Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 29, 2014

Child, as you go about shedding the old things that you don't use or have need of, know this, you are making room for change.  Being willing to cast off the old allows you to make room for the new.  Beloved, change, My change, is upon you.  As you are ever grasping to take hold of Me it shows Me your heart.  I see how much you desire to know Me, and this pleases Me much.  Yes, you have seen your wedding garment in your dreams long ago as a child.  Those dreams were to set in your mind as seeds, and now they are beginning to grow, for the plan and purpose for them is now time to come to pass.  The fruition of all that I have sown into you is coming to pass.

I shall not delay My plans.  If any are not ready when I come, so be it, for I call and I call daily.  Daily I wait and watch each precious life.  I'm watching to see how they live, act, think, and are.  I'm watching to see when they will call upon Me, or IF they will ever call upon Me.  So much can be done for each one, if only, they would allow Me to come into their lives and help.  So, alas, I wait.

Back to you My love, My gentle little dove.  I am awakening you more and more into My reality.  I am revealing to you more.  Oh, yes My child, I have heard your heart, you will not miss Me.  You shall hear the trumpets call, though others are already hearing the trumpets and you have not, you shall hear them, for you believe.

Now, ask Me about the shot you heard as you were sleeping.

Note:  So I asked Him what was the shot I heard?  ( I had been asking and pondering over what this meant and this is what He just said about it)

The shot you heard was the beginning of the final race to countdown mankind's destiny.  Lives are weighing in the balance.  I have dispatched countless angels into the warfare going on on earth.  The shot was large and heard through My Kingdom and My universes.  This is like the shot when Paul Revere rode out to sound the alarm "The British are coming, The British are coming".  But, this time the shout is "The Kingdom (of God) is coming, The Kingdom (of God) is coming", make way, make way.  All the people, all the creatures, all the spirits should make themselves ready.  Prepare, prepare, prepare for my Kingdom comes now, and I shall rule with a rod of iron.  Oh, humble yourselves before your King or you shall never rise again.  I shall do what is necessary.  I shall allow devastation to commence in more abundance across the whole earth.  For I have seen the hearts of all.  I know each one.

For My own who are awakened to the times that are upon them, fear not, for you are My Mighty Warriors and you I shall rescue and use in My final battle plan.  For the ones who are sleeping in My flock, I shall shake and shake you with a great and terrible shaking, wake up little sleepy heads-for the hour of My coming is upon you, do not let Me find you sleeping.  Seek Me, fervently, and I shall come back and rescue you also.  For the lost, the shaking will not endure forever, if you survive, call upon Me, seek Me out, I am your only hope, and I shall come and answer thee and rescue you.  Every soul shall be accounted for.

Hear Me now, call upon Me in your time of trouble.  Cling to Me in your pain.  All is not lost in the shaking, for I am here.  I am waiting for each soul to come home to Me.  Trust Me, I alone know the way home.

My little dove, you are wide awake.  Your destiny in Me is in My timing.  Rest now, little one, you shall not miss Me.  I will tell you what I want from you daily, as you come.  You are very loved.

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