Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 15, 2015

***Note:  This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord:

In My presence is where you abide My child.  For you are ever mindful of Me.  When you rise and when you lay down and every moment in between We are together.  I live in you, My earthen vessel.  Many shall crave what you have.  For to know Me is everything.  To be in peace in the midst of any storm is a clear sign of what dwells within.  For you are separated, cut off from the chatter in the pens.

 I have hand picked My chosen, select bride, there is much that I shall do through her.  She is rooted and established in me.  I see her clearly, I call and she eagerly comes.  I whisper her name and she shudders within at the sound of My voice.  Many on earth claim to know Me, but, I tell you the Truth, few, few, have put in the time to steal away from the noise of the outside world and separate themselves unto Me.  Oh, but My bride has, and in her I am well pleased.  For she knows My name, she hears My voice, she has felt my hand of guidance, and the sting of correction along My path, Oh, My bride, My beautiful bride, I am well pleased with thee.  She walks in beauty through the night.  Her gown glows and sparkles from the light that is within.  She stands adorned and arrayed in precious gems and stones and pearls that I alone have given her.  Oh, the beauty in her eyes reflects Me and My love.  For I abide in her and she abides in Me.  There are no words to express how deeply I love My bride.  Blessed are you My bride, for you are watchful and wise, you have made yourself ready for your bridegroom and in this I am well pleased.  Beloved, do not lose hope, as you wait upon the path, for I am revealing more of Myself day by day, moment by moment.


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