Friday, February 14, 2014

Hearing God - Nov. 30, 2013

It's coming child.  My glory train is coming.  It will not look like what you have been taught.  I come in the thick clouds of darkness.  I come surrounded by a dark covering.  Thundering sounds, quaking and trembling will be in My coming.  The three days of darkness is My coming.  The sign of Jonah being in the belly of the whale (total darkness) for three days is the only sign I will give the world.  But, you My child, My precious dove have been warned to not fear.  When this comes draw near to me child for this is My coming.  Do not fear, and I bring change with Me, I am in the change.  I see every heart, not all are bad, not all are good, but I know each one.  I know what is needed for change in each one.  I will draw all men to Me.  Some eagerly await My light.  But, some eagerly love the darkness.  I will come in the darkness and catch them by surprise.  This is why you must stay close to Me little one, for no one knows when I will come.  You are to observe all things unfolding around you.  You are to give "ear" to My voice and truly hear Me for yourself.  You are to continue waiting on Me for strength and instruction.  Keep coming child, keep your oil lamp full.  Whatever your heart is full of, that is what I will give each one.  Focus on Me child.  I will never betray your trust and love.  I am your's forever, you are my dove and I will always keep you.  Rest now in Me.  Do not allow circumstances that pop up to distract you from My Peace.  Yield child, yield to the warmth of My presence, stay in the circle of My arms of protection.  It is My will that you remain in My perfect peace.  I will bring you comfort in the  storms that are coming.  Remember, I have told you many things that are coming, so you won't be taken by surprise, fear, or shock.  You should remain strong in Me.  Fully trusting that I will always protect you in every circumstance.  I am in the change.  I am here with you now and always.  I may feel distant from you, I may feel silent, but, TRUST ME I AM HERE WITH YOU, I NEVER LEAVE.  I will still test you.  I test, test, test every heart.  I correct you, I chasten and chastize you, and I discipline you because I love you.  I will never leave you the same way I found you today.  Remember I am the potter and you are the clay.  I am transforming you day by day, moment by moment into My image and likeness.  I am your transformer.  You are My beautiful Bride, fully surrendered and yielded to Me.  Not knowing what is coming next, but fully trusting the I AM here.  I love that about you.

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