Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 25, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, I heard this:

My ways are higher than your ways, My dear one.  Do not concern yourself with the how, just know that I will take care of you.  There is much you do not understand.  Do not worry over things you cannot control.  I am in control of all.  Change is here, and the transition is happening now, you are to witness many things, but you are not to get involved in the affairs of others.  You, stay close to Me, sheltered and protected through the storm.  All, are on their journey to Me.  I discipline and I correct My wayward little ones.  My love, do not stray off the path, or try to lag behind to wait for the others to catch up, for time waits for no man.  You must continue on this course with Me.  Wherever I take you, humbly follow, this is what I require of you.  Do not resist the change, for you cannot change what is coming, only submit, roll with it, and Trust Me, no matter what you face, Trust ME, My dear one, I am always here with you.  I never leave you, I may be quiet, but, know this, My love, I am here.  As your days stretch out into nights and back into days, remember, I am with you always.  Do not worry, do not fear, I will take care of you.  Look for Me in every situation and in everything, for your eyes are open, My love, and you can see Me shining, working, moving and breathing all around you.  Oh, My love, My dear one, it is well with thee and Me, peace be still and know Me, draw closer now dear one.

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