Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 18, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, I heard this:

You have asked Me "What am I ?  What is my purpose for you?"  My dear child, you are a disciple, a learner of My way, a student ever striving to understand Me and My way.  Child, you will not miss Me.  For We are one.  I am bringing you into My Truths little by little.  As I lead, you follow.  You are growing in your understanding.  As I bring into your life others who are pouring out what they are learning, they are making deposits into your storehouse.  You are receiving much information now and as you are receiving you shall pour out when I am ready for you to.  But, for now, be faithful with your portion.  Sit at My feet and allow Me to feed you and water you from My divine table.  Your understanding has to stretch and grow in order for you to receive it and not cast it aside as untruth.  For you have been entrenched in the study of My word and man's understanding of it.  This is what you are accustomed to.  Remember, I am your teacher, I will send My bride your way to reveal more to you daily, for this is part of your daily portion.  Do not allow the ones I send to you to occupy all of your time and replace our time together, No.  Use the information that they are sharing in their own understanding of Me as a supplement to what I am teaching you.  I am building up your vessel in righteousness, peace and Truth.  I am your source of information.  I will not deceive you, and I will not allow you to be deceived by others.  Listen carefully to My bride I send to you.  Listen and discern their hearts.  I am knitting you together.  I have givin you a discerning heart.  You shall know the Truth completely and it shall make you free.  Your foundation is laid, your walls are strong.  I am building a fortress within your earthen vessel.  If you hear something you do not understand, bring it to Me.  Do not be quick to cast it aside, just because you do not understand.  Your understanding is still limited, but, remember, I am stretching and enlarging your dendrites (channels of understanding).  A baby isn't born and immediately expected to run and roar, no, it's a process.  A baby does roar immediately, but the roar is weak and wields little power in their vulnerability.  Oh, but when they are fully grown and matured they're a force to be reckoned with.  You, My child, are not a baby, but, you are still maturing in Me.  This transformation is unfolding now in you.  Do not be eager to rush out ahead of Me.  Stay close, My little one, close and sheltered under My wing.  I am training, training, training you.  I am your teacher and commander in chief.  I lead you down the path, you follow humbly behind Me.  This is what you are to do daily now.  Listen and follow Me.  I will not lead you astray.  You are Mine.  There is much to cover now.  Be strong, and allow Me to download more of My Kingdom within you. Let patience have her perfect work.

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