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Hearing God - April 23, 2013

It pleases Me when you think on Me and come to wait and hear from Me.  Many will come when I've shut the door and want in, but, alas, I will not be able to open the door for them, for they did not take the time to wait on Me and prepare themselves, they were too busy being caught up in the cares of this world they had no time for Me.

 Draw close to Me child, everyday.  Search for Me now and seek Me with your whole heart and I will reveal Myself to you more.  It is My desire to reveal Myself to you.  I want you to know about Me.  I desire you to walk in My Ways.  Repent daily, keep your eyes focused on Me.  Do not stray off the path that I have placed you on.  Keep your ear tuned to Me.  Keep listening, be diligent to hear Me.

 Keep your heart clean, you are in a grave battle right now, the thoughts in your head these past few days have puzzled you, yes, I heard your prayer.  You are correct these thoughts are not your own.  You must recognize your enemy a lot quicker.   Be alert.  Cast down these vain imaginations quickly, don't let these wicked thoughts grow roots and gain a stronghold over you, root them out, use My name, Use My Word and command them to go.

  I have warned you that you would be tested.  This is the test.  Your mind is a huge battlefield that you must overcome.  Your relationships are a huge battlefield for you as well.  For these are the triggers that push and pull your buttons to rob you of your peace.   Remember, I have told you in My word that I did not come to bring peace, but a sword, I did not come to bring unity but to divide.  This "division" will cause the leaven in you to bubble-up, and show you what is inside of you.  Once you see it, you can deal with it.

  Everything I do and allow has a purpose, your life circumstances and the people I place in your midst are all bringing about My divine plan.  Nothing is aimless, it is sent to cause a reaction.  Now, how you react is the "Main Agenda", how you react when you are squeezed will determine who you belong to.  This is My candle, I use it to expose the deep things hidden within you.  This is why you need to be filled with My Spirit and stay close to Me.

  When you find yourself drifting from Me, you will find that your battles will intensify in your relationships and in your mind.  Heed My warnings child, stay in My peace.  Be ever "mindful" of Me.  Call upon Me in the midst of battle.  I am here to help you.  Don't just allow yourself to be dumbfounded and puzzled with the thoughts coming into your head in rapid succession.  Recognize that you are under "attack", call upon Me and I will help, I must be invited into your "present" situation.  I will come swiftly child, I will not delay.  Ask for My help.  In your weakness, I am made strong.

 You cannot battle these forces coming against you now by yourself, you need Me as your rear guard.  Make yourself strong in Me, in My power, in My Spirit, let Me grow big in you.  Focus on Me child, you are getting distracted.  Do not let your mind wander off on bunny trails.  This will only stop the flow of hearing Me.

  The thief comes to steal and destroy.  He has sent a thief to snatch you away from My presence.  By a lure or a snare, a wandering thought, a bunny trail.  Do you see them now, the snares.  The little foxes that spoil the vine.  Yes, I think you do.  Take heart My love, you are growing in Me.  I am your source.  You must walk in My love.  You must express My peace and My love.  You must Keep My peace at all times and keep My love.  Perfect love casts out fear.

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