Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hearing God - April 23, 2013

It pleases Me when you think on Me and come to wait and hear from Me.  Many will come when I've shut the door and want in, but, alas, I will not be able to open the door for them, for they did not take the time to wait on Me and prepare themselves, they were too busy being caught up in the cares of this world they had no time for Me.

 Draw close to Me child, everyday.  Search for Me now and seek Me with your whole heart and I will reveal Myself to you more.  It is My desire to reveal Myself to you.  I want you to know about Me.  I desire you to walk in My Ways.  Repent daily, keep your eyes focused on Me.  Do not stray off the path that I have placed you on.  Keep your ear tuned to Me.  Keep listening, be diligent to hear Me.

 Keep your heart clean, you are in a grave battle right now, the thoughts in your head these past few days have puzzled you, yes, I heard your prayer.  You are correct these thoughts are not your own.  You must recognize your enemy a lot quicker.   Be alert.  Cast down these vain imaginations quickly, don't let these wicked thoughts grow roots and gain a stronghold over you, root them out, use My name, Use My Word and command them to go.

  I have warned you that you would be tested.  This is the test.  Your mind is a huge battlefield that you must overcome.  Your relationships are a huge battlefield for you as well.  For these are the triggers that push and pull your buttons to rob you of your peace.   Remember, I have told you in My word that I did not come to bring peace, but a sword, I did not come to bring unity but to divide.  This "division" will cause the leaven in you to bubble-up, and show you what is inside of you.  Once you see it, you can deal with it.

  Everything I do and allow has a purpose, your life circumstances and the people I place in your midst are all bringing about My divine plan.  Nothing is aimless, it is sent to cause a reaction.  Now, how you react is the "Main Agenda", how you react when you are squeezed will determine who you belong to.  This is My candle, I use it to expose the deep things hidden within you.  This is why you need to be filled with My Spirit and stay close to Me.

  When you find yourself drifting from Me, you will find that your battles will intensify in your relationships and in your mind.  Heed My warnings child, stay in My peace.  Be ever "mindful" of Me.  Call upon Me in the midst of battle.  I am here to help you.  Don't just allow yourself to be dumbfounded and puzzled with the thoughts coming into your head in rapid succession.  Recognize that you are under "attack", call upon Me and I will help, I must be invited into your "present" situation.  I will come swiftly child, I will not delay.  Ask for My help.  In your weakness, I am made strong.

 You cannot battle these forces coming against you now by yourself, you need Me as your rear guard.  Make yourself strong in Me, in My power, in My Spirit, let Me grow big in you.  Focus on Me child, you are getting distracted.  Do not let your mind wander off on bunny trails.  This will only stop the flow of hearing Me.

  The thief comes to steal and destroy.  He has sent a thief to snatch you away from My presence.  By a lure or a snare, a wandering thought, a bunny trail.  Do you see them now, the snares.  The little foxes that spoil the vine.  Yes, I think you do.  Take heart My love, you are growing in Me.  I am your source.  You must walk in My love.  You must express My peace and My love.  You must Keep My peace at all times and keep My love.  Perfect love casts out fear.

Hearing God - April 24, 2013

I love you child.  I love how you value and cherish My Word.  It blesses Me child.  You must not allow yourself to get so busy that you don't have time to read My word.  This needs to be a priority for you.  My word is a life force that you need daily.  Much will be imparted to you as you read My Word.  It's a beautiful part of Me that all should cherish.  You must be willing to hear all that I'm saying to you, not some, not part, don't change anything in your head that I am saying.  Be yielded and submitted to hear all.  I must be King.  I must be Lord of all, or I'm not Lord at all.  I can only use willing vessels.  Do not be prideful or allow pride to creep back in.  Stay humble, stay childlike.  Trust Me in everything.  Stay connected to Me.  Stay close, draw near My beloved, it's the only safe place to be on earth right now.  Do not fear.  Only TRUST ME and no one else.  I am the only one who can show you the right path.  I am your shepherd, I lead you into the sheepfold.  Look to Me to help you in all things.  Seek Me, invite Me into your day and your circumstances.  I am willing to help you.  Seek Me first.  I must be first.

Hearing God - April 25, 2013

Dreams from last night:

A large burning - meteor like ball in the dark sky

I was at church and my pastors wife came up to me and said she wanted to come over and look at my yard.  Because someone said, they would not let their "family" member come back over...???

I am buckling in a small four year old child into her car seat, I am shocked that her breasts are huge and sticking out of her tank top shirt through the arm holes (they are large adult size breasts) I am stunned by this...

I am in a park area and the little girl with the large breasts is coming up to me, I bend down on my knees to tuck her breasts back into her shirt and tell her to keep these covered, because if they get pinched it's going to sting like sunburn, she nods her little head and goes off to play.  Her mom says "They ( her breasts) make her look soo overweight"

My pastors wife is in my yard and it's getting dark, she is by the pool and I ask her how does it look, she said fine.  I start talking about the water being cloudy, but it was clear.  She says her and her husband just came by to see (her husband is waiting in the car) me and my husband walk with her to the car, a small gray car.  She starts getting into the passenger side as my pastor wakes up, he was asleep in the passenger side and starts to wake up and move over to the drivers side, somehow my husband gets stuck in the drivers side and tells me "I need some help" (basically to get out of the car) I pull his arm and he gets out, then my pastor slides into the drivers seat and several white envelopes fall out to the ground - they are bills.  I bend down to pick them up and my pastor and his wife both exclaim about how much gray hair I have.  I tell them I am older than I look, and I have a hair appointment on Friday to dye it...

That's all I can remember - but I wanted to write it down since I have not remembered any dreams in quite a while.

Note:  Scenes kept changing rapidly in succession, I skipped lines to indicate scene changes

The Lord began to interpret the dreams:

The fireball in your dream is a meteor that is coming to the earth.

 I am about to release a prophetic anointing on you in dreams.  I am opening up the seer anointing in you.  This is another level for you in Me.  Do not be alarmed or concerned by what you see.  Pictures are symbols, bring everything you see to Me for interpretation and explanation.

  The large breasts on the child are for suckling and feeding - man is nourished at the breast - I am releasing My revelations upon the children.  Pay close attention to what My children are saying, now is the time for Me to pour out My spirit on all flesh - your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.

  The pastor asleep is the Church leader asleep - he should not be your teacher,

your husband gets "stuck in the vehicle with them "the church" and cannot lead - he needs your help - he is not your teacher,

 the bills represent lack, you will not have what you need if you trust in them,

 your pastors commenting on your gray hair, are the mockers - they will tell you you are not hearing from God, BUT YOU ARE !!!  Don't listen to the mockers.

 Stay with Me child.  TRUST Only Me.

  I am your teacher and guide.

 Keep coming child, draw even closer to Me.  I am unlocking the doors.

 The childs mothers comment on her breasts - people will not recognize the anointing I am pouring out on the children !

  They are set apart and look different !


Hearing God - April 26, 2013

I love you child.  I love everything about you.  I cherish our relationship.  We will be together forever.  My hearts desire is to love you.  My precious one, My little dove.  Stay sheltered in Me, under My wing should be your abode.  I am your hiding place.  I am your shelter from the storm.  I know you, I hear your heart, I feel your love and devotion to Me, have no fear, for I am here.  I see all, I know all.  I will provide.  I am your source.

  Lay all your worries and concerns at My feet.  I will protect your daughter, she is Mine and I will make sure she finds her way home.  Many will come to seek answers from you, but you don't have the answers they need - only I have their answers.  You must turn them to Me, tell them to seek Me.  I want to be their source.  Many will feed off of you and the provision I provide, but you are not their source, I am.

 Stay close to Me child, lean into Me.  Rest in Me.  I am all you need.  TRUST no one but Me.  TRUST in Me and lean not on your own understanding.  I see all that comes into your life.  I know all that will happen to you.  TRUST that My plan is perfect.  You must accept what I deem to give you.  Nothing happens without Me knowing it.  Will you TRUST My plan for your life.  You are Mine and I love you.  I have many things to teach you child.  My Ways are higher than your ways.  Life is beautiful with Me.  You have chosen the golden path.  It glitters and glistens through the thorns and stones.  It shimmers when My light passes over it, to light your way.

 Drink deeply of Me today My love.  I am God, the Elohim and there is no other.  Your journey with Me is delightful.  The more you learn of Me, the more your hunger for Me grows, it's delightful to Me.  You are awakening to your true purpose, which is to dwell in Me.  Your life is hid in Me.  You are abandoning all earthly desires and things for they hold nothing for you now, for you are abandoning all to dwell in Me.

Song:  "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path..."

Hearing God - April 27, 2013

You have many things on your mind today that are troubling you, do not fret, do not worry, I am here.  Bring everything to Me, lay everything before Me today and I will take care of it.  I have a beautiful day planned for you.  Your job is to stay in My peace.  I will work everything out for you today.  I am here.  TRUST ME child.  Do not worry.  I am here.

 Invite Me into every part of your day, every moment.  Your life is in My hands.  I have placed My spirit in you to help you through your days.  Day by Day your walk with Me goes deeper and deeper into Me and My Truths.  Submit and yield to My will everyday and it will go well with you.  Many are called, but few are "Prepared and Ready" to be chosen to be My Bride.  I have many, many children, but few are obedient, few seek to truly know Me.  Few draw close to hear Me, few seek My face.

Many seek My hand of favor - but their hearts are far from Me.  There are many pleasures on this earth to entice you away from Me.  But, the only true pleasure is with Me and My plan.  In My plan I hold you in the palm of My hand.  I go before you, you stay close to Me, hold My hand and step into My footprints and it will go well with you.  Keep Me ever on your mind.  I will direct your thoughts as you go through your day.  Trust Me child, I am here.  Lean into Me.  Do not doubt My love and provision for you.  I know what you have need of.  I see each day that is set before you.

 I only require that you walk with Me and let Me guide you through your day.  Stay connected in My peace and surrounded in My love, and all will go well with you.  I will energize you today.  I will flow through you.  Shabbot Shalom - Keep My Peace.  Rest, Truly Rest in Me.  Know that I am your source in all things.  I love you child, I am your ever present help in time of need.  I am your all sufficient one.   I care about all the little details of your life, nothing is too small for Me to be a part of.

Hearing God - April 30, 2014

I love you child. I am here.  I am with you always.  You can Trust Me.  I am your King.  I am the beginning and the end in all things.  Nothing escapes My eye.  I see all that goes on.  Nothing can be hidden from Me.  I shall soon lay bare all the dirty little secrets of men.  So many are still asleep.  So many shall be caught unaware when sudden destruction comes.  Calamity after calamity shall come to the earth.  Each day brings more peril for some.  These are perilous days.  But, behold, for My chosen ones, My children who are truly awake I shall pour forth My glory.  I shall reveal many secrets to each hungry heart.  I shall show Myself mightily in and through each one.  My vessels of honor shall be My hands and feet upon the earth.  I shall dwell in each one.  I shall protect My earthen vessels from all harm.  I shall not neglect My chosen few.  The sold out, submitted and yielded vessels are My True children for they have entered into My chambers and they have been feeding on My manna.  They have made themselves strong in Me, Many shall see Me when they see My children.  I am here.  Do you truly know Me?  Do you come and wait upon Me?  Do you drink from My well?  It is time to make way for The King is coming.  Are you ready?  Can you hear Me?  It is time.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hearing God - April 28, 2013

You are hearing nothing because you are not listening.

I am listening to your thoughts.  I am here child, I am always here.

 Quiet your mind, control the wandering, the wandering in your thoughts is a tactic of the enemy to draw your attention away from focusing on Me.  He will throw everything he can at you to keep you from seeking after Me.  He will cause the thoughts in your head to come and go "roaring" through your head to take your focus off of Me.  Did you notice that your thoughts kept jumping back and forth from things that happened yesterday, conversations, etc. these are tactics of the enemy, sly, cunning and deceptive to try to pull you away from Our quiet time together.

 When you set your mind to come after Me with your whole heart, you become a target for the enemy.

 I have already warned you, but do not be afraid, as long as you are sheltering in Me you are protected.  This is why I keep cautioning you to stay close, very close to Me now.  Nothing can harm you when you are with Me and carry Me with you through out your day.  I am your shelter, your hiding place.  I love you My child, I will always protect you.

 You are the apple of My Eye.  The true Israel.  Your heart is sold out to Me.  You are surrendered to Me.  Read My word today.  Sink deeply into My word and let it wash over you.  I love you.  

Hearing God - April 29, 2013

My precious one, all will go well with you as long as you stay close to Me, do not veer off the trail.  Great is your destiny in Me.  My life is in you, and your life is in My hands.  Greater is He (Me) that is in you, than he that is in the world.  TRUST ME child in all things I am your source.  Nothing shall by any means harm you, for you are Mine and I watch over your coming and your going.  Shelter in Me. My love is sufficient for you.  My plans are unfolding beautifully.  Nothing in your life shall happen that I do not allow as long as you stay close to Me.  Do not entangle yourself in the lives of others, they have their own paths to Me.  Each one has their own journey.  Each one has their own choice, not all roads will lead home, only My path.  Remember, do not force Me on others, they will see Me in you and on your life and when they come and when they ask you, then you share your experience of Me with them.  Show them how you come to Me.  Show them how you Rest in Me.  I am the source of all life.  All who truly come to Me and diligently seek Me out with their whole heart will find Me and I will give them My peace.  But they must come themselves, the door is closing.  I am Yahuah and Yahusha Ha Machiach !

Hearing God - April 30, 2013

I am here child.  I have much to teach you, but you haven't spent much time in My word.  You need to be full of My word.  You need to be full of My word, it is a part of Me, ask Me to open up My word and give you understanding.

 I am the TRUE creator of all things, nothing is impossible for Me.  Beware of fake imposter's of Me.  Keep your eyes and ears opened and attuned to Me.  I alone am your teacher, no one else.  People are created in My image, there is none like Me.  I alone know the beginning and the end of man.  Each life belongs to Me and I will use it as I see fit.  Some to honor, and some to dishonor.  All life is Mine.  I alone choose to extend it or snuff it out.  No one can tell Me what to do.  I am the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and there is no other.  Nothing can compare to Me.

  As yo study Me and My Ways, and as you draw close to Me I will reveal Myself to you in marvelous ways.  I make known who I AM to all who truly seek Me.  I am the Pearl Of Great Price.  I am the Living Vine.  I am the I AM.  There is no lack in Me.  There is nothing that can hinder My plans, I alone know what I am doing, "everything" else just watches in awe and wonder as I move and act.

 My Mighty Wind and Fire is coming.  I will come and thresh the wheat on My Threshing Floor.  It shall be gathered and kept, while the tares burn.  My Ways are not your ways child.  Lean not on your own understanding.  TRUST ME in everything.  I will keep you, for you are Mine.

 I see you child, do not doubt that I see you.  I am here with you, you are never alone.  Watch how you respond in every circumstance, for these are tests for you to endure and you are being monitored by Me and My Staff.  We are inspecting your fruit when you are squeezed.  I have put people in your life to test, shape and mold you into My image.  Difficult people are good for you, they show you where you are weak, and lacking.

To truly love you must take up your cross and follow Me, love your enemies, do good to those that despitefully use you.  Be kind, do not return evil for evil, or harsh words for harsh words.  Forgive immediately, do not hold onto grudges.  Love is a choice, life is full of choices.  You choose, but you must live with your choices.  Follow Me, I will show you the way of love.

Hearing God - May 1, 2013

Listen to the birds outside your door, soon they shall be no more.   Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but, I the Lord shall deliver them out of them all.  Forsake all others and cling to Me now child, like never before.  Behold, I come quickly, do not let Me find you sleeping.  You must stay ready for you do not know when I will come.  Just know, I come.  All will be done according to My Father's perfect Will.  In His perfect timing.   I have warned ALL, I have called ALL, and now ALL will be without excuse.  I love you child, stay close to Me, closer than you ever have before.  Pray constantly, pray in tongues constantly, forgive constantly, love constantly, Behold, I come.

 I come for My Bride who has made herself ready, with no spot or wrinkle.  She is clean and ready.  My Bride, My desire is to be with you.  You are a joy to Me.  I do not enjoy hurting people and destroying My creatures, but all that is written will happen.  I have warned, I have given plenty of time for repentance, just as I did in the days of Noah, No One has an excuse.  Be ready, check yourself, for in such an hour as you think not, I come.  Stand and persevere, be persistent, be steadfast.  Behold, I come.

Hearing God - May 2, 2013

Many will come seeking Me, but they will not find Me, for they are seeking Me through mans ways and doctrines.  To find Me they must come through My Ways.  Be still before Me for I am everywhere, listen for My still small voice within you, focus on Me and you will find Me, I am not far from My creation.  But, I will pass you by if you are not willing to hear.

My dear one, make yourself available to Me more and more as you see the day approaching.  Hide yourself in Me.  Drink deeply from My well.  Eat Me constantly and I will open unto you My deep and great mysteries.  How often do I come to you child and you do not hear?  I am faithful to come.  As you are faithful to come I speak more to you.

 Keep your heart pure before Me.  Seek Me for the absolute truth in all things.  Behold, I come.  I must find you ready My dear one, stay close to Me now, ever so close.  DO NOT FEAR what is unfolding before your eyes, I have warned you before hand.  TRUST ME child, I will protect and provide for you.  My light is in you.  Watch your words carefully.  Do not lie, do not be deceived, repent when I reveal these things to you.  Repent quickly, for I see all of you, I see your thoughts and intentions.  I chastise and correct those that I love.  As you repent, I cleanse you from all unrighteousness.  I will lay bare all your iniquity.  TRUST ME, I am doing a great work within you.  Not many come to Me and truly submit and yield to My candle, not many ask to be searched and cleansed, but you have, and I am pleased with you.

 Your heart is pure before Me.  You are humbling yourself daily to Me and allowing Me to examine and reveal the hidden things inside of you.  You are quick to repent and allow Me to purge you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.  You have placed your life in My hands and I will always protect and provide for you.  Deep calls to deep.  I have called you and you have come.  Continue to seek Me with your whole heart and lean not on your own understanding.  TRUST ME in everything you encounter.  Stay humbled and sheltered under My wing.  I will allow nothing to harm you.  I am your source.  I WILL provide.  I WILL never leave you alone.  I am here for you child, for you are Mine and I love you..  I will come quickly for you My child, stay alert, be ready and prepared, do not let your oil run out stay full of oil.  I will rejoice with you soon My Beloved dove.  You must seek to know Me and to understand My Ways.  You are learning much, but there is so much to learn.

Stay diligent in your pursuit of Me.  The more you learn of Me the stronger you grow, and the bigger I become in you.  My light in you is strong, My little one.  Listen to the unction of My Ruach Ha Kodesh, get your concordance when you are prompted and do a deeper study of My word.  I will reveal much to you as you endeavor to learn more about Me.  I will uncover My Truth as We examine the layers.  All of My word is wrapped and wound tightly together in layers of TRUTH.  I will reveal this to you as We examine My word together.  I love to reveal My TRUTH to every heart that truly seeks after Me, to know Me and My Ways.  I will not hold back from the diligent heart, No, I will not hold back, for I will surely come and reveal My hidden Manna to the truly hungry.  Much Truth will be given to you as you seek me with your whole heart.  Do not wander from My path child, stay close now My little one.  Stay close.  Our journey is just beginning and will never end.  You will live with Me forever and I will reveal greater and greater mysteries to you.  My Beloved, Behold, I come.

Hearing God - May 3, 2013

Don't imagine anything.  That is the devil trying to gain a stronghold of fear in you, cast him down and out of your thoughts.  Cleave to Me child.  I do not bring fear.  As the days tick away, stay close now, cleave to Me.  I am here, I will show you the way home.  I will teach you My Ways.  Believe only in Me.  TRUST Only in Me.  I will guide you through all your difficulties.  I am your waymaker.  I do not slumber or sleep.  Nothing catches Me by surprise, I know all.

 There is none like Me.  Trust no one, only Me.  Be careful who you listen to.  Shut off all mockers and scorners.  I speak to you in Truth.  You hear Me because you are willing to hear.  You have made yourself available to Me.  You are prepared to listen, you have trained your ear to hear.  I speak all the time, but, too few listen.  My faithful ones are prepared for what's coming.  The others are not.  They have chosen another way.  They want an easy path, where they can do their own desires.  So be it, they will be without excuse.

 My Ways are not hard.  But, you must yield to Me and My perfect will for you.  I alone know what's best for you.  Trust Me child, TRUST ONLY in ME.  Many will come and try to deceive you.  You must discern the TRUTH in all things.  If you are not sure ask Me child.  Lift your voice to Me, I will hear you, I always hear you.  I listen to every word you say, nothing escapes My ear.  Cleave to Me child.  Do not stray or forsake My path.  Stay in My Rest.  Stay in My Peace.  Stay close, under the shelter of My wing.  I have kept you hidden in Me.  I alone am your refuge.

  Do not be alarmed or dismayed at what comes now, Just TRUST Me, I will never leave you alone.  The devil is a deceiver and will try to deceive by lies and fear, he will try to manipulate your mind.  The battle field is in the mind, do not give him a place, foothold or stronghold.  You must discern, recognize his tricks and schemes, and cast them down and out.  Focus on Me child, let Me lead, do not try to lead yourself, let Me lead, Trust Me child.  I will never leave you.  You're safe in Me.  You're protected in Me.  You're provided for in Me.

Take Me with you, everywhere you go, Remember, I must be invited in to participate with you through out your day, I am here, but you must invite Me into your daily life.  Live in Me, the best is yet to be.  Behold, I come, stay alert, Be watchful and mindful of Me.  My eyes are ever upon the earth, I see all that is transpiring and it grieves Me to see all the evil and sin being done on the earth.  It is time to clean up and remove the trash.

 It is time to reign in holiness.  I will arise and come out of My temple.  I will cleanse My land as I have been cleansing My people.  I will restore harmony, I will restore peace, I will restore health and wholeness and there will be no lack for all My True followers.  My True children will be provided for and live with Me, they will not know fear.  For in My presence there is peace and joy and love.  They shall live with Me in abundance.  I shall cover them with kisses and restore them to wholeness.  There shall not be one sick or feeble among them.  For I am El Shaddai and I will provide for My own.  Trust Me child.

Beautiful days are ahead.  I have great and glorious plans for you.  You are Mine, and no one or thing can pluck you out of My hand.  I love you child, I go before you, and I walk beside you, and I am your rear guard.  You have nothing to fear.

Hearing God - April 29, 2014

My child much change is coming.  But do not fear.  I will protect you and provide for you.  As you go about your day I am with you.  You carry Me for My Spirit dwells within you.  I shall arise in you as you walk in your authority.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  I shall be glorified in you My earthen vessel, as you yield I become bigger and stronger within you.  Be careful who you allow into your circle.  I have separated you for a reason.  You must stay close and separated from the world. I live in you, We are one.  You have nothing to fear My little one.  I have anointed you and placed you here for My plan and purposes.

We are not distant child, I am here.  I will always protect you and provide for you.  Stay close under the shadow of My wing.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hearing God - May 4, 2013

I love you My child.   It pleases Me that you are here.  I am watching over My children closely now.  I am examining their ways and their hearts.  Nothing is hidden from Me.  You must be careful in your walk with Me.  You must endeavor to walk in holiness before me and love.  You must love, you must! My ways are not your ways, you must learn My ways, and be diligent in imitating them.  You must live out My TRUTH.  It is an outward sign, a manifestation of My indwelling in you.

 Your words were not all clean yesterday, this is your flesh and it must be overcome.  Only you can overcome your flesh.  Repent of your ill-spoken words and be thankful that I put a check in you to prompt you not to speak further, you should have recognized Me quicker in your speech.  I was there and I heard every word.  Repent.  Set a guard that is not asleep at your mouth gate.  This was a test, and you failed.  Repent.  Remember, I test, test, test, My true children.  Be ready for another test, it's coming, and a lot of your tests will be over what words you allow to come out of your mouth.

  Remember, it's not what you put into your mouth that defiles you, it's what you allow to come out of your mouth that defiles you.  Yes, I heard you My child, and I have cleansed you from your sin yesterday.  Be quick, immediately Repent, I require swift obedience in these days.  For obedience is better than sacrifice.  Your swift obedience shows Me that you are truly submitted and yielded to Me.  Thank you for your gift of obedience child.  When I correct you, be quick to Repent, this is your safety valve, it will allow Me to purge your vessel of any unrighteousness so that it does not gain a foothold on you and start to root itself into you.

  There is much to learn about Me and My ways.  Be diligent in your pursuit of Me.  These are the last days on earth as you know it.  I am doing a new thing and it is marvelous in My eyes.  I will come for you My Bride, stay alert, stay clean, come before Me often and Repent, don't hold anything back from Me now child, let go of everything and seek to follow Me.  We are gaining ground now, and We are gaining altitude as We ascend into greater realms of glory.  My heart is full of love today.  My eyes behold you now My love, My dove, close your eyes and let Me cover you with My kisses.

Vision:  We are in the garden and I am seated on a rock, the garden is the same one that I have seen before I think, lush and green.  I have on a white robe or gown and Jesus comes behind me and He is wearing a long white robe with a blue sash/belt.  He places His right hand on My right shoulder, and bends and kisses the top of my head.  Then He comes and kneels down beside Me (I'm still sitting on the rock, just watching Him) He picks up my right hand and holds it, He leans into my face and is quiet, and nuzzles me with His face, just a gentle caress, His face to my face and He stays there for awhile, then He slowly gets up and walks away, I ask Him not to go, He turns back to me and says "I will be back" and walks away....
vision ends

It's a beautiful thing to behold how you listen.  I love you My little one, My dove.  I can do much with a willing heart, one who is willing to hear is a thing of beauty.  A treasure beyond measure.  I will reveal much to you My dear.  For you truly want to hear.  As you have set your heart to seek Me, you shall surely find a multitude of blessings.  I will pour out My spirit upon you, and you shall prophecy for Me.  Do not hold back, it's coming wait for it.  My gifts to you are without repentance.  You must obey all that I command of you.  Do not hold back.  Time is short.  The Kingdom will advance, the Kingdom is calling for your allegiance, will you answer the call child?  Will you heed My unctions.  Will you warn My people of the impending danger and perils of going their own way, without a guide. I require much of you My child.  Be ready, Behold I come and you must answer the call.  You have been seeking Me and now I will seek you.  Get these words up on your blog, be diligent to complete this for Me, for many will receive My words through this.  This is not just for you, I am calling all of My children that will hear to come, come to Me now, time is short, DO NOT DELAY, Behold, I come.  Now is the time to answer the Call, Behold, I come.

Do you hear the train?  Do you hear the hounds outside your door?  Be ready to board the train, your departure is imminent.

Shelter under My wings, stay hid in Me, the hounds of hell have been released.  Be ready to war - stand fast - Be ready.

 There is a beauty in holiness child, there is nothing like it, it glows.  Open your eyes child, you've seen this in children, you've seen this in others.  My light is a candle that lights up the soul.  True beauty comes through Me.  As you allow Me access to tinker with your inner workings I am enlarging the flame inside of you.  This flame will never be extinguished.  For I am the one who has lit your flame.  I am your source.

  I am well pleased with you child, your growth is proficient and excelling daily now, this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  We will soon be on our journey home.  It won't be long now.  Stay covered and hid in Me, do nothing that I do not tell you to do.  Make no changes, that I do not tell you to .  Your life is in My hands and I, only I, direct your path.  Much change is coming.  Do not go out ahead of Me, make no changes without Me telling you to.  Do not move your daughter from her school, she is needed there, I am doing a work in her now, I am dealing with her pride.  She is a light for Me and I will never let her go.  I am using her to be a light, a candle - she is set apart for My purpose.  That is why she feels separated and shunned, the light in her repels the dark in others, but the foundation in the class, the standard I have set is in her.  She must walk this path.  This is the course I have set her on.

Hearing God - May 5, 2013

I woke up this morning to this song:  " Hallelujah..., He lives in me, Hallelujah..., He set me free..."

Be still and know that I am God.  I will arise and take My people home with Me.  From the rising to the setting of the sun, nothing escapes Me.  I see all, I know all.  I am the I am and there is no other.  I provide for all.  I created everything.  I am El Shadai, the all sufficient one.

 I give many gifts to My little ones everyday.  It is My good pleasure to give gifts to My children.  I am limitless.  Nothing is impossible to Me.  Do not fear, for there is no fear in Me.   My light is sufficient for you.  Live in My light child.  Live in My love.  Let My grace and peace wash over you My love, My dove.  I am all you need.

 Without Me you will die, without Me there is nothing for you.  I created you for Me, you are Mine and I love you.  You are My precious dove, and I love spending time with you.  You need to spend more time with Me, take communion and read My word more, these are very valuable and necessary for your warfare now.  Trust Me and do not doubt My care for you.

 I have you in the palm of My hand.  I will go with you everywhere as long as you invite Me in.  I am willing to help, but you must ask, I seek to be with you now as you seek to be with Me.  The marriage supper is soon to commence.

 It's always darkest before the dawn.  Great and Mighty things are coming now.  Be ready, stay prepared.  I am coming soon, My love.  Keep your heart pure.  Repent often, do not get lazy in your pursuit of Me.  I am here.  How deeply do you want to drink?  I will give you as much as you are willing to drink.

  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them up out of them all.  I will deliver you from this pit, into a glorious new life.  I will show you My hand, My hand is upon you and I will lead you.

Hearing God - May 6, 2013

My dear child, focus on Me till you can hear Me clearly.  I am here.  Be still and know that I am God.  I am your Elohim.  I am pleased when you come before Me and wait on Me.  I will be first.  You shall have no other God's before Me.  Listen only to Me.  I alone will direct your path.

 Repent, and remove all bitterness.  I can only use clean vessels.  You must endeavor to walk in holiness.  You must take captive every thought and bring it into submission to My perfect will.  You must choose to walk in love and kindness.  For that is My way.  My ways are higher than your fleshly ways.  I see every heart, you don't.

 I love all of My people.  You are all at different stages.  You must be patient with everyone.  You have not "arrived."  You must cast down all pride.  Pride should have no place in you.  Humbleness and humility is preferring others above yourself.

 Be ye gentle, patient, kind, tenderhearted, and long-suffering towards one another, for this is My way.  Love forgives, love moves on and forgets the sins of the past and in doing so, love grows.  Love is the greatest weapon you have - Love will permeate even the most difficult and hardened heart.  Love builds bridges.  Love abides peacefully.  Love covers the sins of others.  Love does not gossip or hold grudges.  Love never keeps an account of wrongs done to it.  It forgives and moves on.  My love must be allowed to grow in and through you.

 Remember every encounter with someone is a test.  How you react to others is being watched and recorded.  You must pass these tests child, to move on and up in Me.  Do not let satan have a foothold in you, cast him down and out, drop kick his butt out of your being, when his ugly head rears up in your thoughts and feelings say "No, you have to go" and drop-kick his butt OUT !

  You have much to learn child, but what you have learned you must start using, stand your ground in Me, ask Me to step in and help, don't allow satan to block Me out, Remember, I am here.  Call upon Me in the midst of your encounters with people, and in the midst of your conversations.  When you feel something not quite right inside, or that is not loving or kind, call upon Me and ask Me to help.

 Life can be simple child, lean into Me and Trust Me to guide you through it.  I am always willing to help.  Remember, I prune, I pluck, I root out anything that I deem necessary to produce My likeness and character in you.  The layers are deeper now.  You must yield and continue to allow Me total access to all of you.  I am doing a great and powerful work in you.

  My Bride loves.  You , as My Bride must be filled with love.  You must act like Me, talk like Me and love like Me.  There is no other way.  You are learning child, I discipline all of the ones that I love and I truly love you child.  I am removing spots, blemishes and wrinkles as things bubble up in you.  Your job is to yield, and Repent when I show you things.  I will do the rest.

  TRUST Me child, when you don't understand, TRUST ME, when you can't see the path.

Hearing God - May 7, 2013

When I come for you it's not going to be in a spaceship, be not deceived.  My plan is unfolding and coming to pass.  Great mysteries are being revealed.  The end is before you.  Look up for your redemption draweth nigh.  Not very long now child.  Remember, shelter in Me, stay close and all will go well with you.  Focus all your attention on Me, on what I am saying, on what I am doing on the earth.  Read My word, take communion with Me, pray and seek My word, for this is how you live in Me.  This is how you should live now.  The world has nothing for you.  Don't look back at the world, look to Me the author and finisher of your faith.  Your life is in My hands.  Trust Me in everything.  Do not doubt My plan or provision.  Do not waiver in your steadfast assurance of My ways.  Believe in what you can't see.  Trust in Me and let your faith carry you through your days.  Faith is truly an action word.  Use your faith and I will grow bigger in your reality.  I am not limited, I am limitless.  Live in Me child.  I am your source.   I will provide for you.  Do not doubt My love or provision for nothing is impossible for Me.  Listen to Me through-out your day.  I am here - listen.  

Hearing God - April 28, 2014

Dream:  I dreamed about a friend of mine getting everything in order for her family because she was dying.

There are many things in My plan that you will not understand.  You will have to trust Me in all things pertaining to life as you know it.  I love you child.  You must stay alert and do not fall asleep.  Patient endurance is needed now.  Keep your eye on the prize - Me.  Focus solely on Me now My little one.  Trust Me in all things pertaining to you and your life.  I am here.  I will lead you safely through.  Stay sheltered in Me.  Safely tucked under My wing, abiding in the vine.  I will nourish you and you shall flourish in Me.  Stay close.

Hearing God - April 27, 2014

note:  I had several dreams last night that I do not understand...I will not blog these at this time...

As I finished writing out these dreams to ponder and meditate on, as I began to wait upon the Lord, He spoke:

Dreams have hidden meanings child, some are revealed immediately and some are sown as seeds to be revealed at a later time.  it is good to ponder upon your dreams and meditate upon them, some you should put up on your blog, some you should keep to yourself.  I do not require these dreams to be put up on your blog for they are related to details in your future.  It is good to record your dreams while they are fresh in your mind before they slip away like a wisp.  I am here to help you child.  Listen to the wind.  I am in the wind.  Listen child the sound of war is at the door, martial law is coming.  I will protect you and provide for you.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hearing God - April 26, 2014

I asked a question:  What would you like to talk to Me about today Lord?

He answered:  As much as you love your child and prepared for her birthday, I love you more and I have prepared a beautiful mansion for you to abide in with Me.  I have prepared a beautiful feast.  Soon My child, soon We shall be together.  I shall take you to My home.  But, for now patient endurance is required of thee.   Abiding in the vine, drinking and feedin on My words, praying for your family, friends, the lost, the lukewarm, the church, your government, the world, praying in tongues, communion, living solely in Me, focusing solely upon Me, Resting in Me, staying safely tucked under My wing is your quiet abode now.  I shall tell you when I want you to change.  I shall lead you, but for now, My dear one, TRUST Me, stay tucked away in Me.  Breathe in Me, Breathe out Me.  I am here.  Dwelling and abiding in Me.  Getting to know Me, My Heart, My Ways, this is your purpose right now.   My light dwells within you and shines out of you piercing this present darkness.  My love flows through you child.  Stay clean, keep your garments clean, guard your gates:  Eyes, Ears, Mouth.  Keep in step with Me.  Stay close, do not lag behind.  I lead, you must follow.  Do not run out ahead of Me.  Stay close.  Shelter in place now.

Close your eyes:

Vision:  I see the night sky with me looking up through the tops of the trees that are silhouetted by the moon light.  It is a full moon and the sky is clear, no stars or clouds, just the moon shining...then I see what looks like a cross coming out of the side of the moon sideways, as I'm looking at it, it begins to stretch out and turn into a sword that stretches itself out to touch the is lit up like the moon...

Friday, April 25, 2014

Hearing God - April 25, 2014

My child you are one with Me.  You are yielded to Me.  You are My beloved dove.  I am well pleased with your diligence in pursuing Me and putting up these messages.  I shall soon put everything in order.  My children must stay alert and ready for Me to rescue them.  I shall come in an hour that they think not.  This is the end.  Of all the times to be looking for Me NOW is the time.  Do not hesitate to come to me.  Do not draw back from your seeking of Me for there is no time left.  Much is about to change.

Always ask Me whether you should do any and all things now, I alone am your guide.  I alone shall tell you this is the way walk in it, Go or do not go.  I am your protector, I will provide for you.  I will lead you, will you follow.  I love you little one.  Behold, your King is coming.  Stay close, stay in the safety of My Ark.  I am here.  Draw closer My dear one, I can hear you breathing, can you feel My wings.  I am here with you, do not fear.

Hearing God - May 8, 2013

My Kingdom comes, My Will will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  All will be restored all will be put back in order.  I do not dwell in chaos, I am the God of order.  Nothing runs amuck in My Kingdom.  Everything flows in harmony, unity and love.  There is no division in My Kingdom.  There is a divine order to everything.  I am the God of details.  I do not miss a thing.

  I am the only One you can trust, for I see the beginning and the end in all things.  Time is short child, cleave to Me at all times.  Faith, Hope and Love are to be your constant companions now, and charity will be your friend.

 I go before you and I am your rear guard.  I will allow nothing to harm you that is not in My perfect will for you.  You must stand strong and be patient to the end.  You must endure and persevere for a little while, stay sheltered under My wing.  I am your source of all strength.  I Myself am dwelling in you.  You have nothing to fear.  As you watch things unfold, you will be amazed at what is befalling people, but it shall not come nigh you.

 Only with your eyes will you behold the reward of the wicked.  Your light will draw others, your peace and steadfastness will be a strong tower people will run to for answers, you must tell them where you get your peace from.  You must tell them how to come to Me.  I am not difficult to find.  They must come now while there is still time.  They must seek me now, while I may be found.

 Tell them there is no fear for the ones who know their God and have a personal relationship with Him.  Tell them I'm coming soon, and they need to be in right relationship with Me.  They will only find peace and rest in Me.  Outside of Me they will be filled with fear and turmoil, anx and despair.  Only I can give peace.  Only I can protect.  Only I can provide.  Everything in this world is crumbling, and only those who are sheltering in the Most High God will be able to stand and endure, you must have endurance, you must have perseverance.  Ask Me to give you these two gifts.

 For the coming days much change is to take place, quickly, unexpectedly, shockingly, suddenly, there shall be no doubt these are the end of days.  The world as you know it shall be no more.  The world has trusted in their own man made systems. People have trusted in people, people cannot save you.  People have schemed against other people to get ahead, they are filled with greed, lust, and self-love.  They do not put others first.  They are puffed up in pride, but they will be brought low.  I will deal with everyone according to their own hearts and works.

 You cannot hide from Me.  I see all.  I will recompense and repay all.  I will cleanse the earth from all unrighteousness.  This is not a game.  I shall not be mocked.  I am the judge.  Many of My children give Me lip service, but their hearts are far from Me, Oh foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you.  You must come to Me and Repent or else I will come and cast you out into outer darkness, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Do not trust in your riches.  Do not trust in your jobs.  Do not trust in religion.  These cannot help you.  Only I can help.  Only I can show up in your situation and help.  Only I can save.  Only, I can lead you home.  TRUST no one but Me.  I am THE WAY.  I am the Good Shepherd, My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me, and another voice they will not follow.

 Listen to the beauty of the bird songs calling outside your door.  They trust in Me alone for I am their source.  They praise Me alone and no other.  They look to Me to provide and no other.  Consider the birds.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hearing God - May 9,2013

Wake up child, I want to talk to you.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them up out of them all.  For everyone who trusts in Me.  I will make a way.  Be on guard today, for the devil, the enemy of your soul wants to destroy you.  He is roaming around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.  You will be tested today.  Stay Alert, Stand Guard.  Be ready for anything.  My Will is that you abide in Me daily now.  Focus on Me.  Ask Me to help you in all your assignments and daily tasks.  I am coming child, do not fear anything.  Your life is in My hands, and I will always take care of you.  Many people trust in riches, but soon money will fail and then where will they be.

Song:  "Blessed Assurance Jesus is Mine...."

Rest assured, I will take care of you.  Do not worry, I will take care of you.  Do not worry, I will take care of your mom.  TRUST Me child.  I am here.  Cast down all fear, and worry, and Rest in Me.  I am well able to meet every need.  Light your world in love.  Let My light flow out of you today, let it's golden glow flow onto others, through the kindness you express, I am seen.

Go start your day child and take Me with you.

Hearing God - May 10, 2013

Worldly people have worldly desires.  Heavenly people have heavenly desires.  My children, think on Me.  Focus all your attention on Me.  For I am your source.  Outside of Me you have nothing.  In Me you lack nothing.  Stay close to your source.  I will provide all that you need.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but I will deliver them out of them all.

 Do not test Me child.  You are not the teacher, I am.  I saw you yesterday, I watched you in Wal-Mart, in the midst of your test, you recognized the enemy quickly and did not act unkindly, you endured and gained more patience, you passed the test and pleased Me child.  You must endure and persevere in everything I bring into your life.  I will deliver you from much in the days ahead.  Shelter in Me child.  TRUST only Me.  I will lead you, I alone will lead you.

 Separate yourself from the world and cleave unto Me, your Bridegroom.  Repent immediately and let Me cleanse you.  Keep your garments clean.  Stay ready child.  For I come quickly.  You have prepared yourself, now stay ready, Be alert, Be vigilant, Stand firm, Be watchful and all will go well with you.  Many things must happen now, quickly, one right after the other, this is My last "Wake Up" calling, as My plans unfold it will route the enemy and awaken the people to the reality that I am God.  That I am truth and that I come.

  Some will repent and turn to Me and let Me gather them My lost sheep, for I love each and everyone.  But most will be so deceived they will harden their hearts even harder.  They are puffed up in pride and pretend they don't see and pretend they don't understand, sadly it will not go well with them.  I will not force anyone to come to Me for I have given them all free-will, they will abide in their own choices.  No one will have an excuse.  Their own conscience will condemn them.

 There is no lukewarm now.  The dividing line has been drawn.  You are either for Me or against Me.  I take care of My own.  Multitudes are being weighed in the balance now.  I know who are Mine and who truly trust Me.  I cannot be deceived.  But, many people deceive themselves with false doctrines and they easily swallow a lie, because it's sweet and requires no change.  That should be a grave sign to all, for I require change in the inward man, no longer seeking to pleasure yourself in your own selfish desires.

 I require all to please Me, to change and conform into My image.  To show forth My character.  You, My child, My precious one have chosen the right path.  Your path will lead you home to Me.  Continue in your journey of seeking Me with your whole heart and it will go well with you.  Do not allow yourself to be discouraged, your enemy will try to discourage you from your journey in Me.  Stay the course, do not look back, this world has nothing for you.  Keep your heart pure.  Do not defile yourself with the things of this world.  Stay close now child, and listen to Me, through out your entire day.  I am here.  I see all that comes your way.  Invite Me into your day, ask Me and I will help you in all you do.

  You are being prepared for a mighty work for Me.  It will not be easy.  I will show you the way, step by step.  The tests have reaped the fruit of faithfulness, patience, kindness, long-suffering, self-control, gentleness, humbleness, meekness and love.  These are all attributes of My Character being formed in you.  You have been molded into My image and likeness.  Through out your day I constantly mold you and correct you and cleanse you as you yield and submit it allows Me to perfect you.  It's a beautiful thing.

Hearing God - May 11, 2013

Song:  "You stay the same through the ages... Your love never changes...You make all things work together for My good...."

My child, I know you.  I know everything about you.  I know every thought, and I know every dream that you have when you are sleeping...I know you think about Me often, even in your sleeping hours you cry out to Me, and it pleases Me child, it pleases Me.

 You are a gift to Me, your sacrifice of fasting is drawing you closer and closer to Me.  I love the smell of your hair and the scent of your prayers is intoxicating.  You are My beloved dove and you truly want Me, more than anything now, you are growing child.  You are being transformed into My image, and I will fill you with My power.

 You have opened yourself up to Me and allowed Me to cleanse and purge your vessel of all unrighteousness.  I have great plans for you My child.  You must hold onto what you know about Me.  Do not look back at the world.  You are not missing anything.  TRUST Me to fulfill all your needs.

Stay humbly submitted and yielded to Me.  Look for Me in the tests.  I am here, I will guide you through.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord God delivers them out of them all.  I will deliver you.  I will always deliver you.  Do not doubt My power.  My ways are not your ways.  My plans are not your plans.

  Stay the course, keep on the path you are on.  Keep putting My words on your blog.  Many are becoming hungry now for truth.  I am the absolute TRUTH.  They are looking for what is real.  I am "Reality".  They are looking for Me, but they don't know how to find Me, keep sharing, keep telling them how to find Me.  Keep lighting the way on your blog.  You can still posts your cards and crafts on your blog too.  Leave your thoughts and cares about others with Me.  Do not worry or be concerned about your Mom, I will take care of her.  She is on her own path with Me.  Each person must come to Me on their own.  I have a different path for each one, it is not the wide road, it is the narrow road of the heart that is specifically tailored for each one.

 I require different things from each soul, that is why you cannot judge them, for you do not know what I have required them to do.  You can warn them to prepare for My coming, for surely I am coming soon.  You can warn them not to sin willfully for surely fornicators and immoral lifestyles will end up in the fires of hell, unless they repent.  Be ready, for in such a time as you think not I come.

 Many changes are coming to your world, do not be alarmed or dismayed, for this must all come to pass, but, I will take care of you.  TRUST ME CHILD.  My angels are warring over Israel now, keep praying for Israel child.  Start praying the word over Israel, it will strengthen My Angelic warriors in the battle.  Keep praying the word over your own life, for there is much happening in your own life and land that you do not see.  My word has power and dominion.  Your words have power and dominion, open your mouth and release the power.  I have given you the power to tread over all of your enemies, you must use the power.  TRUST Me child, it's already in you.

Song:  "I've got the Power..."

A prophet is without honor in his own home.  Do not be discouraged.  Keep sowing, keep doing what you are doing.  I see all, you are not alone.  Some days they love you, some days they hate you.   Keep on the path that you are on, and all will go well with you.   I have lit your candle and it will never go out, as long as you keep coming to Me and Waiting on Me I will fill you with My oil.  You are one of My wise virgins and it will go well with you.  For from your rising you seek Me, you put Me first and this is how it should be.  I am a rewarder of those that diligently seek Me.

Close your eyes, what do you see?

Vision:  I am in total darkness, and standing in front of an open door, being greeted by Jesus, the doorway is flooded with a golden yellow light.  Jesus says "Come in My child, welcome, this is your new home.", Everything is bathed in a beautiful warm golden yellow light, I am happy, very happy to be here with Jesus, everything is not quite clear.  I can kinda make out the homes and buildings, the pathway looks like gold bricks, the grass and trees and flowers are green and lush, I can hear birds.  The sky is beautiful.  I can see this is some sort of city and all is peaceful.  I can sense that there are people here and it's a very large place.  We are walking around on the path, me and Jesus.

This is where you will live with Me My child.  This shall be where We abide together.  I have many secrets and mysteries to reveal to you in My timing.  Little by little we will experience the wonder of My world together.  I will show you things and take you to places you have never been before.  Abide in Me child.  Stay sheltered under My wing, I am your source.  I am your comfort, I am your peace.  I love you My child.  I am here.  Drink deeply of Me today, eat your fill of Me today.

Today is the Sabbath, enjoy the Sabbath Shabot Shalom.  Behold, I come.

Hearing God - May 12, 2013

I am come to give you life, and life more abundantly.  I am here child, do not fear.  I am always here.  I was testing you.  I have been molding and transforming you, day by day change comes.  It's a process.

 The more you live and abide in Me, the more you see of Me and the less you see of you.  I am taking over all of you now.  I must increase, and you must decrease.  Yes, you still have much to learn, but you are learning and growing rapidly.  You have not been faithful in reading My word, and you are starving the Holy Spirit in you, you MUST read My word everyday to feed My Holy Spirit in you.  Everything I have asked you to do works together.  Waiting on Me, prayer, communion, and eating and drinking Me in My word.

You should not put the Holy Spirit on a forced "fast", it is not good for you, and it will not go well with you.  Repent, and get back to what you have been doing, do not skip two or three days, you MUST feed on My Word daily.  This is not a game.

 I need you strong, the battle rages now, and you will be found lacking if you start skipping steps.  Repent and get back in line on the path.  DO NOT stray from this path.  Reading My word feeds the Holy Spirit.  It is a very necessary thing for you child.

 You must not come out from under the shelter of My wing.  These days are filled with danger, and evil lurks on every corner, it is encircling every house on the planet now.  It has not touched you, because I have not allowed it to.  You hinder it around you in others, only because you have made yourself strong in Me.  But, you will become weaker when you stray off the path.  Get back on the path and READ My Word daily, this is not a suggestion, it is an ORDER.  Time is short, DO NOT stray from My path, I have placed you on.  I am not pleased with you in this.  I need you strong in Me.  Make yourself strong in Me child.  Behold, I come.  Stay prepared and ready.  Do not slip away from Me child, even for a moment now.

(long pause...)

Oh, My child, My precious one, you have repented and I forgive and cleanse you, now go and sin no more.  Behold, I come, in an hour you think not, I come.

Hearing God - May 13, 2013

I am disappointed in you child, you must put Me first.  I must be your priority.  I will give you as much of Me as you allow Me to give you.  You need Me now more than ever child.  Do not slip off the path. Many traps and snares have been placed to deceptively lure you off the path.  Do not allow yourself to be deceived My child.  I am calling for complete separation from all the things of this world.  Give Me all of you.  I will be Lord of ALL, or not Lord at all.  My eyes see all.  Nothing is hidden or goes unnoticed to Me.  Do not allow yourself to be deceived.  My word is a lamp unto your feet.  Keep Me as your first love.  Keep Me as your priority.  Keep Me ever before your eyes.  Behold I come.  Stay alert, stay ready.  Be vigilant in your pursuit of Me.  Do not back off.  I am a rewarder of them that diligently seek Me.  

Hearing God - May 14, 2013

I am here.  Listen to Me, let Me speak into your heart and guide you today.  I love you and I love to speak to you and show you more of Me.  I am your God, I am your source of life itself.  Do not doubt My love and provision for you.  I am your Almighty God.  I am limitless.  I am the God of "I'm Possible".  Nothing is hidden from Me.  Each new day you come I fill you more and more with Me.  I fill you with My oil.  I fill you with My love.  I fill you with My spirit.

 Now you must feed My spirit everyday often to make yourself strong in Me.  You should feed My spirit more than once a day.  Stop through out your day and feed on My word.  As often as you normally feed your body, you should be feeding on Me more and more.  This is how you make yourself strong in Me.

 No weapon formed against you shall prosper as long as you abide in Me.  Stay close child.  You should shadow Me, there is no shadow in Me, but you should try to stay close to Me like a shadow, this is how you abide in Me.  Increase your prayer time.  Keep Me ever present on your mind.  As you do your daily tasks count it all joy to come into My presence with praise and thanksgiving.  Pray in My Spirit more and more this will strengthen and build you up in your spirit and soul.

 You are a spiritual being, housed in a fleshly temple.  Your body is My temple that I choose to dwell in as you allow Me access.  You must stay clean and holy, there must not be any sin in your life or body.  I will only dwell in holy, yielded vessels.  Be ye holy for I am holy.  Only the righteous and holy will see me.

My clarion call is going out through out the earth for ALL to prepare for My coming.  For truly I come, and truly I have been calling, but few are willing to hear.  Bend your ear, pray to Me to hear what I am saying, if you want to hear, if you want to see, you must come to Me and ask Me to open your ears, and ask Me to open your eyes so that you can see and hear what I am saying to you.

 I am not a respecter of persons.   I will reveal Myself to all who truly seek Me with their whole heart.  I am willing to reveal Myself if you are willing to diligently seek Me.  I love you child.  I will come for you soon.  We will be together soon.  Stay strong.  Hold on to what I have revealed to you.

SSSShhhhh...Focus on not get distracted by the noise going on around you.  I am here.  Listen to My still small voice.  I will direct your path.  Lean into Me in everything you encounter in your day.  I am here.  Allow Me to live BIG in you today.  TRUST ME child, I am here.  I will never leave you or forsake you .  You are precious to Me.  Stay strong, stay clean, stay pure.  For behold, I come.  Stay prepared and ready.  Behold, I come quickly.

 Wait on Me often.  Heed My voice, obey quickly when I tell you to do something.  Do not hesitate, do not waiver, do not be double minded.  Stay the course.  I am wrapping things up, things are coming on this world now in a rapid pace.  Stay strong!  Do not doubt My provision.  I will always provide for you.

 It's just a little while now child, and I will come to take you home with Me.  Do not fear.   For I am here with you.  You are never alone in anything you encounter, I am here with you.  Remember, I test, test, test, and the teacher is quietest in the test. But, you can ask Me for help and guidance in any part of your test, lean on Me in everything.  I will show you the way to succeed in the test, but Remember, you MUST ask for My help, if you ask for My help I will surely give it.  If you do not ask for My help, then you are operating in Pride and your flesh.  Remember child, yield to Me, ask for Me to help you endure and persevere in your test, ask Me for wisdom in how to yield in your tests, I am here.  Ask for My help, it is My pleasure to always help you, but I won't just do it, you must ask.

 Also, Remember to praise and thank Me in the test, glorify Me in your tests, and I will glorify you and great shall be your reward.  You are Mine, you are greatly beloved, and you shall be tested and tried.  Take up your cross and follow Me.  I will lead you in all your circumstances.  Remain strong, do not lose focus.  I am here, you are not alone.  Your life is in My hands.  I love and provide for all of My children.

 I am pleased with you, My child, My love, My dove.  Humble yourself more under My hand.  As you humble yourself more you allow Me to form more of My character in you.  My likeness is humble, meek and lowly.  My likeness is merciful and Kind, gentle and patient.  Allow My Father to create in you My character in it's fullness.  Let My precious Holy Spirit the Ruach Ha Kodesh light your countenance with My presence, as your oil lamp is filled you will reflect My glory, you will glow.  Do not be alarmed by this, you already glow in the spirit and the spiritual world sees My power in you, you do not see it, but it's there .  Soon you shall see my power manifested outwardly in you, for you will glow as My glory is tangible.  You will not be operating in your own power.  You will be operating in My power and authority.

  Abide in me child.  Stay close.  your destiny is unfolding before you.  Step by step, abide in Me.  I will guide you.  Let love abide in you mightily now.  Love is the Key to unlocking mysteries in My Kingdom.

Hearing God - May 15, 2013

My love for you knows no bounds, for it pleases Me that you have taken My Holy days seriously.  The Shavuot is very special to Me and should not be taken lightly or forgotten.  The giving of My Torah to mankind was on the Shavuot, the Holy Spirit given to men at Pentecost was on the Shavuot, King David was born on the Shavuot and he died on the Shavuot.  This is a very special time of consecration to Me child.  I see you, I see all you have done today and you shall be blessed and filled for your diligence.

  As you humble yourself before Me and seek My face along with your prayers and fasting it honors Me, it strengthens you, and We are bonded tighter together My love.  You shall soar upon the high places with Me.  Wherever you go, I go with you, I am as close, closer really than your breath.  I shall lift you up on eagles wings, as you abide in Me We shall journey together My love.  I will take you with Me soon.  I will manifest Myself to you more and more.  Keep seeking Me, My beloved Dove, for I am here.  I long to cover you with kisses.  I long to dance and twirl you around in My arms, for We shall be one in unity and love.  As you yield to Me, I become bigger in you.  I will show forth mightily through all My earthen vessels that have yielded themselves to Me.
spoken at 4:21pm

I am sad that you put that before Me, but I am happy you are quick to come back.  I can feel your heart as it beats, yearns and longs for Me, you pant after Me child and that pleases Me.  You are lovelier by far, the more you search for Me.  Your heart glows with anticipation of hearing from Me you can't bear to be without Me now, for you are deeply, irrevocably in love with Me, your Lord and Savior, Yuhushua Ha Mashiach.  My dear child, this is how My Father and I feel about you.  The feeling is mutual.  Love never dies in My Kingdom, it only grows, for nothing is for nought in My Kingdom, there is a purpose for everything.

 My ways are not your ways, My ways are higher than your ways.  Rely on Me to meet your every need My dear one.  Do not allow yourself to worry or fret over things,just bring all to Me.   I will supply every need you have.  I am your Father, your perfect Father and it is My good pleasure to bless you child.  Rejoice, for your light has come.  Rejoice for you are Mine.  My beloved, I and My Father are one.  I love that you include Me in your day to day affairs.  You carry Me with you and it pleases Me, so I am not silent.  For you have invited Me into your life.  You call upon Me and My Ruach Ha Kodesh to help you moment by moment and this pleases Me.

 You are fascinated with Me, and your mind is constantly on Me.  I love, love, love you My child, My little dove.  You are showing My character in you.  Rejoice, My child for you are greatly loved.  Rejoice My dear one for I feel very loved by you.  I love how you love Me and want to serve Me.  you have developed a true servants heart.

 Read My word, study the passages of My giving the Torah and also the passages of My giving My precious Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.  I have much treasure laid up for you there.  Enjoy My word, eat your fill and rejoice for I have come nigh to you, My dear one.  I will reveal Myself to you.  For you have proven yourself worthy, and I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me with their whole heart.  Seek Me child seek, search the depths of My word now, enter into My storehouse now and take your fill.  I am limitless, take all that you can hold.

My dear one, you are lovely, you are fair, you are Mine and you will dwell with Me in Zion.  Come hungry child, I must increase more in you, as you humble yourself and decrease, you will reflect Me, not yourself-ME!  I am what the world will see as a result of your spending time in Me.  Abiding in Me is your life's goal.

 You will be nourished, rested and protected as you shelter in Me.  No one can pluck you off My path child, for I hold your hand, the only way to come off of My path is if you willingly remove yourself from it.  Stay strong, don't back off, the race is almost finished.  You must trust Me, do not be shaken when I start removing more people from you, for this is My WILL for you.  Steady yourself in Me. SSSShhhhhhh, do not ask Me who, at this time I will not reveal it, trust Me day by day, My grace is sufficient day by bay.  I love you.  TRUST ME.
spoken at 4:28pm and finished at 4:58pm

Hearing God - April 24, 2014

Breadcrumb trails.  These words that I speak to you shall bring hope to many desperate and hurting people in the days ahead.  What seems personal to you, shall be an open invitation to all who read these to enter in and seek me out for themselves.

 You know Me, dear one, but many shall come to know Me by these messages.  I will use these messages to kindle a fire in the hearts of many lost and hurting people.  I shall use these words to increase their faith and restore their hope in Me.  I love how you love Me.  This in as excellent way to show by example how easy it is to talk to Me and listen to Me.  It shall show the importance of waiting on Me.  It shall show the reality of who I am.  I have awakened you to Me.  Now I WILL, to awaken others to Me through you.  Much is being accomplished through these messages now.  You are just a small part in My plans.  Only in heaven shall you see the results of how I used these words to bring forth My Kingdom.

I am pleased that you are studying your authority.  This shall increase your faith and ability to serve Me.  The more you know, the more you grow.  As you spend time meditating on your authority, you begin to manifest it in your life.  As you believe, you are.  This is faith.  As you yield and submit to My Truths you grow in Me and I see more of My Reflection in you.  My Kingdom is within you and is now breaking forth.  I am here.  I shall not be denied.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord God shall deliver them up out of them all.  Only Believe, Only Believe, all things are possible, Only Believe.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hearing God - May 16, 2013

I am pleased with you child, your prayers and devotion come before Me in ever increasing faith, and so now I will send an abundance of rain, I will shower you with blessings My child, My little one, for your heart is pure and clean and you are continually drawing closer to Me now.  There are still many, many trials and tests to come for you, BUT count it all joy for I will deliver you up out of them all.  Hold fast to Me now, for the battle will become more fierce.  Keep your focus solely on Me, for I am your great reward.  I will bring you into My peace in the midst of the storms.  Do not lose heart, no matter what you face now, for I am here and nothing will come your way that I do not allow.

 You must trust Me now in everything.  Do not doubt My provision.  DO NOT hesitate to do what I have given you the unction to do.  Your unctions to show kindness are not your own desires they are from Me, obey Me child, recognize Me in these little unctions, this is how you sow seeds of love, My love, in the hearts of others.  One sows, another waters, and love grows.  Remember, I am love, and I am to be sown into the lives of people.

Let Me be seen Big and Strong in you, I must increase and you must decrease now My love, My dove.  You are gentle, you are kind, you are reflecting Me now.  I am transforming you into My likeness and image.  Let My words flow through you to touch others.  You were created to serve.  Out of the abundance of your heart, My love grows.  It flows out of you and grows and grows.  People are refreshed and strengthened by My words coming forth out of you.  My love knows no bounds.  Let Me flow out of you to touch others.  Let the beauty of My holiness rest upon you now.  Let the grace of gentleness be your covering.  Let My peace be your portion child.  Rest in Me, all is well with you.  I love you, you are Mine, My love, listen to Me always.

 My call goes out in the earth, My eyes search out the lost, I am awakening My Bride now, for it is time to show forth My Glory.  Many will heed My call, but many will not hear My call, for they are not ready, they are not prepared to hear Me.  You must come and diligently seek Me, ask Me to open your ears to hear, ask Me to open your eyes and remove the veils so that you can see.  Behold, I come, don't let Me catch you sleeping.  My child, I have awakened you, do not fall back asleep now.  Stay vigilant, stay alert, Beware of the enemies schemes to make you comfortable in Me, to make you believe that you have "arrived" this is a deception, this is a lie!  I have awakened you, you have found Me, your one true love, you are hearing Me.  But, you must not back off in your diligent pursuit of Me.  Stay hungry, pursue Me My child, I have so much more to reveal to you, keep coming, keep seeking and the door shall be opened to you.  There are many Keys in My Kingdom.  Love is the greatest.  But, there are more and you must come to Me and seek them out.  I will reveal much to you in the days ahead My dear one.  Be diligent in your pursuit of Me.  How hungry are you for Me?  Let Me see it.

Hearing God - May 17, 2013

My love, I have enjoyed watching you today.  I do not want you to eat bacon anymore, obey Me in this.  I need you to focus on Me now, listen and heed all of My instructions.  I am Yahuah your God and Father.  I love you.  You are fair My dear one, you are fair, fairer than ten thousand.  Your heart flows with love for Me now and that pleases Me.  You are quick to curtail your "pop-up" thoughts, that pleases Me, you are quick to repent when you realize your error and that pleases Me.  You now invite Me into "everything" and that pleases Me.

 You have kept the guard on your mouth, you have slipped with your tongue, but you have adjusted, repented and again placed the guard on your tongue and that pleases Me.  You are in love with Me, your first love, and that pleases Me.  You are putting others ahead of yourself and that pleases Me.  You are expressing the characteristics of My Son and reflecting My Son's image and that pleases Me.  The more you humble yourself before Me and put Me first you glow.  You are one of My Chosen Vessels that I will pour My Spirit through.  I will reveal Myself through you, My love, yield to Me, surrender all of yourself to Me, for I am Yah and I will reign in you.  I will show forth Myself through your earthen vessel.

 Stay yielded to Me child, in everything.  Stay close to Me, stay sheltered under My wing, My little dove, you are Mine, My dear one.  Seek to know Me deeper now, for I come quickly now.  I will send My Son soon to collect His Beautiful Bride.  Keep your garments clean My child,  constantly yield to Me, My Son and the Ruach Ha Kodesh.  We alone are your protection, your provision, and your source.   We alone are your teacher.  Ask Me for wisdom and I will surely give it.  You have chosen wisely.  The path to Me leads ever upward, you are climbing the spiral staircase into My abode.  This journey together calls for you to remain courageous, steadfast and strong.

 Only with your eyes will you behold the reward of the wicked, but fear not My love it will not come nigh you.  For I am your shield and your rear guard.  I have placed you My dear one in the land of Goshen, no plague shall befall you or your own family.  I am your light and I have lit you up for your diligence in pursuing Me.  Oh My love I have so many wonderful plans for you, but you must yield and obey all that I instruct you, stay close, stay alert, focus, My love.

 I am here with you every moment, but Remember, you must invite Me into your moments.  If you call upon Me, I will come and help.  But, I will not barge in and take over, that is not My way.  You must submit your free-will.  You must call upon Me, you must ask for My help, if you ask I will help.  If you do not ask I will not help.

 Study My word, I have just revealed one of My ways and it involves your free-will.  Study how I interacted with the people, "What would you have Me do?", "Lord, if you be willing?", "I am willing", "Whatsoever you ask the Father in My name according to My Will, He Will do it", "Ask, Seek, Knock" your eyes, think about this, HEAR Me child.

 Take heed to My revelation that I have just revealed.  I do not help anyone who will not ask for My help.  You My dear, have always asked for My help continually in your life, so you live in My provision of abundance.  You are hearing Me clearly now, and yes I heard you, you will hear My shofars.

 It is My desire to give you the desires of your heart.  It blesses Me to bless you.  You have chosen to live your life as a living sacrifice to Me, and you have not gone unnoticed.  You were created by Me, for Me!  In Me, life is amazing.  Signs and wonders will follow you now child, for I am Big in you and as you decrease, I will show forth My glory in your earthen vessel, yield, I will use you My dear one, for you are worthy now, you are prepared, you are clean and you are righteous.  Yield, My Kingdom comes and My Will be done in you now, yield My child, My little one.  I will take you higher than you've ever gone before now.

 It's a new day My dear one.  It's a new day.  Blessed are they who receive My new day.  Only the ones who have prepared themselves can receive My new day.  You have prepared My child, and now I will take you to a new level in Me, do not be afraid for I am with you.  I see all, I know all, fear not My love, for I am here.  I love you.  It is your destiny to dwell in Me child.  It's your time to be with Me.  I will reveal much more now.  Stay Ready.

Hearing God - May 18, 2013

From before I created time I was.  There is nothing before Me.  There is no one like Me.  I am the limitless, invisible, all powerful one.  My name is Yahuah.  My son is Yahusha Ha Mashiach, He is My treasure and He comes out of Me.  We are One.  We have a precious Holy Spirit, His name is Ruach Ha Kodesh, He comes forth from Us.  We are three, but, We are One.  Without My son, Yahusha Ha Mashiach the world and everything you know would cease to exist, including you.  My presence on the earth is manifested by My spirit the Ruach Ha Kodesh.  I am omnipresent, nothing else is.  I see everything at the same time.  I can distinguish everything going on at once.  All conversations, all words, all thoughts, all sounds, all movement, all breath, all forms of life.  I see everything all at once, even the inner workings of the spiritual heart of each creature.  There is none like Me.  Nothing can ever be like Me or My Son.  Nothing can ever be like our Spirit.  We are Un-duplicateable !  Every word you can think of to describe Me falls short of Who I Am, but, it pleases Me when you try to express who I am, I am Yahuah, My breath is in My name.

 I have created everything, and you know so very little of what I have done and am capable of doing.  You have much to learn My dear one.  I have joy in revealing Myself to you.  You honor Me when you wait upon Me.  You have trained your ear to hear Me, My still small voice inside of you.  You can hear Me when you are alone and separate, and now you are beginning to hear Me in the midst of a room with the TV on and your family talking.  This requires much focus, and time spent in practice, you have done well, and it pleases Me child, My dear one it pleases Me.  You need to keep training your ear to hear Me in a crowd, with much people, energy, spirits, and noise.  For when you can hear Me in the loud crowd, then I will use you in a mighty way.

  Much in the spirit is coming against you that you cannot sense or see, for as you draw close to Me and walk in My ways and imitate Me, you are kept by Me.  Nothing can harm you as you shelter in Me.  There are no doors open to give your enemies legal access to you.  For now you are walking with My Son, and abiding in our presence.  You My child, have been placed in Goshen.

 You will soar with Me, you will climb even higher now with Me.  For I know you, you are Mine.  You are walking in and expressing My love in abundance now.  Your heart is light, I have broken the chains of this world off of you.  I have heard your cry to teach you how to love, and now I have empowered you to love.  One of the beautiful mysteries in My Kingdom is Love.  I am LOVE.  Abide in My Love, express My Love, drink deeply from the well of My Love.  My Love never dies, it grows.  You are learning now of My Love, and I am etching you with My Love, it will never leave you child, as you cleave to Me We are becoming One.  You are manifesting My character and likeness now.  For you are learning how to receive My Love and flow in My Love, and now express My Love.

Song:  "I see the Lord...He is high and lifted up and His train fills the temple..."

Many shall come forth in pain and be drawn to you because of My Love.  Take courage child, it's not you they seek, (they think it's you, for they can't see the Truth, the Truth they seek is Me) you are not their answer I am.  You must endeavor to point them to Me.  Through My Love pouring through you, My Love is a Light, a beacon on a hill, shining forth out of darkness like a lighthouse, and those in the midst of a storm will see your light and be drawn to you like a moth to a flame.  They don't truly know Me, you must show them how to find Me, how to seek Me, how to wait on Me, how to patiently endure and persevere to get to Me.

 Tell them I am worth the Wait, tell them I see them as they wait, tell them I test, test, test each heart, and to not give up for I come to all who truly seek me, repent, and want to follow My ways.  I am the way of escape from their pain.  You should not live for yourself, the reward is empty.  You should live for Me, the reward is life, love, liberty and peace.  You must be wise in your choices,.  Day by day, night by night you are presented with choices.  I warn you child, everything that comes into your life is related to a choice you've made or a word you've spoken.  The good, the bad, and the ugly all come from choices you've made.

 Remember, My dear one, the curse does not causeless come.  Everyone is connected to the blood line of their ancestors that have gone before them, they are a part of who you are, and their choices in life do effect you.  I have trained you on how to break off these soul-ties that follow you from your ancestors, you My child are now connected to My blood line and protected through Me.  But, things that happen, even in childhood, even horrible things are connected to the choices that have been made by themselves or their ancestors. Nothing just happens by chance, All is connected by choices made.  Choose you this day whom you will serve.

You are protected for you are sheltering in Me, I alone am all you need, you no longer are ensnared or entangled by this world, for now you see Me, and I am your only desire.  You choose Me in everything now.

These are warfare revelations that I am releasing to you child.  The curse does not causeless come.  Someone has opened a door for the enemy of their soul to come in through legal access.  Choices have been made, and will need to be dealt with.

The life you now live child is because of the choices you have made, this applies to everyone.  You have chosen the wise path, you are choosing the narrow way everyday, all roads do not lead home.  Only My Way, Only My Path.

Hearing God - May 19, 2013

Song:  "SSSShhhhhhhh....Be still and knooooooow, Be still and know, I am God, I am God , sssshhhhhhhh, Be still and know.  Yerushalyon, Yitzrael, Yhhuah (I am not sure of how to spell these words but this is what it sounded like) is My name, I am God, I am God, sssssshhhhhhh....Be still and know..."

My beloved I am here, and it honors Me when you are here waiting patiently on Me.  I want you to meditate on this song child, it is given to you from Me, by the Holy Ruach Ha Kodesh yesterday in the heart of worship.  I am now releasing new things upon you, receive them My child, receive all that I place upon you now.  For you have developed in your persistence of Me, a true heart of worship, you are one of My true worshipers.  I will now reveal much more of Myself and My ways to you My dear one.  Beloved your journey is a beautiful one to Me.  You are unfolding under My care to be a beautiful Bride, spotless and white, hungry for More of Me.  Stay hungry, stay clean for this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.

 I am ever watchful of you.  You are a faithful servant.  Let the record show that she is faithful and persistent in her pursuit of Me, her first love.  I am pouring Myself into you as you are emptying yourself of you.  I am increasing in you, as you are decreasing in you, this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  You shall turn many back to Me by your ways.  By your light, by your peace, by your joy.  I will bless you My child, My little one.  I am here and I will favor whomever I will to.  There is no end to My blessings child, for the ones that truly please Me.  I read every heart, I know every thought, I hear every word, I see every action.  Be still and know, I am God, Yahuah is My name and I alone shall be praised and worshiped.  There is no greater one.  I alone am the Great All Powerful  and Awesome Almighty God.  Nothing compares to Me.  You were created to be a blessing to Me, to fellowship with Me, to walk on the high places with Me, to be eternal like Me, to bring Me joy.  I love all of My creation.  It is My Will that ALL would come to know Me and actually have a real relationship with Me, to talk with Me, to listen and have a conversation with Me, to walk with Me and experience life with Me and in Me.  I have much to share, I have much to give.

 I long to fill each heart with My love and reveal Myself to each one.  I long to have a personal, intimate relationship with each person, I am not distant from anyone.  I am right here.  I never change.  But the way to Me is not your way.  You have to come to Me, and seek Me out, Wait on Me, call upon Me and show Me that you truly want to know Me, your creator.  If you are willing to come and seek Me, then I will reveal Myself to you.  I am Yahuah, the invisible God.  I cannot be found in statues or graven images or  crucifixes, man has made these things because they are lazy, and want to see "something" and then they will worship it.  This is not My way.  I am the "invisible" God.  I am hidden from "view" but I am here.  There is nothing like Me, so you cannot focus your view on any man made image, picture, or creature that I have created and look upon it as Me.  This is a false image, this is not who I am.  I am that I am.  I am the only God.  I am Real.  I Breathe.  I think, I eat, I walk, I talk, I see, I hear.  If you want to know Me, you will come and wait on Me, and I will come and reveal Myself to you.  It is your choice, your own choice to be distant from Me, or to be close and in relationship with Me.  I am a rewarder of those that diligently seek Me.  I am the source of everything, physical and spiritual.  Seen and unseen.

 Your life and every life is made up of choices.  Choose you this day whom you will serve.  You choose who you will listen to and who you will obey.  I alone am the way to peace and everlasting life in joy and love.  I invite you ALL to come and allow Me to speak into you and reveal who I am.  I will not disappoint My true seekers.  I will reward them all.  I love you My child, I am here.  Trust no one but Me.  I will provide for you.  I will bless your life.  Take courage from Me, and do not fear anything.  Much trouble, difficulties, destruction, and evil is being unleashed upon the earth and its people, but you My dear one will be protected, all will go well with you as you shelter in ME, under My wing, safe and secure from all harm.  I love how you love Me, I love how you seek Me.  I will bless you now in abundance of peace, and meet all your needs.  Trust Me child, you are secure in Me.  Many will fall now, but you, My dear one, will stand.  Allow Me to bring you through the fires of testing.  Cling to Me, cleave to Me, My dear one, I will always deliver you out of everything.  Hold your tongue, more tests ae coming.  Keep that guard in place.

Vision:  I am talking to the principle at my daughters school, and I tell her, under no circumstance will I allow my daughter to be chipped or scanned, it they are going to do this tell me and I will remove her from the school.  Then I thought if it's a badge to scan then that is OK but not am implant.

Then I heard in my spirit "more scans are coming" ( I have no idea what this means)

Note:  a few months ago I had a dream of my daughters school chipping and scanning the children and I think everyone going into the school as teachers and staff were being chipped and scanned.  I don't think the parents were.  I remember arguing with them that my daughter was not getting chipped, and they were saying it was for her safety and protection and "mandatory" to go to this school...and now this vision.

Then the Lord spoke:  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord God Almighty delivers them up out of them all.