Friday, February 13, 2015

Hearing God - Feb. 13, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

There are many now in the squeeze zone, none are left out.  In this squeeze zone I am forcing to come forth what is hidden deep within.  This is revealing the Truth of what is within.  Bitter and sweet water does not co-habitate well.  Either the vessel is clean or corrupt, the proof is in their words.  You shall see and discern much as you watch them reacting in the squeeze zone.

 Beloved, you are not responsible for others.  You must look within and submit to My hand as I work within you.  All are on some sort of path.  I see all.  I am working on every one.  Each has their own journey to Me.  Many are not on My path, for the path they are on shall bring them much destruction.

As you observe what is coming forth from their mouths, and what their actions are, you shall see what is the intents of their hearts.  Much is revealed in the squeeze zone.  You yourself have been in this squeeze zone yourself many times as I purged you of the dross and impurities in your heart and soul.  It is not easy, there is pain and much distress, but, I tell you the Truth, this is necessary for growth and maturity.

 Some are walking with Me, pure and clean, as they have been through the squeeze zone and My refining fire, this is how I test you, and many will be taking the test over and over as My refining fires do the deep work required in each one.

 These ones that you see exhibiting all manner of malice and evil are showing signs of what is within them.  They need a purge.  Some are allowing the work of My Spirit and are constantly communing with Me.  Many are still in the valley of self, and do not see the destruction going on within themselves.

  Oh, My loves, do not lose your hope in Me, for I am here with you, working in you.  This is a process.  This is not a comparison to show you that I love you more than someone else, no, I love you all.  This is to show you how to see, to look at others and look for the reflection of Me, for some it is clear to see, for others you must look deeper.  Do not judge your brothers or sisters, only love.

For love is the key to open every heart.  All life was created by love and for love and all life will be routed back to love.  Do not fear, My little ones, for I am here with you.  I shall help all who ask for My help.  Trust Me in everything.  When you encounter difficult people, remember, I created them too.  You are to walk in love as I do, for in so doing you are reflecting a perfect image of Me.  Sometimes love is not easy, but, I tell you the Truth, it is the only way.  Persevere in Love.


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