Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 16, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord I heard:

My child, do not compare yourself to others.  You all have different paths, and the journey is an individual one.  I have laid the groundwork in you.  Your foundation stone is strong and secure.  I am your habitation.  You are not to lag  behind waiting on others to catch up, No, My beloved, you must press on.  For I am doing a deep work within you.  You are strong and secure in Me.  Beloved, you are growing and bursting out of your seams from within your old wineskin, your cocoon, for the river of My Spirit, My love, My new wine is flowing forth from you now.  Oh, beloved, the transformation in you is a thing of beauty and brings Me great joy.  I rejoice over you, My little dove, for you are coming into completion of your journey into Me.  Your eyes are Now My Eye, you see clearly as I reveal the hidden Truths to you.  You have asked to see Me and now you see Me.  You have set your mind on Me and you shall not be denied.  As you keep Me in the forefront of all that you are, you remain in Me as I am in you.  The place within you is clean and strong, you shall pass through any storm that may come your way.  Life in Me is your safety net.  I am you hiding place.  I am your peace.  Rest now, My dear one.  You are covered in Me.  This is your time of rest.  For you have traveled through many great cities, and gleaned many beautiful Truths.  You are storing much in your storehouse.  I am pleased with your diligence.  Keep pressing into Me.  But, do not compare your journey to that of others.  You too, are worthy to be among My Bride.  For you are in the final stages of transformation and you are making yourself ready for Me.  It is well with thee and Me, Oh, how I love to spend time with you, My gentle, quiet little dove.  Rest now, Dear one.  

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