Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 26, 2014

Beloved, I love you.  As you draw close to Me and wait, it shows Me the intent of your heart.   I am your primary focus and this pleases Me.  All the world is set on course to meet with Me and give an account of their actions.  Some are ready and eager to meet Me face to face.  But, most, sadly are not.  Some still live in the delusion that I do not exist.  Some think of themselves as a god.  Some think they are so powerful that they can control the destiny of the earth and millions of people for their own selfish greed and desires.  Few, are genuinely concerned for their fellow brothers and sisters.  But, I tell you the Truth, all will give an account for their own actions, thoughts and words.  Each life is singular.  Each soul has a destiny and a purpose to accomplish for Me.

 No one can hide from My all-seeing eye.  I am the ONLY ONE who can TRULY SEE EVERYTHING, all at once.  Nothing can be hidden from My view.  I see all and I know all.  Those who are close to Me know this and they are comforted and encouraged by the fact that I see them at all times.  Some will soon learn this fact and be terrified by this TRUTH that I DO SEE them and what they are doing.  I can read each mind and each heart.  When you stand before Me, you ALL shall see what I have seen in you, and you will judge yourself, this is TRUTH.

Oh, the day is fast approaching when I shall call you all to stand before Me and give an account of your life.  This shall be a bitter-sweet day.  I keep meticulous records of each fragile and precious life.  You are ready, My love, but many are not.  I caution you all to prepare yourselves, for I come without delay.

Stand firm My little one, not much longer now.

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