Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 5, 2014

I asked a question this morning:  Lord, is there something that is hidden in Me that is causing this pain in my knee, feet and legs?

He answered:

Oh, My child, I have many things to share with you.  In our moments of fellowship, truth is revealed.  I am truth, as you focus on Me, you slip out of the pain, you slip out of your circumstances and enter into My peace.  Rest in Me, trust Me in all things that concern you.  Your life My little one is in My hands.  Your healing shall come, it's a process.  Lay it down on the alter of your faith.  As you grow in your understanding of Me, you shall increase in your faith and as you increase in your faith, you shall be changed, completely transformed.  You shall have no pain for these are chains meant to turn you away from lingering with Me.  I am here, you are healed.  I have already done everything needed for your healing.  You must learn to enter in and rest and live in your healing.  You were created perfect and whole, it is not My will that you should have pain.  Do you not know that I live in you, there is no sickness or pain in Me, so there is no sickness or pain in you.  You must stand and rebuke these lying symptoms.  Each pain you feel, confess:  "I am strong, I am complete, I am whole in Jesus".  Confess it over and over in the battle until there is no more pain.  You must stand in your authority in Me.   You Must command the pain or symptoms to leave your body continually until it leaves completely.  Do not hesitate to do battle in the spirit.  I have told you the war has already started.  You must engage the enemy at your gates.  The enemy is trying to distract you from Me, by this pain.  Rebuke this knee pain and command it to go in My name.  My name disperses evil and brings forth good.  I am here with you,   but you must stand guard at your gates and be prepared for battle.  Do not hesitate to engage the enemy at your gates.  Do not let him steal your health.  You have the power in your words to engage the enemy and win the battle.  Do not stop walking.  Do not entertain the "why" is this happening, instead say "No, you cannot stay, you must leave in Jesus name.  For I am strong, I am complete, I am whole in Jesus", then ask Me to take care of the lying symptoms.  I have received your prayers of repentance for bitterness, hatred or jealousy that might be hidden in you.  But I tell you, My little one, you are clean and pure before Me, you have a heart of love that I have given you and you are full of love.  My love courses through your veins.  I know you, My dear one.  This is just a test for you to engage the enemy at your gates.  You are healthy and whole.  Now you must stand and walk in your dominion.  You are strong, you are complete, you are whole in Me.  Stand in the battle, take your authority in Me and command these lying symptoms to leave, then make your declarations in Me, then ask Me to take care of these lying smptoms.  you will be amazed at all the truth that shall pour forth from you as you engage in the battle, you are gaining experience on how to handle the enemy as it approaches your gates.  You must stand firm, you must not waiver.  Remain steadfast in these daily battles.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but I the Lord God shall deliver them up out of them all.  As you have pain in your body, or a symptom, come and ask Me what you should do.  I will lay out the battle plan and you shall go forth and win.  The Key to being an over comer is to rest completely in Me.


I asked another question:  Father have I said to much today?  Were my words your words today?

Yes, My child you have entered into a time of opening the flood gates of heaven.  For as I have poured into you, you have started pouring out My words and My spirit.  For it started with a simple conversation.  You have strengthened the weak and feeble spirit in My might and power.  You have planted the seeds of power to break down the strong holds coming against My son.  He is precious and very valuable and I shall do much with him.  For as he seeks Me he shall surely find Me.  I shall break every yoke.  I shall set him free.  As he draws close to Me I shall draw close to him.  I shall heal his heart.  I shall open his eyes and his ears and he shall surely know Me.  I shall set him on high, for he has called upon Me.  Rejoice with Me child, for you have blessed Me in your obedience.  You have let the river flow, you have not built up a dam and hoarded My life giving words for yourself, you have opened your mouth and allowed Me to fill it.  This pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  You are My beloved dove, gentle, quiet, and kind.  I shall surely use you again.  Wait upon Me, do not rush out ahead.  Wait, wait for the next person I send your way, give no thought on what you shall say, for I shall fill your mouth with My words.  Stay in the river of My love, let My waters drench and wash over you.  Let My waters flow over you and carry you.  Much shall be accomplished through love.  My love is in you child, it is freely flowing through you now.  I have anointed your tongue.  I have set the bridle upon your mouth and you have yielded to Me once again.  Every time you yield to Me you grow.  You are maturing beautifully.  I am rising in you.  For I alone sit enthroned in the seat of your heart.  I alone am ruler of your temple.   I alone am ruling over you.  You are submitted and yielded to Me, for I alone am all in all to you. 

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