Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 22, 2014

Peace, be still, quiet yourself My little one.  I am here.  Many shall come to disrupt your peace.  Things shall arise in your world to disrupt your peace.  But, oh My little one, do not fear, for I have you protected in My pocket of refuge, as the world spins in chaos, Remember, that I must come and cleanse My land.  I am Holy and only those who are pure of heart, cleansed by their continual coming to My well, drinking and washing in My pure, unpolluted waters shall be able to stand in My holiness, Remember, I have already told you all in My word be ye Holy for I am Holy.

The only place of safety and refuge on this earth shall be in Me.  Do not try to move about the earth to a better place of safety, for truly there is no place safe on the earth.  Only those who are clinging to Me, the living vine shall be safe in the coming storms.  Remember, little one, I am in the storms.  I am clothed in darkness, clouds and a great thundering, this is for your protection, for to behold Me in your unfinished state shall be destructive to you.  You are very close in your sanctification, but you still need to go through the season of testing that is upon you all.  I am here.  I am close.  Remember, the teacher is silent during the tests.  Oh My little one, My dove, you are doing well.  You are faithful in the little things I ask you to do and this is obedience.  Obedience is better than sacrifice.  Beloved the time of refreshing and great change is upon your earth.

Oh, the time draws near when We shall see each other.  Face to Face, a close encounter of the best kind My love.  Soon My love, soon.

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