Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 12, 2014

song:  "Jesus be My vision, be My light, be My guide Jesus..."

I am here.  I heard you as you were sleeping.  Your mind is focused on Me.  You are never far from Me in your thoughts.  You have entered in.  Very few have made this journey.  Keep focusing on Me.  We are one you and I.  I love how you love Me.  Your heart is full of Me.  As you come and sit, patiently waiting upon Me, I come, I pour My oil upon you and it fills your lamp, it runs down your head and your gown, it travels down your arms and legs and puddles upon your feet.  For I anoint you with My oil.  I sing over you with gladness.  For you have come to Me of your own free accord.  You sit and linger before Me.  You are patient in your pursuit of Me and this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  Our time together is precious.  You are fully in tune with Me.

Close you eyes:

Vision:  I see Jesus sitting on a rock in His garden waiting on Me.
I see a bright light with the silhouette of Jesus behind the light, the light seems to be coming out of His face.  He comes closer and holds out his nail scarred hand for me to hold, and We walk the narrow dirt road together.  It's lush and green.  He is wearing a long white tunic - no belt this time.  Then I hear Him say "A humble heart wins Me over every time".

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