Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 6, 2014

Oh, My child, My love, I am here.  I see you My dear one.  I love that you want to spend time with Me.  As we sit together we are more and more unified.  Your spirit is strengthened as you wait upon Me and spend time in My presence.  You are Mine and I am yours for you have found the pearl of great price.  I am going to pour out My spirit upon you as you wait upon Me.  I am the I am, I am filling you, every part of you with My power and anointing.  I am coming child, I shall make all things new.  I shall reveal to the whole earth who I am.  Change is coming.  My dear one and I am in the change.  Great things are manifesting in the change.  Great things are manifesting now.  Draw close to Me.  I shall protect all that are mine.  You shall ride upon the winds with Me for I shall carry you to a higher place in Me.  I shall reveal a mystery to you, for you are faithful.  My light is energy, it's tangible, and it's in you.  You carry My light.  Many shall be warmed, comforted and protected as they come to My light in you.  Remember, it is not you, you can do nothing.  It is my light in you that can do all things.  As you are a yielded vessel unto Me, I can use you.  I can only use yielded, submitted and humble vessels.  As you have found your place in Me you have found your true home.  No one can remove you from My hand.  Your heart is secure in Me.  My spirit is in you, My dear, My Bride, My dove.  For you have found the truth in Me.

I am free to move in you, as you stay yielded to Me.  For you can do nothing in your own strength.  But in Me you can do much.  I am on the throne of your heart.  I shall make even your enemies to be at peace with you.  Your life story is being written on the pages in heaven for all to see and learn from.  Your faith in Me is a rock, that is cemented and permanently connected to Me.  I am your God, I am number one and before Me you have no other, this My love is how it should be.  You are sheltered in Me.  I watch over you, from your rising up to your going down.  I watch over you as you sleep.   I think upon you constantly for you My dear one have etched your love upon My heart.  Your faith is strong.  In Me nothing is impossible.  I want you to finish reading Isaiah out loud, you are changing the atmosphere all around you and it is increasing your sphere of influence.  I have My warring angels stationed all around you and your loved ones.  Everyone you are praying for is protected in Me through your prayers.  You have tapped into the spirit and I am here.  You are growing and maturing in Me.  As you come and wait upon Me, I nurture you, I cleanse you, I inspect your garments, I correct, I chasten and I forgive.  Your heart is pure and clean before Me, for you have placed Me on the throne of your heart and We are ruling and reigning together.  This is how the Kingdom comes, We are joint heirs.  You and I.  My Father has given you to Me.  Remember, the Kingdom of God is within you.  The Kingdom of God shall be manifested through you.  I am the light of the world and My light is manifesting in you and through you.  As you extend love, My presence is extended out through you for I am love.  Love is very powerful and addicting, it can break a strong heart and pierce the veins of the hardest individual.  Love, pure love can do no wrong.  Love, pure love can set the captives free.  It is My hand extended.  It is My hearts overflow.  Much shall be accomplished with love.  For love recovers, restores and reconciles.  I am drawing all things back to Myself.  Nothing shall be lost.  Love shall infuse the veins of the weak and make them strong.  Through love, pure love I shall set all things in order.

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