Friday, February 28, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 3, 2014

I awakened to this song:  "Yahweh, Yahweh I love to sing your name, Oh God - (My spirit is singing this and it wakes me up)

song:  "Come away with Me, a a a a a a X2, come away with Me, into a qui--et place of Rest, come away with Me...Repeat (Jesus, or the Holy Spirit is singing this to Me)

Then He says "Get up My dear one...Get up My dear one...and I come as He repeats His song.

I ask a question:  What is wrong with my knee?

He answers:  Your knee has water on it.  Your body is storing fluids and pooling in your lower body, legs, feet, and your knee.  Use the "boost" water pills you bought, read the ingredients and start making the water you drink with these:  grapefruit, tangerine, mint, cucumber.  You need more nutrients in your system.  Start drinking more green smoothies with spinach and cucumbers and fruit, especially cherries. Cherries shall help.  You should eat cherries every day.  The water you drink can be a carrier for your body to absorb these nutrients.  You also are vitamin B deficient.  Get pure cherry juice and drink as well by itself and mixed in water and tea.  This will help bring about balance of water in the body.

I ask a question:  What is wrong with my right toe?

He answers:  Your right toe is inflamed.  You need to do a detox foot bath for 20 minutes every day with Epsom salts. 2/3 cup soak and relax.  Also, do an Epsom salt bath soak for 20 minutes to pull toxins out of your body.  Keep taking turmeric.  Start taking 2,000 IU of Vit. C each day.  Eat more water based fruits and vegetables each day, watermelon, cucumbers.  Start taking your vitamins.  Add cod-liver oil daily 2 Tbs. till everything lines out in your body.  Use liquid not pill for cod liver oil.

I ask a question:  What is wrong with My left toe?

He answers:  This is true in both toes and what I told you on your right will work on your left toe.  You must confess My word on healing on your body.  Anoint your knee and both toes with olive oil confess that you are healed and restored to complete wholeness.  Continue walking.  Your back is not out of line.  Your body functions of cell tissue and water balance is out of line.

Me:  I am here Lord, what do you want to teach Me?

Jesus:  I love you My little one.  You are precious to Us.  For you are heeding My call to come and wait upon Me.  You shall grow much this year.  As you sit and wait before Me, fully trusting Me to meet all of your needs, you grow.  Your faith increases, your light shines brighter.  Your love grows and deepens for each person I place in and around your life.  You are becoming like Me.  I must increase in you and you must decrease.  I am allowed access fully to you now.  I shall unlock your spiritual eyes, these are the eyes of your heart.  I have unlocked your spiritual ears, these are the ears of your heart and this is how you see me in visions and hear My still small voice.  My voice and My visions shall become stronger and increase in you.

You have learned that I live and breathe and move in you.  You have learned that I never leave you, you have learned to yield completely to Me.  I shall show you many things.  I want you to start sharing with others how I speak to you.  In this way you will help them get in touch with Me for themselves.  They are trying to find Me, but they struggle with the blinders they put on themselves.  I must be first in their lives.  Teach them for Me, show them the way.  I want to know them.  I want them to know Me.  Yes, you shall be rejected by some, but the ones who do not reject you, shall find peace, they shall find Me, and they shall let Me lead them out of the storms, into a quiet place of Rest.  Many are trying to find Me now.  You must show them how you find Me and communicate with Me daily.  This beautiful fruit that you are enjoying daily now must be shared, do not keep it for yourself, share Me, how to get to Me with others.  Take your time, do not rush.  Leave a bread crumb trail for others to find.  I am here.  I will reveal Myself to them, as I am revealing Myself to you.  Oh My dear one, I long to commune with each heart.  To hold them and love them as I do you.  My goal, My number one goal in this endeavor is I want you to pursue to draw all men unto Me.

  As you lead them to drink from My well.  My waters shall flow and My well shall never run dry.  As they seek Me, I come.  I will surely come.  Do not be afraid or shrink back.  Freely you have received, now freely you shall give.  I am big in you.  As you step out in faith, I shall grow and spread.  You have been given the keys to unlock many hearts to Me, oh how I long to speak to the hearts of man.  Each heart is very precious to Me.  I created each one.  Each heart is individual and has different needs.  I, only I know the true value of each heart.  I know the inner workings of each one.  I want to commune with each one.  As each heart is unlocked, as each heart has their spiritual eyes open they shall see Me, they shall get to know me.  When they see Me, when they hear Me then they shall be mine for My True Worshipers shall worship Me in spirit and in truth.  To worship is simply to focus on Me and to spend time with Me.  I am eager to hear from you.  I want to talk to you face to face.  I want to hear you.  I want you to hear Me personally.  Do not be afraid, come, come unto Me and let's get to know each other.  I call each of you to come and set aside time to spend with Me.  I am the most important relationship you shall ever have, as you spend time with Me you are storing up spiritual treasures in heaven that shall never be lost or taken from you.  Each heart has a separate and individual journey to Me.  I desire to know you.  You are special, you are very important to Me, but I will not force anyone to come.  You must come to Me on your own.  Seek Me out, find Me now.  Do not pretend that you know Me, when you only know about Me.  You must truly enter in to know Me for yourself.  Many shall come to My door and try to enter in, but, it shall be too late.  For they do not know Me, they only know about Me.  Each heart must know Me for themselves, we must share our lives together and walk as one.  I am willing, are you.

Do not delay, your sweetest days are ahead with Me.  Only I can take you safely through your day.  I can be with you 24/7, only I, no one else can.  I can keep you from harm!  I can keep you in peace.  I can heal you.  I can restore, only I, no one else.  I can love you like no one else can.  For My love is true, and true love grows.  I can help you with all of your relationships and responsibilities.  I can shower you with the kisses of My mouth.  I am more than enough for you.  I am the only one who can meet your needs.  Life does not have to be tough.   Life can be sweet and bring forth good fruit.  I, only I can answer your questions.  For I, only I know the questions.  I, only I can bring unity.  I, only I can restore wholeness.  I, only I can set the captives free.  "Come away with Me, a a a a a a a a a X2, Come away with Me into a quiet place of rest".  I can hear your heartbeat, every beat of your individual heart.  I can feel your breath, every breath you take.  I am here.  Come, come My dear ones into a quiet place, get alone with Me, separated from all distractions.  Remove the noise, remove the words of others.  Come, be still before Me, focus on Me and wait, I shall surely come.  Ask Me a question and wait to hear from me, ask Me to show you a picture, and wait to see what I will show you.  Meditate on My word.  Ask Me what it means and wait to see how I will answer you.

 I hover over you, but I will not force you to know Me or love Me.  I want you, do you want Me.  I love you, do you want to love Me.  I don't need you, I can exist without you, but I want you, you cannot exist without Me.  It is by My grace, mercy and love that you are still alive.  I force no one to come.  But, I WANT YOU TO COME.  I want you to know Me as I know you.  I want relationship with you, each of you is very precious to Me.  Come, come away with Me.  I long to have you for Myself, I long to show you My love, for I truly love you.  I long to answer your questions.  I long to reveal Myself to each of you in an intimate and personal way, I want you.  I did not create you to be a  "throw away".  I created you with a purpose and a plan.  Come, come away with me.  Come, I will not throw you away, I want you.  I truly want to pour forth My love upon you.

  My relationship with you shall be eternal, it shall never end, as you slip out of this world in death, you shall not die, only your earth suit.  You shall simply slip out of your earth suit as easily as removing a garment and We shall continue our journey together.  You, must come freely for yourself, I bid you come, come away with Me into a quiet place of Rest.  I am here.  I am waiting for you.  This shall be your greatest journey.  I shall reveal much to the ones who come.  I shall cover, shelter and protect all of My own little ones.  I have laid out the plan, I have detailed the way to come, now it is up to you.  I cannot make this any clearer.  It's simple.  Don't try to make it difficult or complicated.  Just come.

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