Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hearing God - Feb. 8, 2014

I love you child.  I love spending time with you.  I love when it's just you and Me.  One on one sharing our hearts, letting love flow between us.  I love when you come willingly, eager to enter in to My presence.  Eager to hear Me.  As you make your way to Me, I am here waiting for you.  As you determine in your heart to know Me more, My heart flutters to reveal more of Myself to you.  Oh, My beloved dove My heart sings for you.  For you want to be close, you want to hear, you want Me above all else and this pleases Me.  As you are focused on Me through out your day you walk in My peace.  My peace hovers over and around you dear one.  For I am with you always, I never leave you.  Your life is full of tiny decisions through out the course of your day.  In each decision you are focused on Me, you are not willing to take your eyes off of Me, for you have entered in to My dwelling place and are not willing to be removed.  This is how you live and breathe and move and have your being in Me. You are learning how to dwell in Me, how to shelter in Me, for you are mine and I love you.  You love Me with all of your heart and this pleases Me.  My kingdom operates on love.  I am Truth.  I am light.  My light is strong in you My little one.  Don't let anyone diminish your light.  Stay full of Me, keep your lamp full and your wick trimmed, as I have lit your lamp.  I shall keep your lamp trimmed, each time you come I inspect your lamp and trim your wick.  I pour My oil into you as you wait upon Me and as you read My word.  Both are powerful and beautiful ways to spend time in My presence.  Getting to know Me is the best use of your time.  Understanding how I work will unlock new doors for you.  Loving people unlocks your heart to love more and more for I am love and true love grows.

When you take your focus off of Me and onto other things, it distracts you and you lose the hearing of My voice, for you allowed the thoughts invading your mind to press in and take over, thus choking out My still small voice.

 You must be diligent in your pursuit of waiting on Me.  Do not allow your thoughts to distract you from Me.  Remember, focus on Me, I am here.  Behold, My dear one I come.  I am the one that shares your heartbeat, I can hear it gently beating within your chest.  Listen, close your eyes, can you hear Mine.

You are not supposed to make changes, unless I tell you too.  I shall personally remove things from your life that are a distraction from Me.  Anything that hinders your progress in Me I shall remove.  You are on a journey with Me now.  I shall bless you in My timing.  I have placed many gifts and presents along the path for you to find.  Each gift has a purpose.  Each present will bring you closer and closer to Me.  You are moving in your destiny now.  I shall fulfill all of My plans for you.

Trust Me child, I am working in you and through you.

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