Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hearing God - Dec. 6, 2013

When you're on medication it does hinder what you hear.  But with patient endurance you shall wait upon Me and begin to decipher what you are hearing.  There are many voices, sent to distract your ear. That is why spending time with Me and listening to My voice has been so important to you.  For I have trained your ear to hear Me.  Now I am training you to discern Me from the other voices you shall hear.  Many more voices you shall hear.  But, do not dismay, yes, you are corrrect they are sent to distract you from Me and communing with Me.  You are My beloved child, My gentle dove and you are known in the spirit.  I have told you many thngs are coming and to not fear for I am always here with you.  Stand firm in Me.  Remain strong in your faith for I have already told you that you will be tested.  Hold your ground in Me.  Stay close to Me for I am your strength and I will uphold you by My Mighty Power.  You have chosen Me as your Savior and your God.  You believe in Me.  You, My little one, have chosen well.  You are eager to please Me and that My child pleases Me much.  I love you.  I am coming for you soon.  But, there is much to come first in rapid succession.  But do not fear the events to come.  Just know that I am here, and live moment by moment in Me.

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