Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 26, 2014

Oh My love, My dear one I long to hold you in My arms.  I long to reveal Myself to you.  I long to show you your new home with Me, but alas, we both must be patient for it is not yet My Fathers time.  You must finish this race that you are in.  My Father always finishes what He starts.  To know the beginning from the end is a beautiful thing.  It is awe inspiring.  But know this My love, I shall be with you every step of the way.  Your life is in our hands.  You shall pass through the fire, you shall not be burned for it is well with your soul.  You dwell in Me daily.  I daily speak and you daily listen.  Listening to My instructions is very important.  In My council is peace and safety.  I dwell in My people now.  I have come into My chosen vessels.  Few have recognized Me.  I shall come into every heart that invites Me in.  I am willing to help all who come to Me, who call out to Me, who truly want to find Me.  The ones who are seeking Me out are My TRUE worshipers.  I shall gather all of My little ones under My wings.  I shall not allow anything to harm them.  For they are My loves.  I shall rescue My Bride.  Many, many people shall perish soon, but not you My Bride.  For you trust only in Me.  I am your source.  Lean into Me, I shall provide all of your needs.  I shall be your shelter.  I shall be your breath.  I shall deliver you My little one.  I shall never let you go.  Draw close, closer now for the time is short.  Stay inside of your gates with Me.  You may peek out at the happenings of this world from under My wing, but do not venture outside of Me.  Inside of Me is your protection and provision.  I alone am your source.  Do not fret or worry over your tomorrows, for I alone know the number of your days.  You must submit totally to Me.  As you yield I shall keep you.  You shall remain strong in Me.  I am the light.  Without Me is complete darkness.  Dwell in Me.

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