Friday, March 28, 2014

Hearing God - Oct. 20, 2013

Do not fear tomorrow child, live in today.  I will direct each step, one day at a time.  Rest in Me.  Live in Me, keep dwelling in My peace.  I am all you need.  Trust Me, follow after Me.  I will not lead you astray.  Much is coming to you now.  More revelation in My word.  I have unlocked My word to you.  As you seek to understand My word I will open it to you, and reveal much.  There is always much to learn.  You can only see and understand as I reveal it to you.

I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to Me, except My Father draws him to Me.  I am here.  I am always here.  Can you hear Me child.  SSSShhhhhh, Be still, quiet yourself, do not allow the distractions going on around you to draw you out of fellowship and communion with Me.  You must train yourself to listen for My still small voice in the midst of noise and chaos.  As you practice training your ear to hear Me you will grow more adept at listening.  Listening is key to your developing in Me.  I have much to say to you My beloved, listen carefully.  Write things down.  Come more often to the table and feast in My presence.  Get to know the Hammonds, you could learn much from them.  I have placed them in your life for a reason, you need to discover it.  Don't discount the little ones who are humble, they are jewels in My Kingdom.  You have much to learn about being humble.  This walk of humility is not easy.  It takes checking yourself constantly.  Yielding to correction.  Disciplining your own flesh to cast down pride.  To stay humble requires constantly coming to Me and allowing Me to remove the dross that bubbles up in you.  Walking humbly before Me requires much more time of self inspection, self sacrificing and literally telling your flesh no!  Humility is a gift I bestow on a chosen few.  To walk under My mantle of humility, you must yield to Me in everything.  Yield your will to Mine.  I can do much in and with a yielded vessel.  Will you yield?

  It's beautiful, to sit and spend time together.  The love we share grows deeper and stronger with each passing day.  I pour into you My oil as you sit quietly before Me.  Now is the time to come.  I wish more would come, and listen to Me.  I am the source of all life.  I am the Resurrection.  I am able to save.  Trust Me child, daily walking close to me will strengthen you for the journey.  My eyes are always upon you, My dear one.  I love you.  You are a treasure to Me.  Lift Me up child, let Me live big in you.  Let Me increase in you.  Make yourself strong in Me.  I am your way maker.  Listen, My child to My still small voice, listen to the wind, listen to the birds, behold, I am here and My reward is with Me.  Enter into My Rest.  Live in Me.

Hearing God - Oct.21, 2013

SSSHHHHH, be still and know, I am here.

Sit quietly before Me, carefully listening

Sometimes you must just be content to WAIT upon Me.

Hearing God - Oct. 22, 2013

Sitting and waiting is where you should be.  I fill you as you sit and wait.  Quiet yourself before ME, and wait.  Listen carefully for My still small voice.  Maybe, I'll speak, maybe I won't.  What you need to be concerned with is making yourself available to hear Me.  Humbly sitting and waiting for Me is the best place you can be.  I see you.  I know what you do each day.  I trust your heart to come and bow at My feet and wait.  You come and knock at My door each day as you wait upon Me.  I see you child, and I open the door to you.  You are greatly beloved.  You are a true friend.  I love you child.  I enjoy our times together, continue in your study of Ephesians.  Do not rush through it!  Take your time.  Digest it, there is much to learn in My word.  Train your ear to hear Me, above all else.  Be still and know Me.  I am your leader.

Follow Me, close your eyes.  What do you see?

Vision:  I see darkness and a bright light to the right.

I am in the light.  Go into the light and follow Me.

Vision:  I crossed into the light into a spotless room.  I see white Hibiscus with a white humming bird trying to drink.  The bird says "ummmm if I could just..." He is trying to drink from the white blooms and he's polite.

Hearing God - Oct. 23, 2013

God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

I am here child.  I know you can hear Me.  I am not distant from you, My dear one.  I know where you are.  I see you.  You are mine.  I know your name "Sherry".  I know your heart.  I know your mind.  You are beautiful to Me.  We are one in the spirit.  I am pouring into you more and more of Myself.  I live big in you.  Your life is in My hands and that's the safest place to be.  I love you child.  You are mine.  Great is the mystery of My plan that is unfolding now.  Do not fear.  Do not worry.  I am in control.  I will tell you what to do when it is time.  Pack your backpack.  Be prepared.  Behold, I come. Listen carefully for My instructions.  Stay alert.  Prepare yourself, by reading My word and meditating on Me and My ways.  Change is coming.  I am in the change.  I am the author of the change.  Stay with Me.  Focus on Me.  I am with you child.  I am here.  Daughter hold fast to what you know about Me.  Behold, I come quickly.  Stay alert.  Stay awake.  Stay focused.  My Will be done.  You're on the right track.  Stay with Me.

Hearing God - Oct. 24, 2013

I am here child.  I see you.  You are mine.  My beloved dove and I will never let you go.  You are lovely and fair.  You are ready to enter in to more of Me.  I rule over you.  You yield and submit to Me.  Your life is mine.  Think on Me often each day and often each night.  Let Me come alive more and more in you.  I created you to dwell with and in Me.  You are alive in Me.  I order your days.  Ask Me each day what I want you to do.  Life as you know it is about to change.

Stay close, many are the afflictions of the righteous, but I the Lord God will deliver them up, out of them all.  You must learn of Me.  You must be comfortable and practiced with your sword.  Get ready for some drills.  With much practice comes much skills.  I will train you with My sword.

My light will encompass you.  My love will consume you.  Much will be revealed to you about Me and My ways and My eternal plan.  Nothing is impossible to My children who truly believe and follow Me.  I will lead you to conquer.  The only weapon you need is Me.  My word living in you is powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword.  Spiritual things must be discerned in the spirit.  Walk in the spirit.  Yield to the spirit and nothing shall be impossible for you.  I am with you.  I am here.

Hearing God - Oct. 25, 2013

If you want to hear from Me child, you will always hear from Me.  As you seek Me you shall find Me. As you search out My ways, My will, My plan for your life, it draws you ever closer to Me your God and Father.  I am never far from you.  I am here.  I never leave you.  My eyes are upon you always.  I am always thinking upon you.  You are My treasure and I love you.  As you come and wait upon Me, it's an outward expression of your love for Me.  It's a manifestation of your heart.

As a man speaks, shows what's in his heart.  You are fair My love.  You don't doubt My love for you.  You are secure in Me and that pleases Me.  You are willing to throw away all the old doctrines you have grown up on and fully allow Me to teach you, this pleases Me child.  Learning of Me is a lifelong journey.  Allowing Me to express Myself through you takes a submitted heart and soul, and spirit.  Allowing Me to change and mold you into My image is a manifestation of a humble spirit.

 You are learning how to walk in the mantle of humility and this pleases Me.  My purpose for your life is to reflect Me.  You are to mirror Me, My ways, My thoughts as I reveal them to you.  Each time you reflect Me, you are cutting the chords that bind you to your flesh.  I have lit your candle, and I continually fill you with My oil as you wait upon Me.  As you train your ear to hear Me, you grow stronger in Me.  Your faith in Me grows, every time you come before Me.  Your light is shining brightly My dear one, I love you.  I love our time together, for we are one.  In the stillness of the day I am here with you.  In the quiet of the morning we commune together.  You have chosen to put Me first in your day and that pleases Me child.  You are getting to know Me and learning to listen and pick out My voice, this pleases Me child!  You are right where you are supposed to be.  I will lead you by the hand each and every day.  Follow My lead.  Do not stray from the path I have placed you on.  Our journey is a beautiful one.  I enjoy watching you live out your days patiently waiting for Me to reveal more and more of Myself to you.

The lusts and pull of the world have lost their luster to you.  You are content with or without, you are truly growing closer and closer to Me, and I will reward you for diligently seeking Me.  Out of the abyss you sparkle.  You shine in the darkness.  You are hidden in Me child.  I will uncover you soon and use you for My glory.  Do not be afraid to be martyred for Me.

 I will reveal what I want you to do as each day comes.  Fear not, I will protect you.  Study the word martyr it's not what you think.  I will not allow you to be harmed.  I am with you, and My plans and purposes are higher than mans.

 You must continue to grow in your understanding of Me.  The highway is a higher way of thinking.  Life is a journey back to Me.  You and everyone else has free-will, I will not take that from you.  Every one must make the choice to come after Me and seek Me with their whole heart.  Behold, I have come, I have searched the hearts of men and I know who truly are mine.  I have sealed My Beloveds.  I have covered them with My wings.  Behold I come and I am here.

  Stay humbled unto Me.  Stay close to Me.  Make yourself stronger in Me by your continually coming and waiting upon Me, and reading My word.  I will always protect you.  I want you to study "martyr".  Look up every definition and the root of this word.  Words are full of creative power.  You have a little understanding of the power of words.  I will give you more understanding as We progress together in our journey.  I hold you child in the palm of My hand.  I know you by name.  You are mine and I will never let you go.  Hold fast to Me no matter what you face each day.  Your life is in My hands.  You are mine and I will never let you go.  You are truly safe and secure in Me.  Live in Me.  I alone am your source.  I alone am all you need.  I am the I AM.  I am here.  I know you.  Getting to know Me is a great mystery that I am unfolding for you as We journey together.  Make yourself ever stronger in Me.

Hearing God - Oct. 26, 2013

My Bride focus on who I would have you to be for Me in this day.  Find every and all idols you set before Me now, and purge these things from your life.

Pray for My Will to be made evident to you, and pray for you to desire My Will for your life and not your own.

I am selecting the roles of My Bride now for My time is now.

She will be tucked safely under My wing and will see no danger until I hearken her to come to the place that is lying ready for her arrival.  My Bride has been given gifts that she must recognize and begin to use.  For these gifts will be evident to the lost as from Me only.

My Bride needs to focus now on what I will be leading her to do.  If she is focused on the things of this world.  She will miss out on her instructions, and will simply become a bridesmaid.

Those who seek Me and are seeking My will for them will find it and they will conquer all demons that come against them.

I am speaking to those now who are too involved in this world

I am separating those who are not giving their time and attention to what I am calling them to do

I am separating those who are not heeding My warnings and who are not acting on My guidance to them.

I am setting apart My Bride with the many jewels in her crown.  She must be seeking My will for her.  She must be seeking My will for her ministry in these last days.

Hearing God - Oct. 27, 2014

My child you are in My perfect Will for you at this time.  You are sheltering in Me.  You are focused on Me.  You will not miss Me.  I am here.  I speak to you clearly, daily now, as you come to My table and dine with Me.  I love you and I have great plans for you.  Do not doubt any part of our relationship.    We are one.  I breathe into you My spirit.  You are humble before Me.  You are secure in Me.  I want you to study "martyr" - now, do not put it off or delay.

There is much to learn.  Your spirit is strong in Me.  You have weathered many tests and challenges that you have not even recognized.  You are a jewel to Me.  My light shines in and through you.  You are beautiful and lovely to Me.  We walk together.  You are My friend.  You truly love Me.  You seek Me daily and you My dear one, My little dove, I am always here with thee.  Nothing can ever separate us.  You are focused on Me and My will and plans for your life.  You will not miss Me child.  I am here.  I will not leave you alone.  For you are mine.  Focus, My love, I am here.

Listen to My still small voice.  I am the resurrection and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.  My Father is very pleased with you.  We love you and will live forever with you soon.  Patience is a key, a very special key in My Kingdom.  Do not endeavor to rush out ahead of Me and My plans.  Fully submit, fully yield all to Me, Obey all My instructions.

 NO, you may NOT DO ZUMBA!  Do not ask again!

My will for you right now is for you to keep abiding in Me.  Patiently waiting for Me to reveal more and more of Myself in My timing as I see fit.  Keep coming before Me daily as a sacrifice of praise, and as a sacrifice of worship.  I will provide for you.  I will always take care of you.  Patience is a great virtue and will unlock many doors into My Kingdom.  I am here.  Do not be afraid to draw-near.  I will never leave you alone.  Rest in Me.  You are safe in Me.  Nothing shall by any means hurt or harm you as you rest in Me.  I am THE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT.  You know My TRUTH and you have My LIGHT.  We shall do great things together, follow Me.  Do not let anyone or anything hinder you.  Have faith, increase your faith.  Make yourself strong in Me.  I am here.

Hearing God - Oct. 28, 2014

I am here child.  To be a martyr is to be a witness and an observer for Me.  Someone who can testify of who I am.  Someone who can see Me clearly and show others how to find Me for themselves.  I am not far from anyone.

Keep studying "martyrs" there is more for you to learn and understand.

I dwell in you.  I have made a garden in you and I dwell in and with you.  Your life is wrapped up in Me.  My life is wrapping around you like a vine.  We are one.  I will use you mightily in the coming days.  Trust Me.  Lean on Me, not your own understanding.  You are to watch and observe as things unfold around you.  Your life is a witness of Me.  You reflect Me.  My light shines through you and we are one.  We, I and My Father are pleased, very pleased with you.  Your love for us is genuine.  You are ours forever.  We love you very much.  Keep training your ear to listen to My still small voice speaking.  I am here with you.  Rest in Me.  My peace is here for you.  Carry My peace with you through out your day.  Abide in My Peace, truly confident that I will provide all your needs.  Trust Me. I am all you need.  Let love abide in you, your home and every aspect of you life.  Let love flow.  Do not stop the flow of love, for this is My desire, for My love to flow through you and your life to set the captive free.  

Hearing God - Oct. 29, 2014

You are My beloved, and I love you.  Trust Me, no matter what.  I will make a way for you.  Keep close to Me.   Draw ever closer as much as you can.  I am here.  You will gain strength from Me, every time you draw close to Me.  Come, and as you come I fill you with My oil.  Listen to My children as I bring them to you.  They are to strengthen you and draw you closer to Me.  Each one is sounding with the words and revelations I have given them.  I am leading and directing each one of My servants. My children know Me, they are empowered by Me.  No one knows everything I'm doing.  Each one sees in part, and understands in part.  It's a puzzle and you all need each other to fit all the puzzle pieces together.  Stay close to Me.  Ask Me, and I will reveal many things to you.  But you must ask.  Do not wait.  Press in.  I am willing to give you the information you seek, but you My child, My dear one, must ask, must seek.  I will reward your seeking.  Come to Me.  Keep your focus on Me, I am here.  You need Me.  Dwell in Me child as I dwell in you and have made My home in you.  TRUTH is powerful and will not disappoint.  Stay in My TRUTH and do not stray.  Your life is in My hands.  I am your provider, husband and friend.  Behold, the Bridegroom comes.  I love you.  I will always provide for you.  For I am well pleased with you.  You love Me with all your heart.  We will live forever together and no one will ever separate you from Me.  You are My dove.  Holy, clean and righteous.  You live in Me.  You make your home in Me.  I am so in love with you.  My precious little one.  Do not doubt My power, believe in Me.  Press into Me.  My life in you is power, My anointing in you is powerful and tangible.  Much change is coming.  Do not fear.  Stay the course.  Do not change coarse.  Live every moment in Me.  We are on the journey together.  I will always lead you, you My dear one Must TRUST Me and follow Me.  Read My word, build up My precious Holy Spirit within you.  Keep coming.  I am here.  I live.  Let Me live big in you.  I am the teacher, you My child are the seeker.  Do not grow weary in your search for Me.  I will reward your diligence.  Have patience in your search for Me.  I see you, I am beginning to reveal Myself, be patient and keep coming.  I know you by name.  You are mine.

Hearing God - Oct. 30, 2013

Come, My beloved, to My table, sit and dine with Me.  I am yours and you are mine.  We are one in spirit.  You're growing in Me rapidly.  You are reaching greater depths in the spirit now.  Your faith is ever increasing.  You are becoming strong in Me and nothing shall be impossible for you.  As I lead, you follow and this pleases Me.  You are hearing Me.  You now recognize My voice and a stranger 's voice you will not follow.  Watch now, My dear one, as the season's change.  For much change is coming.  You have prepared your heart for Me.  You have hearkened to My voice and yielded to My voice and allowed Me to work a change in you.  You are My beloved dove.

As you have studied the word martyr, you now realize some of the meaning:  a testimony, someone who has "seen", a recorder, a watcher.

Stay with Me down the road ahead, our journey is just beginning.  Patience is one of your greatest virtues.  Do not try to walk ahead of Me.  Allow Me to lead you, and then you humbly walk behind Me.  Humility is a great key in My Kingdom.  Only the pure in heart shall see God.  I have purified your heart.  You are clean before Me.  You are quick to repent from unclean, impure thoughts.  You are an obedient child and wife.  I love you.  You will see Me.  You will be a witness to My power and strength and Majesty.  You have an understanding of who I am, and of My unlimited power.  You know without a doubt that I am God and there is no other, this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  As you sit in quietness, I come.  I see you.  I read your heart.  I carefully examine you.  I am looking for any sin or dross in you to remove.  My light searches you, before you ask Me to, I search the deepest places of you.  I know you better than you know yourself.  Live big in Me child for I am all you need.  I am the beginning and the end.  Your place in Me is secure.  You will live forever in My eternal Kingdom with Me and My angels.  You have willingly made a place for Me and recognized that you need Me, not My hand, but Me, you need relationship with Me.  As you opened your heart and made a home for Me and invited Me to come, behold I come and make My home in you.

 Now you My child need to "Rest" in Me.  I want you to study "Rest" to truly understand this concept.  I am all you need.  Now, enter into My Rest, this is something you are to live in now on earth, not just in heaven.  You can truly Rest in Me as you live on the earth.  My Rest is complete and assured.  Be confident in Me child as you are carrying My peace, now enter into My Rest, it is for you My dear one, it is a gift from Me to you.  Enter in.

Hearing God - March 13, 2014

I am here.  I know your ways.  You are neither hot or cold for you are on fire for Me.  You burn for Me.  As I mentioned in the message you just heard, I, and I alone have lit your flame for Me.  Your flame will never go out, and no one or nothing will be able to quench your fire.  For you are My burning bush, you are one of My burning ones.  You shall be a mother and mentor to many of My chosen children.  Do not look upon the outward appearance of the ones I will send you.  They shall not look like what you expect.  They have been tested and tried in My furnace of affliction, they are rejected, unloved and cast away by all, but not Me.  I shall gather them to Myself.  You are not to do things for them, you are to be a living example of Me and My love, you are to speak My word, you are to encourage them to continue and press on in their journey with Me.  I am not far from them.  Let your words by few - but let them be filled with Me.  Let My love, let My peace, let My comfort go forth from your lips.  Do not spend time thinking about what you will say, just open your mouth and let Me and My words flow out.   I shall do much with you child.  For I am in you and I shall work in you and with you to do My will.  Nothing shall be withheld from you for I am providing everything you need.  Let love flow, and flow and flow.  My mercy and grace shall go forth from you, I shall use you to kindle the flame inside of others.  No one can stop what I am about to do in you and through you.  Much is going to be accomplished for Me through you My dear one.  Not a moment shall be wasted.  I shall show you many things.  Stay close.  I am in your midst.  It is well with thee.  I love you and I love how you love Me.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hearing God - March 12, 2014

Dream:  I was sitting with my mom talking on a back porch, with grey white washed buildings on the property and overgrown grasses in the yard, and I was missing her in my head.  I was taking apart the fabric seat on a large, old, comfortable rocker.  I said "I love this rocker and I'm going to keep it", mom said she didn't remember ever buying it, it's just always been there.  I notice there are Winnie the Pooh figures staked out in her garden plots, and a Wiley coyote too.  I remember thinking maybe I should keep those too, to remember her by.  Then I was awakened by the Lord.

He said "She is with Me now.  Don't worry over her.  She spends most of her time in the garden."

Today is an unusual day child, much is happening in the spirit that you don't see.  Consider and observe the wind.  I am moving across the land now.  I see all that is transpiring and I will reward all of My children and prodigals.  Do not worry, you are exactly where I want you to be at this time, fully resting in Me.  Fully secure in My protection.  Fully Trusting in My love.  Dwell in My love and carry My love with you My dear one.  Walk in My love.  Shine, child, shine.  You are an ambassador for Me, a living example of Me and My love.  As you move freely about your day, pay attention to who you encounter.  These are moments that I have placed before you to impart Me into the atmosphere and the lives of others.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hearing God - Oct. 31, 2013

I am here.  I love you.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  I am healing you.  This was an attack.  Stand your ground in Me.  Stay strong and secure in Me.  I will deliver you from all of these tests.  I am able.  Trust Me in all things.  This too shall pass.  Do not listen to the lies of the enemy.  Do not allow the evil thoughts or ideas to linger as they come.  These are fiery darts trying to penetrate your armor.  Do not allow them to.  Do not give them any foothold, cast them down and out.  Do not allow them to grow and gain strength in you or upon you.  You are Mine, My beloved, and this is war.  The battlefield is your mind, your body, earth and the heavenlies.   Do not think upon the wickedness that is on the earth or is coming upon your land.  Think upon Me, My goodness, My power, My love.  What you think upon you become.  What you think upon you give power to.  What you think upon grows.  Rest assured in Me.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  I am able to deliver you.  I am always with you.  I see you.  I see everything about you.  I see all you see.  I see everything.  Nothing is hidden from Me.  You are ever before Me.  My power, My grace is sufficient for you.

Hearing God - Nov. 1, 2013

Dream upon waking:  Me, my husband, daughter and a boy I don't know are looking for children, and find a trafficking business - they have a boy and a girl in separate rooms, one of them is a twin.  I believe the boy with us is one of the twins. Me, my husband, daughter and a boy I don't know are somewhere making a deal with a bad man.  We are looking at a machine that heats up fast and cools fast.  My husband is buying one and is pretending to be a bad guy too.  I go to say goodbye to the group my daughter was with and they start to leave, a girl comes running and I go to help her into the van.  I go back to look for our excursion and it's not there.  I call my husband on the cell phone and ask "where are you?" he answers "I thought you'd be here by now.  They got us, but we managed to wriggle free, I suggest you find a china man and hold his hand to Mexico."  I ask "Which way, left or right?"  he answers "East".   There is traffic in one line going left and right.  One way is China, one way is Mexico, I am on foot, I don't think anyone speaks English, and I choose to go right.  I plan to meet my husband and daughter in Mexico.  I wake up.

Note:  As I am contemplating this dream I hear a song:  "Wake up little Suzy, Wake up"

You are about to be invaded.  Do not panic.  You are in My will.  You will have to depend on Me.  America wants evil.  I will give them evil.  But they won't like it.  You are My child, My little one, I will protect and provide for you.  You are Mine.  You will shelter in Me.  I will be your source.  Do not worry about tomorrow.  Live day by day in Me.  Focused on Me.  Ready for Me.  I am your soon coming King.  You will follow Me into uncharted waters and territories.  We will walk together.  You and I are one.  Stay focused.  Stay close to Me My dear little one, I will protect you.  Nothing is just coincidence.  I see all.  My plan is unfolding.  Be prepared, I may take you to a foreign land, but I will be with you and protect your coming and going.  I will give you favor in the journey.  You are Mine, My beloved and My hand is upon you.  I am with you, where ever you go.

Hearing God - Nov. 2, 2013

Hello beautiful, I love you.  You are My little dove and I am your protector, provider and Mighty Deliverer and God.  I am that I am.  No one, no nothing can compare to Me.  I am God and there is no other.  You are My beloved.  You always come to Me.  You are preparing a place for Me and that pleases Me.  We are on a beautiful journey together.  You are never alone.  I am always, always with you.  My beloved.  This is the beginning of a new season for you.  I am going to do a new thing with you.  Stay tuned.  Focus on Me.  I alone are all you need.

Hearing God - Nov. 3, 2013

I love you child, you are My beloved dove.  I know your heart.  I know your mind, your will is mine.  Your will is to do My will.  You want to know Me.  You want to hear Me.  You are seeking after Me with your whole heart and you will surely find Me.  Your heart is My heart.  I live big in you.  I shall live bigger in you.  Focus on Me.  Let Me teach you.  I will stretch your mind, I will allow you to know Me personally.  You are mine.  I will have you.  Trust me.  I am your source.  I am your God.  I am the I am.  Let Me reign in you.

Hearing God - Nov. 4, 2013

Dream:  I had a dream, but can't remember it when I woke up...

You woke up at 5:44am and should have gotten up.  I woke you up, but you chose to go back to sleep.  Pay attention to when you are naturally waking up, and ask Me why did I wake you up.  Look up 544 in greek and in chapter and verse.  Seek Me out in this.  I am Lord of the dance.  Seek me child.  I am here.  Come after Me.  I am near.  All of My TRUE followers seek Me.  I am the goal.  I am the Pearl of great price.  I am in the quiet, and I am in the storm.  many people do not know Me.  many people do not fear Me.  Many people are trusting in themselves and not Me.  You trust in Me.  Do not look back.  Come forward to Me, come as I guide you.  You are My child.  My servant, My dove, you follow after Me.  I lead, you follow.  Nothing is impossible for me.  You must have faith in Me to meet all your needs.  I am the source of everything.  I am all you need.  I am in you.  Seek Me out.  Remember, to come to Me daily.  Our relationship is a daily walk.  The more you come to listen, the more you hear.   I am always near.  You must choose to hear.  Stay with Me.  keep your focus on Me.  Let Me stretch you.  Let me fill you.  Let Me lead you.  Come when I call you.

Hearing God - Nov. 5, 2013

Hello My child, I am glad you have come.  I watch over you.  I watch over My word.  My will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Do not fear what is coming on your earth, I am here and I will take care of you.  Do not fight against what is coming, all is ordained by Me.  My plan is unfolding.  Listen to My messengers and heed My warnings.  Stay close to Me My little one.  I will show you the way.  I am your navigator.  I am your deliverer.  I am your provider.  I am your way maker.  My way is becoming clearer to you.  You have ears to hear Me.  You are here waiting and listening to Me.  I will always provide for you.  I will always protect you.  I am your source.  Trust Me.  Lean on Me and not your own understanding.  My ways are different than your ways.

song:  "The Lord thy God, the Lord thy God, in the midst of thee, in the midst of thee, is Mighty, is Mighty. X2...and I saw Him, high and lifted up, in power and grace and authority, and He shall reign in the midst of thee forever and ever...."

You must believe that I am and I am a rewarder of those that diligently seek Me.  Do not fear what I am about to ask you to do, just believe and obey Me.  Remember, I am watching you.

Hearing God - Nov. 6, 2013

I love you child.  You are growing in Me.  Your confidence and assurance in Me is gaining strength.  You believe in Me.  You are allowing Me to stretch your mind.  You have laid down old doctrines and man's ways of understanding and you are allowing Me to teach you.  This pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  Your faith has grown.  You are strong in Me.  You have conquered fear.  I live big in you.  I will use you for My glory.  Do not fear or worry as to how I will use you.  Just Trust in Me and remain faithful.  You are in My perfect will.  You are My desire.  I desire to live big in you.  I have made My home in you.  You are spirit and I am spirit.  I shall give you everlasting life.  You now understand the difference between eternal and everlasting.  Only I am eternal, nothing else.  Pay attention to the laws of constant.  Things are about to change.  You shall live to see change.  My Kingdom comes.  I come now cloaked in darkness and flames.  Do not fear the change.  Come to Me as you do now.  Quiet yourself in the midst of chaos, and I will lead you.  You know what I've told My messengers and you have believed.  Now, TRUST Me, that I will work all things out for your good.  I will take care of you and your family.  Change is good.  Behold, I come now.  Stay close to Me.  Do not stray.

Hearing God - Nov. 7, 2013

They that wait upon Me shall renew their strength.  They shall run and not grow weary.  They shall mount up with wings like an eagle.  They shall run, and leap over a wall.  My children shall be changed.  My children shall do exploits in My name.  I work through My beloved children.  Not one of them goes astray.  Those who are truly mine, remain in Me and I in them.  Nothing shall by any means harm you, My dear little one.  I am your constant.  I will take care of all your needs.  No one and nothing shall be allowed to harm you.  Do not fear change.  Change is coming.  I am in the change.  Stay close, even closer if you can.  I will reward all of My children who diligently seek me.  Do not go to the right or to the left, look straight ahead to My lead, follow Me.  Listen carefully to all My instructions, obey all  of them and it shall go well with thee.  You are My beloved dove.  My spirit rests upon you and I dwell within you.  I am rising up in you now child.  I must increase and you must decrease.  Make yourself strong in Me, My beloved.  Days are unfolding rapidly and time is speeding up.  You are in My perfect plan and will for your life.  Keep coming and waiting for Me, I will fill your cup.  Listen to all My instructions and wait upon Me and My timing.

 Remember:  Patience is a virtue, and a strong weapon.  Do ot try to move out ahead of Me, wait.  I alone will tell you when to do something.  Wait for Me.  Do not grow weary.  Wait.

Hearing God - March 11, 2014

I am here with you child.  I know your mind is constantly thinking upon Me and this pleases Me, My dear one.  I can see that you are Resting in Me, you are at peace, for you have submitted your life completely to Me.  You rest in the assurance that I will take care of you no matter what comes your way.  I am pleased with you My dear one.  You are in the bubble of protection that I give to all of My true followers.  As you remain yielded to Me I will always cover and shelter you, no one can take you out of My protection.  They may huff and puff, but it shall be futile.  They shall be like a roaring lion without teeth.  They shall be like a blind, toothless lion without a sense of smell.  For fear is their weapon and you My dear one have already conquered fear.  It has no part of you.  For you are fully confident in Me as your source, as your strength and as your guide.  For you are yielded to Me.  As I lead, you follow.  I am well pleased with thee My dear one.  You have made yourself strong in Me.  The coming storms shall cause you to rise on the wings of My spirit.  You shall stand firm in Me.  For your faith is strong, I know you will not turn back from the battle.  You shall glow in My anointing, strength, and power.  You shall grow ever stronger in Me for My love will course through your veins like fire.  My word spoken through you, My yielded vessel, My servant of honor, has power and will release My oil throughout your land.  I shall be with you child, for I shall be the giver of your words.  I shall shower you in My oil and you shall grow in power and peace.  For I am well pleased with thee.

We shall dance again My dear one, as We danced in the sanctuary.  I am with you.  Stay close, I am here !

***note:  As I was in worship on Sunday morning in church, I could see Jesus in front of the pulpit in a long white robe dancing to the music and worship...He then called for me to come and dance with Him, I joined Him and He danced with me like ballroom dancing, twirling me around up and down the aisle and in front of the felt so real, but I could not tell if I had really danced with Him or if I had done so in my head...I was pondering this....and He just reminded me that it was real....Praise God....

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hearing God - March 8, 2014

You can't hear Me for you are not focusing on Me, you're troubled with your weight.

You do not need to be troubled with your weight.  I see you.  Your healing is a process.  Do not dwell on the vanity of weight.  You are in My hands.  Keep walking.  Keep drinking water.  Keep eating right and I will take care of the rest.  It shall surely come to pass.  You are in My hands My little one.  My dove, I love you.  I love spending time with you for you are a treasure to Me.  Keep your focus on Me everyday from now on.  Lean into Me and not your own understanding.  I will make all things new in you.  Do not doubt Me in this My dear one.  I shall place a heavy and beautiful anointing on you.  You are My beloved dove, you walk and see through eyes of love.  Love is the principle thing in My Kingdom.  I love people and you love people.  Let your love flow more and more throughout your days.  Live and flow in My love.  Your heart and My heart are one.  We live together in the now you and I.  For I reign within you.  I am enthroned within you My little one.  You are right where I want you to be.  Do not allow fear or procrastination to hinder you from doing what I've called you to do.  As I lay things on your heart you should do them, for I am the one who gives you the unction to make something for someone, or bake something.  As you yield you spread My love.  So do not tarry child, yield to me. Allow My spirit to flow through you.  Do not let these moments of opportunity pass you by.  Yield to them, for it is I who is laying it on your heart to do these things.  No gift or expression of love is too small.  For I am the love and hope that is extended.  You must endeavor to be at peace with all men.  For this is My way.  As you yield in this.  You shall be tested in this.  Remember it is I sending the tests.  Yield child, yield.  Change is happening now.  I am in the change.  I am your source in all things.  I am all you need.  You in Me and I in you bring change to your surroundings.  Many shall be drawn into the kingdom now by My love.  I am wooing and drawing ALL to Me by My love.  The world is losing all love and compassion, as the hearts grow colder, harder and more bitter.  As this is happening all around the earth.  I am exposing My love through My earthen vessels who are pouring out My love.  You are one of these beautiful earthen vessels through whom I pour My love through.  You are glowing, a living epistle of My love.   You are changing, evermore walking in My likeness and image.  You are holy, you are pure.  I have cleansed you and inspected your garments.  I have poured out My oil upon you this morning and you are changed.  You are Mine and I am well pleased with thee.

Hearing God - March 9, 2014

He woke me up this morning whispering in my ear:  "Oh, My Love"

I love you My dear one.  You are precious to Me.  For you hear and come quickly when I call.  You are an obedient child.  I love to watch you grow in me.  As you rise to meet Me, I am here waiting for you.  You have chosen to spend time with Me.  You are giving Me the first part of your day, this is pleasing to Me.  For it is our special time together.  I am watching over you each and everyday.  Do not worry or fret over the little things.  Ask Me for help in everything.   I have told you to ask.  I am more than able to help.  I see all.  I know all.  I am here.  Listen, My dear one, to the birds, they are singing their praises to Me as they wait upon Me to give them their next meal.  It's the simple day to day living that draws Me.  I want to be included in all the little things as well as the big.  For I love the details of everything.  I love the story of your daily life, for it is our story now.  It is the story of Us and Our journey together.  Most of My children think of Me as far off and Mighty.  I am Mighty, but I am not far off.  I am as close as your breath.  I am waiting and wanting to be invited in.  Remember My word, I stand at the door and knock.  A simple, gentle knocking.  If you will hear Me and open the door of yourself (your heart) and ask Me to come in We can visit awhile.  If you want, I can stay with you.  If you want Me to help you, If you want Me to guide you, ask Me to stay.   I can be a part time visitor, or a full time resident with you.  It's your choice.  I will not force Myself on you.  But, know this, I WANT to be here, living in you and with you in your daily life.  But, you have to make your own choice as to whether I stay or not.  It is better to travel the road of life with a friend, than to go it alone.  Alone you are unprotected.  With Me, I have your back.  I will love, protect, comfort and encourage you in your journey.  Once you choose Me, your life will never be the same.  I can do much with little.  I love you My children.  I always have.  I want you My children, I always have.  I am here, come, come My dear ones, I am waiting for you.  I love you with all of My heart, I long to hold you in My arms.  I want all of My prodigal sons to come home.  I want all of My prodigal daughters to come home.  My invitation has no "expiration day".   But, if you don't come before you die, My invitation will "expire" when you do.  Don't wait, come, come now.  I'm waiting for you.

Hearing God - March 10, 2014

Love is the key to everything.  My heart moves and breathes love.  To truly be indwelt with Me you also will be consumed in love.  My love burning in you and moving through you is a witness of My eternal presence on earth.  Love is beautiful.  Love is powerful.  Love is alive, and True Love grows, it never dies.  It moves and breathes.  The characteristics of love are innumerable.  I am love.  I cannot be contained or kept in a box.  Love changes things.  Remember, I am in the change.  Stay close My little one.  I am coming for you very soon.  Keep watch.  I love you, stay in My love.  Focus all you can on Me, as much as you can.  Ask Me, include Me in all your daily tasks and decisions.  I go with you in all that you do.  I am here.  I will never leave you.  You and I are one.  We are on this journey together.  Whatever you don't know, Trust Me, for I know all.  I will not disappoint you My dear one, you are right where I want you.  Stay where you are in life.  When I want you to move or change something, I will tell you.  Do not be afraid.  Trust Me, I am here.  I will protect you, for you are Mine.  Lean not on your own understanding.  Follow after Me in all things.  I lead, you follow, simple.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Hearing God - Jan. 26, 2014

What I am about to do will shock the world.  Everything that has been foretold in My word shall come to fruition now.  I am about to do a new thing in your midst.  I am changing time.  Out with the old and in with the new.  I am closing out this age with a bang.  I am going to open the door on a new age.  It shall be a glorious and peaceful age.  My son shall reign upon His throne in the city of David and everyone on earth shall follow Him and worship Him.  His majesty shall be seen and felt in all the earth.  He shall make all things new and beautiful in this new Age.  He shall renew the earth and it shall replenish itself.  He shall restore all the animals and they shall repopulate the earth.  He shall restore the ability to communicate with the animals.  He shall remove the curse and restore the health of all flesh.  No sickness or disease shall be upon His Kingdom.  He shall reign with a rod of iron.  His word shall go forth and shall be adhered to by everyone.  There shall be no fear for anyone or thing who is living in His Kingdom and obeying His laws.  Children shall abound and flourish in His Kingdom.  They shall run and play with the animals and shall not be harmed.  Many shall bask in the glow and glory of the Son.  Peace and love shall reign supreme in His Kingdom.  The birds shall praise Him in concert and the people shall lift their voices and sing with them.  Abundance of life, food and love shall abound in His Kingdom.

 Now to close out this Age is no small thing.  It shall be harsh upon the land, animals and people.  Many shall perish.  But this must be done in order to cleanse the land.  Do not be concerned or worried about how you shall die.  For you are in our hands.  Whether in the body or in the spirit you shall be with us.  We love you and nothing shall by any means harm you.  Stay close My dear.  In your hearing it has been told before it happens.  You shall witness many things now.  It shall come to pass as I have told you.  But do not fear.  For I am in the change.  Change must come to cleanse the land.  Harsh change must come to change the peoples hearts.  They must be shocked to awaken them out of their sleep.  Too many have not awakened as they should.  They are not willing to hear.  They are not willing to admit that the signs they are seeing upon the earth are the birth pains.  Some are truly asleep, they are bewitched.  Some are awake but refuse to acknowledge that this is actually happening in their lifetime.  They are fooling themselves in a false sense of security that the world shall go on as it has and nothing is changing.  Oh, foolish hearted men.  Stubborn to their core.  Woe to you when I bring the hammer down for you shall tremble in fear.  You were warned repeatedly to change your ways.  I called and called for you to come, but you were not willing to hear, much less to obey.  I shall go forth and strike the land, when I strike the land it shall break apart.  Woe to you foolish men and women who think you can change and manipulate My seasons and ordinances.  You shall soon see that what you have created is chaos and disorder.  The earth shall reel as I tip it off of it's axis. You foolish men who think you are in charge.  Woe to you for your day of reckoning is come.  You shall eat the fruit of your labors.  But it shall be bitter and it shall burn you to your core.  You shall not escape My judgement and wrath.  All you who have lived to please yourselves and done whatever your heart desires shall meet Me face to face.  You shall be dis-enchanted.  I shall open your eyes to the truth.  But it shall be too late for you.

  But to all My little ones, I say do not fear for this too shall pass.  Come, stay close to Me under My wings as I shelter you from the storms.  I shall provide for each of you.  I shall protect all of My children.  Some of My children are still not awake, with this shaking they shall awaken.  There is still much work to be done in My children and I will use this time of testing to purify and refine all of My children.  Do not lose heart if you are going through this shaking, do not give up on Me if you are left upon the earth and have to endure these tests and trials.  Hold fast to Me through it all, even unto death.  For I am with you, I may seem silent.  But I am here.  I shall lead you home.  Do not doubt or throw away your faith.  I am with you.  You must trust Me.  Do not let bitterness or resentment pull you away from Me.  You are still mine.  You were just not ready for Me yet.  You must allow Me to complete My work in you.  Do not give up.  All is not lost.  I am here.  You must seek Me out for deliverance and direction.  I shall save you.  I warn you now, do not give up your faith in Me.  Do Not renounce Me.  Do not take the mark of the beast, for it shall change your DNA into something different, it shall cut you off from Me.  Hold fast to Me no matter what, even unto death.  Do not fear death.  Remember, I am here.  I see you.  I can still help you.  Call out to Me.

Hearing God - Jan. 27, 2014

Dear one you are faithful to Me.  I am here with you.  I see you.  I know you, and you know Me.  Spending time with Me in My presence is where you are refreshed and renewed.  As you wait before Me I fill you with fresh oil, as you meditate and read My word you are being filled with My oil.  Your head is anointed and the oil runs down upon your garments.  This is a necessary part of spending time with Me.  This will allow you to be ready when I come for you.  When I call you, you shall hear, for you are waiting for Me to come.  You are watching for Me.  I shall soon come and take you home with Me.  It shall not be long.  This is where true patience is processed.

  As you linger at the door looking for Me, your love for Me and My goodness grows.  For you have discovered some of My attributes and you long to know more.  You can't imagine your life without Me.  I shall reward your diligence.  I love you My little one.  Your roots run deep into Me.  You are awake and alert.  You shall uncover mysteries hidden throughout the ages.  We shall surely speak face to face one day.  We shall embrace at the marriage supper, and you My Bride shall be with Me always.  I shall hide nothing from you.  For we are one.  You are mine, given to Me by My Father and I shall always love you.  You are fair My dear one.  Your heart is true.  You are intertwined with My heart.   We shall soon be together.

 Much shall happen now in rapid succession now.  I shall reveal much to My anointed children.  I shall shield My true children from what is to come.  They have make themselves strong in Me and now they shall do exploits in My name.  You shall rescue many in these perilous times ahead.  Nothing shall be stable on earth, in any country.  I shall turn up the heat and unleash the angels who have been bound, they shall go forth and do all of My Fathers bidding, for the Great and Terrible day of the Lord is coming.  Every heart that is not founded in Me shall be shaken with fear and trembling.

 As this begins and comes upon your land you must endeavor to endure.  In a moment in the twinkling of an eye, I shall come as a thief.  I shall come in thick dark clouds and snatch My Bride.  No one will see it, but all shall feel it.  Much you do not understand will be revealed later.  Trust Me, My dear one.  I shall never leave you and I shall surely provide for you and come and rescue you.  We shall be together soon My love.  Hold fast to your patience.  For I shall surely come for you.

 Yes, you shall be tested, but you shall pass every test for I know what is in you.  Call upon Me for help, as you need it, I am here.  I will help you.  In all things Remember we have a covenant - you and I are one.  You are My Bride and I am your husband.   I shall provide for your every need.  Do not fear My Beloved.  I am here.  Do not grow lazy.  Stay Ready !  Look for Me !

Hearing God - March 7, 2014

song:  "You are worthy of it all God, ya ya ya...X2"

sssssshhhhh....I love you dear one, in the quiet in the stillness I am here.  Be still and know that I am here.  Be still and know that I am God.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord God delivers them up out of them all.

Many of My children seek My hand, but you My child seek My face and My heart.  It is well with thee.   As you patiently wait before Me, I come and pour My oil upon you once again.  For you have chosen to enter in.  You have chosen to deny yourself and come, I know you are tired.  I know you're hurting.  But, still, you come and wait upon Me.  For I am first in you, this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.

As you endeavor to walk in My ways.  I will show you things.  I will open the windows of heaven for you.  For it pleases Me to talk to you.  For you are positioned and ready and eager to hear from Me.  you have made yourself strong in Me.  You have chosen Me above all else.  I am pleased with thee.

As you enter in to wait upon Me, My spirit grows within you.  As you are patient in your wait for Me, My heart warms.  I love how you love Me.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hearing God - Jan. 31, 2014

Oh, My love, I am here.  I am with you.  Much shall happen soon.   You must remain strong.  Trust Me.  I've got you.  I will be with you every step of the way.  Your journey is with Me.

The sum of all fears shall not hinder you as it comes upon the land.  My Bride shall see and witness many things, but she shall be protected and provided for.  I shall hear your prayers.  Pray, pray, pray.  For I am moving across the land.  I will answer every prayer that is connected and lined up, of one accord with My will.  You will be working with Me to fulfill My purposes on the earth.  Pray, pray, pray.  Pray for your family, pray for the lost and lukewarm, pray for the nations.  Pray as I lead you, pray out loud, pray in tongues.  Pray, pray, pray.

  My vessels of honor are prepared for this battle.  you are one of My vessels of honor.  Yield your thoughts to Me.  Yield all to Me, My plans are unfolding as we speak.  Do not try to understand everything, just follow My lead.  Listen for Me, ask Me about everything before you do it.  Do not go out ahead of Me.  You must let Me lead.  I shall direct your path.  Do not make plans without Me.  Ask Me before you do it, ask Me and wait for the answer from me before you proceed.  We are one you and I.

  I am the Lord of this dance.  We are dancing in the wind.  I am in the wind, as I blow across the land, My child enter into your secret place in Me.  As the wind blows, We shall dance. As the storms come, We shall dance across the ages, in unison.  As you enter in sing, lift up your high praises to Me.  I shall now do great things the earth has never seen before.  My people shall be filled with more of Me.  As We dance across the land, in the spirit shall be your eternal resting place.  You shall live out the rest of your days transitioning in and out of the spirit, but mostly in the spirit.  It is time for the transformation.

 Look, behold, I shall do a new thing.  As some are full of fear, some will be endued and filled with power.  At the sound of My thunder clap, I shall come and sweep across the land.  I shall unlock another mystery for you.  They shall not all sleep, for I have already awakened My Bride.  She shall be a part of My end-time work.  She shall behold My glory.  I shall pour into her a portion of My glory and My power.  She shall glow and take on her true spiritual nature.  She shall rise and do My bidding.  I shall lead her across the land, through great turmoil and devastation.  She shall go forth with My words deeply etched in her.  She shall open her mouth and out of it shall come My two-edged sword.  She shall give the call across the land, Repent, Repent, Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.  She shall be powerful and strong and whatever she says I shall do it.

No, they shall not all sleep, for My Bride is fully awake and shall not miss this.  She shall flow with Me in perfect unity.

Hearing God - March 6, 2014

The ways of man seem promising, but the end there of is death and destruction.  Do not take your focus off of Me for one moment now.  Do not put your trust in your home, for it can easily be destroyed.  I have protected your home and possessions many times, in the past, as well as now.  I have been with you through many things.  I will never leave you.  I will bring you through all that is coming your way, do not fear, simply trust Me and keep your focus on Me, do not get distracted.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 1, 2014

Today I have some questions:

me:  I'm here Father what do you, Jesus or the Holy Spirit want to teach Me today?

I would love to teach you more about Myself.  You have done well with your time this morning.  You have learned much in our adventure.  I have placed, once again, in your hands Mark Virklers teachings.  You are growing My child, and becoming very strong in Me.

me:  What is wrong with My knee and toes?

You have a deficiency in B vitamins.  Most of which you ingest in meat products, but during your fast, you are not eating meat so they are flaring up more.  You are not injured.

me:  How can I help to fix my knee and toes?

Get a good B vitamin complex supplement and triple the dose till all pain and symptoms go away, then cut back to regular dose.  Keep walking.  Also get a foot bath that I have been prodding you to get and soak your feet for 20minutes a day in Epsom salts to pull out toxins and speed healing.  Keep drinking more water.  Keep taking communion daily, also believe for your Restoration to be manifested in you NOW.  I am good and I am willing to do you good.  I shall bless your life.  I shall bring much fruit through you.  My child, My dear one, you are beautifully anointed with My oil.  Bathe and relax in My presence NOW.  Breathe in, Breathe out.

Peace be still and know that I am here right now with you.  I shall strengthen you today.  For the sleep you have lost, you shall not miss.  Your journey is getting deeper and deeper into Me.  You are sinking into Me and I am sinking deeper and deeper into you.  You are My beloved dove.  My Father, Myself and our precious Ruach Hakodesh love you dearly.  We enjoy your beautiful heart.  You are a sparkly jewel, one of our greatest treasures.  As you humble yourself more, we shall lift up your head, for in your weakness, We are made strong.  As you reject this world and its lures you come and draw closer into the Kingdom.  This pleases Us child.  You are about to experience something new.

Close your eyes.  Vision, is real, we are very close, walking side by side now, you and I.

Vision:  I see sand and two sets of footprints one looks like a boot print the other is a small child's foot print, side by side walking almost touching.  The child's footprint is golden and glowing, it looks like the child's footprints are liquid gold.  I here the Lord say "Come".  As I am pondering on why the child's footprints are glowing and gold.  Jesus replies "I told you, you were golden and glowing.  Come".  I see the ocean next to the sand and footprints.  Then I see Jesus in a long white gown sitting on a log and behind Him is a small Japanese child in a long white gown, with her arms raised up high and dancing with all her might, and I think singing but I can't make out what she is singing.  But I can read her thoughtS, she is thinking "Oh Jesus, I shall dance for you with all my might", she is lifting her feet up and down rapidly with her little arms raised and shaking and singing with her little hands clenched in fists.  She makes Jesus laugh, he says "Oh so you want to dance for Me, ok" and He watches her and laughs.

We are close My child, you are reflecting Me.  Thank you for yielding to Me.  I am well pleased with thee.  My true gifts to Me are given by a humble, obedient heart.  A pure heart full of love is a beautiful gift.  I have opened your heart which is now overflowing with My love.  Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  You shall go forth and express My love everywhere you go.  You are not lukewarm.  You are on fire with My presence and I am consuming all of your flesh with My all consuming fire.  But, behold, you shall not be consumed.  For your sacrifice is pure.  You are purified daily and refined in My furnace.  I shall surely come more into you.  For you are My Beloved Bride.  We are wed.  We are one, behold, the Bridegroom comes now.  May the love of God, strengthen and encourage you right now as you wait upon Me.  I am ever increasing in you now.  I cover you now with My kisses, I stroke your hair, I linger holding your hand in the dance.  You are beautiful and express My glory through your humble and contrite spirit.  How beautiful it is to see the oil of Mount Hebron upon you, flowing from your head onto your beautiful garments, over your bejeweled and golden belt and then drenching your golden feet and puddling under your beautiful feet.  You are fair My dear one.  You shall forever Rest in My chamber.  You shall freely go out into My garden and I shall freely come and we shall speak heart to heart.  We shall see each other face to face at the garden gate.  Oh, My dear one I have so much to share with you, so many beautiful mysteries to unravel before you.

 I watch over you, for you are the apple of My eye.  you have given Me your heart completely, and I shall treasure you always.  True love grows, it cannot be quenched, it is like a consuming fire.  Oh, how My heart rejoices over you.  For I am first, I am loved and adored by you.  You cover Me with kisses in your words, I am drenched by your love.  I shall surely require more of your love, for you have touched Me and awakened My eternal flame, and I shall only be satisfied by your love poured out more and more upon Me.  I must have it, I am drenched in your love.  Oh, My dear one, you have pleased My Father and our precious Ruach Hakodesh with the abundance and purity of your love.  I am undone in your presence for you are pouring forth your love over Me.  Oh, how My heart sings, oh, how you have blessed Me with your abundance of love.  I keep pouring into you more of My love, but you are bursting forth with an over abundance of love for Me, as fast as I pour into you, you pour into Me and it's getting stronger and stronger, I must have you.  I must take you soon, for the abundance of your love is so strong, it washes over Me, again and again, it blesses Me to know I am loved, not for what I can do for you, but for who I am, and for this My beloved, for this love alone I shall surely bless you.  My heart is refreshed.  I receive your sacrifice of love today, and please My dear one know that you have warmed My heart with your offering.

Blessed be the child who knows how to serve her King.

Blessed be the Bride who honors and takes care of her Husband.

Blessed be the faithful for they shall be filled.

Mark this day, I say Record this sacrifice in the book.  For I have received your love and We shall Remember you in our book of Remembrance.  For you have learned, you have broken free of your chains.  You understand LOVE.  Now and forevermore you shall be changed.  You have transitioned into a new level.  Your ability to love has crossed through the barrier, and now We shall go forth.  You and I shall do great things.  Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice and again I say Rejoice.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah comes.

...and I say "Yes, come Oh Mighty Lion, Oh King of Judah come..."

Hearing God - March 5, 2014

Note:  As I began to wait upon the Lord I heard this song inside of me.
Song:  "Take me deeper than my soul could ever wander..., as I walk across the water..., I am with thee..."

Dear one, as you endeavor to serve Me completely know this, I see all you are and all you do.  I am pleased with thee My little one.  Yes, if you want to, you can put flyer's out, but I want you to know, you are doing what I want you to right now.  You are seeking Me, you are thinking about Me, you are consumed with being focused on Me.  This is good, this is the living sacrifice I want from you right now.  I love you.  When I want you to do something else for Me, I will tell you.  Remember, you are in My perfect will for you right now.  You must discern who is true and who is not.  There is a great deception going forth now.   Only the spirit of discernment will be able to discern truth from falsehood. I am here with you.  But, you are being tested in this to discern, lean on Me, keep asking, do you really want to know.  Many of My seekers are being turned around in their mind sets on what is truth and what is man's lies.  The doctrines of man are not mine.  You must let go of man's doctrines and delve deeply into My truths.  Let Me guide you.  You are not becoming lost.  You are finding your way.  Remember, I test, test, test.  I am here. Do not be confused or discouraged.  Keep asking Me I will surely answer thee.  You know I do not speak angrily, and you are not to judge My little ones.  Use your discernment to see clearly.  Keep asking.  I will not allow you to be led astray.  Your heart already knows the answer.  Discernment is key in these days.  You shall see clearly.  Ask Me.

I love all My little ones.  They are all trying to find Me.  There are many twists and turns on My path.  My narrow way.  When they stumble off of the path, I will gently pick them up and put them back on the path.  Do not worry about your brothers and sisters on the path, they are seeking Me too and I will not allow them to be lost.  I truly love all of My seekers.  For they truly want to find Me and they shall. As the spirit within you testifies of Me you see that the ones who are calling down judgement upon each other in My name, the backbiters, the ones who want to argue with each other, these are not of Me.  For I am love, I will sort every misconception out when I gather you all unto Myself.  I will reveal the truth to all.  Your job is not to judge but to love and to discern if what they are sharing is My truth or a lie.  Pray that you won't be deceived.  Keep praying for your discernment to be opened to see clearly.  Do not judge, love.  Do not judge, bless, and keep on the path that I have set you on.  I will not allow you to be led astray.  But, I will test your discernment.  Remember, I am here, the teacher is always quiet in the test.  You shall not fail, for I am with you, My little one.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 2, 2014

My heart is heavy.  I long for My children to know Me as you know Me.  I long for them to come and take their place in Me.  I long to linger over them as I linger over you.  For My still small voice speaks to each one.  As I woke you this morning with "Oh, My Love...", you stirred, you heard, I only called again "Oh, My Love", softly I called you so as not to startle you, you heard and obeyed.  Out of your comfy warm bed you came.  I know you are tired, I know you have pain, but you put Me first, you answered My calling and eagerly came and positioned yourself at My feet to hear what I have to say.

You are so beautiful to me.  your heart pants after Me as the deer pants after water.  I pour into you, for you My dear one are a willing, yielded, vessel.  You are close to My heart.  You asked Me to come and awaken you, I called and you came.  This is beautiful to Me.  My beloved Bride your heart is clean and pure.  You rise in your spirit more and more as you come and cling to Me.  I nurture you as you shelter under the shadow of My wings.  You are so beautiful to Me.  I long to let My children know how much I truly love each one, I long to hold each one in My arms and wipe away every tear.  I long to nurture My Adams as I nurture you.  But, alas, so few come and are willing to abide and let Me speak.

How beautiful are the ones who tarry with Me and sink into Me and soak, soak, soak in My presence.  I am going across the land.  I am seeking out each heart that is receptive and tuned into Me.  I know those who are mine personally, they hear My voice.  They listen.  They humble themselves unto Me as I slowly show them their errors.  I correct and rebuke those whom I love.  I know your past year has been extremely painful as I have removed many layers from you.  I am continually sifting through your layers and exposing, removing and then restoring you to complete wholeness.  I am the repairer of the breach.  I will restore you completely.

But, for now, My dear sweet dove, you must endure.  Through patient endurance you shall inherit My Kingdom.  You must be long suffering, do not give up on anything I tell you or promise to give you.  Remember, love is patient, love endures, love lingers, love doesn't give up, love is the Key.  I love spending time with you My beloved.  Your heart sings to Me.  My heart in return is warmed and sings back to you.  I love your affection for Me, it's contagious.  You make Me laugh.  I am full of warmth, and your affection for Me is strong.  You cover Me with kisses, you stroke My hair and beard.  I can feel your love for Me just as easily as you feel your love for Me.  Just as you sense My drawing near to you.  I can sense when you are drawing near to Me.  You are spirit.  The spirit is limitless, once you surrender all to Me, you shall be free.  You cannot quite understand it now, for it puzzles you, but soon My dear one, soon you shall understand.  Keep on the path with Me.  I am beginning to open your eyes, you see through the glass darkly now, but soon, much more shall become clear.  Stay the course with Me.

Vision:  I see a child throwing small rocks into a large pool of water, looks like a lake, there are trees, its dark and shadowed.  There is a moon close, very close to the water shining out and casting a glow like a stage light on the water ... the small child is casting his stones into the reflecting light upon the water.

Meaning of Vision as stated by the Lord:

The vision is you casting out nuggets of information onto the waters or sea ( the sea is people, as you release your words, it's like casting bread upon the waters, it causes a ripple effect.  I am the light who will draw all men unto Me.  You are naturally drawn into Me.  You are not afraid of the dark, for you My child are safe and secure in Me.  Whether it is light or dark around you, you are secure for I am in you.  I am your protective covering.

Each day you live, you live in Me.  You come and wait upon Me daily and I fill you with My presence.  I pour out My oil upon you and it runs and overflows.  I trim your lamp and stoke your flame.  For you My beloved are mine, you are secure in Me and I shall never leave thee.  Come unto Me often, think and focus upon Me more and more.  I love you My little one, it is well with your soul.  As I live and breathe, and move across the land you know Me.  You see My hand.  As you wait upon Me, as you watch to see what I will do, you are a witness of Me.

Hearing God - March 4, 2014

I heard this song as I was beginning to wait upon the Lord:  "Today is the day, this is it, I will rejoice and be glad in it..."

It is well with thee My little one.  You have come a long way in your journey with Me.  Your faith has grown.  Your patience has endured.  You have not forgotten or neglected our time together.  You have been faithful to come daily to Me.  But My dear one you are not praying as you ought to.

Do not neglect this for you have an open window to heaven, as you pray I shall answer your prayers.  I know your faith is strong in Me.   I want to hear you ask Me.  Give Me something to work with.  I want to bless you dear one.  It is well with thee.  You are My beloved dove.  You are My Bride.  As you focus more and more on Me you draw Me closer and closer.  My heart sings over you.  Your heart sings over Me.  We are one in spirit soon we shall be one in the physical too.  But as you know the spiritual is more real than the physical.

You are pressing into Me in a deeper, clearer way.  Soon We shall speak face to face.  I love your heart.  You are pure and clean before Me.  I shall use you for My glory soon, My little one.  Daughter, Remember, you are a child of the King.  Nothing shall be withheld from you.  You are a tree shaker.  Destined to wake people up to Me.   For I am the source of all hope.  There is none like Me.  I love you.  It is well with thee.  I am watching over you.  Yes, you shall surely hear My trumpet sound.

Hearing God - March 3, 2014

You need to pray more My dear one.  I am attentive to your prayers.  I will answer each one according to My will.  I know you want only to please me.  I know you know I know what you have need of before you ask.  Pray for your family.  Pray for the lost and perishing.  Pray for the lukewarm.  Pray for them to be awakened to Me.  Pray for them to have pure hearts and to be obedient to Me and follow My lead.  I am ready for My Bride, but most of My children are not ready for Me.  I shall come in a moment when you think not.  I shall catch many unaware, and it will be too late to come on the first wave of rescue..  But fear not, I shall come again and take you away on the next wave if you have prepared yourself.  You must be clean.  Repent and stop sinning, ask Me to help you and I will.  Seek to hear Me My little ones.  For I am the only one you need to please.  Only I know if you are ready.  Do you still love this world, or do you love Me.  I am all you need.  Prepare yourselves for My return is very, very soon.  You must all be ready for Me.

Hearing God - March 2, 2014

note:  I kept hearing this song in my spirit last night, every time I woke up it was playing inside of me.
Song:  "This is amazing grace, this is the Son set freeeeee"

Then I heard Him speak:

Oh, My love, you are ready for your journey now.  In just a little while, I will come for you and escort you to your next destination.  Do not trouble yourself with the "how" of it,  just Rest in Me and wait for Me to do it.  Your days are precious to Me.  I watched you yesterday.  Your mind was focused on Me the whole time.  I see your heart child, I know you love Me and want only to please Me.  You are ready for Me child.  You are ready.  But for now as you wait upon Me, keep drawing closer to me.  Keep reading My word, keep communing daily with Me.  For I love you and I am strengthening you each day you draw into Me.

 My oil is overflowing in you.  My daughter your lamp is trimmed, you need only to wait upon Me now, and rest assured in My love for thee.  I am pleased with thee My little one.  I have great plans for thee.  I am going to work through thee.  You were born to be a part of My end times army.  You are My Bride.  You shall do many things for Me in these last days as I close out this age.  Do not fear tomorrow for I already am there,  I am also here in this moment,  and I shall walk beside you into your tomorrows.  Can you feel My healing power coming into you.  I am transforming every cell inside of you now.  You are My beloved dove, gentle, meek and lowly.  As you humble yourself you allow Me to reign in you.  I will exalt you in the coming days,  for I shall increase in you and you shall decrease.  As you go forth in My power, it shall surely be Me going forth through you, My humble vessel.  You can do nothing.  I alone am the one who will do something through you.

Many shall see you and wonder how can this be.  Pay no attention to the scoffers, just trust in Me and rely solely on Me.  As I lead, you shall go forth.  It is only a little while longer here and then I come.  I am working out My perfect plan for you.  You are right where I want you to be.  You are following in My path.  I have left the tracks for you and you are following them right now.  Stay close My dear one. You are going to see many, many wondrous things in the coming days.  Keep looking for Me in everything.  Look up, listen, feel and see me now.  I am here.  I am working all around you.  I am your peace.  I am your comfort.  I am you source.  I shall provide everything you need for your journey.

Know this little one, I love you with all of My heart, I am here.

Hearing God - March 1, 2014

My spirit awakened me at midnight singing songs of praise and delight to the Lord.

Then this morning the Lord was singing this song to Me as I was waking up:  "Come away with Me a a a a a a a a, come away with Me into a quiet place of rest"

Vision:  I saw a small vase filled with yellow roses with the tips red , sitting on My headboard of my bed.  I admired them then got up to go wait upon the Lord.

note:  I thanked the Lord for the roses.  He said "you're welcome My dear one"

Then I heard these songs...

song:  "It is well with my soul, it is well, it is well with my soul"

song:  "We are standing on Holy ground and I know that there are angels all around, let us praise Jesus now.  We are standing in His presence on Holy ground"

Then He spoke to me:

You are My beloved child, daughter it is well with your soul.  As you are faithful to come and sit before Me and wait silently for Me to speak I see your heart.  It's a beautiful heart that is pure and clean.  I love your heart for you truly love Me and believe that I am real, and My words are real and heaven is real and hell is real.  I shall come for you soon My love.  Stay connected to Me at all times.  You are on a journey like no other with Me.  I test you daily now, and you pass each one.  You are strong in Me My dear one.  Daughter as I watch you I also watch over all My children.  Many are growing weary in waiting upon Me, they have given up on patient endurance and are backsliding back into the world.  They are twisting in the wind, full of doubt.  Doubting Me and heaven.  I do not allow doubt in My Kingdom.  I do not allow fear in My Kingdom.  There is no middle ground.  you are either for Me or against Me.  You either believe Me or you don't.  It's not difficult.  All must believe in who I say I am.  All must put on humility and humble themselves before Me.  All must put all of their trust in Me.  I am Jehovah God and besides Me there is no other.  You must All believe and obey Me.  As you obey Me you follow after me.  You seek Me out.  When you wait upon Me, you are obeying Me.  Only the pure in heart and the obedient will enter My Kingdom.  Take the time now to get ready.  Prepare yourself.  Be ready at all times for I come quickly.  Repent and ask Me to remove all your stains from your garments, so that you will be ready, do not be lazy.  Prepare yourself.  Remember, I see everything.  I know everything.  Nothing is hidden from My eyes.