Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 10, 2014

As far as the heavens are from the earth I am here and I am there, I fill all space.  There is no beginning and there is no end to me.  All things, All were created for Me.  I desire to interact with all of My creation.  Man cannot live without Me, for I am the one that gives him breathe, life, food, warmth, and shelter.  I am the one who gives wisdom and reasoning to man.  I do not need man.  I can destroy all of man and create something new.  But I will not destroy all of man, for I love man.  I desire to walk with and talk with each one as I walk and talk with you.  Man is stubborn and rebellious.  They choose not to hear.  They choose not to yield and submit to Me.  They choose to stay separated from Me and go their own way.  This is not wise.  For All need My protection.  All need My provision.  All need My direction.  When I lift My hand from their lives and their land and allow the calamities to come, then they shall seek Me.  When they cannot stop the calamities.  When they have no control over their situations then they shall realize that I, only I can help them.  Still in the midst of all this, they shall still not turn to Me.  They are a stiff necked people.  I long to nurture and love each one.  I alone can rescue the perishing.  I alone can make a way where there seems to be no way.  I am the beginning and I am the end of all things.  I shall come as a thief in the night and recover My own.  I shall breathe My fire and cleanse My land.  I shall restore My earth to it's once great glory.  Nothing can stop My judgements.  Nothing can stand in My way.  I am the Almighty and the All powerful.  Within Me is everything.  Without Me is nothing.  The times they are a changing child, but Remember, I am in the change.  I live and breathe and move throughout the land.  I am not restricted by time, I move in and out of time.  I know your beginning and I know your end.  Apart from me you are nothing.  Your life is very limited, you are but a vapor.  So small and insignificant, yet so precious and valuable to Me, for I love each of you deeply.  I long to hold you and comfort you and tell you how deeply you all are loved.  I speak constantly, but alas very few hear, for they are so full of themselves and their own ideas that they do not allow any time for Me.  I shall not force anyone to love Me.  Everyone must come to Me for themselves.  I love all, but I will not force you to love Me.  I will rescue and protect My own.  I know who are mine.  My sheep hear My voice and another they will not follow.  Surely the presence of the Lord shall rescue all who are his.  I long to be with each one of you.  I am able to save.  I am able to help you in whatever you need.  But, you must come to Me and ask for help.  You must surrender your will and yield to My will.  I am here.

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