Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 16, 2014

I love you My little one.

(I asked a question- What did you mean he is a fool?  I was in a service and listening to the speaker)

He is controlled by many members of his family.  I am not in control of him 100 percent.

There is an accountability factor that he has side stepped.  You can and must follow My laws.  My ways lead to righteousness.  It's a process of sanctification.  As a person comes to Me and begins to know Me for themselves We begin to build a relationship.  As they allow Me to speak and they allow themselves to listen, then I can begin the process of sanctification.  I shall reveal what is pleasing to Me and what is not.  I shall expose evil for what it is in them.  As they yield, I can remove these stains from their garments.  As I begin to dwell with them, they can begin to see more clearly what is truth and what is a lie.  I force no one.  All must be willing to put on righteousness and therefore begin their journey to walking in righteousness with Me.  It is not an immediate transformation it's a process.  Time spent with Me will develop righteousness in you.  It will loose the bonds and chains that bind many to lives of unrighteousness.  I am holy, and I require all to be holy as I am.  It is not impossible, it is not too hard to do.  For as you draw close to Me, and as you seek me for answers, I shall draw close to you and show you the way, the truth and the life.  My ways are not the worlds ways.  I shall require all of you.  Not some, not half, but all.  You must be willing to forsake all others and come to Me.  We shall sort everything out together.  I can extinguish confusion and bring out truth.  In truth, righteousness reigns.  you cannot live in this world and not be influenced by it, unless you also live in Me and allow Me to reign in you.  Everything comes down to your "free will", you have a choice to make.  Either obey Me or obey your flesh or obey the world, you truly can only serve one master.  There is room for only one captain on your ship, which captain will be able to guide you safely through all the storms in your life, which captain will love, honor and protect you in your journey.  Which captain will you choose.  Choose carefully dear ones.  For your life is made up of the choices that you make.  You are not robots.  You are given free-will.  You have a choice to make.  Will you yield to Me and let Me guide you.  I am your best companion for the journey.  I alone know the way.  I alone am the only one who can take you home.  Remember all roads do not lead home.  Choose wisely, My little ones.

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