Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 4, 2014

Hello My child I was waiting for you.  What would you like to ask Me?

Me:  How do I protect myself from radiation poisoning?

You My dear one are already protected, for you are in Me and I protect and shield you from all harm.  Much is coming upon your earth, but I will shelter you from all harm.  In Me you breathe and move and have your being.  I am in you.  I shall increase and you shall decrease.  Me moving through you and the rest of My bride.  All is coming to pass as My Father has planned it.  Many will find Me in the last moments of their lives.  Truly, I come quickly.  For My faithful little ones I come and they rejoice.  For those who know Me not, I shall be a fire and a terror.  You My beloved cannot even try to hold back the floodgates of My love for you.  I have found you faithful in your love for Me and in your pursuit of Me.  I love you My dear one,  I and My Father love you.  My Ruach Hakodesh loves you.  The eyes of your understanding are opening more.  Lean not on your own understanding, don't try to reason everything that you see unfolding around you, just keep your focus on Me, continue in your daily worship and praise of me, it is well with thee My little one, it is well.  Do not be concerned about the approaching doom and darkness, instead fix your eyes on Me, the author and finisher of your faith.  I live and breathe and move in you.  You and I are one.  If you become entangled with the cares of this world and start to lose your faith, stop, and come away with Me, the world and it's people will do everything they can to discourage you in your faith.  They shall try to pull you off of the path with Me. Remember, My child, you are not of this world.  you are a stranger, an alien.  But soon, very soon I shall make all things new.

Vision:  Bride, candles lit in the aisles of the church, all is ready, faces are obscured.

Consider "I love Lucy", Lucy and Ricky and Ethel and Fred they were all consumed by the cares of this world.  Not once did they show a care or concern for Me and My Kingdom.  They shall each be rewarded accordingly.

As the rain covers the dry parched ground, so My spirit shall come and cover the earth.  I shall unleash My spirit upon all flesh and I shall be glorified.


I must be first in all things, above all things.  Do not lay Me aside, for the day quickly passes and slips away and then you have consumed your day with no time for Me.  Oh, the struggles with the flesh can be crucified so easily if you will put Me first, each and every day, dishes can wait, cleaning can wait, laundry can wait.   It is you I want.  It is you I long for.  I wait for you.  Can you not linger for an hour with Me.  Put Me first, get up earlier, if you have to.  I must be first.  I will not be second.  I will have My way in you now.  For you are mine and you belong to Me.  I am better for your well being than any other distractions that come to you through out your day.  Do not lose your focus.  Keep you eyes fixed upon Me.  I am here.  Ask of me and I will answer thee.  I will show you great and mighty things you do not know.  My plans for you are eternal.  You shall live with me personally forever, for you My Bride are married to Me.  I shall soon return for you.  But, for now, you must tarry at the gate.  I long for ALL to enter in with Me into a quiet place of rest.  This is where you are refreshed My little one.  My mercies are new every morning.  I pour out My love upon all My children who draw near to Me.  I know you are hurting, My love and I know your are tired, but you must push through and spend time in My presence more now than ever as you sense the day approaching.  Come, let us go to My garden.  Close your eyes and see.

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