Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 30, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Holy Spirit was singing in me "Be still and know, Be still and know, that I am God, Be still and know"

Then I heard:

Oh, My little one, My precious bride, as you come before Me, I see your humble spirit, I hear your heart speak "here am I Lord".  Oh, the beauty of a humble heart.  Oh, the purity of a surrendered soul.  As you come and gather yourself unto Me, I am here in the midst of thee.  You have received much at My knee today as you were enraptured in My all consuming fire.  The more I shared, the deeper you drank.  Beloved, and that is your name, you are filled with My spirit and My oil is overflowing your vessel.  For you have chosen wisely to sit and rest at My table.  To feed from My manna, as I hand fed you every morsel.  To be present in mind and spirit with Me is a sign of maturity.

Your foundation is strong in Me, for I and I alone am your cornerstone.  Deep roots are in thee, My love.  Light shines forth from your spirit, as it has been set on fire by My flame and is now unquenchable.  Much shall be given to thee as you separate yourself more and more unto Me.

Beloved, think it not strange as you are consumed with desire to be with Me, as you are dwelling now in My heart.  Oh, My beautiful one, you are Mine and I am yours.  You spend your days with Me.  Your thoughts are always with Me.  Your desire, both night and day, is to be with Me.  Much strength I have given you as you sit in My presence.  My peace surrounds you, as a warm down blanket, for I am your hiding place.  I am your comforter.  I am your everything.

I shall use you, My dear one, for few, very few are willing to surrender all and make themselves available to Me.  I am equipping you, My dove, for much, I tell you, much is coming forth now from My spirit as I hover over My people.  I am invading the very atmosphere around you, can you not sense My nearness, My little ones, pay close attention.  Be aware of your present atmosphere, stay close and draw into Me.

I am your shield and buckler.  The storms, the shaking's, the fires are coming upon your lands, there will be nowhere to hide from Me.  I come to take over, I do not come to take sides.  I love all men, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I love all of My creation.

 You shall soon see Me for yourselves, are you ready?  Can you stand in My presence.  Do you understand My Spirit is an all consuming and purifying fire.

I shall do a new thing.  Behold, look, watch, be aware for I shall draw all men to Me.  The day of reckoning shall come upon you quickly.  Do not delay, come to Me and be saved from yourselves.  I alone am your only salvation.

Do not pretend that you do not hear Me, for I know that you do, and so, you shall be without excuse, if you are found outside the gate.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

January 29, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord this is what I heard:

"Beloved, you are such a sweet little dove.  I pour out My love upon you, and you receive it so easily, for you are hungry.  I tug at your heartstrings, and you come immediately into My presence.  As you linger here with Me, I read your heart, you, My love, My dove, are an open book.  As you are eager to share your life with Me, I eagerly reveal Myself to you more and more for we are one in spirit, and nothing can separate us.  Oh, My love, My heart sings over you as you come eager to spend this time with Me.  My dearest love we shall soon see each other, face to face.

Beloved, be at peace in the midst of every test and trial.  There are many more tests that are coming to test the hearts of My people.  My children, I urge you now, to come, and be still, in My presence.  To quiet yourself and listen, bring a pen and paper and write what you hear.  Come to Me with any questions you have and expect to hear from Me.  I am not distant, I am here, but, many of you are unaware of Me.  I speak, but, you, do not listen.  I urge you now to focus on Me daily NOW.  I must have your full attention, when you rise in the morning, as you go about your day, as you eat and as you retire to sleep focus on Me.  Let Me capture your thoughts, and let Me flood the atmosphere with My presence.  The more you look for Me, the more you will see Me, the more you focus on Me the more tangible I become.  

Do not allow anyone or anything to cause you to doubt Me or My love for each of you.  For I care very deeply for each of My created hearts, for I formed you in your mother's womb, I knit your heart together and kissed you tenderly with My very breath.  Oh, My dear ones, seek Me now, come expecting to find Me.  For I am no respecter of persons, as I am building up My beloved, I desire to build you up too.  Deep calls unto deep now dear hearts, can you hear Me.  Come, and let us reason together.  I want you, I long for you, I wait for you, I ache for you.  Come, come now the door is closing, My dear ones, come.

Monday, January 25, 2016

January 24, 2016

I was in worship and I saw this in a vision as I worshiped:

I am in what seemed to be a castle room looking out a window and I can see a bright white glittering Kingdom.  I am in a white flowing gown, like a wedding gown, and I have on a white veil head covering that is scalloped around the edges.  To my left I can see a man standing next to me in a tan robe garment with a white and blue stripe on the long sleeve cuff area.  He has His right arm around my shoulders and I can see his hand. I am observing this scene from the upper right area of the room.  I wonder if it is Jesus who is in this room with me and I am prompted to look at His hand, and I see it has a hole in it, in the upper part of the hand close to the wrist. As I am watching this scene, I see Him lean in and whisper softly "Behold My Kingdom child, I am coming for you, soon child, soon" There is such a quiet peace here and such security and love.

January 17, 2016

I was in worship and I saw this vision:

I see a table with Jesus seated with us, a round table, and golden lighted, fiery arrows filled with God's truths were on the table and scattered around the room.

I heard:

As you come up higher into Me, I am changing and transforming you into My image.  I am restoring you into your rightful place in Me.  I am equipping you now, dear one, for My service and purposes.  I alone have placed you here, for this time and season.  Fear not, I am here.  I see you.  I know your name.  Look to Me the author and finisher of your faith.  I am setting you apart, for you are Mine.

No eye has seen, no ear has heard what I have prepared for you now, in this season.  Beloved, this is the season you were created to walk in.  The time is now, the door is open, walk through it.

November 21, 2015

As I was waiting on the Lord in the evening, I heard this:

Singing:  Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place...

I am here, beloved.  I have missed our time together.  I know that you are mindful of Me, but, to set apart time, just for you and Me is needful in these days.  This time strengthens you for the days ahead.  Draw close now, and be still in My presence.  I am ever present, but, you, My dear one, should not lose your ability to hear Me.  Beloved, you have been trained by Me to hear Me, for I have given you a listening ear.  I speak and you, My dear one hear.  For you have allowed yourself to be disciplined and trained to hear Me.  You must remain diligent in your pursuit of Me.  My path is not crowded, for each individual has a path I have designed just for them.  Each one must be diligent in seeking Me out for yourselves.  I am ever present, I am near.  But, to find Me, you must be seeking Me.  If you are truthfully pursuing Me, I shall be found of you.


September 7, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, I began to ask questions.

I asked:  Lord, what do you want me to do today?

He answered:

I want you to fix your eyes on Me today and everyday.  What you are sensing in your spirit is change coming.  There is a rapid change taking place within you and around you.  I am cutting off every cord that ties you to this earth.  For you are Mine and I shall take you unto Myself.

I asked:  Lord, is something going to happen in Sept?

Many things shall happen this month.  You are not to fear.  You shall see many things, some good and some bad.  You are not to fear.  Keep your eyes fixed on Me, day by day, I lead, you follow.  I am with you always.

I asked:  Lord, am I ready?

Yes, My child you live in Me daily, walking, talking and abiding in My presence.  Many long for this intimacy, but, they struggle with their natural mind.  They try to reason and rationalize this intimacy with Me.  For they do not dwell in the spirit.  All who come to Me must come in humility and humble themselves before Me, for I am spirit and they must come to Me in spirit and in truth.  You shall find Me when you truly let go of your reason, for I am beyond your reasoning mind.  I cannot totally be explained by your mind.  I am limitless, I am spirit, you shall only find Me as you go within yourself, and shut out the world.  If you determine within yourself to seek Me out and find Me for yourselves, I shall be found of each of you.  There is a place that is prepared for you and Me, but you must be willing to make the journey, choose now who you will seek after and serve, you must make the choice between self and Me, it's your choice, choose wisely.

September 6, 2015

As I was waiting on the Lord this is what I heard:

Oh, My child, My dear one, much is happening today, all around you, the weak are crying out why, where are you God, for they did not take the time to find Me, they do not hear Me, even though I am right here with them, as I am with you.

I speak all the time, but few, even you, are willing to listen.  My voice is all around you all, My breath is within each one.  I am the God of all, not the God of some.  I am the God of those who acknowledge Me and I am the God of those who do not acknowledge Me.  Just because you do not acknowledge or confess Me as Lord, does not, and will not change the TRUTH.  I live in you, and I shine through you, My love, My dear one.

The reality of who I am rests within each of you.  To know Me for yourselves should be your ultimate goal.  To draw near to Me and hear Me should be your hearts desire.  I am not a God of noise.  I am not a God of selfish desires.  I am a God of love, love, I am love.  I am in everything.  Can you not see Me, I am here.  Do you know Me,  do I know you?  Will you turn off the noise of the world and separate yourself from the world and it's distracting lures that are sent out to lure you away from spending time with Me, soaking in My presence.  Waiting at My feet.  Beloved's, do not be deceived by all the technology around you, your phones and computers, and IPADs, offer much in the way of distractions, it's the little things that slowly, bit by bit, chip away and eat up your time.  You must be aware and discern these lures.

The hour is late My children, do not allow yourselves to be caught up in these lures that will slowly draw you away from ME.  Be on guard, for the hour is late.  Seek ME.