Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 24, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, I heard this:

My child, write this down, as I come to you freely, you come to Me freely, in the quiet in the stillness I am known.  We are one in communion, in these times together.  As you venture out beyond the boundary within, you carry Me as you go about your day, interacting with people and things that come into your circle.  Did you notice your circle is enlarging, for I am drawing more and more people into your circle.  As they see you they see Me.  I am in you, in all of you, I am reflected in your character.  Yes, you do still have some pride, but, you are allowing Me to chisel away at it as I bring it to the manifestation that can be seen by you, you are willing to see your own flaws and struggles.  I know My chisel is painful and My knife cuts deep, but in the removal of pride much change shall be manifested in the healing process.  My dear one, all I ask of you is that you Trust Me in this process.  For We are co-laboring in this endeavor, I allow you to see your pride by the circumstances and situations that arise, and you, once you've seen, you surrender in despair and relinquish this to Me to take care of for you.  This My child, My dear one, is beautiful to Me.  For I must do a complete work in you to make you fit for service in Me.  Now, My child, lean on Me, deeply breathe in My scent and sacrifice your pride on the alter of confession to Me and I shall remove the bitter stain and sting of this accursed thing from you.  Oh My love, you are cleansed of all unrighteousness.  Be still and know Me now. Sink deeper into My presence as you linger at My well, you do reflect Me, My love.

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