Friday, May 30, 2014

Hearing God - May 30, 2014

Song:  "won't it be wonderful there, having no burdens to bear, joyously singing with heart bells all ringing, oh, won't it be wonderful there..."

My child your faithfulness pleases Me.

Don't get distracted, you must focus on Me or it breaks the flow.  You CAN hear Me.

As you come and sit before Me and wait upon Me I strengthen you.  For you have taken refuge in Me. My life is in you child.  I live in you.  You are Mine.  Why do you doubt?  I am not a man that I should lie.  I am your only teacher, I am your guide.  Stay close My little one.  I see you.  I know your heart.  I love you.  I will always be with you.  I am here.

---your mind is constantly wondering today.  Perhaps we should revisit this another day---These words- are not My words.  These are a distraction sent to pull you away from spending time with Me.  I am pleased that you already recognized this.

I am pleased that you can distinguish the enemies voices inside your head from Mine.  You are learning  child.  This is good.  Stay close My little one.  Stay close.  Draw near to Me.  Ask Me anything and I will surely answer thee.  We are one in this journey.  You are never alone.  Live big in Me.

Hearing God - May 29, 2014

My child I am here.  I see you.  I am with you always.  Much is happening to you in the spirit.  You are growing in Me.  Keep your focus on Me at all times.  Do not lose focus of Me.  Live day by day, under the shadow of My wing.  Do nothing without asking Me first.  I am your guide.  Do not go out ahead of Me.  I lead, then you follow.  Stay close My little one.  Stay close.  Listen to My voice at all times.  Sense the spirit in all things.  I am alive in you.  You are seeking TRUTH in all things from Me, this pleases Me child for I alone am TRUTH.  You are safe and secure in Me.  Do not allow the scoffers to deter you.  Do not judge them either.  Do not look to the right or left at what others are doing or saying.  Look at Me, listen to Me, Obey Me only.  There will be many who try to pull you off of this path.  But, stay the course My beloved.  Do not get off of this path.  For I alone have awakened you to My plan and purpose for you.  Your destiny is before you.  I am here, do not fear.  I shall lead you, day by day.  My beloved dwell in Me deeper now, do not look away.  Stay close, keep your spiritual eyes and ears open now for many things shall come to distract and to deceive you.  You must discern.  I have increased your spirit of discernment.  You must walk carefully now.  Do not be deceived.  Your greatest days are before you.  Let Me lead.  Let Me guide you, My beloved.  I shall keep you.  Do not worry.  Do not fear, I am here.

Hearing God - May 28, 2014

Always put Me first, get up earlier, so that you are not distracted by the cares of the day.  You must diligently seek Me first, above all else.  I must be first.  I love you little one, you are close to Me, do not slip away now from the shelter of My wing.  I will protect all that belong to Me and who dwell in Me.  I guide you child, daily I order your steps.  As you commune with Me our bond strengthens and deepens.  No one can separate you from Me.  No one, but you, if you chose to separate from Me you can, for you have free will.  I desire that you walk with Me.  I desire that you walk in your authority and dominion daily now.  Take no thought for who likes you or approves of you for you are no longer a man pleaser.  Your only goal, is to be a God pleaser.  When you come and wait upon Me it pleases Me.  When you invite Me into every moment of everyday it pleases me.  I am here with you.  I see all that you face each moment.  I am here to help and guide you.  But, I will not do it for you.  You must ask for My help.  Ask for My opinion.  Ask for My direction.  I will keep you on the narrow path.  I want you to begin to speak out in your authority.  Give Me your words to create.  I have given you an open heaven, but, you must do your part.  I want you to pray and then speak what is not as though it is and then I shall create.  Your words have power.  Use your imagination, use your visions and dreams and allow Me to create in you My purposes and plans.  I live in you child.  We are one.  I know you.  Speak child, speak.  Give Me something to work with.  I am ready to do a new thing, all I ask is that you participate.

Hearing God - May 27, 2014

I am here child.  I see you.  I see how you are mindful of Me.  I see how you are focused on Me each day.  I see you draw near, I hear your heart as it longs to hear from Me.  I see your patience, I see your endurance.  I see your faith.  I see you resting in Me.  I see you trusting in Me.  I see you waiting on Me day after day for your instructions.  This pleases Me, My little one, this pleases Me.  It is well with thee and Me.  I shall never leave thee, you are Mine.  I shall provide for your every need.  We are one you and I.  Never doubt or concern yourself with My ability to save you.  I am here, I never leave you for a moment.  You are strong in Me, My little one.  I love you.  I want you to give out the rest of the bibles you have at hospitals, pharmacies, Dr. offices, place them wherever I tell you.  Keep one with you at all times.  I am raising up an army now to show forth My Glory and My power.  You My dear one are a part of this end-time army.  All of My Bride is a part of this strong and beautiful army.  Much shall be required of each of you, but, I shall be there every step of the way.  I shall lead and guide each of you.  Do not rush out ahead of Me.  Only follow as I lead, day by day.  We shall take each step together.  Moment by moment, breathe in, breathe out, can you feel My Peace, then walk in it.  IF My Peace leaves you, stop and wait for it.  My Peace is a sign I am with you.  My Peace is within you.  Follow after Me in peace.  Each step you take I am here with you.  Can you feel Me, I am in the quiet, gentle place of peace within each of you.  If you look within you shall find Me.  For I am in you, follow after Peace.  My Peace I placed within each soul.  Peace, be still and know Me.

Hearing God - May 26, 2014

Oh My beloved I am here.  It pleases Me that you are reading brother Cho's book, you are receiving much information that will help you grow in Me.  I have given you the spirit of discernment.  Now is the time to start walking in your authority and abilities.  As you continue on this path you will find more gemstones and jewels.  These shall help you grow in your knowledge and understanding of Me.  I am your source.  I am your strength.  I am your guide.  Much shall be given to you and much shall be required of you.  I am your King.  I am your Creator.  I am your God.  I created you like Me.  Your words have power.  Your thoughts have power.  As you live and dwell in Me, I live and dwell in you.  We are becoming more and more bonded.  You in Me and I in you.  Nothing and no one shall be able to separate Us.  For you are Mine.  I love how you are growing in Me.  I love how your faith is growing.  I love how your confidence is growing.  You are one with Me.  You see and hear Me clearly.  You need only to peer into the looking glass and see your reflection, for you My love are reflecting Me.  I shall use you to heal many.  Do not doubt Me when I show you something.  Just speak it forth and I shall do it by My power, the Holy Spirit who worketh within you by My Mighty power.  Your destiny now is unfolding.  Child, do not shrink back, for I am here leading you.  Only believe.  Only believe.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hearing God - May 25, 2014

War is coming.  Prepare yourself.  I Am in the midst of thee.  I will protect thee.  Stay close.  On this memorial day weekend, a time of reflection, a pause, a remembrance of how much your country has been saved from.  The horrors of war have been stayed from your shores.  But, now My hand is lifted, so be it.  You shall witness many horrible things.  But, I shall protect you for I have placed you in the land of Goshen.  I shall provide for you and I shall abundantly bless your life in the midst of war in your land.  Stay close.  Keep your focus on Me.  I am your source.  I dwell in you.  I am close.  You hear Me clearly.  I shall never leave thee, I love you My little one.  It is well with thee.  We shall walk this path together, day by day.  As you live in Me, I shall guide you day by day.  Do not fear.  Do not be dismayed by the horrors you shall see in your own land.  I will strengthen your heart to endure.  We are one.  You are My portion, do not fear.  I shall take care of all your needs.  I am here with you beloved.   The time has come to set My house in order.  I have already dealt with you as you have come and submitted your will and yielded to My will.  Now I shall finish My work in you.  I am here.

Hearing God - May 24, 2014

Song:  "Jesus, friend of sinners, the one who gave His life for me..."

Song:  "Jesus, lover of my soul..."

Song:  "I believe God, I believe God, trust and obey, believe Him and say, I believe, I believe God..."

Song:  "Great and Mighty is He ( clap three times), Great and Mighty is He (clap three times), clothed in Glory, arrayed in Splendor, Great and Mighty is He..."

I will lift up your head child.  The enemy tried to bring division into your house last night, but, you held your tongue.  You are a sign and a witness for Me in these last days.  You are being bombarded with things now to test if your flesh is truly dead.  You have to recognize the battle sooner, but, you held your tongue, you repented of your thoughts and you have surrendered to My Will.  I have forgiven you and My mercy covers you.  You must cast these thoughts out and do not accept them as your own.  This is how the enemy comes in and raises a standard against you.  Do not allow a break in your wall.  You must keep your armor on at all times.  The enemy will try to come in like a flood but, you must raise up a standard against them.  A standard is a moral code or mindset that you will not change or allow to be changed.  Keep walking in My love.  Let love and mercy be your mindset.  Let My peace remain in you.  I am with you, I never leave you child.  Dwell in Me.

Hearing God - May 23, 2014

Song:  "I am holding onto you, I am holding onto you...."

Oh child you are My beloved and I will always provide for you.  I am here with you, leading and guiding you every step of the way.  I need you to be strong in Me.  Many of My people are weak, they have not made themselves strong in Me.

 You make yourself strong by waiting on Me, reading My word, praying in tongues, confessing My word, taking communion and spending time in My presence. When I remove My Holy Spirit many shall be left out in the dark, lost and alone.  Now is the time to draw close to Me while I may be found of thee.  I truly am all you need.

Song:  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on thine own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path..."

Close your eyes, what do you see?

 I see you coming down a path and beckoning me to come and sit in the garden on the rock with you and we talk about what is to come

I see you child, I know your name and you know Mine.  We are one.  We shall never be parted.  I love you My dear one.  Stay strong in Me.

Hearing God - May 22, 2014

Song:  "I'm an over comer...stay in the fight till the final round, I'm not going under...I'm an over comer..."

Listen to the birds My love, My dove.  They sing to Me, they lift their voices in praise and worship.  They rely fully on Me to meet all their needs.  You also arise and sing My praises.  You also rely fully on Me to meet all of your needs.  This pleases Me.  Today and everyday you must walk in love.  I shall be with you in all that you do.  Fear not.  You are an over comer.  Pay attention to My words.  My instructions will bring life and health to you in the days ahead.  I am here.  I never leave you alone.  Much is about to happen My little one.  Stay close.  Stay resting in Me.  I've got you.  I will lead you through each task.  You are secure in Me.  Many shall run in fear.  But, you My child, stay, do not leave your area, there shall truly be no safe places on earth for anyone, except My chosen few, for My chosen have been, and will be protected in the midst of great suffering and calamities.  I have placed you in Goshen.

 You shall be in the midst of much suffering all around you.  But, you shall be safe and secure in the midst of it all.  For I have already judged you and you have yielded and submitted to My cleansing.  You are right with Me, My love, stay the course you are on.  DO NOT run out in fear.  Stay close to Me.  Talk to Me constantly as things come up.  Ask Me for direction and help.  I shall speak to you.  Listen to Me.  Heed My voice only.  Trust Me, I shall never leave you.  When I am silent do not change anything.  I am testing you.  Only believe.  All things are possible, only believe.

 You are on a great mission for Me, I shall be the one, the only One to send you out.  Stay with Me child.  Hold fast to Me in everything.  I am here.  I shall lead, instruct and direct you.  Change nothing, unless I tell you to.  You must remain laser-focused on Me each day.  Lift up your head, lift up your eyes, lift up your heart to Me only.  I shall never leave you alone.  For you are My beloved dove, in whom I am well pleased.

 When I call you, you shall come away with Me into a quiet place of rest.  I shall send you, but I shall go with you every step of the way.  You shall be used of Me in My timing.  Soon My Bride, soon We shall dance at the marriage supper of the Lamb.  Then We shall speak face to face of what you are to do for Me.  Walk in love with all men.

 I have given you a spirit of discernment, use it, you shall need much discernment in the days ahead.  As I live, you shall live in Me with no limits.  For I live in you and I am limitless.  Blessed are those who have not seen, YET they believe.  How beautiful they are to Me.   I shall reward all My true followers with their hearts desire of more and more of Me.  Behold, I come.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hearing God - May 21, 2014

Song:  "The Lord thy God X2, in the midst of thee X2, is Mighty X2, and He shall reign in the midst of thee, forever and ever..."

Child I AM in the midst of thee, Keep Me ever before thee.  I heard your prayer last night and I shall use you dear one.  You are being prepared for My Kingdom.  I live in you.  I am grooming you now for your destiny.  My life in you is strong.  Your life in Me is secure.  You are wrapped up and tied up in Me now.  I see you, I see all that you are going through.  My child you are one with Me.  I live in you and you live in Me.  Many are seeking the Truth, but, have not found the path to Me yet. They are going the wrong way.  You, My child, shall show them the way.  You shall point them to Me.  By following your example many shall find their way home to Me.  Do not worry about what to say.  You shall lead by example.  I shall fill your mouth with My words.  I shall use you to set the captives free.  Freely you shall be given and freely you shall give to all who ask.  I am your guide.  I am the only judge.  Much shall happen soon.  Stay close My little one.  Dwell and abide in Me.  I am your only guide.  I have great plans for thee with Me.  Stay alert.  You are Mine and I'm coming for you soon.

Hearing God - May 20, 2014

Hello My love.  I am pleased with thee.  You have chosen Me above all else.  You are beautiful to Me. I will always take care of you.   For you are My beloved Bride.  I will accomplish much through you.  My Kingdom is coming forth.  Behold, I shall do a new thing.  You shall be changed and transformed into a beautiful spirit reflecting Me.  You shall glow.  Do not be afraid of the change.  For you are in My hands.  I am the potter and you are the clay.  Many shall long to see Me as you shall.  For soon I shall carry you away and We shall speak face to face.  This world is going through many changes.  I have chosen you before the foundations of the earth to bring many of My children back to Me.  You shall lead them back to Me.  Even when you are not here, your blog with My words shall still be here as a bread crumb trail.  You must continue in Me all the days of your life.  I shall make you strong.  The journey ahead is an adventure like no other.  It is well with thee My love.  Stay close to Me.  I lead, you follow.  Many shall want what you have, and you shall point them back to Me.  For only I can save, only I can lead them.  But I shall use you My beloved to point the way.  I shall be the one instructing you on how to instruct others.  My Kingdom is expanding.  Your hope shall not be deferred.  I am coming for you soon, My love.  My little dove, stay humble, stay ready.  Behold, I come.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hearing God - may 19, 2014

Song:  "The Lord thy God, the Lord thy God, in the midst of thee, in the midst of thee, is Mighty, is Mighty..."

I am in you child, I have always been in you.  Much of what you are learning has been hidden from you.  But now you are awakening to the Truth.  It's a process.  I reveal a little at a time.  I let it sink in and be absorbed.  There is much to learn in My word about Me.  Keep your mind open and teachable to Me.  Much is happening and being downloaded into you now.  There is nothing to fear.  I am here with you.  Keep coming.  Keep waiting.  Keep pondering on what I am revealing to you.  As you seek Me, as you seek the Truth I shall reveal Myself more and more to you.  Keep chewing the cud.  Drop all of the false doctrines you have grown up with and Trust Me to be your teacher.  I will put many people in your spiritual path now to share what they have been given, this shall allow you to grow more quickly.  Many hidden gems are in your path.  Now as you uncover each one, you are beginning to see more and more clearly.  I shall not hide Myself from you.  For by your continual coming, you have found Me for yourself and now, We shall never be parted.  For you know Me and I know you.  I love you and you love Me.  We love each other.  Keep coming to Me.  Keep pondering and asking questions.  I am here.

Hearing God - May 18, 2014

Song:  "You've got a friend in Me...." (I heard this song on and off all night while I was awake and while I was asleep...)

I will always be here for you.  I will always be your friend.  We are on this journey together.  You are growing in Me.  As you seek to know My Truths, I will reveal them to you, for as you seek you shall surely find.  I shall allow you to uncover mysteries, these are jewels and gemstones that you shall find along the path.  Much has been hidden for you to seek out and know.  As you draw close to Me I reveal more about Myself.  As you come to truly know Me, you are strengthened and our bond becomes stronger.  Nothing can deter you from Me.  Our relationship has become the most important.  This is how you should live.  Abiding in Me.  Resting in Me.  Living in Me.  This is your eternal purpose.  I shall not be taken from you.  I am strong within you.  As you live and move and breathe - I am in you, living, moving, and breathing.  As you yield to Me I continue to grow in you.  For the Kingdom is within you.  You are beginning to rule and reign now.  As you yield to Me, and walk in your authority you are ruling.  Nothing shall be impossible to you.  For to walk in your authority is to be One with Me, to cast off the lies and limitations of who you truly are and what you are capable of doing in Me and through Me.  Nothing is impossible to you through Me.  Nothing is impossible to you through Me.  Only Believe.  I make all things new.

Song:  "Through you all things are possible..."

I am the light of the world.  My light dwells within you.  Shine baby, shine.  We are One.  You are Mine.  In an instant you shall be changed.  You are changing daily now.  I am Lord of all of you.  This pleases Me child, this pleases Me.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hearing God - May 17, 2014

Song:  "Praise the name of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus..."

You are My beloved dove and I am well pleased with thee.  I want you to buy Anna's books and study them, do a deep study of them.  For you to know Truth you must delve in and search for it.  For you to know the answers you must engage Me with questions.  If you seek=question, I will give you the answers.  I am here to help you, all you have to do is ask.  As you come and wait, as you meditate, ponder and chew the cud, over and over My revelations will reveal themselves to you.  For I shall give you as much of Me as you truly want.   I am coming for you, stay ready, keep your faith.  Do Not lose your hope.  Stay strong and close to Me, even when I'm silent, I am here.  Do Not doubt that I am here in your midst.

Vision:  My home is invaded by soldiers and we are caught off guard.  We are forcibly being taken somewhere else, I am dressed, the rest of my family is in their pj's and asleep.  We are grabbing stuff quickly, and I grab our backpacks, I am glad they are packed and ready.  My husband is planning on killing the soldiers and escaping, but I say no...I am listening to the spirit of God on what to do...then I say we are supposed to be the vision fades I hear this song:  "Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered..."

Friday, May 16, 2014

Hearing God - May 16, 2014

Note:  Silence...long pause....twenty minutes or so, I wrote "I heard nothing" and was about to go do something else...then I heard this:

That's not true, you did hear something.  I said I am not pleased with your actions or words last night.

Note: pause again, while I repented...

It is important, more important than ever that you walk in love.  I know you feel separated and distant from everyone in the world, because you are, I have separated you to Myself.  It is not your time yet.  You are to remain hidden and sheltered in Me.

 Do not compare yourself to others.  Only compare yourself to yourself.  Do not allow strife, envy or bitterness to rest in you.  As it bubbles up, Repent, and if it continues to stay, Rebuke it, and I shall remove it, for it is the scum and dross that is coming out of you in My refining fire.  I put you into this situation to draw this out of you...but, if you are stubborn and refuse to bow your knee and acknowledge your error and repent it will stay in you, and you shall keep every stain.

When you recognize the battle and quickly repent, I cleanse you and We move on together.  You shall never stop growing in Me.  Remember, LOVE is the Key.  Most of your battles shall be on the inside of you.  You must be quicker to recognize the battle and engage the enemy for the sooner you do, the sooner you shall be released from the battle.  You prolong the battle by not recognizing it, not walking in love and letting your flesh reign.  You are to walk in Love.  When you walk in love you shall face very few battles, for nothing can quench love.

 When you feel the works of the flesh rising in you ask Me to help you quench them with LOVE.  Let love arise and your enemies will scatter.

Hearing God - March 10, 2013

You didn't pray yesterday, you need to pray daily to be filled with Me.  I can only lead you as far as your obedience to Me.  I can only fill you in your filling times which are:  Waiting on Me, Praying to Me, Reading My Word, and meditating on Me and My Word.

  You have an active part in our relationship.  I will not just hand over the Keys to My Kingdom.  You have to participate with Me.  You have to stay hungry for Me.  You have to want to seek Me out daily.  Do Not grow weary, Do Not forsake what we are building.  These times when you come to Me are precious to Me and they should be precious to you.  By your actions, I can tell where your heart is, Do Not let the cares of this world distract you from Me.  You need Me now more than ever and I would like to use you in My end-time army, but, you must do your part.

 I am about to flip a switch that will bring the world to it's knees and they will still not realize that it's Me they need.  They cannot save themselves.  Only I can save, Only I can heal them, Only I can satisfy the longing of their hearts.

  I am doing a new thing in the earth.  My righteousness will be seen and felt by everyone.  My righteousness is going to cover the earth.  My love is a consuming fire.  What looks dead, I will revive, what looks hopeless, I will restore, what seems impossible I will make possible for I am the God of the impossible.

 Keep your lamp full, do not lose your oil.  Stay full and walk in My paths.  My paths are full of righteousness, peace and love.  Do not let the cares of the world blind you to Me.  Stay on the course that I have set you on.  Do not look to the right or the left of you to see what is happening to others.  Remember I have set you in Goshen, and no harm shall befall you, I am your source in all things.

 Do not watch the news, Do not look at the websites or you-tubers that are not of Me.  Do Not get focused on the things happening in the world.  Focus only on Me!  Focus only on Me!  I will lead you through all things.  Do Not take your eyes off of Me, not for a moment, Do Not stop praying in tongues it is a lifeline to you now, DO NOT back off in your pursuit of Me, it is a lifeline to you now, DO NOT allow yourself at anytime to live in fear.  There is No fear in Me.  I am your all sufficient one.  Rebuke fear immediately, DO NOT let it get a stronghold on you.  Rebuke fear immediately.  Stand your ground.

Remember, I test My true ones.  I test often.  Guard your gates.  The onslaught has begun in earnest now.  Stay ready, stay prepared.

Remember Passover, keep it this year diligently, this is a very special time-clock in My calendar of end-time events.  Anoint your windows and cars.  Much evil is going to come forth at passover and you need to be prepared.  The death angel is coming, use olive oil, use My name, use My hand and use My blood, above all stand in the armor of God.  All will go well with you child, I am here, I will guide you in all things you see coming upon the earth, these things I will use to cleanse My earth, I will recover all, I will restore to My original plan.

  Mourning may endure for a night, but, joy comes in the morning. Let My light shine in you, upon you and through you.  Let love abide and guide you in all things.  I love you My little dove.  We are on a remarkable journey together and it is going to be glorious.  TRUST Me child, TRUST ONLY ME!

Hearing God - March 11, 2013

Oh My child I have much to tell you in the coming days, your world is changing.  Stay close to Me child, hold My hand and I will guide you.  Keep your tongue, guard your gates.  Do Not give your enemies a foothold in you.

Every word spoken from your very mouth is being measured and weighed, evil devises are being set in motion in this world, the Fowler's snare is being set, but people don't even realize that they are being snared by their own words.

 Rise up child and lead with your own words.  Do Not release idle words, every word spoken will have impact.  They will come back to you in a great harvest good or bad - it's all about the choices you make with the words you choose to release.

  My Kingdom is full of words, words are creative and carry a life force all their own.  You must begin to realize the potential that lies within your own mouth.  I have given you authority and power.  But, you must wield it, and reign it in on your own.  The tongue is a little member, but can do great things, or create great evil.

  I choose good, how about you?  I choose faith, how about you?  I choose love, how about you?  Come, and walk on the high places with Me, We are ascending the spiral staircase, do not look back at the former ways you used to act towards Me.  Press on, keep coming, I am here.  Seek Me child like never before.  Seek Me now while I may be found of you.

 Do you realize you are changing. All your desires for the lusts of the world are falling off of you.  The world has nothing for you now, I have removed the blinders off of your eyes and now you see, the emptiness of the world, and now you truly long for Me.

  I will take you with Me soon, for We have much to do together.  My plan is unfolding now.  TRUST Me child, TRUST Me to KEEP you.  Keep your mind stayed on Me, I am your hope.  Focus only on Me, Live in My Love, Live in My Hope, keep your thoughts on the victory you have in Me.  I am light, I am life, I am love, I am all you need, anything of true value will come from Me, as evil takes over the land, you stay focused on Me.

 I have placed you in Goshen, no plague or pestilence shall come nigh you.

 You are protected as you shelter in Me.  Wherever you go, take Me with you, think on Me often, let your lips praise Me daily, praise Me in front of others.  Let your praises of Me sing out, it's beautiful and changes the atmosphere all around you.  Remember to always take Me with you, invite Me to come along with you, for We are on this journey together.  Do not fast this week, enjoy spring break and Monday start your second water fast for ten days to Me.  I love you child, I see your heart and it pleases Me child, it pleases Me.  Stay hungry for Me.

Keep your ears open to Me, not just in the morning, carry a small notebook with you, and write down what I tell you, for I am leading you, day by day into My perfect will and plan for you.  Stay humble, stay obedient to Me.  Keep your gates clean, stay pure before Me.  I am filling you with My oil, I am transforming you into My image.  As you yield to Me, I am shaping and forming you into Me, I can see My reflection in you, though dimly, I am pleased with your progress in Me, keep seeking, keep listening, keep coming back to Me child, keep Me ever on your mind, lean into Me dear one and you will lack for nothing.  I am your source, I will provide everything you need.  I love to spend time with you My love, My dove, I love to sit and talk to you, I love to hear about your day.  Talk to Me child, tell Me about your day.  It's a beautiful thing when friends get to visit, to slow down and talk over the events of the day, to share and encourage and strengthen one another.  Iron sharpens iron you know.  The entrance of My words give light to the situation, always Remember that.

Hearing God - March 12, 2013

SSShhhhhh....I am here child, I never leave you alone.  I want to talk to you about forgiveness.

Song:  "Forgiveness...."

Forgiveness is a great Key in My Kingdom, it unlocks many doors, and clears the path for righteousness.  All of you have fallen, all of you have missed the mark, that's why forgiveness is so important.

 Repentance is a Key, love is a Key, forgiveness is a Key.  Keys are very important in My Kingdom, without certain keys many mysteries will remain locked to you.  You must search out My mysteries and you must keep these keys in your possession at all times, without them your spiritual growth in Me will be blocked, hindered, stopped! 

 My Kingdom operates in law.  There are laws and rules set in place to keep everything and everyone running smoothly.  I do not live in lawlessness, nothing good will ever come or remain pure in lawlessness.  My laws, are My divine order.  I have a reason and a purpose for every law or rule I set in motion.

  Keep a guard on your gates.  Keep your thoughts from going into chaos, keep your mind stayed on Me and I will keep your thoughts.  Always think on good things, Do Not allow your mind to wander on the negative road, these are low frequencies, whatsoever things are pure, clean, virtuous, holy, of good report, it there be any virtue, if there be any praise think on these things.  These thoughts will strengthen you, they will lift you higher in My Kingdom.  Negative thoughts will drain and weaken you and snare you in a pit and draw you into sin.  

This is how the deception works, first in the mind, the thoughts play out slowly, over and over, some one's gone fishing in your mind pool, and the bait they use is clever, it seems right in a man's mind, but the end played out in the fishing game will result in death.  They feed your thought process until they have you, little by little the thoughts trickle in and play on your emotions, they can't read your mind.  They can only read your human nature, based on the circumstances in your life.  They interject thoughts like bait, and keep feeding you line upon line until you take the bait, and then the battle rages, it began in the onslaught of thoughts and when you agree with one of these "thoughts" that's when they start reeling you in, and you are captured in your thoughts. 

 Many, many people do not understand the war they are in.  I have placed you deep into the enemies territory and you Must Wage War.  There is much to be mindful of these days.  If you keep your focus on Me, I will reveal every trap and snare that has been laid for you. 

 The enemy wants to take you over from the inside.  But, I live inside you now and I will not allow low-rent tenants.  These are an abomination to Me.

  Keep your gates locked and clear, remove any troublesome little uglies from your gates.  Cast them down, out and off of your premises.  It's the little foxes that spoil the vines.  Use My name, use My words, Use My hand to catch them and cast them out.  Do not accept their seed to remain in you or it will take root and grow, and be very difficult to root out of you.  When you recognize these thoughts or "bait" - IMMEDIATELY cast them down.  This must be done daily.  Cast down vain imaginations DAILY.  Keep your mind clean, keep your thoughts pure, think on Me.  When you focus on Me, I will take captive every thought. 

 What comes through your eye and ear gates affects your mind gate and will effect your mouth gate.  Remember, everything is a seed.  You are responsible for plucking out the weeds and tares from your own gardens soil.  Do not be deceived, you must participate in keeping yourself clean and purged.  I will not do everything for you.  You must learn to keep yourself clean.  This is what you would call "Toilet Training", and this is a very important part of your training.  Just as you have learned to feed yourself My word and drink deeply from Me, so you must also learn how to keep yourself clean.

Vision:  Black cow (me- I could think and talk) I was talking to someone, Jesus, I think, and I was in a hotel room and going to bed, I had to go to the bathroom and could not figure out how to clean myself, I was determined to sleep in my bed, and then I kept getting distracted by the grass and chewing the cud - I was extremely intrigued by chewing the cud, and then a brown/red bull came by and I knew he wanted to mate and I ran off muttering to myself "oh no, oh no, oh no..." I ran off in a green pasture...

Hearing God - March 13, 2013

Oh, My child I love you, I love you, I love you.  We are growing deeper into relationship, the funny feeling in your ears IS the frequency changes.  You are on track with Me.  Keep seeking Me daily, constantly keep your mind focused on Me.  Constantly submit your will to Mine, obey Me at all times, this will protect you, do not question or second guess Me.  I will not lead you astray.  Your life is in My hands and I know what's best for you, trust Me child.  TRUST only Me.

 Work on your love walk daily, this is very, very important in My Kingdom.   Love is a vital force that flows from Me to My Kingdom heirs and throughout the world.  Do not despise our small beginnings, or belittle them as if these times are not important.  Every one's journey is different.  My time with you is invaluable in your growth and deepening trust for Me.  I am the only one who truly knows what you need.  There should be no jealousy in My Kingdom.  The only jealousy allowed is Mine over My children when they forsake Me and go astray.

 You are to learn from your brothers and sisters and to help each other grow up in Me.  I do not reveal everything to any of My children.  They have to take what they received, their portion, and search it out, and meditate on it, over and over.  They discuss it with one another, this is one way to keep Me ever on your mind, as I reveal new truths and revelations of Me and what I'm doing, this gives My children joy and excitement and hope, as they search Me out as treasure in this world they are in.  I am the Pearl of Great Price.  I am what you are seeking child.  I alone can meet every need.  I am the light that will never go out.

My candle examines your heart and exposes and purges the leaven from you.  Just as My word is multi-faceted, so are you.  There are many layers in My word and there are many layers in you.  For Me to do a complete and thorough work in you, takes time and patience, I will not rush the process with you, I am enjoying the process.  You My child are growing in Me.  My image is starting to reflect in you, I am changing your mind-sets, you are beginning to sound like Me.  Your tone is changing, just like Anna was talking about last night "passover, the day of a-tone-ment" is a Key to understanding, this passover in March is a very critical day, you must participate with Us this year.  It is a necessary part of your growth.  I can hear the sounds that you are making now.  You are constantly singing in your spirit now, as We get closer and closer to Our union, Our wedding, you are becoming strong in Me My little Bride, My dove.  I know you, and you are learning of Me, more and more each day.

There is excitement in the camp, everything is put into place and I am waiting for My orders from My Father to go get My Bride.  Stay ready child, do not back off in what you are doing, stay focused on Me.  Learn as much as you can of Me.

 My hand is still on the world, I will not lift it completely until I have the Bride and then suddenly everything will change.  Change has already begun, I know you can see it, and I know many are fearful, but, do not give in to fear My child, lean in to Me, do not do anything in your own power, let Me go before you, let Me be your guide.  I can navigate through all the changes coming upon the earth.  I am your source. I am your all sufficient one.  I am all you need.

 My heart crys out for the lost, if only they would come to Me, and turn from their wicked ways.  I would heal them, I would shelter them, I would help them navigate through the changes that are coming.  But, most choose their own way, a broad path leading to destruction.  They think they know whats best, but they do not realize the danger.   But, you My love, My dove, have taken heed to My warning, and have come running to Me for protection and shelter, you I will protect, you I will shelter, you I will lead all the way home.  We are in this journey together.  I will catch you if you stumble.  I will show you the way, I am leading and you, My dear one are following, it pleases Me child, it pleases Me.  Do not lean on your own understanding.  Follow Me.  Many hearts are growing cold.  Love is growing cold while self-love is waxing strong.  You must endeavor to walk in TRUE LOVE this is My love, this is the absolute truth.

Listen to the birds, they are singing a love song to Me now.  Life is a journey, there are many paths to choose from.  But, only one will lead you home.  Choose wisely.

Vision:  Girl with a hurt leg on crutches gets on train with my husband and sits down next to a lady who knows her.. old fashioned clothing..and train is a Monte rail..long silver train...
(I think I am the girl-but what does the hurt leg or foot and crutches mean) I do not know where we are going?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hearing God - March 14, 2013

I would like you to consider the sun.  How it lights up the sky and covers the earth with warmth.  The flowers bloom, the plants grow, men can see to work with their hands, it's a beautiful thing the sun.  I would like to contrast the sun to Me.  I am the light, I expel the darkness.  I warm the hearts of men, I nourish the souls and spirits, My light brings love, My lamp searches for the lost and examines My Own for leaven.  For there can be no leaven in My people who are in true communion with Me.  I am Holy, Righteous, and Pure, and My children are holy, righteous and pure before Me, as they walk in My light.

 My light guides you into absolute truth.  My lamp lights your path, My candle leads you home to Me.  The world lives in darkness, even in the Sonshine the darkness reigns in the hearts of men.  But, if they would turn to Me and let Me do a perfect work in them with My light, they would live in abundance with Me, they would learn of My love and My ways and they would grow and be happy and at peace.  My light brings peace that surpasses all understanding.  There is nothing like My light.  But to receive My light, you must submit to Me and listen to Me, and obey Me.  My correction and instruction is for your good.  Living in My light is what you were created for.  Stay with Me, keep your life planted in Me.  Focus always on Me, and I will always shelter you.  My plans for you are ginormous.  I will reveal it to you little by little, just for now child know that you are growing in Me.  Your growth process takes time and I will not rush the fruit.

 I am lovingly, tenderly working in your garden, tilling the fertile soil, removing and purging the debris, planting My precious seed, watering, watering, tilling, tilling, tilling.  Your garden is growing beautifully in Me.  I am pleased with your progression in Me.  I will take you higher and deeper in Me.

 Listen, can you hear the cooing of the dove.  Oh My love, My dove come away with Me to My secret place.  Look inside, close your eyes and focus only on Me.  What do you see?

Vision:  I see a dark mountain and on the left I see a white silouette of a man.  Then suddenly He zigzags down to the bottom where I am and tells me this is the path I am to take.  I see a large pile of silver glitter and He tells me I have already passed the silver test, but He wants to take Me to the gold test, and He will be with me, and He will never leave Me.  Many try and fail in the tests, but I will not fail if I keep my focus on Him.  I see Jesus standing behind the pile of silver with His hand outstretched for me to grab and hold onto as he leads me.  He says "Come, We must begin our ascent up the mountain".  end of vision

My Ways bring life and abundance, stay focused on Me, I will lift you up and carry you to places you cannot see.  Live in Me, for this is the course you were destined for.  You are Mine, My dove, and you will fly with Me.  Surrender all of yourself to Me, hold nothing back.  Come quickly when I call.  Do Not hesitate, Do Not delay, time is short, keep your lamp full, as you wait on Me, I fill you with My oil, My light will carry you into My presence and you will see My glory, come, come often to Me child, free yourself to come to Me, I am your source.  I am your strength, I will show you My plans, I will reveal more of Myself to you as you come.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but, the Lord will deliver them out of them all.  Do you trust Me child?  TRUST ONLY ME.  I am your waymaker.  I am your source, I am your guide.  I love you and I will never leave you.  Remember, even when you can't feel Me here with you-I am here, and you are being tested.  Remember, I test everyone.  Keep walking in My love, My love is what you should endeavor to walk in.  Humbly walk in love with everyone.  Let love abide in you and rule over all your actions.  DO NOT judge.  DO NOT envy, DO NOT strive to think more highly of yourself than you should.  All of you have sinned and all of you are forgiven, so do not judge anyone.  Only love, you must endeavor to walk in love with everyone and everything.  Love is My Way, I will show you the way if you ask Me to.  Submit and surrender your free-will to Me and I will show you My Way.  My Way leads to everlasting peace, My Way is filled with hope, My Way is filled with peace and tranquility, no anger, no strife, no anxt..., just peace, My perfect peace.

Song:  "Peace, peace wonderful peace, flowing down from the Father above, sweep over My spirit again precious Lord, in fathomless billows of love..."

Hearing God - March 15, 2013

Come away with Me child, let's go to the sea, close your eyes what do you see?

Vision:  I see the sea, I see waves breaking over some large rocks, and I see you walking on the water coming towards Me.

Come to Me child, close your eyes and walk on the water with Me.
(Me- I do not see how? I can do this...
DO NOT Worry, you will soon.  I love the ocean, I love the smell of the sea, I love the breezes coming off the water, I love the roar of the waves so powerful and yet so small to Me.  The wind and the waves obey Me, for they are My servants, My willing vessels.

 Did you like the zoo.  I was there, did you notice the love you felt for the people.  That is My love pouring through you to them.
Did you notice My displeasure with the snakes?  Yes, I could tell you did.
Did you notice the conversations of the people?  Some in sin, some getting to know each other, some wanting to let their children experience My creatures, some in harsh dispair-overwelmed by the crowds and impatient and harsh with their little ones.  Some separated and lost from each other.  Remember, the little girl in the red dress and glasses, lost, crying and would not go to a stranger, she was looking for her parents and a stranger she would not follow.  Remember the dad, frantically searching for her and scooping her up in his arms in a strong fatherly embrace, Remember how she clung to him...

 This is a symbol of Me and My children, when We get disconnected, My children will not follow another voice, they may be bewildered and crying, but they will search for Me until they find Me and then they will jump into My arms and I will scoop them up, hold them tight and protect them.  You must Remember this scene for it is a picture of your walk with Me.  The crowds of people at the zoo, humanity is like the sea, roaring and loud, but yet I could hear every thought and conversation.  I could see every action of every person, animal, and plant.  Everything is recorded, every word and action.

Did you notice how in between the noise you could zero in on the conversations people were having...I did that for you, to teach you how I hear, and how other people are talking to one another.  This is how I observe people, I watch and I listen, nothing escapes Me.  You must not judge the outer appearance of others, you have to see the heart and only I can see the true heart of people.  That is why you should not judge.  Your walk with Me will be a walk of love and true repentance, as I reveal things that need to be changed, be quick to repent, so that I can easily cleanse you from your unrighteousness.  This is how you grow in Me, by listening to My voice, repenting when I correct or instruct you in My Righteousness and then I cleanse you and remove your filth and replace it with My light and My love.

 The more time spent waiting on Me, the more like Me you will become, I am transforming you into My image and you are beginning to reflect Me.  It's a beautiful thing when one of My children want to become more like Me.  When you seek Me, I will be found of you always.  My true followers and worshipers are seekers.  They seek for Me like treasure and when they get a glimpse of Me they rejoice and dig deeper in their seeking, this kind of faith I will never let go.  I am a rewarder of them who diligently seek Me.  I love you child, My little dove, you are beautiful to Me.

Hearing God - March 16, 2013

Note:  I heard upon my bed "The more you eat the more distant you are from Me.  Come to the secret place, I have much to tell you."  So I arose to wait upon the Lord.

You have been chosen, from the foundation of the world to carry My Truth within you.  As you enter into the second phase of your ten day fast to Me, I will open doors for you to see.  I will show you many things to come.  Build yourself up in Me, meditate on Me, make yourself strong in Me.  For it's Only Me that you need, you don't need to know about tomorrow.  You need to know about today.  So, come quickly child to Me daily and sit and WAIT upon Me.  Be quiet and still and learn at My knee.  This is a place of Honor for you, the nearer you are to Me, the more change you will experience in you.  Everything is about to change including you.  My hand is upon you now and My testing will continue until I am formed completely in you.

 I am a treasure hunter, I seek out the true treasures of the earth.  The five operations that I have given man of Me are:  Communication, creative power in their spoken words, a heart of understanding, the immortal spirit within each one, the ability to love, and free-will.  All of these are attributes of me.  I have given them to mankind, I have not given them to any other creature that I have created.  Man is very special, and I have set them apart, above all My creations on earth.  I have great plans for man, but I will only fulfill these plans in the ones that follow hard after Me.

  I look at the heart of each soul, and I examine each one carefully.  I know who are Mine and I know who are not of My vine.  Deception lurks everywhere and trys to keep a stronghold in man, that is why it is key to come to Me daily and let Me examine your heart and reveal if there is any leaven in you that needs to be repented of and purged out of you.  Ask Me if you are being deceived daily.  For this is a hidden plan that is like a dart to thwart My Kingdom from growing within you.  You cannot tell if you are being deceived, BUT I CAN so come to Me and ask DAILY I will always tell you the absolute Truth, and I will always cleanse you when you come, and I will always lead you on My paths of righteousness, TRUST Me child, I alone know the way that is best for you.  You are Mine and I love you My child, My lamb, My dove.  No one can separate Us from each other, I will always find you, and you can always find Me.  Remember, I never leave you I AM HERE.

 Your life is a light for others to see Me by.  Keep your lamp full, stay close to Me child, do not stray, you need Me now, more than ever before.  Go and buy some plants and enjoy them, they will remind you of Me, of My creative power, of My rejuvenating power, and that I am the sustainer of life.

Remember, I have placed you in the land of Goshen, and no evil shall befall you.  You are safe in Me.

 Keep searching and seeking Me, endeavor to know Me, and learn as much as you can about Me.  I am a fascinating study, and I will reveal more of Me as you seek Me out.  I am the Pearl of Great Price and I am the treasure you seek, once you truly find Me, you will never let Me go.  I will teach you much in the coming days.  My Kingdom is coming in you more than you have ever known, make room for Me child, remove the clutter of the world from your mind, focus on Me, and I will grow bigger and brighter to you, My light covers you now.  My light reveals who I am.  I am well pleased with your progress in Me.  My little Bride we will spend forever together and you will learn more of Me with each passing day, and you will never know all about Me, because there is sooo much to learn, and each day I will reveal more and more about Myself and My ways.  You will never get bored with Me, for there is always more to learn.  TRUST Me child, I will reveal more as you are ready to receive it.  I know your heart and I desire that you know Mine.

 This is a beautiful time in Our relationship, We are learning to TRUST each other.  DO NOT Be discouraged in the tests.   Remember, I am busy testing everyone.  I am taking you to GOLD, but I have much work to do in you to attain this level in you.  It does not happen overnight, it's a process, and I will not rush the process in you.  My time with you is very special and precious to Me. I am drawing you, you are hearing Me, as you submit and surrender to Me, I will reveal more to you.  For you I love and you I want to spend much time with, We are in love with you, and Our journey has just begun.  TRUST ME child.

Hearing God - March 17, 2013

Do not be afraid of the Esther fast, you can do this, you will not die, you will be weakened in your flesh but you will be strengthened in your spirit, which is what you need.  Do this fast, the first three days do the Esther fast - no food, no water and then the next seven days drink only water only and take communion often each day with Me, but not the first three days.  Starting tomorrow, I will test your heart, I will test your faithfulness.   Take these days easy, go slowly, ask Me for heavenly manna and My spiritual living water and I will surely give them to you.  You are on a remarkable journey with Me now, and what I am about to reveal to you and where I am about to take you, you have never been or known before.  Remember, DO NOT DOUBT ME, only TRUST Me, Do Not Fear anything, only FOCUS On Me, you are about to see what you've been seeking for and longing for.  You were created to walk in the supernatural with Me.

 I am all you need.  Oh, the adventures We are going to have, count it all joy, when you face diverse situations and your circumstances change.  Do NOT get distracted by worldly things.  Stay separated unto Me.  I am watching you daily and everything is being recorded, TRUST ONLY ME.  REPENT DAILY NOW.  Repent and Rebuke pride often each day.  Ask Me to give you My heart, a new heart daily now.  Keep your prayers going like you have been, but add to them Israel's protection and Jerusalems protection.  Look up scriptures that call forth My protection for yourself and Israel and Jerusalem's protection, meditate on these at all times in these three days and pray them out loud often, just like the scriptures you have been praying out loud already.  I am endueing you with My love for Israel and Jerusalem, the capital of the world.  You will long for their protection, and comfort as I do.  Pray for My children to wake up and get ready, pray for Israel's blinders and veils to be removed, pray for their ears to hear Me, ask Me to remove the stoppers.  I am the God of the impossible.  I am the God of "I'm Possible".  Remember Me in the fast, don't back off from this fast, don't disregard My words, this is a serious call to fast for Me, and it is a test of your love and obedience to Me, will you truly follow Me, will you truly obey Me in this?  We shall see where your heart truly is!

Will I be first, or will you succumb to your flesh?  Some tests are harder than others, but, I will never ask you to do something that you cannot do.  Our enemies know that you are going to do this fast and they have already begun to bombard your mind with accusations and fear.  You will not die, obey Me child, Do Not give your ears to the lying symptoms, you must persevere in this, Remember you are going for gold.  You are not the only one I am calling for this, this will be a continual chain of prayer and fasting around the world, My precious earth needs Me, and I need My people to pray and fast as never before in these days.  Much can be done in the spirit if My people will humble themselves and fast and pray.

 My end-time army is preparing for Me and growing in Me in these tests.  You must press in to this My child, you must be prepared NOW, pray, fast, read My word, PRAY MY WORD OUT LOUD - this is important!  Seek My face, enter in child, come quickly beloved, come to Me, show Me you care, I am here, come, come, come to Me often now!  I will show you your place.  I will position you in My Kingdom.  I have much to tell you child, but you must come, forsake sleep, come early - go back to 5:00am with Me, this is an hour of power for you, come early child, before the breaking of the day, seek Me early, let Me see your beautiful face.  Waiting before Me early.  I am here.  I wait for you to come.  DO NOT FORSAKE ME child, come.  We have much to share together.  These are powerful days ahead.  There is much work to do.  Come, My child, I will not force you, I only invite you, this is your special invitation to come.  If you do not come, I will replace you, but, Remember, you were invited to come, please beloved child of Mine, come, I will show you your place in My divine plan.  I have been searching your heart daily as you have asked, I have been busy cleaning out your heart and I am well pleased with your childlike faith in Me to correct you and you so quickly now repent for what I reveal to you, thank you for your obedience, but I have need to deliver you more, come to Me child do not delay.

Hearing God - March 18, 2013

I am pleased child, I am pleased with you, for you have come to the well to drink deeply of Me and I will water you well.  For I am your source.  Yes, you are a living sacrifice to Me today.  Yes, you have taken up your cross to drink deeply of Me and follow after My heart.  I will give you a new heart, I will give you My heart.  I can see your heart, I can see you longing after Me.  I can see you panting for Me as  a deer pants for the water, and I will water you well My child, for you are willing to wait patiently on Me.  Your patience shall be rewarded for you are diligent in seeking Me out.

This three day Esther fast is very important to Me, seek My face child, put Me first and seek My face, for I will be found of you.  Do not back off in your pursuit of Me.  My light is burning brightly in you, forsake all worldly things and follow hard after Me.  Consume as much of Me as you possibly can.  Repent continually to Me.

  Ask Me for a spirit of repentance to fall and cover the earth.  Ask Me for mercy to save the lost souls, ask Me to wake up the souls and let then know what time it is, for it is the midnight hour, and I am coming.  DO NOT judge anyone for you do not truly know their heart, only I can read their heart.  Listen to Me, I alone am your teacher, you need no other.  As you hear My messengers and have questions come to Me and ask, but do not judge, I will separate the wheat from the tares.  Your job is to hear, and come to Me with any questions and I will answer you, but you must ask.

 Division in My house will not stand and will not be tolerated.  You are called to be a light in the darkness.  You must lean into Me for all Truth.  I will reveal to you the absolute Truth in all things.  Time is short now child, listen to My still small voice, I am your instructor, I will guide you, I will teach you all things.  It pleases Me that you are willing to invest your time in Me and you shall be rewarded for your diligence. I will reveal much in My word to you.  You must be willing to yield to My instruction when I open up My word and reveal a new concept to you.

 Pray for My diligent chosen vessels that you have found on You-Tube for they are being tested and coming against them is Our enemy, pray for:  Anna, Barbara and Dan, Penny, Carrie and Rachel these are submitted to Me alone.  These are learning at My knee, they are being tested, pray for them.

 Pray for My beloved jewel Israel and Jerusalem, this is the apple of My eye, and the center point of all human destiny.  I will never give them up, or let them be lost forever.  My child pray for them, for the battle over them rages in the heavenlies and is intensifying in the earth right now.  The enemy is fasting and praying as well.  But, We are more than conquerors.  The prayers of the righteous will avail much in the earth and in the heavens.  Pray as I direst you, pray often, humble yourself to Me.

 Wear no make-up for three days as a sign of sackcloth and ashes before Me, this will abase you and show you your pride, put away your pride it will only separate you from Me.  TRUST NO ONE BUT ME.  I alone am your strength, I alone am your source in all things.  DO NOT TRUST yourself, TRUST ONLY Me, do not second guess me, I alone know how to direct you.  I will lead you down the right path in Our journey.  Everyone has an individual journey with Me, follow Me child, follow Me.  I am the keeper of all secrets, I will unlock mysteries for you.  Your life is in My hands, DO NOT turn back now, the road ahead that you cannot see is where you will find Me.  I am the light of the world, and everyone who truly seeks to find Me, will find Me.  I love you My child, My little white dove.

 Do not neglect the assembling of yourself to follow after Me.  Definition of assembling yourself is:  body, soul (mind) and spirit all focused on Me, this is a Key in My Kingdom, to stay focused on Me.  I am your guide in life, I will never lead you astray, all my roads lead home.  I am your way maker, I am your deliverer, I am your protector, I am all you need.  I am coming in great power and glory.  Do Not judge your family, live your life to Me as I direct you and you will be a living witness, by your lifestyle, you will show forth Me.  My Ways are not your ways.  Live for Me child, let Me live big in you today.  I am your strength, ask Me for heavenly water, and heavenly manna and I will give it to you.  Your life is in My hands and I will always take care of you.  Live in Me child, let Me live in you.  We are a team and nothing can separate Us, except you.  If you turn back now it will not go well with you.   Press into Me, keep looking to Me in all things, for I alone can lead you, TRUST Me child, TRUST Only Me.  I am your source.  I am your sustainer of all life.

Pray always, obey always, do not doubt, wait on Me always and often today.  Make it your custom to wait upon Me several times a day, not just in the morning now.  Through waiting on Me you will find strength, this is a Key that will sustain you.  Read My word out loud, this will strengthen you as well.  Put on My whole armor, and take communion with Me, often, after this three day Esther fast.  This fast is a test of your obedience to ME.  Will you be faithful?

Through your weakness, I am made strong in you.  Let Me fill you with My light.  Come, often, and wait before Me.  There is much to learn and I have much work to do in you to prepare you for My use.

  Humble yourself and submit totally to Me, submit everything to Me, I am your God, obey Me child and it will go well with you.  I am watching you.  This may seem like a simple thing for you, but it is not a simple thing to do in your flesh, your flesh is weak and selfish and does not want to submit to Me, but you must make your flesh yield to Me, this is a free-will choice of yours, and it will not go un-noticed.  This is part of your sanctification process, this is preparing you to be inhabited wholly by Me.  I am holy, so you must be holy.

Hearing God - March 19, 2013

I knew you would come child.  I am here, you are correct I am always here.  Yes, I was testing you.  Your life is in My hands, it's the perfect place to be.   No one knows the depth of My love for you.  You are My beloved and you come to hear from Me.   You wait patiently for Me and that will be rewarded.  I am a God who rewards My faithful children, just like you reward your faithful children.  Keep your eyes focused on Me in these last days of your life.  Do not take one day off of your focus on Me.  Our journey is gaining strength as you purposely focus on Me.  My plan for you is that you focus on Me for now, TRUST Me child, you are growing in Me, you are being transformed into My image, you are reflecting Me and as others view your life filled with the Ruach Ha Kodesh they see Me living in you. You carry My presence in My Ruach Ha Kodesh  dwelling in you and people are beginning to see it.
 I am beginning to trust you more, for you are diligent in your pursuit of Me.  Never forget that I am near, and DO NOT FEAR, for fear is not of Me.  No matter what you see in the coming days and much will come, keep your focus on Me, remain in My peace.  TRUST ME ALONE, I will never disappoint you.  Your job is to leave an example of how to follow after Me.  Your family will see your good work.  Always love them and treat them kindly, for this is your reasonable service to Me.  Sow your seeds of love and faithfulness in your home and in the lives of the people I put in your path.  Do not negate or brush off the little things I bring to your mind to do for others, no matter how small or humble they seem, they are important to Me.

DO NOT BE Prideful, walk in humble submission to Me and do what I ask you to do.  When I ask you to do something like send a card or make a cake or a meal, these are things that I want to do for people, and I want to use you to do them.  They do not go unnoticed to Me, everything is being recorded.  You must be diligent to do your part, no matter how small or humble it is.  Your life is in My hands go with the flow each day, let Me flow in and out of (through) you.  My spirit is reigning in your heart now.  For you have exalted Me above all else in your heart.  I am the most important thing to you now, and I will use you, My willing vessel to pour Myself through.  Stay close to Me child, hold My hand as I guide you.  We are going up the mountain, it is a solitary journey, peace be still My child, Rest in Me, walk where I lead you today.  Do Not make you own course, stay on the path that I have laid out for you.  I know what is best for you.

 When something comes up to cause you fear, and many things will come to trick your eyes and cause uneasiness and fear Rebuke it immediately hold out your hand (my hand) and say "Get thee behind Me satan, away with you, the Lord rebuke you", and it will have to flee.  Many of My children are not ready, but, you must be ready, for the battle is intensifying now and many will be led astray.  I call and I call but few are willing to heed My voice, this is why I have called you to this fast and prayer time with Me, to turn the hearts of the people back to Me, in true repentance and acknowledging of Me.  I am the light of the world, and when you come to Me, I expel the darkness.  Let Me shine My candle in you and examine all of you, do not hold anything back from Me...I am your source.  I alone know what you need.   You live in luxury compared to most of the world, never doubt that My hand of blessing is upon you.  Live in My light, let Me flow freely over you now.

You have come many miles on this journey with Me child, do not give up, wait patiently for Me now, and all will go well for you.  I will not rush My time with you, I love you and We are building Our relationship, and relationship takes time.  The dross is still coming out of you.  You are still in the refining fire, I am still purging your vessel, and you are in your whitening process for Me.  I am purging you child, submit humbly to My purging.  This is necessary in your refining process.

My Ways are not your natural ways child, seek to follow Me in all you do.

Your life is in My hands, TRUST ME child, and remain in My peace.  I am here with you.

The people will lose their minds, whose minds are not stayed on Me.

I am your safe place, only I can protect you, only I can give you peace, only I can lead you out of the pit.  I am your way maker.  I am your guide.  Lean on Me, let Me do all the work, I alone will carry you.  TRUST NO ONE BUT ME.

Hearing God - May 15, 2014

Song:  "Won't it be wonderful there, having no burdens to bear, joyously singing with heart bells all ringing, Oh, won't it be wonderful there..."

Song:  "You are so beautiful to me, can't you see, you're everything I hoped for, you're everything I need, you are so beautiful to me..."

Oh, how I love you My dove, you are truly rich in mercy and grace and you are full of My Love.  I am the light in you and I am the light of the world.  No man is an island to himself and Obama is about to have a rude awakening to the fact that I am God.

Song:  "I believe God X2, ask what you will and it shall be done, trust and obey, believe Him and say I believe, I believe God..."

Put your Trust in Me and you shall never go wrong.  Put your Trust in Me and I shall lead you to the promised land.  Put your Trust in man or any other and you shall never find your way home.  Only I am Trustworthy, Only I am TRUTH.  I am what you seek.  Keep your eyes focused on Me.  I will never lead you astray.  Place your hope in Me and I shall not disappoint you.  Oh, My beloved I come now, are you ready, fill your lamp, do not delay.  Fill your lamp.  Keep Me close.  Draw the curtain now and shelter in place in Me.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hearing God - March 20, 2-13

I love you child.  I long for our time together.  I love when you put Me first, it shows you care about Me and it shows that your flesh is losing it's hold on you.  Thank you for putting Me first everyday, it's a beautiful thing, and does not go unnoticed.  My hearts desire is to commune, fellowship and talk with My people, but most turn away to their own desires, and few put Me first, I am thankful for all of My people who make time for Me and put Me first.  It pleases Me to see you pant over Me and long for Me to speak to you.  It pleases Me and blesses Me.  It encourages Me that I am loved, not for what I can do for you (even though I can do anything) but for who I am.  You understand who I am.  I am your God, your Elohim and you love Me.

Do you hear the wind, I am in the wind, it should remind you of Me, strong and powerful, soft and gentle, invisible and yet you know it's there.  I love to come in the wind and play with your hair, I love to caress your face and hug you in the wind, have you ever felt My hug in the wind?  Have you ever felt My tickling you in the breezes and have you ever felt Me playing with your hair in the wind?  Now you know it's Me, trying to get your attention.  I want you to pay close attention to My creation and tell Me when you can see me, it will be a fun game for us.

 I enjoy spending time with you, My little white dove, you are Mine.  Keep doing what you're doing to seek Me out, search diligently with all your heart for Me daily, spend more time in prayer and My word, I can see everything you do, nothing is hidden from Me.  Remember, I am constantly watching you and reading you (your thoughts are open before Me).  I am drawing you into My peace, the more time you spend with Me the more I fill you with My presence, My oil, My precious Holy Spirit the Ruach Ha Kodesh.

 I will give you My riches if you will use them wisely.  Be kind and loving to everyone, no matter what you face, for I am watching, I am leading, I am guiding.  I am bringing people into your life, Remember, I test, test, test My faithful ones.  I know how to push your buttons to see what kind of fruit you have brewing inside of you.  Nothing is hidden from Me.  But much about yourself is hidden from you.  Be quick to repent when I reveal the things that are within yo that need to be purged and cleansed.  This is part of your deliverance, and part of your whitening process.  This is what I use to remove your spots and blemishes and wrinkles from your wedding garment.

Thank you for wanting to please Me as much as you do.  For you are willing to serve Me.  My eyes are always on you.  I do not slumber or sleep.  I see all, I know all.  People live foolishly and think I don't see or don't care what they do, they are deceived.  They think they can put Me off, that they have plenty of time, but they do not understand the times they are living in.  I am coming soon, and most are not prepared and ready for Me.

  This time you are spending in My word, in prayer and waiting on Me is your preparation time, it's your sanctification time, this time is invaluable to you, for this is the most important time of your life right now.  you have chosen wisely My child, and you will live wisely.

 Do Not allow yourself to be deceived in any area of your life, come to Me and ask.  Remember, invite Me into your day, invite Me to go with you wherever you go and to show you where you might be deceived and I will show you the absolute truth in all things, and stay sheltered under My wing and I will protect you.

 Put on your armor everyday before you go out into the world.  This will shelter you from the world, and My shield will protect you.

  Stand guard upon your wall.  Keep watch upon every gate, do not allow the enemy to come in and flood you with doubts, or temptations to draw you away from Me.  Lean on Me, lean into Me, TRUST ME Only, keep your focus on Me and I will direct your steps in this journey.  We are together in this My child.  I am willing to guide you in all areas of your life, are you willing to allow Me?  Are you willing to let go of the reigns and let Me drive?  I am for you Sherry Gardner, I will never leave you, I may be silent, but I am here, never doubt My love for you, TRUST that I alone know what's best for you.  I will lead you  into My pasture.  You are safe as long as you shelter in Me, and obey Me, I am all you need, I am your source.  Remember Me child, walk in My Ways, My paths of righteousness will always lead you home.  I am filling you with My love, you are learning of My love, you are seeing people in My love.  You will help people in My love, but for now abide in Me, abide in My love.

Hearing God - March 21, 2013

It pleases Me that you want to participate in My Passover to please Me.  This shows Me your heart is turning towards Me and away from the desires of this world.  My light within you is growing, Our bond is growing, you love Me child as I truly love you.  I am able to do the impossible for you, never doubt that.  You are not of this world, as I am not of this world.

You were born for this battle ahead.  I will use you as part of My end-time army, you will soar with Me on eagles wings.  Can you hear the cooing of the dove, My precious child whom I love.  DO NOT be troubled with your families walk with Me, each one has their own journey to Me.  Your witness is your life poured out for Me before them, through observing you, they are seeing Me.  I am using you as one of My willing vessels and your family will not be lost, they have a different journey to get to Me, but they will not be lost.

  Having a relationship with your husband, does not decrease your oil.  This relationship is from Me, to show you My love, and My covering for you, the desires you have are from Me, as the Song of Solomon is for you from Me, I am your source in everything.  Watching TV, movies and your outside entertainment will drain your oil.  Focusing on worldly cares, like your mom, your daughter, your responsibilities for too long without giving them to Me and focusing on Me will drain your oil.  This is why I tell you over and over, FOCUS ON ME, keep Me ever before you in your mind and heart, invite Me into your life daily, ask Me to go with you in everything you do, think on Me, keep your mind and heart on Me constantly, never forget for one moment that I am here.  I live here with you now.

To quell the Ruach Ha Kodesh means to stop His flow in your life, to say no or ignore His leading, or unction or urging.  Yes, you have done this in the past many times, but you have repented for trying or testing His patience and I have forgiven you and wiped you clean.  You have more understanding now, and you have opened the gates for Him to be poured into you, and I have been filling you each day with more and more oil, and the oil is My precious Ruach Ha Kodesh and you have been feeding Him and He is becoming strong in you now, My love, My precious little white dove.

"TRACE" is your new name, it does mean third day, the highest frequency, for this you were created for.

 I will use you in these last days.  I am preparing you and testing you now.  You are one of My vessels of honor.  You are one of My 144,000 and one of My beloved daughters.

  My light will be seen in you.  Stand strong and do not waiver, keep your heart pure towards Me.  Always know that I have your best interest at heart and if I allow everything to be taken from you in your refining process, it is meant for your good.  I am molding you into My image with great power and authority, but this will only come through much testing now.  Stay prepared and ready My child.

 I am coming soon with My candle to search you out for any leaven, watch carefully over your words and pay close attention to your thoughts, do not allow the enemy to go trampling through your mind.  You have the mind of Christ, I have given you My name to cast them down, anything that is not of Me or My Kingdom, or My Ways, cast it down immediately, do not allow it to throw off seeds and muck around with your emotions, cast it down.

  You are in a battle-field daily, lean into Me, think on Me, come to Me, meditate and ponder My words constantly.  As you go forward leading a holy and righteous life walking in the leading of the Ruach Ha Kodesh evil will flee from My presence in you.

 I am your protector and deliverer.  Endeavor to learn more and more about Me each day.  Getting to know Me is the best thing you can do with your life.  Focusing on removing the things the Ruach Ha Kodesh shows you is what you should be focusing on these days, as you remove things, you are participating with My spirit in your whitening process.  You are removing spots, blemishes and wrinkles from your wedding garment and this pleases Me child.

 I will lead you step by step, stay with Me child, do not stray from My path, put on your spiritual armor everyday, before you start your daily activities.

 Serve Me daily child and it will go well with you.  Let your life be a living sacrifice for Me daily.  I love you child, we have much to do together, wait, I say wait on Me.  I will instruct you in the paths of righteousness.  Be ye holy for I am holy, live in Me, live for Me, live by Me, let Me shine in you.  Together We will touch the world and show forth My Glory!

Hearing God - March 22, 2013

Oh, My child, My dove I love our time together.  It pleases Me when you deny yourself to please Me and get up when I call you.  But you tarried some, you must get up immediately when I call.  Your flesh is becoming very weak now in you.  Do you see how the enemy is trying to invade you in your thoughts again?  Do you recognize fully that it is him and not your own thoughts?  You have just started to slowly recognize him when you realize that your thoughts are vile, irrational, unholy, hateful...and I see you, when you recognize them you rebuke them and cast them down.  This is good, but you must be quicker to recognize these thoughts, in the shower it took several thoughts running through your mind before you realized what was happening, when you recognized him you cast him down, you are learning child and that is good.

Stand your ground, keep watch at the gates, do not be slack in this, for this is the enemies greatest attack, when he can access your thoughts and plant his filthy seed, he can't read your mind like I can, but he is cunning, and inserts thoughts into your mind like he's "BAIT" fishing (the bait is the thoughts) and he wants to hook or snare you with his deceptions.  I warn you, you must guard this gate with all diligence, and when you recognize him, cast him down, and immediately say "I have the mind of Yashua Ha Mashiach and the mind of Yashua does not think like that", and then praise Me for exposing the enemy to you and immediately turn your thoughts to Me, something I've taught you, something you've read in My word, something I've revealed to you by the Ruach Ha Kodesh and you will soar on the high places with Me.

 The path is narrowing and few find Me.  But, you My child, My precious dove have chosen My path and My Ways and it pleases Me child, it pleases Me.  The enemy is attacking the minds of people right now in their thoughts -he's "bait fishing", he is infiltrating them and building up to the great deception - an invasion from another world, not of this earth is coming that is not of Me, he has many snares laid out for people and he's slick, it will look good and makes sense because the seeds in their mind that he has sown have taken root.  Your enemy and Mine will come impersonating Me - beware, as I've warned you over and over in My word to not be deceived when you hear go here for the Messiah is here, or here or here.  Do Not believe these lies.

 For when I come everyone will know it and not have to wander if it's Me.  Instead of running to Me they will be trying to hide from Me.  But, for now to you I am the invisible God, you hear My voice and obey Me.  You must constantly be aware of Me and tune your ear to Me so that you don't miss what I'm saying or doing in your life.  Do not be deceived in these last days, for many shall come in My name, but they are not Me.  The deception is growing and cloaking the whole earth.  Listen to Me Only, heed My voice Only, spend much time with Me Only.  Keep your focus on Me, I will not lead you astray.  Learn as much as you can of Me in My word, bring all your questions to Me now.  Few are ready for Me, few are listening to Me.  Heed My warning child, the hour is late.  As you press into Me, by prayer, reading My word, fasting, and waiting upon My I am filling you with My oil and trimming your lamp.  I will light your lamp.  Keep heeding the instructions of the Ruach Ha Kodesh as He reveals your spots and blemishes to you, repent quickly and allow Me to remove them for this is your whitening process, keep heeding the instructions of My Ruach Ha Kodesh and it will go well with you.  Behold, I come, I come for My spotless Bride, who has her lamp full, and is separated from the world, consecrated and sanctified to Me, I come for My Bride who is shaped and molded into My image and likeness.

 Be wise, My child, let no one deceive you, for the hour is late.  Take My hand in this journey and let Me lead you home.  Only I know the way.  Remember to put on your armor and My blood each day, do not go out into the world without inviting Me and the Ruach Ha Kodesh to go with you and lead and guide you through your day.  I will protect you.  But you must ask Me and invite Me in continually through out your day.  Be diligent in prayer and studying about Me in My word.  I am your only Rabbi and teacher I alone have the answers you seek, for I am truth.

You can also listen to My Watchman on You-Tube.  But, be careful what you hear.  Bring everything to Me - ask Me to explain things to you.  I long for you to ask Me things and it is My hearts desire to reveal My secrets to you.  There is so much to learn you will never get bored in Me.  Seek Me and My love, learn as much as you can about My love.  For My love casts out all fear, My love is faithful, My love is patient and kind, My love is long suffering, My love is true.

My servant Rachel has opened your eyes to My love, and abiding in love and hypocrisy and being a hypocrite, which is pretending to be one thing like loving and not really loving.  You are having difficulty with people who you discern as evil, childish, selfish, or hateful, you are struggling to express My love, My true love to them.  I counsel you to Remember you are all on individual journeys to Me, and you are not to judge anyone, only ask Me to judge you and I will, I am the only one who can judge.  You are discerning things in people that are not of Me.  It is bad fruit you see, yes, but again, you may observe but DO NOT judge, bring them to Me, pray for them to grow in Me and My love.  Forgive constantly, and My love will flow more freely through you.  You have much to learn about love, and now your eyes are open to Me and My love more, for you have received revelation on hypocritical love.

 Now when you have difficulty loving people, run to Me and ask Me why you do not love, and ask Me what is wrong with you and I will show you and correct you, repent and I will cleanse you and My love will flow.  You do see the hypocritical people in your discerning of their spirits, this if from Me so you will not be deceived.  I know it's painful to see and realize that you too are guilty of being a hypocrite.  When you try and force yourself to love someone it's not REAL LOVE it's false.

  My love grows and flows and envelopes all who will surrender to it, and endeavor to walk in My love.  The more you understand My love, My heart, My motives the more you will be able to receive My love and then it will flow easily through you to others.  My love is a free gift, but you must seek to know Me, as you grow in Me, you will grow in My love and My love will flow easily out of you.  You are called to love, this love comes from being attached to My vine, as you grow you will be seeing people with My heart.  Encourage the downcast, and brokenhearted.  People are hurting, and broken and bruised today as never before, see your enemy child, it's not the people, it's what's guiding the people, principalities, powers and rulers of darkness, evil spirits and demons - there are many, many forces that your enemy uses to destroy mankind and draw them away from Me.  He wants My children, he goes after them to seek and destroy.  That is why you see so much corruption and evil in Christians today, for they are a work in progress, and they are in a battle for their very lives, but they are deaf and blind and do not even know it.  This is a great deception.

 You see things in people that are shocking and not of Me and they are Christians.  I have allowed you to see this with a spirit of discernment.  Now, is the time for you to learn how to use this weapon of discernment for you are now ready to receive it fully.

  When you see a fault or shortcoming in someone immediately pray in your mind for Me to come and help them to see this in themselves and draw them to repentance so that I can cleanse them.  You must first bind the strongman working in them as I have taught you in My word.  If you can't recognize the strongman working in them ask Me and I will reveal it to you.

Keep a notebook and jot things down that I reveal to you.  This is one of your battle strategies for the coming days.  I will use you in prayer, as an undercover agent, to help set My people free.  Much is accomplished in prayer, it sets My hands in motion, it sends out My delivering power and strengthens My love to surround people and bind them to Me.

 I can do much in the lives of people, but, I must be invited in, I must be asked, and that is where you come in, you must recognize the enemy working in them, they truly can't see it for they have been blinded and walk in darkness.

But, when you can see it, don't shrink back and pull away, and don't judge them.  You must engage the enemy, you must bind the strongman and deliver them to Me, ask Me to set them free from what you see operating in them.  We can do much together for them and they will be blessed, you won't see the true work on this side of heaven, but on the other side when we are together forever My love, My dove, you shall see the fruit of this.

 Know this, you are becoming very powerful in Me and very dangerous to the kingdom of darkness, he is going to try to take you out continually now - but abide in Me, as you shelter in My wings I will protect you.  You are dwelling in Me now.  Do Not be conformed to any worldly thing now.  Keep your eyes on Me, focus on Me child, I am your source.  I am filling you with Me presence, walk before Me and be made holy, live your life as a daily sacrifice for Me.

 As I flood you with My love, I will reveal My heart and I will use you child.  Do Not go out ahead of Me.  Wait on Me.  You need to put these on your blog, I have already told you to do this, but you are tarrying.  Yes, they are personal, but people need to see Me, they need to know that I speak today, I speak now, they need to know that they too can have relationship, intimate relationship with Me.  You must show them the way.  You must die to pride, yes, you will have rebukes, and slanders and persecutions, but, you must obey Me.  I am the only one you need to obey, Me and Me alone.  I am watching you.  Will you obey Me child?  How can two walk together unless they agree?  We are one in this journey.  Trust Me child, I will not lead you astray.  Do Not be afraid that you are not doing the right thing in this, you are just a messenger for Me.  I will provide the words, I will do the work.  You just need to be My hands in this.  Will you be willing to help Me?  Will you serve Me in this child?  We shall see.  We are watching you.  I will never leave you.  Do Not be offended by other peoples words.  They will be sent to attack and discourage you.  Do Not be alarmed.  I have fore-warned you of this so you will not be surprised when they do come.  Be ready, do not get side-tracked in rebuking comments, let them say what they will, for I will judge them in the end.  Only do what I tell you to do, do not go out ahead of Me.  I am your source.  I will lead, not you, Me, I will lead!!!

Hearing God - March 23, 2013

I am calling you to a lifetime of fasting and prayer and waiting upon Me, for I need you strong.  You are not where you should be in your strength by now.  Do Not back off from your diligent search of Me child.  You are seeking the Pearl of Great Price which is Me.  I am love and that is what you are seeking now, to know how to love like I love.  When you find Me and truly understand My ways, you will understand My love and it will grow and grow in you and expand and grow out of you to others.  It is starting to flow from you now.  It is a trickle now, but be patient and watch it grow.

 When you truly abide in My love, and walk in My love, there is much strength in My love.  My love governs everything.  You are to live and abide in My love, you are to let My love govern your life, every word, every thought, every action, every intention needs to flow from My love.  The thoughts that come upon you to make a card or bake some muffins for someone for no special reason just because...just because what?  I will tell you, the just because is My love.  The conversation you had with the Walgreen's cashier was spontaneous, it was My love, it touched her that you cared enough to ask about her.  I sowed a seed, My seed of love, and it was beautiful.  Do you see how easy My way is.

When you walk in honor, and are honoring and respectful to people, animals, everything, you are walking in My love.  When you put others before you and humble yourself, you are walking in My love.  Love does not demand it's own way.  Love does not think more highly of oneself than others.  Love encourages.  Love is merciful.  Love does not keep a record of the wrong others do to you, love forgives.  Love is not angry, bitter, resentful, jealous, envious or vengeful.  When you find yourself in difficulty walking in love or feel you are striving or forcing yourself to love someone, come to Me quickly child and ask Me why you can't or have no love for someone and I will show you what you are dealing with inside of you, it will always come back to you.  When I show you, be quick to repent and allow Me to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.  Then love will flow.  TRUST Me child.  I will purge and cleanse you so that you can walk and live and abide in My love for this is a great and powerful Key to the Kingdom.

 I am giving you the Keys to My Kingdom, and as you learn to use them, it will go well with you.  My Kingdom is governed by love.  Let love abide and your enemies will be scattered.  Love is a beautiful and precious thing.  I created the world in love.  My desire for the world, and it's creatures and man was for them to abide in love.  When you abide in love you are at peace.  When you abide in love you live in harmony and unity which allows a beautiful melody to play out before Me.

 But, your world is cursed and the evil one is trying to quench all love from the earth, from it's creatures and from man.  That is why the love of many is waxing cold.  I am love and that is why the evil one is trying to remove it, because it is a reflection of Me.  This is why it is so important to walk and abide in love, this is your power source for I am always present in love.  My desire for you My child, My love, My little dove is to abide in love and therefore you will be constantly abiding in Me, for I am love.  Your heart is pure and clean.  Always come to Me to examine and judge you, and reveal if there is anything that has entered into your heart to defile you and make you unclean.  When you come to Me, I will show you and you can repent and I will purge and cleanse you, My Way is easy child, My burden is light.  Endeavor to live according to My Way, for My Way is love.  Be kind and tender hearted, be compassionate and do good.  Live in Me and you will live in love.  My love will carry you through everything in life.

 Never put yourself first, put Me first, then others, then yourself.  For this is true humility and love.  Love is strong and it does no harm.  I am with you and in you child.  You are Mine and I love you.  It pleases Me that you want and are diligently seeking to walk in My love.  As you journey deeper into Me, you will experience a deeper revelation of love, soon, very soon you will be transformed into My image and you My child, My precious one will be walking in My perfect love.  Separate yourself from others and focus in on My love.  Do Not be drawn into the negative emotions, thoughts or words coming from your husband, daughters, mom, sisters, or anyone else, they will be sent to draw you away from abiding in My love.  These are their heart issues, not yours, for you are called to abide in love and as you submit to My love, all will be well for you.  Many people are ruled by emotions, they get angry and stay angry, they become hateful and mean to one another, they are blasphemous with their words, they curse others with no thought to how their words will play out in their own life and in the life of others.  Words spoken:  "Idiot", "I don't care"...are powerful and creative.  By their own words they have unknowingly set into motion curses on themselves and the ones they are speaking to.  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  If they knew the power of the spoken word, they would be very careful, how they spoke.  You must be more careful with your words as well.  Your eyes are open now to this reality and you are required to walk in knowledge.  Do not speak idly child.  Keep a guard upon this "mouth" gate.  Let your words be few.  Think carefully, before you agree with someone speaking, or say something carelessly in a conversation.  I remind you of your words to Tyler about the select ball coaches, you said "They are all crazy" this is not truth.  Some are good and some are bad and since your words are untrue you have lied (unknowingly), but, now I reveal it to you, and you now know.  Walk in My truth child, let Me be your guide, follow Me in the paths of righteousness and peace.  I will never lead you astray.  For I want you with Me always, I will lead you home.  Are you willing to follow Me?

The dream you had this morning-where your purse-wallet, cell phone, keys, and laptop were stolen is a warning for you and you already know what it means don't you child?  It means DO NOT PUT YOUR TRUST IN ANYTHING BUT ME,  I alone am your source, I alone will provide everything you need.  Do Not look to the world for anything now.  I am what you need.  I will always be here for you, keep your eyes on Me, keep your focus on Me and Me only.  I am your way maker.  I am your strong tower, the righteous run into and they are safe.  Never look back to the past, keep facing forward looking to Me the author and finisher of the race.  Persevere in everything, Do Not grow weary, stay the course.  I am watching over you.  I have placed My hand upon you My little dove and I will shelter, protect and provide for My Own, and you My beloved are Mine.  Be Not afraid, Be Not conformed to anything in this world.  Allow Me, Only Me to transform you into My image, I am the Potter, you are the clay, I will have My Perfect Way in you.

  Make those cards, send those muffins and write those letters that I have laid on your heart.  Send gifts and visit your neighbors.  Spread My love, for as you interact with people you are carrying My light within you and you are spreading My seeds of Love.  Sow My love child, be a diligent sower of My love.  You were created to be a blessing to all in your sphere of influence.

 Love deeply My child and listen to My voice carefully, when I tell you to remove someone who is not loving and dishonors you, you must obey.  TRUST Me child, for I see more than you do.  I will have to work out things in their lives that will be harmful to you.  Do not open your door to just anyone child, let Me lead you in all things.  Lean not on your own understanding.  I am the Way, the TRUTH, and the LIGHT.  I see all and I know all, nothing is hidden from Me.  Remember to keep the Passover, do not eat leaven for seven days, take communion often, read Exodus and the gospels of My sacrifice as your Passover Lamb and watch Jerusalem - this is where everything will be weighed in the balance and what happens here will affect the earth in Biblical Proportions.  When they divide Jerusalem, I will divide their land!

I am not a God that can be mocked.  I have eyes, I see.  I have ears, I hear.  I have a mouth, I am not mute, I speak.  I have feet, I am not lame, I can walk, I have hands, I have emotions, I am a jealous God over My Beloved people and land.  I do not sleep.  I am the God of "I'm Possible", because nothing is impossible for Me.  I created this world and everything else and I can  take it out.  No one controls Me.  No one can conquer Me, I laugh at My enemies, they are no match for Me.  I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end there is no match for Me, but for some of you there will be an end.  Some I will protect.  I will protect My Chosen, My Bride, My Beloveds.  But, the others I will have to purge, with My rod of correction.  I am the Father and many are in need of a good old-fashioned whipping.  After, the whipping some will be saved and I will bring them to live with Me in heaven and some will reign in earth in the millennial reign.  But, others sadly, they will be sent to hell or outer darkness until they learn that there is no God, but the most High God.  My judgement is being poured out now on the earth, My hand of protection is slowly lifting.  Time is short, I will humble the proud.  But to those that humble themselves before Me, and seek My face I will protect and save, but they must shelter in Me, under My wing.  Walk humbly now child, I have given you the mantle of humility.  Put on your armor daily.

Invite Me and the Ruach Ha Kodesh into your life daily, ask Me to go with you into your day, ask Me before you go to do something.

Plead the blood over yourself and your life daily and plead the blood over your family and others daily.

Take communion daily, often.

Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.  Press in, press into Me, My Beloved, My little dove, I am everything you need.

Listen to the beauty of the birds outside, they are singing praises to Me, they lift their voices to Me, Oh, how I love to hear their praises.

My, my do not quit now child, I have much to tell you.  Oh, My child, I love you.