Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 9, 2014

song upon waking:  " You are worthy of it all God - ya ya ya X2, Day and night, night and day let incense rise X2...repeat..."

I am here, I live in the light, you are called to live and walk in the light, that flash of light you just saw for a second as you began to focus on Me is Me for I am light.  I shall light you up as I am lit up from the inside out.  You are becoming more powerful in Me, for you are allowing Me to increase in you, as you humble yourself to wait upon Me you decrease.  As you allow Me to teach you, you become strong in Me for your faith grows more and more each day as you come and wait upon Me.  Our love grows as our bond deepens with each passing day.  As we spend time together We get to know one another heart to heart.

  It is My desire to be known by all of My creation.  I am wiling to reveal Myself to All who come and seek Me out, as you seek Me out for yourself, I shall reveal Myself to you.  As you rely on Me and Me alone I shall provide all of your needs.  You are mine.  Trust Me.  Do not doubt.  Trust Me.  I shall always make a way for those who truly Trust Me.

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