Friday, February 28, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 3, 2014

I awakened to this song:  "Yahweh, Yahweh I love to sing your name, Oh God - (My spirit is singing this and it wakes me up)

song:  "Come away with Me, a a a a a a X2, come away with Me, into a qui--et place of Rest, come away with Me...Repeat (Jesus, or the Holy Spirit is singing this to Me)

Then He says "Get up My dear one...Get up My dear one...and I come as He repeats His song.

I ask a question:  What is wrong with my knee?

He answers:  Your knee has water on it.  Your body is storing fluids and pooling in your lower body, legs, feet, and your knee.  Use the "boost" water pills you bought, read the ingredients and start making the water you drink with these:  grapefruit, tangerine, mint, cucumber.  You need more nutrients in your system.  Start drinking more green smoothies with spinach and cucumbers and fruit, especially cherries. Cherries shall help.  You should eat cherries every day.  The water you drink can be a carrier for your body to absorb these nutrients.  You also are vitamin B deficient.  Get pure cherry juice and drink as well by itself and mixed in water and tea.  This will help bring about balance of water in the body.

I ask a question:  What is wrong with my right toe?

He answers:  Your right toe is inflamed.  You need to do a detox foot bath for 20 minutes every day with Epsom salts. 2/3 cup soak and relax.  Also, do an Epsom salt bath soak for 20 minutes to pull toxins out of your body.  Keep taking turmeric.  Start taking 2,000 IU of Vit. C each day.  Eat more water based fruits and vegetables each day, watermelon, cucumbers.  Start taking your vitamins.  Add cod-liver oil daily 2 Tbs. till everything lines out in your body.  Use liquid not pill for cod liver oil.

I ask a question:  What is wrong with My left toe?

He answers:  This is true in both toes and what I told you on your right will work on your left toe.  You must confess My word on healing on your body.  Anoint your knee and both toes with olive oil confess that you are healed and restored to complete wholeness.  Continue walking.  Your back is not out of line.  Your body functions of cell tissue and water balance is out of line.

Me:  I am here Lord, what do you want to teach Me?

Jesus:  I love you My little one.  You are precious to Us.  For you are heeding My call to come and wait upon Me.  You shall grow much this year.  As you sit and wait before Me, fully trusting Me to meet all of your needs, you grow.  Your faith increases, your light shines brighter.  Your love grows and deepens for each person I place in and around your life.  You are becoming like Me.  I must increase in you and you must decrease.  I am allowed access fully to you now.  I shall unlock your spiritual eyes, these are the eyes of your heart.  I have unlocked your spiritual ears, these are the ears of your heart and this is how you see me in visions and hear My still small voice.  My voice and My visions shall become stronger and increase in you.

You have learned that I live and breathe and move in you.  You have learned that I never leave you, you have learned to yield completely to Me.  I shall show you many things.  I want you to start sharing with others how I speak to you.  In this way you will help them get in touch with Me for themselves.  They are trying to find Me, but they struggle with the blinders they put on themselves.  I must be first in their lives.  Teach them for Me, show them the way.  I want to know them.  I want them to know Me.  Yes, you shall be rejected by some, but the ones who do not reject you, shall find peace, they shall find Me, and they shall let Me lead them out of the storms, into a quiet place of Rest.  Many are trying to find Me now.  You must show them how you find Me and communicate with Me daily.  This beautiful fruit that you are enjoying daily now must be shared, do not keep it for yourself, share Me, how to get to Me with others.  Take your time, do not rush.  Leave a bread crumb trail for others to find.  I am here.  I will reveal Myself to them, as I am revealing Myself to you.  Oh My dear one, I long to commune with each heart.  To hold them and love them as I do you.  My goal, My number one goal in this endeavor is I want you to pursue to draw all men unto Me.

  As you lead them to drink from My well.  My waters shall flow and My well shall never run dry.  As they seek Me, I come.  I will surely come.  Do not be afraid or shrink back.  Freely you have received, now freely you shall give.  I am big in you.  As you step out in faith, I shall grow and spread.  You have been given the keys to unlock many hearts to Me, oh how I long to speak to the hearts of man.  Each heart is very precious to Me.  I created each one.  Each heart is individual and has different needs.  I, only I know the true value of each heart.  I know the inner workings of each one.  I want to commune with each one.  As each heart is unlocked, as each heart has their spiritual eyes open they shall see Me, they shall get to know me.  When they see Me, when they hear Me then they shall be mine for My True Worshipers shall worship Me in spirit and in truth.  To worship is simply to focus on Me and to spend time with Me.  I am eager to hear from you.  I want to talk to you face to face.  I want to hear you.  I want you to hear Me personally.  Do not be afraid, come, come unto Me and let's get to know each other.  I call each of you to come and set aside time to spend with Me.  I am the most important relationship you shall ever have, as you spend time with Me you are storing up spiritual treasures in heaven that shall never be lost or taken from you.  Each heart has a separate and individual journey to Me.  I desire to know you.  You are special, you are very important to Me, but I will not force anyone to come.  You must come to Me on your own.  Seek Me out, find Me now.  Do not pretend that you know Me, when you only know about Me.  You must truly enter in to know Me for yourself.  Many shall come to My door and try to enter in, but, it shall be too late.  For they do not know Me, they only know about Me.  Each heart must know Me for themselves, we must share our lives together and walk as one.  I am willing, are you.

Do not delay, your sweetest days are ahead with Me.  Only I can take you safely through your day.  I can be with you 24/7, only I, no one else can.  I can keep you from harm!  I can keep you in peace.  I can heal you.  I can restore, only I, no one else.  I can love you like no one else can.  For My love is true, and true love grows.  I can help you with all of your relationships and responsibilities.  I can shower you with the kisses of My mouth.  I am more than enough for you.  I am the only one who can meet your needs.  Life does not have to be tough.   Life can be sweet and bring forth good fruit.  I, only I can answer your questions.  For I, only I know the questions.  I, only I can bring unity.  I, only I can restore wholeness.  I, only I can set the captives free.  "Come away with Me, a a a a a a a a a X2, Come away with Me into a quiet place of rest".  I can hear your heartbeat, every beat of your individual heart.  I can feel your breath, every breath you take.  I am here.  Come, come My dear ones into a quiet place, get alone with Me, separated from all distractions.  Remove the noise, remove the words of others.  Come, be still before Me, focus on Me and wait, I shall surely come.  Ask Me a question and wait to hear from me, ask Me to show you a picture, and wait to see what I will show you.  Meditate on My word.  Ask Me what it means and wait to see how I will answer you.

 I hover over you, but I will not force you to know Me or love Me.  I want you, do you want Me.  I love you, do you want to love Me.  I don't need you, I can exist without you, but I want you, you cannot exist without Me.  It is by My grace, mercy and love that you are still alive.  I force no one to come.  But, I WANT YOU TO COME.  I want you to know Me as I know you.  I want relationship with you, each of you is very precious to Me.  Come, come away with Me.  I long to have you for Myself, I long to show you My love, for I truly love you.  I long to answer your questions.  I long to reveal Myself to each of you in an intimate and personal way, I want you.  I did not create you to be a  "throw away".  I created you with a purpose and a plan.  Come, come away with me.  Come, I will not throw you away, I want you.  I truly want to pour forth My love upon you.

  My relationship with you shall be eternal, it shall never end, as you slip out of this world in death, you shall not die, only your earth suit.  You shall simply slip out of your earth suit as easily as removing a garment and We shall continue our journey together.  You, must come freely for yourself, I bid you come, come away with Me into a quiet place of Rest.  I am here.  I am waiting for you.  This shall be your greatest journey.  I shall reveal much to the ones who come.  I shall cover, shelter and protect all of My own little ones.  I have laid out the plan, I have detailed the way to come, now it is up to you.  I cannot make this any clearer.  It's simple.  Don't try to make it difficult or complicated.  Just come.

Hearing God - Feb. 28, 2014

I'm here dear one.  I'm watching you.  Quiet your mind, still, I'm here.  yes, there are many changes coming.  But I will be with you through them all. I am here with you.   You are safe and secure in Me.  It is well with thee My little one, daughter, do not fret over the past, for it is in the past.  I have forgiven you.  I will never forsake you.  Beloved daughter you are secure in Me.  You shall be with Me very soon, very soon.  I shall not linger much longer My love.  Keep doing what you are doing.  Keep coming and waiting before Me daily.  I am well pleased with thee.  Do not try to run out ahead of Me.  You are a living witness for Me.  As you go about your daily life people see Me in you.  They see My light shining through you.  My spirit is connected with your spirit.  My love is in you and it is pouring through you.  You are gentle and you are kind.  As you humble yourself more I am able to do more in you and through you.  You must live as an example of Me, you were born to suffer for Me. I am glorified in your suffering.  You have passed each test so far.  Remember, do not lay down and surrender in the tests. You must go through each test and remain faithful to Me.  I shall use you to draw many to Me.

 Do not doubt where you are in Me.  It is well with thee.  You are safe and secure in Me.  No one can pluck you out of My hand.  I can do much with little.  I shall provide all your needs.  Do not allow doubt to linger in your mind.  Cast out all doubt and do not listen to his lies.  Stay close and connected to Me, keep Me upon your mind constantly.  I am here little one.  I am here.  I am working in each life that is totally surrendered to Me.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper or harm you.  For I alone protect you.  You are My love, My gentle dove.  I see you.  I see all that concerns you.  Stay where you are.  Do not change anything.  You are right where I want you.  Be of good cheer and take courage My little one.  Nothing shall by any means harm you.  I love you, I always have, I always will.  Do not fear the future, for it is well with thee.  I am using you daily now.  As you walk out your life now, you are a living witness for me.  My light burns brightly in you.  You are tuned into Me.  Your lamp is trimmed and as you linger at the well with Me, I infuse more of Me into you.  Much is planned for you.  I will not leave you alone.  I shall come for you.  In the midnight hour I shall speak, I shall deliver you unto Me.  But for now, wait, just wait upon Me.  I am leading you deeper into Me now.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 4, 2014

Hello My child I was waiting for you.  What would you like to ask Me?

Me:  How do I protect myself from radiation poisoning?

You My dear one are already protected, for you are in Me and I protect and shield you from all harm.  Much is coming upon your earth, but I will shelter you from all harm.  In Me you breathe and move and have your being.  I am in you.  I shall increase and you shall decrease.  Me moving through you and the rest of My bride.  All is coming to pass as My Father has planned it.  Many will find Me in the last moments of their lives.  Truly, I come quickly.  For My faithful little ones I come and they rejoice.  For those who know Me not, I shall be a fire and a terror.  You My beloved cannot even try to hold back the floodgates of My love for you.  I have found you faithful in your love for Me and in your pursuit of Me.  I love you My dear one,  I and My Father love you.  My Ruach Hakodesh loves you.  The eyes of your understanding are opening more.  Lean not on your own understanding, don't try to reason everything that you see unfolding around you, just keep your focus on Me, continue in your daily worship and praise of me, it is well with thee My little one, it is well.  Do not be concerned about the approaching doom and darkness, instead fix your eyes on Me, the author and finisher of your faith.  I live and breathe and move in you.  You and I are one.  If you become entangled with the cares of this world and start to lose your faith, stop, and come away with Me, the world and it's people will do everything they can to discourage you in your faith.  They shall try to pull you off of the path with Me. Remember, My child, you are not of this world.  you are a stranger, an alien.  But soon, very soon I shall make all things new.

Vision:  Bride, candles lit in the aisles of the church, all is ready, faces are obscured.

Consider "I love Lucy", Lucy and Ricky and Ethel and Fred they were all consumed by the cares of this world.  Not once did they show a care or concern for Me and My Kingdom.  They shall each be rewarded accordingly.

As the rain covers the dry parched ground, so My spirit shall come and cover the earth.  I shall unleash My spirit upon all flesh and I shall be glorified.


I must be first in all things, above all things.  Do not lay Me aside, for the day quickly passes and slips away and then you have consumed your day with no time for Me.  Oh, the struggles with the flesh can be crucified so easily if you will put Me first, each and every day, dishes can wait, cleaning can wait, laundry can wait.   It is you I want.  It is you I long for.  I wait for you.  Can you not linger for an hour with Me.  Put Me first, get up earlier, if you have to.  I must be first.  I will not be second.  I will have My way in you now.  For you are mine and you belong to Me.  I am better for your well being than any other distractions that come to you through out your day.  Do not lose your focus.  Keep you eyes fixed upon Me.  I am here.  Ask of me and I will answer thee.  I will show you great and mighty things you do not know.  My plans for you are eternal.  You shall live with me personally forever, for you My Bride are married to Me.  I shall soon return for you.  But, for now, you must tarry at the gate.  I long for ALL to enter in with Me into a quiet place of rest.  This is where you are refreshed My little one.  My mercies are new every morning.  I pour out My love upon all My children who draw near to Me.  I know you are hurting, My love and I know your are tired, but you must push through and spend time in My presence more now than ever as you sense the day approaching.  Come, let us go to My garden.  Close your eyes and see.

Hearing God - Feb. 27, 2014

I love you child.  You're beautiful to Me.  As you wait before Me, humbly submitted and yielded to Me.  Eager to hear what I will say, it blesses Me.  It shows Me your heart.  You My dear one are special to Me.  Come up higher in Me now.  Taste and see that I am good.  I have many gifts for you My dear one.  You have let patience have her perfect work in you and it is well with your soul.

As you encounter people I will show you more about them.  For you have discernment on a small level, I shall now increase it in you.  You shall understand more of the heart issues that are affecting My people.  You are fully awake in Me.  You shall begin to see the sleepers.  The sleepers are not willing to awaken.  They have eaten of the lie that all is well and nothing is changing.  Fools.  I have sent calamity after calamity.  I have warned.  My messengers have been sounding the alarm.  But still they slumber.

You My dear one must be vigilant in your pursuit of Me each day.  Keep your focus on Me.  I have much to teach you My little one.  I love you.  Remain in Me through out your day.  I am with you.  My peace I give to you.  My love never fails you.  I will never fail you.  I am here My dove.  Rest in Me.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 5, 2014

I asked a question this morning:  Lord, is there something that is hidden in Me that is causing this pain in my knee, feet and legs?

He answered:

Oh, My child, I have many things to share with you.  In our moments of fellowship, truth is revealed.  I am truth, as you focus on Me, you slip out of the pain, you slip out of your circumstances and enter into My peace.  Rest in Me, trust Me in all things that concern you.  Your life My little one is in My hands.  Your healing shall come, it's a process.  Lay it down on the alter of your faith.  As you grow in your understanding of Me, you shall increase in your faith and as you increase in your faith, you shall be changed, completely transformed.  You shall have no pain for these are chains meant to turn you away from lingering with Me.  I am here, you are healed.  I have already done everything needed for your healing.  You must learn to enter in and rest and live in your healing.  You were created perfect and whole, it is not My will that you should have pain.  Do you not know that I live in you, there is no sickness or pain in Me, so there is no sickness or pain in you.  You must stand and rebuke these lying symptoms.  Each pain you feel, confess:  "I am strong, I am complete, I am whole in Jesus".  Confess it over and over in the battle until there is no more pain.  You must stand in your authority in Me.   You Must command the pain or symptoms to leave your body continually until it leaves completely.  Do not hesitate to do battle in the spirit.  I have told you the war has already started.  You must engage the enemy at your gates.  The enemy is trying to distract you from Me, by this pain.  Rebuke this knee pain and command it to go in My name.  My name disperses evil and brings forth good.  I am here with you,   but you must stand guard at your gates and be prepared for battle.  Do not hesitate to engage the enemy at your gates.  Do not let him steal your health.  You have the power in your words to engage the enemy and win the battle.  Do not stop walking.  Do not entertain the "why" is this happening, instead say "No, you cannot stay, you must leave in Jesus name.  For I am strong, I am complete, I am whole in Jesus", then ask Me to take care of the lying symptoms.  I have received your prayers of repentance for bitterness, hatred or jealousy that might be hidden in you.  But I tell you, My little one, you are clean and pure before Me, you have a heart of love that I have given you and you are full of love.  My love courses through your veins.  I know you, My dear one.  This is just a test for you to engage the enemy at your gates.  You are healthy and whole.  Now you must stand and walk in your dominion.  You are strong, you are complete, you are whole in Me.  Stand in the battle, take your authority in Me and command these lying symptoms to leave, then make your declarations in Me, then ask Me to take care of these lying smptoms.  you will be amazed at all the truth that shall pour forth from you as you engage in the battle, you are gaining experience on how to handle the enemy as it approaches your gates.  You must stand firm, you must not waiver.  Remain steadfast in these daily battles.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but I the Lord God shall deliver them up out of them all.  As you have pain in your body, or a symptom, come and ask Me what you should do.  I will lay out the battle plan and you shall go forth and win.  The Key to being an over comer is to rest completely in Me.


I asked another question:  Father have I said to much today?  Were my words your words today?

Yes, My child you have entered into a time of opening the flood gates of heaven.  For as I have poured into you, you have started pouring out My words and My spirit.  For it started with a simple conversation.  You have strengthened the weak and feeble spirit in My might and power.  You have planted the seeds of power to break down the strong holds coming against My son.  He is precious and very valuable and I shall do much with him.  For as he seeks Me he shall surely find Me.  I shall break every yoke.  I shall set him free.  As he draws close to Me I shall draw close to him.  I shall heal his heart.  I shall open his eyes and his ears and he shall surely know Me.  I shall set him on high, for he has called upon Me.  Rejoice with Me child, for you have blessed Me in your obedience.  You have let the river flow, you have not built up a dam and hoarded My life giving words for yourself, you have opened your mouth and allowed Me to fill it.  This pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  You are My beloved dove, gentle, quiet, and kind.  I shall surely use you again.  Wait upon Me, do not rush out ahead.  Wait, wait for the next person I send your way, give no thought on what you shall say, for I shall fill your mouth with My words.  Stay in the river of My love, let My waters drench and wash over you.  Let My waters flow over you and carry you.  Much shall be accomplished through love.  My love is in you child, it is freely flowing through you now.  I have anointed your tongue.  I have set the bridle upon your mouth and you have yielded to Me once again.  Every time you yield to Me you grow.  You are maturing beautifully.  I am rising in you.  For I alone sit enthroned in the seat of your heart.  I alone am ruler of your temple.   I alone am ruling over you.  You are submitted and yielded to Me, for I alone am all in all to you. 

Hearing God - Feb. 6, 2014

Oh, My child, My love, I am here.  I see you My dear one.  I love that you want to spend time with Me.  As we sit together we are more and more unified.  Your spirit is strengthened as you wait upon Me and spend time in My presence.  You are Mine and I am yours for you have found the pearl of great price.  I am going to pour out My spirit upon you as you wait upon Me.  I am the I am, I am filling you, every part of you with My power and anointing.  I am coming child, I shall make all things new.  I shall reveal to the whole earth who I am.  Change is coming.  My dear one and I am in the change.  Great things are manifesting in the change.  Great things are manifesting now.  Draw close to Me.  I shall protect all that are mine.  You shall ride upon the winds with Me for I shall carry you to a higher place in Me.  I shall reveal a mystery to you, for you are faithful.  My light is energy, it's tangible, and it's in you.  You carry My light.  Many shall be warmed, comforted and protected as they come to My light in you.  Remember, it is not you, you can do nothing.  It is my light in you that can do all things.  As you are a yielded vessel unto Me, I can use you.  I can only use yielded, submitted and humble vessels.  As you have found your place in Me you have found your true home.  No one can remove you from My hand.  Your heart is secure in Me.  My spirit is in you, My dear, My Bride, My dove.  For you have found the truth in Me.

I am free to move in you, as you stay yielded to Me.  For you can do nothing in your own strength.  But in Me you can do much.  I am on the throne of your heart.  I shall make even your enemies to be at peace with you.  Your life story is being written on the pages in heaven for all to see and learn from.  Your faith in Me is a rock, that is cemented and permanently connected to Me.  I am your God, I am number one and before Me you have no other, this My love is how it should be.  You are sheltered in Me.  I watch over you, from your rising up to your going down.  I watch over you as you sleep.   I think upon you constantly for you My dear one have etched your love upon My heart.  Your faith is strong.  In Me nothing is impossible.  I want you to finish reading Isaiah out loud, you are changing the atmosphere all around you and it is increasing your sphere of influence.  I have My warring angels stationed all around you and your loved ones.  Everyone you are praying for is protected in Me through your prayers.  You have tapped into the spirit and I am here.  You are growing and maturing in Me.  As you come and wait upon Me, I nurture you, I cleanse you, I inspect your garments, I correct, I chasten and I forgive.  Your heart is pure and clean before Me, for you have placed Me on the throne of your heart and We are ruling and reigning together.  This is how the Kingdom comes, We are joint heirs.  You and I.  My Father has given you to Me.  Remember, the Kingdom of God is within you.  The Kingdom of God shall be manifested through you.  I am the light of the world and My light is manifesting in you and through you.  As you extend love, My presence is extended out through you for I am love.  Love is very powerful and addicting, it can break a strong heart and pierce the veins of the hardest individual.  Love, pure love can do no wrong.  Love, pure love can set the captives free.  It is My hand extended.  It is My hearts overflow.  Much shall be accomplished with love.  For love recovers, restores and reconciles.  I am drawing all things back to Myself.  Nothing shall be lost.  Love shall infuse the veins of the weak and make them strong.  Through love, pure love I shall set all things in order.

Hearing God - Feb. 7, 2014

song:  "You are worthy of it all God X2"

As you abide in Me and allow My Name, My Strength, My Authority to abide in you, you shall remain strong.  Nothing shall be impossible for you.  Nothing shall hinder you.  For you are mine.  Fully submitted to Me and yielded to My flow.  Much shall be given to you for My Kingdom purpose.  You are to go forth through out your day in love, spreading love and confidence and assurance that I am here.  I shall embolden you with My power and My authority, do not shrink back when someone approaches you with questions, for I shall fill your mouth with the answers.  The words that you speak shall be mine and not yours.  I shall keep the bridle upon your tongue.  I shall train your tongue to serve Me, the Most High God, I can do much with little.  Yield child, yield.  No greater purpose can you do now than to be yielded, submitted, and humbly trusting Me in all things.  I shall lead you, we are journeymen together.  Where you walk I shall leave footprints on the hearts of those you encounter, for you My dear one, are being changed.  Never to be the same, and as you rise to meet Me, I instill in you more faith, more power, more love.  People shall wonder at your words.  For your words will be dripping in love, the oil of My Spirit is manifesting in you.  The people shall notice the change, you shall be a sign and a wonder.  They shall be drawn to you like a moth to a flame.  My love draws much through you.  As you encounter Me, you are being more and more changed into My image and likeness.  Many, I say many shall be refreshed and replenished in your presence for you are filled with Me and you have tapped into the river of My eternal waters, therefore you shall never run dry.  As they come, and they shall surely come you shall simply point them back to Me, for I am their source, they have simply lost their way.  As I lead you, you in turn shall lead them.  As sheep who have gone astray you shall lead them carefully and gently back to Me, as they begin their journey with Me, they shall be refreshed, replenished and comforted.  I shall use you to replenish and restore the weary soul.  Many  are lost and do not know how to seek Me, you shall show them the way home.  For in you I dwell.  For in you I am enthroned in your heart and I reign in you.  Do not think you cannot do this, for you shall surely not do it, for it is I who shall do it through you.  I shall have and recover all that is mine.

Hearing God - Feb. 26, 2014

Oh My love, My dear one I long to hold you in My arms.  I long to reveal Myself to you.  I long to show you your new home with Me, but alas, we both must be patient for it is not yet My Fathers time.  You must finish this race that you are in.  My Father always finishes what He starts.  To know the beginning from the end is a beautiful thing.  It is awe inspiring.  But know this My love, I shall be with you every step of the way.  Your life is in our hands.  You shall pass through the fire, you shall not be burned for it is well with your soul.  You dwell in Me daily.  I daily speak and you daily listen.  Listening to My instructions is very important.  In My council is peace and safety.  I dwell in My people now.  I have come into My chosen vessels.  Few have recognized Me.  I shall come into every heart that invites Me in.  I am willing to help all who come to Me, who call out to Me, who truly want to find Me.  The ones who are seeking Me out are My TRUE worshipers.  I shall gather all of My little ones under My wings.  I shall not allow anything to harm them.  For they are My loves.  I shall rescue My Bride.  Many, many people shall perish soon, but not you My Bride.  For you trust only in Me.  I am your source.  Lean into Me, I shall provide all of your needs.  I shall be your shelter.  I shall be your breath.  I shall deliver you My little one.  I shall never let you go.  Draw close, closer now for the time is short.  Stay inside of your gates with Me.  You may peek out at the happenings of this world from under My wing, but do not venture outside of Me.  Inside of Me is your protection and provision.  I alone am your source.  Do not fret or worry over your tomorrows, for I alone know the number of your days.  You must submit totally to Me.  As you yield I shall keep you.  You shall remain strong in Me.  I am the light.  Without Me is complete darkness.  Dwell in Me.

Hearing God - Feb. 8, 2014

I love you child.  I love spending time with you.  I love when it's just you and Me.  One on one sharing our hearts, letting love flow between us.  I love when you come willingly, eager to enter in to My presence.  Eager to hear Me.  As you make your way to Me, I am here waiting for you.  As you determine in your heart to know Me more, My heart flutters to reveal more of Myself to you.  Oh, My beloved dove My heart sings for you.  For you want to be close, you want to hear, you want Me above all else and this pleases Me.  As you are focused on Me through out your day you walk in My peace.  My peace hovers over and around you dear one.  For I am with you always, I never leave you.  Your life is full of tiny decisions through out the course of your day.  In each decision you are focused on Me, you are not willing to take your eyes off of Me, for you have entered in to My dwelling place and are not willing to be removed.  This is how you live and breathe and move and have your being in Me. You are learning how to dwell in Me, how to shelter in Me, for you are mine and I love you.  You love Me with all of your heart and this pleases Me.  My kingdom operates on love.  I am Truth.  I am light.  My light is strong in you My little one.  Don't let anyone diminish your light.  Stay full of Me, keep your lamp full and your wick trimmed, as I have lit your lamp.  I shall keep your lamp trimmed, each time you come I inspect your lamp and trim your wick.  I pour My oil into you as you wait upon Me and as you read My word.  Both are powerful and beautiful ways to spend time in My presence.  Getting to know Me is the best use of your time.  Understanding how I work will unlock new doors for you.  Loving people unlocks your heart to love more and more for I am love and true love grows.

When you take your focus off of Me and onto other things, it distracts you and you lose the hearing of My voice, for you allowed the thoughts invading your mind to press in and take over, thus choking out My still small voice.

 You must be diligent in your pursuit of waiting on Me.  Do not allow your thoughts to distract you from Me.  Remember, focus on Me, I am here.  Behold, My dear one I come.  I am the one that shares your heartbeat, I can hear it gently beating within your chest.  Listen, close your eyes, can you hear Mine.

You are not supposed to make changes, unless I tell you too.  I shall personally remove things from your life that are a distraction from Me.  Anything that hinders your progress in Me I shall remove.  You are on a journey with Me now.  I shall bless you in My timing.  I have placed many gifts and presents along the path for you to find.  Each gift has a purpose.  Each present will bring you closer and closer to Me.  You are moving in your destiny now.  I shall fulfill all of My plans for you.

Trust Me child, I am working in you and through you.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 9, 2014

song upon waking:  " You are worthy of it all God - ya ya ya X2, Day and night, night and day let incense rise X2...repeat..."

I am here, I live in the light, you are called to live and walk in the light, that flash of light you just saw for a second as you began to focus on Me is Me for I am light.  I shall light you up as I am lit up from the inside out.  You are becoming more powerful in Me, for you are allowing Me to increase in you, as you humble yourself to wait upon Me you decrease.  As you allow Me to teach you, you become strong in Me for your faith grows more and more each day as you come and wait upon Me.  Our love grows as our bond deepens with each passing day.  As we spend time together We get to know one another heart to heart.

  It is My desire to be known by all of My creation.  I am wiling to reveal Myself to All who come and seek Me out, as you seek Me out for yourself, I shall reveal Myself to you.  As you rely on Me and Me alone I shall provide all of your needs.  You are mine.  Trust Me.  Do not doubt.  Trust Me.  I shall always make a way for those who truly Trust Me.

Hearing God - Feb. 10, 2014

As far as the heavens are from the earth I am here and I am there, I fill all space.  There is no beginning and there is no end to me.  All things, All were created for Me.  I desire to interact with all of My creation.  Man cannot live without Me, for I am the one that gives him breathe, life, food, warmth, and shelter.  I am the one who gives wisdom and reasoning to man.  I do not need man.  I can destroy all of man and create something new.  But I will not destroy all of man, for I love man.  I desire to walk with and talk with each one as I walk and talk with you.  Man is stubborn and rebellious.  They choose not to hear.  They choose not to yield and submit to Me.  They choose to stay separated from Me and go their own way.  This is not wise.  For All need My protection.  All need My provision.  All need My direction.  When I lift My hand from their lives and their land and allow the calamities to come, then they shall seek Me.  When they cannot stop the calamities.  When they have no control over their situations then they shall realize that I, only I can help them.  Still in the midst of all this, they shall still not turn to Me.  They are a stiff necked people.  I long to nurture and love each one.  I alone can rescue the perishing.  I alone can make a way where there seems to be no way.  I am the beginning and I am the end of all things.  I shall come as a thief in the night and recover My own.  I shall breathe My fire and cleanse My land.  I shall restore My earth to it's once great glory.  Nothing can stop My judgements.  Nothing can stand in My way.  I am the Almighty and the All powerful.  Within Me is everything.  Without Me is nothing.  The times they are a changing child, but Remember, I am in the change.  I live and breathe and move throughout the land.  I am not restricted by time, I move in and out of time.  I know your beginning and I know your end.  Apart from me you are nothing.  Your life is very limited, you are but a vapor.  So small and insignificant, yet so precious and valuable to Me, for I love each of you deeply.  I long to hold you and comfort you and tell you how deeply you all are loved.  I speak constantly, but alas very few hear, for they are so full of themselves and their own ideas that they do not allow any time for Me.  I shall not force anyone to love Me.  Everyone must come to Me for themselves.  I love all, but I will not force you to love Me.  I will rescue and protect My own.  I know who are mine.  My sheep hear My voice and another they will not follow.  Surely the presence of the Lord shall rescue all who are his.  I long to be with each one of you.  I am able to save.  I am able to help you in whatever you need.  But, you must come to Me and ask for help.  You must surrender your will and yield to My will.  I am here.

Hearing God - Feb. 23, 2014

Each person is given a piece to the puzzle.  I do not reveal everything to one person.  You know in part and see in part.  I am your teacher.  I will reveal what I want you to understand.  Yes, listen to My prophets, but always seek Me out for truth.  You are not to worry about how things are going to be played out.  You are to just live out your life, day by day abiding in Me.  Stay close to Me and you shall be protected no matter what comes your way.  I have already told you that change is coming.  I have already told you that I am in the change.  Do not worry, I am here.  I will protect you, My dove.  I will never leave you alone.  Keep your focus on Me.  I am the Key.

  It is the battle of the ages being played out upon your earth.  Have no fear.  many things are going to come to pass.  I am working out My plan.  I have prepared you for what is coming.  Do not fear.  I love you, My little one.

Your best days are ahead, you shall do much for Me, and I shall be with you every step of the way.  Yes, things as you know them are going to change.  Do not worry about what you shall wear, what you shall eat or where you shall go.  For I alone will provide for you and your family.  Stay close, do not leave the protection of My wing, dear one.  It is not for you to decide what to do.  I shall surely show you.  Do not do anything unless I tell you to.  Stay covered and hidden in Me.  I shall direct your steps.  I alone shall lead you.  Do not stray off the path I have placed you on.  Keep doing what your daily routine is. For you are also dwelling in Me.  As you abide in Me you are strengthened by Me, you grow closer to Me and My light shines brighter in you.  I love you My dove.  As you wait upon Me, I pour more oil upon you.  I am your strength.  I am your peace.  I am your shelter from all harm.  I am all you need.  I shall provide for you.  Stay on this path I have placed you on.

 You are not alone in your journey.  No matter how hard the wind blows, Remember I am here, have no fear.  Things that can be shaken will be shaken, but you shall stand firm, for your foundation Rock is Me and I shall not be moved.  Pay no attention to doubt.  Do not listen to doubts lies.  He comes to lead you astray.  He comes to stress you out and weaken you.  But you shall remain strong.  You shall not be moved.

Hearing God - Feb. 24, 2014

Dear one, do not focus on what will happen tomorrow in your life and in the world, this will only lead to fear and uncertainty.  Instead focus on today, the day you are in,  for My grace is sufficient for today.  I shall walk with you through out each day.  I shall never leave you My little one.  You are safe and secure in Me.  Many hearts shall fail them for fear of what they see coming.  But, you My dear one shall have no fear.  I have strengthened you.  Behold I am here with you now.  You are seated before Me to receive My words of instruction to you.  It blesses Me that you eagerly come and seek Me out.  You shall lack for nothing.  For I shall provide all you will need.  I shall not leave you alone.  I shall be with you, for I am your constant companion.  Many shall be afflicted because of their sins, but it shall not come nigh you, for you are sheltered and protected in Me.  You are pure and clean before Me.  You are submitted and yielded to Me.  You have learned the valuable lesson of yielding to Me.  Do not be concerned with what is coming upon the earth, just watch.  I have already told you that you are to be a witness to what I shall do on the earth.  There is nothing you can do to change the course of direction the world is on.  You are not of this world.  You are of Me.  Stay strong and secure in Me.  Fully focused and trusting that I will always make a way for you.

I love you.

Hearing God - Feb. 25, 2014

My dear one, I am here.  You are faithful to be here with Me.  As you pursue walking it shall be health to you.

Song:  "The only thing that matters to me, Jesus, It will be the only thing that matters to Me..."

note:  I asked the question:  Father am I ready for your coming?

He answered:  Yes, My child you are ready.  I have washed you clean and you are daily looking for Me.  I shall come for you very soon.  Stay focused on Me.  Time is short.  Keep looking for Me.  I am coming for you.  Stay strong.  Do not fear.  Live each day in Me.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 11, 201

Oh, My dear one, I am coming.  Do not grow weary in seeking after Me.  For My return is very soon.  Many things, cruel things you shall witness first, but do not despair or lose hope for I shall surely cover you under the shadow of My wings.  I have called you to be a witness of the things to come, brought by My hand, but I shall protect and provide for you through it all.  Keep your eyes and ears focused on Me.  Keep your mind stayed on Me.  Do not look to the right or the left and become distracted from Me.  I am your source.  I alone shall provide for you, My love, My dove.  Stay with Me.  Do not disconnect from Me.  I shall surely provide for My own.  Do not allow yourself to wander away from Me.  I am your light in the coming darkness.  Yes, it is dark right now, but soon gross darkness shall cover the earth.  Stay close to Me My little one.  Shelter in Me and abide in My Peace.  I shall endue you with power and transform you with light you shall be a glowing example of My glory poured into My earthen vessels.  A vessel of honor you are.  A vessel of purity.  A yielded, humble vessel in whom I am well pleased.  I love you and will always, always, again I say, always take care of you.  For you My child are Mine.  I know who are Mine.  I know My Bride.  You are beautiful to Me.

Song:  "You are sooo beautiful to me.....X2"

As you are faithful to come and wait upon Me, you grow more dear to Me.  As you keep your focus upon Me I am drawn closer and closer to you.  As your faith grows in Me, My heart sings.  For you are becoming one with Me on the outside as well as the inside.  I shall be with you always, even unto the end.  Do not worry, I will take care of you.  Don not fear, I am here.  Do not hesitate when I ask you to do something.  Everything is laid out for you.  This path you are on, I have personally placed you on.  you are glowing in the spirit My dear one.  Soon you shall light up the sky in your glowing.  I shall provide for all who enter in.  No one who truly draws close to Me shall be left out.  I know every heart.  I call each earthen vessel to yield and come to Me now.  Come and let Me shelter and protect you.  Come and let Me love you.  For I love all of you.  I am Holy and you must yield to me and become Holy as I am.  You must be willing to change.

  Behold, I come, are you ready, are you sure.  Ask Me if you're ready, for only I truly know.

Hearing God - Feb. 21, 2014

Today I asked a question as I began to wait upon the Lord:
What church are we supposed to be going to?

Wait.  Patience is a virtue.  I am not distant.  I am here.  As you settle yourself down and begin to wait.  I come.  I speak Beloved, do not be in a hurry to hear Me.  Just simply wait, as you humbly wait upon Me, I come.  Do not allow yourself to be impatient.  You do your part and just wait upon Me.  Do not allow doubt to creep in and whisper - "he's not here".  For I am always here.  You must remain in faith that I am here as you wait.  The clock is ticking in your world, but I am not restricted by time.  I move in and out of the time space continuum.

Many things are about to change on earth.  Do not worry about your tomorrows.  Walk with Me through out each day.  I shall be with you.  Dear one you shall be preserved and protected.  Stay where you are.  The church you are in, the home and the state, do not change anything unless I tell you to.  I have positioned you here.  I shall feed you here.  I shall hide you in the cleft of My rock when danger comes.  I have always done this through out the course of your life.  I have always been with you.  Do not be in a hurry to hear from Me.  I shall not be rushed.  You must be willing to wait upon Me.  Dear one do not be anxious.  Simply Trust Me and wait.

Hearing God - Feb. 22, 2014

I love you My child, My little one.  You are precious to Me.  I too enjoy our time together.  I love to be loved.  You are now living in My love.  You are now expressing My love.  Your life is to be filled to overflowing in love.  As you rise each day I fill you with My love.  As you go about your day I fill your daily encounters with love.  You are now bonded in My love.  My love lives and breathes in and out of you.  Dear one you are an extension of My love on the earth.  Few have made the journey into My love as you have.  You are now being consumed and fed My love.  Love is strength and power.  Love is Me.  I long to show forth My love to all who will come and enter in to Me.  I call all to come and get to know Me.  I am loving, I am kind, I am powerful.  I love to talk to My little ones.  I love to share My life with them.  Our times of fellowship each day bond us closer, for our love for each other grows.  You are spirit and the bonds of the spirit never fade away.  You shall be with Me forever.  But for now, you shall remain here, eagerly listening to Me and spending time with Me.  I am your greatest resource.  I am able to supply all your needs.  I will supply all of your needs.  As you have a need I shall supply it.  Come to Me with all of your questions, I also am eager to answer you.  For it blesses Me too to commune with you.  My Father loves all of His little ones too.  Our precious Ruach HaKodesh loves to be welcomed in, and loves to help and guide and nourish each of our little ones.  We are well pleased with thee.  You have embraced Love in its purest and strongest form.  Love shall never leave you.  You have entered into another level with Us.  We are going to show you great mysteries that you know not of.  Keep coming daily to wait.  Be patient.  Do not try to rush My words, wait, be still and wait.  Oh, My love, My dove you are growing closer to Me with each passing day.  You are clean.  You are filled with Our spirit and you are patiently waiting on Us.  You have awakened to life.  You are watching and waiting upon Me.  I will come for you.  I shall not leave you behind.  You belong to Me, I shall have My Bride.  You shall dwell with Me forever My love.  Stay focused on Me through-out your day.  I am watching over you.  Stay strong in Me as you go about each day.  Death has no power over you for wherever you go I shall be with you.  Face every challenge with My strength and let love flow and guide your thoughts and actions.  I love you My little one.  It is well with your soul.   Be of good cheer I have overcome all and you are an overcomer, in Me you have been set free and no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 12, 2014

song:  "Jesus be My vision, be My light, be My guide Jesus..."

I am here.  I heard you as you were sleeping.  Your mind is focused on Me.  You are never far from Me in your thoughts.  You have entered in.  Very few have made this journey.  Keep focusing on Me.  We are one you and I.  I love how you love Me.  Your heart is full of Me.  As you come and sit, patiently waiting upon Me, I come, I pour My oil upon you and it fills your lamp, it runs down your head and your gown, it travels down your arms and legs and puddles upon your feet.  For I anoint you with My oil.  I sing over you with gladness.  For you have come to Me of your own free accord.  You sit and linger before Me.  You are patient in your pursuit of Me and this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  Our time together is precious.  You are fully in tune with Me.

Close you eyes:

Vision:  I see Jesus sitting on a rock in His garden waiting on Me.
I see a bright light with the silhouette of Jesus behind the light, the light seems to be coming out of His face.  He comes closer and holds out his nail scarred hand for me to hold, and We walk the narrow dirt road together.  It's lush and green.  He is wearing a long white tunic - no belt this time.  Then I hear Him say "A humble heart wins Me over every time".

Hearing God - Feb. 13, 2014

I love you child.  You are faithful.  Even when your flesh fights against you, and your thoughts try to discourage you, you persevere, push your thoughts aside and come.  You are diligent in your pursuit of Me.  You shall be rewarded.  I see all you do.  I watch over you.  I protect you and I cover you.  I will make a way for you always.  Your life is in My hands.  Remember, I will never forsake you.  As each day slips by you are drawing closer to Me.  As you keep your focus on Me, you are not distracted from Me.  You have discovered Me, and you are not easily persuaded by other voices.  This is a great test and you have passed.  To recognize My voice out of many other voices and sounds is a great gift.  For I have trained your ear to hear Me.  You are the sheep of My pasture.  You have entered into Rest with Me.  You are secure in Me.  For you My child know Me, and I know you.  This bond We have will never be broken.  Our love is secure and will last forever.  I am looking for My lost sheep now.  I am pursuing them diligently.  They need to wake up before I pass them by.  My warnings are being manifested in the severe weather and unusual happenings on the earth.  This is the wake up call.  Heed My warnings, come to Me while I may be found of thee.  I am the one shaking the earth and sending the rain.  Listen, can you hear Me.  Can you find Me?

Hearing God - Feb. 15, 2014

My child you are loved.  You are so beautiful to Me.

(song:  "You are soooo beautiful to me....")

I love when you come to spend time with Me.  you and I alone, communing with each other.  You focusing in on Me.  Your heart singing love songs to Me, it's the sweetest melody to Me when My loved ones sing out their love songs to Me, it's true worship from the heart.  I love all My true worshipers.  They are My hearts desire.  They are who I long for.  I love all of My creation.  But, the ones who truly love Me back, who are truly surrendered and yielded these are the ones who make My heart sing.  It blesses Me when My little ones Trust in Me.  When they are focused on Me and dwell in me each and every moment of their day.  Oh, how I love, love, love My Bride.  She is My treasure and shall be with Me and dwell in Me forever.  For she has chosen the path, the ancient path to Me.  She has forsaken the world and her hearts desire is to be with Me always.  She longs for me and seeks Me out.  She comes when I call her.  She eagerly enters into My garden.  She looks for me everywhere.  She is now beginning to see Me everywhere.  She is now beginning to see me everywhere.  I am in everything and she sees Me, for she knows Me.  We are one, Me and My Bride.  She has touched My soul.  My heart declares that she is mine, oh, how I long for My Father to say, "Go, get your Bride, it is time."  All is ready for you My love.  I only wish ALL were ready, but alas they are not.  Pray, Pray, Pray for your lost brothers and sisters.  Pray for the lukewarm.  Their time of testing is coming soon.  They shall look for Me, but they shall not find Me.  I shall be here, but I shall not be heard.  For they have not learned to hear Me.  They are not discerning the time they are in.  It shall not go well with them who are out of the sheepfold and for those who have wandered away from Me the good shepherd.  They have been lured back into the world by their enemy.  They have been fed the lie that everything will remain the same.  Yes, they have eagerly consumed the lie.  I shall not tarry.  I shall come in an hour when you think not, in a moment of calamity when all are focusing on the crisis, I shall come as a thief. I shall take My Bride into the wedding chamber.  I shall speak with her face to face.  I shall uncover mysteries to her, then We shall go forth as one to rescue the perishing.  The Main Event of the Ages is coming to pass My little one.  Stay close for you are going to be delighted and amazed at all I have planned for you.  I love you.  I am the giver of life and all good gifts come from Me.  Stay close dear one.  I am here.  I see you.  I love, love, love you.  Oh, I'm soooo excited.  "It's Time".  It's time, It's time, It's time, let the trumpets sound, let My Bride arise and enter into her chambers and wait, wait for Me, it is only moments from now My dear little one.  Oh, this is what I long for.  I shall reveal all to you soon. Keep watch at the gates.  Keep looking out your window for Me, for behold, I come soon.  It's time.

Hearing God - Feb. 16, 2014

I love you My little one.

(I asked a question- What did you mean he is a fool?  I was in a service and listening to the speaker)

He is controlled by many members of his family.  I am not in control of him 100 percent.

There is an accountability factor that he has side stepped.  You can and must follow My laws.  My ways lead to righteousness.  It's a process of sanctification.  As a person comes to Me and begins to know Me for themselves We begin to build a relationship.  As they allow Me to speak and they allow themselves to listen, then I can begin the process of sanctification.  I shall reveal what is pleasing to Me and what is not.  I shall expose evil for what it is in them.  As they yield, I can remove these stains from their garments.  As I begin to dwell with them, they can begin to see more clearly what is truth and what is a lie.  I force no one.  All must be willing to put on righteousness and therefore begin their journey to walking in righteousness with Me.  It is not an immediate transformation it's a process.  Time spent with Me will develop righteousness in you.  It will loose the bonds and chains that bind many to lives of unrighteousness.  I am holy, and I require all to be holy as I am.  It is not impossible, it is not too hard to do.  For as you draw close to Me, and as you seek me for answers, I shall draw close to you and show you the way, the truth and the life.  My ways are not the worlds ways.  I shall require all of you.  Not some, not half, but all.  You must be willing to forsake all others and come to Me.  We shall sort everything out together.  I can extinguish confusion and bring out truth.  In truth, righteousness reigns.  you cannot live in this world and not be influenced by it, unless you also live in Me and allow Me to reign in you.  Everything comes down to your "free will", you have a choice to make.  Either obey Me or obey your flesh or obey the world, you truly can only serve one master.  There is room for only one captain on your ship, which captain will be able to guide you safely through all the storms in your life, which captain will love, honor and protect you in your journey.  Which captain will you choose.  Choose carefully dear ones.  For your life is made up of the choices that you make.  You are not robots.  You are given free-will.  You have a choice to make.  Will you yield to Me and let Me guide you.  I am your best companion for the journey.  I alone know the way.  I alone am the only one who can take you home.  Remember all roads do not lead home.  Choose wisely, My little ones.

Hearing God - Feb. 20, 2014

You are My beloved dove and your heart is never far from Me.  You rise up to seek Me early.  you are in tune with My spirit.  You live, breathe, and move in My spirit.  Many people have longed to have this intimacy, but few are willing to make the journey with Me.  For to truly find Me takes the solitary path.  It is not the road of the masses.  It is the solitary path where I meet you and we commune together.  We walk this path together.  We begin our relationship here.  As you journey inward seeking after Me, you begin to find Me in the solitary moments, in the quiet, in the stillness you shall find Me.  For I am always here.  I have never left.  It's just the noise of this world that blocks out My still small voice.  In the quiet you will hear Me, if you are seeking Me.  In the stillness, I can be felt.  I am not distant.  I am here.  I search to and fro upon the earth to see who is truly seeking after Me.  I am not a silent God to be worshiped from afar.  I am here.  I am as close as your breath.  Breathe in, Breathe out, I am here. SSSSShhhhhh, be still and know Me.  Patience shall help you on your journey to Me.  Quiet your mind, remove all noise and distractions.  Focus your mind on Me.  Ask Me to come and reveal Myself to you.  Then begin to wait upon Me.  In the stillness, in the quiet I shall come.  Do not get frustrated.  Remain faithful.  I shall reveal Myself to every seeking heart.  If you truly desire to know Me, I shall make Myself known to you.  But you must be patient.  you must be willing to wait upon Me.  For I shall surely come.  I love you ALL.  I desire that ALL come to know Me personally.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 19, 2014

Note:  I was busy this morning and was struggling with myself to walk on the treadmill or seek the Lord first...this is what He said when I asked Him what to do.

Do your walking child, it shall strengthen you and your knee.   I have created you to move.  In your spirit and in your body.  As you move your body you allow strength to flow and circulate through out your entire system.  This is good for you, but compared to the spirit the physical profited little.  As you move in the spirit, you are literally moving in My Kingdom and My rhythms.  For as you in your mind focus on Me, you are connecting to Me, from the moment you get out of bed, you are drawn to Me, you start thinking upon Me and asking Me about your day.  you invite Me into every moment of your day.  You are now automatically tuning into My frequency.  As you go about your day you dwell and abide in Me.  For your life is fully restored and secure in Me.  For I AM your dwelling place.  As you are laying down to sleep, your focus is on Me, you fall asleep thinking upon Me, listening to Me or sometimes even talking to Me.  You rest peacefully each night for you are secure in Me.  My eternal lamp burns within you.  My eternal peace surrounds you now My dear one and you are fully accustomed to live in My peace.  There have been many challenges sent your way to draw you away from Me, and pull you out of My peace.  But, you My love, have endured.  You have remained steadfast and steady in your faith.  You have clung to the anchor of your soul and through the tears, through the pain, and uncertainty you have remained.  You have fought the good fight of faith with the spirit of fear.  You have maintained your faith in Me.  Your foundation is secure in Me.  You have found your true dwelling place in Me.  In Me you shall find Rest, Peace, Shelter, Comfort, and Protection.  Your strength comes from Me.  As you hunger for more of Me, I fill you more and more.  I increase in you with each test or trial you face.  I am fully in love with you, for you My dear one have captured My heart.  Your love is true and your heart is clean.  As I live in you, you also live in Me now.  Your faith has grown to believe in Me above all else.  You have learned to be content with little or much as long as you have Me.  I tell you today you, My beloved shall always, always have Me.  Oh My Bride you are reflecting Me beautifully now.  You shine Beloved, you shine.  I shall come for you soon.  In a moment when you think not, I shall come.  Stay with Me dear one, do not stray.  I am your source of life.  I am all you need.  In your transformation, I shall lead you by the hand and transition you from the physical to the spiritual in a moment.  You shall transcend time with Me.  We shall embark on this leg of the journey together.  Do not worry or fear for your family.  I shall provide for each one.  You must come when I call you.  You must be ready and willing in a moments notice to leave all that you know for an unknown future in Me.  I shall surely do you no harm.  But, you must choose to follow Me.  I will transport you from place to place as I need you.  I shall fill your mouth with My words.  I shall be your shelter.  Remember, I alone am your teacher.  I am preparing you for what lies ahead.  The time-space continuum will not restrict you.  For I do not dwell in time.  You dwell in Me, therefore you shall not be restricted by time.  You are Mine.  My earthen vessel.  You shall be filled and you shall shine in the darkness.  I shall speak with you face to face soon.  You shall see me fully now.  Do not fear.  I will cause you no harm.  For it is well with your soul.  I love you My little one.  My heart leaps at the thought of you.  Keep leading by example dear one.  Many are watching, many are listening.  The words I speak now bring life and hope.  They are a refreshing spring whereby many are being fed.  Live in Me and allow Me to pour forth My life giving words through you.  Much has been planned for My Kingdoms expansion.  Many shall come and be grafted back into the vine.  Many shall step beyond the veil now and I shall reveal Myself personally to each one.  We are together My love.  We are one.  We live together now on earth.  We are married in the spirit and I shall come for you soon My Bride, My love, My dove.  Stay focused on Me.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 18, 2014

I am here.  I see you.  Dear one do not allow yourself to be troubled over the coming calamities you see befalling the members at LS.  I have told you much shaking is coming.  The people, the children, ALL shall give an account of every idle word.   I shall uncover all their words.  The whispers spoken in hushed voices, every word I have heard.  The cruel jesting.  Yes, I have seen how they treat one another.  The barbed comments, though spoken in jest were cruel and proud.  I shall require repentance before I shall forgive.  I shall allow them to sink into a dark and desolate pit.  Their remorse shall bring tears of weeping and bitter anguish.  But, if they do not turn to Me, they shall never know the cleansing power of My hand.  A good Father always disciplines and corrects His children.  A good Father will not allow His children to continue in error.  I am loving, I am kind, I am encouraging, I am merciful.  I have seen none of My attributes manifested at LS.  I hear complaining, backbiting, jealousy, envy, and strife.  I see very little love.  You My child are loving and kind.  I know it grieves you to see others hurting, but this must come to pass, for this is the fruit of what they have sowed.  The works of the flesh always, always produces abundant fruit.  The fruit is bitter as gall.  It racks the body, soul and spirit in pain.  It develops deep and damaging roots.  Each one not knowing the full extent of these fruits, shall suffer and continue to suffer through-out their lifetime because it has not been dealt with, repented of and cast off.  I have not been allowed to cleanse and bind up their wounds.

A wounded animal will strike out at anyone who comes near them, for they themselves are hurting and cannot in their own power deliver themselves from the pain.  All who walk the path of the flesh are animalistic.  There is no true spirit on this path.  For the true spirit is love.  I alone am love.  I love ALL.  But each one must come and ask Me for help in their life.  I must be invited in or I will pass them by.

 I speak to you My dear one, for you have invited Me in.  You have yielded to Me and hearkened to My voice.  You come daily to wait upon Me.  You think constantly upon Me.  You dwell in Me daily now.  This pleases Me, My dove, this pleases Me.  You are called to watch as this unfolds, do not intervene until I prompt you to.  You shall witness much at LS, be silent, pray for everyone.  When they lash out, Remember, be gentle, be kind and be still, I have set the bridle on your tongue and I shall not remove it.  Stay humble.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 17, 2014

Question I asked while I was beginning to wait upon the Lord this morning.  "What would you like to tell Me today?"         (silence, pause)

Next question I asked.  "Father why can't I hear you?"

You can't hear Me because you are not focused on Me.  You must quiet yourself down and listen to my still small voice.  Remember, I am always here.  When your mind is racing and processing all sorts of questions at once, it has a harder time tuning in to hear Me.  This was a test for you.  I have already told you there are many voices coming your way to distract you from Me.  You My love must persevere in hearing Me.  YOU are learning to commune with Me in the stillness AND in a room with people and noise.  As you practice focusing on Me, you are sharpening your hearing.  For to truly hear Me, you must be willing to take the time to listen.

Question:  Father are we supposed to be going to LSC?

Yes, I have placed you at LSC for a reason.  Remember, I am your only teacher, but your light and your faith is needed at LSC.  LSC is about to be tested.  I shall shake everything that can be shaken at LSC.  When you are there in the midst of the shaking, you shall see Me and I will use you for My glory.  Much is coming upon the world.  I want you as a watchman, a sentinel, and a guard for My Kingdom.  I shall never leave you.  When they ask you how you are at peace, I will fill your mouth with the words to say.  You shall rebuke fear and deliver them out of fear and doubt and bring them back to Me and My peace.  For I am a shelter from the storms of life that rage against My people.  Many know of Me and love Me.  But, they are distant, they have not found the way to Me.  You My dear one, shall share Me.  In simple intimate conversations answering their questions with what you know and have learned of Me.  You are a light, a beacon in the darkness.  Many of My children are still too distant from me.  They need Me, they need to hear Me, keep praying for My children to have ears to hear and eyes to see Me for themselves.  Keep praying for the lost.   Keep praying for the lukewarm.  ALL need to hear Me.  ALL need to know Me personally.  I am here.  I have never left.  I have never stopped talking.  Anyone who truly wants to enter in and commune with Me can.  For all who seek Me shall find Me.  But all must personally seek Me for themselves.  You, My love have entered in.  You are receiving the new wine for you have allowed me to fully enter and dwell in you.  I am enthroned in your heart and I reign in you.  You have yielded fully to Me and allowed Me to sanctify  you and cleanse you.  You have been faithful to keep your lamp full and trimmed.  No one, nothing can extinguish your light.  For I have lit your flame and it is My fire that burns eternally within you.  You are mine and I am yours.  We are one.  I desire for all of My children to be faithful to Me.  I desire for ALL to come and sit before Me and listen.  They must learn to quiet themselves before ME.  They must learn to block out all the noise.

Be still, and KNOW that I am God.

I shall come and show myself to all My true seekers.  I am no respecter of persons.  I desire ALL to come and learn how much I truly love, love, love each one.  I desire to hold and cherish each one.  For My love is true, and true love grows.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 2, 2014

As I began to wait on the Lord this morning, I asked the Lord a question "What will my glorifed, transformed body look like?"

This is what He answered:

You shall shine like the sun, you shall be filled with light.  You shall wear a crown with many jewels.  The jewels are the giftings I have given you.  The world will be dark but you literally will be full of light.  You shall glow.  You already glow in the spirit, when I transform you spiritually you shall glow in your physical body.  Your skin, your hair, your eyes all shall be lit up.  Everyone shall see you as I see you now, for the veil of separation shall be removed from you.  I shall transform all of My faithful ones.  My Bride shall be sent out two by two.  I have a special work for each one.  I shall sing over you when I come, you shall come to Me and be changed.  I shall declare to you what I want you to do for Me.  This is a glorious time for you My Bride.  Do not worry.  Do not fear.  The hour of great awakening is coming.  Through the darkness I shall send out My light to rescue the perishing.  My light shall draw men to Me.  You and My other Brides shall show the way to Me.  Your greatest work for Me is just ahead.  I will use the humble and yielded to show My glory.  You shall be protected.  In Me you shall walk.  In Me you shall go forth, and I shall go with you.  Fear not.

Hearing God - Nov. 30, 2013

It's coming child.  My glory train is coming.  It will not look like what you have been taught.  I come in the thick clouds of darkness.  I come surrounded by a dark covering.  Thundering sounds, quaking and trembling will be in My coming.  The three days of darkness is My coming.  The sign of Jonah being in the belly of the whale (total darkness) for three days is the only sign I will give the world.  But, you My child, My precious dove have been warned to not fear.  When this comes draw near to me child for this is My coming.  Do not fear, and I bring change with Me, I am in the change.  I see every heart, not all are bad, not all are good, but I know each one.  I know what is needed for change in each one.  I will draw all men to Me.  Some eagerly await My light.  But, some eagerly love the darkness.  I will come in the darkness and catch them by surprise.  This is why you must stay close to Me little one, for no one knows when I will come.  You are to observe all things unfolding around you.  You are to give "ear" to My voice and truly hear Me for yourself.  You are to continue waiting on Me for strength and instruction.  Keep coming child, keep your oil lamp full.  Whatever your heart is full of, that is what I will give each one.  Focus on Me child.  I will never betray your trust and love.  I am your's forever, you are my dove and I will always keep you.  Rest now in Me.  Do not allow circumstances that pop up to distract you from My Peace.  Yield child, yield to the warmth of My presence, stay in the circle of My arms of protection.  It is My will that you remain in My perfect peace.  I will bring you comfort in the  storms that are coming.  Remember, I have told you many things that are coming, so you won't be taken by surprise, fear, or shock.  You should remain strong in Me.  Fully trusting that I will always protect you in every circumstance.  I am in the change.  I am here with you now and always.  I may feel distant from you, I may feel silent, but, TRUST ME I AM HERE WITH YOU, I NEVER LEAVE.  I will still test you.  I test, test, test every heart.  I correct you, I chasten and chastize you, and I discipline you because I love you.  I will never leave you the same way I found you today.  Remember I am the potter and you are the clay.  I am transforming you day by day, moment by moment into My image and likeness.  I am your transformer.  You are My beautiful Bride, fully surrendered and yielded to Me.  Not knowing what is coming next, but fully trusting the I AM here.  I love that about you.

Hearing God - Dec. 1, 2013

Come My child, come away with Me.  Wait before Me in gentle patience as is your custom, for this My dear one, pleases me much.  Your heart sings to Me, it longs to hear My voice.  Your spirit wakes you up at night for it is looking for Me.  your soul dwells in Me now.  You are on the earth now, and soon will be spirit bound.  My plan for your life is unfolding.  Nothing is out of place.  Patience must still reign in you, let her guide your stubborn flesh, yield child, still yield.  This journey is still full of many, many choices.  I am here.  I walk beside you, just choose Me and you will always make the right choice.  Man is fickle and wants their own way.  They do not realize that My way is TRULY THE BEST WAY.  For I see and know the beginning and the end of everything.  You grow in the challenges of life, you learn endurance through pain and suffering.  You become mentally strong when you know who I am and who you are with Me.  Getting to know the limitless God will strengthen you more and more as you spend time alone in Me.  I am the unknown God, but you My child, you know Me and I personally know you.  You are learning much now with each passing day.  You have been meditating on President Obama, you have been hearing "Obamanation", yes, I am using your president.    I am using him both for good and for bad.  You must pray for your president.  You must remain kind and full of hope, do not dispair child.  The leaders of your homeland are exactly who I want in place at this present moment and when they change, it will be because I sent the change.  Remember the saying "keep the change, it's to strange".  People have stubborn wills and hardened hearts.  I alone am bringing the changes.  For it is in My timing that things will change.  You My child are not to fear.  Do not be alarmed when you see the changes.  Many interesting changes are coming.  Stay close to Me My little one for I am in the change.  Shelter yourself in Me.  Rest in Me.  Stay in My Peace.  My Peace take with you now child, every moment I want you to be still and know that I am here with you.  Carry My peace with you everywhere.  If anything comes your way to shake you and remove My peace from you, just be still and Focus on Me and My Peace and when you are in My Peace once again carry on.  Day by Day you are to live in My peace.  You are to witness many changes, for one day, you will give an account of all that you have seen.  I am with you child, do not be afraid, endure child endure.  Remember, I am here, I never leave.

Hearing God - Dec. 2, 2013

I see you child.  I see your heart, I hear your wonderings about how everything is going to work out.  I feel your Trust in Me.  I know you love Me.  I know you well My dear one.  You have to patiently endure the waiting period.  Thsi is a time to draw closer to Me and allow Me to thoroughly examine every part of thee.  Your journey with Me is unending.  It is progressive.  As you allow Me to examine and correct you, as you seek to walk in My peace and to love as I love you, My child you are going through rapid changes.  Remember, My dear one, I am in the change.  You must face every challenge each day in faith and remain strong in Me.  You must love and be kind even in the midst of great pain.  Patient endurance is needed now.  Read My word more and more, you have been slacking off in this and you need it to feed your spirit.  I touch and strengthen you as you come and wait upon Me daily, but you must be as strong and unmovable as possible.  Reading My word is feeding your spirit.  I unlock mysteries to you as you sit and feast on My word.  It will comfort you.  It will secure your feet.  You have a strong foundation already.  But you need to be daily feeding on My word.  My word is alive and powerful.  It is healing to the body, soul and spirit.  You need to be taking communion everyday as well.  You also need to be praying in the spirit more and I will unlock more of My mysteries to you.  I will not show you everything.  But little by little as I reveal more of myself you will find yourself hidden and secure in Me.  As you come and Rest in Me, My peace remains in you for I have given it to you as a daily shield, against all the strife in the earth.  It truly is a battleground.  Much deception abounds now on your earth.  It is difficult to discern truth from a lie.  That is why you must remain close to Me.  Come closer, as close as you can and do not take your focus off of Me.  Keep your thoughts guarded at all times.  Cast down any thought that barges in to dis-quiet you.  Cast down any thought that comes in randomly.  These are fiery darts sent to distract you from communing with Me.  These fiery darts are coming continually now.  Do not allow them to crowd out My voice.  Listen carefully to Me child, for I am your destiny.  I am your source.  The cares of this world crowd in to distract you from spending precious time with Me.  I am your guide on this journey, stay the course child.  Do not run out ahead of Me.  I lead, and then you follow.  You are never alone.  Remember that child.  

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hearing God - Dec. 3, 2013

Pray, pray for your leaders, pray for your president.  Pray My will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  My timing is not your timing.  I have told you I am coming soon.  Behold, I AM at the door.  But you must endure many things before I come back for you, and I will come for you.  You must wait patiently for Me.  For I know every heart.  I know who is ready for Me and I know who is waiting for Me and looking for Me.  I am pleased with you for you truly want to please Me.  You believe My words and you Trust Me.  My Kingdom comes now.  Behold, your King is coming.  Behold with bated breath, anticipating My return, eagerly awaiting My return.  I see you child.  I love you.  I am here with you.

Song playing in My head:  "Waiting, waiting on Jesus, safe and secure from all alarm"

This is the best place for you now.  Secure and sheltered under My wing.  My love for you grows stronger with each passing day.  Live big in Me child.  Abide in Me.  Do not tarry in the world.  Always come back to Me.  Take Me with you wherever you go.  I am your Rock, your sure foundation.  I will see you soon My love, sooner than you think.  Stay ready, keep looking up.

Hearing God - Dec. 4, 2013

Dream upon waking:  I am working in a store with another girl, we are putting price tags with scanner bars on boxes at a table the size of a material cutting table at Walmart., two men that we know from high school approach and start talking to the other girl about past memories, then they turn ugly acting and we are running from them.  I am running in a hall yelling help, help and I have scissors in My hand.  The guy chasing Me has a knife.  Then I wake up.  It is a color dream.

I don't understand this dream Lord what does it Mean?  (I ask)

Ther are many things you do not understand child.  You must Trust Me and seek Me in everything.  The dream you had is a warning dream.  You will encounter many things now, that you do not understand.  You will be protected while others around you will not.  You are not to interfere with them.  You are to be a watcher.  You are to speak only when I tell you to.  You are to say only what I tell you to say.  Listen to Me.  I will guide you.  When in any situation you find yourself, hold your peace.  Be still and quiet and listen to Me, I will tell you what to do.  Ask Me what to do and wait upon Me.  I will not leave you.  You must ask Me for help, man cannot help you.  I am your way maker.  Difficult things are coming child, stay close to Me now and allow Me to guide you through them.

Hearing God - Dec. 5, 2013

I love you My child.  Nothing can separate us.  Focus only on Me dear one.  I am in control of you and everything that happens to you.  You are never alone.  I am here.  Remember, even when you can't feel or hear Me, I'm still here watching.  Do not lose heart.  All is well with your soul.  For you are one with Me.  you are pleasing to Me.  As you come daily and submit yourself to wait before Me, I come.  I see, and I speak.  You are experiencing true relationship with Me.  I will always be here for you and I will heal your body.

Hearing God - Dec. 6, 2013

When you're on medication it does hinder what you hear.  But with patient endurance you shall wait upon Me and begin to decipher what you are hearing.  There are many voices, sent to distract your ear. That is why spending time with Me and listening to My voice has been so important to you.  For I have trained your ear to hear Me.  Now I am training you to discern Me from the other voices you shall hear.  Many more voices you shall hear.  But, do not dismay, yes, you are corrrect they are sent to distract you from Me and communing with Me.  You are My beloved child, My gentle dove and you are known in the spirit.  I have told you many thngs are coming and to not fear for I am always here with you.  Stand firm in Me.  Remain strong in your faith for I have already told you that you will be tested.  Hold your ground in Me.  Stay close to Me for I am your strength and I will uphold you by My Mighty Power.  You have chosen Me as your Savior and your God.  You believe in Me.  You, My little one, have chosen well.  You are eager to please Me and that My child pleases Me much.  I love you.  I am coming for you soon.  But, there is much to come first in rapid succession.  But do not fear the events to come.  Just know that I am here, and live moment by moment in Me.

Hearing God - Dec. 7, 2013

This too shall pass, with patient endurance you and your families healing will come.  This is sent to distract you from Me.  To pre-occupy your mind with pain and discomfort and to worry you over your husband and daughter.  But do not fear, I am here, I shall heal all three of thee and your little dog too.  Take communion daily now.  I have been telling you, but you have delayed in obeying Me.  There is power in communion and there is faith made tangible by your act of partaking of My communion.  You can take it more than once a day you know.  Also, I want you to anoint your home, your doorposts, lintels, windows, mirrors, screens, telephones, computers, cars, mailbox, camper, shop, pool, checkbooks and property lines.  I want you to draw a bloodline as you are anointing them, do not delay.  Much is coming and this is part of your shield in the spirit, do not doubt Me, just obey Me and Trust Me in this that I know best.  This is a season of change and much shaking is required.  You are correct, the holes in your backyard are of Me, but I will disclose this information at a later time.  Remember, everything has a purpose in your life.  No twinge, no cough, no pain goes unaccounted for.  Your mother suffered much on earth and it is accounted unto her for My Glory.  This manifested My Character in her, and now she is at rest in Me.  She is one of My saints and I will not allow her to suffer anymore.  She is with Me, and now the rewards of her faith in Me have been given to her, she has entered into My everlasting Kingdom and this shall never be taken away from her.  Her journey on earth was long and weary, but she learned much in her patience and endurance.  She is an example of patient endurance for you.  Now that she has been removed from your life you have more time to focus on Me.  You shall see your mother again.  But for now, keep your focus on Me.  I have much for you My beloved dove.  Remain fixed in Me.  Allow Me to do My perfect and complete work in you.  I am the only one who can finish what I started in you.  I am transforming you with each passing day into a clearer image of Me.  TRUST Me child.  I am working in you.  I am working in all of My children.  The best is yet to be seen.  I have saved the best for last.  The beauty and majesty I have in store for you all is amazing.  I am excited and ready to reveal more of My plan.  Live in Me dear one, live in Me.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hearing God - Dec. 8, 2013

My dear sweet Sherry, I love you.  I enjoy our time together.  I enjoy how you think upon Me.  I will reward you openly as you wait upon Me.  I speak to all of My children individually.  Each one has a separate path to Me.  I love each of you dearly, for you all are My treasure, and I take care of My own. you will not suffer My wrath for you are Mine.  Signed and sealed in My Blood.  Set apart as My portion, a first fruit offering to Me.  You will see much suffering in the days ahead.  But you will not suffer.  You shall be protected.  For you My dear one have entered into My Rest.  You shall be a witness to the coming attractions on the earth.  Do not fear.  This stuff is not your normal life as you know it.  It's more like the movies come to life.  I will give the people what their hearts desire is.  They shall have it, but they shall not want it.  I see all that happens on the earth.  I see what each person does and does not do.  Those who love, shall be loved.  Those who cause pain shall be caused much pain.  Those who love fear shall have much to fear.  Those who are full of greed, shall be full of want.  Those who judge shall be judged the harshest.  Those who are prideful shall be cast down and reduced to nothingness.  Those who plan evil shall have much evil heaped upon themselves.  But those who are mine, those who have been refined in the fires of testing.  Those who are purified and clean.  They shall live in Zion.  Every need shall be met.  There shall be no want.  I shall endue  them with power.  For My Elect shall do many things, many impossible things in My strength and power.  They shall not fear, for I am near.  They shall go forth from Zion into the earth in My strength, endued with great power.  For they have made themselves strong in Me.  They shall shine, the brightness of the glory that shall be upon them shall be seen in the physical with natural eyes, just as it is seen in the spirit with spiritual eyes.  much shall happen quickly now child, stay ready and focused on Me.  In a moments notice I shall come forth and surprise all.  I am your only teacher.  For I alone am TRUTH.  I know the beginning and the end of everything.  I am all you need.  Rest in Me now, My dear one.  You are where I want you at this time.  Many shall be afflicted now.  Much suffering is coming.  Trust Me, I will deliver you. I will take care of you.  For you and all My True children are the apple of My Eye and I shall reward you openly.  Do not fear, My dear, I am in the change.  You are with Me and nothing shall by any means harm you.  I shall renew your strength.  I shall breathe new life in you.  I shall transform your physical body soon, as you have renewed your mind in Me, I shall renew you.  For you are My Beloved Dove and I am well pleased with thee.

Hearing God - Dec. 9, 2013

Hear Me child.  I am concerned with the thoughts and the issues of every heart.   This christmas season is supposed to bring mens hearts back to Me.  But the world has turned it into a big party full of gluttony, revelry, drunkenness and greed.  This is not My way.  This is not My plan, I want everyone to Focus on Me and My return.  Soon, I will come.  Do not strive against your neighbor, do not judge.  I am the judge, keep yourself clean before Me.  I am the one you should please.  I am all you need.  I know every heart.  Everything centers around the heart.  Are you seeking Me with your whole heart.  Are you trying to please only Me.  Are you loving and kind.  Is your life a witness for Me.  I can use any season or holiday for My purposes.  It's not the holiday, it's the heart in the holiday.  I love Anna she is Mine.  I love Rachel she is Mine.  I have told you, I am your only teacher, no one else.  Each of My children is on a journey to Me.  I am drawing all men back to Me.  Each path is narrow and unique to the individual.  Do not judge.  Do nothing that I have not told you personally to do.  You are in My hands.  you are to watch as My plan unfolds.  Watch and be alert I am doing much now.  Do not let the christmas season distract you from Me.  Keep your focus on Me.  I am here.

Hearing God - Dec. 10, 2013

You have to draw the blood line everyday.  This is like a protective shield over you and your family.  I watch over you every moment, but you must do your part as well.  My Kingdom comes, My Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  You must focus on Me at all times and stay close.  Do not stray from Me child.  You are a light in the darkness.  You are lit with My fire.  My glory is resting upon you because I am living in you.   You are a part of Me and no one can separate us.  Live in me and stay close to the source.  You will be used for My Kingdom purposes.  Patience is needed for the journey.  Perseverance will yield much fruit.  Faith and Hope are weapons of warfare in the Spirit.  Keep yourself clean and pure before Me.  Read My word, you will be given much understanding.  It is time for your understanding to be enlightened and expanded.  I will open your eyes as I have already opened your ears.  I am not far from Truth seekers, for when they find the Truth, they find Me and when they find Me, they will never stray.  This is My plan for you.  For you to truly know Me and commune with Me.  You delight in Me.  You delight in hearing from me My child, this pleases Me.  you are holy and pure.  Keep yourself, Watch carefully over yourself, see that no one stains your garments for I have washed you clean.  Stay clean.  Do not disobey Me.  Do not stray from this path We are on together.