Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 27, 2014

I love you child.  You're beautiful to Me.  As you wait before Me, humbly submitted and yielded to Me.  Eager to hear what I will say, it blesses Me.  It shows Me your heart.  You My dear one are special to Me.  Come up higher in Me now.  Taste and see that I am good.  I have many gifts for you My dear one.  You have let patience have her perfect work in you and it is well with your soul.

As you encounter people I will show you more about them.  For you have discernment on a small level, I shall now increase it in you.  You shall understand more of the heart issues that are affecting My people.  You are fully awake in Me.  You shall begin to see the sleepers.  The sleepers are not willing to awaken.  They have eaten of the lie that all is well and nothing is changing.  Fools.  I have sent calamity after calamity.  I have warned.  My messengers have been sounding the alarm.  But still they slumber.

You My dear one must be vigilant in your pursuit of Me each day.  Keep your focus on Me.  I have much to teach you My little one.  I love you.  Remain in Me through out your day.  I am with you.  My peace I give to you.  My love never fails you.  I will never fail you.  I am here My dove.  Rest in Me.

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