Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hearing God - April 30, 2014

I love you child. I am here.  I am with you always.  You can Trust Me.  I am your King.  I am the beginning and the end in all things.  Nothing escapes My eye.  I see all that goes on.  Nothing can be hidden from Me.  I shall soon lay bare all the dirty little secrets of men.  So many are still asleep.  So many shall be caught unaware when sudden destruction comes.  Calamity after calamity shall come to the earth.  Each day brings more peril for some.  These are perilous days.  But, behold, for My chosen ones, My children who are truly awake I shall pour forth My glory.  I shall reveal many secrets to each hungry heart.  I shall show Myself mightily in and through each one.  My vessels of honor shall be My hands and feet upon the earth.  I shall dwell in each one.  I shall protect My earthen vessels from all harm.  I shall not neglect My chosen few.  The sold out, submitted and yielded vessels are My True children for they have entered into My chambers and they have been feeding on My manna.  They have made themselves strong in Me, Many shall see Me when they see My children.  I am here.  Do you truly know Me?  Do you come and wait upon Me?  Do you drink from My well?  It is time to make way for The King is coming.  Are you ready?  Can you hear Me?  It is time.

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