Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hearing God - Dec. 8, 2013

My dear sweet Sherry, I love you.  I enjoy our time together.  I enjoy how you think upon Me.  I will reward you openly as you wait upon Me.  I speak to all of My children individually.  Each one has a separate path to Me.  I love each of you dearly, for you all are My treasure, and I take care of My own. you will not suffer My wrath for you are Mine.  Signed and sealed in My Blood.  Set apart as My portion, a first fruit offering to Me.  You will see much suffering in the days ahead.  But you will not suffer.  You shall be protected.  For you My dear one have entered into My Rest.  You shall be a witness to the coming attractions on the earth.  Do not fear.  This stuff is not your normal life as you know it.  It's more like the movies come to life.  I will give the people what their hearts desire is.  They shall have it, but they shall not want it.  I see all that happens on the earth.  I see what each person does and does not do.  Those who love, shall be loved.  Those who cause pain shall be caused much pain.  Those who love fear shall have much to fear.  Those who are full of greed, shall be full of want.  Those who judge shall be judged the harshest.  Those who are prideful shall be cast down and reduced to nothingness.  Those who plan evil shall have much evil heaped upon themselves.  But those who are mine, those who have been refined in the fires of testing.  Those who are purified and clean.  They shall live in Zion.  Every need shall be met.  There shall be no want.  I shall endue  them with power.  For My Elect shall do many things, many impossible things in My strength and power.  They shall not fear, for I am near.  They shall go forth from Zion into the earth in My strength, endued with great power.  For they have made themselves strong in Me.  They shall shine, the brightness of the glory that shall be upon them shall be seen in the physical with natural eyes, just as it is seen in the spirit with spiritual eyes.  much shall happen quickly now child, stay ready and focused on Me.  In a moments notice I shall come forth and surprise all.  I am your only teacher.  For I alone am TRUTH.  I know the beginning and the end of everything.  I am all you need.  Rest in Me now, My dear one.  You are where I want you at this time.  Many shall be afflicted now.  Much suffering is coming.  Trust Me, I will deliver you. I will take care of you.  For you and all My True children are the apple of My Eye and I shall reward you openly.  Do not fear, My dear, I am in the change.  You are with Me and nothing shall by any means harm you.  I shall renew your strength.  I shall breathe new life in you.  I shall transform your physical body soon, as you have renewed your mind in Me, I shall renew you.  For you are My Beloved Dove and I am well pleased with thee.

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