Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 28, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this is what I heard:

Many are sleeping now.  Some have awakened to Me, but, many are still asleep.  I will wake them all up.  I use different measures to awaken you all.  Some need a gentle hand and some need a strong hand.  I am not distant from any of you.  I am here.  Can you hear Me?  Listen.  There are many voices crying out in the land, things to distract you from hearing Me.  They do not wish for you to find Me or hear Me for yourself for they know if you do, they will no longer have any power over you.  When a child of Mine comes home, I tend to their every need, I bathe them in My waters, I feed them by My hand, and nurture them under My wings.  I protect and guide each one as they follow Me, step by step. You do not know what you were created for until I reveal it to you.  No man knows how long he will live, but, I do.  I know how long each of you will have breath.  For it is I who gives you breath and I am the one who takes it back.  Only I have power over life and death, for I have power and dominion over everything.  I created it all.  Do not be deceived little ones, there are many false teachers in your land.  Do not allow yourself to believe everything you hear.  Ponder over it, think about it, bring it to Me and ask Me.  I alone know the answers.  If you seek the Truth, you shall find Me, for I am Truth.  Do not fear the unknown, press in to find Truth, for if you are willing, I shall reveal Myself to you.  But, you are the one who must find Me, and in your seeking, I shall be found by you.

The question is do you want to find Me?   The Truth shall set you free.


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