Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 21, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Many are coming now.  Many are ahead of you and far more many are behind you.  Do not stop in your pursuit of Me.  Do not allow fear to freeze your progress.  Know this, My love, I am leading you daily, as you draw close to Me I feed you by My own hand.  Life is filled with tests, this is part of your journey.  I am doing a new thing among My people.  They are following Me and not man.  I speak and they listen.  I am revealing Myself to all who are willing to see Me and hear Me.  You must continue to seek Me out.  I lead, you follow.  Do not become entangled with the worldly cares.  Yes, you still live in this world for now, do not allow these cares to distract you from your communion with Me.  I am in the midst of this present darkness.  All is not lost.  Let hope be your shield in the days ahead.  You shall see many things transpire now, do not succumb to fear, do not doubt My provision.  Come to Me when you are feeling fearful and discouraged.  Come and shelter under My wing, hide yourself in Me and let the storms pass over you.  I am not distant from any of you.  But, know this, the things that are coming upon the earth, shall be difficult to bare.  They shall test you mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Hold fast to Me.  I will lead you through every test.  I lead, you follow.  Do not believe everything you shall see and hear coming from the mouths of your leaders.  You must use discernment, dear ones.  I am able to make a way for you, I am not distant from you.  Trust me, listen for My voice.  Be still, and listen.


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