Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 23, 2014

Each person is given a piece to the puzzle.  I do not reveal everything to one person.  You know in part and see in part.  I am your teacher.  I will reveal what I want you to understand.  Yes, listen to My prophets, but always seek Me out for truth.  You are not to worry about how things are going to be played out.  You are to just live out your life, day by day abiding in Me.  Stay close to Me and you shall be protected no matter what comes your way.  I have already told you that change is coming.  I have already told you that I am in the change.  Do not worry, I am here.  I will protect you, My dove.  I will never leave you alone.  Keep your focus on Me.  I am the Key.

  It is the battle of the ages being played out upon your earth.  Have no fear.  many things are going to come to pass.  I am working out My plan.  I have prepared you for what is coming.  Do not fear.  I love you, My little one.

Your best days are ahead, you shall do much for Me, and I shall be with you every step of the way.  Yes, things as you know them are going to change.  Do not worry about what you shall wear, what you shall eat or where you shall go.  For I alone will provide for you and your family.  Stay close, do not leave the protection of My wing, dear one.  It is not for you to decide what to do.  I shall surely show you.  Do not do anything unless I tell you to.  Stay covered and hidden in Me.  I shall direct your steps.  I alone shall lead you.  Do not stray off the path I have placed you on.  Keep doing what your daily routine is. For you are also dwelling in Me.  As you abide in Me you are strengthened by Me, you grow closer to Me and My light shines brighter in you.  I love you My dove.  As you wait upon Me, I pour more oil upon you.  I am your strength.  I am your peace.  I am your shelter from all harm.  I am all you need.  I shall provide for you.  Stay on this path I have placed you on.

 You are not alone in your journey.  No matter how hard the wind blows, Remember I am here, have no fear.  Things that can be shaken will be shaken, but you shall stand firm, for your foundation Rock is Me and I shall not be moved.  Pay no attention to doubt.  Do not listen to doubts lies.  He comes to lead you astray.  He comes to stress you out and weaken you.  But you shall remain strong.  You shall not be moved.

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