Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 7, 2014

song:  "You are worthy of it all God X2"

As you abide in Me and allow My Name, My Strength, My Authority to abide in you, you shall remain strong.  Nothing shall be impossible for you.  Nothing shall hinder you.  For you are mine.  Fully submitted to Me and yielded to My flow.  Much shall be given to you for My Kingdom purpose.  You are to go forth through out your day in love, spreading love and confidence and assurance that I am here.  I shall embolden you with My power and My authority, do not shrink back when someone approaches you with questions, for I shall fill your mouth with the answers.  The words that you speak shall be mine and not yours.  I shall keep the bridle upon your tongue.  I shall train your tongue to serve Me, the Most High God, I can do much with little.  Yield child, yield.  No greater purpose can you do now than to be yielded, submitted, and humbly trusting Me in all things.  I shall lead you, we are journeymen together.  Where you walk I shall leave footprints on the hearts of those you encounter, for you My dear one, are being changed.  Never to be the same, and as you rise to meet Me, I instill in you more faith, more power, more love.  People shall wonder at your words.  For your words will be dripping in love, the oil of My Spirit is manifesting in you.  The people shall notice the change, you shall be a sign and a wonder.  They shall be drawn to you like a moth to a flame.  My love draws much through you.  As you encounter Me, you are being more and more changed into My image and likeness.  Many, I say many shall be refreshed and replenished in your presence for you are filled with Me and you have tapped into the river of My eternal waters, therefore you shall never run dry.  As they come, and they shall surely come you shall simply point them back to Me, for I am their source, they have simply lost their way.  As I lead you, you in turn shall lead them.  As sheep who have gone astray you shall lead them carefully and gently back to Me, as they begin their journey with Me, they shall be refreshed, replenished and comforted.  I shall use you to replenish and restore the weary soul.  Many  are lost and do not know how to seek Me, you shall show them the way home.  For in you I dwell.  For in you I am enthroned in your heart and I reign in you.  Do not think you cannot do this, for you shall surely not do it, for it is I who shall do it through you.  I shall have and recover all that is mine.

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