Friday, February 27, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 27, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this morning this is what I heard:

Oh My dear one, you see much now, for the eyes of your understanding have been opened.  Listen for the sound of My Spirit in everything around your circle.  The sphere that I have placed you within is ever widening and stretching to encompass new growth.  There are many who have been touched by Me through you, for you are My vessel fit for your masters use.  As you allow love, My love to guide you I am able to touch many through you.  Your words have power, much more than you know.  They break open the most stony hearts and pour in My oil and wine to revive the broken and bleeding hearts.  For as you yield to Me, I am able to pour forth from within you, My words, to bring healing, restoration, hope, love, and encouragement.  We are a team, working together to build a firm foundation to support others, to rain down words as water, to refresh the dry and thirsty vessels that feel barren, desolate and alone in their journeys.  Much work is being done, that you, My love, shall never see.  For I am using you to heal, to restore, to strengthen the weak and feeble knees.  There are many seeking hope now in their difficulties.  There are many who have grown weary in their daily walk, for they are in a time of testing, you know this place well, isolated, alone, rejected, and seemingly barren with no signs of fruit from all your labors.  You shall give them the salve that is the healing balm.  For as I pour into you, you, My love, pour out to them, My oil and wine, My words, these words My child are powerful and sink deep within their vessels as seeds and then as water to bring forth healing from the depths of despair and loneliness.  For now, many know, they are not alone.  Many are beginning to sense My presence, and feel My touch through you, My yielded vessel, My gentle dove.

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