Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hearing God - Dec. 4, 2013

Dream upon waking:  I am working in a store with another girl, we are putting price tags with scanner bars on boxes at a table the size of a material cutting table at Walmart., two men that we know from high school approach and start talking to the other girl about past memories, then they turn ugly acting and we are running from them.  I am running in a hall yelling help, help and I have scissors in My hand.  The guy chasing Me has a knife.  Then I wake up.  It is a color dream.

I don't understand this dream Lord what does it Mean?  (I ask)

Ther are many things you do not understand child.  You must Trust Me and seek Me in everything.  The dream you had is a warning dream.  You will encounter many things now, that you do not understand.  You will be protected while others around you will not.  You are not to interfere with them.  You are to be a watcher.  You are to speak only when I tell you to.  You are to say only what I tell you to say.  Listen to Me.  I will guide you.  When in any situation you find yourself, hold your peace.  Be still and quiet and listen to Me, I will tell you what to do.  Ask Me what to do and wait upon Me.  I will not leave you.  You must ask Me for help, man cannot help you.  I am your way maker.  Difficult things are coming child, stay close to Me now and allow Me to guide you through them.

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