Monday, June 30, 2014

Hearing God in the morning- June 30, 2014

My child seek Me first and the doors of revelation shall be opened to you.  Nothing shall be held back from you.  As you seek to know, you shall be given more and more understanding.  I am the keeper of the keys of all wisdom and understanding.  I have come to you before, but you were fearful and not ready to hear, to understand and to obey.  But, now I have been testing you and you have passed and now you are ready to hear, ready to understand, and mostly ready to obey.  You shall be given many revelatory gifts as you are able to understand, you shall be given more and more as you progress in this understanding.  Do not rush into anything, for this is a process of unfolding more of Me and removing the layers or veils that have kept My secrets from thee.  I have longed for this moment of time in your journey in Me and now it is upon you.  You are ready now My love.  You have been counted worthy to receive much, much more of Me.  My Spirit rests within you now and your spirit rests within Me.  Our relationship is deeply rooted in trust and love.  I trust you to follow Me and you trust Me to lead you.  You shall not follow a stranger.  Only Me and My voice shall you be willing to hear and obey.  You have tuned your ear to My frequency only and you shall not be deceived in the coming deception that is about to unfold on your earth and in your nation.  Do not be shocked at what you shall see in the days ahead.  Know this, I have prepared your mind to be strong in Me for the battle cometh upon the land and is entering into the minds of man and manifesting in the physical as We speak.  You shall see and hear of many abominable and unfathomable things going on in your nation and world daily now.  Do not lose heart, for I have prepared your heart with the courage of a lion, oh My love you are as gentle as a dove and as quiet as a lamb, this is because you are fully secure in Me.  You are fully established and faithful in My plans and timing.  You are flowing strongly in the winds of My Spirit upon you My love.  Breathe in, Breathe out, I am with you.  Nothing shall happen now that I don't allow.  Remember, I shall protect you always.  Keep coming and waiting upon Me for this is truly where your strength comes from.  Oh the plans I have for thee are truly remarkable.  I shall send My messengers out two by two soon.  Be patient, in your waiting.  I know your beautiful patience My love.  All of the spirit realm has heard of your patience, yes the battle is increasing across your land and upon all the earth.  But, know this, My dear one, I am here with you, stay close, I shall direct your path for We are one My love.

Hearing God - June 29, 2014

You are slipping in your pursuit of Me child.  You are being distracted by the cares of this world.  Do not allow other things to take the place of spending time with Me, for this is where your strength comes from.  When you spend time in My presence I strengthen you in your spirit, in your soul and in your body.  When you are not dwelling in My presence you are becoming weaker.  For I alone am able to renew your strength like an eagle as you wait upon Me.  As you sit at My feet and listen to what I have to say.  You are not distant from Me My little one, for We are connected daily as you think upon Me you draw Me closer, as you pray you draw Me closer, as you ask Me questions you draw Me closer, you are not distant, I just want you to not stop waiting upon Me daily.  I want you to wait upon Me in the morning when you arise and in the evening when you are going to bed.  There is a sweet communion We share when you come and wait upon Me.  Oh, how I love to see you wait upon Me eager to come away with Me and just wait upon Me and what I have to say.  Keep coming.  Keep focusing on Me continually through out your day.  Keep asking Me questions through out your day.  Keep thanking Me through out your day.  Keep being grateful through out your day.  This pleases Me child, all of these things please Me, for in doing them it draws Me closer to you.  Keep inviting Me into every moment of your day.  Do not neglect our special times together when you come and wait upon Me for in so doing you have stolen My heart as you come and wait upon Me.  I have got you on My Mind.  I know you and you know Me.  Think about how you felt coming back from vacation and you couldn't wait to pick up Gracie from the kennel, because you went days without seeing her and touching her.  I feel the same way about our special time each day as you come and wait before Me.  Even though you think upon Me each day, and you pray and you ask Me questions, these are good, very good things to do, it is not complete, for something is missing from our relationship when you do not find the time to wait upon Me.  I am here waiting for you to come and wait.  Do not neglect this for this is the secret to your strength and power to overcome in Me.  I endue you with new strength and power in My presence as you come daily and wait.  I fill you with fresh oil and renew My spirit in you, as you come and wait.  I must be first.  Do not neglect this child.  Keep your first love, at all costs.  Keep your first love.  For they that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength, they shall run and not grow weary.  They shall be endued with power to endure.

Hearing God - June 27, 2014

Yes, My child I am always here.  I watch over all you do and I see all that is going on around you.  Oh, My love I shall protect and provide for you.  All that you need shall come from Me.  All that I ask is that you Trust Me and do not allow yourself to doubt Me, and My provision.  Many people are being tested.  Many more are about to be tested.  My hand is shaking the earth and the people of the earth.  Much is happening now that you do not see.  Only the awakened ones can see what is coming with understanding.  For I am revealing more and more to My children.  As you come and linger at My well, I pour into you more and more of My spirit.  Look closely child do you see Me in you.  Do you realize My power and resources living in your earthen vessel.  I am here.  Lean into Me, sink deeply into My presence and stay in Me.  Living, breathing, and moving in Me and with Me.  More change is coming Be ready child.  Stand guard at your gates.  Seek Me for what to do when you are not sure what you should be doing.  I am willing to lead you, if you are willing to follow.  My people, rejoice now for I shall give you the desires of your heart, a full measure of Me, of My presence, of My love, enter in.  I am pouring out the new wine, sing My children and drink deeply from My cup of affection.  For I shall cause you to triumph in every storm.  Do not be afraid for I your King is come, I am here.

Hearing God - June 24, 2014

I asked a question:  Lord what would you like to tell me today?

He responded:  I loved watching you enjoy My world today.  I loved hearing you give Me praise as you snorkeled around enjoying My fish, warm water, and coral reefs.  These things are just a few of the awe-inspiring  and wondrous things I have created for you to enjoy in your world.  I planned for mankind to live in peace and unity with the earth and each other.  But due to the ugliness in the hearts of men My once beautiful and pristine creation is crumbling in decay and ruin due to man's stewardship of My earth.  So I shall rescue My people, My chosen ones who are Mine and ever mindful of Me.  Now I shall raise you up above the others.  I shall favor you with My hand of blessing while many are pained and suffering, you My love, My dear one shall walk in My blessing and abundance, you shall have no lack.  Whatsoever you shall put your hands to I shall prosper.  I love all of My little ones.  No one can pluck them from My hand for I shall surely provide for My own.  Nothing good shall be withheld from My beloved, for when I call them they shall answer Me.  They shall come and heed My call.  I am in charge of all of My own.  The dis-obedient ones shall not be favored but My obedient ones shall eat the good of the land.  Oh, My beloved, My dove I shall lead you by the hand into greener pastures day by day.  As you dwell in the center of My hand, nothing shall by any means harm you or distract you from Me.  I am here with you, I never leave you.  I love you with an everlasting love and My heart warms when you think upon Me and draw Me in to whatever you're doing, or wherever you're going.  As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.  You My dear are constantly focusing on Me and thinking upon Me and you are grateful and thankful for the beautiful things you experience daily.  Daily I find you thanking Me.  Daily I find you loving Me.  Daily I find you wanting to experience more of Me.  Daily I find your heart turned toward Me in love and worship.  Daily I find you constantly aware of My presence.  This blesses Me when My children dwell in Me and long for Me as I long for them.  There is a place in Me that few enter in, they do not venture to come into My presence and wait.  They have no desire to build their relationship with Me.  If only they would enter in, and discover Me for themselves they would never go back to their old ways.  They always have a choice, everyone does.  You My child, My love, My dear have chosen well, you have developed in our relationship  and you know Me and are constantly in My presence, for you dwell in Me.  I love you My dove, you are most at home in Me, and there's no place like home.  Sleep well My beloved.

Hearing God - June 23, 2014

Oh My love, My dove, I am here.  It pleases Me that you are spending time with Me.  I see you.  I see all that you are seeing. So many people have lost their shame, and modesty is a distant reality that they refuse to remember.  But, I see, I see what you see.  But, you My dear one, walk in love, speak kindly and do not judge.  I am the only judge.  You are to judge yourself only.  You are to examine your own heart and ways and endeavor to keep yourself pure and undefiled by this world.  Many sin daily not even realizing they are, including yourself.  That is why it is so important to examine yourself and keep a vigilant ear to the checks in your spirit by the Holy Spirit.  These checks are put in you to guide you and keep you on the path that I have placed you on.  These checks help keep you on My path of Holiness, Righteousness, and Sanctification.  Listen and obey these checks in your spirit and all will go well for you.

Hearing God - June 22, 2014

Oh My love, I enjoyed watching you enjoy the beauty of the ocean today.  It blessed Me to hear you thanking Me for giving you an opportunity to see it and experience it personally for yourself.  You expressed Me well today.  I enjoyed your company as you carried Me with you today.  I love you.  I created this world in beauty and majesty for all of mankind to enjoy and treasure.  So few truly see the beauty within each day.  So few take the time to see Me in their surroundings and experiences.  But, you My child, keep Me ever close in your heart, and you are steadfast and focused on Me.  This pleases Me.  For I created you to live just like this, fellowshipping with Me as you do your own husband and children.  You know Me intimately, and are growing closer and closer to Me each day.  I enjoy spending time with you My love.  I love when you invite Me in, and carry Me with you, We are one. 

Hearing God - June 21, 2014

I am here child, I was with you today as you journeyed through each hour.  Things did not go as originally planned, and you kept your cool and remained at peace in Me.  Your words were positive, loving, and kind as you encountered people, and interacted with your family.  I use your family to push and pull and prod you to see if there is any scum that needs to be removed.  You are yielded and submitted completely now dear one so there is not much left to bubble up as scum that needs to be removed.  As you felt your emotions wanting to flare up you checked yourself and did not allow any negative or angry feelings to cause careless words to spill out.  You quieted yourself and remained in Me.  This is a sure sign of maturity in My Kingdom.  Walking in love is not easy, but it is necessary to remain in My peace.  I love you and you love others through Me flowing through you in the form of My Holy Spirit.  Remember child, I test, test, test all of My children.  You passed today.  Blessed be the name of the Lord that always causes you to triumph in all your tests and trials.  Beloved you are strong. You are mine.  I am leading you ever onward in your constant pursuit of Me.  I love how you are faithful in your pursuit of Me.  There is no time between us for We are one in spirit and our goal is the same, to draw as close to one another as possible.  I long for alone time with you as much as you long for alone time with Me.  We are bonded and melted together in love.  You are My beautiful Bride in whom I love and long to be with.  Where ever you go, you carry Me for you are an ambassador for Me.  You represent Me in the flesh for all the world to see.  As you journey out, Remember, you carry Me, be diligent in listening to My voice in the midst of all the noise around you.  Beloved, listen for My direction, and My leading.  I am with you always, pay close attention as you are interacting with others.  I want to share many things with you, but you must be careful to hear.  Tomorrow, as you go about your day, lean inward, listen, focus on My creation around you more than you have been, and I will reveal many things to you.  I love you child, are you seeking Me more and more.  I have told you over and over to seek after Me with your whole heart.  Oh, how I love to see you diligently seek Me out, in hot pursuit of Me.  Stay close little one.  Come closer.

Hearing God - June 20, 2014

I am here child, draw close to Me.  Focus on Me, every moment of your day.  I will lead you safely through each day.  I am here.  As you obey Me in all I ask of you.  I shall lead you further into Me.  Dwell in Me My dear one.  Linger at My well.  Drink deeply now My little one.  For your journey into Me is steeped in riches, each jewel along your pathway will serve you well.  For each treasure you uncover is yours forever and will not be taken from you.  Oh My dove, I am pleased when you come and patiently wait upon Me.  I see you.  I'm watching you.  I see My reflection in you.  You are strong My dear one.  You are secure and steadfast in your walk.  Study the temple prayer, it reflects Me.

Song:  "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, like the fragrance after the rain, kings and kingdoms will all pass away but there's something about that name..."

Song:  "I believe God, I believe God, ask what you will and it shall be done.  Trust and obey, believe Him and say, I believe, I believe God..."

Song:  "Won't it be wonderful there, having no burdens to bear, joyously singing with heart bells all ringing, oh, won't it be wonderful there..."

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, you've heard said.  But, I say, now the tables are turning.  I shall make a clear distinction between the righteous, My chosen ones and the world.  No longer will I sit by and let the world walk over and trod on My little ones.  I shall favor them with My hand of blessing and protection.  As they begin to shine for Me and reflect My presence.  The people shall be drawn to them, like a moth to a flame.  They shall be wanting the peace, the joy, the love that you have.  For you shall shine like a beacon on a hill in the dark and stormy night.  The shipwrecked lives shall be looking for answers, show them the way, show them My love, encourage them to seek Me out for help, I am here.  I am looking for the lost.  I am willing to help all who come to Me.  But, I will not help if they do not come to Me and ask.  I see all that mankind does, and nothing is hidden from Me.  I am a rewarder, I shall give to all what I deem for their actions.  I am the righteous judge.  My Kingdom is within each one of you.  You must yield, and let it out.  Righteousness, peace, love, joy, long suffering are some of the attributes of My Kingdom.  Nothing happens by chance.  I am the orchestrator of your life.  I lead, you follow.  Pay attention to your day.  I send things into your daily path.  You must look for them.  I truly watch over you on this journey.  As you dwell in Me and invite Me in, I go with you, as you carry Me inside of you.  You can tap into My resources at any time.  For I am with you My little one.  Many are still sleeping.  They do not recognize the hour they are living in.

Hearing God - June 19, 2014

My child, I'm here, I am with you.  All is well with thee.  I shall make your passage safe.  Do not worry, Do not fear.  As you journey out carry Me with you and invite Me into every moment with you.  For you know I never leave you.  Focus on Me surrounding you, and all of My creation that you encounter as you journey out look closely for I am in it.  Look at the people, become a people watcher. Look closely for I am in each one.  Sometimes I am hidden so deeply inside a person that even they do not realize I am there.  Some people have yielded so deeply to Me that you can see Me radiating out of their faces.  Watch and learn.  Be still and listen in the crowd, as you watch, I shall speak.  I shall tell you who to pray for.  I shall tell you who to speak to if I want you to speak.  If I tell you to speak, don't think about what I want you to say.  I will fill your mouth with My words.  As you watch and observe people, quietly pray in tongues and let My Ruach Ha Kodesh pray through you.  You are My vessel and I will pray through you and use you on this journey.  You will meet a man.  He will speak profound things to you.  Listen closely.  As you come under a bridge, watch the water closely, I want to show you something.  Listen constantly for My voice on your journey.  I am tender, merciful and kind.  Walk like Me, talk like Me, act like Me and re-act to your circumstances like Me.  I am love.  Walk in your authority and dominion.  I will be with you.  I will protect you.  Love is patient, love is kind, love bears no record of wrongs done to it, love forgives.  Love is truly all you need.  I love you little one.  Now go in love and it will go well with thee.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hearing God -December 26, 2013

***note:  I want to share with you two songs that the holy spirit gave me in December of last year...I can tell you the first song "Come away with Me" the Holy Spirit sings to me frequently now when He wants to draw me to Him..He wakes me up with it, He stops me from doing the dishes, laundry, etc. with it...

"Come away with Me - ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
Come away with Me - ah-ah-ah-ah-ah

Into a place of peace, My quiet place of rest

Come away with Me - ah-ah-ah-ah-ah"
(this is now my favorite song ever)

The second is called "Moment by Moment", I have a quickening in my spirit with this one today and it is reverberating in me strongly, I have a sense of knowing the change is starting.  I am not sure if I am supposed to share them, He has not told me to, but I have an unction to put these up as well.

"Moment by moment the day shall come

Moment by moment the day draws near

Moment by moment and I shall hear

The Mystery comes

Is this the one

Is this the one my soul longs for

Is this the one that will open every door"
(repeat song as the spirit leads you)

yours in Christ,

Hearing God - June 18, 2014

As I was waiting upon the Lord this morning.  I asked Him a question:  What do you want to tell me about how to live?

and this is what He said:

 You are to live each day in Me.  You are to walk, talk, act, and re-act to circumstances in Me.  As I would do, so you should imitate Me.  I am in you child.  I live big in you.  I am the limitless God.  Do not keep Me limited by what you have known about Me yesterday.  You are receiving much knowledge about Me daily and you are to use it to walk in your authority.  I have given you dominion in Me.  As you are yielded and submitted to Me you can walk in your dominion and authority.  Do not allow the deceiver to thwart you in any way.  I am with you at all times wherever you are.  You are never alone.  You should always keep your focus on Me and also keep your true identity of who you are in the forefront of your mind.  Also, keep your mind stayed on positive, pure and holy thoughts.  If negative thoughts come cast them out and focus on something positive. If you are being bombarded with a trail of incoming negative thoughts, know this, this is an attack to bring you out of peace, joy and love which is My Kingdom.  You should rebuke and cast them out, then stop, quiet yourself and pray in tongues till you break through the attack and are centered in My peace once again. I desire you to live in My Kingdom as much as possible on earth.  I desire you to express My Kingdom as much as possible on earth.  My Kingdom is within you, you must let it out.  Love , joy, peace and righteousness are the fruits of My Kingdom.  Walk in your authority and dominion.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hearing God - June 17, 2014

As I began to wait on the Lord the Holy Spirit within me began to sing:

Song:  "The Lord thy God, the Lord thy God, in the midst of thee, in the midst of thee, is Mighty, is Mighty, the Lord thy God, the Lord thy God, in the midst of thee, in the midst of thee, is Mighty, is Mighty, and I saw Him, high and lifted up, in Power and Grace and Authority, and He shall reign in the midst of thee forever and ever..."

Song:  "Won't it be wonderful there having no burdens to bare, joyously singing with heart bells all ringing oh, won't it be wonderful there..."

Song:  "I believe God, I believe God, ask what you will and it shall be done, trust and obey believe Him and say I believe, I believe God..."

Song:  "Only believe, only believe, all things are possible only believe...Only believe, only believe, all things are possible only believe..."

Oh, My child you are precious to Me.  For you come willingly to sit at My feet and wait patiently to hear from Me.  Oh, this blesses Me child.  The patient and the humble shall see Me for themselves.  Those that endure shall inherit and acquire much in My Kingdom.  I shall open the gates for you My beloved dove.  You are surely one of My own.  Oh, how I love you.  Oh, how I feel your love for Me. You and I are one.  We are bonded forever in love.  I shall pour out more and more of My spirit upon you.  Lean into Me more and more My love.  I shall treasure you always.  For you treasure Me.  You seek Me out with a hungry heart.  When you come and hear Me, you settle in, and relish every word.  My peace washes over you and My flood of love washes over and cleanses you.  My blood covers you dear one.  You are home, safe and secure with Me.  You have learned well at My knee and the path to Me is well worn by your continual coming.  As you listen, I pour more and more of Myself into you.  For as you come you are stretched to hold more and more of My new wine.  Oh, how I love you child. My heart sings at the thought of you.  Blessed are you My love, My dove.  Many have desired to be where you are, to speak to Me openly, and hear Me so clearly, but they have not put in the effort to find Me for themselves.  They have been taught the wrong ways, by the traditions of men.  This is why these words are so important, to show the way, the narrow way home to Me.  Simply by separating yourself from all distractions and focusing on Me, quieting yourself and waiting on Me.  I will come and speak to each heart that is truly listening.  I am no respecter of persons.  I am looking for all of My prodigals now.  Surely I come.  I desire for all to come and get to know Me personally and intimately for themselves.  I am not distant.  I desire to spend time with each one of you.  I can, for I am able to be with each of you at the same time, for I am limitless.  You would do well to heed this message and seek Me out for yourself.  Come, come away with Me now.  I long for you all to know Me.

Song:  "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...Master, Savior, Jesus, like the fragrance after the rain..."

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hearing God - June 16, 2014

Note:  as I was doing my laundry I heard the Lord speak "Stop what you are doing child.  Come, make the world go away and come away with Me."  so I obeyed.
...and this is what I heard...
I will always be with you children, I am not distant.  I am here.  Even though you may not sense Me, for your senses have been burned.  Even though you may not see Me physically, for your eyes still may be blinded with scales.  Even though you may not hear Me, for you still could have stoppers in your ears to make you deaf.  You must know, NOW, I am here with you, you are never alone.

This is part of the deception to keep Me hidden from you and to keep you separated from Me.  But know this, children of the world, I created all of you.  I love you even though you still do not know Me.  I tell you the Truth.  I am here.  The battle is intensifying now.  You must come to Me, and ask Me to show Myself to you, ask Me to help you.  Ask Me to open your ears and eyes to see Me and hear Me so that you too can know Me.  I am not distant from any of you.  I am here, but, you must venture behind the veil of what you have always known.

Trust in Me, many will come in My name "Jesus" and present themselves as Me, but you must test these spirits.  Remember, I will help you.  I want to awaken you from your slumber, I am inside of each of you.  You must choose who you will serve.  There are two inside of you.  Awake oh sleepers awake.  Will you call upon Me to lead and guide you in the path that you should follow or will you continue on the dangerous path of self and go your own way.  I beseech you to trust Me.  Call upon Me and I will answer thee.  If you search for Me and are sincere I shall answer you.  But, if you do not, I will stand idly by and watch as things overtake you and you sink into utter despair.  come to Me now to prepare you for the battle that is coming to your own front door.  Be wise, I am the only one who can help you.

  Come and ask Me all of your questions.  You must come to know Me, read My word and learn of My characteristics and virtues.  I am God and there is no other.  But, there are many deceptive and powerful spirits that seek your demise.  You must choose for yourself who you will serve.  I have set before you life and death.  Choose wisely little ones.  I'm watching.  I'm waiting for you.  Oh how I love you all.

But, you must choose for yourself.  Come to Me and ask Me to help you choose.  Come and let Us reason together.  Ask Me to remove the veils.  There is no time left to delay.  My plans are unfolding.  Change is upon you all.  Remember, I am in the change.

  Stay close My little one, sheltered under My wing.  I see you. I shall protect you My dove, My precious child, for you are yielded to Me, you are resting in Me and you are fully Trusting Me in every area of your life.  You come, you listen and you obey.  Share these words My love, for the bread crumb trail is picking up the strays.  I am pleased with thee My love.  Keep coming.  Love Yeshua Ha Ma Shiach, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your King of kings and Lord of lords.

Hearing God - June 15, 2014

My dear one you are faithful and I love you.  You must prepare your heart now.  Trust Me, do not fear what you may see now coming upon your world or already operating in it.  Much is unfolding now.  You are safe and secure in Me.  Walk closely to Me daily My little one.  Trust Me in everything that touches your life.  I will not disappoint you.  You My beloved have chosen to dwell in My courts.  You have chosen to live in Me and wait upon Me.  You have chosen to listen for My still small voice and hear Me.  Oh My love, I love how you love Me.  I will live big in you and all My chosen vessels who have chosen Me.  This is the path that I have placed you on.  Do not detour down a different road, stay on this path.  Do not, DO NOT allow fear to invade you, it's goal is to shut down your faith and to shut down your ability to create with your words.  You have battled this spirit many times in your past and you have overcome.  Now, do not waiver in standing your ground when this or any other illegal spirit tries to bluff you.  You are strong and secure in Me.  I have given you many valuable gifts in the spirit, now when faced with any challenge call on Me, Remember, I am always right here with you.  My angels are on alert, they will react for you at the mention of My word.  For My love is in My word and My word is powerful and alive.  My love is My life force.  Nothing can quench My love.  I go before you, and I walk beside you and I go behind you.  Have no fear.  I am with you.  Stand strong in Me.  Be Ready.

Hearing God - June 14, 2014

As you come and linger here with Me, resting in My presence I fill you with My oil.  I examine your garments, and I read your heart.  It is well with thee My beloved.  Oh so many do not come and linger at My well, they are so busy with the cares of the world there is no time for Me.  I am just a side-note to them.  It is a pity, for I have much to say and I have much to give.  My love, My dove you are safe and secure in Me.  Dwell in Me and think upon Me often today.  Carry Me with you as you journey through your day.  I love you and I love spending this time with you, alone, one on one.  It is beautiful to Me child.  For you come willingly into My presence to wait upon Me, you sit at My feet and quietly listen for Me to speak.  If you do not hear, you do not leave, you wait.  I have tested you in this and you have passed.  I have raised you to a new level in Me.  Your faith is growing.  Your mind is constantly being renewed.  You are continually growing in Me.  As you look upon Me and focus upon Me you're changing more and more into a reflection of Me.  I can see My reflection in you.  Change is now coming into you.  I am molding and shaping you into My image and likeness.  You shall walk like Me and talk like Me and act like Me.  The invisible is becoming very visible to you.  As you learn of Me you grow.  As you draw near and soak in My presence you are strengthened, refreshed, and renewed.  Beloved you are loved and cherished by Me and My Father.  To dream is to know Me.  I shall place in your heart My dreams and desires for you, and they shall become your dreams and desires, as you recognize them, I shall bring them forth, and We shall work together in these dreams.  I shall use you My little one.  Be patient, Wait Upon Me.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hearing God - June 13, 2014

Oh My child you are learning much of Me and what pleases Me.  As you enter into learning the temple prayer style or technique you shall come into My presence in a fuller way.  For as you press into seeking Me out above all else I shall dwell in you richly.  Many say they love Me, but they do not follow Me or My ways.  We shall never be close unless you follow after Me and pursue Me.  To have a real relationship with Me requires time.  You must spend time with Me.  You must invest in getting to know Me personally.  I am not a distant God.  I am close.  I desire to speak to you personally and I desire to hear you as you speak to Me personally.  You can reveal to Me all of your secrets.  I will not be shocked.  I know everything about you.  But, I will not intrude on your life and force you to come to Me.  But, know this, I am here now in the form of My precious Holy Spirit the Ruach Ha Kodesh.  I am tender, loving, kind, and merciful with you all.  But, soon I shall come and reveal Myself to you all in a different way to get your attention.  Do not be deceived.  I am not a man that I should lie.  I will reward each of you according to your own lives.  Whether you have come to know Me and lived a life with Me or remained separated from Me, doing whatever you fancied to do.  Those who trust in the systems of the world shall be sorely disappointed, shocked, and dismayed.  Those who Trusted in Me and allowed our relationship to grow and develop intimately shall be protected, sheltered, provided for and loved.  I will be with My people.  I will bless all of My little ones.  They shall not live in fear for I have already prepared their hearts for the days ahead and what's coming.  My chosen vessels shall live in My glory I shall be with all of My own, We shall arise and show forth My glory together.  It is beautiful when My children honor Me in their lives and put Me first above all the earthly distractions.  For they seek Me above all else and this is beautiful to Me and I am well pleased with them.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hearing God - June 12, 2014

Oh My child, consider the wind, how it comes, you don't know from where it comes, you can't contain it, and you don't know where it goes, But I do.  I am in the wind.  I cover the earth with My breath.  I breathe life daily upon your world.  I dwell in the midst of thee.  You cannot contain Me, but I am here inside you and also all around you daily.  I am never distant, I dwell in My creation of My own free-will.  I have given each of you your own personal free-will.  But few have chosen to live the best life.  Few have chosen to put Me first.  Few have chosen to help their brother.  Few have chosen to come and wait upon Me, quietly sitting here at My feet, resting and listening for Me to speak.  Oh, My beloved I speak all the time, but, too few choose to quiet themselves and pull away from the distractions of the world and hear Me for themselves.  I will love, cherish, provide for, and protect all who have chosen Me.  I will allow all of My free-will creatures who have chosen their own way to go their own way, but, the end there of will be suffering, pain and death.  This is not My Will for any of My creations.  But, I have given man free-will and I will not take that away from any one.

 When you willingly pledge your allegiance to Me, you come under My Authority and you walk in your authority and dominion.  For it is then and only then, that I will begin to open your eyes and show you more of Me.  I will only reveal Myself to hearts who are searching for Me.  This is a lonely journey.  Only two can walk the narrow way.  I am one of the two, will you join Me in this journey.  I am willing to help each of you.  But you must come to Me, one on one, and build a relationship with Me, as My beloved servant Sherry has.  I'm waiting.  Will you come.  I am here.

Hearing God - June 11, 2014

Hello My little one, I love you, I love when you put Me first.  I love when your slumbering thoughts upon your bed are of Me.  I love when your mind is fastened on Me, for you truly seek after Me with your whole heart.  It blesses Me when My children pursue Me.  Now, I want you to continue to walk in your authority and dominion.  Much shall be given to you in the spirit for you are growing now in Me.  As you seek Me I shall be found of you.  My ways are not hard.  My ways are not your natural ways.  But, I am not hard to understand.  Come to Me with all of your questions.  I am able to answer you.  Follow Me and My leading step by step each day.  I am here with you.  As you are aware of Me and keep focusing on Me I become stronger and stronger in you.  Your life is all about getting to know Me. Your life is all about walking like Me, talking like Me, and acting like Me.  You are to be transformed into My image.  For you My child, My dear one, were created to be a reflection of Me.  Your life is not your own for I have bought you and redeemed you from your fallen state.  I am now lifting you to your next level in Me.  As you are faithful to pursue Me, you grow, level by level you are progressing in your journey with Me.  I am LOVE.  LOVE is all you need.  For in My LOVE you are complete and fully restored to your former glory and abilities.  My LOVE is powerful, transforming and life changing.  All who truly dwell in My LOVE are already walking in their destiny.  For I am the goal.  I sought you and you sought Me, now We have found each other and are unified.  Keep seeking Me child for you are truly growing.  I shall reveal more and more of Myself as you come.  You will only be given more knowledge of Me and My ways as you come and diligently seek after Me.  I am here.  How badly do you want to know more of Me.  We shall see.  Keep coming beloved keep coming.

Hearing God - June 10, 2014

The creative flow child that comes to you in words from Me IS the act of waiting upon Me.  I am always here.  But for you to hear Me clearly, you must come away with Me into a quiet place of rest.  Me and you - privately alone.  Speaking and listening and just being together in communion is your most important thing to do each day.  I alone long to see you, by My side talking and listening.  You are My friend, for you come to talk to Me and listen to Me.  It is well with thee, My little one, you are safe and secure completely sheltered under My wings.  I nourish you, I strengthen you, I live in you as you live in Me.  Always stay conscious of Me, in you and around you.  I truly watch over you daily.  As you are focusing on Me, you are becoming more and more aware of My presence around you.  You are My chosen, My elect, My Bride.  Hold fast to all that I have taught you.  My jewel, you are being tested.  Do not doubt My leading you, cast off all restraint and follow hard after Me.  Your journey is with Me. As you come daily to Me, I grow more and more in love with you for I can see your heart, it is at peace in Me and it truly loves Me.  I know you My child, you are faithful to Me.  We are truly bonded.  Your best days are ahead.  Release all your days to Me.  Ask Me to give you creative dreams and visions.  I am willing, come My beloved come and walk on the water with Me, I will not fail you.  Come, press in child, I am here.  I see you, I love you little one.  You are always on My mind.  I will come for you.  Wait patiently for Me.  Spend more time now soaking in My presence.  We are so beautiful together-two hearts beating as one.  Rest now, My love, I am here.

Hearing God - June 9, 2014

Song:  "Come away with Me....come away with Me...."

Note:  As I was walking on the treadmill, I felt the Lord blow in My ear and hover near Me and with Me as I walking on the treadmill.  I laughed, and felt so secure and peaceful and was beautiful....

I enjoy spending time with you child.  I enjoy it when you invite Me into every moment of your day.  I blesses Me when you are mindful of Me.  When you are thinking upon Me and pondering upon something about Me, it pleases Me child, it pleases Me.  I shall answer your prayer and give them back their cat.  I shall knit you with this family, you shall show them Me, you shall love them with My love and I shall make Myself known to them and they shall love Me.  This is how I shall use you to touch them.  I shall return their cat 'Brittany Spears' back to them and you shall tell them that you prayed for them.  Oh My love, My dear one, I shall show forth My glory in you.  You shall share Me in your walk to touch people with Me.  I shall show Myself through you.  Many shall see Me in you and feel My love and presence through you.  I shall use you to help the hurting people.  Your life, My beloved is in My hands.  I shall direct your steps, each day.  As you live and move, I shall live and move in you.  Do not be afraid of what you may see.  I am here and I shall always provide for you, for you My beloved are Mine and you shall shine for Me.  You have made your home in Me and now We dwell together.  Always, We are one, I love you.  Rest in Me dear one.

Hearing God - June 8, 2014

I love you child, just rest here and wait.  I see you.  I know your heart, your mind is racing this morning on so many other things.  Give all your worries to Me.  Ask Me to take care of each need for you.  Be specific in your request.  I shall surely fill every need.  Much shall be given to you, but you must ask for it now.  I have given you an open heaven and you must come before Me and ask.  As you ask I shall give it and when you receive it you shall know it's from Me.  Many ask only for themselves out of selfish desires.  But, I have a few who shall ask for My will, My desires to come forth as the spirit directs them.  I can only use clean and pure vessels that have been purged from the filthiness and desires of this world.  As you yield yourself to Me, I am able to bring forth My desires through you.  We are one My child, you want what I want.  You see as I see and long for My Will in all things now.  Your plans and purposes are in Me now.  Your hearts desires are My hearts desires.  You live in Me now.  We are growing steadily stronger and stronger.  Our bond is strengthened everyday.  I watch over you.  For you are Mine.  I am ever mindful of you.  You are drawing from My well and it shall never run dry.  My plans for you are beginning to unfold, do not fear what tomorrow will bring just Trust Me each and every day.  I have a way of escape for you from every trap and snare.  Do not be anxious or worried.  I have already gone before you and made a way.  You are safe and secure in Me.  My light is in you.  I shall guide you.  I lead and you follow, oh My love that is all I ask.  Listen and Obey.

Hearing God - June 7, 2014

Oh My beloved come, I am here waiting to commune with you.  My life is in you.  Your life is in Me.  As you wait upon Me I fill you with My oil.  As you wait and listen for Me, I also listen for you.  I can read your heart and your mind.  I am glad you are confident in Me.  Fully persuaded in My love for you.  Resting in My promises, patiently enduring as you wait for Me and My timing.  I know you, dear one.  You are one of My jewels.  Oh My Bride, soon I shall come and bring you home to Me and My Father.  We love you dearly.  You are precious, and you will not be lost or forsaken in the coming days.  You are mine and I will take care of you.  Much is available to you in My word.  I want you to dig deeply into My word and find the promises and then call them forth.  You have an open heaven.  You are learning much now about the forth dimension that I am in and that you have access to.  But, you must walk in your authority and dominion.  When you tap into your spiritual abilities with Me, your potential to conquer any obstacle or trial shall be limitless.  Your spirit is where you should be dwelling, even as you are in this earth.  Only I can teach you TRUTH FOR I AM TRUTH.  Your spirit is powerful.  It is the part that is connected to Me and most like Me.  I do not want you to access the spirit without Me.  I am your source, I am your guide.  I lead, you follow.  Be specific in your prayers.  Be very specific, do not be vague.  Trust Me to help you in everything.  Come to Me with all of your questions.  I am here.  I see you as you walk out your day before Me.  I dwell in you.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hearing God - June 6, 2014

The presence of the Lord is in this place, right here, right now with you.  Yes, My child, I have answered your specific prayer on getting the neighbor to take care of the dead tree.  I told you, you have an open heaven with Me, for you are faithful to come and sit at My feet and wait to hear from Me.  You desired nothing but to be shown more and more of Me.  This pleases Me child.  This pleases Me much.  For I shall give you your hearts desire now.  I want you to specifically ask Me to show you specific things.  Don't be vague.  Be specific and write it down and date it.  Then you can go back and see how I answered you.  I am willing to answer you.  I am willing to teach you more and reveal to you more of Myself.  It blesses Me to bless you as you are blessed to bless your children.  So, to am I blessed to bless My children.  Enjoy your days with Me.  Enter not into doubt and fear, but enter into joy with Me.  For it is our time to shine.  Our relationship is going higher and higher in Me.  I am limitless.  Do not limit Me in what you ask of Me or think of Me.  I desire to show Myself strong in you.  Oh, My beloved you are so beautiful to Me.

Dream:  as I was going to bed I closed My eyes and saw I was looking upon a dark, dark city skyline and there was a lantern swinging back and forth, it was looking for something.  I think the lost.

I then moved to another dark city skyline with no light, and no lantern searching...

Then I was moved to see my house and yard and saw a small vegetable garden growing... 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hearing God - June 5, 2014

Oh, My love, I see you, I see how you come daily before Me to hear, to sense Me to feel My presence with you to connect with Me and know that I am here.  We commune continually all day you and I for you dwell in Me and I dwell in you.  The video's you hear are My children growing in Me, much of what they are sharing you already learned, use this as confirmation that you, My love, have heard Me clearly.  I trust you to do all that I ask of you.  Do not buckle under the pressure from others who want you to serve Me their way.  You continue to serve Me as you always have, day by day walking with Me, following as I lead.  Yielding to the little unctions as I gently nudge and lead you in the direction I want you to go.  Though you seem small and little in your own eyes, you, My dear one, are strong and mighty in Me.  Your eyes cannot see your strength and beauty, you cannot see the immense light radiating out of you now- but I can, My angels can, and all the spirit world can.  You are My gentle dove in whom much is sown.  The ground within you is soft, rich, and fertile.  I shall do many impossible things with you, no eye has seen, no ear has heard how I shall use you for My glory.  Patience is a virtue, dear one, as you rest and wait upon Me, you are strengthened and filled with more oil.  The light in you is becoming immense. Oh, how thrilling it will be when I release My doves.  Such gentle creatures, so quiet and demure, but yet majestic in their power and authority.  The abilities I am endowing you with shall come by My hand, you shall be unstoppable, your words shall shake the earth, for I shall flow through you as you speak.  In My timing, I shall send you forth with all My doves, but for now, rest, peace, be still and wait upon the Lord and I shall renew your strength.   

Hearing God - June 4, 2014

My beloved, I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.  Many things are being revealed to you now My little one.  You have entered in to a new phase, a new level in Me.  Much Truth, and much power and strength shall be poured into your earthen vessel.  You belong to Me.  I abide and dwell within you.  It is well with thee and Me, for I know you. You are focused on Me.  You are tuned in to Me 24/7.  I speak, you hear Me, I hover over you and you feel and sense Me.  Now you can smell Me and you can discern between Me and other smells of other spirits.  The spiritual door is open to you now.  For you have stepped behind the veil that divided Us and you have pursued Me above all else, you pursued Me.  Oh how I have laughed and played with thee as you have chased after Me.  Oh My beloved, you make My heart sing, you are beautiful to Me.  Through every storm, you hang on steadfast and strong, fully believing, fully assured that I will help you and deliver you, and I do, every time I do.  I will never leave you or forsake you, I am here with you at all times, I never leave you, I only draw closer and closer for you My dear one have pleased Me.  Your heart is pure and true.  You love Me, I see you, dear one, I see you.  I am here.  Have no fear.  Live in Me, fully persuaded that nothing and no one can separate Me from you.

Hearing God - May 31, 2014

My child you must discern your surroundings.  Be aware of what is going on around you.  I am with you, I will protect you.  I will protect your daughter.  Trust Me.  Trust only Me.  Trust Me to take care of all your needs.  Do not worry.  Do not fear.  Live and grow in Me.  Draw closer and closer to Me with each passing day.  Build yourself up in Me.  Dwell in Me.  Keep your focus on Me, come to Me with all your worldly concerns.  Come to Me with all your questions.  I am here dear one.  I never leave you.  Come away with me often.  Draw apart to rest and wait at My feet.  Oh My beloved I will come for you.  Your patience is the key to your endurance.  No eye has seen nor ear has heard what I have prepared and planned for you.  Through patient endurance you shall inherit all of My promises.  Do not allow yourself to doubt this.  My plans are higher than what you can see or understand.  For now, I desire for you to come and wait.  I desire for you to endure and be patient.  Many trials and tests are coming upon the people now.  You shall be required to endure the wait.  Do not grumble or complain.  Do not allow yourself to become impatient in the waiting.  My timing is perfect.  Your patience is lovely and pure before Me.  It is a great gift.  Be sure, and steadfast in your confidence in Me.  I've got you My love, stay the course.  I am here with thee.  We are in this together.  Remember, walk in My love.  Walk in your authority.  Live every moment of every day in Me.  I am with thee.

Hearing God - June 3, 2014

Come My child, sit here and wait upon Me now.  In the quiet, in the stillness I come.  Rest, abide in Me, My beloved little dove, draw close I have much to share.  I allowed you to hear the video of one of My other servants who is experiencing a glowing and a gold coming forth as I have shown you in a vision, and told you multiple times that you are shining, you are glowing, the intangible presence of My spirit is now coming and manifesting in the physical.  I am coming forth in My children now.  Do not doubt and do not fear this child, this is your destiny in Me.  You My beloved are golden to Me.  You know Me, and you continually press into Me and My presence.  You have asked and sought for more of Me, now you shall have it.  Make way for your king.  Make way.  You are My beloved bride, My queen, My priest in the order of Melchizedek, you shall arise with healing in your wings for it shall be I arising within your earthen vessel.  As you yield to Me, you allow Me access to come forth through you.  I have lit your candle, you now glow and your oil is full.  My spirit is alive and well within you.  Oh My dove, I see your transformation and it is beautiful to behold.  Soon My love, soon you too shall see it, and others shall see the change in you as they look upon you they shall see My reflection coming forth out of you, My earthen vessel.  They shall feel My presence and My power manifesting through you.  You shall carry My presence and My power.  Arise My child arise.  I am with thee.  Through your patient endurance you shall inherit it all.

Hearing God - June 2, 2014

Oh, My child I love you.  I will help you on your journey.  Speak forth what you want and give My precious Holy Spirit, the Ruach Ha Kodesh something to work with.  I see and know your hearts desires.  You are pleasing to Me My little one.  Do not doubt that your change is coming.  For your transformation is upon you.  Rest in Me.  Leave all the details of the change to Me.  Do not burden yourself unnecessarily.  Take My yoke upon you and you will find My burden is light for I have already gone before you and I have already made the path straight for you My beloved.  Linger at the well and drink ever so deeply now, My dear one, for I am ever so close, as close as your breath.  I can feel your heart beating, I can smell the fragrance of your hair, and I can see your toes painted pink, I like the color.  You are very precious to Me, for you see Me without fully seeing Me.  You believe, without fully knowing.  Your faith is great and strong.  For you have made the journey and have entered in to Me.  You dwell with Me.  You carry Me in you.  Now you are beginning to walk in your authority and dominion.  As you loose the reigns of your heart to Me and allow Me to guide you, you are now awakening to Me and My plans and purposes for you.  Oh the days are fleeting now, you are strong in Me.  If you ever feel weak or shaken, simply stop, and come to Me and I shall strengthen you.  Rest now, My dear one.  I am here watching over you.  Rest in My peace, be still beloved and know that I am here working everything out for My purposes and plans.

Hearing God - June 1, 2014

I am here.  I have been waiting for you all day to come and slip away with Me so that We could commune together, alone and undisturbed, one on one.  You must put Me first above all else.  I am all you need.  Come away with Me, more and more.  I am all you need.  I want to strengthen and encourage you on your journey.  But, I can and will only do this as you spend time with Me, in My presence.  Safe and secure in Me.  I am here for you My dear one.  You alone, must choose to make yourself strong in Me.  You have learned much today in your studies.  You have found a great jewel in My word on the "spots and blemishes".  Think on this tonight child, as you slumber, I shall speak to you and open the eyes of your understanding.  Stay close to Me My beloved, I am leading you on this journey, you are never alone.  Come, come to Me with your questions, ask and I shall surely answer thee.  Your gift of discernment is growing.  As you pour over My words, I shall open the seals.  you shall be given much knowledge of Me.  As you diligently seek more and more of Me.  I shall surely answer thee.  My hearts desire is to reveal Myself to you so that you know Me as well as I know you.  I can only do this as you spend time in My presence, and allow Me to speak.  When you come to Me and shut out the world and focus on Me, I am able to speak freely for I am enthroned upon your heart and I dwell deeply within you child.  We are one.  There is still much to learn.  Come, come to Me, let he who has an ear to hear, hear.