Monday, July 28, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - July 28, 2014

Oh, My love it is good to come and sit with your Beloved.  This is your consecration time to Me.  Your waiting has yielded much fruit in the spirit.  The time you devote to Me in waiting and prayer and yielding shall be greatly rewarded.  For in this time, your fruit has budded, your roots are deep and strong.  Your faith has grown.  Much is accomplished in the waiting.  Nothing is for nought in My Kingdom.

It takes time and perseverance to yield a prepared and enduring vessel.  These times can't be rushed.  Through time, our love grows.  Through patience, our love is tested.  Through due diligence, our love endures.  Love is something that is tangible.  Love is a beautiful spirit, and is very real.  True love only grows and becomes sweeter as it ages.  My love is true.  Your love for Me is true.

Life without love, is empty, and void, and dark and hollow.  It is sad to see a life that does not feel love, that feels isolated and alone.  For if only they would reach out to Me, I would come and embrace each lonely heart and gladly share My warmth, and abundance of life giving love with them.  But, each soul must come to Me for themselves.  I will not force Myself on anyone.  But, I will make Myself known to all who seek Me out.  I am not distant.

Child your love blesses Me.  I see your desire to please Me, and it blesses Me that you are eager to come and partake of My life giving spirit.  You are surrounded My dear one by an abundance of My love, and My light in you shines out for all to see.

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