell in clean vessels.
Everything leaves an imprint, what you see, what you hear, will effect how you think and how you speak.
Remember, the battle rages - you have been warned!!!  This is what "keeping your heart is all about", you have to work at being like Me.  Life is not easy its full of tests, it builds your character, and you have a great part in how you handle things and how you let them effect and influence you.  You are always in the battle, this is how your armour helps you, it deflects the assaults of the enemy upon you.  Never walk around naked, stay clothed in My armour and My robe of righteousness.  Call upon Me and I will help you discern these tests, and i will help you overcome all.

Hearing God 2-14-13

This is what I heard while I was waiting on the Lord on 2-14-13:

Song started playing in my head "You are my souls desire...I want to thank you, thank you, thank you"

Oh, wake up My child I have so much to tell you about this world.   I love you, I love you, I love you
You are My hearts desire, I pant after thee, I long for thee, I will have thee for My very own.  I will bring thee into My garden and eat My choicest fruits, for we are one My Beloved, we are one
Time is short, I need thee Oh I need thee
These moments are precious to Me, and I will not let you be deceived, for you are Mine and I am yours.
We were meant for each other.
I love you
The time has come for Me to show forth My Power on the earth, so many souls going their own way, they do not know Me, they do not listen and soon they will be no more, sad really.  This doesn't have to be this way.  But, free-will has consequences.  I warned everyone, I sent My word, I sent My prophets, but, they are deceived, My church is deceived, they look upon Me as a God of Grace who doesn't mind their sin, once saved, always saved is an abomination from hell.  Why would I call them out of darkness into My marvelous light, to have them still live in darkness = madness I tell you - I said in My word "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, don't they know who I am.  I am the righteous and just judge.  I see all, and I will repay all, ALL I tell you will be lost if it is not focused and centered on Me.  many will say "Lord, Lord, we are yours.  We love you, we are saved", But, I will HAVE to say "Depart from Me, ye workers of iniquity, ye workers of LAW-LESS-NESS, you never knew ME, So, I never knew you.
Sin, man full of sin cannot stand in My presence, I am an all consuming fire, My fire purges out the sin from your life - IF you repent before Me and ask Me to purge you, I will gladly do it.  When I am ever present before you, you will walk carefully before Me, not willing to get stained by sin, not willing to wear the mark of sin, because you know I see all, you know I am there with you and you do not want to disappoint Me.
You must walk humbly before Me, I am your God Almighty, I am the Holy One, the God Most High, I am your deliverer.  I will always protect you.
Always come to Me in the Secret Place
Wait on Me, it pleases Me, and surely I will come, the trying of your faith worketh patience, and you must let patience have it's perfect work in you, your fruit is developing My Beloved, and it's beautiful.  It's a sweet smelling aroma to Me.
The sacrifice of Waiting on Me will never go unrewarded or unnoticed
You are Mine My Love, You are Mine
So many times I've called to you, but, you did not answer.  But, now you eagerly leap to answer.  You eagerly run to Me to hear.  You eagerly long for Me, and pant for Me as a doe pants for water, it blesses My heart.  It refreshes My spirit, it lifts Me up and makes Me want to dance, come My Beloved and dance with Me.
We are going to be together forever, We are just, we are pure, we are one, you and I.  Let the world go away, as we are sinking deeply into our love.
Did you know love grows and changes us and our circumstances.
Where does love come from?  It comes from Me, I am the source of all love.  My light emanates the glow of love.  Love is a bond that links our hearts together, the mortar that will stand the test of time.  Love is a gift, love is strong, love endures great testing and great trials.  True love never dies or grows cold.  True love is Truth and it grows, it comes from the very heart of God and is linked to Wisdom.  It will protect you, it will warm you, it will enlighten your heart with it's presence.
Let love flow out of you.  Love is a gift, freely you have received and freely you will give.
My love is deep, who can fathom it, I love that you love Me.  I love that you make time for Me.  I love that you start your day with Me.  I am coming for you My dear, My darling, My precious one, stay strong, stay on your knees, love Me, Obey Me, hear Me, fear Me, Keep your heart clean, keep watch at the gates guard your heart, stay ready, the enemy wants to come in and defile your temple, he wants to try you, to sift you, to make you fall, he is crafty and deceptive, come to Me and I will lead you out of his traps, his snares and his devises.
Anna was right, My dear sweet Anna, look for Me with your spiritual eyes for I am coming for you in the spirit and then in the physical.  Don't look for Me to come in the flesh just yet - I will call you in the spirit, I will come to you in the spirit.  You will see Me, If you look, seek with your whole heart.  I need you, I love you.
I must tell you of the days ahead, no time to delay.  The days are perilous now, and many difficulties are coming upon this world.  But, you walk in My light, you shelter in Me, My presence will protect you.
You will live in the land of Goshen, plagues all around, but, it will not come nigh you.  Darkness across the land, but, you will have light, famine and pestilence everywhere, but you will remain strong, and have plenty to eat.
Don't think of your husband, think of Me, I am your source.  I am your all sufficient one.  I take care of My Own.  I will never leave you or forsake you.
When you have to go to the bathroom while you are waiting on Me, go, for I am cleansing you.
I will lead you daily if you ask Me to.  I walk before you, I am your shepherd and you are My lamb, I love you.  Let the world go away, focus on Me, My love, i will never lead you astray.  Keep walking in My love.  Keep coming back to Me, I am the well that never runs dry.  I am the bread of life - Eat Me, Drink Me, get your fill, I will daily load you with My benefits, for you are Mine, My precious one.
Wherever you go, I Go, whoever you talk to, I talk to.  Bitter and sweet water cannot come forth out of the same mouth, therefore choose life to come forth out of your mouth only, it refreshes the soul.  Let no evil dwell in you.  I am before you.  Praise Me child, for My Mighty Works.  Change is coming, many changes.  The hour of testing is upon us.  Those who will stand for Me, will stand !  These are My True Warriors.  These are My True Children.  These are My True Sons.  Those who are not True, will fall by the wayside - they have no root in them and will be lost.  Hope will depart from the world, but it will not depart from you - it will grow for all those who trust in me.  Gross darkness is enveloping the earth, but, My light is growing stronger and stronger in you, I will illuminate you, My light will break forth in your life, in your body, in your spirit, in your soul, My light will illuminate you, everything about you and your life will be covered and enveloped in My light.  I have set you apart from the world.  You are Mine, My Beloved, you are Mine.
I am your strong tower.  My banner over you is LOVE.  Walk out each day before Me in total submission and love.  Live in My Perfect Will for your life and I will sustain you.  I require obedience rather than sacrifice.  You must go, get ready for your day, I will talk to you soon, I love you.

Hearing God 2-13-13

This is what I heard while I was waiting on God on 2-13-13:

Come, sit with Me, My precious child, I have much to say
I love you
Your creation purpose is to love Me, and live in Me and Abide in Me, I will tell you more later, stay focused on Me, I am your source, I will not lead you astray, I reveal secrets in My own time, not yours.
The hour of testing is upon Us, pray that you be found worthy of escape
Hide yourself in Me, I am your only hope !  I will protect you, I will provide for you.  Sing to Me child, sing My praises, put on the garment of praise, when the spirit of heaviness comes.
Do not worry about tomorrow.  I AM here, I will lead you through all your tomorrows.  My will is that you obey Me when I tell you to do something, like right now - you are waiting on Me, it pleases Me child, it pleases Me.
I will lift you up out of your circumstances, I will bring My plans for you into fruition, I will give you My love for others.  Focus on Me, draw into Me, I am your source.  I am your peace.  I am your safe place, I am the calm before the storm.
I invite you to the wedding.  You are My Bride.   What good is a wedding without My Bride.  Will you marry Me?  We will live together forever, and we will dance and dance.
Always fear Me child.  Know your place.  Always love Me and do not forsake Me as the world does.  It does not listen when I speak.  But you listen.  My times with you are very brief, but very precious to Me.  I love how you love Me.  I will come for you soon.  Stay ready for Me, stay strong, Watch, stay prepared for I am coming.  People are about to  mock and ridicule you.  Remember, persecution comes to test those who are truly mine.  I f you are not being persecuted, you are not of Me.  Count it all joy, for I (Christ) am being formed in you, the man-child is being birthed in you, he is forming now - I will be seen in you, and upon you, so that the world may know, you are mine.  Do Not be afraid, the world and the evil ones fear you, because they see Me in you, My light will spill forth out of you, you will not contain it.  You are My vessel to pour My spirit and self thru.  I require simple obedience - from you.  Stay clean, cast down every idol, as you've been doing when we are together or I call you.  Repent often, study Me, make yourself strong in Me.  I am the light of the world, let My light shine in the darkness of this dying world.
Do Not worry that you have not heard the shofar, you have heard about it and believed, I count your faith.  Blessed are you who has not heard and yet believed.  My power will manifest strong in you.
You are My light source to be reckoned with.  I have been preparing you for such a time as this all your life.  Why do you think you have always been aware of Me?  Why do you think you have always had the rapture on your mind?  It was Me, My hand has been upon you all your life.  You are one of My hidden ones, who is developing in the Secret Place, and in My timing I will bring you forth into your destiny, I have great plans for you.  My Beloved.  You are Mine.  I created you for Me.  My love for you surpasses all understanding.  Don't grow weary and take Me for-granted.  Rise up and Believe, all things are possible when you Believe.
My love for you knows no bounds.  My will for your life is that you hear My voice, love Me, Obey Me, fear Me, and seek Me daily.  It's a daily sacrifice of your love to Me.  It's a sweet smelling aroma that I long for.  It has been a long time coming My child, but, I have captured your heart and I will never let you go.  You are mine and nothing can separate us from each other.
The world is asleep, but you have awakened to My kisses.  I cover you with the kisses of My mouth, I wrap you in My arms and hug you close.  You are mine and I will never let you go.
Child of mine where does light come from? (I answer:  from You)
Yes, My child it comes from Me, I am the source of all light.
My light is shining in My faithful ones.  They remain strong, they endure testing, they are My heart.  I long for all people to feel My embrace, I long to cover them with My kisses, I long to shelter each one - But - they are too busy for Me.  They are snared and trapped in this world by the lusts of the flesh.  Even My own, have forgotten Me, their first love.  They have no time for Me, they fill their lives with their own desires and designs.
I WILL have a house undivided.  I WILL have a house of prayer.  I WILL have a people who KNOW ME, and I WILL KNOW Them.
My ways are not your ways.  You must lay down your ways and pick up My ways, this is the dividing line.
I am the Tree of Life - choose this daily, as every day of your life, you shall choose who you will submit to and follow; Me or self.
My plans for you hinge on your total submission to Me.
You are a child of the light.  Never let your light go out - always seek My face - I am ever before you - I always see you, even when you don't feel Me, I am here.  I am always here.  I record everything about you.  I see all.  We are one.  I desire to be one with all people and the world, but, first it must be cleansed from all unrighteousness.  Deception is rampant in these days.  I will pull the masks off of everything, I will expose evil in all its forms.  There is no longer lukewarm in My Body.  The dividing line is being exposed, hot or cold - you will begin to see the difference.  You will influence others, you are My Beloved and I will use you to light the way.  Children of the Most High God, make room for Me, let me grow big in you, Drink from My fountain, Eat your fill of Me.  I AM your source.
Come to Me and ask Me to strengthen your heart, so that you will not faint in the evil day, when you see unimaginable things coming upon the earth.  Man's heart will fail them for fear, But, your heart will not fail for you have come to Me and I have strengthened you.
The dead will be loosed to walk the earth.  Aliens (demons+ children of the fallen ones) will try to invade and acquire host bodies.  The evil of man's heart, his greed will try to take over the world and manipulate the masses - but - you will be strong, because you have and are sheltering in Me.  You don't need a gun to protect you - you need Me - Your Savior, your Beloved Husband.
I will always protect you, do not fear, stay close to Me, come to Me often, take communion, live in Me, Abide in Me, shelter in Me.  Love one another.  I desire Oneness.

Hearing God 2-12-13

This is what I heard God say as I waited on him on  2-12-13:

Things are going to start happening fast
My plan is unfolding before your eyes.  This is the greatest hour of the world.  We are coming full circle now, nothing shall be held back.

You are My Beloved and I am yours, together we shall do great things, I will show you My mysteries, you will Know My heart, as I know your heart.  I love you.  Keep coming, Keep seeking.  Do Not grow weary in this ! I am your only hope in this midnight hour.  Do Not be afraid of what you see and 
experience.  I am here.  I will help you get through.
You are a Martyr for Me in My Kingdom, there will come a time for you to lay your life down for Me, will you? I know you will, My Child.  But, Do Not fear.  I will pick it back up again and then you will live forever with Me.  I am yours and you are mine.  We have much to do together.
Yes, you are one of My Davids, and yes, I have given you a green cloak.  My words I will place in your mouth.  My light is in you, burning brightly, the hour of testing has begun for you.  Don't look to the right or left, but, stay on this path - Do Not change course, unless I tell you to.
I love you, all will go well for you as you walk upright before Me, listen to My voice and obey.

Great darkness is about to envelope you - but, I am always here.  This is a test.  Remember, I test, test, test My Children.  Take up your cross, and follow Me.  My words must live in you, as My spirit lives in you.  You are  being conformed to My image, My character is being formed in you, My love is growing in you.  I am growing bigger in you.   I lead and you follow Me.  Never lose focus of Me.  I am everything.  Your life is in My hands.  I am coming, I will manifest to you.  Great and Mighty is your God.  I will show the world I am real.  They will pee their pants, they will tremble and quake before Me.  If there is no God, then why or how is all of this happening, foolish people.  I AM is coming to set the record straight, there will be no doubt - GOD IS REAL and I do as I please.  No one controls Me.  I and My Father are one.  You were created in our image, to have fellowship with us, to walk before us in holiness and love, love casts out fear.  You will see many ugly things in the days ahead - stay focused on Me.  Come to Me for everything.  I am the light and I dispel all darkness.  Dwell in Me alone, your peace is in Me, come to Me often, don't delay I have much to say.

The world is teetering now.  The abyss is about to open and the nightmare will begin.  But, it will not come nigh you or touch you.  Only with your eyes will you behold the reward of the wicked.  The plagues are starting, they already have started.  Soon chaos will engulf the whole world.  Your chains are broken, you are free in Me today - keep focused on Me no matter what you see.  I am your God, your Elohiym and besides Me there is no other.

Praise Me child, praise Me often, I come on the wings of praise
My hearts desire is to be one with you and be your hearts desire
My Beloved, I love you, I will take care of you always, but, you must stay focused on Me.  I am good, and My righteousness endures forever.  You must learn to endure.  Be in unity with Me and My sheep, Watch, listen to their words and you will know them, you must endeavor to be one, and be at peace with all men.  Walk in Love, Be Diligent, My hand is always upon you.
Christ and the Word - this is Unity, this is My desire if they are not part of "oneness" in this hour then they are not mine - they are full of self and will have no part in My Kingdom.  Remember, Christ in you the hope of glory.  I will have My day, and then the restoration will begin, no more sin, I will cleanse this land, this whole earth will be holy before Me.  Nothing is impossible for Me.  I can do anything, there are no limits in Me, but I will never go against My word or My law - these are principles that will endure.  My hearts desire is for all men to know Me and love Me and Obey Me and it will go well with them.  I watch how each one lives out their days before Me and it saddens Me - they need Me - but they must ask for Me - they have to invite Me into their lives as you have done.  Then I would come, they have to repent, then I would cleanse them from all unrighteousness.
They do so much evil, don't look upon sin or evil, it leaves a mark, a smudge, an imprint on you, it etches in you and you are stained once again and need to be cleansed.  You have to be on guard and diligent - your temple is constantly under attack.  Trying to gain access - you must raise up a standard of   righteousness against these attacks.  Guard the gates:  eyes, ears, mouth.  These gates are constantly being bombarded by the enemy to sow seeds of division, doubt, lust, and all sorts of evil.  This is an evil day.  
Watch the Pope, who or what comes after him, at the end of the month, change is coming (Pope resigned and a new one is now in his place) 
My house will not know what hit them.  Pray, Pray, Pray, seek My face like never before, the end is before you , do you not see it?
I will lead the way, the way is not riches, its not gold, its not fame, its not friends, its ME - I am the I AM and only I can lead you.
Put your trust in Me only - hold My hand, I know the way.  
I am constantly talking and I am glad you are listening.  I walk the earth waiting for someone to wake up and want to be with Me.  I must be invited.
Have you given Me the invitation?  Yes, you have.  That's why I'm here.
I go before you in all things.  I light the way.
Where sickness and disease is I am there in the midst - waiting for My vessels to come and deliver My healing to them.  Lay hands on them and pray and see what I will do thru you.  
I long to touch My people.  I am meek and lowly on the earth, walk like Me, talk like Me, Be like Me, the bigger I grow inside of you - the more like Me you become, "Jesus in Disguise".  Let My light come forth thru you.  Shine on.  Turn the lights on, it's dark out there.
My oil is flowing, you will receive your portion.  You were predestined for greatness.  I love you forever - you got that phrase from Me - it's My heart.

My love never goes away, you choose to receive it or reject it.
I live in beauty, I live in holiness, I live clean, I live in love - My love casts out fear, My love is pure and real.  I am pouring My love in you, for you are My Beloved.
Greater love has no man, than he lay down his life for Me.
I am the way, the truth and the life
Live in Me
Love by Me
Obey Me Alone
I Am Here
I alone know the way home.  Tell them I'm coming.  Prepare the way.  I will never lead you astray.

Hearing God 2-11-13

This is what I heard on 2-11-2013:

I'm here my child, thanks for getting up for Me
Focus, Wait, Be still before Me
Let Me cover you with My feathers
Let Me pour My oil in you
For you are Me Beloved
You are Me dear one, you listen, you obey
I am coming quickly
Is My house in order?

Seraphim's go to and fro in the earth, they go wherever I send them, they are My all seeing ones

Where are you now?  No,  not on your couch, you are in the presence of God, your Father and Yahushua His Son, we are here among you and in you.  It is our desire to dwell in you.

Wake up, Oh sleeper (I was falling asleep), I am here to teach you many things.  The world is not ready for My coming.  But, you are not of this world, and so you must make yourself ready, Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

Open your eyes, Behold your King
I see everything, I know every thought
I read you like a book
nothing is hidden from Me
You are Mine, You are Ours
We love You

You ask a lot of questions.  That is good, for we want to give you answers

It is not the time to reveal your creation purpose.  You are not ready.  You are only going to receive info. from Me on a need to know basis.  I reveal things in My time.  But, know this and rest assured You are part of My Bride, I will come for You.
Keep seeking Me, with your whole heart.  Keep listening to My voice.  Keep coming to Me, shelter in the secret place and it will go well with you.  Many things are coming to the earth.  Strange things.  But, do not fear, for I am here with you.  I will lead you down the path of righteousness.
The path is narrow and steep, only I know the way, stay close to Me, stay very close, hold My hand, and together we shall climb.  Never lose hope, everything I've told you is Truth.
Always seek Me for absolute Truth
My people need to seek Me more
My people need to Eat and Drink Me more
My people need to Humble themselves more, their life is in My hands
Surely they know the time is at hand
What time is it?  Showtime

The devil mocks Me, he is a fool, but, he must learn obedience, so I will let him play his hand, the tables are turning, but, he is unaware he doesn't think I will punish him - Oh what a surprise awaits my foolish cherub
I will share My Glory with No Other
I am the Almighty God, and there is and never will be one like Me
I have many things to show you that you don't know, I have many secrets to reveal to those who truly seek Me
It's a beautiful thing to commune with your God
I wait for you daily
and to know you are now waiting for Me daily, it blesses Me child, it blesses Me
Song played in my head "You are so beautiful to me"...

You are getting to know Me, that is good, you are getting comfortable with Me - Beware that you don't take Me for-granted.  You must keep your awe and reverence for Me, I am Great and Mighty, and you are greatly loved My Child
My Child, I just want to hold you and love you, we will be married soon and you shall see everything anew.  I will open your eyes to My wonders
We shall do great things together
We shall rule with a rod of iron

There is no zombie apocalypse, but,  there is a demonic invasion coming, and has already started.  Only those who are sheltering in Me shall be protected.  This is an evil day.  These are evil days, because the people of the land do not follow Me, they follow after their own lusts, and sinful desires, they love vampires, and monsters and violence.  So, I will give them their hearts desire and they (vampires, monsters, and violence) shall eat their fill or should I say they shall eat them (the people).
Don't faint, Do not fear, these things are not for you and will not be allowed to touch you, if you stay close to Me.
(You may not watch the "Giant" movie "Jack the giant killer") It's a door, a seed, and will bring a harvest you do not want - You have been warned.  Guard your eye gates - the onslaught has begun and will grow in power, many things have been unleashed to try to enter you.  Be aware, guard you temple - set a watch at the gates:  the eye gates, the ear gates, the mouth gates.  Be careful where you allow your feet to take you, not everything you experience or can experience is good.  These are not simple movies, they do, Do harm.  Beware,  you have been warned!
Stay the course with Me.  Whatsoever things are holy, whatsoever things are pure, and of a good report think on these things.  For you will build yourself up in faith, and strength and honour, and I will shine in you.  My light will never go out, if you put Me first and obey My voice.  But, if you allow evil to have a place in you, to  "entertain" you,  it will be a stronghold to you, and My light will be diminished in you - So,  choose you this day, whom you will serve, and what you allow to enter your eyegates.  There is good and there is evil both have consequences.
The world will offer you more and more delicious looking things, enticing you to eat at their table.  Beware, not all things are harmless.  Movies open doors.  You know this is truth.  Don't try to pretend it is just a movie to "entertain" you for a moment and then you forget about it - no big deal - YOU know it has consequences! We will see how you stand in this, I will test you !
Focus on Me, I am your source, I am your hope, Don't be distracted by the world and what it has to offer you - look to Me and Me alone.
The invasion has begun, do not be a part of it.  Do not allow it entrance.  Stand guard at the gates.  Your temple is under attack.  Be diligent in this.  Remain alert, stand therefore in your armour, be full of faith and in the power of My Might - I will fight with you - I will lead - but, will you follow?  Will you teach your children,  in these evil days to follow after Me, or the world ?
Come out of Egypt
The time is now - you choose, but don't look back - Remember Lot's wife
My ways are higher than your ways, My plans are higher than yours
Deception is subtle, little by little it secretly sneaks in to sow seeds of corruption in your very heart...evil lurks in the dark corner recesses of your heart.  Evil lurks in your heart - IF you LET it, you must drive it out with TRUTH, you must stay clean, and no evil can dwell there as long as you keep yourself - be diligent, why do you want to pollute your temple with this movie, if you so easily crumble over this, what am I going to do with you, you are of no use to me full of sin - I NEED YOU STRONG IN ME, RISE UP, FIGHT, STAND FOR ME, SAY NO - TO SIN IN THE EVIL DAY.  The spirit of fear wants to grip you and grow and overtake you and paralyse you - but, you must stand - up and fight - stand strong - say NO !!!
You reap what you sow, everything has consequences - everything ! So, you choose !

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hearing God 2-10-13

This is what I heard:

February 10, 2013

Oh, how I love you child, it pleases us that you've come.

I have much to tell you - in the secret place.  My time has come to set the world in it's place, to take back my dominion to show forth My majesty, to rescue My people from madness.

Why do they kick against the pricks?  Why don't they just submit to Me, their lives would be so much easier if they would submit to My care, instead I must judge them unworthy.  My love grows cold for them, I can't wait much longer for them.  I call and I call and I call and nothing, no one comes, except you, no one heeds my warnings.  How can they live in this filth without Me.  It's a mystery to Me.

We are coming

We must hide you for a time, you are My Beloved and I will save you.  We see all and know all, nothing is hidden from our view.  The world is sick with pain, sick from sin, it's in agony I tell you.  Why don't people listen to Me.  I don't want to hurt them, but I must judge this world.

My friends call Me Yehushau

My life I give for you.  I pray constantly for you.  There are many tests you have endured, there are many tests to come.  Stay - Remain faithful !  I am watching.  In all things, I am the only constant.  I remain the same.  I will bring you peace.  Look not to the right or left.  Focus on Me, I will lead the way, I am your guide in all things.  Don't go anywhere, without asking Me first.  Don't do anything without asking Me first.  Don't move or change locations without asking Me first.  Money is coming to draw you if it can away from Me - it is a test - beware.
The countdown has begun.  There
s not much time left.  I come quickly, be ready, the time is at hand.  Stand firm  Be watching, Be vigilant.  My eyes are always upon you, you never leave My sight, My angels have always protected you, even when you've disappointed Me.  Your life is Mine and I am jealous over you.  Give Me all of you, I want you, every bit, every inch of you belongs to Me you are not your own.  I love you, I long for you, I adore you, I will come for you, say alert, ever watching don't let Me find you sleeping, for it will not go well with you.

Live in My light, let it consume every part of you.  Press into Me like never before.  I know you, now you must get to know Me.  Every part of Me, there is much to explore and so little time left before we are married.  Your journey has only just begun.  Your destiny is in Me.  I am everything you will ever need.

You are My Beloved, you are My child, I will always take care of you, you are beautiful to Me.

Many of My stars shine like you.

There are many secrets to be revealed, I am Alpha and I am Omega - the beginning and the end.  Without Me there is nothing.  I will turn everything upside down to show the world what is right and what is wrong.  Repent, get the sin out of your life.  Behold, I come quickly and with Me I bring My consuming fire.  Beware.  Be watchful, stand firm in the evil day.

The breaking of the day is a good time to be with Me.  I am Me and there is no other.  I am the Almighty God.  I am the I AM.  You can't even breathe without Me.  You must stay close, even closer in this day - train yourself in Me, train your ear to hear  - ALL  of My instruction.  Train your tongue, let no evil come out of it (this is a great test).  Train your mind - do not be double minded (renew your mind in Me).  Make Me strong, let Me grow big in you, so together we can do battle.

The days ahead are mighty, the battle rages around My people, stay close to Me, acknowledge Me in all things, all your circumstances.  You were born for this battle, I created you for this.  This is your destiny.  Look not to your past, but look ahead to your future.  I am God almighty,and I will lead you through every difficulty.  Stay focused on Me, moment by moment, wage war with your flesh.  We are going for VICTORY.

I find you quite beautiful to Me, I find your heart pure and undefiled.  Keep washing in Me, keep coming back to Me.

Remember what I told you about your mouth, murmuring and complaining - send forth evil and frogs (you don't want to be known as the frog lady, do you?  I know you do not, it was a joke)

I am ready to set you apart.  Are you ready to come?  (Yes, Lord)

Deep calls to Deep, are you ready for this?

Many years from now your life will be a blur - but they will talk about it forever.  The divine light pouring forth out of you is a beacon on a hill.  You are one of My lighthouses or a torch bearer.  Soak in My presence.  Wait on Me, Keep Me ever before your eyes, your thoughts must be centered on Me.  I am the way.  I give My oil to all who will come and Wait upon Me, with clean hands and a pure heart, for out of the heart flow the issues of a man, what you are really like, flows out of  you like water - in words coming from your heart.  That is why I tell ou to gaurd your heart, for oout of it flows the issues on life.

My, how the days tick by so quickly now.  We will be together soon.  Soon I will manifest myself to you.  In the midnight hour, I come.  Did you know, we have crossed the midnight hour in time now?  No turning back.  Time is short.  You need to get ready for the bridegroom comes.

I am soooo ready for the wedding, it's going to be great.  We will dance together you and I.  We will walk among the fiery stars.  My heart yearns for you.  I want to kiss you with the kisses of My mouth.
We shall be one together.  You and Us.  We will never let you go.  For you are ours.  We will never part.  Your time is coming soon, don't shrink back.  I am with you, in you, fighting with you and watching every move, every word.  Be bold, Be courageous, Be strong.

Do Not fear what the enemy can do to you, Be strong in Me and the power of My might.  Nothing shall be impossible for you, as you Wait on Me, I will renew your strength.  I shall mount you up on wings of an eagle.  You shall run, and not grow weary.  My life is in you.  No one takes My life, I lay it down and I will pick it back up again.

Behold, I come quickly, and My rewards are in My hand.  I am great and powerful.

I am serious about you, are you serious about Me?  I want you with Me forever.  I need you close, focus on Me.  Cast down every idol that exalts itself above Me or comes to mind in our time together.

I have much to say and time is running out, take communion everyday.  Think on Me, learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly, so you must be.

Song Playing in my head:  "He is jealous for me...."

Focus on Me and Me alone
I will lead you home, our journeyu is almost done.  Trust Me child, you are mine.  Be watchful, Be alert, stand gaurd upon your house (temple), let no evil come near it, to enter in and trample the holy things and defile it !  I love your temple, it is mine

You will be one of My Davids - love Me child more that anything - I hear your heart to Me and it pleases Me child, it pleases Me.  I am always here with you.  I never leave you alone.  (no, now is not the time to pray, now is the time to listen, listen to My heart, Wait and listen, listen to My heart)

***This is what I heard Him tell Me***

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hearing God 2-9-13

This is what I heard:

February 9, 2013

This pleases Me child (when I come to Wait on Him)

There are many things you don't understand child, My ways are higher than your ways.  Wherever you go I am with you.  I think about you often?  Do you think about Me?  I know you do.

What should We talk about today?  How great I am, My wonderful ways, there is so much of Me you do not know.  I am coming quickly with fire and judgement in My hand.  All those prepared I am taking with Me, the rest will have to ENDURE the TESTS.  I did not come as a man of peace, but I came to divide

Your world, I will turn upside down, and the only thing that will save you and get you through is Me- turn to Me to guide, turn to Me with every life decision, listen and obey, only I know the way, you are good and there is no unrighteousness in you- follow Me and I will lead you home.

Many wander and never find Me, they seek but never see, you have found Me and I will never forsake you, seek Me often, seek Me daily, I am here for you.  I will fill you with My oil and My righteousness, and My love

Greater is My love for you than you will ever know.  Stay focused on Me today, continue in My ways, lead others to Me.

Song popped into my head "Don't stop believing"

I am the light of the world, come out of the darkness, let My light shine thru you, let My light consume you.  I will burn you with My fire, and consume the dross, this is a never ending process with My Beloveds, I constantly pluck and prune to produce greater fruit and so the reflection of Me in you is pure.

You are mine, and you serve Me now.  I love you with an undying love, let My love consume you, let your heart be opened wide to Me now, let Me live Big in you, allow Me to grow in you, make room for Me, I want to do a new thing in you.  To reflect My glory, My daughter, My Bride you are more valuable than rubies and fairer than 10,000 to Me.  Focus on Me keep your eyes off the world.  Focus on Me and I will grow big in you for all to see and you will draw others to Me.

I want the world to see Me.  I want the world to see Me in you.  I want the world to see My reflection in you.

You are My Beloved, and there is much work to do.  Do not fight against Me, bend to My will, obey My commands and it will go well with you.

I'm giving you the gift of revelation of Who I am, share this with others
You were created for My glory
You were created to reflect Me
You were created to share My love with others
You were created to be My friend
You were created for Me

I will use you to train others
Stay humble and submitted to Me, stay teachable, stay focused on Me, why would you want to be anywhere else or look at anything else.  I am Alpha and Omega beside Me there is no other, drink deeply of Me child drink and eat Me- drink deeply child.  Time is short, soon the fire comes to test what's on and in the earth.

I need you to have your sword ready, be prepared for the battle rages and you will soon be called for duty in the days ahead..   Do not look to the right or left, stay focused on Me.  I will lead you, I alone am your leader.  No one else besides Me, you are My lamb and I will lead you in My sheepfold.  Hide yourself in Me.  Dwell in Me, let Me consume you, allow Me to do My perfect work in you and by this will My Father be glorified.

I am coming quickly, prepare the way (yourself_ for the Lord of Righteousness to reign in your heart and in your days.  My ways are simple, love Me, Obey Me, Follow Me, focus on Me and never forsake Me.

My dreams for you are big, you can't see them yet, but I will reveal them as time goes on.  My voice is still and quiet do you hear Me, Yes you hear Me, do you know how to lead others to Me then do it...

I need you as a voice crying in the wilderness "Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight My path, seek My face, turn your ear to hear from My mouth, walk upright and clean before Me, Repent, Repent, Repent, stay clean, I don't want to find you sleeping hen I come, answer Me when I call you, come quickly, lean on Me, Wait on Me.

When you teach others keep it simple, I am not hard to find, a pure heart will always find Me, surely you know the way, send Me others to drink from my fountain and eat of My vine.

I am giving you a spirit of boldness and not timidity, you were born as a lioness and and will rule in righteousness, I know the plans I have for you, and will reveal them little by little, Trust Me.  Seek Me with your whole heart, and lean not on your own understanding.

My life and My light will light the way for you.  Prepare yourself by seeking Me constantly, thinking of Me constantly, look to Me, Focus on Me.

People don't know Me, like you do, and so they are missing out on relationship, my light that I have put in you is a beacon on a hill, a lighthouse to draw others to Me.  You are My lighthouse and if it wasn't for My lighthouse, where would this world be.  They need to see the light, they need to be given hope, they need to find their way back to Me.
Shine baby Shine
Your light will grow bright and illuminate the darkness
you are not their source, I am their source point them to Me, not you, Me, I am the only one that can help them, point them back to Me.

Light your world, My light is growing stronger in you and others will comment on it, and still others will mock and murmur, be  careful that you do not murmur, keep your focus on Me.  Wait o Me constantly, this is a great Key (Remember this Key)

My oil will flow like a river thru you, people will want you to give them your oil, but, that can't have yours, they have to get their own from Me, I am the source.  Let your joy be in Me, let Me fill your with all understanding, wisdom and discernment.

Yes, there are backbiters and jealousy abounds,keep your eyes on Me, forget their word's and don't take in their words to wound you.  But, stay the course, let their words bounce off of your armour and fall to the ground, don't give them power over you, the only words that matter are mine.

I am the way

Whatsoever things are holy
whatsoever things are pure
whatsoever things are of a good report
think on these things only

Listen how My birds praise and sing to Me, Put on your garment of praise and sing to Me.  I rejoice over you, My Beloved, I sing over you, you are precious, your are pure, you are holy, I love you, I long for you, do you long for Me?  Yes, I know you do.

I want soooo much for My people to be clean, Repent and be clean, but, they have free will and they have to make their own choice, awake oh sleeper, awake come out of darkness into My marvelous light

Jesus in you, the hope of glory.  I love you.  I want you to love and reflect My love to others.  I have made ou strong, I will make you stronger, humble yourself before Me and I will fill you with My presence.  Walk wit Me.  Talk with Me, live in Me, Reflect Me, let your life be a reflections of Me and our relationship, we are one you and I we are one.  My, how I love you, you are beautiful to Me.  Keep coming, keep seeking,keep repenting, keep washing yourself in Me.  Eat Me and Drink Me daily, let this be your sacrifice to Me, to grow up in Me.

My heart is full of weeping today, My children don't want to know Me, Like I want to know them, they have no time for Me and I will soon have to judge them.  This will bring great destruction and bloodshed.  I don't want to, but, it is TIME.  The end is before them and yet, they don't perceive it!

My child, always Remember you are loved, and you must endure the testing, and hold on to your faith.
Chang is coming, Do not murmur or complain about what's coming out of the pulpit (teach your family the truth).  Always walk in the garment of righteousness and holiness.  Love is the key, always walk in love for Me.

This is exciting for the times unfolding before your are precious and holy, you are privileged to see them unfold and to be a part of the book of Revelations coming alive and being played out-Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ this is true.

Gross darkness is coming upon the earth and it is a time of testing for My children and in My chosen Ones the light will grow brighter and illuminate the darkness.

You must pay close attention to My voice, and walk carefully before Me, I am your Elohim I will lead, you follow Me, don't turn back.

My eyes see everything, My spirit searches everything I will reveal hidden things, deep things of Me if you are willing to Wait upon Me

My cup of indignation is full, the whole earth is an abomination to Me.  I t needs to be cleansed, and I will clean My land, My house shall be a house of prayer.

My love for you never changes.  When you wait upon Me, it pleases Me.  Keep coming and Waiting and I will reveal much to you My child.  No matter what keep your eyes on Me and I will give you rest.  No one knows the hour or day when I come, only My Father, but, behold I am at the door, behold, I come quickly child

Enjoy the earth while you still can, it's beauty, it
s greenness, for this will not last, enjoy the warmth of the sun and moonlight and stars for they shall be no more.  Get back to nature as much as you can, go outside, go to a  ballgame, enjoy My creation, I made it for you.  I love that you love My trees and My greenness, and the grass, squirrels,and dogs and horses and cows they are beautiful to Me to..I love My creation, and it angers Me and saddens Me that I will have to destroy it, but I will cleanse it and restore it in the millennium and it shall be pure and holy before Me.  The earth groans and cries to Me in it's pain for all the evil it has endured.  I love My earth and I will rescue it and deliver it from bondage.  My thoughts are higher than your thoughts, My ways are higher than your ways.  Think on Me, learn of Me, My time with you is so short, do not draw back, Wait on Me.

Listen, do you hear the sound of horses?  Run with the horses.
 Strengthen yourself in Me.  I will show you the way.

***This is what I heard Him tell Me***